Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 28, 1967 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1967
Page 11
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_ 'I'm Sorry' Is Sufficient ilet i orrv sorry - , husband isata party! our ador- it is quite an " ··old daughter. She but he forgot it until 5:30 telephoned to sure his suit was id, "I am shoes were shined. Of course it go at that, was too late for me to get my umost every person said, "She hair fixed and find a baby' is better off -·· or "It's really sitter for the children, a blessing -» or - -NOW you This is not the first time he v-on t have to worry anymore." has pulled this stunt and it One woman suggested that now 1 probably won't be the 'ast I would have more free time and am a nice looking girl and could join the garden club. can carry on a good conversa- Please, Ann, tell your readers lion, if my husband is ashamed if they attend the funeral of a. of me I can't figure out the rea- retarded or a handicapped child, son. 1 guess he has a better i! isn't necessary to remind the time at parlies when he can parents that their child was dif- behave like a bachelor. Will ferent from other children. A you please tell me what to do simple "Tin sorry" Is enough, about this humiliating situa- - TEMPLE TEXAS tion?-SUB-BASEMENT BLUES Dear Temple: Here Is your Dear Sub: Party invitations letter and I can add nothing ex- are usually sent cept my thanks to you for writing dressed lo Mr. and Mrs. or If it. I do hope you understandthat it's a phone invitation, one wife calls the other. I am mystified as to why you learn of these parties at the last moment. Hunt up some sitters who can be called on short notice and don't be so fussy about your hair. The next time he pulls this cutie, get yourself ready and go with him. 85 Attend Camp Event MERIDIAN - The Girl Scout day-camp ended Friday, June 23, with an enrollment of 85 girls. The camp was a five-day session L ,j i t · , ,, ,, TM. Dear Ann Landers: Please say held at Dairyland Park Show something to people who talk in- grounds, for all girls of the ^^ of eat six 0 , us go out couple second through sixth grades in , or mer , ether a the Meridian area school dis- times a week One woman ln trict. tne Mrs. Wayne Darrah and Mrs. Don Mummert were co- directors, Mrs. Earl Smart, Mrs. Gordon Clever, and Mrs. Earl Bolen were day camp committee and Mrs. E. L. Newell was business manager. Other adults who assisted during the five-day period were Mrs. Ed Estes, Jim McDonald, Ralph Grimmer, Weldon Atkinson, Donald Rorris, Rosemary or the_card game or whatever Drake, Margaret Moulton, we fl - ave p i aime(i . if you have a Shirley Brandt, Reynold Henslee, Beverly Boorman, R. D. Rundle, Charles Mikesell, Dorothy Hamming, RichardLee, Gerald Nichols, Andrew Knud- star t eating, someone sho'ild. sen, Delores Clark and Howard si nce you are the one W ho wrote, Hiatt. Seventh-grade Cadettes served as babysitters for children of leaders assisting. Older Cadettes and senior Girl Scouts assisted the units as program aides. "Indian Lore andCrafts"was the theme of this year's day camp. Outdoor cooking, skills, music, and crafts were offered. group starts to talk the minute the food arrives and she doesn't touch her plate until everyone else has finished. Then we all have io wait for her to eat her main course before we can get our dessert. She is, unfortunately, a very slow eater. Sometimes we have lo wait as long as 30 minutes. This habit of liers always makes us late for the theater cure, please pass it on. -- y. ASPERATED Dear X.: If no one has told . this woman to stop talking and 1 suggest that you be the one to tell her. Wins Certificate A Ton of Gold certificate has been awarded a registered Jersey cow owned by L. C. and A. L. McCain, Nampa Route 3, the American Jersey Cattle Club, Columbus, Ohio, has announced. The award is for cows What is French kissing? Is it wrong? Who should set the necking limits-- the boy or the girl? Can a shotgun wedding succeed? Read Ann Landers' booklet, "Teen-age Sex-- Ten Ways To Cool It." Send 50c in coin and a long, self-addressed stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Conclave Scheduled SALMON (UPI) - The 1968 producing 2,000 pounds of fat mid-winter state convention of or more during four or less con- the Elks will be held in Salmon secutive lactations on official net January, it was announced test. The award went to the Tuesday, cow, Rex Susie Agnes, produc- An estimated 300^100 elksand ing 2,266 pounds of butterfat their guests are expected to at- from 39,126 pounds of milJc. tend. Appaloosa Fanciers Set Meet BOISE - Idaho-Oregon- Nevada Appaloosa Horse Club will meet July 1 at the Highland Stables in Boise. New amendments will be approved and reports from queen chairman, Mrs. Berklee Cudmore of Boise, will be heard. Claude Bruce of Payette, show chairman of the ninth annual I. 0. N. Appaloosa Horse Show to be held in Ontario, Ore., July 14-16, reports that the youth performance show will start at 7 p.m. July 14. Halter classes will be the mornings of the 15th and 16th. Performance classes and races will be held Saturday, July 15, afternoon and evening, and again at 1 p.m. Sunday the 16th. Entries for the show may be obtained by writing Carol Bruce, show secretary, Rt. 1, Box 91 A, Payette. Entries for the show close July 1. 4-H Members Give Reports KOMEDALE-Reportsonthe progress of sewing projects were told by members of the "Steady Stitchers" H1 Club in answering to the roll call during their regular meeting held at the city park. Completed hemmed dish towels were turned in to Mrs. John Cegnar, 4-H leader, and the group voted to present them to the Homedale Nursing Home as a service project. A special guest attending the afternoon meeting was Mrs. Bill Brown, who was introduced as the assistant 4-H leader for the group. Discussions were held on the forthcoming 4-H Demonstration Day which is scheduled to be held Aug. 3 at Grand View. A brief discussion was also held on the Make-U-YourseU-With Wool contest. Enlrantswerelist- ed in three groups: ages 10-13, 14-16 and lf-Z\. Members interested in entering the contest were told to contact the club leaders for entry blanks. Refreshments were served by Debra Biirley, Vickie Cook and Faith DeGeus. Fireworks Sale To Aid Lights : MERIDIAN.- - Meridian Jay. 'cees have opened a fireworks stand here to raise funds for a tennis course lighting project. The stand is located at the north curve- in Meridian, on Highway 30, and will be operated through July 4. The Jay cees have raised money to light the court at the Meridian Junior High and will continue fund raising projects until all the tennis courts have lights for night playing. Concerts Slated SUN VALLEY (UPI)-Eleven regular concerts are scheduled this summer as part of the Sun Valley Festival, it was announced here Tuesday. The concerts art in addition to the student concerts which will be held every Wednesday evening beginning July 12. For the first time this summer, concerts will take place place every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. at the Sun Valley Opera House. Idaho Free Press i Caldwell News-Tribune, Wednesday, June 28,1967 - Al He/o/se Gives Helpful Household Hints DEAR HELOISE: Mnke your own bridul veil for just pennies . . . Take two plain white embroidery hixips and twine sixliii ribbon avouml llu'iii. Then center Hie htop.s on the desired amount of nylon netting, placing one undcnieuth and tne other one on top of it and lock them together just as if you were gcing In embroider. The netting will fluiv nut in ii graceful fashion. (A heavier effect can be obtained by using -several pieces of netting of various sizes.) If you are going to leave the material in the crown, make small pleats over this area before locking the hoops. Then your pleats will be permanently pressed. If you prefer an npen crown, just cut out the material, leaving an incli to be stitcheil underneath. Small peai I* or real orauge blossoms can be tacked over the lumps for that finishing Iciurh. A Kciuli-r And may nil l i l V r l y l DKAK HELOISE: My small daughter despised tier liquid vitamins and never drank her breakfast juices without a fuss. On one uf my "bright" days 1 nuide fruit juice popsicles ami put the vitamins right in them. Thereafter she enjoyei'. a popsicle each morning and got just w h a t the doctor ordered. I'at Tyson Thanks ' for n real |PH, I'at. "conV Hclolsc LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: As we in the Middle West suy when informed that our slip is showing. "So what? It's pretty, clean and paid for." Of course, with the new .short fashions we can cut costs by simply adding a ruffle lo the bottom of mir bra. VVuuid that make il a petli-bra or a mini-bra? Kansan I3EAK HELOISE: I felt Mire I couhl never duplicate my large picture grouping when 1 had to move . . . but 1 had a bright idea. 1 took ' down the pictures, taped together enough wrapping paper lo cover the old space, then gently pressed the paper over the nails, puncturing it in the proper places. Then I carefully removed and rolled up the paper. When l got to the new apartment I simply tped the paper to the wall and placed nails where the holes wore, thereby duplicating the same arrangement and spacing I formerly had. Marge Haskins * r * DEAR HELOISE: My two young danghteis love lj gn swimming. As yon know, all children look alike at a distance with only Iheir head and shoulders out of the water. Sii I painted my girls' names on their bathing caps with bright red nail polish and I could spot them in a second. When the lifeguard yelled. "Kflthy. don't do that." she was nn- sin-prised ynung lady! Mrs. E. O'Grady DKAK HELOISE: How wonderful these adhesive-bucked papers are! I covered my "Id beat-up washer with the .solid white variety. It now looks brand new and is M, easy lo wipe clean. My it-al delight is with the transparent kind. I cut this into strips and covered the cracks between svasher and dryer, base cabinet and stove, refrigerator and sink. etc. The grand feature is that once on. the plastic paper cannot be noticed and no crumbs fall between the appliances. The summer ants hate my kitchen because now they have no snacks under the appliances! Dolores O'Keefe » * · IJolures you're u real erack- erjiick to think of this! While you're al II, why not put u strip all along the metal edge of your dmlnfooard (If you have the kind of strip that bolls your clothes) to keep from Retting Mack murks m-ross your tummy? I^)ve you. llelolse PHONE 466-1891 or 450-4664 to place your classified ad. Livestock, Produce Live Cattle open high low latest units Aug 27.05 27.10 21.00 27.07 105 Oct 27.60 27.60 21.50 21.55 118 Dec 27.70 27.75 27.65 27.70 113 PORTLAND (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle and calves 400; slaughter steers, few high good-low choice 27-27.90; standard and good 21-24.60; slaughter heifers, high good-choice 24.60-26.40; good 22-24; standard and' low good 20.75-22.50; slaughter cows, utility hoi steins and beef breeds 16-18; yellow utility dairy breeds 13.25-15.25; few cutter 15,25-17; slaughter bulls, commercial and good 21-25; mostly 23-up. Hogs 330: Barrows and gilts, mostly U.S. 1-2, 185-240 Ibs, 23-23.70. Sheep 800: Slaughter spring lambs, choice-prime 93-112 Ibs, 23-24; one lot 24,10. CHICAGO (UPI) - Livestock: Hogs 3,500. Barrows and gilts 50-75 higher, active. No. 1-2 200-230 Ib 23.5024.00; sows uneven, 25-75 higher, fairly active. No. 1-3 350-400 Ib 18.15-19.25. Cattle 1,800, calves none. Steers active, steady to strong. Heifers scarce, moderately active, mostly steady. Cows active, steady to strong. Bulls moderately active, steady. High choice and prime 1,1501,350 Ib'steers 26.00-26. SO; utility and commercial cows 18.00-19.50; high yielding utility 19.25-20.00; cinners and cutters 17,00-19.00; utility and commercial bulls 21.00-24.00. Sheep 200. Spring lambs moderately active, steady. Choice and prime 90-105 Ib spring lambs 26,00-26.50, CHICAGO (UPI) - Produce: Poultry: Roasters 21-29; special fed vl.itp rock fryers i9-21'/ f . Cheese: Processed loaf 48'/ ; -54%; brick 48-52; muenster 48-52; clieddars: Daisies 51-54 1 /;; longhorns 50-52%; 40 Ib blocks 48-19%; Swiss: (wheels): Grade A 58-66, Grade B 55-64, Grade C 54-56; Swiss: (80-100 Ib blocks): Grade A 56-61, Grade B 54-59, Grade C 52-54. Wholesale prices as reported by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Butter: Steady; 93 score 66; 92 score 66; 90 score 63'4; 89 score59'/i; carlols: 90 score 64; 89 score 60 3 /.. Eggs: Steady; white large extras 24; mied large extras 24; mediums 19'/?; standards 23; checks 19, Potatoes: Total U. S. shipments 408; arrivals 2; track 2; supplies insufficient to quote, (new): Arrivals 78; track 297; supplies liberal; demand slow; market dull. Track sales: fU.S. 1A unless otherwise indicated): California long whiles 3.103.25, round reds 3.50-3.75; Arizona round reds 3.65. Street sales: California long whites steady, round reds weak. California long whites 3.75-4.00; California-Arizona round reds 4,00-4.50. Onions: Arrivals 36; track 14; supplies liberal, demand slow; market dull; California Stockton yellow large 2.40; New Mexico yellow trrano large 2.35; Arizona yellow granex medium 2.10. Street sales: Market steady. California Stockton yellow large 2.75-3.00; other districts yellow grano large ?,,75-3.00; Ari- lona-Calltornla-Texis yellow granex pre- pack and medium 2.50-2.15, large2.50. Never Before Have We Offered This Washer or Any Kenmore Washer With All These Features at This Low Price! COMPARE! 3 Days Only SAVE Kenmore ff «0F Washers Formerly $249.95 No Trade-in Required Includes Normal Installation 'White or Coppertone Check These Features · 14 Ib. Capacity · Rinse Additive Dispenser · 2 Speed, 3 Cycle --Regular, Delicate, and Wash and Wear · 5 Wash and Rinse Temperatures · Water Saving Infinite Level Control · Self-Cleaning Lint Filter Matching KEMVIORE Automatic Electric $ ~l /^ £fc Dryer ONLY MONEY DOWN «* on Sears Easy Payment Pl^n t T T O . U T I . 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