Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 6, 1976 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1976
Page 3
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THE LOCKHORNS Sat., March 6,1876 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 3 ' LOR6TTA FINALLY FOONP A R6U6A6E FOR HER PENT-OP ANGER." Billings eyes senate seat Weld County Commissioner Glenn Billings said Friday he's considering a race for the state senate this fall, but hasn't yet made up his mind whether to run. Billings, a Republican, confirmed he's interested in the 29th District senate seat now held by Hank Brown, R- Greeley. Brown has announced he's not running for re-election. "A lot of people have been calling me about it," Billings said. "When enough people call you, you have to think about it." Billings said residents of both Weld and Larimer Counties have urged him to run. The 29th Senate District includes parts of Weld, Larimer and Morgan Counties. Billings, 54, was first elected Former recipient suggests changes of food stomps By DEBORAH FRAZIER PUEBLO, Colo. (UPI) -- A former food stamp recipient has proposed a reform designed to stop retailers from making excess profits while increasing the purchasing power of stamp users. Jude Bonse said a major problem she encountered during her three months on the food assistance program was retailers' credit slips. Food stamps are issued in denominations of 91, $5, $10 and $20 and supermarket chains print (heir own coupons for change less than $1. However, the paper change is only good at the outlet that printed it. "In three months on the stamps, I accumulated $5 in change from various stores," said Ms. Bonse. "I either had to write it off as a loss or go to each store and find something for the amount of change 1 .iad from that store." She said recipients have the choice of "writing off the change," paying with cash when the amount of their purchase is not an even dollar amount or finding another item for the exact amount of the store's currency. "It's a giant situation comedy," she said. "And on top of that, no one wants to take rcsponsiblity for it. Not the stores, not the USDA which administers the program. They just see it as the recipient's problem." To prove her point to the government, Mrs. Bonce said she conducted a survey, funded through Manpower, of how foodstamp users view the store's currency. She found many see it as play money and don't redeem it. "That's great, except the stores, like Safeway, have been paid for the full amount of the food stamp coupon." she said. "That means whatever change the user is not using is pure profit for the store." Paul Muldoon, assistant regional controller for Safeway, said the amount of store currency not redeemed is minor compared to total business. He said amounted to under $1,000 per month for the 153 stores in the region. "Maybe the users accumulate the currency change for a year before they bring it in, but the actual amount that is never redeemed is very minor," he said. However, Mrs. Bonce said the amount however minor does cut into the purchasing power of food stamp users who are stuck with change from various stores. Her solution -- a redemption center. She has applied for a federal grant to set up a pilot center in Pueblo where food stamp users could trade in store currency for coupons good at all retail outlets. "A universal currency, going down at least to 10 cents, is the only answer, although no one wants to take responsiblity for it," she said. "People on food stamps are losing too much purchasing power this way." county commissioner in 1968 and re-elected in 1972. He's presently chairman of the commissioners. He also served on the Weld County Home Rule Charter Corn miss ion. PROCEEDINGS IN THB DISTRICT COURT DIvlilMI Civil Action No. 2U17 STATE OF COLORADO COUNTY OF WELD PLATTE RIVER POWER AUTHORITY a political HiMivlilon «nd wparale governmental enlltyrt thtStat*of CtHorMo Petitions. W.A. HART flnd RACHEL HART, RICHARD HENRY HART end FRANCIS HART, and WALTER L. BAIN, Public Trustee Of W*ld County Color*3o,»nd First rUllonal Sank ol Rawllns, Wyoming Respondents. ) TO- W.A. Hart, Rachti Hail, Siihaul Henry H*rl»nd Francis Hart You and wch of yog art twreby nolilltd that the pvlilionrr above named will appear before the Honorable Robrrt A. Bthrman, District Judge, Diilricl Court o* Weld COunly, Colorado, on Ihe 14th day ot March mi, at l:Xl p.m., to prej Us Viol loi icdiati not Property, at which place you may be present. I hi* Mellon will be ntard as ptrl of, and In connection with, Ihe condemnation proceedings referred to In the above described Sum- moni. The petitioner requires an easement over and across tr» parcel of land described below lor the purpose of comlructlng, operating and maintaining upon tuch parcel, an electric transmission line and attendant facilities In order to meet e»tiling needs and anticipated demands upon petitioner for electric lervkt: Being that portion of an easement 100 ft*! In width within I Me Soutiwatt v« of Section 18, Township 7 Norli., Range tr west of the 1th P.M.. Weld County, Colorado, lying Northerly and Westerly of and adjacent 10 the following detcrlbedllnc: Commencing el Ihe Southeast Corner of tald Section II and running tnenc* North OOWM" west along Ihe apparent East Line ot said Secllon IStt.O (eet to the Point ot Beginning of said described lint. Said lint runs thfiKf South U«14'41" West JMI.S7 (eet, more or Ittsi thence South OVU'07" East JiW.Jf (eel. more or less, to me South line ot said Section II, which It Ihe Point of Ending ot said described line, EXCEPTING Uiercfivtii ll*Nwtricily J}«clt*Mifl Southeast «, as conveyed to the Fort Col lint Development Railway Com. piny In Deed No. 111*34 on November 10,1*07. FISHER, BROWN, HUODLESON andGUMN Charles R. Huddles on Rtg.No.iotf 1100 First National Tower Post Olflce Drawer J Fort Collins, ColoradoflOSH Telephone; IMJMI3 10M MOSES, WITTEMYER I HARRISON.P.C. JSOArapahoe Avenue Boulder, Colorado MX! lUMMONI INTHC DISTRICT COURT Division 1 STATE OF COLORADO ) COUNTY OF WFUD j J» Civil Action Ho. um PLATTE RIVER ) POWER AUTHORITY, ) a political subdivision and ) separate governmental 1 entity of the Stale of Colorado ) Plalnllftl ) W.A. HART and RACHEL HART, HART and FRANCIS HART, and ) Public Trusieeof ) Weld County, Colorado, ) did First Nylons! flank of Pawl Sri, ) Wyoming. ] Defendants) THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO, TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE NAMED -GREETING: You are hereby summontd and required lo file with the Clerk an answer to Ihe complaint within JO days afler service of this summons upon yuu. 11 you tall so to do, judgment by default will be taken against you for me relief demanded in the com plaint. If service upon you li made outside the State of Colorado, or by publication, or it a copy of the complaint be not served upon you with this summons, you are required lo file your answer to Ihe complaint wllhln you. This It an action In eminent domain alfeclino. Ihe real property and Interests described below. Upon your (allure to appear and defend this action, the Court, without further notice, shall cause Ihe compensation to be determined and an easement to be vested in tht Petitioner, according lo law. The lands so affrclnt by this action described on Exhibit "A" attached hereto. Being that portion of an easement 100 feet in width within the Southeast , of Section 11, Township 7 North, Range £7 WfSl Of Ihe tlh P.M., Weld County, Colorado, lying Northerly and Westerly of and adjacent to Ihe following described line: Corner of said Section IB and running thence North MWt'SJ" West along the apparent East Line of said Section !S« u feet to the Poini 01 Beginning ot said described lint. Said tine rum thence Soulh ia°l*'«" Well Jill.57 ftvl, more or less; thence Soulh 00°36'07" East 3S90M feel, more or less, to Ihe Soulh line of said Section tl, which is Ihe point ot Ending of said therefrom the Northerly IS (eelof said Southeast 1/4 as conveyed to the Fort Collins Development Railway Company in Deed No. 1IWJ4 on November 70,.IW7. WARNINO-if thtt summons does not contain me docket number of the civil on tile wilh the clerk ol the court. The complaint must be tiled w»hin ten dayt after the summons is served, or the action your proper request lo the court. Infor. civil action may no) be available unlll ten days after the summons Is served. ·HIS IS AN ATTORNEY'S SUMMONS Dated January 30,It;4 FISHER, BROWN, HUDDLE SON andGUNN Charles R.Kuddleson Attorney for Plaintilf PoitOfM« Drawer Jfieg. No. 20W ForlCollins, Color Mo Kan Moiev Wittemyeri Harrison, P.C. ?SOArapaho* Avenue Boulder, CO MM! Nult - Thiisummonsis issued Pursuant to Rul* 4, Colorado Rules Civil procedure. The Greeley Dai'y Tribun* Fer 7, It, 31,?l,Mar.», 1f7* 3635 W. 10th ST., GREELEY _ _, i_ O K M OilTI. TO 7 p.m. OPEN SUNDAY 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. SALE ENDS AT 6:00 P.M. SUNDAY, MARCH 7th RED HOT WEEKEND SPECIALS 2.7 oz. HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS AIM TOOTHPASTE irish spring IRISH SPRING BAR SOAP Regular Size 4,99* JOHNSON'S BABY POWDER CANDY AND GROCERIES 14 OZ. 79 ULTRA BAN ANTIPERSPIRANT ,.99* 32 oz. 79* DR. SCHOU'S INSOLES Sheep Wool Fleece Comforting for shoes or Boots. Assorted Sizes 1133 ELECTRONIC KODAK COLOR PRINT FILM 99* 110 and 126 12 exposures ALL WALLETS ASSORTED KINDS 25 OFF REGULAR PRICE PACK® 15 Wrapped bars 59 Reg. $1.79 Jl DUNCAN MINES DOUBLE-FUDGE BROWNIE MIX 89 .W %/ WESSON OIL Pure Vegetable Oil 59 48 oz. MOTTS SUPER r/U I PRUNE JUICE « OI 09 )ERAN LEMON SLICES £0* "«· Reg. 89cW%f HOUSEWARES LIBBY SPICE GARDEN SPORTING GOODS BERNZOMATIC PROPANE FUEL 14.1 oz. RAY-0-VAC FLASHLIGHT With Batteries $139 D-Size JL Reg. $1.69 Sold Individually 12 oz. Reg. 63c mm for BEVERAGE GLASSES 2 CHILDREN'S ^f LUNCH BOXES '1 Reg. $3.29 RUBBER QUEEN FLOWER BATH AND SHOWER BATHTUB Reg. $3.33 III HI GIISON'S /* FLOWER SHACK 10 COLORADO CARNATIONS ARRANGED IN DECORATIVE VASE WITH GREENS AND BABY BREATH $050 £ each HARDWARE i DUCT $099 TAPE £ Reg. $4.77 2" x 60 yds. ELECTRICAL TAPE %"x792"(22yds.) 99' Reg. $1.37 W Fashion Fabrics Save...Save...Save...Just In Time For Easter... 1 Dress Trim 5' *| · Many Pretty Laces In Assorted Widths and Colors To Choose From! · Measure Your Own! · No Limit Exceptional Value ... Buy Now and Save! Zippers · Many Cdlors and Sizes Available To Choose From! · No Limit... Stock Up Now · Metal Zippers A/EACHy Coats and Clark® Red Heart® Wintuk® Yarn Our New Everyday Low Price · 100% Orion® Acrylic Fiber · 4 Ply -- 4 Ounce · Machine Washable and Dryable V Reg. $1.29 a skein 'SKEIN There's Another Fashion Fabrics conveniently located at 1536 8th Ave. for your shopping ease!

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