Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 21, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 21, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CBOCES (H. M.) SON-NEWS Monday Erenlng. May: 21, 19S1 ta ^M V s sSX\\\U^ U ^//J4^ / ^ * 9 Las Cruces Sun-News PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Blue Sox Top Red Caps, 7-6 In Sunday Game J.a:i fnicfs Rlu» Sox won t h e i r Kf'cond ginne in .tlirne Marls yra- 11*1 day when they downed tin; Tort u g a K Red Caps in ii seven inning Inline :it comptc.sH diamond. Ked Caps got off Ly a big titai t when they pushed ocrons two ruiiH in th- f i r s t i n n i n g mid added :m- oiher in the jiRcrmd. Rlnr; Sox w i - r c ' u n n b l c to i;r:ojo u n t i l Ih' 1 f i f t h inning. C a i i l l n .scoi- | (.upper al* Ihc Huh, pil/.i-s U'ill cd f i f . m t h i i d to bring in the- Uhie jm awanlfd. Sox ni.'il i n n . I . A f t e r p u t t i n g men on H i n t rind second hapc J u n i o r Apodac:i h i t In fihuit field where I h e ball wn.i muffed, allowing all three men to i;ioir. Tliis g n v f l h e Him 1 Sox a · nuiJi vveur .scored in 'Marvin Newell Is Golfing Champ At Country Club After 20 Holes Hilly NVlvcli is tint ni-w Cnllll- Irv cllih K n i f i n g chump liy vlr- InV of ii on. '-up win mi I In- 20Hi huh-, i. vi- 1 Dick Ilou'cn Sunday nrirnuuin. Ni-uvll went InUi t h e fln:iln tlirtiiiKli a (inc-u|i win uvi'r .Jullcw llandrrsarl In llx- Vhainpliiiishl|i M M l l l - r l n l l l S , W l l l l l - IlllWTII lll'fl'ill- i-il .Mark 'rholii|isuil .t and 2. Ollnu- mali'hi's will mil !«· wini|ili-li-(l iinlll Wrdnc'Mliiy. On 'Mlay nljilit a nivrn-d disli Hie. iiiinif i n n i n g when NurvHI h l l a long ball into left (·'·nler for a tliiec-riin honieruu. TniUij;n.'i came bacit lo add thrc nin.'i in t h e next two inniiigu Detectives Guard Jackie Following Death Threats C I N C I N N A T I , May 21 l/Pl -- DHuuilvi'K rnu'riilly cyi'il Hii 1 nrar riipacily t-inwil at Cliii^li-y l-'icld I.-ll Mi... I i.f tylni! Hie x.-.rn! , ls j .v.i»l.'i.lay w h i l e ,, rasual appeariMK 111,,,. KIK h m l e r , Hilly Chiipinnn i · l '"' u "' l"'l»"«"" played stand..ul u . i n - l c .ml II,, Inst i n n a n t,, !»,:« P'" 11 '"' 1|R ' »"""*" I."»lK''"-i'- Inn,. Finn! scmo of II,,. K; ,me was! '"'« d,-t,;eliv,.H were t h e i e !»·- ' 7 t n ( j j i-tuiHO KoliliiHon'H I J o l h le;im.4 loolie-l r n g H f d w i l h j 'ln"iitenrd. ·onmiitled on both fldcnls. HohiiiHon knew nil Tlmnidny nigh! the Hluo So\ l i n t dam 1 U'llin imd.;r tin 1 l l f j h t s . A l l p i ' i i i n n s inlcir.'itrd i n llti' t r n m DM' n i ^ i - d Id a t t e n d tin 1 K I I I I H - al \Vlnt'- Hiillil!!. Thnrp w i l l lie nil ad- Minor League Results ll.v Tin- AuMi.'lali'd I'ri'ss U ItST TKXAS-NKW M K M C I ) A I I . I K | I I I T f | l l l ! 1(1, A I . I I . M 1 1 ' :l ciuvis i i , I'limpa :; i.uiiiiui.ii n. HIIIKIM- ri A i n . - i n l l r , 12, IJUIH-::;I II NdliTIIWKST I N T K I t X A T I O N A I . I . K A d H H HI I'nwi K, .In ..... V. H [10 I n l i l i i K H l Yimni 1-8. Phui'nix "-n l.iiii Vi-f;n:i II, Tijuana Ii M r x i c a l i lil. Kl ( Y n l i i i Ii Itl:.lii'.-I..ui;llin IS, Tin-Sim ,1 T K X A S l.lCAIirH l i l d n h n i i i i i c i l y ti-li. J M U I W m l l i r.-i sini'vi'pnit ,s-:t. Him AiitiMiin (i- Ti !li!l;l!: II. 1 MiMiiiiiiiiU 7, Hiiuidnii :i I'ACIMC COAST I.KACIT. S.':illl.' i:i-7. \JM Aniiifln 7-!l Han Pn-K'1 'l-:i, ,^1111 K iiiR-isi-u ;·! (l:ikl:!iid U.K. I ' l i i l h i n d .'1-0 S i i r i a i i i c n t i i 4-'-'. llollywillld !!-l RIO GRANDE * jilmut lite. thralls l.cfor.' In: cnliM-i'il Ilio Itnls. Hul yon colilil MUVIT U-ll II f . O M l lllit l l . j t i o n s . . I l l c l t i t ! I l I l l l U U C H M l iti t n i i f l l i n j i in tl'. i' f'"' 1 - M 1 " 1 "'. inclililiiif: his sixt FIVE COMING UP? By Alan Mavtr tfflcrfff 5S-F 6r/l ctl petf/i M,-c SrtSLfMATE, swroo-r; tforf / ^ARCARO /5 COfis/peKSP To HAVE A VERY GOOD CHANCE TO flAKS /r WMS, WUEMAfJD IF HE /A/ Tff£ 77 OF 77/£ Ci-X/55/c. Near Everything Happens As Majors Go On Spectacular Sun. Game Spree A t Inlst tllKM' iiMinm'injv l i - U f i j i ! wrll- lllllili'il in f ' i m ' i l i n i l l l n l i o l l t j n wwll lit;" "i"' I" I!" 1 i : i " C l l l - i l i n t i l n i | i l l i i ' i . mil- I" pnlH'i' l U ' i m r t ' ! n i i i t iiml inn- I" r i i i r l i m n l l 'Ki'ils I l l l i l Cillll. Munnclni,' Killlor Kvorcll Mnyil iii|iuiU'il tlio li'Ui'i- In llii' Inqirlri'i W l l l l l f l l t l l l l t ' I I I - HCIl.lor.l WML- «H- IHIJ In l i i l l llfihinsdii w i l h an ;iir rirli'. Ont- nl Illr ii'U ' I H -vlif; wif;'!- iil "The T i n v r l n n . " Rfiliinsoll \VH;l t l l f l i n i ' i l I" M 1 .!"? l l f f Ull- I C l l l T K ll.S III 1 ' V / l l l l l llf .1 ( T l l l l U , (1H tinlilH- WCI.;! 1 .. Nine Horses Named For Palomino Show RATON, M n y 21 '.I 1 ' Nliu- lldlsl':: ll.'IVr ill'i'll I K I I I H ' i l !"l Hi 1 ' l i t ; . l c i n n i l l l i I/l .Mi'.ill I ' l ' i K K'^ist- i-ii { j i i i n l r r linrsr ami l ^ i l n n i i n n r owiu-d Today Tues. BM'liUiMii \ONLYTht VALJAXT Ilimi-ll. Ci.'.'livilli'; .Hi.' li.v Mi.'ltoil \V. Iliiloii: .'".' hy l ) i . linn Tlllii;. "H R n n r t i . TurllllH'ni !. llll'l iwii hy Thmnns I Iriisl.-y. Di'lln. Ciil.i. . . COI.I.KIIK SI'DIITS T K N N I S Wyoming 0, N.'W M.-Nirn (I C01.K Ni-w Mcxii'ii ii. \Vv''iiiiiii; d' Kvlil.'ii':'! has In'.'" (""'"I thilt i:lii'i-|i «vu' il.iin.'xtli-i.ti'il in t h e __ ». --/.^lAnrnziwHii;! «J At ^:10 - -1:10 - 7:1fl- li:in " · W MlMH-y Cm-toon ''PLUTOPIA" 1 lL MISSION / - M. M i l . I Pu I V Admission 50c - 40c - lOc Phono 413 Xt-ws mill "In Tin- Sliiul- i |.U' liT 'I'll.' Amirs" j Lasi Time Tonighl KK Tonight Tues. C»rtoon, News nnd SO Yoara Boforo Your Eyes ABBOTT COSTELLO in "WHO DONE IT?" Lnlo Provuo Noxi Saturday Night ENDS TONIGHT LAST TIMES TONIGHT! Sinilui Hlvi-r IKs|itrii.l.ii's' I "Ml Proferida" EXTRA! DUGS B U N N Y Laiesl Fox New*! Phonet · Rio Grand* 430 Sialc 457 · Plain 1149 Ky .IOK KKICIILKIt (Asscit-IntcjI 1'ivss Sports Writer) Wow! TliPt wm, a Hpcctuctilur sprco nistj'Ji' If-'iiRiie Imsubalt utay- '(I yi-Ki onlay. Iloiibk 1 f l f j u r u scoring, lop.sitk'il iihutontf;, overflowing C r o s, uln'iik lilLLiiiii, Htreak hurlinK, n i K m i r r - l i i t t i i i K pilclu-r, n t i u t h c r who won 1 wo games in tine tiny. N e a r l y everything linppoiii.-d. In a n u t H l i r l l : I'lrnl.-s Sunk 1. The Phihiilnlphia Phillies innh t h e HrntcH 37-0 and 12-1 as t h e .scaKon'H Itnme record crowd of .'!(),100 I M I t s h n r ^ h patrons moaned. Thn Phil's Illrhic Ashhurn rollcrl- cd i-lj-iu hits. 2. Hinoldyn rnutoil the Hcd-i 10:i and 14-1 bitfont 2H.427 millcrinp C l n r i n n a l i fans. ;t. The Cardinals milled Tor live runs a f t e r the fli'Kt two h a t i ' M K were retired in Ihi- ^R veil Hi Inning lo roinc from behind nnd nip Hit! New Ynrli Ciiiinls 8-7 nt St. LOD.H. Wins Firs! ·1. Dick Fowler -won hi.« f i i s l Ranu* in alumni a yuai 1 , extcndins Cleveland's hmiiij- s l n M - t to ;ii.x willi a 2-] t i i n n i ] t h for P?iilm!ol- jilitn. The Indians, howcvor. won the ;iocoiul Kiiiiii? . r i-.'t. , r i. 'tl-yem-old Kmil I D n t e i i ) I.t'onnn! was credited witn both wins as tlu- Cubs raine I'ro'M l:e- himl lo w h i p Uoslon's Braves .)-:! nnd fi-l in tMiicnm). (j. Underfilled Kil Lopat pitched Mis seventh ronKt'Ciilivi; victory for tin; YitidU'es with n 7-it trilinipll over the. Si. Louis H I O W H K i.i :*Jf\v Y o i k , He. hannnei'ed \\\* t h i r d home run of ihe .season. Rain fon 1 ed ixi.slponeinoni of the .second Inline. Wins IN I'Ynwiiy 7. Hal Ne,whotiK(M bi' 11-e ( h i n t visiting sutillipiiw I . no ll'e unite a m i win in Ken way P»''- : ' K Oeliolt defeated Ihe Red Sox S-l. 8. Chicago's sin-prising While Kox mailo it four in n row on liiuli- oasti-rn .swliif;, shntllnx 1 |ll? ^«'' 1 »- lors . r i--l in Washington. When llnr sninke cleared nnd nil 137 runs weie in. Brooklyn' hnd sliTiitllheiioti ita fiisl plneo hold In Ihe Nuliorml. lea^uu to one game. Chicago hai" nmved inlo second and Boaton had dropped from second lo fourth. The 'Phillies climbed oul of the cellar into f i f t h place and Cincinnati slipped into the basement. No Change In Al, No change look place. in Ihc American League race. The Yankees retained their two-game lead over the While Sox with the Tigers another half length back. The Phils slugged seven Pittsburgh pitchers for 35 hits, 20 in llic first game, HUBS Meyer h u i l e d the shutout. Homers by Jackie Robinson an.l Cal Almims helped the Dodger; and Ewell Blackwell's five-game winning sliealt in the first game 1 . Clyde King had a one-hit shutmtl u n t i l Ihe seventh of Ihc sucoml game when Ted Klnszewski nnd Kcd Stalk-up homered for the Rctis. NEW. SELF-SERVICE Wesi Side's Valley Laundry Most Complete ami Costs No Mora !)i;, Nurlli filh St. I hlitcU N. White Dot Cafo Phone 994-W Must You Avoid Favorite Foods? .. because pf Acid Stomach? NV.ul t \ r r o i i r IIAI UMiritc foo.U lli-i hrlni: on tic^rdnirn . · · M u r n r * \ . . . iiciij inilit:rMltm. hut million! h«\f (nuiul die muwtr it »impk- A\ A-ll-C. 'Ilicy jut* v a t f x li^tuly rot) of Tumi in poiUt m punc, I At t or : like 01 inly for (niitk, HHIIliin« irliel. Tniin conmiu an nnt* ID um-alknlUt or tauie aci.t rthmuul. And tlit) ttrr I'ASl! ('HH only » Jiiiif. Oil, Ift l-l,fl/«t. a( JJ TUMt FOR THl TUMMY Umpire Retains All Teeth After Durocher Bout ST LOUIS, May 21 tjpi -- "I still got all my leulh," drawled National League Umpire Lon Warneke in denying that trigger-tempered Leo Durocher took a punch at him after yesterday's ball game. "Nothing like that at all -- just some hoi words and a lot of mouthing. No blows struck. It was all in a day's work." Reports spread, following the New York Giants stormy 8-7 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, that the Giant's manager Durocher had cornered the umpire under the stanils and let him have one. "Players seperated the pair." reported the New York Herald Tribune. Durocher acknowledged some flliarp words were passed but as for any physical contact he said: "Utterly ridiculous. There were no blows." The lanky ' umpire, a one-time National League pitching" star and teammate of Durocher with the Cards in 1037, said he had made a full report to* Ford l-'rick, National League president. He refused to say whether he had recommended disciplinary action. Asked what Durocher WJI.H complaining- about, Wnrneke replied: "Nothing particularly. Just losing the game, I guess." MAJOR * StonfluufL- Sports Briefs By The AssorlnU'd 1'rrss TENNIS . Berkeley, Calif. -- Hell) Flam dufoak'd National Champion A i t LniKGn, 6-3, 8-6, 0-2, lo win :;tatc championship. AUTO RACING Imlianapoiis -- Walt Faulkner .set two records in qualifying for j Mcmoiial Day 500-mile race u'ilh j a four-lap average of 136.872. : THACK , j Modesto. Cali'f. -- Cy Young of | Los Angeles AC threw javelin 241 i foet n inches, second best ever* made by an American. Dick At- ; tlftsey nf I , A A C ran 120-yard high hurdles in 13.6 seconds at Modesto Relays. Columbus. AIo. -- Bill McGuirc set Big Seven mile record of 4:11.8 to help Missouri win Big Seven outdoor title with 12J) *\ points. GOLF Indianapolis - Babe Zaharias won Indianapolis leg of Wua'.her- vane Cross-Counlry Women's fiolf with a 36-hole total of 140 and took lead, 450 to 4n2 over Patty Bcrjr, in 14-1-liolc competition. By The Associated 1'ress . NATIONAL W. Brooklyn 18 13 .581 Chicago 17 14 .548 St. Louis 15 14 .517 Boston 17 10 .535 Philadelphia 10 17 .485 New York 16 18 .471 Pittsburgh 14 17 .452 Cincinnati 14 .18 .438 Moinliiy'K SclMfdulo New York at St. Louis Only game scheduled .Sunday's Results St. Ixjuis 8, New York 7 ' Brooklyn 10-J4, Cincinnati 3-4 Philadelphia 17-12, Pittsburgh 0-4 Chicago 4-5, Boston 3-4 AMGIUCAN . W. New York 20 Chicago 16 Dctrqit 16 WashlnRton · 15 Boston · 14 Cleveliind 13 Philadelphia 9 St. Louis . 8 22 '.XIJ7 MiMidiiv's Selicdulc St Louis nt New Yorl: ( n i g h l ) Chicago at \Va!;l'.!n;ton ( n i g h t ) Detroit at Boston · Only games scheduled Sunday's Kesults New York 7, St. Louis 3 (second e,amc postnoncd, r a i n ) Philadelphia 2-. 1 ;, Cleveland 1-5 Detroit 8, Boston 4 Chicago 5, Washington 4 - PCT. 9 .6!X .640 .615 .558 .010 .464 .300 ' AN Finishes Sixth In Stampede Rodeo FOKT COLLINS, Coin., May 21 (/!) -- NW Mexico AM li- nKhcd Kixth In the. Colorado Aff- pios Skyline. Slampfrtfi Rodcn Sufurday. \Vynniing nnscd out Colorado A*M for first place nnd Its third strajghl \viiL Next were Oklahoma Ai'M, IIimHii-SininHMis and Riuigcr, Tex., junior collude.. The only Ni'w Mexican to phico. was Jack Cargtll who finished second til rihlwn roping lifi- hhul Bill Gin-M of H:inlln-Siiit- rnons. Expert Insurance Advice . . . Chilton ixmn Insurance Co. W. J. LITTLE EfALTOR , I1KAI. KSTATK LOANS . First National Bank Bldg. PH. - 270 or 1305 ivery man woman and child in · Albuquerqu^ · Boisa · Butt* · Cheyenne · Colorado Spring! · El Paso · Great Falls · Ogdon · Phoenix · Pocatello · Provo · Pueblo · Roswell · Salt Lak* City · Santa Fa · Tucson that's a million people .and a million people now own the Bell Telephone Business . This lias never happened before · No oilier business in ihc \voiUl lus half as many owners as the American Telephone Telegraph Co. · Tliey conic fiom every walk of life. They live in 19,000 communities all over the. country. Over lull'arc women...thousands of them an- telephone employees. " One our of every -(5 families in America is now an owner of ATT stock. Many of i them live in ihe wesiern siaies scrveil by this Company, which is part of the Dell System. · The saving*; nf a million Americans have bought the huildmgs.switcliboarUS, ' wire, cable anil all the othtfr equipment in this nationwide system ' which gives you the fastest, most dependable telephone service in the world, « That service is important in peace. It's doubly impimant in time of national emergency. TMI MOUNTAIN ITATII : TtllPHONI ANP TILIORAPH COMPANY Dukes Capture LeadlnWT-NM From Abilene By The, AswHtlntdi 1'ress It's the Albuquerque Duke's turn to lead the West Texas-New Mexico baseball league this week. · The Duke.B leapfrogged, over Abilene 16-3 .last night at Abilene That moved .Albuquerque a ha!f gnme ahead in the standings. The two clubs have been 'doing that to-'one another almost since the .season began. A.bileric pitcher Jim Melton and Albuquerque .second baseman Dom Chiola got so peeved at one time they reached the, slugging stage. Earlier Abilene manager Hack Miller was houriced for arguing with the "umpire. Catcher : Art Bowlnnd followed, and Mellon and Chiola also were thumbed out. Lubboclt strengthened its grip on third place by edging Borgcr G-5. Fourth Piuupa chopped an 11-3 decision tt sixth place 'Clovis and last place A m a i i l l o knocked over fifth place Lamesa 12-9. ' f ' · · A double into right ccnlcrfiPld with one on in the n i n t h Rave the Hubburs the edge at Uihhork. Jackie Wflciix ' drove/ in "George Memlnza. with tlie winning run. Clevis collected 14 hits off n quai let of Pnnipa hurlcrs white bespectacled Pat Randall was limiting the host team to six. A 10-rim rally'in the s i x t h gave Am:irillo the edge ai Lanic.ia. The same teams meet again tonight. Sugar Bay Begins Second European Boxing Tour Tonight PARTS. May 21 (/Ii -- Sugar Ray Robinson, promised ' nothing but exercise and rrtnyhe a few bruises an compensation, opens his second European tour tonight'with a 10-round bout .against Kid Marcel, French middleweight champion. . The world 160-pound champion is donating his purse, all except a symbolic one Franc, to the French Cancer Fund. Even those who talk about Marcel being a cunning boxer give him little chance to go the route. Fischer Is Elected WTOM President CLOVIS, .May 21 i/Pt -- Charles j H. Fischer, njanager of the Clovis ; News-Journal, was elected president of the Clovis West Texas- , New Mexico League baseball leanu Saturday:.-He' replaced J. Harvey^, Wilson, who resigned. '· The Republic of Turkey occupies, territory in both Europe "and Aaia. · Martha · Washington's great- _ i, granddaughter. ' M a r y , married ' .j Robert E: Le'e-liflSSl.. 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