Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 7, 1961 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1961
Page 3
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Ideas Inside CSC:72 Consumer Service On Tests Desirable "Publishing of lesls with guides that tiding impli« in some for their use has swiftly grown into a .multimillion-dollar, bus- "ines," Dr. Eugene D. koplilz, as · sislanl professor of psychology a ' Colorado State College, says. "Some tests are marketed by means highly ethical and · others · by tactics that might be consid ;-*red doubtful. My students are required to do critical- evalua lions of all tests, and to'asses, the selling methods insofar as in formation thereon can be obtain ed. "The lime has come whei school ' administrators, guidanc personnel, and teachers need in formation about tests for thei own protection as well as ,-for their sludenls." Should Protect ConsiHmr Dr. Koplitz believes informalio about lesls should be availaH j comparable to that issued _: Consumers Reports. It would b ·£.-»plendid 'if colleges would offe ^Impartial.consultation with scnoc '·-.* officials -who are-about to bu ·^tes'ls. Tiih Bought for Show? The CSC professor deplores th situation that leads him lo suspec that many tests are bought schools merely for the. prcslig Beautiful Scented Candles In Apothecary Jars . : . $1.50 PH. EL 3-024B 807 8th SI. juarters. "Some give tests merely, for the ake of. giving them," he said. They are proud of their test esults, but they, do' little with lem. In many schools, over 90 jer .c*nt oT the idata collecteil s never-used in'guidance and ounseling. This is probably due (a) faculty Is 'sometimes noi n formed on. how to use the esulls; '(b) counselors have too eavy a load-to' make : use ol iiuch o f - t h e . material available; c skill in interpreting results i; )t at hand," Px-toiwltty. TMling DiffkuK Personality tests are the;most difficult wilh which: to secure meaningful results, according to Dr. Koplilz. They are more-apt 0 produce a mere inventory of personality traits rather than vital lest results. In one particu-i ar so-called personality test the, 5 Hems listed in each category of human behavier present facts rom which it is most difficult 1 not impossible to get an accurate picture of human personality. When a test requires a forced choice yes-or-no .response ' be marked, it demands most difficult decisions. The teste* will wonder if eilher is right, become confused, and probably mark at random, faking these markings seriously will be unfair to Ihe testee. As are many men in his field, Dr. Koplilz is skeptical of any lest -until it car be determined by an impartial and qualified specialist thai it tests exactly what it claims to test. Too often the tes^doesn't do thai, he says Giftnl Salttnwn on Job Administrator and teachers are now confronted by gifled sales men, somelimes called consull anls, for all sorls of tests, Dr Koplitz adds. Some materials am GCA News I BtTTY BOTTS CCA Stiff CSC Educatwn K Studtntt The Greeley Community Activities has 165 CSC .Education 85 students working in a volunteer capacity wilhin lits program These students receive credits toward graduation and do this field work for a class entitled, 'Community Life and Problems." These students select a project they would like to-help with and the GCA staff member, or other person in charge of the project, uses I he students' talents I and interests to enrich the program. Many of the GCA programs and aclivilies could not be held without (he aid of the Education 85 people. · 415 Studonti AMfeiwi : Lyle Beaver, GCA director, assigned a total' of 495 students to their choice of projects, with the help of his staff; :this quarter. Many students are assigned projects in areas outside of the GCA. Thesi other arens include, Gir BRACTEC! L O U S E ty 0 R T hardly resembles, except in.ap- pearance of the .flower itself, its close kin, the mountain figwort. · The picture is , another contribution -from Willow Park high on the 9ld,Fall Hiver rood in the Rocky Mountain Park, It was photographed on Aug. 8. The tall plant with basal leaves, few on the lower stem, produces a dense spike of flowers. They are heavily interspersed with bracts, thus the botanical name,. Pedicularis bracleosa. The yellow flowers- resemble those of snapdragon. They are two-lipped-and beaked. This is another high allitudc member of the figwort or snapdragon f a m i l y (Scrophulariaccae). This' is the fiSth of the 1061 series of wild flower pictures from color slides.--Photo and com; ment by Floyd E. Merrill Scouts; Boy Seoul s; Simriaj school teaching; Greeley Public Schools intramural program; .Clothing Bank; Red Cross office- I Public School offices; Police dept office; Weld Co. Library; Cit Library; Cerebral Palsy Center Special Education Center; Salvation Army, office; Stale Employ ment ^office; switchboard opera tors at Public Sch'ool office; Unit ed Funds-office; and Parole office. v ' . The GCA YoulrrCenler, under I the supervision of Jack Blcndmg- er, has 50 Ed. 85 sludenls this quarter in the following activities: "GCA Spotlight" radio show; dance supervision; Youlh Center council supervisors; general sui eryision;'special parties and projects and office help. The sjior.ts -and games area ol the GCA has 65. Ed. 85 students active in the following projects: swimming assistants to Phyllis Hoff, head swimming instructor; Junior Rifle Club and Wild Life club helpers and Knothole Gang WILLIAM GENTLEMAN^ recently took over the position of used car manager for Wickland Motors at 404 8th Aye. Gentleman moved to Greeley from North Platte, Neb., .where he had his 1 own used car business, He lived at North Platte for 15 years prior to coming here. He is married and has three childrcn.'Tliey live at 2100 23rd Ave. Gentleman has been in the car business for all ol the 'past 15 years. He managec Ihe Ford garage in North Plalte for four years before starting his own business. at. Proclaimed Veterans Dqy' DENVER (AP)-Nexl Saturday, ov. n, 1 was ,mmed as "Veterans ay! by Goy. McNiclmls In a pro- lamatlon Iciday. Formerly known as .Armistice )ay, the title .has been changed n recent years. The. governor · urged all Colo adoans l o ' j o i n in a lemonslra on of "undivided allegiance to le government ot Ihc Uniled fates and the ideals which it de ends and preserves.- 'ues., Nov. 7, 1061 GREEL13Y TRIBUNE Pagre J Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors GREELEY TENT AWNING CO. 918 1th Ave. Juit A Shade Better Ph. EL Z-C2S* YOU COMPARE CARS. 'TOTAL DUUMNB WEJ6HT I 249°° GRAYBEAL'S IS HERE WITH A FOR YOU! D««l now ... collect bonus dollars now! The Early Trader'i Bonus is yours on any purchase of $500 or mor« from tractors to twine, from tillage tool* to hating equipment. Comt in today, so we can figure your Early Trader'* Bonus deal on the IH equipment you need. When you buy, the dollar, shower down. You'll collect interest at th« rate of 6% on your trade-in and/or down payment And you get your check at once! , guides will accomplish what is claimed for Ihcm. snd some wil ot. "Certainly (here are tests available that, given properly by a trained person and similarly interpreted with the final conclusions used skillfully with the students concerned, will be effective in helping those'who took it,". Dr. Koplitz says. The CSC -professor, has heard test' that salesmen do not directly claim hut .give.the im- jression it will show ! students who take it are smarter than some otter tests might make them appear to be. If the tc'sl works out in that manner, it should- be no more significant than measuring something with a shorter yardstick and finding it lo be longer than expected. Finnish Prexy OK's Soviet Defense Talks HELSINKI, Finland (AP) -President Urho Kekkonen told his people'Sunday night he ^considers the Soviel request for defense talks constitutes no danger to Finland's neutrality or independence. Kekkonen presented a confident view loward Moscow's Oct. 30 note in a radio-TV report on his 24-day tour of. Canada and the United Stales. Of the call for consultations between Finland and the Soviet Union on common defense measures against what Ihe Russians term supervisors. The Knothole Gang offers Greeley youth a chance to attend the CSC. foolbalt games free of charge. This club is under the direct supervision of Dwight Os borne, GCA sports and games supervisor. He is assisted in super- visilion of this club by Ed. 85 students. . Twenty Education 85 students assist this writer in the special iiclivities program of the GCA The youth dramatics club, square dance, arts and crafts, girl's personal fitness, and women's physical improvement programs are all enriched through the help, ideas and leadership of Ed. 85 people.. 0. C.- Graves, adult education supervisor and Senior Citizens supervisor, has 25 Education 85 students assigned to various projects wilhint-hese areas. Students meeting with the Senfor Citizens play games with the club members, serve refreshments, and hfelp with office work. Tliose students in the adult education area worldwide brotherhood of man.'. Schools may fill chests and gift boxes with health, educational and recreational supplies to be sent to schools in war or disaster areas. Other schools participate In tle International School Art program or make a record of the music that is done in the school. In return schools may receive examples of the art and music done in schools of other countries. Many other local and inlernational projects are carried out in the schools. . Display *t HL * P On display in the Home Light and Power Company window are examples- of art from the schools of 16 countries. These pictures are a part of the Intcrnaliona Art Exchange Scliool Art program, sponsored jointly by the Na tional Art Education Association and the American Junior Ret Cross. The artists, who submittei these pictures, range in age from 11 to 18 years. The pictures wil be in Ihe window through Nov. 13 The Weld County High Schoo Red Cross Council meets in thi lied Cross rooms of the Greele; Building on the second Monda; nighl ot each month. Many loca service projects are compleled Party hats, tray favors, center pieces, scrap hooks, etc. are mad for service hospitals, children' hospitals, and,nursing homes. High' School.. Red.- Cross mem bers and their teacher-sponsor are invited l o ' t a k e - , parl. Any one wishing - further informatio about Ihe council meelings ma call the Weld County Chapter the American Red Cross. Kek- the earlier you trade the more bonus dollars you set College Director 'Dies RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Geral 0. T. Erdahl, 45, dirtclor of Ih help with publicity, mailing, .re-North Carolina Stale College an gistralion, and in several cases president of the American Asso cintion of - College Unions, die Saturday after, a short illness. iWest German mililarism, konen said: "The (oundalkm of our foreign policy is rclalions with the Soviet Union based on confidence and on' our neutrality, as recognized by the Western.powers. ... ./' ELLIS AND CAPP EQUIPMENT CO. 508 8th Ave. EL 2-9141 Publisher Dies .," VICKSBURG, Miss. (AP)--Louis P. Cashman Sr., 74, editor and publisher of the Vicksburg Evening Post and president of the Delta Broadcasting Co. CWQBC), died Sunday after an illness of several monlhs. Cashman, who had been in newspaper work 53 years, was first employed by his father, the late John G. Cashman, who founded the Evening Post in 1883. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD i-- OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER 19 --^ 353-2358 help in assistant leadership roles. Five students help with general GCA office work. Mrs. Xucile Miller, GCA office coordinator, isj] Iheir immediate supervisor. One : project that Ed. 85 students arci now working on, is addressing March of Dimes envelopes to all Greeley and Eaton residents. We in the GCA along with many! other agencies in Greeley appreciate the help we receive from- Ihe Education 85 students. We feelj after they complete their course in , "Community Life and Problems" they have much belter un- 1 derslanding of the people, the problems, and Ihe work lhal goes into the making of a community. Jr. High School Students in the elemenlary, junior, and senior high 'schools throughout the United Stales are taking part in the annual Junior Red Cross and High School Red Cross enrollment drives. Enrollment supplies have been sent Weld County schools and plans are being made for the drive in these schools. All contributions to Ihc Junior and High School" Red Cross are user! to pay for the enrollment.ol participating schools, for authorized local service projects and for contributions to the National Children's Fund for national and foreign projects. This fund is used o help schools and youth in the United Slates as well as in other lands. Through High School, and Junior Red Cross, members develop good citizenship qualities' and ai nwareness of llwlr part in Ihe HIDDEN CHARGES RED TPE HIGH mm ..SO WHY NOT COMPARE COSTS? 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