Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 18, 1973 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1973
Page 16
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Wed., April IH. 1973 GHEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 17 Scot land Yard facing atmosphere of doubt : ulnfeDITOR'S NOTE -- In all Its ·il ; i44.years, Scotland Yard has f.probably never before faced such an atmosphere of doubt h.ii»hd low morale as now exists. iijlilleft Is a look at the Yard, its (' head man arid the prob- -; i lems he faces. 1 -'Ml;iv. - !· {·!·!'By KODNEY FINDER Associated Press Writer """ LONDON (AP) - The winds of change are gusting Ihrough Scotland Yard, and the world's most famous police force is feeling a draft. Recruitment is down, crime is up. A communications gap jj divides police and public, police ~-iml police. v»ithe London Metropolitan Po- vBis; force, headquartered at jf'Jjejv Scotland Yard, is 144 £|fars old. It has probably nev- er before faced such an atmosphere of uncertainty, doubt and low morale. At this critical time, a new man is in charge. Commissioner Robert Mark, bespectacled, his close-cut hair graying at the edges, will have been a year at the top by his 56th birthday. Mark recently told recruits: "You stand between minorities and those who oppress or bully them. You stand between hostile extremes in political or trade disputes, siding with neither but protecting both. You serve no party or faction but the people themselves and you can invoke the law fearlessly, against those who govern as well as those they govern." Mark's address was hailed as the most rousing ever given to cadets. It was also a good illus- tration of the troublesome position Scotland Yard finds itself in. Mutual hostility is often the major link between police and minorities. Political factions on left and right · criticize police operations and many officers complain they are persecuted by a vocal minority of the politically articulate. Scotland Yard suffers, like many police forces throughout the Western world, from new ideas and attitudes which question the traditional role of a policeman as a disinterested protector of the lawful against the lawless. Its other major problem is geographical. Situated in one of the world's biggest cities, its men have to cope with every type of crime and social prob- The tire man '*· :"-'.'i All jobs seem that way. One may get to ;;|jjtand out in the line of duty on occasion, but i.Jusually it's the same old grind, toiling along as a member of the faceless masses. For Sammy Durham, 18, Corpus Christi, Tex., it's a living. (AP Wirephoto) /VXONTGO/l/lEFT WARDS GAS AND ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS DELIVER! r TANK GUARANTEED t FULL YEARS Montgomery Ward will furniih a new water healer FREE If the tank in th!t heater Itaki due lo defective mattrlali or workmanship within 5 yean of pur- chaie when uied for tingle Of 2 family reildential pur* poiet. 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Open 10 a.m. lo V p.m. Monday thru Friday 10a.m.lo«p.m. Saturday lla.m.toSp.m.Sunday WARDS Highway 34 By-Pass at 23rd Ave. lem in the book. Mark took over a desk burdened by a heavy pending tray; a disproportionate increase in violent, planned crimes; the emergence of social crimes such as hijack, trade union and protest group militancy; burgeoning traffic; problems such as race, drug taking-and pornography; and a declining morale in his force, undermanned for 27 years. Scotland Yard is 4,500 men short of its authorized complement of 25,000. Recruitment barely keeps pace with those quitting. There are three or four policemen for every one of Metropolitan London's 700 square Penn State gets O'Hara manuscript STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) -- The original typed manuscript of the late John O'Hara's 1934 classic "Appointment in Samarra" has been donated to Penn State University's' Pattee Library by Adele Lovett. wife of Robert A. Lovett, a New York investment banker and former Secretary of Defense under President Truman. O'Hara reportedly gave the original to Mrs. Lovett as token of his friendship. "O'Hara worked directly on the typewriter and this copy is his first and only draft of the novel," said Charles Mann, librarian and head of special collections at Pattee Library, an official repository for O'Hara's works. "Some indication of his sureness as a writer can be seen in the fact that on 301 pages of typescript, only 680 words have been changed." miles. These men face traveling long distances to work, the extra chores of handling 500 political demonstrations a year and facing on the ground London's chronic traffic congestion. Work involves frequent overtime and loss of rest days. Mark wants more money for his men. A constable earns 2,100 pounds a year -- about $5,040 -- in a city where a modest semidetached house frequently costs $36,000. "Resignations are reaching crisis proportions," says Sgt. Peter Joiner of the Police Federation. Last year 1,115 recruits joined. Scotland Yard and 1,035 quit. Many simply want to leave London. Constable Ronald Curd, 31, is taking his family to New Zealand. He blames declining educational standards in Lon- don'schools as well as violence in the playground. "I have to work six days a week to maintain my standard of living," he said. "It becomes a mental and physical strain." Mark, aware that police in other nations -- especially the United States -- are also beset by troubles, is wary of making comparisons. A New York cop would laugh at talk of violence in London, he is fond of saying. Mark faces a daunting task in pulling the Yard together to fight the new menace imposed by the career criminal. The English system is fine against the compliant, he says, but next to hopeless against the noncompliant who deliberately sets out to break the law. But Mark is confident. He feels he will win through -"I'm bound to" -- in two or three years, against all his problems. And don't spare the horses driver! A Falsa Garil, a rare member of the crocodile family from Malaya hitches a ride atop an African Giant Tortoise at the Windsor, England zoo. Hope the croc is in no hurry, because he's on one of the world's slowest rides, but then again with all of the strikes in Britain, the rapid transit systems aren't too reliable nowdays. (AP Wirephoto cable from London) REG. 54.99 ENGINE ANALYZER CHECKS 6, 12, AND 24-VOLTS WARDS RIVERSIDE' SUPREME ABSORBER REPLACEMENT which injlclled, M ftiv«riide Supreme which foili for any aomery W a r d origi ihock abtorbeii,il « doet not apply lo SHOCK LIFETIME GUARANTEE n I 8 om cry Word Shock Abiorber reason. If Monf- ally inilolfcd the ill iniloll icplucc- ihock abiorbcri injlalled on commerciol vehidei or lo Occident. Designed to check engine systems with .accuracy and speed. 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Open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday 8a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m.toS p.m. Sunday GREELEYMALL Highway 34 By-Pass at 23rd Avenue

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