Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1972 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1972
Page 26
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GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Mon., April 2J, 1972 As Hal Boyle Sees It By F. RICHARD CICCONE Associated Press Writer For HAL BOYLE Ha] Boyle Is III ^CHICAGO (AP) The ice is ·.In the martini, the coal is in the 'grill. It's barbecue time again. The American male is ready (o flee again to the great summer pastime of cooking out: doors, and the average man's Joy in this pursuit lias little to adjourns to the backyard to! ing compared with the one-up^ light and guard the fire, it is manship gained over the wife probably the only chance he will get all summer to look at the crabgrass and dandelions without being told to pick them. When (he sparks fly from the grill, a fallicr can righteously _ , ,, demand that the little children:fresh drink for the cook, a rare! 3 ma J° r . lest against commu- be kept inside--the only t i m e j occurrence. inist-led insurgents. he can venture outdoors with-; The cunning male commu-l An analysis of an operation who for a few minutes is pleased (bat she doesn't have lo dirty the broiler again or heat up the kitchen. She may be so pleased that she even makes a The pleasure of inhaling the Thai Troops Disappoint U. S Military Officials Indochina war went against Ihe two years with the outbreak of anticommunisl side. fighting in Cambodia and North The war has come closer to Vietnamese advances, .in. north- Thailand's borders in the last By FRED S. HOFFMAN AP Military Writer under orders lo stay out of any fighting belween Thai units and WASHINGTON (AP) - De- insurgents inside Thailand, U.S. cnitn \mirc /if T T ^ I nid otirl 'i/^. /if f i/iioln r-oti spite years of U.S. aid and advice, Thailand's army has disappointed American military out a band of followers, some'ning with nature in Ifc back ,,, ...i. -- :.....t..ui.. -- .r ,,..:. . officials say. Starting in late January, the appointed American military Thai command sent an army officials by its performance in division, five artillery baltal- of whom inevitably need Ihcir do with the taste of charocal diapers changed )· broiled steak. When a husband scent of n sizzlin,sizzling steak is nolh- yar(] must , JS however, Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY Television Radio Writer not to confuse the act of barbecuing wilh the purpose. The trend lo kettle cookers, hibnchis, wagon Drills and gas barbecues can signal the end of by 12,000 Thai troops against an estimated GOO rebels in north- rtillery ions and warplanes against insurgents holed up in a mountain stronghold in the vicinity of Phitsaulok. more than 70 killed and 270 wounded in the weeks-long operation. The insurgents, described in U.S. reports as communist-led hill tribesmen, lost at least seven killed. U.S. and Thai officials for years have been concerned that Ihe insurgents in Thailand's northeast and north-central fe- cenarfhaTland concluded thai Accordin S lo U ' S ' Mlimates, glons, adjoining Laos, would TM m ?nr ZT ±h, B He° v e r n m e n l "»*« Differed become a major threat if the government forces exhibited lack of aggressiveness and poor (raining. In addition, Thai command- · : NEW YORK (AP) - Broad; way's Tony Awards show 1 which for the past couple of horses. By and large, it was not as attractive as previous specials focusing on the papular Ul seasons has been selling highlcomposor nnd his work, marks never achieved by lhe| The show was interrupted for freedom. The male who wanls-ers were criticized for using lo slanii on the patio and walchllheir troops in big, unwieldy 11. _ i _ i · _ _ i i i n , .. * . . . . . ·* Ihc televised baseball game through Hie glass door will have a simple round grill, unshielded from wind or rain. This insures his presence for c idcd every moment of Ihe cooking!meUiods will have to be"devef- formalions and for inadequate use of combat inlelligence. As a result, Thai military leaders were said to have de- new tactics and process: | opc j. -"1 belter not leave il alone,] Thailand long has been iiicii no nt;vti auini;vi;u uy mt:i U J L o n u u »i 0.1 j m v i i u|ui_u " J i i · t - ,, .. " .. m Oscars or the Emmys, siipped;20 minutes as the news dcpart-j " lc w l n ( l s ;l lllll( ; strong. Igardcd by U.S. defense officials ' ~ -a couple of nnlche's Sunday'ment covered Ihe departure of I --"Of course I'd ralhcr talk; a s important night wilh a very long pro-Apollo 16 explorers from Uic, lo .j V ; ou , , .', f ' do "' watch t h o lmunist posili gram. Somehow it lost its for- moon, gn I the kids might sneak oul I A u i ! 1 mer pace and zip. The big space show was u, c 'and burn themselves. -- -- ' . : _ . . i . . . in , ', -- I (I lownr T ho vn True there were some sam-inierricsl program of the week-' : pies from current theater, ·fiuby Kceler tapdanced in a scene from "No, No, Nanette," 'and there was a musical nuni- ·ber from "Jesus Christ Super- ·slar." Ethel Merman sang eight of her show-stopping tunes. Nine slars took lurns .working through a chronological--and delightful--reprise of 'Richard Rotlgers' melodies. These two Broadway veterans 'were given standing ovations and special awards. end. The two ebullient astronauts bouncing around the nar highlands gathering rocks sounded as excited as Boy Scouls by Ihe scenery and the problems of their assignment. Almost all (heir sentences sounded as if Ihey should have J T n TMTM r o , , " b ll» r-minrl wilh nvflnmntinn ,,«,rW ! * l!l ^V _Pj°PrllOIMl 10 U1C to the anticom- posilion in Southeast Asia. It has become more impor- . . .lant to U.S. strategy in recenl i-: , , , , , , ror Uivears because most of the Air , out here and you know I don't|F B52 ^ b s d f | , tJ want to gcl^your steak done too^.^^ { , own ainst Blhc 'I'd lower the volume on!. . , , , , , TM SCRAM-LETS ANSWERS Lnfesi - Older - Mauve -- Honing -ffAA'DS on IT Money is funny. You have to be dead to get your faca on it, but very much alive to got your HANDS on IT. Believe 7t or Not/ ual of the barbecue. In fact, the amount of Martinis mixed is in-; laic from bases in Thailand. .Mosl of Ihe 34,000 American ended wilh exclamation marks. ! qualify of Ids dinner. The television cameras on the; The cunning prnctioncr again moon sent beautiful pictures. · . . . . ^ There was something eerie in the btnsl-off of Origon on its return lo the mother ship. The . The entertainment portion of camera left on the moonrovcr ; the 2','i-hour program was fine. i.Q"lic sliow slowed down in t h a t .'old (rouble spot: cnvclopc-opcn- dng and presenting trophies. '·Eighteen awards were *.bul, almost all of I h evolving shows most people ,'ihe television audience had not ifcen and persons' i'liad never heard of. ii II was a slar-.stu - ii'sion, however. All the prescnl- fjcrs were important performers, ;?from Ingrid Bergman lo Henry jvFontla. But with all the ^preliminary pleasantries ^then the thank-yous it dragged J! considerably. j. The program was preceded j:by a Burl Bachrach (j'Close to Me," on the t;ABC network. This was notable ' showed Ihe departure and then military men in Thailand are involved in Ihe air war. In the past five years, United Stales has provided [ io conk"hotdogs''or"ro;lslis. a . b ° 111 ^ . m i l l i o n in military knows the shrewdness of offering Wilh Iwtdorjs you can start over again, little harassment about Ihe waste. With roasts you can burn the conlinued lo send pictures backjoutside, meaning there's : to carih. ' illiing in-hetwcen for cvcryi everyone. aid to improve and modernize the Thai armed forces. About 525 U.S. advisers and trainers, including Green Berets, working with the Thai forces. The American advisers are ''for the appearance of Hex Har- ,-vison talking through a coupli , of "My Fair Lady" number:. ' nnd reading a bil from the novel "Lost Horizons. · Ihe hour, however, was Carol ; Burned singing :i couple of losi- , lady songs very well and never ; once clowning. i The program j strive harrl for novcllv. At one ; point it had the Briiish royal - household guards Bachrach song lo Deaths Around :; The World '., PARIS (AP) -- Pierre I,aza- jreff, publisher of Trance's hig- 'gest newspaper and ils leading ·Jwomen's magazine, died Thurs;Jay ill G5. A journalist for 50 .years, Lazarcff was genera! .-.manager of Ihc firm which publishes the evening newspaper ;I''rance-Soir, its Sunday supple- .menl Journal le Dimanche and :(he magazine Kile. From 19-10 ; to J.9'15 he headed Ihe French ,;scrvicc of the U.S. Office of ';War Information. given em in- iple in lad nol viewer occa- Trcscnl- irniprs, Henry e IHtle s and ragged 'eceded hour, } .same notable ex I Uncouple lumbers lie nov- B hil ol s Caro of lost- d never led lc At one ii royal 'ing a unch ol ind 1 TV Programs KBTV, Channel 9; KLZ, Cha.mcl 7; KOA, Channel 4; KRMA, Channel ( Monday, April 24 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Guide To Love 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island G: Mislerogcrs 7: Mayberry H.F.D. 5:00--2: McHales Navy i: NI1C News C: Sesame Slreet 7: News 9: ABC News 5:30-2: llogans Heroes 4: News, Wllir, Spls 0: News, Wlhr, Spla 6:00--2: Dream of .leannie ·): High Chaparral li: Electric Company 7: CBS News !l: Star Trek G:30-- 2: Andy G r i f f i t h li: People in Jazz 7: This Is Your Life 7:00-2: Truth or Consequences ·1: Laugh-In fi: Environment'! H'tline 7: Here's Lucy -., !): Show of Week 7:30-2: Dragnet 0: Cuitar 0: Art Fnrum 0: Bewitched 3:30-4: Movie 9: Mcrv Griffin 4:00--2: Green Acres C: Media Theory 7: Guide To Love 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island C: Misterogers 7: Mayberry R.F.D. 5:00-2: McHales Navy 4: NRC News G: Sesame Street 7: New?, Wthr, Spts fl: News 5:30--2: llogan':; Heroes 4: Eyewitness News 3: News Force One 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral C: Electric Company 7: CBS News 9: Belter World 6:30-2: Andy Griffith C: Folk Guitar 7: Glen Campbell !: Mod Squad 7:00--2: Trulh or Consequences 4: Four Kings G: Vanishing Wilderness 7:30--2: Dragnet 6: Course of Time . 7: All in the Family 9: Movie 8:00--2: Perry Mason 4: African Dairy G: French Chef V: Cannon 8:30-- G: Advocates 9:00-2: News, Wthr, Spls 4: Nichols 7: Cades County 9: Marcus Welby 9:30-- G: Open Topic 10:00--2: Movie 4: News, Wlhr, Spts 7: News, Wlhr, Spts. G: Open Topic 9: News, Wlhr, Spts. 10:30--4: Primary Coverage 6: Inform 7: Movie 11:00-9: Dick Cavett 4: Tonight Show 6: Inform 12:00-2: News 12:30-9: David Frost 4: Eyewitness N'ews ; BOLOGNA, Italy (AP) - fMsgr. Carlo Monlini, 68, a cousin of Pope Paul VI, died Thurs- Vlay in Ihe railway stalion here. Monlini was pro vicar general ^of Ihe dinccKc of Brescia, where .'Pope Paul spent his boyhood. · CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) -^Frederick V. Hunt, a Harvard ·faculty member of ,14 years be- .fore his rctircmcnl last year '.and a pioneer in Ihe development of targel-secking loi · pedocs and long-range sonar, 'died Friday in l i u f f n l o al G7. ' SUNNYVALK, Calif. (AP) ;Dr. John P. N'nsh, 57, a vice '/president of Ixickhccd Missiles ·and Space Co. here, died Fri j'day al Cocoa Beach, Fla., ··.where lie had gone lo participate in the launching of Apollo '·' AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) - Your idoclnr may be going buck lo '^school this year, and lie can ".lislay in the shilo while he's ^earning Ibe lalcst technique; .-in medical care. ·f f Texas medical schools, hospitals, nnd specialty societies are -[offering a variety of continuing ;'o r fWsfKradiiale education ycourscs for Texas physicians throughout 1972, says Ihe Texas ^'Medical Association. ;' Fifty-six courses, covering t general and family medicine, ;',malignanl disease:, cardiovascu-l ·jlar disease, psychiatry, nuclear imcdicinc, patho'oijy, radiology, j'surgcry, and other topics, arc ·Coffered lo physicians in various ^locations over the slnfc Hhrouglmut Ihe yew. 7: Doris Dav 8:00--2: Perry Mason 4: Movie G: American .Inurncy 7: Sonny nnd Cher 9: Movie 9:00-2: News, Wlhr, Spls fi: Only Human 7: Appomalox 0:30--9: Special f: Black Journal 10:00-2: Movie ·!: News, Wlhr, Spfs G: Inform 7: News, Wlhr, Spls 9: Ncwsforce One 10:30--1: Johnny Cnrson 7: Paco Sanchc/. 11:00-7: Movie 9: Dick Caveti 12:00--!): News 4: News 12:30-!): David Frost Tuesday, April 25 11:00--2: Famous J u r y Trials 4: Snlc of Century 7: News G; I'jjcclric Company 9: All My Children 11:30--2: lloneymooncrs 4: Three on a Malrh G: Miith 7: As Iho World Turns 9: I,d's Make a Deal 12:00-2: Blinky Kim Club 4: Kycwilnrss News 7: Love Is .Splendor 9: Tnilav al Noon I2:M--2 : Phil *I)on:ihuc 4: The Dnclnrs 7: Guiding Light fl: Dating Game Radio Programs KYOU 14SO KONC-FM 91.5; KFKA 1310; KGRE «.3; KUAD 1170; POTS 5IWPED LIKE TUt .HEAD AND TORSO OF rt MAN ARE USED BX SABCM HUSBAflDS IN AFRICA, IN THE BELIEF-THATTHE BRIDE6ROGMWHO HIDES HIS SOUL IN SUCK A POT PIASTER Itj H/S OWN 0 THE MOST BIZARRE CAVALRY IN R1STORV! CAVALRYMEN al Media K'HO DISTlN'GLUSHeO THEMSELVES N SflTI E AGAINST THE GREEKS IN THE 5th CEMTUR/ B.C., WERE MOU/VrtD OiV OSTRICHES ACROSS 1. Capital ol Latvia 5. La --, Milan opera house 10. Oil-rich country 11. Inert gaseous element ». Haze 13. Actress Bloom 14. Washington VIP 16. Where to spend a rupee (abbr.) 17. Affront 21. Malt kiln ·25. New York City VIP 27. S-shapcd molding 28. The deal's off! 29. Thrice · (Lit.) 30. Massachusetts VIP 37. Bring to a standstill 38. Consider 40. Laughing' 41. Auk genus 42. Retiform 43. Defrost DOWN 1. Border 2. Rainbow goddess 3. Breathe convulsively 4. Not for 5. Caesar, for ' example 6. Hugged rock 7. Opposed, Minnie Pearl style 8. Traditional facts 9.Freshly 13. Asia, for example IS. Minuscule brook 17. Nigerian tribe DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE- Here's how lo -work it: . A X Y D L B' A A X R i s L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for Iho two O's, etc. .Single letters, apostrophes, Hie length and formation of Ihe words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRVPTOQUOTES D H V L V T Z Z U H T N O L X K B O H S T F H S B O O B O O N I , H K I B O I T B O T A K K E D X I B K X I H V L 1 O O W S . - X T B N H E T D F Saturday's Cryploquolc: ONLY OUR INDIVIDUAL FAITH IN FREEDOM CAN KEEP US FJiEE.-DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER © 1072 Kinc Features Syndicate. Inc.1 HENRY By John Llney ARCHIE By Bob Montana I2:4i--C: Hispanic Cullure 1:00-4: Another World G: Music 7: Secret Slnrm 9: General Hospital 1:30-2: What's My Lino 4: Poylon Place fi: Primnry Art 7: Edge of Night 9: One Life lo Live 2:00-2: To Tell The Trulh 4: .Somerset C: Kleclric Company 7; Dialing for Dollars 9: Love American Style 2:30-2: Bcal Ihe Clock 4: Days of Our Lives li: Food Fads 0: Ncwlywed Game 3:00-2: Big Vnlloy 4: Concentration Monday, April 24 4:00-KYOU: News, Music K F K A : News KGRF-: News, Stereo K U A D : Voice of Valley !:30-KFKA: Kclilorial, Music KYOU: Regional News ·i: 15-KFKA: Wont Ads 5:0:-lriA: News, Wthr, Spls K U N C : Evening Report K Y O U : News 75 KUNC: C'nlinpry Music 5::tO--KUAD: Sign Off G : ' I 5 -- K K K A : This is Grecley K Y O U : News, Wlhr. G:Ofl-KUNC: Tilings C'sidercd K F K A : Circle ,JH Ranch (i: 15--KYOU: South of Border 7:30-KUNC: Black Is »:00-KYOU: Ted Loveland KUNC: I'acifica Prngr'm 8:30-KCHE: Music 9:00--KUNC: News, Music KYOU: Info News, Music iUfi-KYOU: Regional News IO:(ll)-KUNC: IJnck 10:611--K(iUK: News, Stereo K F K A : News KYOU: News, Wlhr. 10:15--KFKA: Varsily Carousel KYOU: Sporls I0::in--KYOU: News 11:00-KYOU: Sign Off KGliF-: Sign Off 11:15 - K F K A : On Stage ll::i(l-KKKA: News, Wthr, Spls 12:00-lrKA: Sign Off KUNC: Nightcap KYOU: Regional News Tuesday, April 75 I1:00-KUAD: nob McBride K F K A : News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music K I J N C : Cnnlomp. Music I1:15-KFKA: Music KYOU: Sporls ll:3fl-KYOU: News 11:45-KYOU: Macy Allnnit I2:(10-KUNC: Expanded News KFKA: Monfort Rpl. KYOU: News, wlhr. KUAD: News I2:IO-KUAD: Voice nf Valley lz:15-KFKA: Wcii.lhcr, Spfs. KYOU: Weather KUAD: Bob McBride 12:30-KFKA Farm, Ranch KYOU: Market Music KUNC: Sixth String 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey 1:00-KYOU: Andy Loomis 1M5-KFKA: Music KYOU: Sporls 1:30-KYOU: News 2:0t)--KFKA: News Music KYOU: News KUAD: Don Bell KUNC: Concert 2:30--KFKA: Profile, Music KYOU: News 3:00--KFKA: News KYOU: Ted Loveland 3:I5-KYOU: News 3:30-KFKA: Sporls -:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Info News KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:30-KFKA: Kditorial, Music KYOU: Regional News 4:i5-KFKA: Wanl Ads 5:00-KFKA: News, wlhr, spfs. KYOU: News 75 KUNC: Evening Report fi:3fl-KUAD: Sign Off 6:00-KFKA: Circle J R Ranch XUNC: Things C'siddred r,:15-KYOU: South of Border 7:30-KUNC: Poor Consumer 8:IIO-KFKA: News, Music · KYOU: Ted Loveland KGRB: News KUNC: Marlin L. King 8:30-KGRE: Music KYOU: Regional News KUNC: Jazz 9:Ofl--KUNC: News, Prog. Mus KYOU: Irfo News IO:Ofl-KFKA: News KYOU: News KUNC: Rock 10:15-KFKA: Var. Carousel KYOU: Sports, News i1:00-KYOU: Sign Off 12:00-KFKA: Sign Off KUNC: Nightcap , D E N V E R R A D I O KLZ: 560-Music, news KHOW: B30-Music, news KBTR: 710-Ncws 24 hours KOA: 850--Music, news on Vi hr. HES SOME TO THE PARK / COMMUNING OUTDOORS?) WITH /SATUKf?! WEU./ THERE'S SOME HOPE. KOR THAT ' URBAN WOLF YET.' HE. SPENDS ALL HIS AFTERNOONS IN THE PARK.' HOW COME REGGIE ISN'T HOLED UP IN HIS BOOTH PLAYING THE JUKEBOX ? REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis CUD you \VES--AND SEEHIA1, ] ITS ALL. DECIDED/ !/ I'.H C-OIN5 MVAY TDK A IN THE MEANTIME/ L WANT YOU TO GO TO COLIK-Z ON A FlltL- I TOI.0 THAT STARTIHu THIS VERY MINUTE---1 AAt TAK- JN A 5.4B BUT r POHfr/ ·\-ANT YOU - AFT£K TAKING TO THE UNIVER5ITV PXESIOIHT, ALK SKA.vr RETURNS TO HIS CAR IVHEKE SUZXIS H'AITINS FOR kl.M .- By Frank Robbing A*LE C^iTUE UE5Trokar..f .ANP TMCTEIP* I 'HP U/^U/'TT'^UJJJJJJHJJJJJJJJJJf A6*HOT:KiTT./\ i- r^K-tYvtvs ^^^^^^ Bur Rrr LEV i THIS aces ^^^S I -cRouTO^-ma \ NCISYASA r^ ROAR.OaKL L FlRcCTRACKER/ I I C|,JS-I71WF=fi? f~^ V\ -ZABRIfeKl'S SON HEAPS faff tjc.,, VORK...rt UCNG.tlLqrAH.-c ^A, ^..^Z. Li'l ABNER Li'l A h n t r R(f. LT.S. Pit. all. HERE T) VUUiARILLA SHOW GOT TWICE THE, AUPIEMCE. 0"MARC05 WELBVAKJ'.'BOMANZA COMBINED// AH GO! ANEW VULGARJLLA rAASK- IT'S GOT BAD BREATH AH GOTAVULGAR1LLA . DOLL.NO' WIND IT UP AN' IT SAVS SUMPTHIN' EMBAKRASSIN'- IT'STH'NEW VUUGARIliA -~ BOOK;!- 'TAIN'T FIT FOB. NAAN NOR BEAST/J HAVE FAITH IN TH' TASTE O'TH' PU BUG, SON .' THEY WON'T mv VUt-GAWLLA.'/

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