Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 21, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 21, 1951
Page 2
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· Lunch · Breakfast · Dinner AMERICAN - MEXICAN DISHES ' . BOB'S CAFE ' ·' BOB HOWARD 1250 W. Pleneho Ph. !I(H-W Las Cruces ·..« Business and Professional - CACTUS MOTOR CO. Poniiac - Cadillac Sales - Service WELDON B. BOMAR EUGENE THAUP Foods Wqrlh Freezing Are Worth Freezing Well · Wo sharp freeze a I 25 below. · M e a t s al wholesale prices, Cui, wrap and freeze for locker or home freezer. · Discounis on Frozen Foods. · Locker Rentals. VALLEY LOCKER CO-OP. liMii \V. Iliidlcy PI). 1.').') PLUMBING AND HEATING ·li r 1- r CONTRACTING Phone 796-W G.T. GLOVER I I Davis Lumber Has I Materials Needed j For Home Repair j Will! ton^ri '!;iv: an'l v.-;um «vo- . nin|;s tt)-rc IB iisinilly pli'nty "l\ l i m e I'm- fnlHB I" Ki't out nnrl do j :: l i t t l f t worlt siniuii'I til" house i.cfoic larl(. Of cnui.^f you need n few ma- trn;il:; if you iti-t' pliinniiiK on do- iiiK :niy liiiililln;; lit nil. You laillkl jiM»t)jil!y iH" n rrncc u i n t i n d ttie I,ark yiiril 'n' 11 fi'W Iri-lluraH for yoin- iiisi. biiHlii-H, ur any numljcr of Iliiri)^ liuil you could build y.nirsHf. I I you n IT I l i i n h i n C of liny (if tlHiHii" l i t m u s -'I a l l , wliy not try UK- rinvlB l.uiuliH 1 Coni|iuny first f u r l l n ni.riMv.iiiy muti'i-inlaY You'll l i n d jilwity of HH.' riKllt hind of | be.-, i i n h n n i l for n i l your needs, j | Not only lunilxT in available, l i u t j j a i l oilier i i i a t ' . - i i a t K an; nlno avnil- alili'. Vou n i l K l i l u"t "i'ed some of | I h e innlerinl.H. but it is ''crtnln Hint ' you w i l l ni'rd 11 few tliinBS to do oo'i joil with. ! Tin: IX-'ivih I.un'lier Company arrie:; a f u l l l i n e of cement, lum- ,!·!·. p a i u l H , iihimljinf; nnd l i K l i t i\nnc!;. and olher linlidinf,' ulll- e i i i i l K . -Mull" Ihe Duvis Luniher ni|»;iiiy your buildme; liciuU|U;u - eis. T!it?y 'Hi- located on highway ,!i i i n r t h '.jf l l n iul'Tsectlon. !Joe Hicks Provides JExperl Repairs For ! Outboard Motors ThclT Is nnlliini: mure n|;|;nivnl- I inn lo Illi' f i f l i e i i n a n than lo 1C" I out on Ihe lulu. 1 for a day's fishine; l a n d l i a v o ' l i i K olithoanl Ulotor fall ' lo work i l r u p e i l y . H a l f Ihe day ran he spent in Irylni; lo lulllu' tile i i l u r r u n . a l l l o nn avail. Joe Hicks I l u u Sluip lias a urn- r i.-pair service for all makes nf miilors. No m a i l e r \vlial may he W M I M K w i l l , your n u l l n i i u i l mo- ,iiv. Ihe meelianl,- al Joe Hicks i.Iun Siiop c,iu put it in nood nm- nlnc condition for you. You'll he surprised at 'lie small cosl lor h a v i n g your niolor overliauled. If yui piirii lo dr.ip your HIO- lot in Ihe lal-e it should have lin- lll.'illlllc aUelilion hefoii' lllr p u l l s heciiuie l u s t y . A coinplelc cleanilli: joli on your iiuilor can be dune hi'fore real .damn!'* 1 results, ,lni' I l l c k a I'.uu Shop has a com- i | i k ! i ' Hue of l i s h l n t ; taciilc too. I Slop iu hi'fiirc you lliak'e your ne\l i f i r . l l i n i ; H i p a m i sloclt ll|i on c x l i a j [.hi);:;, line, wciiihls and any olher i e r n i i i ' i n c n ! yon lavil for a Kood l l W i i ' i i C I rip. | .liie I l l e h s l i l l l l Slliiji is Incilti'il , al l l l l l i Went 1'icacOlo Avemy:. SHOWN ABOVE is the Oliver Equipment Company located at 1700 West Picacho. The Oliver E q u i p m e n t Company features all types of fartn machinery, some of which is shown above. OLIVER EQUIPMENT CO. GLEN LILE. Mgr. Sales and Service 1700 W. Picacho Phono 63 FRED'S WELDING SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CONDITIONING -- COOLING Phono 550-W 612 W. Organ Son Graduating? Watch is Ideal Present For Him G r a d u a t i o n ifi next Kridav n i f i h t Wir .sttidontK of the UIH r:n:ct;H Kr;h(KJlK. J l f t n y yfiling mon an'J women will ho qrathiatinj: from vtuimi.s sciirjuls nvcr U:P city iintl jiaicntH will Ijc nn linnd to WfiLcli Ttii.s is, of Iho · propur tiinr ID]' ^iviiifi {,'ift.s Lo IhoKe who linvo l»!cn f o r u i n a t c enough lo inalto Ihe f;rade. The hl^ii H':h(.-f)l prarlunlc will In; looking forward ID cdllf^t; (|IL.VK. The cnllc-ge grudit- ntc will bo looUlng forward Lo :t new job and n now life. He will possibly %n to other sclioute I.-J L-r-n- tiniu: hlK fit ciilion. Crcfii's Juwflry IHIH one of t h e fhirst srl:ctiuns of Kifln in L.3H Cniccs. A laiyu lin« of ,i;itionnl!y tnuwn walcbcK is nn display for fllwnys appreciates a good w.'ilcli. Why ncit .stop in the fit-Mi pan ot Liii.s wwk nnd select. 'i uil" 1 : trom n's for /our m-n'1'.mic. Like To Eat Out? De Luxe Cafe Is Gourmet's Haven How n l m i i l a men] awny from ImiiH- thiit ttuitcs just aJitiiit Kcrxl aw UK; uiu! yon get at lunneV 'I'll- DoLiixo Ciifo on Smith a H t i f M i t is the phu'i 1 wlicru yon cai ) r L Hiii')) a meal. Open 'M l i m i i n it day, tin; DcLux fniV Kt-rvcH only tin- riiu-st »f fnml i all ru.slninniK. Tin- service 1 i ist anil tin; wnittt'Hscs Jirr conr- ' ( I U K . Tin- UitLuxc Cafe ordor.s nnd 'ives only llu- fri'.ihi'sL nioalH and K'tnbli's. A nrw slitpmenL ar- VI-K iliiily n l Ibe kilcbon dour of ( ? U M l u i n c f M are invited to inspect t h e .stiiraj, r i- laeilitiea nnd the ·hen al nny limn they desire. Only t h e highest stnndardu of irletinliiicss are maintained by per- liimnel of the -Nife. Why not l a k e the family out to dinner some evening thl.s week? The DfLnxe CnTu Would he the idenl place to go. HAZEL'S LAUNDRY WET WASH and ROUGH DRY 220 W. Grlggs Ph. G59-W Guaranleed Repairs On All Makes of RADIOS Good Usod Radios CHARLIE'S RADIO SHOP 404 S. Mnln SI. Valley Locker Has Special Plan For Fishermen Here's a. speeial notice to Jill fishermen. When you return.from good day's fishing, and .-bring back more fisli than you can use .mmediately; why not look . into .he possibility of renting a frozen food locker. When you want to store up meats and do not have the facilities in your home, the Valley Locker Co-op in the ideal place to go. You cnn rent a frozen food locker very reasonably. The convenience of having access to your meats is worth the small cost of renting the locker., recently the Valley Co-Op nstalled a small line of groceries. When you do your meat shopping from your personal locker, yon can get the rest of your groceries right, there in t the Valley Locker Co-Op. Manager Johnny Watts is nn hand to help you at a l l times. Yon may want to have your lieef cut up so that it will fit inlo your home freezer. ]f this is the clise. ii the Valley Locker Co-Op will be glad to do it for you. A c t u a l l y there is no end to the service that t h r Valley Locked Co- Op can offer yon. Why not give thorn a try this week. PATROL'S BOOTY: TWO CHINESE H 7 un?i' Wealhcr Tip: Try Hazel's Laundry Since the weather IK getting \vnrni. the little lady, of the bouse has othor things on her mind beside:! the family washing. When thin is t h e situation at your house, why not lake advantage of the l a u n d r y ycn-ico offered by Hukcl's Automatic Laundry? All you have to do when you use this service is to bundle yoiu laundry iuul take it to Hazel's. Tin- rest will'be done for you. You can relmii Hi a short while and pick up your week's washing all ready to be ironed and pui away. Their is no extra work to using this service and the cost is so small that you rannot afford lo puss it up. .No matter how much Inmulry you have to (lo, Hazel's Automatic Unmdry has the proper facilities to lake care of it Soft water and n high grade soap are used Thrift Markets Suggest Picnic Shopping Plan Now is the ttimc to stock up groceries .for your summer ont- infcs. We .don't mean buy up lot of groceries that you won't l)c able to use, we mean stock up on those tilings that you think you will like to cat when you take the family on u fishing tvip 01 just plain picnic. Bore's the kjea: Eaclt time you do your daily shopping, make it a point to get one or two items that would go good at the picnic. By the end of the week you have a complete supply of groceries ready to pack for the picnic. You don't miss the money that you have to put out all at once when you buy a few items at a time. Ideally it. all comes out the same, hut your poeketbook doesn't get. the full burden at the end of the week. The Thrift markets are conveniently locnteu. one on' West Las Cruccs Avenue and the other on North Main street. There is a big handy parking lot for all customers, and there is delivery service for those who wish to to j their shopping by telephone. i Make Thrift Stores your grocery shopping headquarters. IHJNTKH HACiS WILD DOGS BURNS LAKE, B. C. /Pi -A very Goodwin killed n female wild dog with a snap shot near Decker Lake. Looking around he found a den with five half-wolf pups. Four of the pups were destroyed but Goodwin kept the f i f t h . Know; Your Local. MERCHANTS BUSINESS MEN The news and advertising on this page ljS"fo help you get acquainted--and .'serve '"'· · -'you belter.'.' fWO COMMUNIST prisoners sit (foreground^ on .an armored vehicle ' is they are brought in. by the lank-infantry patrol which capturtJ :hem on a foray into Chinese lines on the Korean front. Photo by INF itaff photographer Fred Waters. (Intcrnutionul £ounituholoJ , Peace Glpse To American Midwest As Winter's End Stirs Season of Life D E L U X E CAFE GOOD FOOD Open 24-HOURS '130 S. Main ;.PHONE 520 Home And Commercial Wiring ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Fixtures and Appliances SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 1301 W. Picacho Ph'orw 289-H Las Cruces Welding Fabrication Company A. !i. ( H i c k ) 1IIM.E. Owner WE FABRICATE ALL TYPES ROOF T11USES "Any Molnl Thn! Cnn Bo Woldod--I Cnn Wold II" West iliiiliwiiy 80 I-as Cruces DAVIS LUMBER COMPANY · · Building Material · Lumber · Plumbing Supplies Complolo Lino of Painis - Laquers · Varnishes 1210 7lh Street (llwy. 85) Telephone 353-W VICTORY LIQUOR STORE LIQUORS -- WINE -- BEER 110 N. Church Si. 1*KI!'K!E UKINGS UKCOKU 1'IH SINGAPORE --'/I 1 ' - Pepper is bringing new reeotd-breaking prices in the Singapore v.iarket. A' congimnment of 25 tons of blark pepper recently WHS sold for $675 per picul, or approximately one- ixtcenth of a ton. White pepper brought $1.110 per picul. for all wushiiiRS. This assines you of a elcanfir launiliy. This week take your washing to family Ily HAL SOUTH BEND, Jnd. May 21 (JPt -- The mighty American midwest never looked better than it docs 'today. This headland of the United Stales is particularly lovely now, to one visiting from New York. A big "city is at its glittery be-si in winter. H is bright and alive when the land that feeds it is dull and dour in an icicle hibernation. But the countryside sells itself in the ^usb ^warmth that come;: a.s spring blends into summer. Timr. Tn Live Was there ever a better time to be alive. Everything in t h e midwest these May days looks as new and ilished ns if the hills and fields and town were on dress parade, for the Lord to drop by and inspect it. So peaceful. . .so green. . .:*o lasting-aeeming. . .as happy-looking as a young «irl coming homo from church. Onllivc Whiter Old folks, whose only goal was to outlive the winter, thaw their bones in front porch rockcra rind t h i n k , "well, dnrned if I intend to give up on as nice a day an this." . ' Colls" frolic in the pastures and wonder why their placed mothers would rather nuzzle the ground I ban outracc the it makes hree;:e.s ripple across the grays. Robins are feathered millionaires. They plop. heavily after plows churning up the black soil. richness and excitement white pausp on a hill slope like | little girls peeping out of their gauzy veils for a group portrait after their first communion. The farmwifc hangs gay new curtains in her windows. Three ducks dispute the barnyard authority of a bossy rooster'ami quack, "go lay an egg." Everything !!t»y Everything is busy and more contented -- insects and men, cows and 'possums. Everything is planting nr building or nesting or painting or dreaming or courting. in the cities the j-oung people linger longer together over* late date sandwiches in the corner cafu. and Joe, the jeweler, puts ;i big display of diamond engagement rings in his window. Somewhere else in Ihe world there are battles and famines and epidemics a_nd people plotting over who's to be king. But in the American midwest right now it's growing time, the season of reafiling out for something- he-tier. Peat-c-is so close at heart you forget t h e war ,- - . . GUARANTEED G U N Y / O R K Bluing.- Repairing Custom Gun Building Sperling Goods OYilboar.d Motors "If iis^uns, see Job Hicks" JOE HICKS GUN SHOP · 1016 W. Picacho · Phone 1223-W GO HP CO STATION NO. 1 · Service Department · Conoco Products .' ... ; ..;P.hone...l08-W 305 N. Main _ Las Cruces ' CARR POTTERY'EOT CALIFORNIA POTTERY., GIFTS NOVELTIES Visii Us--See The Very Newest 1144 W. Picacho . , .'. : . , .Phone 289-M Laundry at ^20 West Gi Hazel's Aittonwlic the simple joy of being alive thrills j I West Griegs street, everything. Fruit trees dowered in The Finest Products And Service We Proudly Feature ihs WORLD FAMOUS GULFPRIDE MOTOR OIL GULF GASOLINE Expert · Washing, Lubrication, Polishing Let Us Prtive That Our Service EXCELLS ·MISSION GULF SERVICE . JIM BRAY, Mgr. So. Hgys. 80 85 Phone 1513-R ATLAS LUMBER CO. H r M O U A H T E R S FOR THE BUILDER" " Roasoniblo Prlroi · Courtoout Sarvld _ · Prompt Delivery I PLENTY OF PARKING SPACF 16m Won Amador Phnni LAS CRUCES MEAT CO. WHOLESALE MEATS · CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING . Packaging and Quick Freezing For Your Home Deep Froeaor ' Highway 80 Wo»t Ph°n° « P. O. Box 228 Phone 168 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. 0£ New MeScico, Inc. Allis-Chalmors Tractors and Farm Machinery GMC Trucks - Packard Cars . 137 South Church St.. Las Cruccs, N. Mcx. WAYSIDE INN For The Besi Hamburgers In Towjn - Curb Servico 885 N. Mnin Ph. 851-M TURNER'S Eleciric Moior Servico ·'· Sales and Service Eleciric Motors - Pumps Generators 1150 W.'Plcacho Ph. 7.13-M T H R I F T GROCERY STORES NO. 1 NO. 2 116 LAS CRUCES AVE. 123 NOHTH MAIN Phonos 70-71 ' Phonos 88-89 One Free Delivery Daily -- 10:00 A.M; SAVE TIME · Lot Us Do Your Shopping - SAVE MONEY Only the Freshest nnd Highest of. Quality Foods Are Sent Out On Our Deliveries The Most Modern and Newest , Restaurant In New Mexico-Specializing In PLANK STEAKS · PRIME RIB OF BEEF LOBSTER"; NEFF RESTAURANT Highway 80 Wesi, Noxl io Neff Courl Your Favorite MIXED DRINKS Good Food Dancing Just A Pleasant Drive From has Cruces ' MT. VIEW INN ORGAN PRICHMD Book Stationery Company · -· Complete School Office Supplies and Equipment 302 N. Main Ph. 918-W NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS Phono 755-J . ROY'S Wrecking Yard . $20 N. Church GREEN'S ^JEWELRY '"'' "^Autli'orizcd 'B'jlovaOealer Find Repair Service 136 N. Main Ph. 923-W VALLEY TRANSIT MIX, INC. Transit Mixed Concrete For Every Purpose Accurately Batched -- Guaranteed Measurement Delivered To Your Job Ready To Pour · ITS BETTER · IT'S CHEAPER · IT'S QUICKER East Lehman St. -- i-- Phone 1540

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