Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1972 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1972
Page 25
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WILLIAM D. FARR (Editor's Noti) William D. F«rr 9«vt a p*ptr concerning ecology when the Social Science Clrclt met at the Farr horn*, April 18. This piper, an account . of his experience as a member of Ihe President's Water Pollution Control Advisory Board to which he was appointed by President Nixon, may be of interest to many readers. The Social Science Circle will culminate this year's activities with a dinner at the Farm Fare in Lucerne on May ?._ Farr, a prominent Greeley cattle feeder, reports as follows, having entitled his Farr Reports on Washington Board paper, Future.' "A Steak In Your The title of my paper is obvious to everyone. The cattle industry is very important to Weld County, the state of Colorado, and tiie nalion. Beef is the number one food choice of the American the great central valley of California. We observed the large irrigation projects and Ihe aqueducts carrying water lo 1-os Angeles. The plane was refueled in Burbank and we finished the day by flying up the coast line. The urban sprawl, the erosion caused by large construction areas, (he diversion of prime agricultural lands into housing, the nuclear power plants using ocean water for cooling, and the leap frog development of areas without p l a n n i n g were a l l very graphically shown and discussed during the flight. Tuesday was a day of public hearings in San Francisco. Wednesday Ihe bus left the hotel at 6:30 a.m. to spend the day in Los Angeles conducting public hearings. Thursday and Friday were executive sessions in San Francisco. Must Change Habits My new topic Your Future" is take many years before these mix of housing, transportation, results will be evident in the'recreation and commercial Mississippi River at St. Ixmis. Meet At Cape Halteras One of our Water' Pollution Board meetings was held al Cape Hatteras. Here the A Stake In well defined William D. Farr jis starling this tremendous job I of cleaning up our environmental surroundings. EPA enforcement has put a cease by quoting from a speech of want to I William' Ruckelshaus "It will I right to nnt ^ easy lo chang our ! change the program. The new' habUS| som j of whic g have However, tonight I want lojwilliam exercise the speaker's right lo Lnt A Slake " unquestioned, for genera. n , , - I'uture. this paper will deal| tions: throwing things away with water and air pollution, | ins i cad of repairing or recycling on Ulm nn,»n ( ,l ' . « environmental problems. and land My knowledge of the subject comes from serving as a member of "The President's Water Pollution Control Ad-! visory Board." This board consists of nine members, eight the water and air, and wasting irreplacable resources. H is up to Americans of (his decade lo develop a new pattern of environmental management. We must become the first generation i men and one woman, who are of appointed by the President to serve for three year terms. The board must meet at least quarterly and most meetings are held in the areas where problems have developed. 4-5 Day Session The meetings usually last four or five days with sessions running from eight to fourteen hours daily. I spent the last week of March in San Francisco 'Hie slate of Colorado is growing twice as fast as the nalion. Our northern Colorado area is facilities? What should go where? | growing four limes faster lhan Areas Saturated? ilhc rest of Ihe stale, so we Arc certain areas alreadyi' iav| s many of these cnviron- have romins into i saturated, so loaded with in- nlal problems here at home. und commerce and; Finally, we have established a go lo the and gather their own oysters! 2 '.' or dig clams. The heavy use of detergents has increased Hie! , phosphate content of the river inflows. Phosphate is a primary "kept fertilizer that was deficient in Ihe sandv bav soils. When the to con- disasler 1 between Weld and Larimer be|counlios. The question of Should 'some areas| w 'ielher (he cities and the towns forever wild and im-jshoiilrt dominate or whether the I rural people stxmld U, 1972 GKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE. 25 ~ ". .::. i :'· Colorado's Senator Allolt and Still being argued were ' if fertilized great l l s c vaViourtpefof algae have invaded large areas. This growth has spoiled much of the bays for water spoil activities. When visit this . area and see the problems, it is very easy to understand why ' 'Hoi' Issue to establish nalional "land 1 '''lie Colorado Land Use bill policy. Congressman!before the legislature has been lifis introduced vGrv f u r l * ^ '^ issue over I he others have introduced legisla- lion reaching legislation to control of whether Ihe aulhorily should (he future use of all federal-rest willi *'- '·-»-·· '· lands. Our Colorado legislature missioncrs has wrestled with a all during the land-use session. the County or whether a stale commission should govern. 1 believe it is eviden There is no way to prevent IjmrlUlial good environmental plan- and desist order on the Greeleyjmenl ' the eastern United Stales has usc Pl'iTM"S- The °" V queslion suddenly become so interestedj's "'ill the legislation be rational in improving our total environ-,and Great Western Sugar factory. Unless the company stops polluting Ihe Poiidre River, it will not be allowed to operate. The city of Greeley is under strict surveillance with sewer' plant problems. In fad, u n t i l the new lagoon facilities are Last June, the Board met in Honolulu. The islands have many s e r i o u s pollution ning must be done on at leasl a regional basis. thought mil or will! T|1C1C al 'c some great it be impulsive and charged jC-xamples of successful regional with emotion? Will the legislH-|ctftirls where strong leadership lion leave Ihe major role to lhcl |l!| s prevailed. The city of Nash- slales and local communities orjv'l'e, Tcnn., and Davidson take problems. The sugar companies dump all of Ihe sugar cane, refuse known as bagasse inlo sw\M^ be | a the ocean along with all of the resl of the refuse. The cily of iCuuntv more drasliclCounty are operated very national form? Probablv it successfully by the Metropolitan team e f f o r t federal, stale and local. ^Government 1) a v i d s o n of Nashville Countv. The gallons of Our country is two ImndrediMelropolilnn Council of [he lias;Twin Cities governs Min- by neapolis-St. Paul and an area of Greeley is breaking the law|sewagc inlo Ihe ocean every] i - Q i y i £ l W \ % II [U {. WjUiJU.UlAJ |)CO])lC ', ,,itlie year 2000 it will be almost daily. Our nation and its' jday about a quarter of a mile 000. Seventy per cent of people J? ., , - ' United front of Pearl Harbor. The of 3,030 square miles containing t h a n 2,0110.000 people. The usi become the first genera- .":,:",'"". ° 1 ' " f l l h a , ^"'''"United States Navv maintains TMcc per c n lo work with nature i ^ t e a d ^ / ' n a l l y r e a h ^ d hat clean, ihe harbor. The ""'j have ' against her. There s a v T ? r ls ^ el bdsic to our larser shim -ire cniiivalent lo land md at ·horalinn n[ ImrH ,.,,,,.!. CXlstCllCC. Bo Ml HOUSES of Ollr ' 8 ,, -V n i C C 1 I U " , '" :. ,1:11 m ,. nerd on of Hard w o i k , ,,, . r n n a r " h * a small city There is no t r e a t l s su " m \ 'ead " ""I''" 1 . r'! d o, Cong , r ,! S ? h . axc :mnnl of anv kind on these shins Rovernment present population lives on only: 1 ' a h o c Regional Planning three per cent of (tie land. We l A('i'iicy governs an area of 3S5.-I ' ' generation ahead ' The mandate of the EPA is to define environmental quality passed a new Clean Wafer Acl.i nli! " 1 of a " v killft . u " llicse sll |! )S The legislation is now in con- ' standards leadership and and to provide assistance lo stale and local governments in establishing programs designed to achieve and enforce these standards. In particular, the Clean Air Act as amended in 1970 and the Federal Waler attending a joint meeting of our|Poltufion Control Act provide board, plus the President's Air Pollution Board. Mr. William Rnckelshaus, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, is chairman of boards. Either he or both his the EPA with Ihe authority and responsibility lo restore and 755 million acres ofiM" acres in two states and abmif one-third ot this 'seven counties with half of (he owned by the federal l!111( l owned by the federal olller tllc The of government as Nalional Forest - these! CTm Pl e| c jurisdiction over new highway, airports, recrea- Land. The whole area is joined lion areas all influence the u s e j i u l o a conlraclnal regional plan ference committee. The ex acl i" a ""'''. , , controlled bv of onr ]itnd - Yo » llilvc "" seeujwhere I he Planning Agency has d e t a s wil not ho klimvn u n t i l I t l C ISWIUIS Me COnllOllen «', :..,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,. ,,, , i Ir-nmnlnln i i i , - i « l i , . ( i n , , ,,,.;.· ., details will not be known u n t i l the bill comes back for final approval. However, several items are definite; (he cost will be more lhan Iwenty billion dollars. By 1981 or stream in the U.S. will havei lo meet almost pure water standards. Presently the cily of: Greeley is only required lo assistant administrator always meet with us. Bill Ruckelshaus attended the California meeting. A review of Ihe California agenda will give you an idea of bow the boards operate. Monday morning we were briefed for three hours, then taken by bus to the airport. A chartered 737 airplane look us on an overflight of California. Each board member had a window seal. Three qualified men identified the areas and described the problems. The trip slarted over the low flat tidelands of the Sacramento Hiver.' Next the tremendous productive areas of the San Joaquin River.Basin, Ihen over the Sierras lo Lake Tahoe; down over the entire length of maintain the quality of onr air and water resources. Waler pollution starts al the heaciwalers of a stream. You are all familiar with how we have abused our own Platte and 1'ondre rivers. Have you ever thought of how this pollution compounds . as it moves downstream? The people who live in New Orleans, or Passiac New Jersey, or (he Chesapeake Bay area really bear the burden of terribly polluted water. They are the people who realize that we must have action now or it will be too late. Cities and industries in every state have passed the pollution buck for years but would not move until the Federal Waler Pollution Control Act was passed in 19Gi). Colorado has passed both water and air pollution laws that are as strong or slronger than the federal laws. Our stale '." remove HO per cent of (he BOD I P - . . . L a few companies. Politically no all areas must swn follow. 'Hie challenge for (tic balance forward with hind use planning. of 180 day tease and Great Cities Essential WED IN K E E N E S B U R G -- Miss l«i Vein Jean Drcher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Dretier of Kecncsburg, be: came the bride of Richard M. Kersnick, son of Airs. Mary Kersnick of Denver, April 8, al Holy Family Calholic Church in Kcenesburg. The Ruv. Kr. Edward Day officialed at the double ring ceremony in the presence of 200 guests. Bride's attendants were Cindy Kersnick and Roscmaric Drcher. Coh- raii and Mike Drcher attended the bride-groom. Julie and Mark Drcher were flower girl and ring bearer, res pec lively. The bride attended Weld Central High School, Central Business School and worked as an accountant at Geco in Denver. Kersnick atlondcd Denver schoo's and is making th'; United Stales Army his career.. Following a honeymoon .in Denver the coup'e will reside at Ft. Hood, '['ex., where he is serving as sergeant. (Kadlecck photo by Stan Kerns) - ·ESS* 1 - authority Idesisl orders from ccan Dumping the r · no n new Clean Water Act is! passed, Greeley will be forced to build additional more sophisticated sewage treatment facilities in order lo meel the new standards. Water May Be Recycled By the year 20(10, many large eastern cities will be forced lo use century is lo develop We must have great cilics for,11 '. 10 "' America. During lhis The sugar companies have all our commerce to revolve Period l i e lolal U h. facilities', . . lo completely eliminaleground. The question nTM'^^^ 1/^i iocean dumping by January 1,'becomes what kind of a c 1S7-I. The cilv of Honolulu is|do we want? New York is ofl Madam: Our Vault Storage Does it Best'. committed lo build a 100 millioncalled d o l l a r sewage IrealmeiiLicaiiyons. ' a city of The density llOll'' "in ii"» l: i'» iji. j^|j|di,Lil ci l v or duplicated. This can be done if , ' 'efficiently, yafcly, and within 1 *-" i ..1.1 _ I* ·( .. r , T[ N ^ s t a r l i n g t i o n and economic . J · a program to build treatment plants on their largest vessels. The smaller ships will have lo build container tanks. The |xrls concrete: i ! cl -' c ' )li '' lc l i l n i f s f iKinuhi-' " " environmcnliil quality, ti.!,( I ' f we i n s t i t u t e and cffeclivelv l l l i l l ! . , , , found today in Mniihallan!TM':TM ^\ ''^ gTM, of the earlh! clearly has been possible because it is served by the mostf complete rapid transit system!'. prior lo Ihe recycled water supply. The making afe lo drink is However, HEW current large research project! will need lo develop facilities Jin the world, l-'or example, In pump these ship container!i39,OOA people daily enlcr the' " . ' tanks into receiving tanks, thenlNcw York Central Business hlirttiltllie Circle Has \ ·District. Seventy-nine per conljCotera/ l)i H !i Slipper I AcliOf Ihem by public transport a-' presently before Congress will lion. On the other extreme, I xis . » l ..... Twenty-six members and recycled over and over again? Maybe il is safe bill does it lose some of it's values? No one |rbi|uire all shi]s, "inchidingJAngclcs lias no rail rapid 6 l| esl, Mrs. Lyndall Hnyes, eu- " privale yachts and house- ' transit system and therefore Joyed a covered dish supper boals, to have cither scwageirelics almost entirely on l l i e l w l i e n Ihe Sunshine Circle inel , Ircalment equipment or con- automobile for transportation. 1 in the churcli fellowship ...... " ..... knows. Unlil recently no one realized thai great cilies would 7 be faced with these grim! realities. lainer tanks on board. This will japply lo every port and every . ^ The low one stnry buildings , -mil I'Moiiday. Mrs. Halph Malthcwsi the great acreages within the i cilv do not lend themselves lo. Ihe blessing. Ho.slesses for the evening from all over the world docks al a U.S. port. I p u b l i c iransporlalion. Only B.Hjwcrc Mrs. Gnnbild S m i l h , Mrs. I have onlv touched on a few i per cent of their workers use Hazel McDonald and Mrs. ' transport!!-, U"lph Matthews. Smith's . . . just one nice thing after another the loveliest brides . . . . don a Chantilly lace empire A-line gov/n by 'Alfred Angelo . . . chapel length manlilla S155 Jusl ore from Ihe collections. Others from 540 lo S280. 353-1760 802 Ninth Street Use a Smith'* Charge, Banksimericird, or Mailer Charge Open Every Friday Mil 8:30 MITH'S kiuiirn for fiishimt Water cured read the Great in very serious trouble. Lake:, fe . hrc o v c r w h c l m l n g . Michigan is degrading yearly. ^ ,,,, Wa(cr F , ( l l h l l i o n mir smhai{ . ,,,,.,, government... with the tremendous pressurel f T r i n ( m l A , rvi .. nl . v ,,,,.,,.,, h^-siniclures thai originated vcsirs «'»'l Vance. One of the basic problems isl 1 ' 1 "' lll -' len Marshall was given ir archaic local governmental! i l s l t l c opening thought by Mrs. of Milwaukee, Chicago, 'and Ihe ^"cd great south industrial areas on the end of the lake around water problems, Gaiy, Ind 1 mention Lake!, Jol ] u(ion - ' g " m H 8l ' Hp1 ' c we invariably come face to face wilh land use problems The Air ago lcforc good communicalionl «c|xirls wen: given on calls, I r a n s p o r t a l i o n wcrc|'-' al ' (l;i i l l l ( l (lowers senl f o r the IF SOMEONE OFFERS FREE STORAGE, ASK WHERE YOUR GARMENTS ARE STORED. We give a special kind of care to your winter things. Firsf we get Ihem thoroughly fresh and clean wilh our Sanitone dryclean- ing process.. . . Then we store Miprn on hangers oul of your way . . . lafe, dustfree and moth-proof in a cool controlled storage Vault, Ask to see it. Sanitone or available. There are more than!TM""'- Mary hild point. Wilh Ihe inflow inlo the lake and Ihe outflow it lakes Bo . ir( | ),.,,. )|al | , hc f,|,,rx)fi experience, only to a ' l o c a l a iministr,ntive governmenl units u f ' o f f e r e d dcvnlions rending from I in this! "A" 'Ihings are Possible." Her' ; g] . ca(cr ,| cgrcc . riiis was I h c i c o u n l r y . We have over D.Oftfl j. easnn f o r (]|(, j 0 j;i( meeting u f i u n i l s of counly govcrnmcnl. of Mind. 1 . fr)r l0 ' u ' c | Garden IS. Our SI ale I'alroi nolcs 100 years lo exchange the entire (he hvo h , jnl , ls in San Fnm-lDuring Ihe last three decades. The nc-xl niccliiiK w i l l be held! body of wafer The lake is now: cis( . n _ Th( . 0 | )jcdivc nf ihe'half of these cmmiies have lost!"' lh ' ' : '"'' lnn "' ulm "' ""' m ' hadly polluled If all pollution m c o l i n f , was , 0 PX:inl i nc iiic,p o p u I a I i o n . In 1!170. ap-'l'-'n. .\ s l o p p e d tomorrow. Lakc^iiffi,.,,^ issucs of Il]( , 1,,,,,;,^ p r o x imalcly filW of (he S.nno' Michigan would iwl be clcan: of ] and . llse ,,,, cnv,ronmei)lal|coiinlics contained !'. nl Ihe for t h i r t y years Tins is why Hl wii|| ., vjcw of merging population of Ihe entire U n i l e d ' w ' ' i l e |iedcslrams arc protcct- we must acl now in the next e n v i r o n m c n t i i | concerns w i l h j s t a l c s . Surely some ol llicse.^'1 '.v laws, laws can never prn- tew years on almosl a crash 1 1, c ] am |. usc dcvclopmenlifiovernmcnlal u n i t s need to lie vide absolute pnilccliini U is program. Again Colorado is| prn . ess Consolidated. Nnl so n i n n y , ( a t belter lo give up righl of lortunatc; we wi see almosl wh . |( is (|)e |)cst |]se uf ] a n d ? yoars iH( , 0i wc succcss f,,Uy ,|j,| way l h a n lo be si nick by a car. [immediate results in our. HoH . t | ense s | inuld \ nlmim KC u\ c . j[hi s w jn, out Colorado school : A wa.kcr can be dead riglil - The Newest Refrigerated Vault- Storage In Greeley -- Two Locations -2800 10th St. 1214 9th Ave. Wilshir* Downrown 352-8521 352-3210 . a n 5 " d k S u l v £ S .!. u L l j. v !imenls he? What is the n p l i m n r n d i s l r i c l s . ; biil dead also. I GIVE YOUR HAIR 4 A Tired of slraighl/long locks? Let us give you a new, soft, curly look for easy care spring and summer activHy. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT SOON MR.LOREN'S /? (^.realive (^.oifj-ureA 2707 10H« St. Ph. 3 5 2 - 3 4 1 3 !.'» WIGS TO BE GIVEN AWAY TO THE FIRST 15 CU1OMERS IN THE STORE TUESDAY MOW- NINO. TUESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES 930 3S3-tt4t

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