Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 6, 1961 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1961
Page 22
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Poultry *«·! Eit*u 48 YEAR OLD Heavy and Llslit ' Breed Roosters Light Brcc'l Hens UVB ICc Per Pound MEYER BROS. HATCHERY 719 7th St. EL 2-3151 Pit Stock 43 f U R E U R K D Gern-..Ti Shcphflnl r'Jppl«. AKC UuJ. I'h. 3S2-65SS. F l t i l l R I N K S . troplci! Cllll. Su|ipJln l.n tii Hlb Ave I'h. EL '-»171 TROPICAL Illb.. y c l d f u h , 1 \;.rlurri [illeri, ftfr pu m p · (Aerftlcn) Fnnk'i S«d and lutcherji. 70) IClh Street C A N A R I E S f i c»s«. eomptcle ' . l i n e of pet . Knnk'i S«d and Hatchery. '09 I Q t h Street S*wfn| Machine!--Vacuums 4' V A C U U M Clemen Ser . for ill mlket C a l l Repp'a PK El s.noi :|e End part Marvin C. FUNK REALTOR 1013 8lli Avcuuo 1 Phone Kl, 2-2775 · Rtel Ert.ti 41 NO SUCCESS In . e l l l n s T ' y o u r proper- I X T nfeilcd. I'-onl.ct E1 HoiF- lirooki llf«Ur. Rtt. I'h. SSI-I17I. TV-- ReJio-- Services 46 Dltlur. lutx*. S3 TM.. KL 8-SISfi. TV 1rk1 flail TV r-.., MJ iui lUunti lervlce all mikw. I'h. fcl. 2-0)13. Kl. t-ESio liH ?1h St. Kvani USED TV. t u l l r TWiinnUlqned and t u a t n t i t e e d , $!J.5S I I P Jrmn 110 month EL t-513«. ,fltr « USED TV icU. f u l l y xuaranlfed : alt« n«» SrKanla TV HI-FI, and Stereo. TV U'JnlUI. I Z U 1th SI. F v , n » El LOU* K.I. 2.5JIKO 1606 23rd A V E N U E Older 2 bedroom homo on 1GO x 220 lol, choice locution, near nil schools COLLKGE LOCATION IJtg flvo room home plus 2 do l u x e furnlslioil apnrtmeuts. WILL TRADE Hrand ne\s p 4 Ijeilroom hrk-k, baths, fireplnce, covered p a t i o double garage. SMALL DUPLEX Neat and clean, one-bedroon is, double garage. Priced tui sell. Musical Irutrumenti llohner acc 47 TOR SALB--12 !.-»! Call KL 2.«t. PIANO Cunlmr am rcr«1rlnc. Wt.._ guar«tlt»«d. RK 772. Eaton. I'll. 404. LIKE n«w f u l l ill* Phcu! -- IHS.OO. Hammond Orcan Slnilliji Rr«]*y, SJS Slh Sc. EL 3-03S1. R«ol Ejtotej 48 FOR SALE -- Thr« bwlroom home Carpeted llvlni! r«m. d n i l n c arcs and one bedroom. Drape*. May tnk · eeond'loan on couity. Kl. S-ZOOi. Can't You Find A .REAL ESTATE . LOAN? Let Us Help You! WE MAKE ALL TYPES OF HEAL, ESTATE LOANS, BOTH IN AND OUT OK GREELBY. Lott Agency, Inc.' 918 llth Ave. EL '3-1443 AUSTINS Realtors -- Auctioneer!! 1203 9th St. Ph. EL 3-0790 'OH SALK -- Throe l^lroom homf. MUrhcd n " r * r f . c ilrjiiM-i. f c m - r l y » r d . IMenl iu Mr^dcr.v I . n i h SuU.l.vMun. No tur». Ph. Kl- 2-7«n. KM! BROOKS REALTY f!KO. II. G R A H A M Owner-Hroker 320 ACUK f a r m j 246 irrisaled, 25 dryland, 49 acres pasture, good water rlglilB, 3 pumps. M25.000. ,,.j.'j 210 ACRK Datry eetup yvlth milk rrtl-jnarlor, luryc machlno shed, 95 Lou cap. elevator, concrete trench, silo, 4 Irrigation wells connected bv untl ere round steel 1I[]Q, concrete 'ditcher, 4 homes. Kuocl '"Oiiucor. SO ACHE iiTig.ited fiirm, 1 share of water supply and storase, .1 bedroom litmie, traile for larger f u r n i . $aG f OOtL Ph. KL 2-0^70 I'll. KL 3-4475 VD'J Slh Ave. 24W) 10th St. H1U.SIDK Dover. Carpel. lrapr». i.thfr rxtra. IU.600 'down. A'svn:« C.I. loan. EL 3.nsi«. 11 y uwntr. .No rraltori. pirate. P A N O R A M A P A R K Fine new lionit. 3 big licdrooms, Z\' s liuths, f n m l l room, double g;irnpe, fine ynn,. CHOICE BUILDING SITES Panorama Park, $3,250 titid up, Glnnitiei'o lx)t. ?3,!OD. Hilltop L u x u r y , $7,Si)U. A neat 2 Led room liome in FJvnns, KOOI! ItK'nUou, large corner lot, room for niK'thcr IIOUSP, 5500U, owner will c u r r y oil e m n l t ·(own paymenl. South of Ilifili School, 2 lied- vnom home, nice nlxcd l i v i n g mom with 'carpeting, full basement, 2 car garaRO. $7500. Kairacres fJrive -- lovely 2 bedroom home, nice sizud living room, separate dlnint; 100111 witb w to w carpeting, f"" finlstiet! Dasement, 2 car gnrnge. SlD.OOU. 120 ficrc farm In the I^n Salic iliatrict w i t h lots of alfalfa, Rood' improvements, $30.000, -29% flown, owner w i l l carry balance t n O acres, \' z farm and V4 P ns t:loae to Kiuplre Reservoir, lots of w a t e r , fair improvements (10,000 down, owner will carry Ted F u n k .Marvin KnnV Ph. KL 2-760 Ph. KL J-5416 320 acres In very soil, ditch water pins modern improvements. HAGAN Agency, Inc. Realtoi's - Insurers L U X U R I O U S fs the word for this b e a u t i f u l home. No finer ii Greeley." Owner will trade o sell. Call Henry Herbsl, ' TWO SO ACHE FARMS cnn lie COLLEGE AREA Com Tor table 3 bedroom home wiili full basement. Terms. JIAPLEWOOD 5 room older home. Fireplace, dining room. ?la,000. WESTV1EW Xew brick, 3 bedrooms, dining area, large kitchen, laundry. Double garage. CLINIC AREA 3 bedrooms, full basement, double garage. Ideally located to ill 1 schools. $165 PER MONTH On $14,600 Investment (13% plus). HasenietH apartment. Call .o insuQul 1831 6th Avenue. MAPLEWOOD Mature yard, finished \msemeul. In top condition. $20,250. FT. COLLINS OWNER bought a« one unit. miles ease of haSalle; Excellent pro ducllon record. Ample water. Good improvements.. A t BEDROOM HOME. worV shop and 3 apartments. SIC 15tli St. Call Henry Herbst. EXCUJSLVFj cnfo on wants to trade Ills 4-plex or brick home [or Greeley property. COLORADO SPRINGS OWNER wants Eo trade one or both 'of his homes (or Greeley property. HILLSIDE Balance. STROUT REALTY M A R n i . n C A n B Branch Mgr. 803 Bouldei St.. Evans EL 3-0269 R E A L T O R 315 Greeley lildg. EL 2-5741 GLENMERE Three bedroom or 2 Ledroom and den, w to w car])et, sepa rate d i n i n g room, underground titles, auto.'.garage iloor, cov. :fl patio, lots of extras. See! N AOKF lr»et wflh 3 S^room 1 tor i*!t; Kf, 2-4133. MODERN t bedroom he me on icr urUhouL b'JllJInxi: fb. KL 2-S392. KOIl SALt:--Nic«. ti«v,- 3 . bedroon MUIP. Cheap. * fiOt Knipir*. Kvjir.i KL 2.5I8B. . * r'OR SALK-T»o'bedroom home. J.»T^ kitchen. uliHl.* ruom. Bliaehed KI ·r«K*. fenced yard. "Mapl«wcod Uli ISl«.1th St. RL t'Mt. .·* REAL ESTATE 828 9th St. Ph. EL 2-4894 .***! Est*t«. OH SALE--Hillside-honr«; 3 bedroom, full ,b«semenl, g*r*»e, fentcil v,i)l to will cirpft and clriptK included. Kirlr pa^^Biloji. 2UO IZlh Ave. Ct. Kl, 2.8S2I. i , SA V K muney I Buy urje of tbeae SJ tedrrxxn brick homes, lot* oJ bitch kiie;htii ,rahln«t«. plenty ef x ckseM ' l i v i n g ' ro**m « n d b*3roimi ·!! C»T- P«tvH LarKf toll, npr £ v » n » C,r»£r 5^-horl Call Kl, 8.0269. KOH SAI.K oy' rtwner Illlliht* Uov«i. Carpel. H r i p n . co\«j-cd patio, antier- trounrf i p r i n k l i n t lyitetn. rwrcilion nxim «nr] tirdraom flnijhfd tn ba^e ·RHuc^tl fJ.OM for r.ukk »l« Nn r f b i n ^ pka» RL V-1873 three bet]. VOK SAI,»- Family, liz rtxim bom*. Cirptttd eombl nation. 'Nice iked kitchen. b u i l t - i n rant* and oven. Lola cnblr.el* and elnset ipa^f. Full ba«- ment. Con;* »r-d ·*« 6*1 Vth Av*. mornlr.Ki or a f i e r B- K. MtH. ?32,50K. RETiRING? p;'oUuctive|Two bedroom brick, 1?: nnip,iinain Iloor, w to baths carpet, [town, o w n e r will carry balance. Perle Frantz Kd Holt Wm. McCalntonl tlerman Wolff ieorgo Graham B. L. Brooks ' 29% drapes, living room-dining room comb., lovely kitclien, patio, 2 L'ar garage, 1 yr. old. 52^.600. ! MAPLEWOOD EL 2-2703 EL :-«74 BL MG17 Kl. 2-51G7 EL MOM BL 3-OSH EVANS ment. Located on three lots with orchard. Needs sonic fixing. 5S500. LA SALLE An extra nice two hedroom home with attached garage and lifetime a l u m i n u m siding. \V to w carpet. Will sell or irade Tor Greeloy property. COLLEGE DUPLEX N'ear new. Brick. Two comulctc and separate two bedroom units, Each u n i t has range, refrigerator, disposal, carpel, drapes. Separate furnaces' and utilities. BEL AIR Near new three bedroom brick home with full, finished basement and attached-t\vo car garage. Features carpet, drapes, and LARGE kitchen, Wood b u r n - ing fireplne In basement. MAPLEWOOD l.-ovely two hedroom brick home SAVE! Income properly, V-; block from hipyh school. 2 bedroom main floor, plus base- nont apt. Draperies, blinds, -curtains. Low price of $13,000 Phone EL 2-3137 P. J. STOLL REALTY V 2525 10th St. Phone EL 2-5687 ONLY $6,000 Will liuy this :l bedroom home, r t i e location is zoned for business and i n d u s t r i n l use. Lot 150 x 1HO. Taxes 5*fl.OO. Here is c.i mice to combine business and home. Call Leon stall. · ' 100 FEET iiy ]90 on Kast »th St., 2 blocks from new highwny. Knued for lusiiiess and industrial use. Tliere are two houses on this property which cnn be rented until ready for business development. $12,000. Call Leon Stoll. 5 In south fireeley, Sperinhz 3 bedrooms, family room, full ing in steaks, sen food. Doing profitable business. C o n t a c t Henry Herbal. NEW SOLID Q U A L I T Y const ruction just outside of city. All city utilities, double gnrng'e, carpet and drakes. Drive by ?2 2nd ' S t . Kelrnes. RENTAL, l^rge 2 bedroom, 1 in basement near Met pie wood. and then call Dick haaemerit, attached garage. Own er will consider trade for in come property. HIGH SCHOOL bedroom home with basement, double garase. Immediate possession. Check H10 l"6th A v e n u e today. THE BEST! Probably Greeley's finest INDUSTRIAL ZOXB. corner, garage facilities. Suitable for small grocery. C?all Virg Scott. DUPLEX Heady to move in. Live in one side and lut other side pay for the proiwrty. Two bedrooms on each side and " blocks from school. $17,300. Call Leon Sioll. NOW ONLY "$23,000 2S Acres w i t h 2 modern homes. One 3 bedroom, oilier two. Large dairy barn, corral for 100 callle 14 acres oC pasture, all irrigater wilh C in. immp. \Vnnld con slder trade. Call H. S. McCiine d i u m sized home. Sprinkler sys- L a r g e tern, over-sized double garage. Faniilv room features "walnu firc- lf)02 parquet floors, place. Complete kitchen. WILL TRADE corner lot w i t h , older home on Dth St. for 2 bedroom without garage or basement near Slh Ave. Call Virg Scott. W I N D S O R S bedroom home ready to occupy. N'ear schools and business district. Call Herbst or Scott. WINDSOR--3 bedroom, large family home, ?. car garage, near all schools and business district. Owner moving elsewhere. i21st Avenue Court is nn ideal FOR MORE INFORMATION HEAR OUR KFKA BROAD CASTS EACH MORNING MONDAY THRC1 FRIDAY AT 7:30 A.M. location! 3 BEDROOMS Family room. 2 baths, spacious k i t c h e n , in toy condition. Al] this for SlS/IoO. EAST SIDE Older home near downtown Comfortable basement. Call tn inspect 410 Slh Street. 45 Years In Business in Creole) $7,000 for tliis nice small home at 31C 14th Ave. Two bedrooms, c n r n e n living room and one heil room, u n d e r g r o u n d spi i n k l i i system. A renl buy. Call H, McCtuie. Rxcellent home for older couple. 2 bedrooms, w to w carpet, 1 ropes, ficrcened patto, underground Fimnkling, detached ga. rage, immaculate throughout, storm windows. $ti»,000, HEATH Two bedroom brick, w lo r/ car- iot, fireplace, ceramic bath and tttcheiL,, full fin. bsmt., underground sprinkling, landscaped ynrtl, 2 oar enrage. B R I C K Two bedroom, [{replace, w to w cnrpet, drnpes r full fin. bsmt., built in eloc. kitchen, attached garage, patio. ?20,000. Dora Lund Ph. EL 2-1401 John Watson Ph. EL 2-9383 WHEELER REALTY "GRBELBY'S MOST COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE" ' Realtor ^ 1333 8Lh Ave. Kl, 3-0346 · 2610 18lh AVENUE Assume goad A r A loan with 6U% hiterest on tliis Dover close to .Tnukson elementary school. Ii htis three bedrooms, family room, , one and ono-balf baths full hupement nml nltached ga rage, .Many extras. 1027 25th AVENUE This b e a u t i f u l t w o - bedroom brick home is located In West view, cloee (o the shopping c e n t e r fnchsdes carpeting ft rapes, finished bedroom am j a t h in Ihe basement, and at inched garage. 1136' 31st AVENUE. wttli nit ached garage arid full ( h a l f finished) basement. Walk o Ma pie wood, Heath, Greeloy High, ami Hospital. Shown by nppolntrnen' HILLSIDE S'ear new three bedroom brick Westerner with separate dining, bath and half, built-in GE.Jcit- clien, w-w carpeting;, draperies, Cull basement, attached garage, and HILLSIDE POOL MEMBERSHIP. Shown by appointment. HELEN PERRY. EL 2-3345 LVSL-ti PERKY, EL 2-H345 DON DUEL, EL 2-COSa ' CECIL COOPER. KL 2-9154 SHA^A' . Realty Company REALTORS INSURORS 910 9th Ave. ELgSn 2-5401 OWN KOH LESS THAN-RENT-: Three bedroom ivith complete fenced back yard for the kiddies to pay In safety. Nice shrubs. Attached garage. Only $11,900. ?ROa down will move you in. Payments liko rent Large loan for assumption. ?5,250 for this cozy 2 bedroom home .lust right for the beginning young couple or retired folks Drapes and floor cnverins In rluaed. Taxes $98.00. Owner wii; trade up Tor a larger home. $7,500' l^flrge 3 bedroom home w i t h liv ing and dining' room, U l U H j room off kitchen. Taxes $S3.9;i Immediate possession. Loan ol $5,000 ran be assumed nt $54.00 per month. OUTSTANDING BUY! Three year old, three bedroom 1V4 baths, brick home, Attached garage. -Located in Jackson- Heath School District. Assume existing FHA loan,, no quality ing. Asking JH,600. Will require only ?6S9 for equity, monthli payments ;i!3.15, P.I.T.I. You won't find a better buy \n Greeley. Call owner In Denver at SKyline 7-OS17.' 214 First National Dank Bldg. Ph.- EL 2-0070 - H I L L S I D E . * * 3 Bll., attached garage, fenced in ' y a r d arc other finality items. Buy at FH_.\ appraisal. TRACT * * 5 acres 3 miles from Greeley. Good house, corrals and good pasture. This one i a -good buy. priced right. IDEAL * * Business corner. 3 blks. from 1 1st Natl. Grow with Greeley. ONMIKSIHBN'T OWXER SAYS "SELL" SO acre N.E. of,Greeley with good water-right; good ini- rovements, and good iroducer. CALL-TODAY.. *~ · ; '. Call E. r. (Lefty) Dartels EL 2-4359 · · Leon L. Stoll EL 2-3500 If. S. McCune RL 2-lflUO R J * S{0 " B1 ' ^GJThls l o v e l y three-bedroom Jhome has lols of extras. Good lorn[Ion west of Greeley. Call to Fee this beautiful conn* ry honie^ today. Ample grounds OK 10th St. Ph. EL 2-7^87j . E V E N I N G S Henry Herlist EL 2-S441 Dick K2irns EL 3-0513 Vin Scott El. S-2S2:i Uave Lewis " EL 2-0011 George Z i m b e E m a n Brighton 65S-0607 Ernla Scott, Res. EL 2-SS33 [loward Wilson, EL 2-2174 Carl J. Anderson, EL 2-3434 XI. E. Hagan, Res. EL 2-54S7 Dean Avers, EL 2-4910 Howard Wilson. KL 2-2174 .Mel C. Bedincer, EL 2-4769 Vic Hill. EL 2-2215 Don Franks. EL 2-3S64 Insurance Bonds Don't Buy Until You See What HILLSIDE HOMES has to offer! and all lacilitien. for wonderful only J12.90. f a m i l v living. The barns, cor-, ml, and pasture for horses are 1 "WOW" A DUPLEX all complete. This would lie. aj FHR ^"M ftftft dream-cnme-true for the cbil-' , * . *7 ' UU V . dren jNew carpet ing tbroughont, new L "" '- ovens and stoves; par- 3 Bedroom Brick Veneer, Full Easement, Attached Garage. LANDMARK REALTY L644 8th Ave. EL 2-3452 HIGHWAY 85 B'ror.tage 507 27TH STREET ·sr Approx. I 1 ,-; Acres v 2 Bedrooms ·ir Industrial Zoned ir ] ,- Basement 100 ft. front 600 ft. deep v Asam, loan pay. $48.00 ·i? Evans Area. BASEMENT HOUSE *50 ft. x ISO ft. Lot %r Make an offer ·fir Modern Thru-out · Some f u r n i t u r e ir R3 Zone. 3 BEDROOM ·ff Full Basement ·= Attached Garage ·6 Nice Yard 7V No Down FHA ir ·£? WE'RE TRADERS Chuck Kintz, EL 2-8210 Fritz Weiland, EL 3-45U5 $550 I n c l u d e s all down - p a y m e n t and closing costs -- FE1A NOTHING DOWN to Veterans and ?400 down F.H.A.-wlH handle this 3 hed- "oom brick with full basement. Immediate poasession.-Triced at 247x20Q ft. lots in Industrial orea. Property now has various rentals. As 1s -- good rentals "or ideal for building. NIGHT CLUB with bar and dance hall. Also "Ivlng quarters nd apU. for rent. Owner retir ing. Can be bought for smal flown payment. 1GO ACRE Irrigated farm, 160 acres -pasture. 3 bedroom mod ern 'home. Tenant house an various outbuildings. . ]N T EATOX. 4 bedroom home Clean throughout. Could be uset for large family or (or income . {property. Good loan can be as '\nmed. For leiue, 7 acres of imluslria lots. All facilities available. [OS ACRES Irrigated farm land 2 hones, 2 car garage, barns and various other out-buildings Xll in good condition. 2440 12th AVE. COURT Three bedrooms, large kitchen,. full basement, attached garage bage disposals, and a wonderful location just 2 bloclts from ·i own town Safeway. _; and R fenred-In yard-- all for loss t h a n tl5.000. Call Tor more ^ , information today. iThree liedrooms, in excellent condition. Large 64x130 foot lot 2436 12th AVE. COURT I'" Brentwood. Has «i'% loan. Make an appointment to see tliia beautiful three - bedroom; ' : 3 " 1 " " rice only * n .' 500 - home now. Tlie carpeting, and' pea are like new. This home ' l " d '° in perfect condition and ed (o se |[ ABSOLUTELY NO Down Payment No Closing Costs TO VETERANS 6TH living room, carpeted, condition and :la . r ^ kitchen. S bedrooms, tatli, jgarage. excellent condition. Inv (mediate possesaton. Large 5!1% 2503 Oth AVE. COURT | loan ca:i bc assumed. [Here is t r u l y a fine low-pricedi 3,0 A/\A home with fcplow - average! , $B,uuu ··.loiitlily pymen;s. This home' 010 " 6 in 2 Bedroom brick. 2 car is close to the srnnol and the'S" ra S e . L a u n d r y , room plus " shopping · area. Triced below; (inished »*senient. 3 BEDROOJ[ HOMEf Monthly Payments Less Than Rent Choose from 5 Floor Plans ·j Brick Venpera Attached Garages i Garha^o MLtposals i Birch C a h l n e t s K i t c h e n Ranse Hoods Curb, »pwer cutter, streets In P H O N E EL 2-G7fiO 25ih St snd Jlst Ape. Evenings Call: Jack Srhri-Kier EL Z-2981 l e d Poster KL 2-Srvnu ^e Swllt · EL 2-aSl I)»rrell \Valli»ch F.L 2-4«6 Open J:30 t , S:30 Dally 2320 5th AVENUE Has financing been a problem for 'ou In purchasing a home? Inquire about this three-bedroom home plus a large kitchen and dining room. We have the best financing available to suit your needs. INCOME PROPERTY-1218 8th STREET Three unit This house I good income low S11.0W). ARLINGTON A R E A large kitchen and .bath plus ^-bedroom basement apa ment. Triced to sell. aoartmcnt h o n - i o Iva ' p a n h»s an eVcerVtlonallv room w l l h '' i a a n ' and Is with Barbecue pit. Thermo-Pane windows, completely redecorated. Assume 4^% loan nt only 1SO.M per month. $11,000.00. ONE OF GREELEY'S finer ' family homes. English modern 2 story home with four bedrooms up. A % Ceramic t i l e d * bath off Master bedroom. Also a full h a t h off main hall. Iva ' p M a i n floor ' eal "res living d i n . k i l c h e n Slove Electric oven aild family room off k i t c h e n . Basement lias another finished room Hot water EMPIRE REALTY THELMA KELLY EL 3-1S57 or EL 2-645S. 'age 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mom, Nov. 6, 1961 Auctions 48-A AUSTIN AUCTIONS FUHN1TVHE AUCTION* at., November'11. I9G1, 12:30 .111., m 10th St.; Greeley. Colo. MABBL, GKOSSKOPF Ilotiioint elec. range, n e a r low; Weatingliouso ft. refrJg.; lark in a pie dining tnble and our chairs; buffet; overstuffed ide-a-bed; 2 'overstuffed living oom sets; 4 pc. bedroom, set oruiitete; oak kitchen tnble and our chairs; several end tables nd lamps; 3 dressers; bed com- lete; occns. chairs; -rocker; vringer washer; 2 nice rugs; 'enetian blinds; Hoover sweep- sr; radio; electric appliances; ledal sev'in,,, mnchino; kerosene i burner stove and oven; ice ox; 3 sten ladders;-crocks; 2 vheel box trailer: yard tools and lots of misc. items. Tbis lean furniture. Plan to attend. Terms: cash. " FURNITUKE AUCTION Saturday, Nov. 11, 1901, 9:30 ..m. Sharp. D25 llth St.. Gree- e*, Colo. 51HS. MAP: MILLEIl lefrigerator; elec. range; bed nom set; dining table and £ :hairs; buffet; china closet; k i t c h e n table . a n d 6 chairs; J argo occ. chairs; wicker settee md 2 - c h a i r s ; 3 lawn chairs; . 4 ·ugs; nigbt stands; fur coat; 3 iloth coats; several good elec ippltances; kitchen , utensils; :hlna dish set; Presto elec ven; floor and 'table lamps; I.E. sweeper; Singer sewing imchine; lots "of good yarc ools and many misc. items too nimerous to mention. IMnu fo ttend. Terms: Cash. AUSTIN AUSTIN · AUCTIONEERS Greeley - BL 3-0790 Ft. .Collins -- HTJ 2-5305 WANTED TO BUY Late Mode! Used,Cars See Bill Gentleman, lot nigr. WICKLAND'S Your Plymouth-Valiant Dealer USED CAR LOT 404 8th Ave, Tel, EL 3-1050 · Buying A NEW Home? Save on furnishings -Read classifications 27 and 30 for real household bargains. Farm Equipment 50 .. and uicd Lrucki. FOR SALE--Rubber lircd wacc^ with hay rack; also ·mailer 4-whi Ir.iler. EL g-5322. orth. fool PLASTIC FiJtu. Lacteal itocx .In ern Coloriila. Six foot to . wfdtha. two, (our and six mil thick nua [rrltatioa and Power Equipment. Inc.. 3 mitn ;outh on Htzh «»I S5. Phon!. El. 2-OI6S. . . C«n FOIl SALK -- 1SS1 Corvalr «o«t uiic. 2251 lilh SI. h'OK SfiLK--l»l Poiittae CfeUHna '4- c!oor «eJan. 10.009 Mll««. POWM Itceitne and brakes. [tr.t»H KlM«. «nltewalir nnd all oth»r del-j.« Co- tutcs. Termi. Trade. Pal.Davii, IL 2-1J13. (!·»»; EL J-75J8 a(l«r «. I-H TRUCK CENTER TOO MANY USED PICKUPS --MUST SELL-See These at Once for Your Bargain! '60 FORD 1/2 Ton Pickup. Four wheel drive. Excellent. '57 FORD .i/j Ton. Pickup with canopy top. Slick and clean. '49 WILLYS Jeep Pickup. Four wheel drive. 50 Ford % Ton Pickup. A good truck. Ellis Capp Equipment Internationa) Truck ' Headquarters ' i 508 8th Ave. EL 2-9141 Farm Equipment '·to STILL TIME TO BUY . One of Those Good Ford Corn Pickers Used Wood Bros. Picker John Deere Sheller Garnsey Wheeler Co. 716 llth St. Greeley EL 2-9174 Stan Smith Agency 903 10th Ave. EL 2-SG06 WHY PAY RENT? OWN ONE OF THESE 1. Good fivfi room and balh. garage, large lot, all for $7750. 1I50S Twelfth St. Bargain home with immediate possession. Here's a nice three bedroom home with utility and b a t h . Garase and fenced yard. Under $12.000. 4. Down payment to suit your THE FINEST IN FARM MACHINERY Oliver two and three bottom plows. Oliver wheel type disk harrows. ^ Oliver heavy duty 4-wheel wagons. Farmhand Spreaders and Feeders. ' Mayrath corn and hay elevators. Peerless high volume feed rollers. We Have A Good Selection of Used Plows and Disks. Two used six ton Farmhand spreaders. Two Wetmore Harrimermills. Special of the Week Twiu-draulick Loader. Mammons Implement Co, 717 6th St. Phone EL 2-7688 Early Trader's Bonu: Is Here With A SHOWER OF DOLLARS purae. 1'ake for balance. Merle Mc.S'nlly. RL 2-7004 Frodrl'.e ScnmletenVnop KL 2-600 Elmer H. Ktolte, EL 2-56fe9 Horace E. A t k i n s o n , EL 2-7S6S over GI loan ""' sion. Call to see this wonderful home before you buy. \\'p. need your farm l i s t i n g for i w n l l l n g buyer*. Give 113 a call R i l l Bonnlcksen EL. 2-10S1 lolla !'Clyde Williams Rut Schoonmaker » V a n r l p «l-ns Kl. M74S .El, 2-07« Rt. 2-Mih! Call EL 3-034S or »ny of lain to buy or r.e» a business coll m«a on Satiirdayp and Sundays.!Sonny .u; STAN .SMITH. Ph. El, S-WS* L. V. MOORE, Ph. EI.M96B EL 2-5407 QAl'K !!!|?RiB3, Fa. Ei.'1-1017 Deal now For You! . collect bonus dollars now! The Early Trader's Bonus is yours on any purchase of $500 or more . . . from tractors to twine, from tillage tools to harvesting equipment. COME-IN TODAY SO WE CAX FIGURE YOUR EARLY TRADER'S BONUS DEAL ON THK IH EQUIPMENT YOU N'KKtl. TUB KA1U-.IRH YOU TRADE THE MORE BON'US DOLLARS YOU GET. Ellis Capp Equipment · . Your Internationa! Harvester Dealer 508 8th Ave. Phont fcL 1-9141

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