Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 8, 1975 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, February 8, 1975
Page 11
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The Idaho K'rce Press, S a t u i d a y , February 8, 1975-1. ,, '"' Family Editor BOISt-The essence of lhe women's movemenl Is assertion of one's personhood. and ii is a movement lhat is vitally important to men and women [alike. Betty Friedan. aulhor of . mov .« meunl IS I , " 10 " ,- baslc ry ' t n e d a n or Ihe bad guys, n . is a revolution of consciousness first. "The movemenl began when initoCeir s?sr e "TM "^·** - audience Feb. 5. the 'hen women began lo break out of lhe isolati011 ° f l a n c h homes in suburbia. And onlv when we b r o k e cul of "'· '»"»'"? mystique and said 'I am a I'KIISON first and a women second' could we see what our problems were. . . "Man isn't enemy." "Then, and only then, could we see lhal society was structured againsl us.' t i n n e d . "Women brainwashed lo believe thai own name as people-and we bad lo do it," Friedan explained. Frierian sairi '»\'"Z V 1 V '"J- ""'omen were not defined in fe ow vici m If h" ^ * C P " m ^ human ««TM». *« in leuov, siclim of obsolete sex secondary t e r m s as w i f e i n t n irSlf"?iln* 1 ! has i loclled us m o t h e r ' o r provider for needs of m °PP'ng floors was an orgasmic "" m a n . ' man but hnih hr^i'-'"".L 6 ""T P a r l of lhe reas TM for llle "mil, uui uom oreaxmg through movement is lhat by 1920 women onsolcle roles." could no longer be defined solely in mother-breeder t e r m s , because being a mother was no longer a job that would fill a lifetime. As lhe life-span of women lengthened, they sud- . f n e d a n addressed a capacity crowd at the Boise Slate University Ballroom, in a talk f r e q u e n l l y p u n c t u a t e d w i t h bursts of applause from (he auiiience.Theauthor.whowrote denly discovered lhat there "The feminine Mystique" in would be a lot of years lefl after 9M and ' - · - · N a t i o n a l l a t e r f o r m e d the Organization for Woman X O W i . talked aboul Ihe changes that have taken place in the 12 years since the publication of her book. the family had been raised." she said. "Twelve years ago," Friedan conlinued, "oppression was a fact of life-they didn't have a word for sex discrimination. Bui in suburbia wasn't all we had been led lo believe, we felt guilly about our discontent. "The women's m o v e m e n t c o n f r o n t e d c o n c r e t e l y discrimination against women in e v e r y area of society- education, employment, as well as t h e social i n s t i t u t i o n s , " Kriedan said. "The first slage of lhe movement is a profound sex role revolution." Friedan doesn'l see an end to m a r r i a g e and family life, although some changes will undoubtedly be made. "The idea l h a t Ihe essence of ' t h e movement is to be against love, sex, marriage or men is reactionary and is largely an image created by lhe media and the rhetoric of many women activists in the lale '60s. They had cut (heir eye teclb on civil rights and l i t e r a l l y a p p l i e d class warfare lo the question of she con- wome »' s "Bhts. had been " Bul lhe cl " ss w a r f a r e approach denied the profound and unique i n t e r d e p e n d e n c e o( woman and man," Friedan s.iiq\ "There cannot be a real revolution thai denies human reality." Kriedan said she was always amazed al the number of men who understand that their own liberation was involved in Ihe m o v e m e n l . "A recent poll showed lhal 63 per cent of lhe men polled identified with .the essence ol the movemenl, which is personhood. That compared to 57 per cent of the women who fell Ihe same way. "Only when man and woman can know themselves and be themselves, can they truly know each other," Friedan explained. "Women now feel free lo express so-called masculine traits, such as a m b i t i o n and intelligence, and men are learning thai (hey can express Iheir frustrations and fears without being scorned." "Women are asserting all of (he natural trails they sup- sexes of things seem lo indicate l h a t women, who were the last lo bo hired, will be Ihe firsl tote fired. Hut there is no way 3q million, working women can go back home. "Perhaps everyone can work shorter hours if people musl bo layed o f f , " Friedan said. "And why is the only sacred thing t h a t can'l be cul is Hie corporate profits? "That people are s e e k i n g happiness is pan of the healthy aspecl of the movement and in this bewilc'!ring technological changing world, f a m i l y intimacy is needed more than ever," she said. "Despite the divorce rale, more people arc marrying now than ever before. The movemerii'\lo?s not mean the end of the family, m a r r i a g e or heterosexual love. Uul I do see a stormy period of ihin- silion. "I don't think the woman's movemenl can be blamed for Ihe divorce rale," Kriedan said. "I think we must blame obsolete sex roles and thr lies we have told each oilier. Hul 1 .think Ihe movement may h a v e given women strength lo get oul of situations lhat were dangerous. Maybe Ihe divorce r.alc means people arc-demanding goodness in life and are unwilling to scllle for less." Friedan said the women's movement is parl of a revolution no one can escape, and it is "Twelve years ago oppression was a fact of life -- they didn't even have a word for sex discrimination." "The essence of the women's movement is assertion of one's own personhood." pressed for so long," she said, ^ e f f e c t i n g the way everyone "But Ihe olher part of the lives "II isn'l easy and we are r e v o l u t i o n is t h a t man is facing new problems all Ihe breaking oul of Ihe iron-clad lime. But 1 don't know very machismo image- and Ihe many women who could go definition of masculinity that back, must make most men feel so "Our greatest enemy is not inadequate. man. It is our own fear, our "We must now have a larger timidity, lack of self-esteem and vision when looking at the self-hate," she said. "But the movemenl," Friedan said. "The values of a h u m a n life worth next stage must be lo confront living for every man, woman reality, and it musl be men and and child is lhe essence of the women together, not against movement and for once we are each other. doing something to positively "The next slage of Ihe change Ihe way people live movement is to rcstruclurc "And there is something institutions," she said. uniquely human, uniquely ex- Friedan added, "I see some citing, about knowing lhal we very ominous signs" in the are making history," she concurrent economic crisis. "A lot eluded. MI1S. CAItllOl.l. I-:. JIH.I.KR, |)rrsi(tTMt of (tie (li'iicral t'eiU'raliou of Wninrn's Clubs, presents lhe third in ;i spiics ,if [our Iliccii- tfiiiiial (Males lo Herd Harris, president ol Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pa, A I'ollfclltm (if those historic plates has been accepted tor permanent display al Valley Knrgp. GFWC plate collection accepted at Valley Forge WASHINGTON, D.C.-Mrs. Kadi plate in the four-parl j n America has participated." Carroll K. Miller, president of series features a scene depicting Local women's clubs affiliated one of Ihe four major wilh the GFWC are the movements of lhe American elusive agents" to sell [{evolution and one is released " -- - - - Mental health forum Group president Applications raise questions to visit Caldwell (Editor'snote: Mental Heallh Forum is a weekly column lhat provides the public with the opportunity lo ask questions about mental health problems, services or practices. Letters will he answered weekly by one of (he staff members of lhe Mental Health Center. All letters w i l l r e m a i n strictly anonymous.) Mental Health Forum, I have had t r e a t m e n t for emotional problems. Now, when I fill oul an application for e m p l o y m e n t , or a drivers license, I'm never sure what to say to Ihe question "Have you evpr been treated for mental illness;" Vi'hal can 1 say when I'm not sure people will understand'.' Mrs.R.B. The question, "Have you been treated for mental illness?" is a difficult question because Ihe lerm "mental illness" means so many different things in diff e r e n t situations. For some, m e n t a l illness means being hospitalized because of emolional problems. For other people, menial illness means a particular kind of diagnosis of a particular variety of emolional d i f f i c u l t i e s . F o r s t i l l o t h e r people, mental illness is defined by particular kinds of ireal- menl. For example, shock therapy meant "mental illness" to many people in Senator Eaglelon's situation. Thus, you need to define the meaning of lhe term in relation to the situation. ff a person is applying for a highly rated security sensitive position, they need lo be very clear about the time of treatment, who provided the treatment, and the nature of the problems which led lo seeking help. A person in this situation knows that tlieir background will be carefully studied. When applying for a driver's license, the fact that someone was seen with Iheir parents in a child guidance clinic twenty years earlier docs not seem relevant lo the intent of the question. U 'it is possible lo talk with the person who provided y o u r treitmonl. I would suggest that any you ask them how you might parental leaching. A child's respond in lhe kinds of siluations respect and love (or parents is which are facing you. Many of based on experience wilh these the kinds of problems which lead people lo Irealment in com- munily mental health clinics are " s i t u a t i o n a l reactions" or reactions to particular evenls in a person's life. For example, divorce, loss of job, elc. Many of these will not affecl a person's later life and work and figures rather t h a n on biological relationship. You are correcl in your desire lo be called by your first name p S " by your children. However, ;,f,.. what is correct and comfortable for you may not be comfortable for other people. Many parents , _.,,.-. ,, ,, . ,, -- require their children to address . , . . . . . probably don't need to be in- them as Father and Mother and deparlmeni commander will be dicated as t r e a t m e n t for to address olher adults as Mr or h e l t l al ^ orlh s Chuckwagon in "mental illness." Many of the Mrs. This does not mean that Nampa alGjSOp.rn prior to the there is an absence of closeness "^"j, wmch W|H ** lleld '" "Members of Canton Caldwell o. 9 ,,,. _..,.,, ,.:;, « , ^ .j V l r f»TM "'" er ' " elb ^ President of the Departmenl Association, A "i5 lhar , y P aln ? rcll! ; *'' m a c hcr offl , ciat No 9 1 ' 8 , p TM' ,!", ! he ,, 0dd llows Temple m Caldwell. A no . h .°f dlnne '; '" hon ° r . ° r ""Her and Brigadier c n c r a l n ° n problems of a mental heallh clinic are matters of adjustment and growth in new situations. For example, adolescent family difficulties, or adjustment in marriage. These too are things which probably will not influence later adjustment in work or life. Thus, it is important lo consider the meaning of lhe situation in which the question is asked. Unlil Ihere is more general understanding of emotional difficulties, this approach seems wisest. You should feel free to talk with your therapist or with your family between them. I do not feel lhal u is correct for you lo impose your values, correct though they may be for your family, on other urged lo attend the dinner honoring these leaders of lhe 'T would suggest thai when M«|lanl Branches of Idaho Odd children address you in olher , ell ° WSh ' P Sa ' d Mr % S **? - sent he makes his official visit to his . home canlon. Lady Miller will "Menial Heallh Forum," 508 E. TMel wilh members of her own Florida. Nampa, Idaho, 83651. auxll ' a . r ' ln lh f ***" a he . . ". . . c a m p t i m n nnrl li'ill tnjMit fgr- children and adulls. (Lelters should be LfKTiayjai wi wici: jt/«i tattiiif riQfiQU, iVUmpa, lUa/IU, O0031. ,. physician about your treatment For mental health emergencies "TM «TM. « d services can call the cenlers for e ' appointments at lhe following n u m b e r s : N a m p a , 466-8981; Caldwell, 459-0091; Weiser- Payelle area, 642-9041.) PHON'E 466-7891 or 459--1M4 to place your classified ad. It's fast, easy i economical. lo help you decide this question call 459-0091, 24 hours a day. and discuss Ihe difficulties you had when you are asked in relation lo jobs, etc. Dear Sir: I feel thai it Is very important for children lo be able to call adults by Iheir firsl name. This makes children and adults much more equal rather than placing children in an inferior position. I have friends who are very a n g r y with me when I encourage Iheir children lo call me hy my first name, (tow can I get olher parents to accept this? J.ll. ! understand the reasoning behind your desire lo encourage children and adulls to communicate on a firsl name basis. For many children, being able to call their parents by first name r a t h e r l h a n "Mother" or "Father" gives a sense of personal closeness. Certainly, f e e l i n g s about Ihe labels "Mother" and "Father" are learned by children through mally with the auxiliary and Ihe chevaliers' Lody Vkgynia MiHer The redwood tree grows only in a belt 540 miles long and 30 miles wide along Die Pacific coast from just south of Mon- lerey, Calif, to Ihe southwestern corner of Oregon. the G e n e r a l Federation of Women's Clubs, has announced thai a collection of lhe GFWC o f f i c i a l U n i t e d Stales of America Bicentennial Plates has been accepted for permanent display al the historic Freedoms Foundaiion at Valley Forge, I'a. A presentation look place recently al Valley Korge. Here on Ihe same site where George \VashingUm and his troops spent the hitter winter of 1777-I77B. Mrs. Miller presented to Ucetl Harris, president of Freedoms Foundation, 1 lhe collection of handmade glass plates designed to commemorate the nation's 200lh birthday. Three plates were accepled for permanent display and the fourlli and final plale will he presented in 197C. A feature of Ihe presentation was Hie facl that (he 1975 liiccntennial Commemorative P l a t e depicts W a s h i n g l n n praying m Valley Forge. "This made the presentation even more exciting." .Mrs. M i l l e r explained. The Ihird pla'.e was officially issued Jan. i. 1975. Three years ago, in an effort lo celebrate the n a t i o n ' s Bicentennial and lo rekindle the "Spirit of '7C." Ihe GFWC commissioned an A m e r i c a n artisl to sculplure in glass a scries of four collector's plates which will in Ihcir entirely depict a complete "Portrait of l.ibiTlv." ex- the each year on Jan. 1. for lhe four consecutive years preceding lhe [iclnal Bicentennial celebration. In 1973 "The Seeds are Sown." Patrick Henry addressing the V i r g i n i a C o n v e n t i o n , w a s issued; 1974--"Independence is Declined" Thomas Jefferson d r a f t i n g Ihe Declaration of Independence: 1975--"A Test of ( ouragc" \Vasbington praying ;il Valley Forge; and 1976-'.'Liberty is Proclaimed" Ihree iiev: Americans rin~g"the Liberty' Hell. This h a n d m a d e commemorative colleclion is being designed anit produced by Ihe Fenton Art Glass Company at W i l l i n m s l o w n . W.V. On July 4, 197(1. a final ceremony will lake place at Independence Hal! at which time all the molds for these p l a t e s w i l l be publicly deslroyed. thereby creating a lirailed edition. This means thai not only will the plates become heirlooms wilh great personal value, but their market value is sure lo increase as well. "The 1975 plate." Mrs. Miller !ai(l, "will be available through local women's clubs all over the nation by Ihe firsl part of February. This has been perhaps lhe mosl successful program commemorating our Bicentennial and il pleases us lhal nearly every women's club plates. The Caldwell chapter is the Forward Club. the family today POOLEY ART GALLERY nowsftow/njptlnf/njs by RUBY YOUNGER for the month ol February · · · An Classes. Frames. At Suppi'es 443Cak*«ilNtl,, has moved to 14113rd Street So. ·STYLISTS FloraBelzer CarolynDahl BonnieRea ElcaRoe Walk-Ins Welcome! Cupid's Coming... Valentine's Day Friday v Feh. 14 OFFICE SUPPLY 1124- 1st St. So. NEW IDEAS IN FAMILY DINING THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ENJOY "STEAK NIGHT" Sirloin Steak, Baked Potato, Salad - $3.85 FOR THE CHILDREN: A Ground Round Sleok p/us a// Che trimmings for on/y $1.45 Af Your pleasure between 5 P.M. and 10 P.M. The meeting rooms, lhe banquet rooms and trie excellent service ore yours (or the asking. Sfop/n for /uncr) for b.'eot fast end check lhe connp/efe menu. THE COFFEE MILL "Family Restaurant" JciK EtttdttH North Cunt ft Ittridltn PlioM Mf-412* tor SfteM Arnngtmtnti SPECIAL SERVICES with Paul Martin Outstanding £vange//st February 11-16. Tuesday Thru Friday Nights at 7:30- Sunday Services 10:50 a.m. 6 p.m. First Church X. Nazarene 600-15th Ave. So. in Nampa

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