Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 20, 1951 · Page 9
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 9

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1951
Page 9
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nday 'Morning/ May SO, 1951 LAS; CRUCES (N.-M.) PAGE NIKE STATE: . Game .Department ·' ' r I : · ' . · NEWSLETTER Vmlo .ind Other Witters The draining- of El Vado, under y at 5 p. m., May 31, i;: pro-, d!ng at the rate of 500 second it. The Chama arid Brozos rivers ; flushed so the draining: will »low. It is hoped the damage the fish will be slight;. ; . .'. At Conchas the fishing has.been y fair due to inclement .weather., e wind and bad .weather, ruined lifng for three "consecutive Sun/.i. ..'·.-.: . Assistant State: Game Warden nicr. Pickens reports that the Plnofl river on the north edge Trcs Piedras near the Colorado » laoVs vciy promising and iuld. be an excellent spot on May 25.^ r Mounting 1 That Big; Onc , ; rlany New Mexico; .anglers have n wondering about'-Uic.-preced- I they should follow to mount dose of mental therapy called trruit fishing, the Department of Game ·and Fish comes up with .1 -few .tip.i. for more enjoyable sport. .' In many cases, the State agency advises, anglers will pursue Inel'f trout In waters adjacent property which are privately-owned. Tl i trespassed property, and even State and Federal waters, should be respected ns it:would he If it were the angler's own. Consider the landowner. Other suggestions: Build file only in designated places; observe the fish and game laws; leave livestock, fences, farm buildings, and equipment unmolested; close all gates. FRENCH TITOIST' FIGHTS; REDS Foresters See Grim Fire Season UIUJF BiiUUlU -ILtllU'lV LU JI1UUIU i .^ t .extra-special big one _ they'll AllCHU rOl* 1951 fch this summer. The Game and h department comes up with a ' simple precautions'.that* can taken to insure a'perfect spec! 1 n Hanging- on your den,or. liv- room wall. - . . . . - ; First-of all, moat taxidermiats for to receive they can make fish unskined cast of it. ere aie times, however, when not possible so the bust ALBUQUERQUE, (Special) -Nineteen forest fires, binning a total of 2700 acres, have ravaged national-forest lands in New Mex ico. this year. · ' 'Jl*he figures are contained in n ropoil released by thc^U. S. Forest Service, which shows "that all the national forests in the state have . .suffered one or more fires. Three ng to do is place your fish on O f them, the Gila, Lincoln and iiece. of paper after it is caught I Santa Fe Imvc h ad five'fires each. ·Though the fire season ordinarily does not begin until mid-May, the burned area already nearly ^ run a pencil around it care- u y to obtain an accurate outline. fie^nre to make notes on color. T»JP. next step is to Cut .open equals the target acreage set up lieide, not the belly/If you have by lnc foresters' for. the entire inrule ah outline the skin can be rcAvecl. Be very careful during jhii operation. _t little patience *vil[ pay.big dividends. Fins should bejeperated at the base from the hoty with a!sharp knifc?pr other Vngfrument. Grease should be craped off and then the skin can! )c Ipread and rubbed down-with |aic on the inner side . only;Let [skin lay until- the.rfcxt'. day, i roll it', up'in a piece of "paper. ship it to the.taxidermist in a :';or tin can with'-air'holes. The ciminu also will' keep for sev- 1 weeks in Uiis manner. Reincih : ; : l to enclose your notes. 'and : itch with the shipment.''. '· Kilto Fish Studied."' ; Y".. ' oe HumlrJcks, Fisheries-iilolo- i for ' the Game, amli :Fish'.dc-. tment .'has started.a.biological; dy r,f. the fish, in- Orvbailo.Lrlkei 'he study, which-, will' 'not ;b'e ensivc, will includ^.titoninohiatUl- le analysis:. '.The;*M6n'iach test 1 shn\v -what and .when uf the d take .whllS Ullc. l :.scate ; /study giv'ft .'an age-growth'..Yocoi'tl.' ^^hcr ·factot'jit tlrbt'iwiii »lic.'.'qh- vcd i.iriclude ^tho VftVctVof-wea'-' : and fishing: 'on ',feeding',-.'ex-i j of plankton jbrKa'nlkni'p con-' r iption, na ^ell as'.k general' r ppulatlon checkj' · ': ··;.'' · The resiilts of-Uiis shirty;.will'be inpared .with previpii,s: ; iknqjyi* bge obtained fhorn · -Elephant, ^tte Lake. .', ' .' ' V. -'.'· ·'. files. Kor .An^Inra .! ( '.'·'." j '.-. · ' As new Mexico,' mid-streams'fbi Uieir-ahntiul by the year, Kenneth O. Wilson, fire chief for the Southwestern region, of the Forest .Service reports. The unusual number and size · of the, blazes this year.are due to critical drought conditions in .the mountains Wilson says. Fires start more easily, faster when the forest, is dry.; · ' : · AH but 1 'two of thlg.'yea'r.'s fires were man-caused,. Since about 80 .per., cent of.all" fires are normally caused' 1 , by'.lightning 1 during summer ^ storms the'-foresters-are. apprehensive that '.when the. lightning ·season arrives the-'stale riiay experienpe'':-the year'in its' history. . ·; ' · -.' ' THi LEADER OF ne%\ Ficnch THoi t di ident Communi t P rty Darius Le Cojie.(extreme right), was holding a press conference in his Paris, headquarters-when, a number of Communists entered and beat him. The men', forced Le Corre Into the rtrcct (above) where the fijjht continues. Le-Corre escaped in a-taxicab. (International Radiophoio) Poor Nan's Philosopher Prefers Life To Acting Career On TV Shows /-:. WTifin j a. .-team ' . . . . : .of- horses. bolteu^'h-oin'.the . railway tracks 'in', a he'avy 'snowstorm at kroneau, they- saved y the :life' of farmer Guy .Mo'Call, \6Ho' : was .i ' .the enclosed ^sltigri ''and .did not see a 'freight traih'^tHa't ' 'missed i : ' ' "' itHED V.;lrELSON OPTpiiiriiiiiil' Modern Eye, Examination LeMCi'Duplicated MUoiik jPilone 818 " ' , VALLEY- LOAN V?INANCaE 22 West briggstAvfc ~ tis Grifcjis,'if..'Mr LOANS'! DISCOUNTS: -.·REFlNANrNq .- ", AUTOMOBILES j REAL 1 ESTATE' -'GptiliATERAL We Buy -.All 1 . Types' of iebhtriiots i-- ^ '·" .- · ' " ' ; BECAUSE BEAUTIFUL- 0ONOEX Dio:iT.'nTaiMes-iN COLORS PURE'WHITE/ ·'..·'...AND. BONoex : SEAlSfM SURFACE BLOCK HOUSE I'VE EVER. SEENj' Perfect for concrete, brick, itucco, ifon«, and aibestot 'lid ing, tool' Simply mix BONDEX with water, bruih or spray -It on. 1 BONDEX . hondi wilh the surface, italt moii- ture out. Try It icon! 5-lb. P k 9 , whii., 25. lh. p«ll, whit*, mokti «b*u| · galltrt mtkai «b*ul 3 |alUni of rtoJr-to.utt point. «f fttJy-lo-ui* palnl. ' *1.30 JSSs* *6.25 (M(»l Mghlty h'glltr It IfTM W.llJ r f*r tht n«tn* «( y*vr nt«r«it PHONE ANY WESTERN UNION OFFICE (by numUr) ANYWHERE in the U. S. A. -ASK FOR "OPIRAtOR 25" By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK.'»ffl -- So you want to be a television performer? · Okiiy, he one. Not "me. I'd rather e a r n ' a living flagpole sitting or sticking- my head in a lion's mouth. Things like that don't require BO jiuich courage. But I've.learned my.lesson. I've learned that you don't outgrow stage -fright: ' Some, thlrtj-'years'nr morc ago '· I was. given'a' 1 role in a program put'bn'for a pnrent tpnf.h: asstM'intlnn prog-nun :it nnr. of Iho more, 'prominent Kuns'as Oity-jmbHe, -gmmmur wJionls. All 'my Jife^'since Ihen I' nayt detested dny.dcraaion' I had. to get up in-public.' 'Well, last -week 1 I was ainhuHhed into giving an introduction..: to an hour-long television 1 , djama-on the Korean war presented *.by..*the Pulitxel- pri/.c playhouse-;byeiy.the -AEG' network. For : days. I' went around tlie liouse'ti-yinjj to memorize my 150 words. "The war in Korea, lias hcen going- on for a long tlinp," 1 mumbled. And then eve.rj-tliing would gu blank. "I don't see why you're, so nervous," Frances siiid sympa- tliciiutlly. "Voii tlon't mind nmkr lug ii i'col of yourself at parties." Tlie day of the program came, I still couldn't memorize my 150 simple words. "That's all right," said the director, ."just read them." In the cast* was'an eight-year- old Chinese-American . boy, Larry Lee. who played a Korean orphan. "Doesn't the . camera worry you?" I asked enviously. "Xaw,. I like, it',-" lie. said. "I'm worrieil-'ahdiit'tity screen ererllts. They say 1 gel (hem at (lie end of this program, tint I like to gel them at tin; hegtiining." This boyish.-. aplomb shattered me completely. . . The program started. I was seated at a desk waiting, looking into Tnmian Says Funds For San Marcial Arc 'Not Likely' WASHINGTON, May ID UP) -President Truman Jays prospects for getting federal money to dredge a channel through the San Marcial swamps on the Rio Grande In New Mexico are not very good The President made the statement yesterday in answer to a question at his news conference. But fcor. uiavez iD-NM) told reporters Mr, Truman assured Now Mexico's members of Congress he would take up the matter with the Budget Bureau and the Secretary of Interior. Secretary of Interior Chapman already h:is recommended making ?135,000 available for an iinmeiH ate start on the the project. Government. Takes 17 Acres In Two Counties For Project ALBUQUERQUE, May 19 I/PI --The government yesterday filed a condemnation suit against 17 acres of land in Socorro and Valencia counties. Some- -15 persons were named defendcnts as landowners in the action. The land is to be used in connection with the Rio Grande Federal Reclamation project and as right of way for construction, operation and maintenance of electric power generated at Elephant Butte dam. Immediate possession is asked. a camera about four feet away. Two 1 l i t t l e red lights suddenly gleamed. I was on. And the r.imorn eye immediately seemed to open to Die size of the Grand Canyon. Sweat popped out on my forehead. My hands shook. 1 tried to read an fast as I couhl, but the 150 words seemed to he as long as "Gone With The Wind" Finally I finished, the red lights winked but, and 'I was off. I was too weak to get up from the desk. The ne.\t dity I came into' the office- and a fellow worker -said: "My wife saw you on television hint night." "What did she wiy?" I itskcil shrinking Inwardly. "She. wtiil you am sure losing a Inl of h:iir," lie answered. .Later several other people made (he same remark. And I guess that summed up the general critical reaction -- except for one letter that observed: "Lord, hut you're gonna be an ugly old man." Offers During PHILCO REFRIGERATOR WEEK You'll see the greatest refrigerator values onyw/iere .during Ihis , ONE WEEK sale. In addition --special money-saving · offers ... FREE gift! Don't miss them!' ·· · 2 DOORS! AUTOMATIC DEFROST Now at New Low Cost Sec Ihco/i/vS-Hoor wiih lnit;ui(nm;iHcdcfnitil of (lie rntiro rt'lYigenilor, im-ltnli.-if; fin- fwzrr. The 1'hilcu Uuplcx . . . with luxury failure's . . . fully Adjustable Shelves . . . ;iiul fur lower prices than any other 2-door design. Compare! COME IN THIS WEEK ^ A EASURING PITCHER juii for Comlna $389.95 EASY TERMS L O G M I S C O M P A N Y 138 N. Main Phone 113 i A LOT of [oiks like the two-door idea, ^ii because they, Joel that tiny lots arc -safer iti the back seat. ' · But that's no reason why back-scat headroom should be dimensioned [or mitlgcts only. 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