Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 18, 1957 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 11
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Pape 6 GnEELEY TRIklUNE The Creeley Daily Tribune M i l l . R E D R R A N S E N LI.O C. KOEMG - · J A k l tSTKICt I K and The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF Potimti i ruiru i: MIHKII.L Bunt*. Her I A. L rtrr.i:sLN · ·« Mrr I C L A R K »·*(;» Tuesday, June 18, 1937 inipector. And fhil'i whit hap--- -- - -- ---- pened. A gomnment food inspector in New Y o r k * was suspended as a security ruk because he refused explanations about the people h c j associated with in private life, lit ffiu^ht the cue up to the .^upreme Court. Tr.bun.-K»pub!ii · 111 l-itbtb St "l*r\« tl OH r I'.'.-h t 111) I'uUnbn Irllnd Lit!! Pr~« Alton* ui« of i rriin AT «' ratitir« 11 ·A in IMI »*·!! I rrli II !l IllbO H O I K , 4 vorui |!f mil »DUu4« *f nn» n n a t b II T9 . The court, ruling in his favor in Jane, 1906, ordered him reinstated. It said hr held a non-sensitive job Weld County Real Estate Transfer! Rtvenut tlampO'tft rtal c» latt tranifirt art at th« ratt ef tl-10 ccr Jun. 14 Alma M. Bergsten to Alma M. and unilrr that U w of 19JO only | Be rgstcn and Halph A. Ber(sten. M* .''£," ...,,. »»,, u nde people in sensitive jobs could be S'i of 14-1162. No. rev. d as security risks. ' Ceorce 11. Fellows and Bertha Fellows to Virgil E. Scott Lot 4.'BIk 2. . . ";.»' ".'H."r:TM5 That knocked Ki-enhower'a pro- j,. an ....) ..i tb.TM I c r a m oier the roof. Hundreds nf , n( j (]j le ||. s co tt t « . t-J l.r*»i ,,,,,,,.. l i x o p l e a l r e a d y suspended from i n t w i l n i i n s r n v i t n e j"bs as tecunty risks to he reinstated with back r.-iilM 1 and ('under: --God's Powtr through Fsith "\\ arc . . . pcrpU'x(d, but not d n u n to despair;" 2 ('"r. 4:8 e»J Who Ivcmcmhers Wild West .Movie in a Tent? Dues a n u n c recollect seeing million pictures in Cr« ley earlier t h a n 'Ihe lir.vt iniitiun pictures h u » n h e r e wen- | i r n j n t i l in lent mar tin- present site of Hie city hall in IIM, accurdini; to l l a r e l M. S t e w i n , ll.'/j Tenth M i n t . She recalls tlie foll'mini: c i r t u m s t i i r u r s : .lim .Stewart her uncle, Charles C a m p , a pioneer s t o c k m a n and i the stormy w e a t h e r has caused h-TM ,:ian, and U f e (Ircen vunt to \ V j n i m n s u i t h a mntion pittiire leattle .shipments to be bunched up c a m e r a to photograph a r o u n d u p . The- l.lms were developed in the ij!;''. " r ' ".V.'i"." V.t/ " TMf. .' (irye S l e w a r t , made the · |lr " ""'" Heavy Shipments of Feeder Callle from Texas lo Lois here The heavy s h i p m e n t s of cattle into the Monfurt feed Uts the pail i u e e k were due to the etrirmy spring I w e a t h e r in Texas this spring. Warren Monfort said Monday that M e w art kitchen, and her lather, liei. f u r projection. They \sere- then t h o w n in a tent. |f |n su( , h Monfort said eavy shipments. i ,. .-·,.. he has imported Stewart *ays t h a t they wern aKo shown in Denver in a b u i l d - 1 fr(|n) ( h p m | y sras , cmlntry in in; on the- present nil- uf the May c o m p a n y , ami were the first motion !7 cxa , n ,, ar f-,irt Worth some 200 p i c t u r e s in that city. They were billed as a Wild West .Show. ( c a r l o a d s of cattle so far, all of them CrurKu Stewart was a lung t i m e photoKrJphcr in (Jrrelcy, beins I v e a r l m g heifers ami steers. He add- located lor m a n y jears at 1010 N i n t h a v e n u e , earlier at SOI'i Ninth ed he anticipates meiving in some n m t Stewart .sold to Sid llusby. ami he was succce.le-el by Clarence 1U« into the lots for a five or Mdirenor, an.l he by Thomas Trmplm vshe, cill.-d his the Temple Stu.'"« month feeding t elm. The Mte was vacant for a time, an.l t h e n the building w a s occupied mcr '"a eariy laii. by ll.e Holmes Iladio service. J i m Stewart, brother e,f Ceeirge, w a s for m a n y s'ars a |irojector i.|« i.itor at various movie- houses in d r e e Icy. He has been m e n t i o n e d in I rn IHUS comment on the early theaters in Cm-ley. T h e writer uemld like to hear from others who recall the movies ef ;i W j o m i n K roundup .shown in a tent here, and who can cite motion p i c t u r e entertainment here earlier t h a n Miss Stewart recalls an indoor vaudeville bouse at Ihe approximate mn of Sam's Steak house. six month feeding through the sum- mcr and early fall. Farmers Union Meets at La Grange School Hrrc-lry Farmrri Union met latt First Addition to Maplewood, in the City of Greeley. Subject to Deed of Trust. Rev. J7.1S. Rubie Gibson and Rudy Ketch- Jo Schultt to Spencer R. Boudlnot tod Betty BoudinoL Lot 7, BIk. 2, Farr Addition to the' City of Greeley. Subject to Deed of Trust. Rev. fl.W.. William Wolf, Jr., to Harry WoU and Barbara Lee WoU. All of Lota 11 and 12, BIk. 30. Town of Plitte- rille. Also the WH of Lot 13, W Blk. St :.-. cie ."own of riatteville. Rev. ttJO. Nellie C. Reia to Harold Asmui and Clara Asmui. SF.W of Rev. 3 Colo. Cities Receive Pedestrian Satefy Honor * * DENVER (* -- Three Colorado am to Benjamin A. Fleshman and j cities, Fort Collins, Grand June Juanita S. Fleshman. All of I/it 1 and part of Ixt 2. Lindile Subdivision. Rev. $17.10. B. A. Fleshman and Juanita S. Fleshman to Rubie Gibson and Rudy Ketcham. Lot 16, in BIk. », tion and LoveUnd, have received A m e r i c a n Automobile Ann. awards for pedestrian safety last year. Fort Collins tied for third place among communiiiti of 10,000-25,- Weld People Give Heart Fund Weld county residents hive contributed $S,MJ to the Heart Fund during the fiscal year that ii to end Utii month, a tubstantial Increase over the 13,866 given in 1SS5-5*. The announcement came from Dr. Richard B. Foe, Greelejr cardiologist and Weld county Heart ^"d chairman Dr. Foe and WU- 'lTM G " n ' °' Denv "' ' ' e "" rt Farr'i Second Addition to the City DM population. Citations went to of fireeley. Rev. $13.20. t*e other two cities. Alex Stoll and Alma Stoll to Anthony A. Stoll. Lot 4, BIk. I, Clayton's Second Subdivision of the City of Greelev. Rev. J2.20. Tobert f. Hawkins, Irvin E. Hawkini, Ralph B. Hawkins, Stel- Conductor Dies DETROIT UP - Victor Kolar. 63, former conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and onetime associate conductor of the New . - ,, » , , . . . , |«»»ww«*« tw**uuvv"» ul me .lew la E. Tregonms. G. Ethel Hawk- York Symphony, died Sunday. He ins, Nathan II. Hawkins, E. Ear . ' * . ! . . ueek at the Iji Itolantl Kis*Ier, Grange school. president, con- cl';-'rd the mectinc. Irvin Tayne reportel on school reorganization and legislation. A program of vocal selections mt w x f l nr^tpnt»1 hv llrl* lene Wilson. Geneva M. Casady, and F.Iverna I.. Bott. to Robert I. Hawkins. Tract of land in NE cor. nf Rlk. 2. First Addition to the Town of Pierce. Rev. S .SS. Robert W. Jones, Executor for Estate of Jessie 11 7ones to M a f y Frances Cunningham. E'4 of WW of I/)t 1, Ttiayer's Plat nf the North '* of Rlk. IK in the City of Greeley. Rev. J7.15. Jun« IS Rowena B. Kennedy and Dyer Kennedy to I.jle D. Kennedy and Dyer Kennedy. Part of Lot 2, BIk. 15. City of Greeley. No rev. Mollie L. Martinet and William Martinet to A. J. Gold, tats S and 15, Eipanola Subdivision. Rer. t .15. Frederick L. Schulti and Betty Russian Expert Now Neglected T h e American who knows most aliout Russia may well lie George F. rn .,-,,,) Evr | vn "p,ytie. Kathryn Kennon, who has rccfiu-d Hie I'ulit/er I'ruc for history for his hnoV, | i^jrier. Sharon I^fHer and San- Uaves The War." This treats the em 1 of the Russian effort in \ \ n r M War I. when to armies which the Ct'rrnarn had stradily bcatrn w a s added thr dcmoralizalion due U. Ihe overthrow of the Czar. The ^^ t u^..i revolution, in w h i c h a government l.y mixlrralrs was turned out l.y t h r Communists, added the finihinj; touch. K r n n a n ha% IK-CH *pprialuinR on llussia all liis life- He may h a v e his inten-4 from his uncle and namesake, who made a famous ;ml their political dra Kobler. Ilefreshmrntu were «rvrd h* thr JrM Kohlcrs and thf Richard Smocks. Next meeting is scheduled for July 12. sian bureau of the Frogs nt I/arce U r d y of the Siberian prisons in which Ihe Czan t n c m i e s . For a long time K e n n a n headed the R u s s a n j N o n M A N i ok]l U ,_ A S l a t e Department. Finally be became ambassador to Russia an appoint- , mm( , l|rr _ . w o r r i f d o v f r , r f w rient which the Soviets di-liked because he knew so m u c h alxmt them. | cl , y ori) , n , nrf H n i c h prohibits In spite of this record of u n u s u a l V n o w l c d g r , K r n n a n has not ben ^or-es, mules, and otner livestock u t i l i z e d ' b y the Stale Department since 19S3. To the outsider this look.- ' l i K e imprudent waste nf Rcwl m a t e r i a l . ___ _ GOP Federal Employment Security Figures Out Soon By JAMES MARLOW A. P. Ntwi Analyst WASHINGTON · -- You'41 see «hat the 17 man commission b* recommends. I Kisenhowcr's program for Ret, n « « n . n « security nsks and d,s l o ) al .- about I'rcsiiient F.isenhower's .people out of the jovernment »as f n l e r a l employe security procram, | (he most svseepint ever attempted erne the Democrats called a ' )ly any administration. As the Su- 'pnmr Court made clear, it went 1 . alter t a k m a ' In 1W7 I'res,dent T r u m a m s,l up · r.-.nnbers racket." The Republicans, who tried to r.Ae political hay w i t h this pro- 1 ,,,,,, (or tv,,, v e a r s ' c f l . r e , h a v e n ' t released fiRurcs on ;'ir :] in i program fur pcttinc rid of ROV- nty risks since N o v e m b e r 13:5. j e r n m c n t rmplo«-s of qurntinnable 12 man commission, authority t'onKri"-*. will make rrc- ndations for i m p r o v i n g the im on June 2-1. This croup from running at larfe, went straight to the top for advice. He called Mayor Paul V. Keen and asked w h a t would happen if hi! pet frops cot loose. Keen informed him that if the rity received a eompliint the poundmaster probably would have lo pick them up. USE THE .TRIBUNE WANT ADS 1D. PIP YOU stupHs In rh* Cr«Uy stub- lie sch**ls iH«nd4 a trial l 77i,lll days this year? was born in Budapest. who made the drive a success. "The tireless work of volunteers and the generosity of those called upon for donations have been a source of great gratification to us," Grant laid. He stressed that the Weld county area is one where there has been an awakening to the importance of combatting heart disease-"a growing realization that we must all turn our efforts toward the eradication of this dread dis- MISTER BREGER BUCKLEY l«rrn it Dcccm- l o x a l t y . And in 19^0 Congress pa eii a law m a k i n g it ravier to pel j rid of MTurity risks -- hut only , thoc in s e n s i t i v e jihs. i lUjt Ki»enh(iwcr scrapped Tru-1 man's program, Jumped security i and l o v a l t y ca»es into one program j ami provided for firinc people as security risks m» m a t t e r w h a t kind Slrisfcafelaste In Novemlvrr of that year the f ' t v i l Service t*(»mmis«.ion (CSC* -- w h i c h thr a d m i n i s t r a t i o n tised as j p ' k e « m a n on the security proof cnv emrr.rnt job they held. Their p r a m -- announced t h a t from May , j t ,i, ,| h i n - t n a x e lo i n x o l v e security. V*'", when thr program started,! And w h . w a s a security risk? t h r o u g h September, 19J-"), this was Vn.icr K i e n h o w e r ' » program it t ' r uore: ; muKi In- a man wlm drank or I r . i i T KUenhower** program 5 . - ' t a l k e d ti.i n i n t h , or a hojnns-fxual r ; . ^.'I'pU' re*i-red frnni thr pov* wtui im.*i; be hljck:ti:ii!i \\. For e\- « : v : : ^ ; i n t \vi!h d c r n ^ a t o r y i r f u r m a - a n i p l t 1 ; It u;:ld e \ i n ("· a fi"il i -i ri t h e i r files w h i l e .1.f.M were (,:' ! f ' f r a u - e of security qiiftmns ' j - \ ' !\:ne them. | P 1 :! t h r Democrats charged t h e , f _ :: « wt-rr srramliled. that a ) ..f m n i ' t n t v of t h i » e w h i q u i t ' · - -.urc fired w e r e separated from t ' . r i.-.hs u n d e r n n r m a l n v i l s c r v - i i · p n u - r d u r r s and not t h r o u g h the j i " . . ' h i n r r y of t h e p r o g r a m at all. ' ! i:r'.hrr. they said hundre*U of V r h-lt'd as quoted w i r e ^ i \ r n : .·· f j c t d;dn't sfuuv up in t h r , M ' f i g u r e s . Thr Democrats r u l e d ; !-'· deciMon in 19.V. to the e f - ' f ' the govcrntr.ent m a y nnt "· ::v,:;i.inly dismiss on s r r u n t y ! i r ; r , d v vnrkers w h n - e j.'li* are '· r : i l . r c c t l y conce r ned w i t h nati"n- f] ' c : n l y . I I:-, the j e a r since then t h r J u - t i c e J i i i : -- because of w h a t l!,e ctv.trt (!· i . * : .P. d i i l in the p r o g r a m -- has !; ,: ,if:er 12 month* the J u v t u - e fi' ;: : : t l ha.-n't recmnriH r.tU'd :'·· : f v It's probably w a i t i n g -- ; t - f :c ^ i c l . i n g i!s n e c k rut -- td LINES If intentions paid the lull, We all could rest assured, No home would burn, But what in turn, Was "MKANT" to bo insured. D. G, Royer Insurance Agency B Sth-SU ' s i' Phone SO ·' . ·^ ' i»- / -jld^l, i|7 i^'lvvr: . M O D E S T M A I D E N S eiie which each yeir In thti cran- kills more persons than the nest five diseases combined." Dr. Foe and Grant stressed that Weld countjr contributions will be used In research, In professional and lay education and in conducting clinics and institutes. Dr. Foe noted that Creeley, because of its dominance in size, raised the bulk of the amount con- tribtited to Heart in the county, In exceeding its goal. Greeley city Heart Sunday chairman wai Jack AUnutt; conty public information chairman was ilance Lofgren of Greeley. Drive chairmen in the 16 other county Heart Fund centers were: Ault, Jin. James L. Potter, Car rousel club; Easton, Pauline Allison; Erie, Mrs. Jack McDonald; Evans, C. A. Towns, Lions club; Fort l.uplon. Mrs. James \Vray, Forlurado club; Dacono - Frederick - Firestone, Mrs. Antone Barcewski and Mrs. Bill Work- mis. e«hilrmen; GDertft, Mn. B. II. Lohrey; Johnstown · MI1U- ken Hr». Carl Burch, American Ugion Auxiliary; Keeneiburf. Mrs. Beulah Bath and Mrs. Joe Shick, co-chairmen; L» Salle, C. S. Matthews, of Greeley; Pla'.teville, Mrs. C. L. Archer; Prospect Valley, Mn. Beuben Baumgartner; nojeen, Thomas Klausner; Severance, Mr». Waller Winter; ind Windsor, .Mrs. William Shideler, American Legion auxiliary. Odd Hour Crash SAN DIEGO. Calif. tH-Two auto-' mobiles collided at a street Intersection during the morning rush to work but the drivers, polite reported, were hurrvinS home. They were two wives, who bad taken their husbands to work. Each was wTaring a bathrobe over 1 nightgown and house slippers. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Cft" K WT» PEKWftMBHTW ^oNt OTHER t-tt HALF ACRE CASTLE On What? |{Y H A M KISI1ER ANUNICNEO CCTfTClBUTtR EKTMUStO OVER ANCE5TORJ ANPAU.1Hli FAMICf TREE DELAWARE, «A15 TONT f»SCA«O BRfltstN TOtS'! MSTANCE.MAl' BERMNTtOA BKGHT COLOR ANOAFU3WER ON PIECES OF VMX30MAKE M *rr COUNTRY rr is AN THE CITIZENS. SO WSPIMD BY OUR CVHXMfl. HCfMO 50 BUGENTI.Y THAT T«Y OVER-PRODUCED OUR APRICOT AND PRUNE HARVEST. MAKT TONS OF ITM THAT BULGING STOREHOUSE WILL SPOIL WITHIN AWUK · _I DOKTSEE HOW JHALTKASMCAN FOWNT TROUBLE H£M_TARAN1A IS I M.. A NOURISHING /LET ME ·SOIS£W-8UT I JUST60TTA FINISH THIS KiUSHUSFQOO! JCHOMPfYUMM fOCC. THE PEOPLE WILL GCNOEI*N ANY WRM Of PEMrrsFOOOio IW_ITMOST»E tATIN " SCORCHY SMITH Hen's Not Licked -5OOOrTGGEf?ED TOS*1LOFF AD'GET nap? ·you FORGET SOWETW]tiG,WlSECW', ROSE/fc 60AT/ WITHOUT SlOHWG HIMSELF.' ItL BE OUT OF PISTOL R»HGE IN «. IMNUTE SURE LDCKY TV* BO«T'S ' RIGGED SO / THAT... Cauj-htl U'L A H N K U TM-TMANK MEAVEN.MXTVE GOT THAT StCRTt M MAUVfVAH'O 'NUFF OF A EWtRGENCV TXJSE TM'SECTUIT WEAPON-VET.'.' ^

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