Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1977 · Page 48
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 48

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1977
Page 48
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Wed.,June 1,1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 49 CLASSIFI TR1BUNEWANTADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED READERADS Minimum charge (basedonlOwords) 51.50 Number PerWord of Days PerDay 2 or 3 days 4c 4 or more days ... s c Month rate, per line (2 line minimum) 55.00 Every other day ads to be charged at one day rate Blind Box Numbers si.OO DEADLINE Tuesday through Friday 3 p.m. the preceding day Saturday, 1 1 a.m. tor Monday CANCELLATION Ads may be cancelled by calling before 5: 00 p.m. day prior or 12 noon Saturday tor Monday ads. C L A S S I F I E D D 1 S P L A Y RATES Rate .... S2.5o per column inch Volume rates upon request Minimum space: 1 column inch Borders cuts may be used DISPLAY DEADLINE- Tuesday through Friday Noon the Preceding Day. Friday Noon for Monday. Cancellation 5 p.m. DAY.PRIOR or 12 Noon Saturday for Monday Ads The Tribune assumes responsibility for only 1 incorrect in. sertion of any ad. Please read your ad the first day it appears. Call in correction before 9 a.m. next day. PHONE352-0211 714 Eighth Street Office Hours: a a.m. to 5 p.m. 1 ,_y/i ir /em ori ant ; tSpaaa ' Ui BRUNO In loving memory of Robert A. Bruno, who passed away May 26. 1974. Sadly missed by widow and daughter, Betty M. and Joyce Lynn Bruno. Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. AI Lost and LOST a sharp edge on your scissors? We sharpen 'em. Pinking shears loo. · Alklre's 1211 9th St. 353 9501. ANYONE who has loit a pet, pleati vlitt Humane Society Shelter, 1M E. 8th St. Open 8 to 5. Monday through Saturday. LOST -- Small curly haired black with wtilie chest female dog. Reward. 3516514. LOST-- Two turquoise rings In restrain of medical office building at 11th Avenue and 17th Street. Reward. Cal! 153-7371 or 351-6163 during business hours. LOST -- Female Siamese, expectant. 3V mllii wist of LaSalle. Reward for return. 784-M9S. lot! between 1700 block of fth St. and McDonald's. Rewsrd. 353-SMfl or M- 33*5. LOST -- IrlUi-Settir, 1 yiari old, wearing- Dave, 351-034). Q2 Personals SINGLE Parenls -- Widowed, divorced, separated. Contact Parents Without Partners, 3540507; 353-4344. IS your shaver sick? The Raior Clinic. Alklre's, 1311 9th St. 153-9501. FIGURETTE bras, girdles, sieepwtar, loungtne domes, tn-im TRIM Off pounds with GoBesa Grapefruit Extra Strength Capsules wllh'fait acting tablets. Gibson Pharmacy. Tlrtd of bir scenes. Weld Interfatth slnglt*. Call Arne, 356-3544. LOSE Weight - stop smoking, learn to relax. Call The Ceotir for Clinical Hypnosis In Ft. Collins, U4-217I. RUSSELL Please Call Home CRISIS INTERVENTION; RAP LINE; AND EMERGENCY REFERRAL Call In Touch Help Line 356-3535,6p.m.to2a.m. Anonymous and Confidential nc Employment Ub Wanted TYPING donl- W IM Homi Oltlci. M7-I317. · · PLUMBING »lp«tn - SiWIf sat 8r«tnl · cllinrt. Low r«ttl. 3M8M7. M YEARS experience as forkllft and waretiouM operator. Am available now. JM-SM'. WILL Claan vacant houiai and apartment!. Call 1U!M. WILL Do Lawn mowing -- Or powar raking, call trier i, 151-OUI. ' CARPETS Claanid - Living and hill, tun Living, dining, and Hall, IU.M. ED ADVE INDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS (1-5) 01 l«t jnd foond ^ v Ptnonih EMPLOYMENT (6-10) ^ Emplojraenl Winted W - . - NtlpWinltd SERVICES (11-19)""' " Edutlta t tabuliM " Child Cite Smite " Service Guide [J Custom Wort '5 Roofing Insulation 16 ItishHaulini FINANCISI (20-24) -1 Business Opportunities 22 Money to Loin H Monej Hinted RENTALS (25-42) K Wanted to Renl W '. KouseiloRenl M Ouplu ftulali 30 letmbnisc Renlili H Untutnished Apartments U lentil to Snaie 35 Rooms toi Rent 36 Mobile Home Rentals 3' Mobile Home Space 38 Commercial Renlils 0 Firm t Ttatl Renlals MERCHANDISE (43-62) * Wjnled 10 Bu 45 Miscellaneous ·6 .'..Game Sate Household Goods 48 Gaidening Needs SO Olliu Supplies 51 Sewing Machines Vacuums 52 TVs. Slereos t Radios 53 Musical Instruments 55 Building Materials 56 fitcind 5» : FiuilsSVegelibles 59 Seeds. Plants S Mowers 60 PetsSSnppliH AGRICULTURAL (63-70) 63 PoiltrjlRabbils 64 linstock 65 PasluieloiRenl 66 Horses i Equipment 67 Hl. Grain, Feed S Slnw 68 Faim Equipment 69 Irrigation Systems ' REAL ESTATE (71-80) 71 Heal Estate Wanted 73 Real Estate Open House 74 Fatms. Ranches Tiacts 75 .... Commercial Investment Property 76 MounUin Piopertj 78 Mobile Homes For Sale 79 Mobile Home Lots RECREATION (81-88) 82 Sporting Goods 83 Bicycles 84 Bosls t, Supplies 85 Snowmobiles 87 Toilers Campers TRANSPORTATION (89-98) 89 Transportation 90 Motor Bikes 91 Auto Parts £ Service 92 Aut« For Sale 93 Vans For Sale 94 Pickups, Trucks 95 4 Wheel dim AUCTION (99) 99 · Auctions ft7 Help U/ Wanted IMMEDIATE Opening for fc«d mil ment and maintenance necessary. Wll train- K not Interested In permanen employment don't apply. Good wage and benefits. Contact Butch Anderson ai 3 T Cattle Company, Ft. Morgan. Or cal WAITRFSS Wanted -- 21 or over. 813 91r Street. 351-9110. MANAGER Wanted -- For four unl apartment complex. Rent reduction fo service). Call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m for appointment. 354-3030. HAIRDRESSER Needed - Call 214-513 after 5:30. MEN LADIES 18 and Over Free to Travel East Cgast, West Coast. Doing publisher's contact work. No previous experience required AM transportation furnished with immediate cash drawing account. See Mr. Gregory, Inn Towne Motel, 1803 9th St. 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. No phone calls. EARN '75"* MONTH BOYS -(Over 12 ADUL To Deliver RTISING 07 ,'-:, '07- , TBAHSPOSTATION Nmv -- Sill A7 Help etxn- Lsnfl «nd short MfQt In U/ WantMl XrtHlQA lyti«n pitnnlAB/evtluatt SDortatfon Director. Lirlmir-W, WANTED - Lit* fcr eventfj mm. 5°,°' ?' .£"' f ""!*· Lovt "! Haan thrown fiUH. One yiir or i 01 ^?* 1 '""· 6 ' u " °f»" ml better. Permanent. Contirt Lon 10-11 tmpiortr. noon Dairy queen, iwj Bin AVe. MANAGER T I EXPERIENCED SKJtUry needed " frl'ot tmllll^uil "oSd"' "If DBtlei email: reception, clldcil wrk, mdltlonl Snerwln Wllllsml comom reSnV". "S W'oo'"'TM"; "«ffi "' '^ s TM *" ""' " FRAWEHS - H yim ixptrllnu. Ma . BENDER AUTO SALES ^S^S^S" 1 " VMI ' rr EARN -- IWI30S extra f*r mo, r» n- qwt«J. no ixper. 3535»l; 355-JWi. H. WANTED -- Alert tvecutrv* *Wi nits w ty bmlnaa txperianca. An txcttlerd op- an ' portunRy" for uln axtcutlve, tuiiniu n- -admlft!ttr«or or p*rwn wttn con- by ilnctre and of good character an-tx- a- cellem tttuttlon It avetlabltto you. Call d 353-MOO. V BUILDING INSPECTOR-- SNM1.W. Perform itruclunl Inipactlon of residential, commercial and Industrie! r. · building* to Include thi check ovt cf H. sight Nans In the tl*ld, footings and \9 foundttlon** and structural detail for y vwod frimtt masonry and ttHi con- p- struct ton. Knowiadgt of UBC and i ftin conitructlon expt;lenca mandatory and prevtout building Inspection it daslrable. Auaclat* d*0rw In con- ifl structbn engineering dtslnble. Apply Parlonnel Office. P.O. Box 41*. - Uveiand, co »537. Applications closed i»i«.iidiiit neeuea. TheGRFFIFYTRIRIINF jTM*TM. Must have own tools. js accepting applications for L ^£Sffitt5'2^ mi '»m! 352-4358, Carriers in Evans. Excellent IS«i!!ai"5ubmit rMum. to*WM «id ask for Lou. opportunities for Boys and JSTS SSfftfi* "** «* NURSE AIDES sons - Short hours wilh obiiv 7 t o 3 a n d 3 t o l l averagepay. Part-time APPLY NOW! Must be experienced and CALL reliable. 352-0211 or 352-1726 Eventide of Greeley Of( i pr p rnrp «i ntr / Mrs. Collier RN, Direclor of UrDer ^""-eSSing/ 356-8181 Inventory Control UK* Po5liion now available wit in * «. IT r- I-N preferred but not essenlia . WANTED For an appointment call M TDMpK Delk, al 352 6910 1 IiUuiV between 8-12 a.m. M , ,, DRIV R REG.STERED Must have ractor-semi ex- niPTIflftM perlence(5axe)withmountan LI1CI H.IAN experience. Dietary consultant positio ., available for registered die Give qualifications and ex- cian who , s | nteres)ed in a perienceinreplytoBoxU-16c/o ministration and therapeutic Tribune. Must be willing to travel. ,, AD uleipenon for Blosiy new publication l - to iell Greeley. P.O. Box iMt, Bouldtr, B03U. NEED experienced Interior carpenters -Must havi references. Call JM-iHJ aftir 6 p.m. Equal Opportunity Emptoyer. responsibility. MM. Call Bonnie Tip- petti. 353-4743. Employment Consultants. Private employment agency. 5- Mm. U Education Instruction 1 3 Service Ol Business 10 Guide i-i Opportunities SUMMER Converwttoftal Spanish class " T ' MEX * atch repair, iaies." Grttltt RECREATION Room and lunch room -- *«d beginning Spanlih class, 353 825?. Piaow and Trophy. 353 2047. pop route and canteen. Call 715 »7i MATH Tirtvrtog -- Private. Gredes 2 Certified experienced teacher. C*tl 35 7257, after i WANT Frltttt u Crc-vp itMit hiten- Contact Gretcr.en Groves. JiMTj;. BATON Lessons - Offered by former CS Head Twlrler in beginning. I termtdlate, and advanced twirls. Ca Dtbble, at 354-7401. ************* £ Learn To Drive I { TRACTOR J { TRAILERS I J Operate Heavy Equip- ' T~ ment or become a Diesel ] 'Mechanic. Call 1-532- * J 3600, anytime. Or Write ' t Universal : J Training Service ! C P.O. Box 491 , t Bcrlhoud, CO 80513 j f Home Office Miami, Fla. } ************ll 10 Child Care Li Service . PROFESSIONAL Director -Help others LICENSED Day care - My home. 3S n hi txcttlno career. MOO..C*II Margaret 1]4S - luttanti. Prlveto Employment Aoency. LICENSED Child cere - 5 years ina « 5-34771. 3M-W7. - MAINTENANCE Fortman - Mature. B f NS L'"""" for Ml * «re - M responsible Individual ne«ded lor full horn*. ScoH school area. 3-4 ytars. 35 time supervisory position at Greeley at Gretfey Mill Offlct, 9-4. , EXPERIENCED Farmhand, ·Irrltretor, " cultivator. Two bedroom house. J54- »», after A. Evans area. Call 351-OtOS. JCENSEDOiildCare- Myhome. 35IW07. SALESPEOPLE "Wanted - Part or full C " IL , D CARE " "« nic in process. L n time. Own car. Will train. 356-nn. sallearw.33^122. i- PART-TIME Salesman - Some cabinet BABY-SITTING Done Inniy home-Wit J- delivery. Evenings and weekends. tender loving care. Child proof. 153-5514 s - Singer Company. m-CT. WILL do babysitting WANTED- Experienced male bartendar M *- 4 « M . -- ^^^ Jean|iie Buxman a) jTM,;^^,'^;;;,^^;,^',^ i ·:"X'C":'**«-***'*««««'* J53-7222 for appointment Avmiw. bitwem u a.m. aniJ 4 p.m. X SlUAHI'SWANISIHtBtSI * * If you are an oulgoing, ag- 1 ******** **·¥.** X gressive person and want a J -^ Dp Bn ftll Ct ^-L r * career In fashion merchan- 4 4 uc "" "» Ol M 1 . g dising, join America's fast. * - ( Join the Star Really *. est growing unlor worn- * -j leam 0| professionals and . J; en's clothing chain. High-J ·)( make ''?«! estate selling . .% esl paid sa ary, rapid ad- £ ^c your career. y vancement, and great ben- » ^ Want full time, aggessive . J efits. We are now taking J ^ peop |p who wanl , 0 work . J applications for assistant* ^ and make Ex . | managerCaH nmwl | * cellenl working con- - J»*«»»*»»»»»»»»*t»*» * 35211748 : OPERATOR n : ****+* ¥¥¥ ** ¥ j * Bellevue Wa er Treatment » CUSTODIAN t Plant. Located Northwest} for Community Building, » of Ft. Collins. · City of Greeley. Beginning J Must have C and D certi- J benefits such as Blue » ficate and 3 years expert- · Cross, Blue Shield, life n- Jence in operat,on and* surance , and ret iremenl · maintenance of a water p | an · f treatment plant. Salary * S893e Position available June t, J · 1977. « Apply Personnel Depart-' . , , p - r . onn ,,| , r Jment, Civic Center Com- , Sor's Office Corn muVii: { plex - . ty Building/ 701 10th Ave- · Equal Opportunity Employer ,,,,,,_ Gree|ey/ Q,,,, Sales People Needed Established company. Fringe benefits. Starting salary. No experience required Call 356-3747 Downing's, Corp. 1213 8th Avenue EXTRA H^ 9m i \ 1 lift MHC2.V7 Jftk T^» ·HBfcfcfcLrW/M-K^m^. H ^^ ^^^^^^^M^j^^^^tui iTj'^^Sgiy li-A* fl. Greeley Tribune Be the envy of your friends with a Tribune route! You can make new friends, learn responsibility and earn your own money. Give it a try! Applications being accepted for all areas of Greeley GREEL MIL TRIBU FIf · W ! Am Interested In A, P W Tribune Route lk H NAME !...; ADDRESS ^t PHONE . B§ PARENTS' NAME . . W PARENTS' SIGNATURE | lam years old and in the qrade at school. [· · atf Relurn to Ihc Greeley Tribune or moil to · i l l P.O. Boxll38. . . Mf GREELEY DAILY TRIBUNE I H M p " one » 3 «' "·» Bth SI. Box 1118. Grecloy, Colo. 'B WBH · 'Average monthly earnings VANS -- Licensed child core. Day o night. 353-B949. EXPERIENCED Legal mretary- Good LICENSED State Farm Evans, ·L typing skills essential, shorthand, light J Call 3J3-2M1. . - J NOW Accepting applications -- Full time, O Service 0 Guide g SAW lh«rpnlng. All UM1. One flay serv. ? 7 mail St. 153 cisi *·*· to loan PAINTING AIIUMl Frx HtlmitH VENIURECipHlliwlllabH-CetlClrte DlllTtstmtii. JsiOTI. WllltanmlSlarRejIty Co.. !!!-«!. 5j ADDITIONsMlmpfovmwU. S pfe°rit D .rop!tpsym7nrwts7-!mi 1 "" r -rtic cvo* r t|.i|ni|.|[id · BETTER prices paid lor trust deeds. · «idrti (i A contracts. otrier receivables. 3S3-33H f 3»nn. ng Wanted L FOR di 1 , rt«ih'f TV n- ntf""i wrv'rf. . , ° ^ en * , letevlilon Wart. 614 «in St. 35M300. RESPONSIBLE Mirrlefl CCUDle tooXlnD Ssme day service. (or 3 or nwre DMroom ftrmhouu. 517- MERLYN ERICKSON Trucking - ""' ^ O7 Houses . PAINTING -- Low rates. Qoa!lly work. ^/ | 0 jj en | " TOTAL Lawn «nd Yara Service -- Yird home? Your down payment may be a* »ndEiti!eCsre,lil71Jl. . low ai your damage deposit. Call Bill ROTOTiLL!NG-;ohp.»iftchandiinp. "W, after J. " 3omcn.3i3--u»jtnaneiMoecner. pQR R E N T _ j bedroom home. Married · , couple. 9 children okay. No peti. No . BOB'S Yard Care - Mowlno, edfllno, g flrflaB . S(o ve and refrloefotor fur- trlmmlno. w«d control, bed care and n i«ied. IJ« plui utllltlei. Jl!i deposit. FENCING Installed -Free estimates. All ATTENTION Landlords-- List your low D and w SEWER Service - 2« houn a RANCH "° m * ~ 3 "idrcom, lli bithi I o«y--»io-««- basement, range, dishwasher. SIM DOOKKEEPINC Service - Pno n , 3i, Sl'^t'.T'ApSmTM j 25 H, 5 8 p.m. Ask for Pearl. onlyi 35^.55]]. LAWH Mowlno -- Scott, 353 0075, Jay, 152- MOBILE Home for rent -- 3 bedroom*. v 8172. kitchen, living room and utility room. \ Locatid 72! Glen Ayre, The Gleni, PAINTING, Cleanlnu, cnrpintery -- Free Dacono. Rent reasonable. 1-7*4 3341, In estimates, reasonable rates. Please call Denver. IRONING - 15c per piece. 353-7801, S173. Otpoitt. July IM. 3J2-WM. ^flnylkne. TWQ ^^^ ^ mt .^ fo r rftlt _ Call 353- estlma'es 353-U91. TWO Bedroom unfurnished house -- J170. ti MINTS Matl« to order - All occailom. refrlflerator. Call 352 1094 or 3520139. ENJOY The summer with your house nome. Middle aged couple preferred, made spotless by Servlcem aster, call «» r Kersey. 3S3 ·«... r floors, windows, draperies THREE Bedroom house to shara with one DRY WALL -- Hans rock, finish texture, utilities. Call 3H-773B. spray acoustic. 3H-170;35J-B150. THREE Bedroom house -- Large, unfurnished, »». Deposit. Call 353-55JJ, 1 K Custom iH Work LOTS Of room -- Fell at home. Three J 11-7 and 311. Nurse positions. Full -- TRENCHING for water, gas, electric oimpTex Available' Jun'e ii J»0 per K benefits. Applv at Bonell RMlreme,rt PAINTING, fr« estimates, less than you (ool |n g i, final Qradlno, backhoe. Kwhn ^K renter pays gas and electric U community. 7M 33nd street. l:X-3 : ». ihlnk. 352-41 n ; 154-4057. Co .. W17 . SJictid TSi ' Swt RtVity S " 5!waR K RELIABLE Sitter Netded - For 8 year CONCRETE: Work - All types. Fre K old girl. Shift Work. Call 3510625 bet estimates. Call Doyle. 3W-79W. K RN'!, LPN's -- Set your own schedule this summer. Choost the days and shifts you - MAIN saw sharpening. 1 hr. servlc Alklre's. 1211 9th St., 35! 9501. K ment*. For more ^Information call tr«flndshrubtrlmmlng.35i-QS9l. K . Wtsltm TtitiM" 1 !' jiivlt-*S, 3I47W4. K NEEDED Silttperion -- A challenge to EWING And Alterations. 353-WU9. 1 portunltyforthftp*r»nwholsw!lllngto POWER raking -- Lawn mowing an 1 work and wants to earn bio money. Call . c| « n »P- 352-8413. for appointment, 354-0034. -- -- -- -- e BACKHOE loader, trenching, septic CLOSE To UNC - Modem mostly fur- tanks, leaching fields. Koehn Co., 3S3- n | tte d 2 bedroom house. Off strett "''· · ' parking. V block north of Campus SANDBLASTING - Tank repair or pald . JJ M depos i t . No pcts . Laundry. rt palntlng.384-slOS,evenlngs. 's CO |t R ea |ty Co. 352-13U. BALE Stacking - Super low, baling, .THREE Btdroom house for rent - wlndrowlns. Larry Penn, 2H-5J95. Family only. No pets. S3» a month. Call CUSTOM hauling - silage and manure. number If not In. ^ Ronald Anderson, ts* 21*4. , LAND Levejlno - Backhoe and loader ms 1]th AVWUB. Call 857-2834. servlnv Roypr Const ruction. ia-7?BT. RECEPTIONIST-ToWOO.lhavm'thed F rec-stl mates. 351- D2«. BACKHOE Loader- Ditch cleaning and REA fc CI 'STMS^?°. l !L!l2[! I tlSl!i?" fl S! one applicant for this Job. Phones, ~ typing, people. Katny. 3S3-P34. Acme Personnel. Private employment ser- CITCHEN and bath -- remodeling Formica work. Free estimates. 05s-«fl rlHSTDM r.hlnat. _ Cnrml^, , n MANAGER Trainee -- I7,IW. Learn all ceramic tile. Free estimate. Call 3S facets of food service. Uniform provided. Kathv. 353-UH. Acme Ptr- - sonnel. Private employment service. ^ (8?3). ^ PROFESSIONAL Firm needs an accountant -- With at least 3 years experience In public accounting to fill a full S Jr. Gen. Contracting, Sam Mlche 3S3-7W9, fllterS. Remodeling; addll ons finishing (Int.-ext., bimt.. etc.].- patios parches; Int.-ext. painting; garages carports; concrete,- roofing; stdin Free esl. O. Box G, Dillon, CO B0435. SEWINGforyourevery need -- Mechanical/Electrical background required. Contact Roger DeWltt, Bonell air^'KT^^sjf" 1 ' WAREHOUSE/Dellvery -- I7,:». Some delivery. Health Insurance paid. No F experience necessary. Maria. 353843i. ' Acme Peraonnel. Prlyate emptovment " . service. (W1). F ^AINl ING -- Interior and exterior. Fre estimates. 3J3-9590. water lines. Bud Elam, 353-3417. p( ,, s a} J61h Avenue. Call 353-4154! V «SnB L SS F ° R RENT ~ ° nC bedr ° om h0me Cfl " ' DANDELIONS Sprayed - Results F ^ 1( Jfj T M ^ Vl^l^lSSoS guaranteed. General spray service. 3S2- t,^^ apartment, furnished. Call · "mrNwfiSScM REDECORATED Unfurnished 3 bedroom baling, can arranged stacking. Phone f aml |y. Fmc»d bickyird. 1200 amonth. BreIMO "' 3 "' 4a "- Damaoe deposit. 353-4709. "" ' ' ' Call !84 4611 V.MUS. Shorn by Appointment. AINTINCi -- All kinds. Free estimates. DAVID ADDIMK Ou^ntv rxrnomrv Renflirf rfrnnriMi^ mnm ~ NlCE3bedroomhomeh LoSalle - Stove. . Kepairs,remot!ei!ng. 356-7270. refrlaerator. Available July 1. H7S oer HUblimed.frKeitlinitK.352.749l. shield^ ^nd iGandy ^buckets 153 «ii 5U1. alter 5 p.m. store. Ag background helpful. 1 need CARPENTER -Remodeling. you..Marla. 353-M24. Acme Personnel. mwQ- privaie employment service. (BH). .OPENING Job for dishwasher - necessary. Apply In person, after 1:30 Swn'w o D r r c8lT3sll«r Urant ' "* ^ h YALLPAPERING Done reasonably 3544394. D^s^KenbDS-Sr 8 '" OUSE Doctor - Remodeling, Improve CUSTOM Wlndrowlng Gill. Galeton. F ^ R , R ,! TNTI( One bettroom home. tliO. Kersey area. Jim Gcrlock, 3S2 4017, 352 ·»'··«' e " tr 4 - 9182 ' COUNTRY Home -- nearGreelev. middle CUSTOM Hay wlndrowlng. baling, and "« f?"?'? P^ferred. No children or stacking. BHrPotnam,353 1393. t peli ' 3i3 ' 1712 - CUSTOMffalestacklng- THREn Bedroom Bth Avenue Itouse -r 1-443-6888. fireplace, storage aitlc, · washer and area. Experienced preferred. Apply at ^ i?35. CO-PIRG Regional Director -- Full time position with action oriented student volunteer group. Responsible for directing student efforts In consumer, environmental and civil rights reform and advocacy. Organizational In ad- GET YOUR LAWN STARTED .EARLY WITH A LEISURE LAWN SPRINKLING SYSTEM ministrative skills mandatory. _ _ ' T "" Proiect/Reiiarch shiiia prefarred. free bstimafes -- Guaranieed Salary: $5,500 to $*,500 (negotiable). . mwr^mustLSyii^: CARPENTER WORK Position will begin September/1977. UniU Ll1 ' Ll * "UI\H send to: selection committw, Co- Remodeling, room additions PIRG/UNC, room 2J1A, University v t o r i n _ * 3% , ,,,- 4 center, Sr«iey, co 60439. Equal .op. exterior spray painting o portunhy employer. roots, houses and barns. Broiler/breakfast cook. 13.00 plus, depending on experience. Apply Ramada Inn, 353-5900. WANTED -- One pan-time cocktail Tony at Ramada Inn. Phone 353-5900. . perlenced only. Send resume C/0 Tribune. Box U-4. SUMMER work -- UOO a month full time. Call 356-7995 STEAM CLEANING ij size li». room and hall $15.01 1 1 Win. room ind hill $20.01 i. din. toll and ZMims $33.01 Statewide Carpet Cleaning 356-81 31 -«l Wort Guirinlttd Bifflfflffliiii 55!'}. i lld| i" !l "! ,,, MECHANIC- vw experience preferred. Call WMll, asK for Strvlct Manager. CompllX. Call 35! 3462. START Now-- Local Amw«y dlsrlbutor You pick the houn. We assist. For appointment, call 353-1931. VALLEY view Nunlng Home - New 120 bed Medicare approved nursing home at 115 Frwmont Strett, Ft. Morgan, Cob. has Immediate opening for Director ot Nursing. Very good salary ' com- meniuf*e with education and ix- pirlinci. Holldiys off with pay. Vacation and sick Ittvi benefits. Croup Insurance program ·vallible. Contact Ruby Ashily or L. C. shepard for per- xnil Interview. 1 147-8141. An Equal Opportunity Emptoytr. AO Sales/ UO Marketing Help NEEDED Seles Heip -- Due to our new developments et Sunset Memorial Gerdent and liroe number of people In thi area we hive opening! for I sales persons. Must be married and lived in am for 5 Y»M. N«n ·ppearmei and rnvi good »r. Above ivirogi eirntngi for rlcht person. Cell 351-5590. U Education Instruction , MACRAME Classes -- Ages l-adult. Budget Micnme, 11158th St., 151-4749, EXCELLENT Swim Lessons -- Starting age 6 montnsto audit. Call 352 6491. Drive Belts for Rockwell Electric Miter Box IS' Stanley Tapes S6.95 Leather Carpenter Pouches 517.95 Steve Kraus Home Improvemen Specializing in: i Redwood Decks i Patio Covers Exterior Siding and Soffits Other Exterior Improvements Quality Workmanship 'k. 353-4476 Gieeley.Col "FAST and EXPERIENCED" Sewer and drain problems solved The Anytime Way. CALL ANYTIME SEWER SERVICE 356-5943 Niteor Day Free Estimates . .C.rMy.ju-luj. N ' A R nw Tm bMroomj mvi ALARMS - Flre-burglnr-smoke Cuitom refrigerator, dlihwMer, dllpossl, nj*. A,, w- «».. tauu .. 3rr n /,s er35 s? ed - ·* · ' c s»S12^ B D.'K!e d Si: UJCCT np GREELEY EARL Anderson - Custom wlndrowlno. Very large 4 bedroom home on eanjirrahge baling and stacking. 353- 1 acre tract. Beautiful fireplace §BW ' with upqraded carpeting. 2 car ANDERSON garage. References required, CUSTOM HAYING deposit,' available June' 1st, Call Collect call: Ken Johnson and Co. · 303-753-9228 356-1220 Finpst NPW Holland Fn.uipmr'nt i"V Dependable Family Operation on Duplex £3 Rentals 15 feaTn TM5L'VS2LSS? C " 3M '""( CENTENNIAL Rooting, new and Old T: homes. Judson Elam, 353-3617; 351 -MI. ONE 8«Jn»m - furnished, utllltlii paid, one small child okay. Across street (rom RE-ROOFING - New or old. Free Jerrys Upholsiery, 2304 9th Street. HJi estimates. 15 years experience. 352- month. 3530113. ROOF new and old home - Free draped, appliances, washer/dryer- es maes. o ,2844542. Marrled'coupieionly. Maximum 1 child. No pel i. S170 plus deposit. 353 M40 after 1 "7 Mo vino A * W ll Storage UNFURNISHED 7 bedroom -- Has ap- FOR Mo«lng or itoraBe -- Boxes and fencid yard", i child accept'edr'No piti! 353 3927. appointment to s«f. DELUXE I bedroom duplex -- Full £i Opportunities ONE Bedroom -- furnished, utilities paid. sell for you. Have cash buyers for all 01B3. today at Star Realty. 352 4748. WALK to snopplno, - vary romiortablt twa bedroom unlurnlshid duplex. Niir EXCELLENT INVFliTMENT -- ) wet downtown on lllh St. WO pir month, station beiuty shop. Beautiful decor. All utilities paid. Scott Realty Co., 352-1114. 1 Exceptional clientele plus super TWO Bedroom - CarpMed, draped, ap- beautiful living quarters. Carpeted and pltancts, with washer hook-up. .Can bt spacious living room with wood burning couples, no pels. 41J 35th Avenut Court. fireplace, all electric kitchen, roomy fenced yard, doubli carport. Call Lll 351-7676. Soaldlna. U1-U40 A .«».»«,,.-,,. A,, DELUXE, CUSTOM-BUILT yS^S^JKS'SSl!^ ^ BEDROOM DUPLEX in this area, should own pickup and be Close to schooFs and shopping. Hii ino. P For nwi^nlor^uo^writi^Dr ^ ara 9 e ' 'enced yard, covered can Bovd Leslie, 4» lath St., Booidsr, patio, all appliances Couoles CO 80302. Phone 1443 0123. . - ,,,,· ,.,. p e a only. S260 per month plus HAVE A highly profitable and beautiful deposit. Available now. See at Jean Shop of your own. Featuring the 10?4 9frth AVP Tall «i avx latest In Jeans, Denims and Sportiwear. . " AVe ' QU 355 " 43 W J13.WO Includes beginning Inventory, evenings. Shown by ap- fixtures and Iralnlng. Call anytime for nnintmnnl Mr wateriaMMnsiDsiM pomirneni.

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