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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, December 20, 1955
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jBh«r«BV,ij and ; 7. i o'clock? ifi tfiim. -'·*·· *ir"Vr iloVy-en' Pag. 7J': ·- WASHINGTON · Wl^Sec'ret'a'ry '' State Dulles . announced.. Tuesda the administration wants to ste Up its:foreign 'aid !spending:b'y' 20 million dollars' next year, and w: ask, Congress for a ?4,900,000,00 appropriation.; 1 ; · · . ' . ' · · . ' . " · ' All ..of .the.[contemplated' iricreas i "· spending : would-;'be fpr,'"e'c : npmic. help--a field .in ;whIc"h''Ru. lia 'has' recently· shown -great" ai tivity. -' ; '- ··· -·' ' ;'· · :· '·· '^ .'·· -': Alluding--to -this';Soviet' acfcvitj Dulles said the United State 'seeks no monopoly-in'renderin economic. · 'assistance^.1 but 1 '· 'di clared.'-''it'would seem un'riatuYa for the, Soviet-rulers'-to provici economic- ''aid ' to Bother people when the 'peoples -they alread rule are ; lhemselves in dire'need .He. added:;:: : ..,,-, ,;. - . .-. - .-. , ,",We''at Soviet. economi aid.,is...not- o f f e r e d \ a s ' - a Troja horse.-to penetrate,.ahd'then tak over; rindependenti countries'.'.! 1 :"'i' Dulles told a news conferenc he, regretted very.-m.uch' a': mis understanding which .-he -saidt-ha given; congressional 'leaders ' th impression that ..the .program t be submitted, in January .would -b about:the. same as-,that voted'thi . Dulles,-said' the" new .money .re quest, laid "before* Congres will coyer both',military arid e'co riomic and that the-jump oOabou $2,200,000,000_pv«r-.-this -year's pro gram .is ; to be, explained: in large part'by a need to keep the.pipe line of military supplies full: : lie, drew; a .-distinction . belwee. appropriations and .prospective ex peuditures; explaining thatiactua spending on'- foreign' aid-, will Vbe only 200 million dollars more lhan the present:, fiscal year, : ending text June. 30. ; .. ! * - . ; . ' i'" - , . . ' -(The money 'appropriated, biifnp lo. be spent in. the. newifiscal year would;add. to the' eign .aid spending;, authority foi use in future years/.-It would raise this to' abovit seven'-billion dollars ··."·'''···. Weather . ; ; Tem'peratiire at 2 : p* mi. Tuesday was'.55·"degrees'. ''"'".·'. . · '·'·'· ---/ii.' r Local for'24'hours ending at ; 8 a'.m: Tuesday: highV3S;ilow,° 11. i: Colorado -- -Partly cloudy north west, fair; east and south'' through Wednesday; - warmer' most. of. the east -portion- Tuesday; ·occisioh'a gusty ^'wirjds. 'easV : "pbrtidh;* ' l o w Tuesday'night 0-io -'above mountains 20s northwest to 25-35 e'ast; high Wednesday 40s northwe'st'to 55-65 s south-east ,?.. : . , ' : ' · " ,W y'm i' g" 1 'r-,t Partly : clou'dy through -Wednesday with 'scattered snows. ;northwes|ern^ mountains; locally, strong; gu'sty^winds; · warmer eastern 1 - border- ari'tl ..north Tues- · day and;1 lgc¥lly..'northeast Tues- day"nigjjt;;-16w' Tuesday night ]5- X' mountains; 25-35 lower.'elevV- tiohs;;,high 'Wednesday 35-45 -w4s of'tberDivide to 45-S5 east.-. ··'£'. ' New: Mexico--Partly'cloudy, ; with" littl e .-change. : in t e rnperature. Tu es- day'afterndon^Tuesday night ,and Wednesday j "possible scattered SHOT;?, flurries; western, mountains Wednesday; : high .Tuesday! 45=55 northwesti'to 55-70 elsewhere; low Tuesday.night 20-30 northwest .and north central.'.to. 30-40 .-.elsewHere. Boulder and Longmpht:.-General- ' ry.fair. tKr6ugh" f ::\yednesday?''rniJd temperatures- : :high\ Tuesday · arid Wednesday.",.SO^Sj-V lpw;:;-Tuesda"y night around 35; 'Boulder:'60-32-60; Longmdnt 60-30-60.-· . Southwestern'(^Colorado:-. " Fair through Wednesday; low-Tuesday night, 0-10 -.above .mountains . 25-35 lower elevations';'high Wednesday SO-SO; Durango .55-20-55. · .^ .. _ riVE.DAY FOR1ECAST .'. . : , - - ' · Colorado: Very lillle or no'pr.. eipilation ~ Uidicale'd during r forecast period; temperatures ..will, av- erage'4 to 8 de'gre'es-'?.bove seasonal with no ; important-day to day changes. ' "· -'; ' ' CQfnmunist Koreans, Accuied. of r Firing,- ·-. ., on-Unarmed-Cppfer-."-··-··-' PANMUf{JOM, Korea Cfl The United Na lion s Com m and · Tu esda y , accused the.Communists.of loosing "indiserim'uiate'.' antiaircraft' fire at an unarmed'Allied-helicopter Dec. 7. . ' · ' , ' . -- ", A .U. N. 'Command spokesman said thf. helicopter ran into ground fire , east; of, Kaesong, -wh.ic.h^liei northwest ; of '.Panhiunjorn/: Th'e helicopter.': was'.not bit.-The pilot became lost and · flew over ,Red territory,'' the',-:command 'reported." «r KeitK Smith 1 Diei v ^''[ .tTONEY, : Australia'"-;. Sir^Kejui Smith, 6(,' a'pioneer of Australian 'avialvo:-. ' : ...:-i t y.-K: . .,:·:'-,.--.. RiQK To Build'Riactoi- SEOUIy «l _ The .South' Korea government is looking "for " a ' 3C acre-yacant-lottpn'-'which- to bui an'-'atomic reactor. ".· ·' ' '- The ROK-'government -will' bui the' reaclor^-with · United ' S t a t e technical - a n d - matei-iar-assistanc --for''peaceful'industrial uses' et udation : ministry officials said. Back^t6 ; Cpita! Washington ..Tuesday'-'afternoon: : -'".The- original plan i was'-for':th President-ah'd'Mrs: Eisenhdwer't go to the capital Wednesday morn ing'.''- -- - i; : ..- .- ..'.:. . . . . '.. Tuesday-morning it" was 1 an pounced they would drive to'Wash ington Tuesday afternoon.' ··'· · .'- Then it-' was- 'decided : the 'Presi denl .would '/ly:'and .Mrs.- Eisen hower would : drive down later. James C."Hagerty, White House news 'secretary,' said: the "decision was dictated solely by the desire jf- s Mrs." Eisenhower' to get bad o Washington .a': day "earlier to complete preparalions for the fam ily's. observance 1 of'Christmas.' '·' .They .had- .planned'.- to : refu there Wednesday. : -'. ·' . . - .'.-, Uncerlainty "still surrounded. Ei senhdwer's .' . some ,ime -in .a-.warmer 'climate as-pre scribed- by. his physicians. .., . ... i.'Hagert'y.satd .Augusta,-.Ga./.w^ still under consideration but a hum her of other warm · spot yhich h e - d i d not'name have no been'.ruled.'iout.;There.'was noj'an npuncement.^when.- :t'he ,' Prisiden will /leave.: Washington,- j but·'.. pre sumably it ; a few days,aft er Christmasi-·.-.:·;.- ' -,-':-' -.-!.-.) ..The-,'docforsisay.. the .President's recovery.ffrom his Sept. 24,hear attack will, b?;speed.ed-if he'gets more outdoor..exercise .than the weather here has allowed.:. · : ; , , : The...only .official -.caller, iched uled;. to; .see.. Eisenhower _ Tuesday was Dillon. Anderson,- his- specia assistant for national security mat ers, -They met at the Eisenhower arm; .in.--preparation .fpr.' Thurs day's White House: meeting of the National Security .Council. ._ ..,- ;.· ; Because .of v a . i n s w .-cold wave, Eisenhower cancelled plans tp'visil lis. office, in the, Geltysburg Post Office building.'' ". .,. '. .' ^-The Pre'sideiit Monday'accepted with "deep regret" the resigna- ion of'Nelspn A. Rockefeller, for ng without pay, cited "compeliing persona.1 'responsibilities" for his eparturc' from "the Wh"ite--House faff, effective .Dec. 31. Hagefty aid Rockefeller felt he had to eturn to business affairs. i- - · --_ _^' on ·By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS -;While icy cold numbed the mid- le part of ·thercpuntVy and- much f the. East Tuesday, Colo'ra'do and ^yoming'residents 'enjoyed spring- ke weather. . - jEarly --morning f ^temperatures' were 10 to' 25 degrees'higher ttian londay's in eastern Colorado, and p as much a: 44 degrees, in r east- rn . Wyoming. . The 'tern at. ouglas", \Vyo., [lot 'example, was ), comp-ared to. 9 above zero there londa'y.' V-' ·. '·= . : . The only moisture reported in he two-state region the past ,, 24 ours- was · some* srfow. ipvcr the" ^ellowsfone National Pa'rk : ' area* of fyoming.'. r " i - ; ' i ' ^ ,'..' t'-i] iThe weather man looks' for con- nue'rl". mild 'weather in both Col- rado; and -Wyoming .the. .rest of his week.. The .S,-day forecasts, Isled Tuesday, promise tempera- ures" se\'e.ral -.degrees above, sea- onal ,ana':llftle dr.r'rp] pre'cipita- bn except some scattered "snows , the riortbern ·Wyomin'g^mbtm- ains. - .' ' · '; i.i ^ i-j.: ', ·* Lowest atFraMr ', t7 temperatures! lq..the'.:^ ate area earl/Tuesday we're one selow zero 'at Fraser, Colo., and e^^t Sheridan, -Wyp, .Highs ' ' id 52 at Douglas and ^Cheyenne, Maxlinum aod minimum tem- iralufesf during, the 24-hpur pe- od endingfearly" Tuesday Mn-" Residential Winners,at Eat6n ..' TM« ii rhj;H.'nry Brown ntidencV «'t » ; 'p«rk · E.ton..Brownw»nfiritprlz. ln d JSO for (Ki.wnkh. "j« .ChrlihiiM decontkni whkh include ngel A ' ^.'·jj** Bill Dwnhoo plic* · «M*«k;««;'"-^'sVh»a;.aiMS.'«be;y»'ir'«'ndVbir^ :i6iron' : h«ui« et«eer«tWj. L cnt«ii.'Th^ decora-^, unlchj ''f^' · ' 'i'V/'-'-J^M?!-^'?'!^;***"'' SHOPPiNG Seal by: Lottery, · ei' i - '-'· - - ' .- ' ; t i L l * '' - ' · (S« »lrli«'r jfory tin P«9« 7) UNITED .NATIONS, N. Y. (fl -- 'ugoslavia was elected to a scat n Ither U.^J N,' ; Security :Coun"c'il uesday: as-part-'of , : a lottery ideal nder which Yugoslavia; and the hilippines.'ould split 'a. 2-year rm. . The action of trie General As- embly ended a record-breaking eadlock imwhich 36 ballots were asl during the past two months. also Cleared;the; way for quick djournment' of the 'Assembly's 955 session. - ' ' . Tuesday, morning's vole was 43 r.iYugoslavia^-ir.-for the Philip^ nes^one for Finland and one for weden.^.This was five more than e required two thirds majority of os.e'present and While the split-term deal had the acking of - both Yugoslavia and e. Philippines;i as Iwcll as T?us- a and Ihe. big Western powers, ere was .no vote on the deal as Jch.-The Assembly merely elected -jjoslavia to a two-year fe'rm. The' understanding was',",how- ver, that the Yugoslav delegation ould. resign "at t h e ' e n d l of.ohe ear v a n d , ; l h a t the Philippmds ould then be Delected.- Yugoslavia as chosen to. scrve.'ths.first-half ^fhe^ term after^ its'name-'was awn out of- a box by. Assembly ·esldeiit' Jose Maza .last Friday As their final act; Uie delegates cod for a : minute.-of-silence', r'esident ^Maza then banged the avcl 'to end the 10th Assembly ssion at 12:48 p.m.. (EST). *SarcK'!JIan Dies ''"··;. UPPER-I-MONTCLAJR, S. J. -- dward S. Youmans, 58, rice esident in"charge 'of research nd a director of'the Okomite Co.' Passaic, -N. J.,- died Sunday. Craft in AreKllledrl3iliosefaiheft By .THE. AJSOCIAT ED.'p'jl'ESS ·'."Four. Air ' Force..! planes ^collided in two accidenls/over'.Florida and brought-.dcatli".to;iV-arrmbn Mon- Iay..--Thrfei.-bthers- /were missing Eight '-men-.-'died when 1 two. B47 jet' bombers .collidcil.over .the -outskirts of Tampa/ Flaming wreckage showered trie countryside.- One of'the'.'planes.'.was from Macdill Air..Force -Base--.nt-STampa and the' :ol!ier;"from,'Pineca'stle AFB near Orlando, ,'.- ;,'.;. ··':. - ' . " J«VCn»h«VinloB*W , ', A few hours later an F86D Sabre Jet smashed ihfof'a B20 bomber in the air over . Port . St, vjo'er about 200 miles up the Florida west c'oasl/and killed three filers: Three were missjng. Both planes' wore from Tyndall AFB at Pan-- ama ,'.CJly,,,Fla.. . ' . . - , - : .The-.Tampa planes ; fell*, dangerously, closelo ,a trailer park.' Terrified reiidcn4';'said they, .thought an earthquake '. had '"struck.' ."One plane exploded on contact,, the other-seconds .-later..-. · ; . . Down Dr»fl L'kt/y Ca'uttd On* Crj.h Sppkesme,n ,,said the accident apparently ..'occurred'' as the Macdill piano.was having trouble with its landing gear.arid the Pinecas-' lie craft flew underneath to take a, look.. This is 'often done. · ' . i . Tnfn', both ' must have hit a (lowhdfa'ft, causing, them lo · col- jde. Two.crewmen tried to jump,' jut their:chulc'i f a i l e d : t o ' o p e n in tne short .space 'to the \ground. ! ..The wreckage'.fell about half a mile from the trai!6r park and set fire to 'a pine thjcket. ..'".-. i3ChiWrtuFath«rI«ii ".Thirtoeri children; were. left fatherless · "in 'the : holiday'. season lrag_cdy.; ' · · . . · :'^- ;.·,'·;. : ; · Apportion of- the B2S 'bomber wreckage'- fell. aiout\ x five,-miles wcst'of 'Port: St.-.,Joe, ; 0 n busy U. S. '98, .'and,' barely' missed a dozen-beach., houses". ·:.':- '':· Part of the wreckage ripped thf snirt: of an unidentified man _who' Vas. helping his family Into .their car. The . man was not 1 injured/ Flash Followed by Sepa.ra.t*" .' . ' . ' . - - ExpJcsJons.-',':.^ ' : 'JThei planes''collided'"iwith a' very'bright flash" l h a t - ! i £ u p .the ky,"-.said :"Highway .·Patrolman :iyde.'Lcroy.Pfeiffcr. ."After the irst^ 'expiosionV, they. tcparatad' nto. smaller balls.'bf fife. Then they'exploded .again. · .". | '..'{The.'main .part of the B29 fell n the 'Jiighway. 'A smaller part ell in., the wafer just off from (Continued on Page 16) ,. . Mayor - Nicholson v..:: '·· Re jects; Pay ^increase : for Firemen/- Poiicemeii , . ] rejEclcd ' Morida"y^as ;i r io6 -'costly" a [proposaU'fo'r. pay'i'liicreases' for' firemen and. policemen. . It' was e«- timaled the raises would cost taxpayers · f 750,000.- annually.' ;, i '/. -.-' :i.Nicholson' tyrrie'd down the pjari a.( a meeting in his hospital room with a :. committee which .'· was n'araed earlier to draft a;propbsed charier ameridment to '"provide -for the · pay · increases/- The'.' proposal wa s : to ,) bi^ .. s ubm ittcd : to 'vole rs at ai'special city election next spring. ·The....inaj)(r, said: he- would -"not star,d,lrr.the;way" if City Council approved" trie* 'proposal. However, he wanted 'taxpayers lo 'know .-he felt the' 'request should ' b e trimmed. .. ., , .,.,.- j-'. ... - -.-/-i,-,' ; The '-proposal'' would ' boost 'the pay of ^rookies from. .$300. to. $325 airaonlh. , - ' ' . . ' Europe *C6piifsSjpi|;:. ; '.-;,;:'. of ' : ; ·CONDON , .W-Soidiers ''· took " up shovels. Tuesday, to. dig snow ; from streets in Scandinavia .as FAiro'pe 1 counted 16 dead in the winter's first, blizzards..'- .'-, '·- ,\:\ ;!.--.: . : Cold ( 'ahd frost took six lives in Sweden,"- fouri in Britain' .four- -in Denmark, 'one in Norway and one in West Germany. ·" . '' "' '. ;-Twenty-five ships ;were :ituck fast in Icepacks '.of; Ihe BClhnian Gulf bclween' Finland and Sweden. Sen; George,11, fill Run Again ^VIENNA, Ca. Ml-Scn;! Waiter FJiGeorge Tuesday announced he would, 1 ', .re-nomination in Georgia's' Dernocralfc party next yjcar. «i,w ·;.,'\... · T ; u '.'..S,-'^.v .jThe, announcement squelched ftimors that the veteran cpngrtss- m a n r c h a i r m a n of the Senate Com- rn'ittee.on Foreign Relations, would re'iire-after 33 years. In the Senate, p.iving lhe r ,way'.for.;forrner Gov. Herman" Talmadge to' succeed - n l m . . - . - liiiiii^ from the Consulate in SearcKid witlr Magnet ' .Ttw'.'.craih' klll*il t 44 "persons, includiris Mr«. Diiii» : E. ,,. . o f DehvVr..H«r ion, U.yiir-.ld -John GilbirV'Crah.m, hai, bi.n accuitd of Dicing:a tlm« bomb In htr luggiigw thortly b«f»r h* to«rd.d Hit plan ·(. Dtnvir, M m'l!i sovirh of h«r. ' Tito in Ethiopia ADDlis ABABA,--'Ethiopia, tfi -President;Tito" of -Yugoslavia;- an official' visitor to Emperor ..Halle to have bagged. sevefol. aDimals, Dopey Vanishes, of:j|varfnaj)J!ig · ' ' - . --· l' . ' ' · : ' ' . ' Now it's.Snow White and the Six 'Dopey--Dwarf No. 7--is'missing Irbm the'Christmas display in the froijt of Guggenheim Hall at CSCE facinglEighlh Ayenuel'''··'..-'. ·· Whether Dopey just got tiired o his job or whelhe'r he was kid .napped'.is'a.question,:but Dr;-,Gfy lord/ Morrison, chairmaru of.vth faculty .comrnittee In" charge'of th 'campus dcc'pratlb'hs this ye"ir,-Is-ir clined to the kidnap theory; v"," -- The /series'rofr Chrlstma^ ","di plays on 'the campus, to which ao ditions -"'are'., in a da ' eachV-,season added^Santa and'his .workshop:thi year.' t The; hew. dii pla y. wa i i m ad by VerIe_Mibkish, -Fred Kagy, Mor ris Johnson .and Dave Olson': Thi display is on the east face o Kepner Hall. A Bambi display is on he Crabbe Hall 1 step's making :hfee displays on Eighth avenue. ' ,\Other, displays include Santa and h'is deer atop.'the Garden-Theater and la lighted Nativity iheme in the windows' at the west entrance of Frasier Hall. I t ' w a s designed by iichard Bail. Numerous evergreen rees . on ' the campus ^also aro ighled as ..Christmas tree's. Members of Ihe faculty commlt- ee in charge.of this year's decora- ion, are;- Dr. Gaylord .Morrison, chairman, Fred Kagy.' Maynard itamper, Eddie' Jo Connell,' Dorohy 'Holstrom, Merlo Parsons, /eHe 'Mickish,' Dave Olson, Rose Jeorge/Abernathy, and William KOCh. ·.. ' - . :.'' '.: .. . · . ' ' Ernerf Florio .eases Glenells (or Shoe Store , Ernest .Florio, owner and operator, of the shoe department of Jrecley Dry Goods^company; has wught'the lease (o Glenells, lash- on shop fd^womc^ located at 820 Vinth '-street. :'-'i : ' . - - . - ' ;Florio will open a,completely remodeled shoe store on the site, an ambition he says he has had since coming lo .Grccley -in 1922. Florio added' that he would continue his association wilh ,1he Greeley Dry Goods firm. · ' · ' - . - ./ · .': The present-owner of Glenells, Glen'E. Porter Jr:,'will complete elling out his stock, of women's war .by .-Jan. 15,'FIprio'said, i The" new ihoe store, following a period of extensive remodeling of he exterior and interior of the uildlng; s will -be opened - early' in he summer, Florio" added.' ' ' " The furnishings ard fixlures of Glenells will be sold, Florio said, hut thb"aparfm'ent on the second floor of the .building unchanged. ·'." . ' '.'. Associated with Fiorio.'in the venture .wil! 'be .his brpther,;Ed Florio,' formerly manager ^cf 'the shoe ' department of the. i Bos ton Store i n , Colorado Springs,- Ed Florio has-been with Greeley-Dry Goods'since this spring, f . - . ·Porter, who has operated Glen- ells, since 'August,--1950, will construct "in A 'i W drlvein at Ponca City, 0!c!a. He and his brother, Bill Porter, built· a similar A , t W drlvein in Manhattan, Kans., this spring. ... j. Henry Brown of 28 Park avenue laton, received first prize award o SO.for lhe'bst ; ,Christm'as" decora .the"residential division o Jaton's.Christnias decoration cb'h est sponsored'by the Eafon Civi ssociation,/'.'·!'·'·; .''-:. . Browns house wa? decoratec Hth."a group'of'angels" on' (op "6 iis {torch-.with tw'o.'small scrolls:on iither side. A-hu'rnber of lights bu'l ined the gable'section'of the hous and a - pair of light strings" "were laced on tither side of the step f Ihe porch.- '. '.··· T . he . Eaton Herald^won fir^t place n division of'the^con est wilh a thiirch scene iri'the win low of the Herald office. .Bill. Dona'hoa S*c«*d Second-place-'in^lhV resldenti lirislon went to Bill Donahoo o M Park avenue who had a bi liver door with_ a . Santa , Claut leering over an : ope'.' : book rbov h e ' door^ · 'Across the 'top' of Vtn oof. are..-thef.'ifords -I^erry. Chrlsl mas and -'Happy?. New .^Ye'ar, : HI irize was-$30.--j V:- ; . ' . ' - . ' ' . . . Tom GriffitV Yf '.«l".Cheyenh avenue . jock Uhird plape -and th ^ZO.prizefwiHij a sleigh pulled b reindeer" across .the-front-of- h porch.'. Leading -"the ,'reindecr 'is R ;»-'!(Cbjitinii^d''tm- p'a'ge : 16) . THi A$$OC (ATI D P R CSS The coldest feather-, of the" set son, , wit h... (e'mperatu r« s. ·. pliingin. as far, fs'31,below ler'o',-'stung th EastV-Tueiday.-1 .':;··'"·'·".''" . It was. ihevsanie'-old, cold slor n the central; section'6f t h e - n a ion -- still Icy but: n o t - a s bone :hilling as Monday. ". ,.--.. ...-· -' Polar air surged Into the East Pemp'eratures. toppled.' j !3J B.low W Nw rl'mpttiire' ·Mt. Washington, N. H., had -3J The lowest official overnight read ng,in New : y.ork state was.'-23 a' .ow'ville, south 'of' Wal'cflown ii he northern .part .of the statcl Valerlowri liad r -i7;'-=! ;-_r^--jt.-.^i An unofficial readirig of -J8 was cpor'ted near Hetkirher'iri central Vew York and at Blobmingdalc car Sarana.c. I^akc. Ulica had -14, iyracusc:-6 and'Albany -4.'.- .-, The..fretze" was .on farther .-north! Boston's 8 "above "was .fhescpldcs't ince Feb. 3/ -6 at Pittsfield, Majs () '.tb'.-J6-'at "reenfield, Mass., and Newport, . ' Z«ro In N«w Jtrs«y In New'Jersey, (he season's low- st marks were reached, wilh a cro reading at Stokes Stale Forst, 8 ^abovc zero .at Washington 'alley and 14 at Newark 1 . : Alfhougti .'winter by the calendar s not scheduled to arrive unlil 0:22 a'.m.-EST'Thursday, It al- cady was entrenched in the Hid- west. Temperature's there -- up pprcclably'' from' the^ Monday eplhs -^ .included -14 at Duluth, linn., ';-7.'aV.'Fargo,-N. D., ^4. at Jcs 'Moines'and'-l"at Omaha, It 6 above'at" Chicago, where a ght siiow. added to the natural liseries. ' V, : ' - Cloudy In ^IMnrmota Cloudy .skies, and light 'mow ormed a protective blanket in linnesota, Ihc center of Ihe Arctic ir. At Bcmldji, Minn., II was 11 cgrces below zero compared to 'a jonc-chilluig. 45 . below Monday ibrnihg. : ' ' ' · ' ' ' , · Thermometers stayed below zero ll : day Monday in .most "of.-Min- esola, N'orlh Dakota and horth- eatern Wisconsin and were in the lens in other north central states, he : day's high' at Alexandria, tinn.r was a biting 15 below. The p at Minneapolis was ·, a rise f 12 degrees from the early "morn- ig".low. It- was around -7.'.this lorning. ,'., ^ 'i - . · ; , . ^ The freezing'line extended ^frpm Jrthcrn North.Carolina to. sbuth- rn Arkansas, northern Texas' and orthward. through" 1 -the western lains to the northern Rockies.-. Warm'Pacific L air covered most '.-the plateau region and the'"cen- al · Rockici with "early morning cadings in'the 40s m cenlralCpU do, Wyoming and westward into Idano'and northern Nevada, i " Also in i'^'iV^J''-''-'- ":":·'!.'.! ''···'·'· ' .:' J :K~- ".(AMMAN,',;Jdrdan if!''^ "An 'Arab "·' m 6b J of · 2,000 ' stormed' the ' U.' S, consulate in,.the Old City 'of 'Jeni. salem;Tuesday:,:and rippid down- no American': flag In dempastra- ions against ·:'Jordan ' joining -U» -'· Baghdad pact'-. .- .·'-··1-- · ·· .- ;'.- :-.' -:Violence:.erupted also'in Am-' 1 man',-: capital 'at, Jordan,. despite Cing Hussein's, action dissolving P.arliament' and ''callirie for ·' n« consulate building before troops of Jordan's Arab legion fired.iiito tni ·ir and "dupersed the /rioters. pft ice. roped .(iff. the" .'building and irevented the; rioters from entering in .large, numbers.' J, ..'.'. *; : .· ' N o casualties: occurfed/then!, n i t . before' dispersing the mob set ire lo a ear near the consulate juilding. · ' " ' ' ' arlier riots. ^ ···-;-,; a ;· .-3 · ;,·' The French consulate '-also came under 'attack, "staff '.number's flei o., the .rooftop, as. the, troops icit ercd. the demonstrators. . ; it\' ;By ; noon' the, situation" appeared o be calming' somewljat after cari "ith .]oudspetkers.,annouricec: tha't remier Hazza erMajali'hail re igned.. '., ,.;...:, .,..'... .^ , · K The rioting ' flared ' m 1 'Arnrnai ~ ifter . the., king's. .actiph N; becarne ndwn.- Security " police* ; clashed yitH,- the. crowds; and ^several cai- · allies ' were · reported. .'" " } '. : -j.. Tbt 'crowda^ .were ippaftaUyirfe -"-'· ensed because'" ilie'._ kffig's i . - a n i ' aouhcement said the' ministers' un- er Pre'fnier'iHazza elj MajaU would remain in'dffice until i new cabinet : ii ^fo'rme'd. , -.' . x ·'''. f H' ~~~.' ·-|7n.'_'"IL^..^l!^I: - I.'! Jl-~i "'j' ' V - : - ^- i\ ' ' irepariii g · f or. the"'- annual Christ . m'as ·'^pilgrimage/.·' "V ·'.':".-: .... ; ;'J: dan. after "days/of »r.iatous".dem6t£' stratidns.againstfthe projWestern . Baghdad' pact.'-'No "details" weri given; in the' brief ·; telephone Vail to a'BeiriitibusineM^firiri.*.';' . ;j -.··"(AY spokesman/ f(ir" the' U. N.'. Work;:'Relief Agency (UNWRA") in ; Beirut, iaid one, UNWRA autS- mobile'was burned and overturned by 'dembnstralor! in~the Betaleheza area,-Monday-but ; no UNWflA personnel were injured.)-;.·:-.';- ':·; · -· (Anii-BSghdad p a c t ; demonslra- ion's .. »Uo confirmed in Jeru- alem's i.Oli . Cily' Tuesday as ,'· rowd of'storie-lhrdwirig Arabs .at: acked -the. American /consulate uilding in." the' Jordah-adminis- ered section, a U; S. source re- wrted from the Israeli side. The eport 'said American ·'Consul-Gerf- raj William Cole asked tha Israeli, or'eign Ministry, i n ' case of ne'c- ssity, whether ·Israel- would al- ow. American citizens..'to 'croif ver '·to Israel without form ali ly. srael conscnlcd immediately, ad srael! Foreign Ministry,!;spokes^ tan said. About 20 or.30 Amerian" citizens' wefe' reported wait- ^ !ig at, the,.Jordan side, of the :andelbaum Gate' for. further inductions.) ^ . * . i : i . ·A '.UNWRA plane ,was refused ermisEJon to land at Amman air- oft Tuesday morning. .The agency · as the task of.caring for"the ap- ' rpximately. one million'Arab ref-. gees from the Palestine War of MS.- ' -". · ; Jordan's three leading newspa- ers".- published in Jerusalem, fall- d'.tp appear-Tuesday. / . -· ;, ! Toppling,of.El Majali's goverjt ent was the second cabinet crisis less'lhan a week.' Premier said I Majali's resigned last \Vednc9* ay alter Britain offered to:supply ordan wilh new heavy-|ar'm"s arid :ti fighters if lhe_country_ would tin the Baghdad pact. ,-." . i']. No date was set by the king for / le new elections, .which would be," uperyis'ed b y , the cartaker" cabt The.Baghdad.alliance is a,West- rn backed 'defense : . grouping u uding" Britain^ Iran, ir'a?,' TUT- cy and Pakistan.. The .proposal ° include Jordan stirred frenzied isentment among'Jordanians who arcd it- might .mean abandoning e' country's claims against Isei. . ' : · · '::··.· : i NEW YORK (fl-Financlal. and mniodity exchanges throughout e United Stales.* will be' closed onday Dec. 26, in .observance of iristmas. : ; ;_· .'- : j ' Some commodity markets win ose Nearly on Friday ; Bec. 23. U other New York exchanges wiil erate a full session. '' : in' Phoenix Monday ~\ PHOENIX;''Ariz. H I . -- Record Id waves in. the East and Mid- est don't mean much here, e£- pt for the gloating newspaper^. adlines they, produce. It was"7»' .Phoenix .Monday,-' one .dejre* ss "than the 1 record tigh' lor- tin y in 1»17. j j ··-·'

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