Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 20, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1951
Page 4
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Las Cruce^Sun-News Founded in 188!; published dally, except Saturday--weekday aftcr- nooni and Sunday mornings--by the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N. Water fit., Las Cmces, N. M. Entered, at Las Cruets jiostofflco as ·econd-clMs matter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvillc E. Priestley, Kdilor and Publisher Nttlonal Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper Representatives,-Inc., Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Atlanta. Member ot the Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlon of all local news print- td In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. TELEPHONE 33 This newspaper Is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Ask for a cdpy of our latest A. B. C. Report giving audited facts and figures about our circulation. A.B.C. -- Audit BV«»U oi Circulations FACTS ii a manure of Adv»rtiilng Valu» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In Las Cruccs and surburban areas, 18o psr week or 75c per month; by motor route delivery in Dona Ana county, $8.00 per year or 85c per month. By mall In New Mexico 70c per month or 57.00 per year. Outside of State 85c per month or W.OO per year. Mail subscriptions are payable In advance. Never Good For U. S. ·We have always been convincud that when ono group or one organization can control given situations, conditions, services or production in our nation that it is not good for America. We have always Tell that when one group or one organ Izalion holds the control over services needed in America thai as a nation we are going to suffer because of t h a t fact. This applies to any one p r o d u c t or to labor or to services of trained and skilled individuals. American free enterprise means freedom to do as we please with limitations. It -means freedom to go into busi- ncssiand to compete with other individuals--to be able without consulting'anyone to determine our own acts and actions vVithin our means and ability. But there has been a growing tendency in America U control affairs. We have an example on the part of Ihe Democratic party. They w a n t to control the nation. We see John L. Lewis controlling the coal industry--it would be far sc if he could control the o t h e r fuels of our nation. We have other cases and instances of where groups or organizations seek in dominate and to dictate the actions and the conduct of.those engaged in a particular field of endeavor. Such actions and conduct is un-American and certainly it isn t good for Ihe welfare of the nation. We have always been happy t h a t anyone and everyone with the money and the ability and the talent could get into the newspaper business. We have never seen any of the various newspaper organizations seek to control or to dictate the newspaper business. Marshall Field had the money and put in the Chicago Sun against the other Chicago papers. m ,,,_ ,, ,,.. -Scores of newspapers have been established. They may noti C oic, Ncida Jo uoiher if PAYS TO HAVE'INFLUENTIAL FRIENDS Baccalaureate (Continued Irnm Page One) services are directed by tile Union high school closs of JOS.'!. Floral decorations will be furnished, by College florists. Following Is a list of 1951 Union high school candidates fur graduation: Jon H. Aderhold, Carol June Ady, Darol Gene Ady, Ellas Alderete, Dun G. Alexander, Leuna A I- siip, Ben Alvarez*. Ucmclrio Alvarez Jr., Stella S Alvarez, Tuny Alvarez, Margaret Joyce Amis*, I-Mimhi L. ArrhuleU, Norma Jean Arnold, Ernest S. liaca*. Jane Baker, Nadlne Joyte Bamel t*. Nadine Barnes, Jo Ann Bavousett, (Mrs.) KoEe Warner Benton, Paul Bou- shcllc. John Stewart Buyland, Jimmy Bradley, Dolores Butler.-Michael Cambell, Eduardo Campcllo, Carol Ann Edwards Case, Clarence D. Crmtidler. M i n t a Chandler', Kenneth M. Chew, Bil- Top Circus Will Be Featured A I Cub Pack Bcnciil Step right up folks! Bring the wile, bring the kids! Bring an oil chair or stool along too! Why? That's the admission price to all sideshows at the ..Mai-Arthur P-TA :uh Pack's old fashioned picnic. Featured during the miniature ig top performance will be an animal act, a clown act. and a pup- let show. Game booths, fish ponds. 3lid a cake walk are planned for .he event. Refreshments will be provided. The performance is being ar- -iinged under the sponsorship of lie Gwendolyn Clark.son, Frances Teresa Cowdrcy. Culbrrt, Rita Jacqueline Curry Mary Lorraine Davis, Wallace Dcckcrt. BcUyc Jean Di!l r ee. Oph- ellu MUC Dominguiv,*, N l l n Dnnn- nioml*, Shiik-y Ann Duilman, George Jerome Kinurson, Harry Jay Emerson, Romelin Knriqucz, Otilm Krcs. Clpriuno H. Kierro James U. Filkins. Barbara Kulh Fine, Jean FortPiiherry,-Aliein -M France, Frances Mac GautLier Curtis C. George. Aaelle Gilbert, Dnniia - l-^lb- Goldaby*. Kober Pjiul G r i f f i n , Naomi Ruth Gun nell*. Liumir IS. G\valtncy. I'm" \Vn.vne Milder, Clnrlcci- Hall, Jatnr. H. imight, James Bufonl l l n r r i J urcro, Ray Macaw, Danols Gar- Madrid. Ellas S. Madrid, Carole C. Martinez, i t k l n , Doris Mat Roberta McMah idres, Jiihnny Membui. Nora t Moore, Kosrmnry Moore, Pat- cla Ann Morris. Kenneth Ray lorriiion, Wayne Muncricf, Joe Minor.. Robert li. Munson. Mar- nry Ann Neiile. Stant-.m Glen Iticdhnm, Andy M. PmHllfi. Rus- L-lt Leslie Parsons, Luc Douglas erltins'*, Hotly Lou Phillips, eujry .luiu; Phillips. Anna Yvonne luce', Ollle Arlcnc Pritchc-U, Syl- Loo Hnmcv, Joe Haniirrsi Jr.*. lust because those "pulllnu them in haven't thc money, but no one can slop them. But there has appeared, and continues to appear, a tendency on the part of some national cnganizations of various professional groups to control and to dictate the manner in which these individuals carry on their badnesses, their practices and their professions. 'We should t h i n k the very members of these groups would revolt against the efforts, but if otilia Krcs. Cipriano they don't we feel sure that Americans will. They don't believe in being dictated to either by politicians or-those who assume the powers. Such practices just aren't good lor America. Turning To Church There are runny reasons to believe that i n d i v i d u a l s over the nation and over the world are t u r n i n g to religion and to Ihe church. . . , Thai usually'occurs d u r i n g periods, of confusion, mis- , tralkm and inability to solve our own problems. It is always t r u e wlien we apparently can't find the solution we seek the answer from the really Great Power. The indications t h a t - a s a people we are t u r n i n g to the church ;s illustrated by thc attendance at Evangelistic meetings and thc appearance of one or two evangelists, who are placed in Ihe class with' the late Uilly Sunday. messages are aUracling many and. they seem to be doing a good job in their work. Billy Graham is probably llic standout of this modern day. ' ' Bufthis business oi religion is Fie a lot of other things --if we really and truly want help we have to be honest and sincere about it and we have to do certain things to help ourselves. Most of us do realize or at least we should realize t h a t when our prayers request thai things be done for us we fail or refuse to d'o for ourselves t h a t our prayers arc not going lo be answered. . We have been given certain lalent and certain abilities and we arc.going-lo be expected to use these to their fullest extent.' 'We arc going to have to be honest and straight forward in our religious dealings, in our church memberships and in our dealings wilh our fello.w man.. We are going to have to be just as religious and just hont-St and seek jus} as hard to be a Christian the other six days during the week as we endeavor lo be on Sunday. There is a lot of criticism hurled at thc church mombci bv the non-members because there are many of us who wan' oilr religion to be.something to practice on Sunday and onh Sunday. · There 'ab a lot of us who seem to think that oui religion is like the Sunday suit--something to be taken ou ot thc closet and worn on Sunday and then placed back 11 the closet until the next Sunday. 1 There are many of us who listen to a fine sermon ou bun day and advocate Christian principles and ideals and lliei we go back lo our business on Monday and for six slraigh days we do everything just the opposilc to those things w advocate on Sunday. And there are a great many of us who need to realiz this. There is no question but what religion can and is prac tical. The things we can believe and do believe can be fol lowed through all seven days during the week. We realize and you realize there are a lot of nurrov views, prejudiced opinions, biased ideas and misinterpret;! lion voiced in the church. We have accepted some thing which via have since Iqarned are not'true. But nil of us know right from wrong. And we knov that what the church leaches is nol right isn't any more righ on Monday or Tuesday than it is on Sunday. And most .of us know that some of the ideals which w say we believe are going lo have to be practiced by churc members and non-church mombers-^they arc going to have t bo practiced and employed in ;all of our relationships wit our fellow man in this world all seven clays a week.. We, of course, are glad to see the t u r n toward the churcl We liop'e that t)ie church accepts the .opportunity and th challenge which now faces it. We believe thai if and when, Ihe ideals and principle taught by thc church fills the hearts of all men it will b a much bc^tijr-old w.orld than it is today, ..'i - ' ' i . · We stl)l think one of thc big lobs we have to do is t convince'those on public payrolls, they arc- working f o r ' n n responsible In the piihlic. Harold Mary Leonora Neivs Noles.Aboul Dona AnaCounliuns IN THE ARMED SERVICES (·- -V- FT. Leonard Wood, Mo., t j n l j _ prc Ramon B. Madrid, ion of Mr. and Brs. Ramon Madrid, 32-1 East Kansas, Lns Ctu- ccs. was graduated recently from a special .Drivers school operated here by the 6th Armored Division. Class, members, receive certificates of graduation from school officers at exercises conducted on completion of the course. ^ Graduates of the course will be given .assignments with units here at Posts where they will employ their newly acquirer! skill. Selection for enrollment in the school is based upon natural aptitude and previous civilian experience. Madrid had previous service in the Army, serving in the 33rd Infantry Division from November 1. 1044 to November 11. 1940. He had 10 months service in the Pacific anil holds the following ribbons and awards: Philippine Theater of. Operations (2 stars), Philippine Liberation, Good conduct Medal, Oc- L-upalional Medal, and the Conmbat Infantry Eadgs. Harold L. Delozier, -machinist's mate, first class, USN, son of Mr. 2, Las Cmces. N. M., is serving with United Nations forces in the Korean area as a crew member aboard the destroyer USS Liml. . The Lincl operated with Task Force U5 during a Naval siege on 250 miles of Korea's northeast coast- recently. In this operation, the force directed intensified bombardment into the shore emplace : ments arid severing Red supply lines in these areas. The concentration of Naval fire power continued through fair and foul weather, with enemy fortifications exposed nt night by brilliant star-shells. The task group lobbed an average of one high- explosive shell every minute within the city limits during the blasting of Wonsan. Task force 05. known as the United Nations Blockading and Escort Force, is composed of ships from eight nations. Korean War (ConlinucU from Page 3) of entrapment, said: ( "We slaughtered so many their blood covers our boots because we had Lo walk over them to get into the new perimeter." , The Second was flanked and surrounded for a Lime because South Korean forces on Its right collapsed under the first Impact pf the new Red smash. Duidly .Minefields If the 'South Koreans hadn't brten forced back, Coughlln said, "we would have piled up so many Chinks on the. minefields to our front that our own troops would not have been able to climb over the hills of bodies." -\ Coughlin added that a captured Red said the Communists had special orders to destroy the Second division. "They wanted revenge for the defeat we handed them at Chip- yong and Wonju when we smash- cubtmiHter H. J. tjchrocilcr and the following tit-n mothers: Mcsdamcs E. II. Sheriff. lOugcne Davis and E. H. Nolle. Jury Reports (Continued from pane one! lion of Ihe Dona Ana County Memorial General Hospital find as follows: EMiricnl Operation ' 1. That the hospital neat, orderly, clean, and conducted in a most efficient manner; however, there appears to he an excess of employees on thc hospital operating staff. 2. That ' there, is conducted in thc hospilal a laundry room with the plumbing roughed in. but no equipment of any kind installed. That thc laundry costs of thc hospital per day is approximately twenty-five dollars. Tins figure docs not take into consideration the wear and tear .on the linens, and items laundered. 3. That the outstanding accounts The event begins at 7:30 p. in. rec.-ivable of the .hospital at the May 2G in thc Cub Pack house ] end of March, 1851. amounts to at IfjOU West Hndlcy. A ten cent j approximately $23,000.00, and that donation lo further flic ' ' "" the local Pack is the admission. work o f ! approximately twenty per cent of Jury Findings (Continued from Page One) ,,,,,,. ------- .. survey to ascertain whether theyKiomtnial General Hospital, ai have more emploves t h a n arc nee- tJ, ; ,t equipment and supplies win CHHiry lo operate the hospital' ' '-- ...... ' " wilh the present palienl load. The c-ommilU'C appointed to in- liic accounts receivable are col- Irrtible. Simply Shortage 4. We find that there is-a shortage of the original hospital supplies and equipment transferred from tne City of Las Cruces to thc and ich have on hand and not thc hospital, is salable they now usable by spect nnd impure into thc County Clerk, tin- Treasurer and the As- .sesHor's offices, found them to PL' in H.-itiHfactory condition and efficiently managed. The commitlu-e appointed to inspect and impure into the condition of tin- County Jail and the Sheriff's office found them lo be in good condition generally and Jr.. I'alay Kulh Harwell. W l l l i n i Foster l l c i l l h y . .lose Fllimon Her mile/.*, Eddie llcrron, LcRo.l orton. John I-,. Hoskina, Wand; ouston, J. O. Hughes. Jaclnli iinenlc. Joyce Kcathly. Man ^iiisp King, Alice Patricia Kurt?:, i George Douglas Reed, Mary Jane Irglilla Hose Lee. Phyllis Long- Heed*, .lav L. Rlgsby. Clara Rivas, ill, Betty Jean Loomis, Mabel S. A r t h u r Jay Robertson, Dolores Clara Ruiz, David Salo- operating in an efficient manner, with no complaints. Mary Geneva M c F n r l a n d , in', Hti-lla Mcl- pcli, Dolores Jean Scarlett, Wil liam Thurston Scogfin Jr., John N. Sedillo. Otis Shook. Amie Cecilia .Short. Singh, Clarice Smith. Eleanor Elaine Stcph Hires, Johnny Meml;wi. .Nora u. Ice smun, Eleanor i^iame Jsicpn- estas. Emma Jane Montgomery, | ensnn, John Thomas Sweem. John W. Taylor, Sara Ann Terry. Ke becca Vasque/. Torres, Jack Page Towne. Manuel M. Vallcs, Richard Joseph Viscarra, Uarb.ira Ellen Wahl, Robert Gerald Walku-i-. William Sidney Weiss. Charles Fnink- liu West, Marilyn Sue Wii-gi-.l, Earl Woolrigc. * Some credits lo be completed d u r i n g summer school. ** Member of thc Armed Forces. State Employers Underpay Help $18,49.6 InJ950, ALBUQUERQUE, (Special) -New Mexico employers under-paid their employees in the amount of $18,496 out of 50.550,628 found due all American workers under Ihe provisions of Ihe Federal Wage and Hour Law during the fiscal vear 1950, according to the 38th annual report lo Congress by the U. S. Secretary of Labor. John R. Cart-wright, field office ^ supervisor of the U. S. Department J u son)e insta nces they are resell- of Labor's Wage and Hour and | . nR thcs! , tickets and in other in- Aggie Football (Continued from Page 1) given a receipt. They can either take their order and select the location of their scats witii George McCarty. director ot athletics, or they can permit the salesman to turn in t h e order for them. Xi-cil Some $22,000 It has been estimated it will require the sale of about 2500 season tickets to provide the $22,000 the athletic department estimates it needs to cany on its program during the year. U is hoped that this sum of money can and will be available when the present ticket campaign is completed. Many firms and individuals have and ~are buying blocks of from 10 00 reserve seat season tickets. cd.-t.heir offensive Just winter."' Mach'mcpniH"'W»ze' V ' . . ' , . ]n meeting one of the renewed Red attacks Saturday, the Second division troops let Reds advance within close machineprun, range. Then, while the rapid firing guns poured out a withering fire, tanka roared out and picked off surviving Reds. The main Red hlows were struck east and west of Hangye, 55 miles northeast of Seoul. To the west. Chinese troops crossed thc Hongchon river in force in' front of American and South Korean lines, posing a threat of new attack. Some-wore Ihe tradillonn.1 white clothes of Korean civilians. Many led pack animals burdened with supplies. .Surround ROKs The Reds -surrounded a South Korean force which held high ground in the Hongchon reservoir area, but the South Koreans fought clear with thc supporl of Navy nlancs. ' . . American patrols ran into heavy enemy automatic weapons and mortar fire in the area but pulled back without losses. Allied officers said the Reds still had a "considerable" buildup on. thc central front and could be expected to renew 'their attacks at a'nv time. Public Contracts division here, said today that the report had just been made public in Washington bv Secretary Maurice J ; Tobin. "New Mexico figures, according to the report, show that $18,496 was found due to 253 workers in thc state during thc year. Of those New Mexico workers Illegally under-paid, £5? did not receive pro- stances they plan to use them. A total of five home games will be played in the new stadium all complete and ready for use with the exception of marking off the various sections. This is to be done as soon as the contractors' release the stadium. Home games for which season tickets are to be sold include three per overtime pay and one did not receive the minimum of .75 cents ncl . ^ w l u [ O L ypu«,, j . ^M^L,,., 1111 hour sel by the Federal Law., thc sccoml on October li, (home- night games the first on September 22 wilh Stephen !·'. Austin; in hour sel by the Keuerai i-aw., thc sccoml on October li, (home-. Voluntary payment of back w a g - j comln ,,, u , ilh i] lc University of -s''found due was made by "« I .\-c\y Mexico; third with Flagstaff bulk of New Mexico employers, Cartwright said. However, some cases still arc pending in court since Hie law provides Ihe employees may sue for back wages illegally withhold plus an equal amount as liquidated damages. ' Th« law also givos the Secretary but stored in the city warehouse 5. That Ihe laboratory facilities located in Ihe hospital have never been opened for use by the hospital. That were the laboratory opened and operated it would increase the income of the hospital considerably. 0. That the Memorial General Hospital Hoard consists of five members, three of whom are appointed by Ihe Board of County ... _ _ Commissioners, and two of whom year, -10 were found to be in viola- arc appointed by the City Council of Las Cruces. That such members of thc Board sci-vc a term of years, each running concurrently. 7. That accusations by certain citizens of the community ,,.. November 3; antl then thc two afternoon games slated for 2:30 p. in., on November 10 againsl West Tessas State and on November 17 McMurray. Armed Forces Day i-g. Are Given rights to liquidated damages. New Mexico figures included in the national report show that in the 55 eslablishmonls investigated in New Mexico during the fiscal ion of one or more of the basic provisions of thc law. Those .in- ludcd 37 overtime pay violations, nc mnlmum wage violation and child labor violations. Ihe administrator of thc Memorial General Hospital, or other employee, lias III the past denied ad- m i t t a n c e to persons without a f i f t y dollar deposit, arc wholly unfounded. The Grand Jury was unable to ascertain a single person who was npt admitted to the hos- p i t a l ' because Ihcy failed lo have llic f i f t y dollar deposit. D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D rg^ 3. River (So. Am.) 4. Weapotis D. Testified finder oath ACROSS I. .Snclcul Grcc-i poem (i. Accumu'rUe 11. Mnlhrr- of-pearl 12. Per. lo thc hours t.1. Hampers J f i . f j reck If tier 10. Dlslrlclln London IS. At home 10. L.II-RC worm 17. Ahead '.'!!. City (Chin.) 1!. Spillo c,.F.xi-laimilion2:i. Small 7. Crowd 8.Port of "lobe" I). Glossy silk fabric 10. Jargon l-l. Fish 33.Ilavlnfi- Icaves 27. Ahead 28. Unit of electrical capacity 20, Adhesive mixtures 32. Part of "to ho" 33. Price 34. Grazing ground 37. All use 33. Ty|H- mrnsurc 30. Knitting stitch 41.In bed U. Moved over tci- IS. West Indian flh (pi.) oO. Semblance 51. Muse ot lyric poetry BI. Irritable (dlnU DOWN '1.Incorpor- ulcd («bbr.) 5, Roman '. house god.i Body nf \vater 21. Hindu , garments .lO.TlboUnprk'sl ·12. Epoch 43. Speck 45. same 40. Ovum 47. Turkish governor of Mgu-ra ·Ifl. Theref'-re Cubs To Suspend Summer Meetings Ciibnuister Hill Slinxon has announced thnt Cub Scout Pack 62 of Southward school would have its lust Cub PncU nieetinff at the school at 7 p. m. on Thursday, May 2:1 prior to the close of school. Meetings will he held throughout thc summer so that the Fnck will be able to start nt full strength nt the beginning of school next fall. The cubmnster is urging nil the liircnts of boys lo hp present «l .his meeting since summer uclt- vitii-s are to he, discussed and parents piny n very Important port n oiKnnizlnrc and imilleiuenlinK n ROCK! program. U is planned 10 have some hiles, diamond hall games with othei Cub racks in the area, swimming limit-unions and events, backynri camp on competitive basis between Ihe different dens, and other activities to liecp thc toys interest od in scouting over the months li come. Patents should Keep in mind on of the Idenls hoped'for In scouting mimely "U is better to nwhe. i good boy than be faced with tin problem of correcting a corrup man." Since this Is the hist meeting of the Paclt during the time schoi is In session, Cubmnstor Stluson expressed thc hope that all tlu committee, den mothers, cub scouti unit parents will be present. ThiM-o are n few awards of ml vancement to bo made at the meet Ing and probably there will bo muvlo shown, Most of the meeting will conais l o t plan in.iliiiu; fur Ihe »umiue Slate Earns Over ·?]. Million Royally SANTA FE, May I D i/Pl -- Roy- ilities on mining leases on federal ands in New Mexico netted the slate $"1,083,827 the last half of 1050. The amount was almost twice is much as thc state's share for he samV period of 19-lu. The stale gets 37 and one-half percent of the royalties collected )y the federal government for nining on federal lands. I \ Cooling Refreshment A bil of refreshment greeted all soldiers wiio participated in thc parade Friday afternoon when the Las Cruccs 20-SO club sel up a free cold drink stand, nt the end of North .Main SL.eet where the pi- rncle broke up. The Las Cruces Coca Coin Bottling company and thc Dr. Pepper Bottling company co-operated wilh Ihe 20-30 club in _ providing cold drinks for the para'ders. 20-30 members, headed by Pete Harty, were on hand to pass out ice cold drinks to thc soldiers. jrogram. As for den meetings dur- ng the summer months Stinson ndicated he would leave that up to | .he den mothers. AI the last executive commitlee nceting of Dona'Ana county mem- )ers the subject to pick up and sell scrap paper was discussed. When ;his is worked out it is anticipated thai Cubbers will collect ncwspa- icrs and magazines once each month to he sold lo a firm in El Pnso. The money collected will go into thc pad; fund. All Cubbers are advised to hang on to nil pnpeis from now on for money is available for them. MISSION f - AA ., -w , I L .. Pii I" .. Admission SOc - 40c - 10c' Phone 413 SUNDAY - MONDAY CARTOON, NEWS and 50 Years Before Your Eyes SPECIAL LATE PHEVUE NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT! Abbotl and Coslello in "Who Done It?" · * r^i M -rf eft · KIDS UNDER 12 FHEE-- A D U L I b M)C WHEN WITH PARENTS I O R G A N D R I V E - I N TONITE AND MONDAY NITE! EXTRAI 'BUGS BUNNY CARTOON FOX NEWS ! Rio Grande TODAY Monday Tuesday with BARBARA PAYION Ward G: 3 Lon BOND YOUNG.CHANEY Disney Carioon "Plulopia" Movietone News and -"Shadow of the Andes" : Feature Times '2:10-- 4:40 - 7:15 - 9:45 TODAY Monday Tuesday ALL 1st HUN FUN I I ! RiOT// PLAZA TODAY-: MONDAY CHARLES SMItSY JJARREnjlNETTEj "Snok« River Disptrodoei"- Phone -- Hlo Graiulc 430 RUt.- I." . !M:i7wi 114!)

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