Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 20, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1951
Page 3
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' I K ' S .'OS'vjiM",i?miVjc)M if.biii'i Sunday Morning, Mir 20, ISSt . . . ...... LAS CHUCES iN. M.) SUN-NEWS Gadsden Physical Education Girls AM Profe^or TO ' · · ' · · - · - ' ' ' ' ' I ' T*» « l » « * » * » 4 I n ' t I n vi rj i-i Receive Physical Fitness Awards, Ninety-four girls of the Gadsden Junior Physical Education department will receive physical fitness awards from the A.A.U. for meeting special alhlctic .standards. These testa were supervised by Mrs. · Thcrrcssa Sharp, Women's Physical Education Instructor of Oadsdcn Junior high.' .The Amateur Athletic..Union in" .a national organization for amateur athletes which recognizes students who have met speciat-athlct- group. The fjirls who..have completed these testa arc as.follows: Dora Artcga, Alicia Hernandez, Barbara Hibbert, Erlinda Jimenez, Espei;an?.a L-icca,' Geneva Marquez, Barbara Murioz, Josephine Ramirez, Emma Ruiloba, .-Amalia Soliz, Sandy Scott, . Emilia Anchondo, Lily BustammUc, EosfUic Enrique?., Lupc Garcia, Oleta Lankford; Cm-men'Perez, Glenda Prit- cJifitt, Josephine · (juirnga. .Cecilia Karoos, Hovtencia Rentcria, Lucy Rivera. Bertha Silva, Alycc Stokes. Angclila Tellcz, "Julia Ytun-alcz. Mogdnlcna Estrada, Juana Lazarin. Yscla Tarrazas, ·Yscle San : chcz, Bertha Domingucz, Sally Gomez, Corlna Hernandez, . Elvira Hernandez, Erma Hernandez, Lo- rcnza Jimenez, Emilia Medina. Olga Loyn, .Petra . Lopez,-:· Lydia Tcrrazns, FJovia Uribc, Jannic Marquez. Gla'rla Valdcz, Margarita Villa, Lucy Valenzuela, Emma Monies, Maria-Muntoya, Hope Bcn- avldcz. Jolic Burl, Magdalena FreHcaB, Sally · Gardca, Louetta Uopdin, Nanncltc Greenwood. Marion Heller, Elena Hernandez, Rosa Lopez, Joyce Maddux, Mary B. RainboJt, Margarita Ram- irflz; Angclita Rivera. Hortencia Sagaribay, Beatrice Segovia. Fran- clsca Mandoza, Ignacia Avalos, Mercy- Bcjarano. Isabel Corlcz, Barbara Goodin, Carmen Gonzalcs, Jean Harper, Minnie Romero, Maggie Sierra.. . ' .._ Beatrice Va.lles, Billy Jean Woodward, 'Jo Ann Adding ton, Iloxic Barrett, Adclalda Bcnavidcz, Carol Ann Carr, Josephine .Espinoza, Frances Evaro. Dolores Estrada, Fernanda Garcia, Trinidad Garcia. Mary Lipp.s, Lorainc Mcl-icod. Peggy McWilliamsi Martha Nevarcz, Frances Tillman, · Mavy Ramirez, Cruz Ramos, Bertha-Reyes/Bclia Rodriguez, Margarita Ruiloba and Jovila Vasquez. -· ' · . : . ; - . PROCLAMATION All Citizens br Las Crucca were urged to wear a memorial poppy on Saturday. May 26, In a prod i ination Issued today by Mayor Sam Klein, setting the day aside as Poppy Day. Pointing out that the wearing of the poppy is an individual tribute to the memory of America's war dead, the proclamation stated: .. "Whereas young men of the ic standards. They provide pliysl- Clly of Las Crucca are again sen cnl fitness tests for . e a c h age" ing in'defense of our country ami Insiruci In Florida . Marvin Kugcr, a taculty mem-' bcr al state college since 19-)^ and presently an associate professor are taking their places among our honored citizens alongside those .who have served in other wars, and "Whereas the roll of those who have given their lives in the nation's defense is increasing- as war takes its toll of our finest young- men. and . . . "Whereas the memory of those citizens cT Las Cruces who make the* supreme sacrifice for America] should live forever in the hearts ' of .all citizens of our City, and "Whereas annual wearing of the memorial poppy is an individual tribute to the war dead, .showing t h a t we remember and are grateful for their sacyKic'a in our behalf, now "Therefore. J, Sam Klein. Mayor of the City of Las Crucrs. do hereby proclaim Saturday, May 26. to be Poppy Day in the City of Las Cruces, and I urge all citizens to observe the clay by wearing the memorial poppy." Poppies, made .by disabled veterans at Ft. Bayard, will be distributed throughout the city .by members of the American Legion Auxiliary on Poppy Day. Contributions for the aid of disabled veterans and needy children of veterans will be received in exchange for the little red crepe-paper flow- · - M A R V I N KOGER of animal husiantJry.has accepted a staff position at the University of Florida, Ga'insvillc, Fla.. as professor of animal husbandry, in charge of animal breeding and genetics. Prof. Koger graduated from \ New Mexico AM in J939, did graduate work at" Kansas Stato rolleg-c and University of Missouri where he received his doctorate in iy-13. He AM and has been working primarily with genetics of sheep and cattle improvement. Prof, and Mrs. Koger have 1 cen active in church ami civic affairs. They are members of the Baptist church. Prof. Kogcr is a Rotar'mn and Mrs. Kugur belongs to (he Progress club. They will leave for their new home June 1, accompanied by their four children. Tommy, Elizabeth, Miirva Jo and David. SAMUEL JCLBIN Mayor' of the City of Las Cruces. Five Burned As 1150,000 Oil Fire Ra^es 16 Hour? FAUMINGTO.N, - M a y ,10 l/I'l -- iuen .suffei^d - severe burns I LUCKY "5HSI-IT RANGQON l.Ti -- Relajivc:; preparing to l i u r y ' M a Klii:v Syiin.l, 18, of Mandalay, found trie' grave , lop. small . t o ' n d i n i t ' h e r bui-mslicd j j n a $15(^000 gas-well f i r e . n e a r teak coffin..The superstitious, re-1 here: lliat was ·extinguished- ill 'sal-ding this as an omen, .ioiiiiiniU-d : 2:30 a. m.. after blaming 10 liom the coffin lie opened. RimiovinK the "-.--··-. "»».' r, rr. lid,' they. saw Kliln Nyunt's ";· ".lids fluttering.. Tire j i i r l w a s taken to a nearby Buddhist monas- tcly where she-is repoitcdlv progressing, a Mandalay report s«id. Ruth Perkins To Present Students In Annual Ballet Candy iJind is the setting for ,the .students of Ruth A. Perkins Uio will give their annual performance of the Mesilla Valloy Ballet at S p. m. Monday* and Tuesday evenings May 28 and 29 In Mesilla Park school auditorium'. The Land of Bon Bons." u nut- itnl operetta will be the seventh annual performance. The cast will be 'Peggy Antlitz. Barbara Carr, JaV- Franklin, Barbara Ann. Jolly. Karen Sue Mastcrsun, ICalhryn Riddle, Daina Lutz, Bobbie Strand, Jeiirelle Toles. Judy Kay Reimcr, Dorothy ^Mayfield, Jolly Smith. Mary Dale Jones, Ethel Mac Latting, La Vlo- lottu Bruce, Judith Docker, Rhcn Russell. Cynthia Meklas.. Kathleen and Donald Shcrburne. Margaret Moar, Betty NclKon, Barbara pucker, Ann Elaine Cluck, Virginia trujlllo, Slierri Ulmer, Clara and Rosemary Agur- j e , Faride fnvvz Chavez. Mary A n n Burke, Mary Lxnl Watson. Alicia Gamboa, Arluuhe Summers, Amyna Ann Parker, Marilyn Moll. 'Becky Summers, Mary McGuirc. Jasqueline Reimer, Hope Smith, Claudia Rcames, Ann Hille. Cliristtno Shelley. Ann SandA's," Jettie and KdHh Ann Anderson, Albeit La Drierc. Jiabara and COMING EVENTS Zata Tau Alpha members will hold a parly ft-itli Llui alumnn ;is- Hlstlng as hustuHHUs, at' 7:30 p. in. Tuesday n i g h t in .the' Zeta Tnu Alpha lodge. Guests will be the .Mother's club itiul patronesses. Hostesses will he Mrs. Colby Baker, MrH. Eel Co:, Mrs. -less Morgan. ( Gui-stK planning to attend should call 003-M. * Roxio Mac Davidson, worthy gram! matron of the New Mexico Order of ttaslern Star, will make her official visit to the local chap-' tor. Tuesday, May 20. A banquet will be held at 6::!OJ ,p. m: at the Methodist. church. Keiicrvations should bo made as soon as possible by culling Nancy Cooclloc. _ · Frances Archer, Linda Faulk, C;iri and J i m m y Roberts, Jim Bob Sergwlck. Barbara Ann Ulmcr. Susan Cramer, Linda Smith. Waniln Pprten. Marc-ia Becker, Mai-y Loit-! Whitney, Marcia U'ripht. Nancy Ann Priehard, Sally Jean Skills. Sherri McDonald, Martha Jean Gaines. Lorraine Cochrnn,' Helen Ann Farncy, .Tenmi Kay Chew, Linda Hess. Sharon Kay Rue me rub erg or, Freddy Peterson and Clarice SniiLli. The 2,000,000 population of Hung Kong includes 1*7.000 fishermen who live on boats. Lake Michigan is the only out 1 of the Croat Lakes wholly within the United States. RUTH A, PERKINS SCHOOL OF DANCING AND · DRAMATIC ARTS PRESENTS: THE MESILLA VALLEY BALLET . . . . "IN THE LAND OF BON BONS" At MESILLA PARK SCHOOL MONDAY - TUESDAY. May 28-29 Al 8:00 P. M. Adulls .... Children . .50c {plus lax) . 25c (plus lax) Thc-firc was at ii.Dulhi^ Oil Go., ihokoti ..out .witli walur a Tier. HIP iUpply, o f . tlie foam uxtin^uiKlicrH n tl)is area was exhausted.. None of the victims \VHH in d criliwil condition.' All wore rm- iloyqs of the K;m Juan drillinj; ^o.,-which was coniplnUhj; Hit- well 'or Delhi. The rotary rig ^va.i '-a .otal IOKK.- . · · Pholosiaiic Copies Keep an exact copy of your Family Records and Personal Papers Las Gruc'es Absiracl ' . and Title Co. Consult 129'/ 2 Main Phone 444 C O O L E R ! NOTWT*'Wt SNO-mcnCOOLS mm wo YOU'LL THRILL with thb icslful cooling comfort of SNQ-BREZE coolers -- approved and guaranteed by the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE. POUR-IN MODELS require no water or drainage connection. Simply place in window, fill with water, plug in, switch on - a n d tn/oy this added living comfort. Separate cooling and ventilating switches. HERE AT LAST is effective, economical cooling, and SNO-BREZE coolers are available in sizes to suit every need -- from trailer to mansion - from singlt room "offices to largt industrial plants. SNQ'BREZE coo/«r* co«f no more; w/ty fcyy hst? LOOMIS CO. Alomic Warfare.Class Will Be Repealed A l . Hospilal Next Week The class on nursing aspects of atomic warfare will be repented from 7 to 9 p.-m., M a y ' 2 J , 22 and 2-», at Memorial General'hospital. All registered nurses, ·. practical nurses, nurses' aides, and'orderlies who were previously unable to attend, are invited. Mrs. Ann I'ol- lard, t registered civil defense, will 'be present to explain the purpose of Uu- course and introduce tho speakers. On Monday. May 21. Dr. Curl DreKsel, state college,- will "Nuclear Physics and Types of Radiation". Tuesday, Dr. A. M. Baby will spctik on "Radiation Syndrome and Its Treatment" and "Chemical and Biological W a r fare", During the .same evening 1 , Dr. H. D. Maddox will discuss "Emergency Treatment o f ' Burns, Fractures and Wounds." On Thursday, the 2-lth, Carl Yosick of the Las Cruces Health department, will speak on "Contamination, Decontamination, ami Waste Disposal". Selective Service Workers Are Praised By Slate Official SANTA FK, May 10 W) -- Cul- Rusiicll C. Char.ecn chose Armed Purees day to members of local Selective service bourds in New Mexico. "They .serve in a difficult job. without pay and without uniform Mexico May Punish Wetbacks On Return Across Rio Grande MEXICO CITY. May 19 UPi -- Tlic Mexican Foreimi office nint- ed today t h a t it may begin penalizing "wetbacks" when they return to Mexico. \Votbacks are persons who ter tlic United States Illegally by swimming or wading the Rio Grande. Most of them come into the country seeking harvest work. At t h e samu time, however, the Mexican government crilicizi those in Congress who ar" npalnst proposed laws pc-nn lining; I!. S. funnels who knowingly employ wetbacks. 'jut llic cunlribution , they make to tlic luitionul defense is ^rcat." Many of the local Selective service board members, the State Selective service director pointed out, have served for more than ten. years. . . * "The quality of tlie armed fore- . es reflects how well they have tlone their purl in a difficult job. . .Personal . . . Chilian Loan £ Insumnrn Co. A GIFT for GRADUATION For Graduation A Watch from L E N O X J E W E L R Y A selection of the Finest Watches made. -- No Off Brands -AT LEN f OX JEWELRY Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova and Longine Watches for The Boy or Girl Graduate Prices from $19.50 to $71.00 Many fine Gifts to choose from-Gem Stone Rings - Bracelets Ear Screws and Lockets at LENOX Jewelry 211 North Main St. ASK FOR SH GREEN STAMPS 138 N. Main Phone 113 Helena Rubinstein's new perfume Spray Deodoranl keeps underarms dry perfumes and stops odor! Looking for llic perfect deodorant? It's here--in llic prettiest piiik plastic boltle you've ever seen. Jusl one squeeze of tlic Loltlc and Helena Rubinstein's remarkable new perfume deodorant covers your wbolc underarm. It's dcliciously scented will] tlic essence of · white magnolias--and even lliotigh it checks perspira- tion as well ns odor, it will not harm your clothing. Need we sny that llic plastic boltle won't break, spill or Ir.ik? It won't. 2 ounce bottle "125 514 M O V O U R F R I E N D L Y S T O R E MAIN ST. V^^*^*P** ^ PHONE iTo- N. M£X. SENIORS! SENIORS! SENIORS! Treasure the precious mo- menl of graduaiion! Cap- lure its memory forever for mom and dad! Givo your parents and friends a beautiful portrait of you in cap and gown! We mnko you this amazing offer: Threo 8 x 10 S i x 3 x 5 NinD'bor-jiiful pictures for only $10.00, : Complcto Satisfaction or money refunded. _ ARMENDARIZ STUDIO 129 W. Las Cruces Avc. This offer is also open to college and junior high graduates. Convenient Terms SMOOTH FORM FITTING SATIN FINISH 'CRAYON XASTEXi SWIM SUITS One and Two Piece . . Styles B-Side Insert One Piece Suit 95 Extremely smooth high sheer salin lastex . . , Iditex laco Inicrl on rides . . . half skirt , . . buned brn . . , lined bra and fronl panel. Ro:c, niaiio, Alice, and peacock,. A - Half Skirt One Piece Suit !n block, sshilc, moizo, navy, satin' laslcx . , . holf ikirt . . . adjustable s h o u l d e r straps. Rayon lined bra and front panel, 32 to 38. C - Zipper Back Two Piece Suit $C90 5 Novelly stitch trim on bro ond trunk . , . adiiiitoble tic strop on bro . . . trunk is half skirt lypo with ripper bock. Block, maize, and royal, ' Sizes 32 to 38

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