Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 18, 1957 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1957
Page 7
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Page 4 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuesday, June 1R, 1957 e\ening opening with children tinging Onward Chriitlan Soldiert ai they marched into thrir trail. Songs presented were Isn't He Wonderful, Pledge lo the Ilible, Gill r.IU, - The Hill Daily Vacation Bible school which itarted M u n - 1 and My Bible and I. d a y , June 3, hai hid over 100 In Scripture reading and a t t e n d a n c e every day tor two ,,,.,-«, by H a y m o n d Lohr. viecks. Their theme was Pionier- pr»cr ins with Christ. Mrs. I.eo French \va* director assisted by Mrs. Ed I.uhr and Wayne Jackton for 4 and f e a r r^ds; Jeannie neinheimcT .inrl Lois Harris, fi r a r olds; Doris h u n t i n g and l/iretta Carhon, « r r o n d crade: Mrs. I.eltoy H a y - lurn and Mn. Cilbfrt Krench, f u i i r t h : Miss Shirley l i r o s v m a n sr.d M r s Kllen Doke, third; Mn. K . n m o n d Ixihr, t i f t h , assi«trd by l l . i r t n r a Nolin; Mrs. Dean Hcin- I'.cimrr. s i x t h : Mrs. Harold Kur- I I I M and Mrs. Hoy H r o s t m i n . sev c r . i f i and eighth; pianist, Mrs. l!i ir.hc-imer. A program u a i c i \ e n Friday Instant Taste* is gone! Instant fblgers Coffee Songs Happy Welcome, Pioneers Song, Hound I'p Song, Heavenly Sunshine and The I/ird'i A r m y Sere nine. .Mrs. Ed Ixihr'i I a « « cave ten memory verses and a n j Jeiui 1/ives Mr. Jcannir U e i n h e i m r r ' s class sane Z a r r h a r u s and gave a group of Bible verses. Mrs. Chris Bunting'* c l a s s sans Trail Song, g a v e a Ilible v e r s e an«l two girls ga\'e two short stories about t h r i r lessons. Shirley Brossman's clasi g a \ r a Bible drill, Jewel*. They f a n g Ited and Yellow, Black and While and each child g a v e a Biblr verse. Mrs. I.efioy Ilayliurn and M r s . j Deanp lUinhcimer's class gave a ; Bible drill j The fourlh, fiflh and s i x t h grade Mrs. the 21t P a l m ; Mrs. Hoy Hrosjman's class c a v e The Wordless Book by Tom Siccrist. Mrs. B r o s m a n asked questioni on Pioneer Trail of the Bible, answered by c l a v s The f o u r t h , fifth, · sixth, seventh and eichlh grarle classes of boys sang Bible School Cowboys. Offertory was playccl by Joan M c M a h a n . Ushers were- Bobby Brossman, Larry Nolin, Orlando Leon. J i m m y Domincr/. A r t h u r Carlson. Tom Siecrist. Terry Jackson and G a r y Gronquist. Mrs. Marvin Trnurit g a \ e a miscellaneous shower Thursday at 2 o'clock for her new lister-inlaw, Mrs. Gary Madison, in the Blue Flame room in. Grcelcy. The program opened v.ith scripture reading by M r s . Walter Johnson of Katon, Piano solo was played by · · · · · I j n'lrh nani! The Wi*e M e n ; H a m c n d Ix*hr'k clas* ga\ Alfalfa Weevil Larvae Are Now Hatching In Destructive Numbers! The«c pests destroy thr parts of the plant that contain 70'; of the protein, and reduce yields up In a half ton per acre. Spray Now -- Phone 336 PEMAC ^^^^^BB^H^^^^^^ ^i^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^ai Charlotte MUler of Greeley. Reading wai given by Mn. Derald Peterson of Gill. Vocal aolo was presented by Mn Howard Thomp- lon of Greeley. Mn. Troudt introduced her sis t e r m law and presented the gifts w h i c h were placed on two long lace covered tables. The bride's I table had a bouquet of white daliiei. lavender irit and bluebelli from the gardeni of Hn. Henry Oriffin of Greeley. The other g* table was centered w i t h a large bouquet of white peonies, a gift of Mri. Andrew Swanson. Mrs. .Madison w a i assisted In unwrapping her gifts by Miu Dar Icnc Tetiza of Kersey, a c l a s s m a t e at the Phoenix Bible i n s t i t u t e the pa«t e a r , and Judy Madison. Guests w c r i - Mesdames Harry Heimcr. Carrol Backlund. Andrew Swanson. Thaine YounE, Klbrrt Hager, K'lmer Anderson, Bonald Anderson, Donald Hunstein, Leonard Peterson, Joe Kulrher and Jo Ann. Carl Isakson, Dorothy and Shirley. A r t h u r Ilcihr. Arthur Kraneen, Marilyn and Joan, Waller Johnson and Mary. Charles Miller and Charlotte. Dean Bein- heimer and Jeannie. l,eo Frcrrch, Harold Furrow and Klaine, Ed I/)hr, Hoy Cogburn, H a y Ixihr, Elbert Troudt, Henry Griffin. John B n n k m a n . Elbrrt Hohn and Sylv i a , A r t h u r Holbrook, Arthur Macnussrn, Fay Kistner and Carol. Dick Mcllatton, Glenn Beimer of I/netand, Gordon Carlson, Hillus Carlson and Louise, Alex lleidenreick and Donna. Oliver lleidenreick, 0. G. Jackson, John Weber, John Kreiger, Clarence Itussell, L. G. Taylor, Donald Hoffner, Glenn Siequist and Betty, Jack Larson. Dan Sitzman, Jerry Jacltson, Evcrct Heynoldi. Edna, Clarence Townley, Derald Peterson, Howard Thompson, Marion M c M a h a n and Joan. Elmer Fris- from, C. A. Aim, A r t h u r Strobcre, August Khrlich and Mary Ann, William Woolworth. William Dokc and Pat, Gilbert French, W. B. Nolin and Pat, Evert Larson. Rika Anderson and Hazel. Austin Madison. Judy and Sara Jane, and Miss Darlene Trliza. Mrs. Troudt served coffee, punch and chocolate angel food caVe. Weld's State 4-H Dairy Judging Team porferi therr would be. difficult id ' a r r a n g e because the U. S. does not mognue the Peipinf regime. | Senate. Republican Leader Knowland of California said In a separate interview he doubts any information brought out by llagnu- 'son'i committee will change the :administration'! i t a n d agatast [trading with the Chinese Commii- nisti. Beam Slated for Poland Nasser Drops Half of Candidates for National Assembly CAino m -- President Nmer bumped more than biU the eandi- datei for Egypt's new National Ai- sembly out of the race Monday. He and a committee of three of hli doseit lieutenant! put thi stamp of approval on 1,142 candidates of 2,508 originally entered for WASHINGTON on -» President jf« ·»* 3 tkclion. ne T0t « *® iscnhower Monday nominated ca- "me Esypt · first 3JO-man Eisenhower Monday nominated career diplomat.Jacob D. Beam to be ambassador to Communist Poland. St»nd plici In tht itati 4-H dairy Judging con- tut wtnt lo Wild county't liam abovo. Ltd to right aro Dean Johnson of Greelev, ttam coach; Larry Rhoadarmtr, Grltley; Btth Lamb, Wind- tor; Ltrry Bohlondtr, Ktrsty; Jirry Thoutt, CrtiUy; and Ja/nts Ktmp, assistant county agricultural agtnt. Judging finals wtro htld during tht Stilt 4-H Clqb Conftrtnco on tht Colorado Statt Univtrsity camput at Fort Collint. (Colorado Sttto Univtriity Photo) itone and Tony Keltner, Mn. Amy Straight and Mrs. Gail Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Mackey returned Thursday morning from the Mayo clinic, where Mackey had surgery for disc and vertebra trouble. Mackey is a brother of Mrs. John Henney. He is doing nicely. Miss Sera Anderson left Friday evening to spend her vacation from the city hall as a bookkeeper, at K a n s a s City visiting her brother, Enoch Anderson and wife, Janice, IS. Judy, H, Glenn, 11. Andrrsnn is the son of Kirs. Hannah Anderson of Gill. The Hev. "and Mrs. Clifford Smith and four little girls are visiting the C. H. Whitaker family, parents of Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Ilannah Anderson and family on their way home to Kansas City from four weeks at Antioch, Calif., w h e r e ' t h e y were called by illness Mr. and Mn. Charles Miller and "' ""'· Smith's mother. She. U Charlotte entertained at dinner m u c n improved. Saturday evening at 6:30 o'clock for Mr. and Mrs. Gary Madison, prisoners AfC Wam«l Mr. anil Mrs. Austin Madison, Lieutenant J a m r s Madison, J u d y and Sara Jane, Mr. and Mrs M a r - vin Troudt, Doanne, 2li. and Sandra, 10 months old. home from U n i v e r s i t y of Colorado June 6 and began working Monday at The Cache I.a Poudre Ditch tary, until September. She held the position last year. Shirley Isakstin, w h o won a 1957 scholarship at Gill, is w o r k i n g at present in Woolworth's. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Steck were dinner hosts- Friday evening for Messrs, and Mesdames Volney Gates, Dan Scott, Ilryant Glad SAN ANTONIO, Tei. * -- Sher iff Owen Kilday has warned County Jail prisoneri that he's going Kilday sent word Friday that if any more television sets were imaged durins the course of riot, prisoners would not be allowed to see "Dragnet." "The Lineup" or any other TV programs that might appeal to their tastes. Kilday said. "I've been paying the repair bills on those TV sets. Last month they came to $38." USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Change of Ownership I have purchased the lease of the Conoco Service Station on the Corner of 8th Ave. and 13th St. Now we can offer you better than ever service, plus: * Brake Service and Adjusting * Minor Tune-Dps * Electrical Work * Tires-Tubeless and Tube Type · Conoco Gasolines Conoco Oils and Greases jf Herb Purdy Seven «art t.rtritnce In auto Mrvlcing ind repairing. ONLY ONE COUPON TO A CUSTOMER FREE $ 3.00 WORTH OF NATIONAL RED STAMPS 30 NATIONAL RED STAMPS In odditicn to one stomp with each lOc purchase. Bring Thij Coupon to Purdy'i Conoco Service 8th Avt. ot 13th St. No purchase necessary, but remember, this expires Sunday, June 30th. Get Acquainted Offer FREE One Lubrication Job-Reg. 1.50 w i l h the purchase nf: · Oil Change and Filter Change or ' · Oil Change and Car Wash * This offer good for one week only!!! Purdy Conoco Service 8th Ave. at 13th St. Telephone 2218 Magnuson Urges U.S. Be Realistic about China Trade By JACK BELL WASHINGTON LB - Sen. Magnuson (D-Wash) proposed Sunday that American Air carriers be permitted to fly passengers and mail to Communist China as a possible preliminary step toward relaxing trade b,arrien. Magnuson said the Senate Commerce Committee he heads in- lends to explore this question with Secretary of State Dulles, as well as the possibHit, of admission of American newsmen to China. The committee will begin a broad scale investigation next Thursday of American trade policies with all sections of the world) Magnuson indicated it will focus first on Asia and the present embargo against any U. S. trade with the PeipinK regime. "I know the administration's policy is against such trade," Magnuson laid. "But we have got to V realistic. The rest of the world is going to trade with China. We can't keep 400 million people behind an economic bamboo curtain forever just because we ·'on't like their government." Magnuson laid both Northwest Airlines and Pan American Air- w a y s have certificate! permitting them to fly to China. But he said they cannot be used under present |U. S. rtitrictioni afaintt travtl to that country. · "\Ve certainly would not be building up China'i war potential by permitting the airline] to fly paiscnjtrj and mail there." -Mg- nuion laid. "We ought to loosen up »ome o( the rettrictioni 10 American! could travel there. "We also ought to consider the possibility of an exchange by which American nevcsmcn could be stationed in China on a regular basis." Dulles has laid that he would be wiling to approve a one-shot visit of U. S. newsmen to China. But he has said thu and any permanent stationing of American re- party Parliament under the revolutionary regime. S Nasser took the action by decret after the committee, called the E. Jacobi, who bat resigned. Beam. 49. would lucceed Joseph »"« the committee, MMM lu J.robi. who hit reilrnrd "National Union" and eiUbllihed under the constitution, h i d icreened prospective deputiei tot the last three weeks. The name M Brazil originated because of a wood which early Portuguese colonists gathered. Of a vivid red coltr, the wood suggested live coals or Portuguese "brasas." T h i s word eventually evolved into "Brazil." Seven prescription cntmnu to en* you at your friendly REXALL stores: "S4H" stamps at GUbeit- Bishop and Weldorado Drugs.-Adi. Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger Thoaiindi of couplet *'· week, *ror»-«*t, nhaurtrd t*ta«w hodf Iwki fctw. For arw o u n z t r f r r h n f ftrr 40, try OltrffI TcmJC Contain Iron for M»W i*j. tin; flm cory do*e \ lUmin Bi. la · unfit ear. iunIeri «t much ima «j ]fl dot. nv 4 |h*. nf Iivrr. 14 l«. ot b^vf. S-diy . pi Economy lire. i«r» 11.67. Afl MAGNAYOX Hi-fi and TV SALES and SERVICE Weld County Garage Phone 32 NIGHT CAI.LS -- PHONE 47R4J a "Champagne Flight I engine, pressurized Rock-bottom tire price New 1957 Gates Air-Float af economy price if lit quality tread design · * full tread width and depth * tread fortified with cold rubber * high strength rayon cord body * lifetime guarantee against any defect in workmanship or materials 6.70-15 btacV plus tax end rccoppabl* trade-in. Other u'lti ot similar low prices. fai t rtfoppab't SPECIAL Gates CONQUEST $1195 only GATES TIRES n A rtcoppobl* t dOWn plmyour rtcappabU trade-in puh a new Gatet Tire on your ear. raui SHEDD AIT'O SUPPLY COMPANY IU Nt. t t t n Avenui f x e n t Mn OK RtmnER WELDERS RAPP'S SERVICE IDS N. 1tlh Ave. ph. S64W }«0t 1Wh It. Phone JJJI C. C KERSEY H A R A R E WELI.S MOTOR CO, INC. Ml Ith St. M.urlci C.rbrlilj. 1101 Ith Ave. Phone }»»· or liny dealer In Weld Co. dl«p1aylnK the Kates Tire ilfrn. A

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