Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 6, 1961 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1961
Page 14
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Par* Mon., Nov. 6, 1961 JU. Ol6c By HEL01SE CRU»t . . C«n someone tell me Iraw lo remove lefc and colfet slaira from plastic cups? 1 have tried scouring powders, bui I can not get Vbim\ ckan. i will ippreclato any answer as 1 am mre Ihri 1 sm not the only woman wire hu those dirly-looking plasllc cups. Mrs. C. C. Dcai 1 Hotels*: , Is there nny way lo prevail Ihc chemicals or minerals In tire water from turning baby bottles whilt! when llicy arc being sterilized? Can something be put in the water? What can I do? Coral Perkins * » * Anyone Vnow? Write to Hetolse c.'o this paper. Share your knowl clgc, gals. You arc tlic experts and don't even knOv' It! Let's hear from the mothers wlib have fcum '.lie answer. Hc!6lse * * · · Dear Hcioisq: Aflcr washing my tennis shoes in the washing machine, 1 apply white shoe pq'.lih. «hd when they tlry . . . a n y stoind are complelel; :overed and llicy look like newl Janet Canady * * * Dear Hcloise: ' Instead 61 whittling a candle 6 (lie base to make it fit in the candle holder . . . I hold the cm In a cup of very hot water for i (erf minutes to soften the wa . . . then gently and (irmly pres it into the holder. WASH OR DRY CLEAN Your Pall Clothes Whil* You Bowl st Nearby Clxtlc Linet CLASSIC Cktmn*; Ceitfir 2460 8th Avc. Ph. EL 3-3974 Die Our , Pickup and Delivery Service And, Hclolte, tell I be women who are pouring hot waler ove K candelabra lo remove I be wax I to do it over the kitchen sink speak from experience. The; ay have a plumbing bill I Also, when our children were in nts, 1 found that a piece of wax 1 paper lucked into the diape ig wheh Iravellng or a n ' v i s i t the doctor, etc, was .Invaluable x wrapping soiled diapers. Mrs. S. W. * * · ear Hcloise'. Most of us wear white gloves a Mnc time pr other and I wou! ie to pass on the best methot clean them I have found: Mix liquid delefgent in the was asin with warm Water (»dd som each if nectssafy) and then pu n the gloves. Wash as if you were washin our hands. Use a nail brush I et the tell-tale snols off the fin ertlps! Remove the gloves, the nse by holding each glove unde e faucet and filling it with watc old top of plove and squcez frhlle it's still full of water. Th 111 completely remove all th Oan. This method will be just enoug i get them clean but nol enouj i cause the discoloration you {*t from using a pure bar of soa etween the hands and washin he gloves. HOURS: LAUNDRY : Weekdays -7 a.m. to \Q p.m. Sunday* -10 «.(n. to 10 p.m. DRY CLEANING Weekday! -- t a.m. t6 10 p.m. Sund»y« -10 a.m. to 10 p.m. T.O. ear Helolse: Can mayonnoise be frozen in o eco freezers when making san whichM ahead of time? My.neig lor lells me it cannot. W. E. Salad dressing may be uscrl'u... ·indwiches when iirenaring Ibem head of time Jor thn freezer. Also Miller or olcn. But frozen mayon- havt a fendericy 'to .MAKING A NOIiC.'. .Creating as-much clallfe in fashion cycles 'as the bracelets oh her arm, Italian coutur:A« Donna SimohMta is holding out for longer skirts. Italian Designers Forsee Longer Hemlines in Spring By JEAM SPRAIN WILSON AP Fathltn-Wrlttr NEW YORK (AP) - You---Wm be picking the stitches' out of your hemmed up skirls _ this spring, if the prediction of Home's fiery designer Donna Simonetta comes to pass. .They'll be longer then, she says. ;Chick, .'34-year-old Simofuitta's already cover her kneo skirls caps. According to researchers' ex- wrirnenls, low temperature meal 'ookery yields 10 to W per cent more meat lo serve than high emperalures. Beef, veal, lamb and ham should be roasted at 300 to 325 degrees F. and fresh writ at 3SS lo 350 degrees F, Keep the temperature low, too, when cooking on top of the range. In Introducing Iheif winter collections last summer both she end her couturier husband Alberto Faulanl dropped hemlines. They simultaneously added several inches lo daytime and stopped afler-5 costumes at mid- calf length: Other important dress houses of Europe Ixwever, remaiuec faithful lo knee-baring skirls. . j."Bul hems down by the lime Ihe next collections are out," confidently insisls'jcl-liaircd, almond-eyed Simonella, "Everywhere people are telling much Tlw Homemade applesauce, flavor ed With lemon or orange rind, is utterly, delicious served 'with va nilla ice cream. FOR SALE 1940 FORD V-8 42-PASSENGER BUS Engine practically new, good tires. See at Platleville School SEALED BIDS OPENED NOV. 16 SCHOOL .DISTRICT RE-1 WELD COUNTY more 'graceful it looks.' lemperamentol stylist ar- hand it to Wards FOR COMVENIMCE "CHARGE" YOUR PURCHAHS NOW AT WARDS Apply for your charge plate at Wards credit desk today. You then select what you need and just say "charge it". Costs nothing extra if you pay up bills monthly. Only a small service charge if you prefer to take more time. For Further InfomMtion, Ml. EL 2-11 U Mn. HcUft Stonf, Credit M****n 53K3 rived here on Ihe tail of a hurri cane and has since been storming hroujjh a busy .schedule set up iy ', American . rrtanufactuvers to drum .up interest 'In:vivid-hued playsrioes she designed for them. In a Simonetta suit (she claims she. almost never wears her husband's designs) and clanging IS golden bracelets, the Italian glamor girl of ( fashion glibly parries questions a b o u t skirt lengths, naturally prefers to talk about her new. footwear designs But Ihe conversation invariably gets back to hems. It would seem that her husband Fabiani and she arrived at the same long conclusion a b o u I them without any family consultations. '"We almost : never talk shop,' she explSifts. "If we did, we would surely be influenced by eacl other's ·· ideas. As it is, T don' have ny idea Of what his col lection is gohig to be like unti I see his rehearsals. "We are fiercely jealous o each olh*f^-we practically hat each other during the day of ou shows. Forlunslely, that silua lion only lasts one day. 1 ' To complicate the Italian hous divided, Fabiano's. 19-year-ol daughter Maria Christine js sen ing an apprenticeship in her ste mothei'-'s establishment .-When sh has been trained, she will go work for her father. Besides fervently believing lower skirts, Simonclta clings Ihese strong views: That Paris cannot last muc longer as the fashion capital the world. "I don't think Ihc l be any real fashion cent in thft fulilre. Important tale from everywhere will be used on international market." That hardship spawns creati ity. Once imprisoned by the Fa cists, Simonetta invaded the fas ion market the year after t war ended without any fabrics work with. Resourceful and ima Inalive, she made her first cc lection from dish cloihs, gardnci aprcns, butlers uniform a n strings and ribbon she cou locate. That Italian designers are le inhibited than anywhere else the world. "Maybe it's becau Wednesday's Cqlenddr fortnightly MusJqd, Mr*. Al«- adro GUksffc, W Irth St, Faculty Wivrt, Grceky Migi School Lupch Room, dinner honing btabwdi, t: li; pragrun Etki Chorus. Newcomers Alumaae, Colony Room, 13:30. Child Conservation League, Mrs. George A. Hill, 1319 19Lh Avel GUcrest Top o' the Mornln' GaroW Club, Mrs. Henry Hai'd- Ing, 1:30. · Graphic, Mrs. Henry Baab Jr. ITS 7th 'Ave. ' ; Oasis KeMkah Lodge, 10OF H a l l , dinner honoring Mrs. Mabel Whyrnan of Sterling, pr*s- ideni of the Rebekah Assembly 1 , 6:00; meeting, 8:00. OKSN, Mrs. Charles Main* son, t»4Hth St., deiitrt, 2:k · Flrct CorigregaUofia! Iroupis V, church-lo«ii(e,: dinner 6:io hosteisn Lois HKkrnah, Verl Newburn v Mrs. Ida Bird -ai« Mrs. Jess Ducker; IX, ^lrs: M. Graybeal Jr., 1M7 inh Ave. Mrs. W. W.- Monk 'auisting. Y Piriochle Club, Mrs. Maul, 1817 10th Avc., 1:30. GC, Mrs. Floyd Bowles, IS* llth St., 1:10. Navy . Mithers, Blue FlanW Room, combined buiiness social meellng, luncheon, 12:00 . bazaar. Trinity Lutheran Evening Clr cle, Mrs. Louis Rk-ker, 2522 25JJ- St. Rd.', 7:». New bridge club, (unnamed! Mrs.' Ralph Doney, 1323 6th Si. dessert, 6:30. Friendly'Birthday Club, Mrs Elliott McGill, I(tt7 5th St. . Women of I1ii_ Moose, Acat errty of Frkndthip, Moose home '8:00'. ' ' ' " ' - . La La Le, Mrs. Roland Kisslet northwest «f Grteley. 7:30; roil cifl, home pl4nt stsiattoit r ot bffleersj Wortb*hfle,..WprKers, Harptd | Gokismih, tort heist oi In-Birthday. Dirw-ier Fetes Mrs.' 'Mary Adorpson /. , ----, .- -'fuilcheon,. 1*00;. each 4 entertained a-group ol · friends for each meinber bring : one dish; roll call, Christmas gift' suggestion 1 . First Methodist Church, ry we have Cipri and the wohderfj sun. We have so much fun vacinj trying lo outdo each other wit fresh, colorful sportswear." This reminds her of-heV purpoi for being in America, these'wasl able shoes in her lap. The' hee of one pair are half-Inch thic discs set into the soles like lab' legs. Simonetta absolutely despisi women's legs in flatties. She also unhappy about any costurr jewelry which Is not frankly fak And she feels I hit »0m*n witho a lot of-mooey to spend shou Stick to black. She also think that black'is ideal for worm who do have, money. But most of all, Simonetl thinks skirts should be longer. . . Evening Bellea, Mrs. Jfihn L. iltzmafl; refl eafl, ptatti card r Tk»T*sf iviftg pnrtr f«v»r. St. Martha's- Guild, Trinity Episcop»l Guild Room, 7:4. THi TKIBUMi WANT ADS Mrs. Mary Adamson of Evans rice, or (hey may also be us«4. for lamb stew. Th* ribletf art cut from the lamb breast. Approximately Vi pound 1» ac«M ' with a turkey, (fttuw last week t« celebrate bei ; Wrthday^- Mrs. Leo. Michaud brought the birthday caVe which was .enjoyed I by the guests. Thm preteat ware Mmes. Henry Stoll, Jake Bolender,-Ethel Majbhun, Mary Ru| and W. B. Kurth. Stock up on fad menu suggestions. Larhb ribWs are delicious Iwrbecued and served with 11 FOODS OP MEXICO A N D 0 0 AWAY W I T H L E 9 M I S E R Y 0«f Sehiopettlli SUff-HOSS It th« f!n«l tong w*oring nylon wpport Mirf i frtihnMflitod by th* «1«dkol praf*»lon to help r*tir* painful l«»«, SUff-HOSE looks tttouirful on the kfl, h comfortsbl* «n.d fo»bi«iobl«, SUPP-HOSt it rh« on»y iupport ttocklnf declaim id by women ·v*fywh*f». MILADY'S HAT SHOP 933 9th Ave. EL 2-6991 M E M 0 R 1 A M OPEN FRIDAY TILL 8:30 P.M. WHITtfMAN In memory of George TxjRoy Whlttman who left us so suddenly 4 years ago Nov. 6, 1357, There are some who miss you sadly, And find the U m o Ions, since you..went. There are some who Ihink of you Always, And try to b* brave and con- lent. Our heads cannot tell how we miss you; Our Hps cannot lell what to any. God fcJone Know* how we infos you, In a home t h a t Is lonesome today. Sadly missed by Mother, Father, Brother? and Sister* SHOES OF.DISTINCTION 120 NINTH STRtfT 30 VOTE FOR Kenneth E, (K«) White NOVEMBER 7 For Councilman Ward 3 · Bujirm Man · Well ON OUR ENTIRE STOCKS OF MEN'S, WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SHOES, OVERSHOES, HOSIERY AND HANDBAGS AT BIG SAVINGS BELOW ARE SOME SHORT LOTS AND BROKEN SIZES WHICH HAVE BEEN CUT FROM ONE-THIRD TO ONE-HALF OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE. S 'iort Lot CHILDREN'S SHOES Value* to 7.»5 2 99 ·OME CHILD LIFE. AMD POLL-PARROT IKCLUDID OM« and Ends LADIES* SHOES Vahm (· 1*.»5 2 99 NO REFUND* NO EXCHANGE* Entire Stock LADIES' SUEDE SHOES AND 20% OFF Odds and EnHi Sport and Dress FLATS V»ln«s to 6.95. 1 99 NO REFUNDS NO EXCHANGES Men's and Boys' Dress SHOES Reg. to 10.95 4 90 NO REFUNDS NO EXCHANGES Ladtes' and Chlldrwi's HOUSE SLIPPERS, Rcf. 1.99 to 3.99 CloM Out at Ofrty . . 1.00 3OO Pairs Ladios' Full-F**hron Nylon STOCKINGS . . . Now only 3 PAIRS FOR 1.39

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