Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1972 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1972
Page 15
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eo* -Afefeo- 7 DEAR AEBY Abput that male cook who 'took pride" in h,s cookmg and refused to divulge hi? recipes: Some of S VE k ' nOWn W r e " ' I don't claim to be a good cook, but 1 am probably the best corn popper in the state of Michigan. Admittedly my prowess^ not d.yinely Spired, but I I the congtomerktbn ofirstruchons rorn a local 6year-old lady and a former national, champion grower pf corn. f have taught many people how to make delicious pot^ corn and. I denve as much pleasure out of the r enjot pient of it as 1 do my own BIM , DEAR BILL: A ], ri gh[ . you ,,,,,, he the question: How about that recipe? i r i i ' ,? qU b! ' W " when v?u s!atcd th * Good cooks should share their recipes ! happen to be the world's best dancer, salesman and amateur chef. And Abby, my love, no one. but NO ONE gets my for spaghetti! [They also beg me for ray recipes for sweet and sour sauce, and many otters but my Bpaghe I, sauce is out of this world, am! every body \Z tastes it wants to know my secret.] Thus far I have given it to no one I'm not selfish t like to cook and I like to treat my guests to something they can t get anywhere else Sorry about that. BOB IN LONG BEACH " may K '* Whtn you sald world's best salesman. My husband is! P. S : I'D put my mother in law's sweet and sour sauce against yours any day. but Bob. old boy. abOT | that spaghetti recipe 4re you wiling to negotiate? PEAR ABBY Can you stand one more tettei about recipes? I used to share mine, loo." but no more' Here* A jew year, ago J dreamed up a recipe of my own and it made such a big hit. my friends asked me for it. so t gave it to thern. ' . Well one fu,e day I saw that one of those 'Wends' had submitted MY recipe in a contest, 'taking full credit foi Saving created it, and she won $25 for it 1 _ When I spoke to her about it. she said when i gave it to her I forfeited all right to it. · In a more recent instance, a hairdresser asked me how 1 kept my skin so nice. When I told her" it was my own formula, she wormed it out of me with a plea that she had problems" with her skin and. really had to know A year later, I found that this hairdresser had been JJiakmg MY formula, putting it up in jars, and was'selling it for a big price. 6 When I threatened her with a lawsuit she stopped. W since that incident. I have never given'a recipe or any. thing else that hasn't been published in a magazine or newspaper that everyone has access to .;' · . ' · · - , . LEARNED A LESSON DEAR LEARNED; H people write and ask me how '·'-; V u Can gel y ° Ur - W" 1 ' dry ? kin formula what -shall i WUhem? To .dry up? ' . ' . ' : · " . DEAR- ABBY A.DOUI that' earth-shaking question oJ whether to give out a recipe or not. why the hassle? 1 agree with you "If someone else enjoys the same thing you enjoy. i| in no way diminishes your enjoyment of ; And. U someone takes the recipe to her grave .with her who gains' BIG-HEARTED BETTY ; What's your problem? You'll fee! better U you get it oil ·"«*··· chest, Write to ABBY Boj H700. L»s Angelts. Cal. MKJ. For a personal reply endow stamped, addressed tiivelope For Ahby's new booklet, 'What TMD-Agers Want U Mad II to Abby. Box C17M, Los Aigetei. Cal. MKS. Officers Elected, Delegates Selected By V.F.W. Auxiliary Mrs. Ben Murray Jr., was Leota Koenig a n d Marcla lected president of Veterans nf "'oreign Wars Auxiliary to Pio- eer Post No. 2121 during the Business meeting at which Mrs. Carl Collins presided. Other officers for the ensuing ear include Mrs. Robert Coutre, senior vice president; Mrs. Bob Coxen, junior vice resident; Miss Georgia Koenig, reasurer; Mrs. Phil Woodward, haplain; Mrs. Earl Collins, onduclress; Mrs. Oscar Bell, uard, and Mrs. Clint Anderson, iree-ycar trustee. Appointive (ficers will be announced at later date by (lie president. Delegates and alternates for lie District No, 3 Convention, unday, May 7, at Lafayette vere also elected. They are Imes. Ben Murray Jr., Barley Jjoralt, Bob Coxen, -Hazel 3aum, Shirley Hunter, Phil Voodward, Etta Hansen, Bob 7outure and Oscar Bell and iliss Georgia Koenig. AJter- lates are Mines. Dick Randall, aim Wickham, Max Montoya, : erry Cooper, Lillian Wicks, Mice Harris, Gaynell Davis and \ugust Pfleiderer, and Misses I, CICIllr UOWNSIONf *» J o o J Ed I.. FAMILY DINNER Stuffed Breast of Veal Potatoes Asparagus Salad Bowl Chocolate Cake Beverage STUFFED BREAST OF VEAL 'A cup bulk sausage 3 tablespoons butter l-3rd cup finely chopped on- in V4 cup finely chopped celery 6 slices bread, finely crum- jed (about 2 cups) * teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon pepper ¥4 teaspoon poultry seasoning Bone-in breast of veal (aboul 3 pounds), with pocket 3 slices bacon In a. 10-inch skillet cook saus-| age gently, crumbling with a 'ark. Add butter, onion end celery and cook until vege- .ables are wilted.-Mix in the )read, salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. Stuff into veal pocket;, close opening with toolh- jicks or skewers. Place bone side down in a 13 by 9 by 2 inch making pan.. Place bacon over top .of meat and anchor-ends with toothpicks. Tightly cover pan with foil. .Roast in. a 350- ciegree oven until veal is very tender--about 2\i hours; uncover and roast ','2 hour longer to brown. Note: To make gravy, remove veal to platter.and keep warm. Tilt pan and spoon off fal..To drippings in'pan acid 1 container (8 ounces) light cream. With a wooden spoon stir over low heat to get up drippings; add enough gravy- browning-and-seasoning sauce to give a light brown color and cook until gravy is slightly thickened. Sassett. Mmes. Marie Snyder, MiU dree) Valentine and Antoinette Glenn were voted into membership. It was announced that the auxiliary now has 100 per cent )ai up membership by the 148 members. Monthly reports of chairmen ncluded Mrs. Couture, Americanism and Loyalty Day; Mrs. Collins, hospital chairman; Mrs. Murray Jr., rehabilitation; Mrs.. Anderson, courtesy! Mrs. Huner, cancer and Mrs. Wiley, publicity. It was requested that anyone able to donate blood to the YFW Post No. 2121 blood bank at Weld County General Hospital is urgently requested to do so. A post member required 28 Jinls of bood and the VFW jlood bank is presently at six pints. Please call Ben Murray Jr., 353-4946, for further information. Elected delegates to the D e p a r t m e n t Convention in Grand Junction June 15.16-17 were Mmes. Murray Sr., Murray Jr., Anderson, Copper, Woodward; alternates, Coxen, Bell, Couture, Wickham anc Daum. During Ihe conclusion of the auxiliary meeting Post Com mander Ben (Murray Jr., presented Ihe auxiliary with a |50fl check (o aid the auxiliary's depleting treasury and for Iheir constant assistance with ppsl activities. Mrs. Anderson then presented the commander the plaque she received from the March of Dimes Foundation while representing the post anr auxiliary at the recent dinner held at the Farm Fare for id years of faithful service to the March of Dimes. All chairmen were remindec that their yearly reports musl be mailed to the departmeni chairman and received before the May 10 deadline. Yearly re ports will be the main ordei of business at the May 1 meeting. This month's cancer anc hospital sewing meeting witl covered dish supper is sch.ed uled for 0:30 p.m. on April 27. Mrs. Sherrou) Tqjtes Office as President Mrs. Ella Sherrow, newly elec- ed president of the Past Com- ·nanders of Navy Mothers Club So. 15, conducted the first T\eoting of ler lerni when the ilub met at the home of Mrs. iladge Rush last Wednesday. Mrs. Irma Nuss will serve as he . vice , president, and ap- jolntlve officers include Mrs. viaxine Hays, secretary and lublicily; Mrs. Ed Lett, treasurer; and Mrs. Celeste Rumley, courlesy chairman. The eleven members present, ilayed games during the social lour. The next meeting will be May 17 at the home of Mrs. Rush, .225 8lh St., with Mrs. Hazel Cotter as hostess. Mrs. Leslie K. Grimes resented a vivid description of fe in early Colorado for lembers of Lampas Sorority, u ring a review of "No Life or a Lady" by Agnes Morley Evening Belles Don Easter Hats For Roll Call Members of the Evening Belles Extension Homemakers Club donned home-made Easter bonnets for roll call whei the club met at the home of Mrs. Gus Hoecher last Wednesday. Mrs. Eugene Gibbs brought a report of Mental Health Day and Mrs. Manuel Geisick and Mrs. Andy Hop reported that they had taken a lamb-shaped Easter cake to the Gesterling Nursing Home at Platleville. The club ballot was cast for county officers and club offic ;rs were elected. Mrs. Ronaki Doll is the new president; Mrs. Andy Hop, vice president; Mrs. Joe Brantner, secretary ami Mrs. Manuel Geisick, treasurer. Sirs. Kenneth Manweiler. a guest, demonstrated the "Art o Foiling" ancl displayed severa! completed pieces. Mrs. John Sjtzman won the hostess gift. "Show and tell" on a nev. craft tried during the past year will be the subject for roll cal at the May 17 meeting at the home of Mrs. Ronald Doll. There are 510 business publi cations, including annuals, will a total circulation of 4.4 million in Canada. drapery length guaranteed with FOLD FINISHING O Guaianleed length D Even hemlines D Fold contours restored D Draperies look like new Bennetti. 2800 W. 10th St. 12149th Ave, Mon., April 24, 1972 GREfiLEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 15 Mrs. Grimes Reviews Book For Lampas Mrs. Lacy L Wilkinson in- roduced Mrs. Grimes at ipril 20 meeting of the sorority t the 'home of Mrs. Edward jears. Co-hostesses were Mrs. larvin Funk, Mrs. Clarence Vallace and Mrs. Samuel Villiams. "No Life for a Lady" is the ue story of the family V i 1 1 i a m Raymond Morley, ailroad builder and cattle aroh. The book describes the xpcriences of the three Morle hildren, two girls and a hoy, s they grew up in the west Uter the death of her husband, Mrs. Morley invested in cattle and ranching in Texas wjiore Iheir new Iwme was called Casa Blancq. Especially interesting was (lie lime young Raymond, age 9, retrieved his pony from Hie Indians, and the time when l'- m Agnes, at the age of 16, taught the school for one term, and Ave, received 23 dozen eggs as her salary.This Is history that can be enjoyed by all ages. Mrs. Edward Boggess con* ducted (he business meeting. At Ihe next meeting, at 1:30 May 18, at the home of Mrs: G. G. Sutherland, 1509 13th Ihe hostess will be in charge of the program. Evening Parties Show New Liviiiff Concept Invitational cocktail parties were hosted at Fairway Villa as an open house gesture for of three consecutive nights last week to introduce a iicw condominium. Fairway Villa, located at 27 which is completed with each unit entirely on one floor. There are two stories and a communal garage. The new condominium is located adjacent to ' the Town House which lias two units com- 34 West, is a new concept of Ward Drive off Hwy. Business pleteti with an upper and lower floor to each unit. Units will living in Greelcy, The condo-'be the type and decor as chosen minium has 14 nnils, one of I by the customer. SINGER · *9inviE.n · M ingsate! Pink flower price tags tell it aH! H^f Come in and see your budget perk up with famous Singer values! save S/LftOO W W . PRICE ontheGpWen Touch Sew' sewing macfVme intneBakersfteld desk! It's the Golden Touch Sew* sewing machine, our very best, in the Bakersfield cabinet that converts to a desk! This machine gives you Singer stretch stitches for all your springy knits.Touch the dial to switch from straight to zig-zag to decorative stitches. At a touch, the built-in buttonholerstarts a round-end buttonhole of any size. And just touch the exclusive Singer* Push-Button Bobbin-watch itwind itself, right inside the machine. Sew up Sp.-ing and save now I Over 150 combinations of sewing machines with cabinets on sale now at Singer! The Slnj«r lloM' Crtdl! Pttn htfpi you hav* (hit viFu* now-with In your budgil. SINGER Teleplinne 352-4939 827 10th St. AAUW ART MART FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD PRIZES OF $25, $15, AND $10 WILL BE AWARDED IN FIVE DIVISIONS MAY 5 8 TO 10 P.M. MAY 6 11 TO 4 MAY 7 12 TO 4 A RECEPTION FOR THE ARTISTS AND THE PUBLIC WILL BE HELD FRIDAY, MAY 5 BETWEEN 8 AND 10 P.M. the first national bank of GREELEY

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