Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1972 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1972
Page 14
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H : GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Mon., April 24, 1972 Price Panel Will Order Rollbacks, Refunds in Profit Margin Move ' NEW YORK (AP) - The Price Commission will order .-hundreds of millions of dollars :in price rollbacks and customer refunds in the next few weeks, its chairman announced today. Chairman C. Jackson Gray- .son Jr. said the reason is that the commission's limit on profit margins in beginning to take hold as a second line of defense against inflation. Grayson, speaking of the 'matter publicly for the first time in remarks for the annual meeting of The Associated Press, said he hopes the an- 'no'uncemeht will help rally public opinion behind controls. He called it "a major breakthrough, a major landmark in this country's flatidn." war on in- "In a very few words I would like to inform you that beginning late last week, the Price Commission inaugurated a scries of major actions which will result in hundreds of millions of dollars of price reductions, which will roll back current prices of some of Ihe country's largest companies to their base-period levels." Grayson said that if customers who have been overcharged can be found, firms will be ordered to make refunds. He named no campanies. Meanwhile, Donald Rum- sveld, director of the Cost of Living Council, (old automobile manufacturers not to expect approval of large price in- In a speech prepared for the Economic Club of Detroit, Rumsfeld said steel companies' hold-the-price-line pledge "is a significant step in the effort to reduce inflation, a slep which shouW be reflected in the prices of 1973 model cars ... "I would be surprised if substantial price increases could be justified under Price Commission rules," he said. Grayson explained that the rollbacks and refunds will result from orders based on a. Commission ruling lhat has at-j tractcd little public notice. This rule, in addition to the commission's basic dictate that any price hikes must be jusli- fied by cost increases, says that price increases cannot be Greeley Police Log SATURDAY a.m. 7 : .0 9 Parking problem reported. 7:48 Watering violation reported. 8:07 Man reported a car was blocking his driveway. 8:47 Assisted Fire Dept. on sick and Injured call; unfounded. 10:33 Tape Deck Stolen from u s e d car at DeBrown's Chrysler; valued at $50. 10:53 Information received on missing person. 11:15 Prisoner transferred to county jail. 11:58 Report received of boys floating on inner tubes in ditch; officer advised persons of hazards, and boys went home. p.m. 12:05 Accident at 1835 17th Ave. 12:14 Accident at 401 29lh Ave. 1:12 Indecent exposure incident reported In 800 block of 8th Ave. 2:23 Man .reported someone threw a rock through his car window. ' 2(17. Hospital reported a child had been given drugs. 3:46- Additional information received ' concerning earlier burglary. 3:47: Missing persons reported; report later canceled. 4:12 Officer, assisted citizen in getting into her locked auto. 4:17 Children reported playing in street department etiu mtnt;' officer corrected situation. . . · 4:2fi' Larceny from construction' site reported. : 4:30 Adult arrested on drug charges. . 4:30 · Prisoner released on P.R. bond. 4:58 Children reported playing on construction equipment; situation corrected by officers. 5:05 Man reported boys throwing rocks nt cars. 5:09 Employe of 7-11 store reported he was threatened by two men with a gun; names and license number of suspects given to officers. 5:19 Man reported having trouble with juvenile; juvenile contacted by officer. 6:09 Unfounded report ol vandalism to auto. 6:18 Hit and nun ticcUlcnl r e p o r t e d ; victim though suspect auto was either n Pontiac GTO, Tempest or Corvelle. 6:20 Stolen bicycle reported. 8:25 Car reported parkct overnight in business parkin] lot. 9 : 0 3 Blocked drivewn reported. 9:14 Report of minors drink In tavern; no minors found 01 premises. 9:35 Cashier at Colorado Theater reported trouble wit customers; gone on arrival o officers. 10:30 Fight or aulo nccldcn reported in the MOO block o 10th Ave.; gone on arrival o officers. 1 0 : 0 5 Christine Millet reported billfold stolen from he purse; wallet valued at $5, nm $3 in cash. 11:46 Prowler reported I Woolco Depl. Store; office found report unfounded -people In theater mall. 10:50 Accident reported a 16th SI. and Lakeside Dr. 10:55 Stolen vehicle reported. 11:17 Burglary reported 8 residence; items worth $26 taken. 11:44 Man reported someon was ringing a bell loudly; o licer contacted bell-ringer am advised him to slop. 11:49 Larceny reported. SUNDAY a.m. 12:01 Accident at 23rd Ave and W. 4lh St. 12:15 Open window reportet at Jackson School. 12:33 Open door reported Curtis Malhes. 1:00 Pete D'Amalo reportc someone spray painted his ca and broke off antenna. 1:18 Open door reported a Farr Farms. 2:04 Loud party reported situation corrected by officer. 2:49 Man reported a person oiling on ground .and yelling yard next door; suspect rrested. 3:03 Man reported someone ad driven into house; suspect rrestcd for driving under the nfluence. 11:49 Late entry -- Six pcr- ons arrested for stealing from cc machine. 7:27 Additional information on urglary received. 7:40 Stolen bicycle reported. 7:49 Assisted Fire Depl. on larm. 8:20 Man reported someone roke his car window. 8:31 Warrant served. 8:48 Woman reported neigh nr burning trash; officer ad- iscd offender of burning code. 9:53 Man reported an aulo as blocking his driveway. 10:35 Woman reported some- ie threw a piece of bark irough a storm door window. 10:43 Woman requested an [ficer assist her in shutting off er underground sprinkling ystcm; the sprinkler heads had ccn stolen. . . 11:12 Woman reported boys irowing rocks at her children. 11:14 Prisoner transferred to ounly jail for bond, m. 12:13 Woman requested of- iccr keep close check on her ouse; she had Iroiible with rowlcrs. 12:48 Auto accident at iurgcr King parking lot. 12:49 Lodger released. 1:05 Woman reported some- ne look a money bag con- aining $65 from building when er back was turned. 2:02 Parking problem re wrtotl. 3:06 Accident at 8IIi Ave. and Bill SI. 3:51 Manager of Hillside Mall -itiuiidry reported $70 stolen. 4:43 Missing child reported; hild found liefore report made. 4:45 T,oud music complainl cccived. 3:03 Robert Cook reporter ,'nml,i!ism to his auto. 5:10 Adult arrested for driv- ng under Ihe influence. 5:33 Stolen auto reported and later recovered. 5:54 Motorcycles reported disturbing the peace. 5:56 Hit-and-run accident at 18th St. and 23rd Ave. 6:10 Young girl reported lying on lawn in 900 block of 3rd Ave.; officer found girl was drunk. 6:56 Open door reported at 3yco Sales. 7:00 Man reported the license ilate was stolen from his motorcycle. 7 : 4 5 EJurglary suspect reported at Hadden Hall. 7:46 Accident at 8th Ave. and 20th St. 8:10 Prisoner released. 8 : 4 0 Person requested assistance from officer in get- ling into locked auto. 8:41 Unfounded report of Burglary in progress at University High. 9:40 Tape deck reported stolen from auto. 9:50 Ryan Murphy reported 'lis bicycle slolen. 10-: 41 Missing juvenile reported; report later canceled. 11:00 Man reported he saw three boys smoking marijuana; no marijuana found. MONDAY a.m. 12:07 Assisted Fire Dept. on alarm. 12:38 Pick up order receivet from Sheriff's office on juvenile. 2:30 Aulo prowler reported al El Gaucho Apis.; unable to locale. 3:35 Suicide atlempt at Turner Hall. 6:20 Woman reported two bicycles stolen from her garage Don't be an April Fool on the highway. Our State Pairol reminds motorists that speed kills Ohoy all posled speed limits and adjust speed to bad weather or night driving condi- fions. Remember human reflexes do not pick up with the speed of the car. Notice I will not be responsible for any rtebls other lh;m my own. Karon Hauf --Adv. so large as to raise the profit portion of each sales dollar above the average for the best two of the past three years. Grayson said lhat when the commission last fall chose this approach it was aware the rule would be invisible to the general public, "most of whom don't even know or care what profit margins are." But he said now that large companies--those with more than $50 million in yearly sales--are beginning to file required quarterly reports, this irofit-margin rule is starling to :iavc effect. Recently, the Price Commission ordered two firms to roll jack prices because of inflated irofils. Grayson has said that jased on first reporls, perhaps 10 per cent of America's large Businesses would be required to roll back prices for this reason, lis announcement today lhat he rollbacks would amount to lundrcds of millions was his !irst such statement. But Grayson said the limit on irofit margins won't hurt business because firms may increase their total profits as ,hcir sales pick up in the current business recovery. In fact, he said, it couki help the recovery along. "You could say our policy urges business to do more business, hiring more and more people to do it, at ower prices," he said. This is because firms that )ump up against the commission's limit on profit margins must, if they wish to continue nore money, lower their prices. Grayson repeated earlier statements that about 40 per cent of firms filing reporls lave shown increases over [ro(il-margin ceilings, and that lalf of Ihese have had acceptable reasons for the increases, such as seasonable flucuations. The other half, have been asked to justify their increased profit margins. Those that can- lot will be ordered to reduce prices or make refunds. Grayson added that a "silent majority" of companies have lowered prices volunlarily to avoid exceeding profit-margin ceilings. These companies have put pressure on their competition to also keep prices down, Grayson said. He noted that in past months the commission has been accused by ils critics of being ineffective or pro-business. "As what I've outlined here today may indicate, we are not pro-business," he said. "Nor are we antibusiness, either. We're simply, and implacably, anti-inflation." Grayson also noted that public-opinion polls have shown most Americans skeptical of price controls. "Perhaps, now that the slow but tough nature of our policy has .started to surface, we can regain their confidence t h a t inflation can be slowed down." ROTC Retained At Colorado U. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- University of Colorado Board of Regents met Saturday and spelled out the University support of Rescrfe Officer Training Corps programs on campus. At a meeting in Colorado Springs, the Regents unanimously passed a rcsoli/ion instructing the CU administration in their negotiations with ROTC units for new contracts. They stated, "lhat no University condition or- policy be imposed or required which will result in a unit of ROTC and their program being removed from the Boulder campus." In February, CU President Frederick P. Thieme reported to the liegents that in the light of existing contracts with ROTC u of ^Jn "WICK WAR I want to thank tlio doctors-- Hublmrtl Smith. Wheeler, Ar- fonl, Spurgat nnd nurses and nitlos OTI G North, 3 North and recovery room for the excellent care I received while in the hospital. Also a. iliank you to fill who sent flowers, gifts and cards. Mrs. Alice .Wickwar leiffl^I^i: yQi^fZ^^^- -j-/jo$£ /illi £ DOiNfa TO i-f^^ f^orJ -/?/=·£" V"'^ l~f A A / D i~f^ , -cn!2 A-. .-~,/i.i}.£ %*** TM^ IF YOU ARE A DRESS SIZE 14 -- yOU CAN BE A SIZE 10 IN 31 DAYS 16-YOU CAN BE A SIZE 12 IN 36 CAYS 18-YOU CAN BE A SIZC 14 IK 35 DAYS 20-YOU CAN DE A SHE H IN 50 DAYS 22 -- YOU CAN BE A SIZE 16 IN 51 DAYS RESULTS . . . I/ far jiy rtjvwi YCJ fin lo i«celi it- ulll, (Hint Pom ".II |i» T°" » MOMBS Ff.EI. Complete 4 month program NOW Q 00 ^^ UNLY^^Unfimi»ed Visits EUlnt Powen F«ilur«i: No dliroblng · No slranuout *xercls«s · No Tong-lerm conlr*cl · No Inltrnl or »nnu«l p«ic»nU8« rult, HOURS: 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M. Elaine Powers figure Salons Paris Ports Busy the summer of 1971 as Hie dead- unils, credit tor ROTC courses line for Ihe end of giving credit 13.7 million passengers in 1971, This information came in the nine per cent more than m_1970. WE'RE OVERSTOCKED! . . . IT'S GOTTA GO! TREES · SHRUBS · HEDGES ·VINES .EVERGREENS ALL PLANTS Container Grown or Bare Root Master Charge BankAmericard or Yankee Dollars and YOU HAUL! MORGAN NURSERY 2200 Reservoir Rd. Ph. 353-1677 Phone 356-0911 2414 W. 10th St, April 25-29 SAVE NOW! You'll never buyl/laytag dependability for less... j SALE on dependable MAYTAG DAYS ONLY f Buy Now \ Special Savings] I On All Models, Quantities * %/ra /Ve W cycle V ftW/3/fl 7fl/ { Bfug, V ffp ///jf //y^ GAS °r HtCTKic tt-t SAVE ^ l ^--V-^^L \v. y. ·- Bigger Than Ever! MUST BE SOLD! # DISH WASHERS , . # DISPOSERS , 1 SWASHERS '· 'f P' "*%r fl ?* i^^'a*. 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