Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 8, 1975 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1975
Page 5
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The Idaho r'rce Press i The News-Tribune, Saturday, February 8,1975-5 ^_ m Tnelflanorrceivess 4niM\ews-iriiTMmr,3«wui),rcuiii4ii Election study team finds | Selected Stocks -- Dow Jones complaints partly justified ballots in Canyon County for°the 1974 election were in part " f a c t u a l l y correct" or "meritorious" and in others improvable, a special study team reported Friday. .· A bipartisan election study team investigated the Canyon . . C o u n t y election focusing on five complaints, · including t h a t proper safeguards against ballot tampering were not followed during transfer of the ballols The Canyon County investigation was performed under the secretary of stale's office after an official comp l a i n t alleging improprieties was filed in the office of the attorney general. The complaint was filed by Lynda D a m e r o n , Canyon County Democratic Central Committee chairwoman. The study concluded that "proper safeguards against ballot t a m p e r i n g were not followed during the transfer ol ballots from Canyon County Courthouse lo the J.H. Simplot Co. headquarters, site of the back-up computer, as the transfer carriers were not sealed." However, the investigation 'revealed t h a t "the transfer 'carriers were placed in the ·locked trunk of a sheriff's automobile at all times during transfer." While the study team found the complaint of insufficient safeguards was "factually correct" the committee noted .that "bi-partisan testimony confirmed the uninterrupted transfer of ballots. . "The c o m m i t t e e therefore concludes that the opportunity .for ballot tampering as a consequence of unlocked transfer ·.carriers was obviated by the observed portage of those same C f ri ^ S in lhe locked T unk of a Questioned (o determine (he 'attempt lo affect the outcome of S h " A c o m p l a i n t that proper safeguards against ballot tampering were not followed in four precincts as ballot boxes were unlocked at various limes during the balloting in the general election, brought conflicting testimony during (he study. The committee said thcru was "neither evidence nor testimony lo suggest ballot tampering." The investigation found that while the boxes were unlocked, that was done prior to the start of balloting lo make sure the ballot biwes were empty and later place the ballots in transfer carriers for subsequent vote labulalion by the county clerk. But the committee said "insufficient evidence exists to conclude thai the prescribed safeguards against b a l l o t t a m p e r i n g were not implemented during the balloling. "Allegations lo the contrary entered subsequent to election day are self-limiting. No means then exists to verify the charge or to remedy the abuse, if any. Assurance of f a i t h f u l compliance with such implementation can only be enjoyed upon knowledge that c o u n t y election officials, precinct election judges, observers and voters alike perform their respective functions in a responsible manner." A third complaint said that ballols may have been tampered with lo reverse substantial vote margins for certain Democratic candidates after tallies were reported on KCID Radio at 11:30 p.m. election night with only three precincts left uncounted. "The committee finds this premise to be erroneous," the report said. Dale Peterson, station manager for KCID radio was content of thai broadcast and he said the broadcast reflected cumulative totals as shown on the county's computer printout. The totals available at 11:30 p.m. would have reflected only 14 per cent of the total vole. "The leads of various candidates may have been diminished or reversed after the remaining 86 per cent of the ballols were tabulated," the committee said. "This fact alone is insufficient to suggest ballot tampering." The committee said it found the fourth allegation "meritorious" that concerned an improper conflict of interest as the county clerk, a candidate for re-election, picked up ballols and transferred them f r o m precinct 8 lo the county courthouse without bi-parlisan observation. The committee said however there was no evidence presented that the ballots were tampered .vith. "Logic nullifies any such ·iuggeslion," they said. "An an election by altering only a portion of lhe ballots cast in one precinct would be an exercise in futility rather than of deceit." But the committee noted it raises suspicion lo have a candidate for office handling ballols or tabulating them unobserved. The clerk-candidate who does not perceive "the potential for abuse his responsibilities carry cannot engender confidence and respect in his performance of those duties," lhe report said. The fifth allegation said ballot tampering may have occured at the county courthouse as the final tally was conducted there without bi-parlisan observation. "The committee questions the wisdom of tabulating ballols without bi-partisan observation but perceives no error in the result nf the tabulation." The committee made five recommendations for informing the i n d i v i d u a l s involved with ballot handling and tabulations on ways to avoid such problems in the future. NEW YORK tUPl) - The slock market closed slightly lower Friday in the slowest trading in two weeks on the New York Stock Exchange because of profit taking and concern over rising unemployment. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was off 2.97 at 711.20 shortly before I he close. It had been down more lhan 10 at lhe ouisel. Declines led advances by about a four-lo-three margin among the 1,7% issues crossing lhe tape. Turnover amounted lo around 17,300,000 shares, down sharply from the 32,020,000 traded Thursday, the second heavies) turnover in NYSE history. Trading was halted X minutes in lhe morning by 11 computer malfunction at the NYSE. Prices also were lower in sluggish trading on lhe American Slock t'xchango. Jbbolfl 1.11 it atfirm mini 1-'* up 'i alrcqlnc .M I) up U ilcinil 1.11 IJ-"i up '. allegcp .·;« I- 1 ! up U lllld h 1.IJ mi up l-'i allli Chi .It r't up 'i l!cc» 1.14 X13-V| «H \i aroax 1.7S JS- v i oFI i amhei .13g IM^ ofl '· am airlines 7-"i abrand ?.4B 37-'i up l » a can l.iaa 32-'( oil U amt«» ].v, )|i, am motors *.V] up ' i amsmlT l- 1 .^ lf-'i am ilnd .13 iMi up '4 amtsi ].« 4'i up U« ami in I.M Klj.ti up 'i amend l.M II . oil i aril as l.Ji 13-li olf i atrmo uoa ]7.v 4 oil *j armi etc .12 JI-'i oil ** ashlnoll ]-', U'i oil '· allrlchf }."i Bi up '4 avco carp 4 olF 'i babwil .80 17-Vi up '4 task In .) «.', elf ! bccVmn .S3 JS^'i up 1 1 bell hwl .14 14-'* up 'i bendix UO 37.'4 up U belhsleel la 30-, bobb'e bfki 3-'« baeing .80 17 on '· loodFar .10 i4 oil '4 fordnft 3.10 H.'t Ireplm ua x!4-Vx IrLehuf 110 IJ-'i oil gtvjjfr MO ]). up ' Qncable .44 t-'l Oil '4 gen dynam 13-i oil * gn die I « 31 .· oil tjnlood 1.40 ll.'i of! genmcl .Kb Ji J * up gen pan .13 xp* up g I t 1.80 H-II up 11 ga cac .log 34-i oil gillHIf l.» !!·'· oil goodric 1.11 IS-'i oil goodyr 1.10 *1S J 4 up gram wl JAi oil '4 glwtu ].9]b I?1 ! up grylid I.Ola ll-*i oft gull oil I.'O !3-i rcini h I.)] n»* oil noil elecln 4i off ', holly sugr ] 14'; ofl homslake I 4\* cEI honywl 1.43 7.J-4 up hcuslp I.Si *?].i Idaho p 7i-i up idealbasic I U- 1 ! DlF ilkenln 1.30 U-i oil irg rri !.4I l7-'4 oil InldUl 1.40a 35-'i oEI ibm ccrp 6 1171 ! up inlharv 1.10 ]7-'i up inlnck I.Oa 34 11 oil pacgat I.II 11 *i vp 'i patpwr 1l-'i pan am air l-'t penn ctnlr l-'t up i| teantt I.I* «.'; fit 'i pcnnp 1.13 lt-'l up i ptnnil l.log 20 up Vj ptpjlco 1.40 14 up L i plller 7la »-li up 'i phlllpmo .63 4i-4k up 'i philpcl 1.13 »'· up 'i Polaroid 37 70-i up ' pptjlnd 1.10 71-'i lp [ i prort ga 7 92^J oil *i pus col 1.70 14 oil 1| pulman 1.70 47-i| OIF U ralslcn ,11 », oil ii ravlnon .10 II- 1 ! oil *i rca corp 1 14 up i rtplfl l.iOa 2B- 1 ! up ti rer lid 2.BI S5 oil '4 reynmel la I7.'i OIF 'i robrlsn 1.30 )4-'» rockviell i 2 20-'. ronton .7lg J4 CM * royld Hid 3U. salewy l.BO 3t ] i ell ( i sllomrl 7.70 41 slrcgis 1.40 3J oil i sears l.taa xto ell u snelleil 1.13 4 4 ' i oil '. timftsc ,Stt Ii ] i ofF ] i skacgco .£3 IS oil i smilhkline 2 41-h up l l bordrn 1.39 Mi bort w I.)! IS- 1 * 011 'i brls mr 1.S2 SI 'i bruntwk .40 17 burrgtu ID II up 2- l i cantiac .lid is^i off ( i catertr 110 SPi up '4 C D s 1.4i 3l-4 up '4 celante 1 13 2T-'i tfrro c 1.» U'l 011 '. clieisie 3.19 I0.t oil i {hryllr 1.40 ·- oil 1 1 Citirv 7.40g 4I-'| Oil ' cotaCOl M3 7T 1 4 ell l-'i eel gis J« Ij-ll up 'i conislv 1.40 31-'4 up ' » cmwed 7.30 1) OIF 1 4 omm sat I It- 1 * con fd .3Cb 11 CFI 'i conllal Itl s.'4 oil '· tnilcan 1.10 7 4 ^ 1 up ' * conlinlloil 2 12 OFI '4 coop In 1.01 )V i up " r pc inll 2 M.II oil I.' i crwni I.ICa 77^1 oil 1 CLTt,»wa ! 7I-*I UP 1 cyclop l.43i lUi oil i darl In .I0g 11i oil 1 4 disner .llg 33 up l-'i oow en 1.40 i7^i ell ] » dravo 1 40 11 oil ' duponl s-'id ft-Vi oil 'i duqi'.el '.» '"j uo '4 eastern air s oFI 'i ciilk I.Ila i t ' s up 7 i elpas co ig I7 1 4 up ] i etlricp 1.10 H ! . enlexin ll- 1 ^ esmaik 1.43 31 elhyl c 1.10 :i'' up pvarl prod 3^« oFI '4 Inll paper ! ll-t olt I- 1 " tnl ll LSI !*·· up It iohnmv 1.10 !]· utl 'i kallral 1.10 II up '· ttflcoll I.i9 ir'i up H tat mca. I li'i oil 'i kopptr 1.40 K44| 011 ti krallco 1.11 Sl-i oil l-i Itli val lid 'i oil 1-H 1199 my 1A| xlj.'t olf *i lillcnin l.Vil ..'· Iciknwd 4- Itv COrp I)1 ! up ' I luknill 1.49 It-U up *i cnaq.navox *·*! raar oil 1.10 ))· olf li n.Aicorine 1 l?.'4 olf liurlKO \M I» J «P '· iopjr.11 2 11 11 Si up 1 '· IP rind .11 )»'· olf '4 stdbrindl 2 II-'4 lid oil ell 1 »-d o" H sld oILind 1 41-'i oil l-'4 sldiloh 1.14 *SS-'. up 'i u 1 . ofl '· lansleel .40 l^i 1incl led Si 10- lirtrne u.i Imc CP .92 ll' oFI oil | up CM ' suxlyv I.It StUlfcW 1.11 !)-'· Oil '4 lunifcln .09 II-"! up 'i Ittrtyiw ! 11'i «N , felepromp 4-'i teiwco U9 il) 0 * up ' (exaco n H J i tH 'i lex Inilr 1 7l-'i up '4 tetlron 1.10 U'4 ofl 'i .jmni"iV MJi" oTl"' t'nikn Ilia ll-i olf 'i mcdMd -4B *·'» off '« Iranwrn .» 7-*i IP » m , m !..! 7l-li olf . Tan, w »lr 7.i midiou l.M It.'. "'""I .lib It up n-.cbiial 1.40 40-»i oil i monian 1.40 4l-»i oil U monldh 7.CI Jl-'i off '· menpw 1.10 14 olf '4 motorola .70 44-*» oil Mi mllltcl 11 · oil ', nalieo 1.3) }3-l up '4 rail can .11 xll-^t up l i nlidifl! 1.10 U oil l i nil gyp 1.0! II- 1 * up '4 lUl ill 1-Vja IT- 1 · rtr cp 71 J|.'i cp l~« I.II ll-^ up *i nl *nduvl 1 !!·'] olf i ncHolkwt S tl- 1 ! up ' 4 ranlgi 1.10 5L oil i noilpw l.t 71-'4 norlhrp l.iO 71.V] up '4 nwstalrl .4$ lt-44 up 'i HAban I.4C Jt-U up '* o;«i c f 110 !7-'« oil '4 Olil el 7.73 21 up '4 oulbdm 1.70 xll-i] oil cwencl .11 ]!-! oil '. I 10 1S-1 OIF '. .lod I- 1 1 up '* ualiitc .»a xll- l i uncart !.« HD oil · un dec 1.11 tl.'i unoc»l l.!l ]!· up ' uniroyal 70 7.t oil ' » uld lircrl ! 3S-4 oil '4 ulii brand! S up *i uncorp "d i.' Uf 9YP 1-iO !7-'l up l i u»tcel 1.1) i) up "4 unilH 1J-S, ufahpl l.H HJ4 oil '· uv lndui.1 1 If.ii oil '4 wVprifn I ll-i, up l. wath w I S ! ll.'i up 'i ASbanc 1.40 Il-'i cfl , wunion l.O II.U olf f i weslh el .17 n-4 olf 'i ^hlpsl .]Sd ll^i up 'i whlmot .JOd f.'i up '· wool^h 1.10 ll-ii ofl 'i serax cp l Ip4 olf »i mildr io 12-u icn.thrad 1 U Dfl '4 Classifieds Get Results To Buy, Sell, or Rent Dial 466-7891 or 459-4664 Capital hanky-panky isn't totally political Vital Statistics BIRTHS ' AVOOD--A boy, born Feb. 4 to James and Sylvia Wood, Nampa, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. VEZZOSO--A boy, born Feb. 4 to"'Gary and Linda VezzosoV Caldwell, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. NICHOLSON-A boy, born Feb. 4 to William and Deborah Nicholson, Caldwell, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. WOOLSTENHULME-A boy, born Feb. A to Honnie and Verla Lou Woolstenhulrae, Nampa, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. HER.VANDEZ-A girl, born Feb. 5 to Ramon and Alicia Hernandez, Parma, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. HAINES--A boy, born Feb. 5 Marsing; Richard Kurt Dearden, Caldwell, and Ida Dianne Beckman, Nampa. Domingo Tanguma Franco and Maria Garcia, both of Caldwell; William David Stephens, Middleton, and Ada Lillian Conrad, Caldwe)!. Paul Melvin Cannon and Marion Jean Hughes, Terry Ray Anderson and Terry Lynn Miller, all of Nampa. DIVORCE ACTIONS FILED Billy P. Lookingbill against J a m i e An Lookingbill, irreconcilable d i f f e r e n c e s ; married April 20, 1974, at Nampa. Betty A. Gines against Ralph J. Gines, irreconcilable differences, married June 6, 1958, to.My'rlandColleenHaines.New _ai_!UH Lake City. Utah. Plymouth, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. ZUBER--A boy, born Feb. 5 to Or'ville and Diane Zuber, Middleton, at Caldwell Ntemorial Hosuital HOKENSON--A girl, born Feb. 5 to Edwin and Margaret Hokenson, Nampa Route 7, at Mercy Medical Center. BARFUSS--A boy, born Feb. 5 ip Karl and Joyce Barfuss, Caldwell Route 1, at Mercy Medical Center. ACKHOUT-A girl, born Feb. 6 to Gerald and Judy Ackhout. Nampa Route 1, at Mercy Medical Center. WILSON-A girl, born Feb. 6 Joyce M. Darrah against Shannon L. Darrah, irreconcilable differences; married at Ontario, Ore., Jan. 19,. 1958. Renec L. Keithley against John C. Keithley, irreconcilable differences; married at Midvalc Aug. 7, 1972. to Frank and Marie Wilson, Nampa Route 2, at Mercy Medical Center. MARRIAGE LICENSES Ralph Frederick Hutchison, Nampa, and Peggy Jane Taylor, 8th survives suicide leap SAN FRANCISCO (UP1) Eight out of 528 persons have survived suicidal leaps from the Golden Gale Bridge since it was opened in 1937. , John William Hart, a stock exchange employe, became one of them after plunging from the bridge's north end. He was picked upon a rocky beach more than 100 feet below the railing. Hart, 29, was in critical condition at Marin General Hospital Friday with numerous fractures and multiple cuts and bruises. He had gone over the side Thursday night just after a highway patrolman 'shouted "Hold il! NJpsl of the 528 persons who artfknown lo have leaped from the-bridge have done so from midf-span, falling 270 feet and hitting the water at 80 miles per hou;.. Police estimate another 150-persons have jumped from the'bridge, bul they are not coupled with the 528 because their bodies have never been fouxd. Russell B. Roberts against fda B. Roberts, irreconcilable differences; married at Carson City, N'ev., Nov. 12, 1972. Donald R. Anderson against Mary Anderson, irreconcilable differences; married at Redding, Calif., Aug. 11, 1973; plaintiff asks that the defendant's prior name of Mary Dulton_be restored. ~D..niel W. Kendall against Linda M. Kendall, irreconcilable differences; married Aug. 15, 1970 at Nampa. NEW YORK (UPI) - President Kennedy was a womanizer. President Nixon was at times a heavy drinker. Lobbyists got call girls for certain congressmen. Newsmen knew all about these goings-on --and usually kept silent. At least that's what a group of Washington correspondents said on CBS' "60 Minutes" show, lo be aired Sunday. They also had Ihis to say: If the boozers and the skirt chasers in high public office keep it up, they may be in for a rude shock. "I doubt whether now in this environment, that all these so- called drunks and womanizers are going to get away with it for very long," said Peter Lisagor of the Chicago Daily News. Some examples of hanky- panky cited by the journalists: --Columnist Jack Anderson said, "1 had positive first hand evidence that President Kennedy did a little womanizing on the side. I didn't print it." --Maxine Cheshire of the Washington Post said she had evidence former President Richard Nixon drank heavily at Camp David, but her paper didn't use the story because she could not find a second source. On the other hand, Anderson said he wrote the story because he was satisfied he had the proof. --Eileen Shanahan of the New Second temblor strikes Montana BOZEMAN, Mont. (UPI) The second earthquake in a week struck western Montana Friday night without causing damage. The temblor registered 4.0 on the Richlcr Scale, the Hebgen Lake Ranger Station reported. Earlier in the week, a mild quake shook the Rockies about 230 miles to Ihe northwest, near Kalispell, Mont. There was no damage. Now you know By United Press International The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada, measured at the Snag weather station in the Yukon, was 81 degrees below York Times said she believes thal'lobbyisls are procuring call girls for members of Congress and their staffs. She also said she had once seen a prominent senator drunk on the Senale floor and wanted to write a story. The Times told her to forget it. Said Peter Lisagor of the Chicago Daily News: "Now, we're in a post-Watergate period and we're still undergoing what I think is a kind of Watergate catharsis. I believe that there's an inclination and temptation now on the part of an awful lot of · reporters in this town lo report the kinds of things that have been going on on the Hill for a long lime. "And I doubl whether now in this environment, that all these so-called drunks and womanizers are going to get away with it for very long." Novelist Barbara Howarsaid, "Now a politician comes to Washington and he's grabbing every available fanny in town. I think that should make a news story somewhere." Today's weather NMIONAl WIA1HII UIVICMCHIICMT 0 7*» 29.77 Utl Wt ATM! FOTOCAST SN'OW will fall tonight over'parts of the lower Great Lakes region and vicinity. Rain or showers will be widespread over most nf the area from (lie north and central Pacific stales (o the western slopes of the Kockies. Mostly fair weather is forecast elsewhere. Atlanta Boston Caldwell Chicago Dallas Denver Dululti Houston Jacksonville High Ixw 52 32 41 13 54 46 -2 G4 70 31 18 30 1 33 10 29 43 42 Los Angeles Miami Nampa New Orleans New York Phoenix San Francisco Seattle St. Louis Washington 61 76 41 66 35 73 59 43 18 40 52 58 29 44 23 43 46 32 7 27 Is your garbage disposer an energy disposer, too? wne of the major uses of energy in the home is heating water. Tnat's why it's a good idea to make your hot water use energy wise. For instance, if you have a garbage disposer, use cold water when you run it. Hot water simply isn't necessary and is a waste of energy. Other hot water energy'tips: · Repair leaky faucets. A leak of one drop per second for a month will pour 200 gallons of hot water down the drain. · Wash clothes only when you have a full washer load. Also, use cold water settings when possible. · For automatic dishwashers that don't have partial load settings, rinse and hold your dishes until you have a full load. · Keep in mind that showers take Jess hot water than baths. Remember: Water and the energy to heat it both are important resources, Use them wisely. Idaho Power Company WISE USE IS COMMON SENSE THE MftTYS BROS Direct from Las MILE DANCE HALL ON HI WAY 20 EAGLE ROAD VALENTINES DAY" FEE Dance Floor Show Admission $3.00 Per Person ·Tickets available at the door- THE COLLEGE of IDAHO Look to Your F u t u r e . . . and to The COLLEGE of IDAHO 42 COURSES DURING SPRING SEMESTER EVENING PROGRAM HfilSTMTION: Jauurj 20 to febnijrj 21. «epstr«'s Offict. Stem Hill. (9:M a.w.-SiOO p.m.) !A1E IEGISTMTIOX: Kegistm's Office TtrMgh Febrwty 28. LATE FEE: $5.00. CUSSES BECII NOUN EVENIKt FEIIUUY 24. CUSS PERIODS: 7:M · 10:00 p.i. For further information Phone459-5211 or write The Education Department COURSES AVAILABLE UNDERGRADUATE * Accounting ft Basic Public Speaking Concert Band Corporation Finance ' £ Drawing and Composition Eicepflonnl Child ii it IndcKndcnt Study (Education) » Judo £ Orchestra Music · Instrument or Voice Reading in lhe Secondary School Sales »nd Promotion Seminar In Children's 1,1 If rature and Story-telling t, Shooting GRADUATE Advanced Educational Psychology Advanced Measurements »nd Evaluation Development of Higher Level Thinking Abilities Field Study Independent Study(Graduate) Internship Kindergarten-Early Childhood Education Methods ol Educational Research Organization and Administration of Guidance Sen ices Phylnsophy of Education Principles and Practices of Guidance Psychological Assessment ol the Individual Public School Finance School Law The College of Idaho Caldwell, Idaho 83605 Seminar in Children's Lilcraturc and Story-telling Supervised Counseling Praclicura Supervision of Instruction Techniques of Counseling and Guidance Thesis NON-CREDIT * Adventures in Attitudes * Botany for Beginning Gardners ft Conversational Japanese * Conversational Spanish * Ham Radio Instruction (or Novice Licensi ft Macrame and Pottery ft Oriental Lileralure Inlranslallon ft Personal Budgeting and Inflation ft The Metric System ·AVAILABLE TO HIGH SCHOOLSTUDENTS; CONTACT THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FOR FURTHER 'INFORMATION "l/ufrjKJKlVfll Study itnlso available in olt**r ttltcltd dtpaitmtMl upon ip*tM appror'at*

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