Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 28, 1976 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1976
Page 21
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· h · · · Khl. «ho ordinarily dom't wilh onions, offers "iuMeslions to Del.ance Franklin former superintendent of the Parma Research and E-'x- imsw. Cr-tiler. on the use of a recordinfi thr-rmo. humirtiKraph which was employed hy Franklin to measure- tnr- temperature ;ind relative humidity inside refriKeratrd railroiul cars transporting onions. KiKhan's suffie.stinns stemmed from similar storage and transit studies he con- duel wl on ILilian primes. While wnrkini; al the mil IT. and fnlloMini; his rrlimm-iil as well, [·'rtiiililin has spedali/ed i,, future proposals criticized Parma studies summarized s t a f f itdilors nntr This is Ihe last segment of an article dd;nling the founding, ("rmvlh .itiii development nf the Harma Kt'sean-h and Extension (.'enter written hy the former superintendent nf the facility. This segment begins wi a summary nf research unrk performed liv three str members. Ih HH.aiireKrnnkliii Gilbert D. McCollum, L'SDA cyto-geneticisl i'58-'66i: I. Wnrkod nu( the inheritance of inimrruus characters un Ixilh nnintis and carrols. '1. Klabnrated the evolutionary steps in Ihe development nf carrot .flowers rc.s|wclir.i! the differenl degrees nf stcrilitv and fertility. 1 Developed and maintained numerous Allium species nlher than Allium cepae. the lallor nf which commercial onirms are members I. Made interspecific crosses among these species to introduce new genes into common union forms. -i I .oft in l!Hii: [nr lieltsville. Mel Icicnnlinue his genc-lic studies for the I'SDA Hradfnrcl Drown, research assnciate 'soilsi- 1. Arrived in I'arma. Augusl li. ]S75 'i. tinder Dr. Preston Jones, statewide coordinator of suil fertility research. Moscow, will he: Developing tissue analysis procedure for evaluating nitrogen needs of winter wheat, allempling In determine Ihe relationship between straw strength and mirjin levels among several wheat varieties: and. determining what levels of micronulrienls are justified DONALD K SCOTT, associate research professor of entomology 1 Developed a chemical control for theonion maggot. ·i Determined Ihe reduced yield and germination of carrot seed caused hy Lygus bugs. 3. Delected Ihe phylnslitmilation in the succeeding crop from seed fed on by l.ygus during development. 4 Determined Ihe damage done to carrot by the carrot Ixidmite and the carrot seed chalcid. r, Evaluated Ihe damage to hops caused by heptachlnr. H. Developed rand still developing i prediclivc models for Ihe corn earworm. 7 Determined econnmic thresholds of corn earworm on processing and seed corn. 3. Developed and refined chemical controls fnr wireworms on potatoes. !l. Determined the effect nf foliage color on (be sugar beet leafliopper Del.ance K I'ranklm. emeritus professor of horticulture and former superintcndenl: I. Released to sepitsmen the parental lines for making the sweet, mild, long-storing onion. El Capitan. 2 With Dr. Waller Koclian. established the causal factors of a new malady, internal clearing of Italian prunes. :i. Elaborated, with the assistance of ag engineers. Wm Works and harry Williams. Ihe crileria for mechanical harvesting, bulk handling and hulk storage of Treasure Valley oninns. I Studied male-sterility in carrots; utilized this character in making experimental carrot hybrids. fi. Wilh Dr. Verner. completed a N-vear study on Kalian prune trees li Developed anlhesiographs for graphically depicting the cvclic opening of otiion florets, for use in achieving Ix'tlcr pollination. 7 Keleased lo seedsmen pink rool-resislanl inhrcds for making El Capilan I'llH and King King for onion ring processors and general use. n. Accepted a United Nations assignment as otiion consultant in Egypt, made recommendations for improving oninn breeding, production, packing and marketing. !. After retirement released to seedsmen eight new inbrf m.nle-slerile 'A lines' and mainlainer 'I! lines), and t w o pollen if linos' (or making numerous new sophisticated hybirds yet lo be named. 10 Discovered a carrot combination which may be the first high quality Nantes hybrid. II In years pasl has worked with graduate students associated wilh the Nalional Onion Breeding Program: Koberl II. Moll, now professor of horticulture. University of North Carolina. Edward W.Owen, associate director. Idaho experiment stalion and superintended. Aberdeen Research and Extension Center; Molinmcd El Gammal now chief of onion breeding, ministry nf agriculture. Cairo, Kgypl; and David .f. Thompson, v i c e - ' presidenl research. Kerry Morse Seed Company. California 12 Worker! with Dr. Woodhury's graduate students: Frank Takalori former I'arma resident, now professor of vegetables crops. University of California. Uiverside; anc Robert I'anliis. now manager nf a national nursery in low;). Thrnughniii ihc foregoing rcciUlionflf the station's histor 1 / and accomplishments, scant rccognilion has Irccn accorded Ihe admimstralnrs al Moscow, who have now been replacffl. WilhiHit Iheir concern for the wishes and needs of Ihc IdaVi agricultural sc«i« and the center's stall, Ihe evenl.i hp recorded could not have happened. , These earthy, humble leaders respected Ihe good earth nd Ihe people who worked it. Most of them understood Ihe^ir- chileclureof simplicity and the law of parsimony. Wilh nnrc moncy - and (hey really should have had more - they crfjld have done belter, in retrospect, it woulil seem, however, Ihc lack of funds dirl no( prevent them from making the *st of what they had As a gii/y.ted. barrel-chested, bectle-hrmved. winler frozen, sumnu'r-si-nrched call tertian nf the iild West repeatedly has been heard to say: "Life ain't in hnldin' a good hand, but in playin' a poor one well." Previous .11! ministralnrs who seem In have possessed such ability In lie creative under difficult circumstances include Deans K .1 Iddings. I). II. TheopUus. and .latnc.s K. Kraus all nf w)imn were also directors if Ihe Idaho Agricultural Experiment .Station and of Ihe Agricultural Extension Service Detvirl- mcnl heads such as l)r. I.eif Verner, Dr. C W Ihnigerlnrd Dr. Calude Wakehni.l. Dr. Karl Klages. !)r ;cnrgr Wnnd- hury. and Dr. lluliert C. Manis, also seem worlliy of special mention. Many of Item al one time nr another themselves did research al Patina. The new adiniimlruior.s- al Moscow vim in vet v recent years have succeeded them are knnwlcdjallu, affable and articulate. They have polcntial leadership capabililies Onlv time can deter mint whether I hey can meet the challenges n'f their day as well as Ihe men previously mentioned Indeed no one in the area wauls them In do less well- people really wanl them In do heller. They should itu heller because Ihe'v have inherited aslets and facilities which Iheir predecessors worked a long I|rie to acquire. They will dn heller if they learn In listen ln;ll the people, including Ihe Parma staff. Many of Parma's scientists have scorned monetary advancement in order to live in Ihe rural atmosphere in which Ibey were originally engaged to do Iheir work They have stayed on al I'arma primarily because they love Ihe soil Ihe living things which grow Ihere. and Ihe close ramxirl llicv have wilh farm |xoplc. Most ul them would prefer In con- limie working mil at Hie College of Idaho as recently proposed by Ihe university administration - hut al short distances frori Iheir offices, their laboratories their plols and theirgrcmlmuses. Most of them prefer to do so because plant researa often is a round-lhe-clock activity; and they don'l feel Ihfy can operate economically if they are to he spending so much lime nn Ihe road. Most of I hem don't think Idaho can afford il. cither. Above all. i[ seems, i.s a pervasive disbelief in (he new philosophy thai research can best he |«rformcd by "more venturesome thinking" nf "critical masses" nf scientists huddled in a conference room nr confined to lalinratoi v ceils Such, some nf them will lell you. is Ihe European wav; anil the Kuro|iean plan, they say. has never solved agriciiHuril production in Ihe old World, Most nl I hem dislike, too. Ihe idea thai research mil admissible In learned scientific journals is not worth lining in Idaho. iSM Unit they don't believe in Ilial kind of research, not lhal they are incapable nf such, and not lhal they don't frequently perform such experiments. They, at least most of Ihe staff, would seem to prefer to do both, but with emphasis nn practical research results which become more im- media:eh available for use by Idaho agricultural industries In Ilial they are in perfect agreement with the sentiments ol a ({real university president. Dr. ,1. K. fiuchanan. when as was earlier reported of bis remarks, in l!ir,n, al I'arniii he asserted "Here, in Idaho, our universities have come tiff the Ihe people where they belong. II is Ihe function nf the umiersily In conduct practical research fnr Ihe benefit n f a l l Ihe people. Al I'arma this wnrk is lieir.g performed SUIKT lili." it has laken over Stl years by slow, lortuous ami sometimes backward:steps In evolve Ihe staff, the research program. Inc. physical plant and the philosophy nf the I'arma Research .·inti Extension Center. And Ihere are a lot of people who dnn'l believe in discarding these assets. They (In nnl how In the belief that in one fell blow we should destroy what over a half century has created The Parma slaff members unriouhtrdlv w i l l go mi to new .successes, wherever located, but they pmbahlv will reach their peak perform,nice where they are, where plants ,irc rni.xi-d into behaving in soplnsticaied ways under the con- Manl scrutiny of Ihe sophisticated scientists who manipulate Hum And if perchance, as is nflcn the ease, they need lo tin laboratory cx|eriirienls In supplement the work performed onl-of-tlnnrs. they already have a gnnd slarl al what il lakes In finish Ihe job. If what they have available is mil enough, the inmlmcnl lhal wnuld he required lo establish a new facililv elsewhere might be heller used to atltl stature In Ihe slate's already sizeable investment at Parma. For many years farmers anil plant seienlisls from nearly every cnuntry in Iho world h:ive joined Ihose of Treasure Valley in mining Ihe gold which has been available al Ibe I'armu center If Ihe gold mining doesn'l continue, il wnn'l he because Ihe treasure Ihere has been exhausted, nor Ihe miners are on strike. Hill Ibe gnW supply could crime In .in end if maiK'gemenl changes Inn much Ihe method of mining Crime victims SANKIIAMCISCOiUl'li A small business is \fi limes mtire likely In heroine Ihe victim nf crime lhan Ihe business wilh receipts over JS million, according to a reoenl reporl by (he H,ink nf America. Kosher meals NEW VOIIK tl.pli American Airlines now prtivtilcs , chnicc nl enliTc.s cilher beef nr rliickeu Inr passengers rri|iirsliiij! knsher meals Knur ililli il menus will rnlale men HIIIT mniilhs Berry's World The litohn Krcc I'rcs? 4 The News-Tribune, Saturday. February 28. ltff6-A-5 WARNING TRAJNE0 ATTACK D06 ON PREMISES Schools explain lunch programs NAM PA l-'ivi' Ideal scl I d i s t r i c t s have amiminccd linlicics Inr frci' ami reduced price- meals anil tree milk Inr rliiltlri'ii im.ihlc In |,;iy || l( . full pi iu'lnr meals MTVnl miticr tlie Naliunal Scl I l.uucli am! .S|)(rial Milk l'rrii!r;ims. Tin 1 dislrii-ts are Kuna. Mampll. Millllll'lilll. Canyrm ,il][l llrri'iili'iil Friends Academy Kadi ilislrii'l lu.s ailiiplei! family si/e inToim- criteria In di'lcrinmr eli^iliilily. Children frniii lamilips wlmse iiiciiinc i.s at nr lieliiw Ibe levels slmwn nri Hie Icillmvitin charts :irccli|i||]|i- fur free en- leiluceii- priu 1 meals nr free mill!. In aildilinn. lamilic's mil rnceliii); Ilii'sr criteria bill \iiih nijier lllinslial c\]lilLM'S due In l l l l l l S I I . ' l t l ' ' flillh lll,.,tj r ;|| r . x . Kun;i St limits itilll (H i'enll'al A Family si/e Hue Two Three Finn Nine Ten Klrvrn Twelve l-iai'li additional family memlier Free I'p In S2.5IU1 Up in Mm lip In $4.211(1 Fp In Si.liin Fp l» $ri.75ii I p In SMSlii Fp In $7. Hill Fp In 5.7.11:111 Fp lo?n.41n Fp ii $11.11511 Fp In SiUiiiii I'M to Slo.'iMi Kcduc.rd Pri fnim S2.5HI irmn sum [,-nm $4,2111 (mm $5.011 fnini S5.7j| from Sli.-WI frnm S7.1I1I Irnm $7.H:ll from SJU-II irom Jli.lijl frnm 81.1:5 1 i mini 5l!i.2o| 5.II4II f,Kl\ H.Mi 11.7711 11.210 12.11311 1:1.117(1 15.2WI ii;.-u;u i /.wn i 2ll. IMI I. Kill \:nii|i;i anil ( Si-1 1 Ilislricls Family line Two Three Kiuir I 1 'i\'i i Sis Seven Kifltl Nine Hrdnml I'riiT frnniS 3.2:11 In frnm -l.iHlIn Irnm fi.i'il In Irnm i; 3;i i Irnm 7.11M In frnm li.illln Irom H.!i:l lo frnm il.7'11 In frnm 1(1.551 In frnm ll.:ilMn Irom 12. in; Mi frnm 12.81 MCI 5 j.lUH I 1:211 OKI II.77II 11.2111 is.iisii t:l.«7(l 15.2IBI Ki.4r.ii 17.IMH 1H. Bill 2(1. (ion Twn Three Knur l-'ive Six .SVvffl fi mil Inmi finin Irom fi nin Irnm ffnlll trnin frnm from Irnm '2.MI In :..lUll .U'JMo li.f.211 lo 1I.77U in I K.-l-ll In lti.41',11 ·J.ltil In IT.Ii-lil ii.ioi in i8.mii HI Tax deduction N K W V I i l l K i l i l ' l , Theer^; nl a wig nr limpre can lie a las ileihii'linn uiitlei rerlain eon ililions. accnrding In II ,nul li Hlni'k. las |;rc]iaralii)ii sen ice Hair pieces presei ihed li\ a ilticlnr In relieve (ihysieal nr mental angnisli cau.serl l\ lirildni'K.s have been nil,.|| legilmiiili 1 ia\ ileilucliniis The rleciiliti): faclnr is that llie\ -serve a ilefinile llicra|irnlic film lion lieyninl cn.siuelie rea suns iinrl convenience, the ser\'ice said Close drapes LINCOLN. Neb. iHPli Klnnr lenglh drapes help prevent heal Inss indiHirs if they are drawn abniil sunsel, says Norm Tcler, KxlensiiHi agricultural engineer at Ihe University nf Nebraska-Lincoln. Tcler said Ihe drapes help keep a con- veclinn current from being sel up iH'hind Idem lo carry heal from Ihe heuse through Ihe wimlims afler (fork. LEGAL NOTICE FOR SALE P C E D G R A D E B A R L E Y T i m Universal-/ of Idaho will '.ell. by sealed bids, ap prox.nialely ICC Ions ol feed urade bft'ley. (lids will l-c r e c e i v e d by me o i l r c c of r.nanoal A f f n . r s . A(( m i m s l r a l i o n O f t . c e nurldino. University ol Id.ilio. Moscow, UMMo until ollicirtl opening ot h.els,it 1 (10 |i m M.uch 16. 1976 Ttic University reserves Ihe riolll lo rL'icct ,iny ,ind illl bids I ,iri(ltow,nvc lormalitics. Terms nre t.isti prior lo release o Ihe croporiy Pie,isp ,ill biffs and show Nd opening time on ouisidc ol envelope S u c c e s s f u l ijiilctr-r must he responsible lor tie removal of Ihc grain Irom l a c . l i l i e s .it Ihe Caldwell Research and h'xicnsion Center where it is now in storage within a reasonable length o( lime Anyone wanlinc, f u r t h e r in f o r m a t i o n about Ihe g r a i n should conlncl Judilh Tern plelon at Ihe U n i v e r s i l v Research and Extension Center, falrtweil, Idaho, phone number ·IS9636!. U N I V E R S I T Y O F IDAHO BY. DON A AMOS Business Manager Ob ?8: M.irch I, ?. I9?6 PKBtlSKfS'SNOTf All rill itljlt idrcl.itd ,ri lln r»*$- plpjr i| i u b , P C l 1 o l h r F f d » r j i f t" HOni- inj A d Ol IMS *1ifh rrjkn 'I ·''·^ 10 dsrimnalcyi b»i»d on 141* tciy r|l g^n Mi 01 nt\,3"t' o:g i CH in Service Directory R E M O D E L I N G Additions. bt)1h 3, kitchens. Call ^59 834? 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All intnrmalmn will !»· ciunplcli'ly r-niifidniliiil. In frrlaiu faM'* Itislrr I'liildrcnari'iilsi) [|jfihli- lnr ilii' lii'iirfils anil families willi fusliT I'liililrrji ran olilain more in- liirinaliim al llu individual M'llOnls 111 lln i)|irr;iliiu nf In child Ircdmn prnjjinms mi child will In 1 iliscriiiiinalril afiaitisl lii'1'iiii.-.c til i;irr. ss'X. ciilor nr n.'ilinnal oi'iuiiL S K I P ' S G I F l HOliBY SHOP, Nampa Cald. Blvd.. across Irom Midway School Open 10 a.m. J p.m., Men. Fri. Cold c e r a m i c s f, gift items. Come see our lores! crealures. Stav pain" il you like! Tired .of lake, sir pled, vinvl coveied, chipboard cabineis? Lei me build line quality birch cabineis. 'cusiom maae 1 . Phone ·167 1907 CEA1EN7 WORK Stonework, add if ions 8. remodeling. C a l l d5J 9068 ivcy Becker Spravers. Time lor dormanl spray ground kill. 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