Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 18, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS ^Frld.y^ETenlnff.iM.y 1I.-145I New Owner Spreads 700 Gallons Of Paint In Herndon For Renovation If you think spring denning- in your five-room house was tou this year--consider the . pro. facing Clco Roberts, new owner j of the Herndon' Hotel. ^ j Hi!Korean War Jones Statement (Continued ( t o r n pace one) other non-medical practitioners - j m a y not he permitted to use the 'facilities of ho.npitala riasiring to (Continued from Rice 1) Local Woman Attacks Hospital Policy (Continued from Pige 1) the hoiij)ital to make arrangement E for choclc-up surgery. ] diKe«jwed the matter with the desk clerk she asked me about I told her he was an ostc- conform to these Dr. Jones continued, "Thus any hospital not limiting Its .staff lo physicians holding the degree of I n Hacks. i Doctor of Medicine from medical He has jusl. completed n ilior-. j,- iP i £ | dispatches said the loll of I co !lirgc acceptable to the Council ough renovation and remodeling; nf(l (lf . a(i was terrific. Cut Htill ( ,f Medical Education were placed of the 30-ronm landmark from t o p - t n p communists poured southward j n n the non-approval list. to bottom. - ; 0 ,| L ,,,· in c North Korean ni.ii.8in;; ''Thereby iw» orgamzr.tbns -Every room in the hostelry, and'"TM"th(1 A m e r i c a n Medical »,^ciat;-m the lobby and corridor,, have boon j r m h offensive ^^..^'^^'V.^.^'^^^ 1 :: J have one ,,f the staff MD'H. repainted, cleaned, and r o p a i r c ' l . '\i\\n ^ v;ia tin- Chinese Red:;' f i f t h ( offensive; HIniv they entered the war in late November, And it appeared to bf; shaping up as their mightiest - d r i v e - one aimed, Red prisoner:; Wild, lo throw I h e Allifi.s i out of Koiea liy the .June 25 first anniversary of the Communist in v.'ixion. Red commanders had ;i pool of 1,141.00') a v a i l a b l e troops in Kore;i and M a n r h n r i a , the U. N. corn- manri .said. And they were rtclt- les.H in the way they spent them. The grefit Rvd assault I.s doome- to failure, LI. On. .lames A. Vai Kleei confidently t n l d \\\K Allies ground fon:c.«.' dn I'rlnrtjci! Hofi-l The Hcrndoiv built In the '.vlitin there were none but ml'jhi? building. 1 ) cm, Minn .street, \n ih»* principal downtou n hotel in th* i:\Vy, located nt the corner i GHggs and Alain. L Before it wn:i ronvrrtod to n hotel in the-. curly IDDO'H, it was an office building. a n i l hou.iH ilic Meyers Company, a buggy a n i ' hardware eornj)any. on t h y lov/or Ilobcrls, ;i loci! rent '·n!.".(c t i n n i er, a.sHurncil ownership of I M P hot(*l n tiou 1 t h i r e months iitf.'). -'"'if 1 JIUH aprnt the past two ni'.'iith.i in ropnintiiif; and JTiii'idi-liiij; the interior fif the iwo-!;lfiry building. KfMims Itri.iTiiniinl Erich of .)»· .'in nfims h:is Mi-n redeeoiah-d with two-loin paint job; all furniture joom.'i has hern npamled paired ami hiitii and iihowerroom: re-tiled and rrd-fsiLTie:!. [J. N'. niiisricil artillery fin-l c n i f l speed U cut a l t j i c l s avf 1 * to pif'fi'H. Allied ail men iiifd Kriday a f t r r n o n n t h a t ·iildn'l f i n d n i n n y Red Lar p,i«M lll( . y in tin:..,,.),. and ie- j.. j( .|,| dispatches s;ild the blifil blowing, horn Inolinfc Chinese fell . b y the thousands! under }',ey ·(.TO mad'' a r t i l l e r y explosions. One i to $7.000 l i u t t j l i o n on tin- e - n l n i l no re t h a n ehim'jd an n i l - t i m e rerun] on !b'- many walls and flours o! Haibed w!r-, j.t.runj4 r x t T tin- building, b e f - r t - U. N. positions in Kn: In Ihe lohby. I m m l p a i n l e d f i n d ; U-.r. fir-'. 'Jm-, was nun;; w i l d ;rnie- llie new ph'il-ijiniphir type l i i m p - *'··,:· j;ar!fl.nd:; of Oiltne.v. T\V;I niiadi-;: mi 1 f e a t u r e d w i t h a j;rf':i UKiiuwind miles of wire wore and i;ray eoloi whiMiic. U t i c l e h e i i in front of one u n i t . A l l f m n i t u r e lifts been recovered, Kmn! line di.'ipalche.'i e;ave Ihi.'i f,, and ( nlife Old timer.'; who liave i-:pcnt m a n " x.'laxiiif; hours in HIP i:ool a n i l .spurious Ifibhy -if !he Herndnn wniili! h a n l l y Imnw t h e pl/icij. HH I t O I U N S MAJ1. S l ' K I N C A X C . ' A S T K H . Out. i.T' Tlion p i - I H i i l i f i Who e j i ^ r i ' I y l e n m t 1111 flt.'.l ml.Ill ff K p t l l l j ; wei-i- j i i i l til f r o n t f n n i I.'. S. 1'nl riday n i ^ h t , across ill' 1 . i 'went to n:i!;l: i [!n.'!i n f'jiccs pulled bark ii^'bu, 11 miles u o i l h of by twi. nritdintH : - - i b m b . Tin from Uiji St-tHi'. Jti-il MTi-K-niitK I'.MVC,, pushed tn viliiin 1" miles (tf the old Hoitlh i;.iri'a:i e a j . i t a l . A n ni-niirod 11. N. jwtroJ wan stopped ]U iniii-.H t-.-iMt nf Hcoul by a Red mine fk-i'J t-ovcroil by niito- "f t h i f ; :iiatic wouponn lire. A .scries of li-d H ; i ; ' ] ; r d allnelt.j failed ; bn'ttlt U. N. lines in the u-i^t-ciMiir.:' front Fi 1 !- d.iy. Soui:i Koieanb p.;!died up the only d - t . Hut !nii!:.--i:ivi Cliin- i-ji'. c a m o U M j . ;i'd w i t h tn-i: brunch- i'j;, hid In tin- woods l e a d y lu renew their assaults. Heavy flghlin.; raged ncroea the Whcn cloctoi path. "She, began to hum and haw, then advised me my doctor was nol a mpmher of t h e s t a f f . .She turned me over to Mr. Miller, the hospital mann^pr. He advised me the doctor I wanted was not on the staff He a.iUeil me if I would l i k e to "I told him if I wanted one. of , ... . . i the {staff doctor;! I would have :i:,LioiiaUnc physi- j ^ l f ) mm , n U)c l i o g j n n i n f f jn . jtcad of to my own doctor -- the doctcr of my choice, .since 1 war, "Then- ha:; bt-t-n a lot o? talking frorn any his- it ruuld exercise if Surhave woj l:ed in hurmony and collusion to inr.ure tho effective barring c pitul over v/h' control. AH has been slate'! before, (he | a d u p l i o n of these organixations 1 upainst the (jstermntliie prof'.-ssion and directly and belligerently def i n s the laws of the S t a t e of New Mexico. "Tiit 1 administrator of the l«i last thu days," she continued, "rega t h e standaids and care of U] tient." Mu.'e Doelnrs Xeeilcd "Dr. Lclrmii Evans, local . , phy- uccx Alem-jrial General honpita! L. i[Jinn , md ewgeon . md president .1 New 'Mexico Hospital Advis- of t h e New j lex]co Medical asso- love attempted to in- fonn tbt.' general public UinL Uie dulion, has announced that due L the fjhortage uf doctors in the state (ic.pimn r.f the American College; ct! ,. lain reil ui,- L .muiits regard in t r i b e if Sui-gnnn standards was ncce.s- - " - - - - - ai-y lu obtain federal f u n d s . "'Hii.T i.H misleading and untrue. "For purples of record, lot me again state t h a t a l l - n o n - prof it hospitals, whether they be under M. 13. or D. C. management, ·ue equally acceptable under the basic science should be relaxed in order to permit more, medical doctors lo come into this slate. "This peih:ips explains why a patient who calls s. doctor at night is u n a b l e lo secure him until the next Hay. We have had a number t h e allocation i ·f fdlcral ftiml.s. ' I "I wuiild like to .say that T d o ! not npprcrial.p having my charges j Jenied, and 1 r e r l a i n j y do not a p - j p r e r i a t e h a v i n g these charges de- · ni'-d by stnU-mi'iils t h a t contradict huniKcK'M." entral front. The Allied ] Hilled · back bufort- waves of l Ko of cases brought to our attention where tlie {Inrlor has been unable to a t t e n d t b e patient at tbe time failed and advised c e r t a i n en re-. over Hie phone, anil .said lie. would sen the patient on the following day. "Several of these 'cases wpi 1 '! in p a i n f u l condition, and one filially .'jcetired an os-.tcopatli. who 'came and t"0k care (tf the ca;;c at night. SU Foiim; "If the nunlical doctor i:; HO bad-' ·ails Hrenk l.v o v c r w n r h w l and iii unable io Chinee poured Ihroiiph n brralo (ake. proper care of his puLlunLs, n South Koi'ean lines. They j wu t h i n k it wtnild be adviHuble LO ilreani'.'d down the Injo-HonfiChon I secuic ijailified ti.stcopathic doc- ·oad on the central front. · tor.s. who hnv« jjassed thu .samt'^-x- A veteran A m e r i r u n diviiiion ] amiuation tin- medii.-al doctor iias liilHde t h i s ro:id v/a.s f i g h t i n g a t - 1 jias.'ied, ttt assist the MD's in tak- j .at-lts on tliroi- sides. A P Corn*-j intf eare c»f tlii;; community's p a - j iiindenL Nate Polowplsky wud it - · -- ! v;,., in "great treble" | ATHLETES FOOT GHHM ' American.'; w.-ie riishe.l up to j HOW TO KILL IT. | ilUR the gap cut in two South · IN ONE HOUR, ; \oiv-an divisions. .South Korean I IF XOT FLir,ASKD, your 40c back mils were badly h u r t . Twu r e - j from any drugyi:;t. T-1-.L is spcc- ;-eating u n i t H were caupht in a I inlly made for HIGH OONCKN- ! Chliu-se ambiiiili. At leant one o f ! THATJON. Undiluted alcohol basil j hem fought its way out. A strong ! gives tfivat PENETRATING pow- I Allied tank column hit tho s a m e j or. Kills IMBEDDED germs on trap. H escaped down a dry river contact. NOW at Baker Drug, bed. Standard Walgreen. tients, including cases whic,h h to be hospitalized. "·The Dona Ana county medical society listed some six points recently in explaining why they are behind the hospital administrator and hospital board. I want to discuss some of these, too. "The doctors said they favored the present hospital policy because it provided assurance to the patient and his family that he is being cared for by qualified personnel who have ben investigated and found qualified in meeting fundamental education and professional requirements. I'atient Derides "That, of course is not basically true. The osteopathic physician meets exactly Ihe, same requirements and .standards in this ."itr.te as do MD's. And there is no way to prove that an MD or any other doctor is good except by the state's medical examination taken to secure a license to practice in Now Mekico. "In the last analysis the patient is the best judge of the doctor's ibility. All doctors are qualified ;be same. There are good doctors : n both grotips. "The true test is how well the- patient gets along -- not what standards fire mel or .so-called 'care' is given." "Tlie Dona Ana county medical society pointed out that all dc- lartments of the. hospital, such as K-ray, laboratory, nursing care, op- crating rooms, meet accepted and proven standards for the benefit of the patients. 'That situation doesn't change f the osteoprUhie doctors practices in the hospital. Take, X-Kuys Tor MJ)s "And so far as the hospitals are concerned, MD's as a rul«s don't operate x-ray machines or do any of the other Jobs -- technlcitins who arc not licensed MD's do ihcse. "Jf the osteopaths are not capable of taking x-i'ays, it should have been announced sooner, because some of the local MD's had osteopaths taking x-rays for them only a few~*months ago here. "The Dona Ana county medical group pointed out tlyit eveiy good hospital wants interns and resident physicians to provide greater sen-ice to patitents on a 24-hour basis. "But there are no interns or resident physicians at the hospital, and authorities at the hospital say there are- no plans J.o have them because of finances. The attitude of some MD's dofes not indicate they want to provide 24-hour service here. U'lio Got- Insurance 'Comment of the Dona Ann medical society is very amusing be- Mj.-it discusses hospitalization insurance- It even contends aomc good insurance companines just won't permit these policies to be good at any hospital. They weren't g-ood for several months at the local hospital, and we didn't hear of the medical group doing anything to help make them good. It was the fight, of the citizens which made it possible for the hospital Lo accept these in lieu of the $50 deposit. "In HO far a.s not securing nurses today, as discussed by the Dona Aim county medical group, this is true everywhere, and has been Tor some years. The hospital niny face this pi obi em because of inability to pay proper, salaries, because of the nurse scarcity, and even because nurses do not want Lo work here. ' . * "But the average nurse like any- one else -- she Is vitally Interested In hoilt's she jnuat work and pay she will receive. With the proper incentive, nurses cnh be secured. _ ' T ot Lowered "Standards of the hospital actually will not be lowered If osteo 1 ' paths are permitted to practice. Standards seemingly did not prevent securing specialiKts from El Paso when the old McBride hospital was in service here. Certainly then McBride did not meet anyone's standards. It definitely didn't qualify under the standards of the College of Surgeons. 'However, if we had more doctors on the staff certainly there would be more doctors available and doctors are usually concerned about the patients more than they :re about so-called'.-standards, "The fact is that the local hospital isn't approved, and has not been approved - - and not because of osteopaths. "A lot of folks are beginning to wonder if it 'was erected for the, purpose of providing a hospital for patients or a place for the doctors of medicine to practice. Patients Or Doctors "H is also being: asked how one group of doctors is taking over to dictate tha policies of the hospital find determine who shall or Khali not practice there --- and just who can or can't enter the hospital. 'But it appears thai the Dona Ana county medical society is convinced the hospital was erected as place for only its members to practice. They alone use the hospital, i he operating rooms, the equipment and facilities. In eastern hospitals, surgeons return to the hospital a certain amount of practice for the hospital's charity. cases in return for the privilege of using- the hospital's equipment. ' VThe p.i^tfht attitude of the doctors in trying to 1 insist'lhat we use'-' only members 'of .their hospital staff-appears exactly w h a t 1 we under.; socialized medicine. The government will then tell us the doctors wn will get. We ' trtought Ihe doctors" were against socialized'meuicine, but they seem to want to.practice .some of* its; Ideas right- Jiere.'iii Las Cruces. · ."But if tha medical doctors are going to contraband dictate this / hospital and; 11,8 .policies,, perhnpa what., wcvhiid. bettor-do..-- in all fairness and justice r to the osteo-',/ paths and their, patients.-- Is to build, them a hospital. - j · "They de n o t - h a v e ' a n y today, since the. MD's have taken over the city-county hospital.-' here in * · Las Cruces." . . '.: , HOME, FRONT TKQUBLB : j -TRIPOLI, · Trlpolitanla ..(*!·' -Mohammed El : Bal'aizi borrowed 'a pair of silver earrings for his bride to wear on her wedding day. ·* Two weeks, later, he asked his wife to give them back. She refused. Mohammed is now serving a seven ( year sentence for seriously stab- j bing his.- wife and m'othcr-in-law. / Japan began building- the southern Manchurian rail system after winning its war with Russia in 1905. _ V Expert Insurance Attvice . . . Chi I ton Loan Si, Insurance Co. W. J. LITTLE BEALTOR HEAL ESTATE LOANS First National Bank Blclg. I'M. - 270 or 1805 BEHIND THESE DESKS, krm f the Hnn- 12th Cenluiy. Eglantine Farms' 1950 Ford F-l Pickup slnvrtl nn thr jtili,in nil imif/iT, ox «// kimfe of /·»»(/,-·. in tin 1 imtion- li'itli- I'nnl Tiiirh A'cu/iuiii.v Ituii, Oirr f,Ot)U l\»tl True!: lnr.* lml; jittrl in tin- nln. Rustoll Dtfuimr of. K|j|jiuliiii* Kitnns' w;i» nt t h e \vliuiil o f l l i i - 1'Wil I ' - i d u r - ing ilic Kromimy Hun, cut wliito prmtf l l m t "Iho Kuril citf-ts II-KS t run limn nny. (nick \vc eviy nwncil, "I am sold on the Power Pilot economy of Ford Trucks," says the manager of Eglantine Farins... "Tho performance of our Ford F-L Pickup far stirpnsed our exudations," reads tho statement from K^autine Farm £ Feed Service. "The lYnver Pilot. Rives us more power from less gas." KRlautino Farms oiernte eight Ford Trucks, two trueks nCmiollir-r make, i Their Economy Hun records show lhat in 12,flO-t miles of the Htm, (lie F-l Pickup hauled an average load of l,0;l!) llw., had no repairs, i-osl I horn a total of $2.'!n.G5 for £i\s, oil am! m:un(umuu:e (they got regular service from their Ford Dealer). Result--a mnnini; cost of only I J j f 11 mile! Moil powtr from Ihtt l*«it ga« in what you j;ol with Ihu l-Wt 't'nu-k PoWKtl Pll.or. It'H tin all Ford's imnv (him IrtU nio(U'ln! Only Fonp In t i n 1 lnw'))rl(-j: liclil luit lh«i r Pnwir I'itot. MIVI-M you money cvcf.v tiillii! Now HIM Kuril l-'-l I ' U k u p Klinu-n lint new liii^crtip Kt-'U^I 1 '^. IIIHV I'n-ti- Turn vnlvfs. IM-\V hli'h-lifl canwhafl. (iriiiii.linlit body, Hut c«|wflly. Uholiii of-V-8 ur Su! MESILLA MOTOR COMPANY 600 N. MAIN PHONE 203 ortarrt Teopl · They're not captains of i n d u s t r y . . . political leaders - ... military officials. They're teachers-and they .do more to shape your own and your country's future than almost any group you could name.'. Before you decide on your.profession, consider '· teaching. · . . ' · ' Teaching gives you the priceless opportunity to guide young minds to their full p o t e n t i a l . . help; . young personalities adjust to-the realities of 'wing . . . to educate children into purposeful ;idults. If America is to survive as the country of freedom, equality, and a decent life for all-it. , needs well-qualified, mature-minded, straight- thinking teachers more than ever before. Today, there's a shortage of 75,000 qualified teachers in the elementary schools alone. By 1957, we'll need hundreds of Ihousands more teachers' · than we had in 1947-niany right here in our own community. If you want to work where you can help best, -decide now on leaching. It may be the.most significant-and the happiest-- i- decision of-your life. I/ For iiifonmilion on ·hnw'alKcns con msiit in solving llieir "school pmtlenu.-wrilc lit: The Naliomil-Congress of Tamils mill * ' Teachers., 600 Somli Michigan Bonlctanl, Cliifltso J, -Illinois. Like other American busings; firms, w« b«l!«v* thai business has a responsibility to contribute to tho public welfare. This odvertistment is thin- foro sponsorsd by Las Cruces Sun-News

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