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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, February 8, 1975
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\ ' ne l^° Free Press 8t The News-Tribunc, Saturday. February 8,1975-2 * Off the wire LattMwsiummmies World Uma police search homes intn TMr h rmed P° liCC ' l S into scores of homes and apartments in ihc capilal loday io ars rampaging mobs In iwo days of riots w,,uX " a ,i d . mor ^ an8 M Persons had been arresled and would be tried by military tribunals for tooling and burning SWOTS of downtown shops Wednesday and Thursday Soldiers, rebels bottle ADDIS ABABA (UPI) - Separatist rebels, backed by mortar and machmegun fire, battled government troops May inside the cily of I be Erilrean provincial capital of Asmara for the first lime in five days Pakistan minister killed HASVALPINDI, Pakistan UPI) - The home minister of F akislai, i s Northwest Frontier province, Mohammad Sherpau .37, was killed and "many others injured" today in a numb blast at Peshawar University, according to the government controlled Associated Press of Pakistan. Soviet advisers tallied By United Press International TlieSoviet Union has sent more than 7,000 advisers to the Arab world. Israeli Defense Minister Shimon Peres said. 1,'e also said a Cuban brigade and North Korean and North Vietnamese pilots were stationed in the region, but did nut specify where. Moon weds 1 ,800 couples SEOUL (UPI) - The Rev. Sun Myung Moon loday officiated at a mass wedding for 1,800 couples from 21 coun- iries. The ceremony was held in the Cltanchung Gymnasium before an audience of about 10,000, who rose after the minister prounounced Ihc 3.600 newlyweds men and wives and shouted in Korean "Manse" (cheers) three times. People Sen. James A. McClure. R-Iriaho. arrived In Algiers Friday on a Ihrce-day energy fact- finding mission. He is visiting several Middle E a s t e r n c a p i u l s i n c o n n e c t i o n with his leadership of ,1 Senate energy s t u d y group, officials said. Dr. M.T. Mehdi, secretary general uf the Action Committee on Anierican-Arah relations, said KrUay Arab- Americans would oppose Sen. Henry M. Jackson. l)-\Vash.. in his bid for the presidency. E n g l a n d ' s P r i n c e Charles made an emergency landing in a helicopter he was cop i l o t i n g w h e n a f r a g m e n t of engine cover broke a w a y and fell into the engine, the Defense Ministry said Friday. National Immigration 'out of control' SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - Leonard Chapman Jr., Ihc federal immigration chief said Friday illegal immigration lo Ihe United Stales "is totally out of control" but pickets claimed ihc government needs the aliens for "a scapegoal." "The one practical solul ion is to turn off Ihe magnet thai alirads millions of persons lo this country: Ihc opportunity lo oblain employment." Cosmonauts inspect spaceport CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UPI) - Eight Russian cosmonauts inspect America's spaceport for Ihe first lime today to begin Iheir final U.S. I raining for July's rendezvous in space with three Americans. Nixon 'not planning' comeback NEW YORK (UP!) - Former President Richard Nixon is nol planning a political comeback, contrary to some reports, according lo Ron Ziegler, his chief spokesman. "He is not silling here in San-Clemente contemplating or thinking about the day when he will become a spokesman for Ihe Republican Party or will lie ambassador lo China." Ziegler said. Washington U.S. assigns technicians WASHINGTON' (UPI) - The Defense Department admits it has assigned small groups of U.S. technical personnel to Soulh Vietnam since Ihe Vietnam cease-fire -- hul says there is nothing illegal about it. A Pentagon spokesman said ihai the brief visits by American servicemen were nol niendcd lo circumvonl the Paris Peace agreement. Agnew severs business pact WASHINGTON (UPI) -Former vice-president SpiroT. \gnewhasterininaledhisbiisinessconlracl /is an agent wilh ivansville. lnd. land speculator Walter Dillbeck, according o a lawyer who represented Agnew before he resigned. Ai'ornry .luflnh H. Best said Friday Agnew lold him lie withdrew fi -am theconlracl because of publicity surrounding lis relationship wilh Dillbeck. A spokesman for Dillbeck said n Evansville the former vice president quit because he had not been paid his annual salary of $100,000. Obituaries ME.MBICHS OF Nampa's Hoy Scout Truop No. 209 and Cub Seoul Pack \o. 107 raise a flag at Ihc Nampa I'irc Dcparl- racnl at sunrise this morning. Scuul tronps across Treasure · Valley gathered at flagpoles Ihis morning, performing similar ceremonies as a kickoff to National Scout Month. (Staff Photo) Valley weather BOISE--An arctic front this morning extended from the n o r t h w e s t e r n portion of the Idaho Panhandle southeastward to just south of Idaho Kails. This front is a separation between the milder, moist air streaming into the slate from the Pacific coast, and the dense, cold air slowly sliding southward into the slate from Die frozen North. Irtalio Falls at 7 a.m. today had a ;iO degree temperature and :i south-southwest wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. The arclic front slid by the city at 8:30 a.m. and by 9 a.m. the temperature had dropped to I I degrees, the winds shifted into the north, and the pressure in the dense air rose almost five milibars. Over llurGcm Slatelasl night, minimum lemueralures were generally in the mid 20s and 30s. However, nnrlh of the arlic from sub-zero to near-zero readings were common. Por- Ihill, a small town the North Panhandle, was the coldest spol in Ihe state with a reading of six below. The extended outlook for Monday t h r o u g h Wednesday- calls for cold in the North, with periods of snow. In the Soulh, weather will be generally unsettled and cold, with a chance of snow at limes through the period. Man killed in train-car crash BLACKFOOT. Idaho ( U P 1 I A 70-year-old Dlackfool veterinarian was killed Friday night whon he drove his panel Iruck into Hie path of a slow-moving ireighl train. Police identified the victim as H.W. Sorcnscn. He was dead on arrival at a local hospital. W i t n e s s e s (old police the f l a s h i n g , signal lights were working when Sorensen's van entered the crossing on West liridgc Hoad. They said the freight train was also sounding its horn. The Irain was (raveling at less lhan 20 miles per hour at Ihe lime of the mishap. . Man and wife face charges UUKUiy, Idaho ( U P I I - A Burlcy couple will he arraigned Monday in District Court on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in Ihe Dec. 8 death of Iheir 10-monlh-old son. The charges againsl Tony PC- na, 29. and his wife. Julia Ann Pena, 25, were filed Dec. 1,1. They have since been free on $2.500 bond. Ample water supply predicted BOISE (UPI) - Idaho will have sufficient water supplies for Ihe 1975 irrigation season wherever (here are adequate storage f a c i l i t i e s , Ihc U.S. D e p a r t m e n t of Agriculture predicted. The prediction, from Ihe A g r i c u l t u r e Department and Soil Conservation Service, was based' on Feb. I streamflow forecasts. Shortages may be experienced on small streams with no storage in Ihe southern part of the slate, the report noted. Supplies could be marginal on the Lost und Wood rivers unless precipitation shows a marked improvement during the rcmnindcr of the winter. Storms during February have, been spotty and e r r a t i c , producing generally ahove normal snowfall on Ihe Owyhee drainage, the upper Snake Hiver and the tributary watersheds ahove American Falls Reservoir, The Bear River drainage and Northern fdaho watersheds f r o m Ihe Payette Kiver drainage north into Montana and British Columbia. Snow walcr a c c u m u l a t i o n during the month was below normal on the Weiser, Boise, Wood and Lost rivers north of the Snake River, and Ihe lirunean and Salmon Falls Creek watersheds to the south. Snow-water equivalents range from 50 per ient of average on the Little Wood watershed to 150 per cent of normal on the Owyhee drainage. Slreamflow forecasts at selected stations for the April- September season vary from 57 per cent uf average for the Big LoST Kivcr near Mackay, to 120 per cent of normal for inflow to Owyhee Ilcservoir in Eastern Oregon. Soil moisture in general is well below normal. Drought con- dilions from May to November in 197-1 left Ihe soil mantle extremely dry at the starl of the winter season. Snow has accumulated on these dry soils and will lose potential runoff volumes lo soil priming when the snow begins to melt in Ihe spring. The department said carryover storage is good lo excellent with storage the first of February in total for 15 selected irrigation reservoirs at 124 per cent of average. Valley p r e c i p i t a t i o n lor November 1974 through January 1975 was above normal on the Ctcarwater. f e n d Oreille- Spokane and Kootenai River watersheds and below average on all other drainages. Budget setters await pay verdict Livestock prices O K . LIVESTOCK M A R K E T REPORT CALDWELL, Feb. t -- The mlrVtl w»i lleady to II higher on melt clauei ol caltte. S1.AUGHTEH CATTLE Common lo goad tlceri 1I.J0.1I.1C; led Holltein llceri 1MM3; common lo good hellw 1131.10; iililily heilerf ](·?!: commercial COM 1MJ; until? COAI iHt; cainm and cvtleri H-U; good bull! !· It '0; li«M twin nui fjirr veal n H: cnoict vc-al IS 17. STOCKED,FEEDER C A T T L E GMd Itcder iteerf T301W !MI,- gocd Ittdtr ileerv 5H IK )M»; good ileer film IN s» ;i ll.H, gun n-tn nil. good Icc-dc-r heilcn SC3-700 31 »: good heifer cilvti !»·!« 11-14.SO. plain heifers ll'lh lighl Holiteln llecn ll-l«.»j helvr Holireln tle«ri IMS; plain Holtteln ileers IS 11; ilochtr cows 1».|IO; treeker cows alvis 7M-TII; Icedtr com IMF; blbv 'C\ » 43 BOISE (UP!) - The legislative committee charged wilh setting (he budget says it may have to pre-empt the matter of state employes' pay raises so it can get on with ils work. Members of the J o i n t Finance-Appropriations Committee Friday warned members of both houses they need guidance on how much the raises will cost. They suggested the committee may have to set Ihe cost itself if the floor leaders can't. Despite the warning, Senate Democrats and Republicans failed Friday to agree on a pay hike, the one issue considered Ihc key lo early adjournment of Ihc legislative session. Democrats held out for the 7.5 per cenl pay boosl recommended by (!ov. ('ceil I). Andrus, while the GOP majority bent slightly In minority demands. "We'd be a hunch of heels if we hacked riown from our previous pnsilion." said Senate Democratic Chairman Arthur Murphy, D-Mullan. He said Ihe minority didn't want to "loose Ihe respect o( ourselves and of Ihe slate em- ployes." The GOP majority late Friday decided to draft n new proposal. , - . , . · --·- ·· II would reinstate the of lll(? n(w slalc sejlolari TMr necessary to double (he appro- reallocmion of stale salaries and P r °B r .nms arose fnday in dis- prialionlo bring Ihe school up to provide for an across Ihe hoard "issipns between the Slale accrcdilation standards," Al- boost of H per cenl. Republican ?° ar . A ot K(lu ?"" on nrll a '«- ford said. "We jus! do nol have islalive committee. Hoard member A.L. Alford Jr.. of [Division, lold (fie House Kducalion Committee decisions Friday's lo eliminate programs were always difficult and invariably cause controversy. "However, I think our decision lo eliminate the four-year architectural program al ISU was a good one," Alford said. "It leaders said il would have about Ihc same fiscal impact as Iheir earlier two-level proposal--7.5 per cenl for low-level employes, ·I per cenl for higher levels, and no rea (locations. Sen. Richard High, K-Twin Falls and Rep. William Roberts, Il-Ouhl. co-chairman of the Joint F i n a n c e A p p r o p r i a t i o n s Committee, took to (he floor of their respeclive chambers to ask for guidance on the salary issue so the committee could gel on wilh Ihe budget. Both informed the legislature Ihe Joint Committee had gone just about as far as il could in budget considerations without direction. High said Ihe pay question was Ihe "key lo early adjournment." He said that there was feeling the committee shouldn't continue ils sessions until Ihc salary issue was resolved. CALDWELL - Caldwell police have arrested a man in connection with recent armed robberies at the Circle K store on Soulh Montana and the Stinker Station on Cleveland Boulevard, Juan M. Gomez, 20. Fourth and Stockton, Parma, is in Ihe Canyon County jail wilh bond set at $20,000. He was arrested at bis home late Friday evening, according lo Caldwell police. Police said the investigation inlo Hie robberies hasn't slopped wilh the one arrest. Third knife victim dies H01SE ( U P U - Sieve Conn. Kirkland, Wash., died in St. Alphonsus hospital early today -from slab wounds in his abdomen, and a friend from Kirkland was booked on murder charges. City Dcleclive Lynn lloppe said Donald Peterson was arresled on a first-degree murder charge in Ihe stabbing. The two men apparently were visiting Boise together and got inlo an argument al Motel G on Airport Way early today, officers said. lloppe said Ihis was Ihe third homicide by knifing in linisc Ihis week. Fund sharing topic for meet MEIjRA - The distribution of funds raised al Ihe 1975 Melba ComrmmityCharity Auction will be discussed al a public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 1:30 p.m. at the Melba Fire Station. Richard lieineke. auction chairman, said some "very important decisions will be made at this meeting." and is urging everyone in the community lo attend. $10 million for roads proposed BOISE (UPII - The House Ways and Means Committee has introduced a bill .lo lake $10 million from Ihe stale surplus and spend il on road maintenance and construction. The action came one day afler . t h e House Transportation Committee, on a tie vote refused to introduce Ihc measure -a program sought by Gov. Cecil D. Andrus. EdgarL. Boatman CAL'DWELL-Funeral services for Edgar L. Boatman, 67, 523'a Fitlmore, Caldwell, will be conducted Monday at 2 p.m. at Dakan Chapel, wilh Ihe Rev. Robert Beaier, Bible Baptist Church of Jerome, olficialing. Inlermenl will be al Canyon Hilt Cemetery. Mr. Boatman was born Dec. 9, 1907 a! Mounlain Home, Ark. He moved lo Oklahoma as a young man and married Pauline Davis al Poyar, Ok!a., July 15, )935. They came lo Idaho in 1945 and he worked for Ihe J.R. Simplot Co. until his retirement due lo ill health in 1956 He had lived in the Caldwell area since moving to Idaho, except for three years at Jerome. He was a member of (he Bible Baptist Church of Jerome. He is survived by his wife, Pauline Boatman, of Caldwell; (wo sons, William Boatman of Eagle and Paul E. Boatman of Marsing; one daughter, Edna McClain of Caldwell; two sisters, Minnie Wittcnborn of Caldwell and Mattie Slevcns of Madras, Ore.; twelve grandchildren and one greal- granddaughler. He was preceded in death by six brolhers, four sisters and one granddaughter. Edith I. Jaeobson CALDWELL - Services for Edith Irene Jacobsen, 86, Cascade Nursing Home, will be held Monday at 10 a.m. at Dakan Chapel. Inlermenl will be at Hillcresl Memorial Gardens. She was born'June 25. 1888 in liloomfield. Neb, and grew up in Nebraska. She married Andrew F. Jaeobson, 'Oct. 2C. 1914 in Wayne. Neb. They farmed in Wausa. Neb., then moved lo Kcnnebes. S.D.. -and fanned. They came lo Mai-sing. Idaho, in 1931. where they lived unlil 1963 when they moved lo Middleton. Mr. Jaeobson died Dec. 26, 1968. She is survived by two brothers.Charles W. Hammond. Caldwell and Dr. W i l l i a m Hammond. Monterey, Calif.; and one sister, Mrs. William Williams. Marina. Calif. John A. Adamson BOISE - Services for John Alvin Adamson. 37, 5720 Pierce Park Lane, who died Wednesday in Boise, will be conducted al 2 p.m. Monday at Cloverdale Funeral Home 'by Ihe Rev. Thomas J. Blackburn of the Communily Christian Center. Interment will be in Cloverdale Memorial Park. He was born May 27. 1S37, in Boise. He attended schools in Boise and Stibnile and served in Ihe U.S. Navy in the West Indies. Among local survivors arc two sisters, Mrs. Shari Peterson and Mrs. Gaydene Wingale, both of Nampa. Friends may call until 6 p.m. loday al Gibson Funeral Home. Man found guilty BUULEY, Idaho (UPI) James Pride, 38, has been found guilty of assault wilh a deadly weapon in Ihe Dec. 29 shooting of Robert Davis, 52, Burlcy. A Cassia County jury returned Ihc verdict of guilty in Ihe court of District Judge Sherman Bellwood. Pride will be sentenced Feb. 17 Roy R. Mead CALDWELL - Roy Royal Mead, 79, 2719 Colorado, Caldwell, died Friday at his home. Services are pending at Dakan Chapel, Caldwell. Zefo E. White MERIDIAN - Services for Zela E. While,90, Meridian, who died Friday at her home, will be conducted Monday al 2:30 p.m. at Robison Chapel of the Chimes, Meridian, wilh Ihe Rev. Evert Roberts officiating. Inlermenl will be al Meridian Cemelcry. She was born Nov. 21, 1884 in Oakland, Iowa. She was married to Ray M, While, March 30,1904, in Oakland. They moved lo Ilif, Neb. in 1913. They returned lo Weiser in 1914 and moved lo Meridian in 1921 and then lo New Plymoulh in 1935. They returned to Meridian in 1951. Mr. While died June 1C. 1973. She was a member of (he Methodist Church. She is survived by one son, Fay M. While, Meridian; one daughler, Mrs. Carol Foster, Hermiston, Ore.; two sisters, Mrs. Jessie Bell, Meridian and Mrs. Grace Gray, Walnut Creek, Calif.; three grandchildren and eight greal-grandchildren. Kidwell: Coal quality down BOISE (UPD-Allorney General Wayne L. Kidwell alerted Boise area consumers Friday thai even though (hey are paying more for coal they are getting less in healing value. Deputy Attorney Genera) Rudy Barchas said Ihe Consumer Protection Division has learned lhat Ihe quality of healing coal has gone down. He said in years pasl Boise residents have been sold Utah coal which delivers approximately 13.000 BTU's per pound. ~ This year, he said, residents have experienced a sharp price increase and have been receiving coal which will deliver only 8,500 lo 9.500 BTU's per pound. Barchas said no law currently requires dealers to inform Ihe consumer wbat grade of coal he is receiving. Bui he said (he attorney general is discussing such a law wilh Ibe legislature. Jobless total at high point BOISE (UPI) - Unemployment in Idaho during January hit 7.3 per cent -- the first time in more than a decade lhat the percent jobless has exceeded 7,0 per cenl. ; The 7.3 per cenl figure was matched mosl recently in July 1963 and was surpassed al 7.4 per cent in May 1963. '· The Idaho Manpower Review released Friday said the curreftt historical series of unemployment reaches back to i960. In lhat period there have nevdr been more people unemployed than (here were in January -27,000 seasonally adjusted. .' However, Ihe Idaho Department of Employment said despite (ha( high unemployment rate the Idaho rate is expecte'd lo be below (he January figure for (he nalion. Many Idaho roads snow-coated, icy Alford defends dropping ISU architectural study BOISE (UP!) -Questions on was arrived al after a great deal Ihe elimination of Ihc archilec- of though! and professional lural program al Idaho State study. University and the effectiveness "We would have found it Headline wrong A headline in newspaper over a slnry about slabbing death in Hoist' erroneously read "Wife is held..." The headline should have read: "Woman held in slnhbinu." the economic base to operate an accredited archileclural program n( both ISU and Ihe U of In response lo the scholarship program questions, Jnnel Hay, board member from ts'ampn, said Ihe program was "a marvelous testimony lo Ihc American way of life and is working very successfully. BOISE (L'PI)-Northern, eastern and central Idaho roads were slick from snqw and ice today and tire chains were advised for safe travel on al leasl one roule in the north. By road, this was the report from Ihc stale deparlments of Transportation and Law Enforcement: U.S. 95--Weiser lo Council, icy spols; Council (o New Meadows, icy. broken snow Moor; Whilebird H i l l , snow floor, snowing: Grangeville, broken snow floor: Craigmont, snow floor; Lcwislon Hill, broken snow floor, snowing; Moscow lo Plummer, snow floor, snowing-, Coeur d'Alene to Sandpoinl, broken snow floor, snowing, drifting; -Bonncrs Ferry, icy spots. Stale Highway 55-Boisc lo Horseshoe Bend, patches of fog; Banks to New Meadows, icy. broken snow lloor. Interstate M. U.S. 10-Fourlh of July Canyon, broken snow floor; Lookout Pass, snow floor. U.S. 12-Orofino to Kooskia., broken snow floor, snowing; I/ilo Pass, snow floor, snowing chains advised. Stale Highway 2i-Robie Creek to Idaho Cily. icy spots broken show floor,' fog; Idaho Cily lo Lowman, snow floor, fog. Stale Highway 51-Bruneau to Nevada line, fog, Inlcrslate 80N-Ruperl to Ulan line, wci. Slate Highway M. U.S. 20-16- Cat Creek Summit, broken snow" floor, snowing; Carey, icy spotsi' broken snow floor; Craters of. the Moon lo Arco, broken snowfloor: Arco lo Idaho Falls, icy spols, drifting. U.S. 93-Hailey. broken snow 1 floor, snowing; Galena to* Stanley, snow floor; Challis to, Salmon, broken snow floorf* Salmon to Losl Trail Pass, snow" floor, snowing, chains advised. Interslale 15-McCammon,' icy spots-. Blackfool lo Idaho 1 Falls, icy spols; Idaho Falls to. Dubois. icy spots; Dubois lo, Monida Pass, icy spots, snow- floor. U.S. 20-Ashton Hill lo West Yellowstone, snow floor snowing, drilling al West Yellowstone. ' ', U.S. 30N-McCammon to Lava Hot Springs, icy spots;Soda Springs to Wyoming line, broken snow floor. U.S. 26-Idaho Falls to.' Wyoming, closed. r F YOU HAVE SOKTMKTOSLL SEE US CALDWELL AUCTION «703I.CUv»ta»d DIAL 454-1532 ' tf'ill Pick lp 1

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