Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 6, 1961 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1961
Page 9
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Mon.. Nor. 6, 1561 GREELEY TRIBUNE Lady Prime Minister's First Year in Office Was Critkal By HeNRY S. ftftADSHER ilhe railing, Mrs. Sirimavo Ban- COLOM60, Ceylon (AP)-The]daran«ike looked down into UM world's only woman prime minister, squave-jawcd ant {orcelul looking without makeup or jewel ry, took a scat in the distinguished visitors' gallery of Ceylon's Parlia ment. ', Resting her chin and arms on RE-ELECT ROBERT G. CUMMINGS wlitlcal cockpit' of this troubled stand nation in the Indian Ocean Occasionally a benign smite 111 wr usually expressionless face a» she watched her 38-year-old neph ew, wlwm she had made linanci" minister,- present the govern ment's new budget. He announced 'a number of ex ra taxes. That stirred up a storm hat is still swirling around Irop leal Ceylon like Ihe monsoon rains. The public reaction to the' taxes was so strong that the cabine unexpectedly long meetings to consider Ihe taxes' economic' and political effects--something it had not done before approving them. This failure to look ahead n typical of Mrs. Bandaranaike'; government,yhich has now ende one year in office. Politics is new to her. No Cleo patra wlu built a political ca recr on beauty and brains,,she i P«f« 9 »tt by corruption a.wl _...... _ Despite campaigning for It by ht; jarful widow,'If dropped In rli placi in an indecisive election. cl?ly weddings. ,,,».« _ i ' i i · ' n_ j- · ' , ' · rii.z ,,.,.·.,, .-nil tb»y tallied *taut terinls, . 9tily comfnon ( .y on?, of. the Island's jorily o( the Island's people. Mrs But as Ihe. person who actualtyjexptrifncc and willingness tn bc|way that can create future riv»» Your Present Councilman Word II An independent businessman with time to devote to committee meetings of th'e Council. Vote for Gummings-Nov. 7, 1961, ' Committee for Cummlngi a devout Buddhist housewife witlii thf social graces of her aristocratic upbringing. Mrs. Bandaranaike is the widow of a man who has become legendary among Ceylon's rural masses. S. W. R: D. Bandaranaike led the Sinhalese Buddhist majority to political dominance : in 1958, ousting Western-oriented leaders who had taken over when the British granted Ceylon independence in 1S48. Buddhist priests entered politics, to support him but after three tumultuous years a disgruntled priest shot him,, in September. 1959. His : 'politjcal party was.left be- Another election was called: "1 never wanted to be prime mlnlste^," Mrs. Bandaranaike recalled recently. '1 had no such ambitions. But when people prevailed upon ine and deputations from Ihe villages cameI pouring in day after day . , · rcaliied. l.iuid a gt-eat moral obligation to Ihe people of this (.·outcry, especially the rural folk and peasantry which placed such laith'and trust in me and (,he party and policies advocated bj my late husband.'.'. Mrs. Bandaranaike.' assumed nominal leadership of the party Her. campaigning for votes' tor iier husband's memory--her op poncnls/caUed.her "The Weeping Widow"--plus an electoral al lianee...wilh the Communists am Trotskyites won the party a solid majority in Parliament. Taking an appointive seat in lh unimportant, upper house o!" Parliament, .Mrs, Bandaranaik became prime minister July 23 1060. Like her husband she calls herself a Democratic Socialist But unlike Her compromising am temporizing with problems, she lends to be decisive. Her decisiveness is, however limited by her experience to onl; a few.fields like education an Buddhism". .She lets her cabine carry her, along on most mallei's answering criticism 1 that the cab net is compo'sed o f . mediocritie oy saying "« sturdy commo secsc" is more' important thar intellectual brilliance. : 'This has-''given the more ag gressive members, of the cabine a"chance to miike their mark. The nephew, Finance Minister Felb Dias Bandaranaike, and tr*dt minister T. B. Ilangaranlne. hav done the'most, his aunt' spokesman on many subjects ant lhe ? other- in leftist- legislation. ' Qandaranaikq hqs ivi rival. .'uns Ctvlini s'r lios. by her 'in (advised, shared her power in a.ries. Sirimavo settled down to th« tring life of dutiful housewilc ind mother of two girls, now 17 and 14,' and a boy now 12. Her usband.lalked most politics. Site xk little Interest except, opponents chaiged, to Influence him gainst a land:-reform bill that ould hurt' her class oi aristo^ fats. -.. · . ' The assassin shot Bandaranaike » their front poich and he col- psed inlo her arms. Mrs. Sandaranaike retired from public and t u r n e d more to iuddhlsm, spending long houis n prayer and/silling before her usband's portrait . ' KM F«minkt« Gtvtrmmnt Now, as B sari-wrapped prime minister,- she arises early to ray. She lakes time lo clieck ner children's school clothes and pprove meal plans--currey for unch, western style dinners. She pens cabinet meetings w i t h rayers. Hers could not be called a gov- rnmenl with a feminine touch, However. It has been too troubled or that. . i Her husband stirred 'up Sin- lalese Buddhist nationalism ' and i e r ; l a s t political .campaign brought il lo lever pilch. Chris- Ian'school!, such as the one she attended,' have been so severely est'ricted that many are closing. Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese, has become the only official language--althought cab- net' meetings are conducted- in English, the.only.language known weU by some : ministers, Includ- Toys and Hetbits n",the nephew. These *steps have alienated the hiiuiiuial Lm'istian group ami the sizeable Tamil Hindu minority. Many with needed talents arc jermancntly I e a v i ng ..Ceylon. Tamil opposition to the language act created what Mrs. Bandaranu- tke called h«r most tense moment These dynamic ministers hay pushed Mrs. Bandaranaike into' position of/'being regarded . b some -as a mere, figurehead,' Sh denies it.' · ·. . · ' ' , · '-I.'-haye.a p'ill of my own and mind · of my own,". she says.'' kriow rriy limitations. . ../I do no hesitate^ to : -take Vadvice when need-it: ... What is wrong wi lakng advice?" .Mhs.-.Bandarana'ike;. now. « Aj,,, ra iiy; n g po in t f or the ma- years . old,, has always b«n a strong 'personality. When, she .was L she : was the- one to. e"s: in the. first year as prime minister, leading to declaration of an emergency and military occupa lion of Tamil areas. There is now possibility of civil war. But Mrs. Bandaranaike speaks confidently, of the future;'. That might ^include h«r elevation to the ceremonial position .of president of. Ceykri if promised constilu '7'.-' Changes are 'carried out S29 8th $t. -- AcroM From Pe/mey'i at Kitchey's New from Europe! / · M ^ V A / L , A r t C . I M A M f=B1r? A*l-*- (NOW MADE IN AMER1CA) J THE CREATIVE B U I L D I N G SET LEGO, the play sensation of Europe is now produced in America by Samsonitc. The LEGO SYSTEM is composed of various sized/ colored plastic building blocks which lock together and stay- locked until they are taken apart. · · . Own the first timepiece ev«r guaranteed accurate on your wrist... ACCUTRON . : . ..a revolutionary new timekeeping principle born of the space · age. Accutron runs on the microsonic i vibrations of an electronically powered '. tuning fork. It is so precise it is guaranteed not to gain or lose more than a minute^ mpnth^not in the laboratory, but 'on your wiist in normal; daily use.* Come in and w» ACCUTRON for yourself. . . see its bold new spac* age styling . . . s«e why ACCUTRON is the world's new · · ttandard of accuracy. young, . tablish order''among : quarrelling children,. . . ; ' . · · - . . ' . Sirimavp 1 : Ratwa|.le. wa\ descended'. 'from- L anV .'aristdcratlc ief fa-ih^he''. SjHeii .she'vf as :gfoyf : jig up 80 miles': upcquntry,^ from Colombo, still .e'«rcised..feUol power : 'on -. his ·/extensive' lands. Raised^as a. devout. Buddhist, srie v;as educaled'in' a'Catholic cpii- vent, ,a copimpn... practice Ceylon's best families, and laier sent .her two_^daughter there. Sirimavo was not noted as f a scholar. · ., v Her early years were (he cojv venllonal ones for a ' retiring country girl,' playing the -piano for the family,. playing tennis, mending her brother's clothes But th,en Sirimavo snowed a mint of her own. She began helping a'doctor;, do ing ' socjal-\-wbrk among : .the/low caste employes^ on her fathers estate. .Neighboring; aristocrats Lay It Away For Christmas Giving l Fall and Thanksgiving - · · ; v - ' · · · -· Cuteuti- . ".'.'' ^. ·.**!*!' ··,.· ' · -Cr«pe Paper j ko limit what yoi. 3: :^.':-'j r*fl build with LEGO Ph. EL 3-024* .»07.8th More than t toy.,. More than a game! With LJ.tx, children,of all ages can mike ships, planes, doll houses, garages, fillipg itttions, skyscrapers, animals, soldiers and mosaics. Hobbyists of all ages also "enjoy;wbrking with'.LEGo and can create until scale cities out of the basic building units. Prices (or complete LEGO building jets start at only $1.95. LEGO Town Pfatt ift RITCHEY'S TOYS and HOBBIES 829 Eighth St. Greeley, Colo. MIM1 me (be following LEGO buLCdinr Quantity Stt number TO; Bale sti 703 Bilk ut 705 Bute set 70S Balk Kt 7U Bute tet 711 Jmlor ConitnKCor 121 To»n PlJn ?ll« S 1.95 2.M «.9S 7.95 ' IO.B I8.« 2}.« my D Ch«ek DMcunrOrJtf OC.O.D. r AcmtM Ht--._ Aidru Cltf-... 0 (s e No Cturg* For Credit M9 Tenth St., ished laborers were so sus piciously K6stile that often Sir! mavo broke down in tears. S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike,-an Oxford debater who' returned ,. . . home to adopt the native dress.: speech and religion, came, from the low country 'aristocracy, lie scorned marriage to make a name in politics. · ' . When he was 43 a matchmaker led him to the rural clinic where Sirimavo, then 25, was working Four chaperoned meetings, al Calling All Ward 2 Voters Dick Boettcher gays, "I am R firm believer that gcxxl Kovernment is everyone's re- spcrisibility. It, begins with the man on the street who votes or does not vote as he sees fit AH persons desire representation ~in government and it is everyone's responsibility to elect the best representative. I am ' willing and able to be your link with Greeley's city government. I propose no crusades or favors to special interest groups, but I will express the wishes of the majority of the voters from my ward. If your pleasure is honest, business-like city government, I need your vote Tuesday." Be Sire To Vote Tmday, Nov. 7 . . ELECT RICHARD A. BOETTCHER COUNCILMAN FROM WARD 2 MAKE DICK BOETTCHER YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IN GREELEY AFFAIRS! COMMITTEE FOR BOETTCHER FOR COUNCILMAN A Child-Proof Room furnished exclusively with Hardiest, handsomest casual furniture in the country today, Ranch Oak is family-designed to keep its rugged good looks through years of living. Ranch Oak's solid white oak construction practically cares for itself -- its textured finish resists scuffs and scratches, stays new-looking with only an occasional waxing. Ranch Oak is family-priced, too: choose from over two hundred open-stock pieces for every room in your home. Dining'room and Livingroom Also Available! RANCH OAK EXCLUSIVE IN GREELEY AT CHLANIU'S. 3-pc. Bedroom Set Double Dresser and Mirror, 4-drawer Chest, 3-way-twin- trundle - Bunk Beds 369 81 CKLflNDfl 21 8th St. Phon* 333-3*36

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