Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1962 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1962
Page 25
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Classified Advertisina Clarified Rates C£*5 WITH OttOtS ON OUT OF COUNTY AJS fint iMMftloa, p« word _._ _ fc t»ck eOBttCUUrt tMrtk* (rf T*m« «4, Minim .w C**TZ« Cfa LJo» rite, per BOUI. Bsiniauni twc diKcuni. cMb 10 Ujt. tttfT oih*f Amy +** u tw tturctd »l *·« d»r rmlt ·U»« tes lie MITM. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY M,att*u« OM Ucft. No c uu w lKrkr«. lt.10 per column ir.rb. EKfcOftS TO BE RLPOKILD kl ONCK. llw TrifeiiB* wjj] m«L* DO «1- lowie* for mvr« UU.D on* .acwr«t i«*«rtioi» of injr tdtrrtUcmvnt. Classified Index Auu S«vic.» and SupplJM H boarC and KOIXB .__ Ji KMU and SupplUa , _ . ni Bittfotu Opportutmiw ft BtMtMN bervlc«l | ConiinutioB KtulpMcnt U-A Cumtom Work . . . ]) Far.u EuuloraCBt _ ._ |u Vot Kent-- Apartment* i; For Unit-- Building ZO 'or Rtnt-- G»f«K« .. . j t For H*nt-- MOIUM If Far tUt-- Ml, llcnm, C*bltu Z3 Tnr fUnt-- Roan*. .· Craita Btisi V««*l»t,U- Ih UB*. Cnln. K-Msd. Xtnv it l(»t[. W.nt~H 1 HmiB».i,M (-.-I. 11. i-f. s-.p ""7" ~° »t tl... r .,, ,,-,, 11 fi--rf. Ml.m. f]n»n It Tr«h fUuiin* . ... .- U Withlni H»-hinM 46 L«lt t" f o u n d 1 C U A R A N T K t U wKtch ·n't tlxk t« pair inf. Jrajb*al Jtwcirr. A U A h O N . KM rirink.r.f problta.* fonU't A'- colMho* Anonrtnuui. 2liOli Tib A-«. P. 0. :n. IK-CMi. U2.$|l». H««flUtlrr. I'*- our bmlfrt pttn. S«w North* «l ikhooli ltd uttdri Ck»*. K. Kdueallvn. 8URUKSTK1N9 *o- Chrlilmu *ni*r- Ulnlnr. F.aroiiur tnoUlt. Chmt. Mint uw*, btll frnlcr ^ricU »n1 nilli. fta no*, fruit utiBfb. Uxrli-'i It* Cre*m -Stow, IM7 Mb AT», I'L. Tniu»ort4tfen J T.l.lJl Ilrat A C»r. «Z N. 11th A-* lil-TOO. W« Anytime Grr-lr, L^ulac Corai»tir.' JS!-9lV. 1160 lib A',*. AMMftCMMIlU 4 THINKING of Uc.rlnT Think of AlklrVt Sportint tlocxli. SSI-^MlI. ProUss.Mtt Scrricei 2 LIKK -- Honpttut - Incom* | n »u»Me Call 5Un Wllliimi. t'h. U2-UO. PIANO tuning »nl rfpatrlni. IJ-CCH. H.U \V.,M, n , (lUNSMITH !· l"-n! Yrt . I t l At AUIHTAX. Short cut lo hno.ikrci.ini *nd l» ifrTic*. Wi- to to rout horn*. H!--;n:. Boi "P. luiinm Stnric* G R K K L K V :urlain {'ifjin.'n.. Nn pin t n » r k f . 7 or, vil) A.(. I'h. JM-Hf-V DIAI'KIl urr.: L -t -- W. trt ,t n r «il ifrvic* youn. NR iliHrr ruh. U.K- tcrli tit*. Cat! JJ-llti. niCYOl.K rT«U«, ill mi-kw, mrHr · «u)ti r*rf-rrt, .«T« puint Ph. 4* LKT un dd your rrj»lr ivorV. W« hnvc L«»iHa«n imru. I«U'e llatrlrr-Dtivid- ·on. Kt. ('nllini. WINDOW wMhtnt, Tloon wriibbr-t 1hiw« whn t,rv»r finH lh« Um». Hrmrt, b:itiui«i. ..pnrtm»nU. Fur fl*t «nJ rrlijtlilf ·rrvfrr. rail Ihr or JBS-014E. Hfl^ Winttd ? SKAMSTKF.SS. limn-lt l' in urn. 131* W O M A N f.-r i.rnt ^r-tli nr.-l f U t « . r k IrmiT. rrr«'F.1 V.'hit- I^nmlrv. VI * I l i h AVI- Ai,.,|y in ix-noii. U U A L I H K U lr«.-hrr» ncvilrd. Kiuol In .in lu-ilv* toorlirri nUrfmrr.t bu- run. |l,5f1 T/I ('j.iioo, Wwi^ti swtf Ot,I,F,R mm nf n-ti^ii^rnl »ce *h, "n/*ir."'w.*'t, A l,"" K-lVr*!, l7i! uii" \ \ A N 1 K i t A.-i'Uftm-.- '.^,-n^r, In ,··! in h.n K-9. f'-o Trllirnc. * ffrtlO H n.hi. (o 1^. Miinrlflir i h n i I-'n d«y, M a r f i n « J a n . ?. M i l 9tl, AVC. Apt. No. 1. hunr nvcmKP. StJirt n t «vr. Uf-miN I'*)! SM.ti'.'^ S-»r»n ( f m C a m *[,) K f l C T Tt (..'I,. Ir^n Hntl |,,,n. Mint lix.i- mlr* Hhlt «n.-* ' h r t p f n i . V v r i t r 1!n* K^-. r r l.AllltaS :n .1- lHr;,t r «..,V f.., t r (·ttr nffiir. i-ntl tlhn- ( ' h - n p nw T D I R K I T M K N 1, llnw nliont a iiiMi-cum- pctitivn imnitii'l ? 2, How nlniit llu 1 slrntiK r^l )ir(iRr;im in Ihr c i t y ? H. flow ,'iliiui! (ho niiisi solid lends you'vo i'vct scon ? ·1. How about Ilic \iff rnri!iiiK in t m v n ? ('fill ,",:^-M7:l · jurat- Vuai [Mure. Aje !1 to it ln»urao« »t:d n-tirement plan. 1'ai,! aid Vartbi'ci"""TM'" 1 ' °*" k *'""" Male or femz!«, part time. Con- lai-l our new ruitomcn and uiake Kinaii collection. Car iiKessary. choice of hours. Ex ie '.eut earniugs. Apply Dec. 1} nd 13. 1 to a p . m . Bt i- s Motel, room 28. Mr.'.Magnunon. SUPERVISOR OF NURSES X-RAY TECHNICLAN Keglitered A.K.X.T. or eligible. Newly remodeled and equipped dept. Relief Cook - Kitchen Assistant Hours to be arranged. Osteopathic Memorial Hospital 928 12th St. ?450 SALARY PLUS LIBERAL BONUS )ur employment representative ·fill be In your community to mervlew vouoit men who" can qualify tor two permanent po«|. on. now open with one ot the arjent f,jmpanli« in tiie mid- we«t. Thl. unexcelled career on porttinlty 1. limited to high L-illber n u n who can preient a ·uct-eiiful work hackcround. or liation with a company that of- ·« a ruaranteed salarv. advancement opportunities' and nei'urlty. |[ y OU have a small lo»-n bactsround, between 2115 years of a«e. High School idurfttion own an automobile travel In Colorado -, days a week, then you should «ee: Mr. Bill Coniidine, between 10 -0(1- l : U d and ::OM:00, Dec. 13tb at Colorado Stale Employment OffH-e. (ireeley. Colorado. DYNAMIC OPPORTUNITY TOR PERSONAL PRODUCING LIKE GENERAL AGENT To be with a i7 year old i - n i n p t n y with over a quar ter tillllnn life Insurance i ftirri" -- olferlnf both liar ant don-pnr roDtrncUl plus arcldeo and «lckncis health pollcle*. With your own Agency YOU CAN H A V E : u Top xmmlssioni on per snnal prtKlucilnn. i5r Vested renewals. 17 Porslstency bonus. -'r Oflii-e allowance. 'U Adequate f i n a n c i n R aval] abli-. it t'ompeillive policies. -£· Powerful brochures. -j Tops ID lupport from botne office. Vf C r n w l h with a growing com yany. f Additional pretiige In your area. £ AKSlmance and additional re muaorHtlou If you desire to dc-velou an agency, All tnmilrlM handled In strlr confidence. Arrangements wll be made for personal Interviews for qualllled men. When reniv In; stale Qualifications, experl euro. ace. eir AddrevK replies lo I 1 . 0. Hoi 332, Owiver 1, Colo OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPERIENCED CREDIT MAN \Vc have opening in our man, preferably with ex pcriem'c in personal loan and finnnoe huainesj or periiniial installment loan depart niput of hank. OPPORTUNITY FOR MAN OR WOMAN We liavi' opening for bmik- kt'Ciier and RCneral office wtirkcr. 1'ernianene.v, o x c R 1 1 e n i working conditions, two works vacation with pay wages in accordance will experience and ability. Op- l o r t n n i t y for advancement 'rofit .«h:iring participation. CONTACT K. K. K R A N C I S or V F I t X \ V . \ K K M A N Greeley Finance Co l i r . S t l l A v e . . ()»Plpy. Colo. A f t e r S:n(): 352-6713 or 353-lfi4fl ttducetiw ttii tn#r+t1n* , 'V- ' i l s T ' ,NnfrV«'h,,1| t | U ! |n*(T*l(-t '!n n 't* r V(f»! ]» M ^n fi»^ r,iiT.H» IVffr.lw ·!··! ,n«tnim*rtj. IS2.7S3S. Can You Qualify for employment? for advancement? "Training Makes the Difference" Day and Evening School blurting Applications are now being processed Admissions Office open 9-4:30 daily Including Saturday Greeley Commercial College 920 Ninth St. Ureeley 352-574; "Training Doesn't Cost -H l'»y»" WE'RE LOOKINU TOIl MEN TO' TRAIN AS H E A V Y K l l f l l ' M E N T OPEIUTOKS leavy (,'ouatructlon needs Men UKe modern equipment and upervis* others. Thanks to our a»t, modern training program, egardress of previous eiper- -ni-« or special Pdm-atlon. YOf -AN LEAKN to operate Heavy Ei|Ui|iment. W E H A V K C.KADCATES EARNINi; f j - TO » 2 1 PEK HOUH These men took our trainlns ai heir first Btep towurd a job as a Heavy Equipment Operator bend for full details NOW You will n-celve a 24-paKe booklet ·rammed full of imereminK and mportanl Information. Crt ) n . ormation about aue and requirements whlc-h mujt be met o gualify for a job as a lleavv Equipment Operator. Mall cou- ion TODAY: ORTH\VKST SCHO01 S ·«»vy Kiiuipment Traiu'liig J*pt. Him 4 mi E-10. ivo Tribune N'ame Address City - ^'P ( O i l l l t V Nearest 1'hone i.r " 1". W k d : from ... ,J ~ Imimii Optottuniliei 5 "£.!,'. '"h'.^s/.Yoe:""' E "*"'°' YOV.NT, FARMER Would you like a business of your own? Com-ernlnt- aprk-u - ure and m u i p m e n t . Selline es- perience not ueccssarv Will net JM'rox. 11.000 per month. Write Boi E7, c/o Tribune. SALES OPENING IN GREELEY, COLO. Sonotone Corp.. Elnuford \ y riu,? P ; n M lt ln 1K '' 11 ""'inK'nid Uistnot Manager office. Estab Hshcd clientele, piotccted terr lory. Insurance and I'ennion Henefit». ideal for man and wile twin looking for a belter, per manent career connection Kn KTSonal Interview write civinc background to: FIELD SAI FS MAN-ACER. 1776 Glenroe pT Denver 20, Colo. SiWiiKs Wtnted 10 SBWINt ,| lm ,i,, n . ... ,.,.,,,,. doll rlnlhn.. Hr^^M,. .«;!ij," ~ w *NTKI)-CI,lla rarr. n c hou f an WAH-tKi)-ITMln t Thnnp 1S2-G60I. buihd 1601 sib Su " ""' ' ''^l^-n^C, ion« rrataaablr. Cali SJMl:i. HOUSE txim. Rrai(m«lint Ind rp- paira. llr«ils C. Coif. I'h. SSS-iT7l t-AINTlNO. Imrrlor tni fUtr,«. t,,, callmafe.. 1).], Trstman. S5J-M1S PAINTING a n j K-nrali n ,,. um,. IP.OMtNG. ClTM« lo rolWc JU-Uli. LHII.U rar». licensed »ml fTrfriftirr,] KONINIi. 9M.2IN. lOli SS.l A,r. WANTK.I) 1-aloh |.|m.!. t i:-.«. Sm.i r,'ii v-:.]7*p T(1 " r l * ;m * f f*" 1 * V I N W H V S W.ullfnllv itr.; k -rf,l ,,,,. f i n U M T ^ T j . i t r -a IT,- h-n-.r. It,, Inc. titsff 1 . Al:»iation Shop. M.!i- sih si. ,ir,r!.:pTi t:tmnlnfhar,,. "' ' K ' X rAINTlSC. .nurailal m.lnUn.nrr. s aiwlall). tli.l tla». «,»k ,,,,( ,,,, Intel, f.. S. Mrl-anlM. Th. SiC-o;.Mi M i r ^in.t tncvrr. f a l l ; }{. |t OMn I ' A I N T I N l l . ntrrwi. ll,( t ilra. H»» jStf" 'F.jK." l«i1rtT"«j" iy" \ '''j C«ll.m Work | | X I I UVliHK an,l Mr.t.ifrc'.wivTr, j · T A N i : l l K h.,,;,,,,. M , - , r , C»l!N~ron7i"nlr.i, kr.n.' t,,, IJfrai,. HAr~Vt'Mir. f n( f »,,,:;,,, '.'-',, l.-ilhr.. )-,:'-5l»3. w "'M,'n ^.TwS. 1 '!. 1 ;''.-.".'.,-?'" 1 ' :.;.t i'~dZ".' i-;"ii''s.i. 'Kk."". i. TIJKNi-IIIM; In ..!-t li;«. ,,,,, jiV^nil "","" .""I.,.'"!! " A r. (·mWHfr Trmarj-'t l « n ^ S f r t i f t I'h. S*|.;flfiJ. n III.MOt. CMSMM Wwlt 11 "»· - .. --- -- | «u*ot wgrk md block LjyiB*. L.*t u* »;w *t Iww nisottr iat«i. Licm*cl IHK-NrHlNO - » inch to 11 incb li»t tnubilc unit Our vric** ire fomixtitivr. Al«n rt-a! iirio^f on 1 p!* it i- 1 pipe. C rntral Tr*nebir.g! Sib Strwt. Tm., H«,« M 12 H ft K Tr»«h hiulfr. Anythinr. «nj- r\SH fend tr«ib bjulmj. Vrt4 Oiuu. 'tSSPHMJLS. t?ptic Unkj, frtue tr»D* iuiup«d. Wbitukcr- ti;-»di7. -OT T R A S H ' Cill Vie. H.'ll tomt CESSPOOLS, wj.tic Unki r^**" Irmpi. 32.TSS5. or 153-I3W. Vttjat Abbott WEKKLY tr.,h frrvke. So burnint' II^^-.TY. Kt,n.i,hr.J ^aUiiMra I'h. B«tw»j !iipo, a | COL 3a:.75tS / M.,, M .. S.»^. U M O V I N G snl iton,. problnnsT Call «-!US. """' "" *«""· rilfCKS lor t»nt br hour. da» or »ttk. Eierylhini: f u r n . nr^pt drii. ·r. Truck lumali. Int.. 10J 8« t h Wamt«4 to Rent 14 56S-t(,lfl.'j. W A N T KI I^M or r*-n-.. J tu 40 »T« ^JM'.h ho' Jb « bj Dec. 31, 1962. Far Kent-- HOUMI 15 T K A . L K K hornr for' rent. H.un'i OR KKNT-- TriiUr bomr. B«bj wi*l- _ormir. Scott T«ilrr S.lp, « n d (Jourt. l-i Krrwy. 352-iS3j. K ( ) i ; K ro-^m houw fur r e nt. C»il *x*. « url'-x. Phone 353-U-8, ^.'."-001 1. TWO .*dnx/m haute »-|th cirir* a n H U N F U K N I S H K D duplri for rent. H6 N. 2Jih A»«. 35I-U3F. TV 0 ivMrouro hou» ;»risf. tmme- .Ji.t*- pim4)oM. 1P40 llth A^«. 00 month. Will l«»r. He] Bed- HJI'. K K N T Tiifiim * btdrcom brick hr-usc. 2 Ix-lroomi in husemrni. 1014 nvu l)*m ii-jj.!« it 3 HO 9th St.. ^T^" D "' ^ 0rtUnSr ""· C *" N K W L Y d«or«Ud 1 bwlroom horn* N K W L Y dct-ura'.ed i bedroom btar. ncer ctmjmi, Kn 3 room l«itnen · ti!. I12S wr rotinth. Cill 353-0074. O N K Lci!nv,m duplci in Garden City « iib tinvt »nd rr(rig«nior, tSS.OO l't..« u t i l i t i w . 552-7794. ONK t*dnxmi houir. |£i.0 JUT month 1 tilitiw [nid. Spunirh preftrrH If-M 4th An. Ph. 3534340. N I C K a WdrcxMn bomp. 10*? 4th Si Sw u w n f r . U05 23rd AIP. C' UIMM.KX unit. t » o l-rdr,--mv cto«e 1 ndunri»l trot. I'h. io 2-05 74 or 312-4175. C..i»£f. clo-ip U th-n-iunr Cfnlcr «ni IN JOHNSTOWN. For rent or for **k HUJIt r(,. n i tno-icrn houip, s:o f t ATT. Also 2 nxa lurtiiihed »pt, Kr«cr. 3S2-S121. SMALL 4 iTi-m mnirrn hfuw. Suitabl f-r ,-!d,-r! cut-plc. K'-nced »rtl k 41* Uth A*.-, rttlitic* ruraiih,-.! bWk frvm riI!tT:r. Finfp!a«," csr Pfi.^ earii;'-. Fm.-fd Uck ynrd s c "?ni*M jjird. Riirxcp, 5110 * mnnth B22 2Sr«, Si. r»m«c! Y.4 Holt, dar» V.;-K5,i; fvcnjBRf, ;;3-4374. KUitNLSHKl) tiro hcdroora hcu». flo^ lo wI!»-.;r. scboi'K and nhnppinjr rsn trr. CafTctcd. dr*p«I. Only JiJ pe month. 3*2-f.4p. or K2-, c -4(t7. Fl»K KS-:\T-- Cleno t « o bcOrwra un futni^hrd hoi,« with E*r«tt* in E«*ni. f60 rcr month. FurnUh vour own utiMUn. T*o children »elcotnp. Fot Rent -- Room. 16 l.O.-SEKCM'INi; room (or 1 man. C i . K A N . d«ir»bl» r«m fr-r wnrkint NICE, front room. Clow in. Rr**on- »blc. S10 12th SL UOLI.EGE tacn. Furnish*) rwmt »nd ffiwit-rn kiuhtn. colli*E« *p r rovpd. Nit.r., fle«n bpilrvdm with p?i«,tiif bath. Roaj-imnblr. !v i\«k. MoU-t Hoover :!^ l l t h Avprmr. to bath, TV ho,.l,up. Jfll4 JOih St. H)K MFN -- ClMn. w*rm ro"m« with or wiihoitt kitch--nrtt«. TV hookup Turni-r Manor, !W 1th St. ROOM fnr rvnt, WprVIng nun cr »tu- drr.t. fpolsing i.titilcee-.. ISti) nib STF.RUNi; Untrl. Rocrn* with or Tith- i-ut l.»th. M r n . h l or wpeklv. W*id srrylr.-. phone. ,-«f.-.PTi )l . All wn- P F K M A N K N T rvm frc,.i ICO month ;n finntx n^t!i4i. Fr.mi til rnonih in m»in tcvtton. Koi-m »nj mf»l!" ftiMii |(i nuir.lh. All roncnicoc*«. s-'nrVirc lot, jihiinw. w*kr«i ccrtlrr Wi. will K i*» v t ») frcr Tm-tinc -orr- iw Mr. \V«tf,-n. C u m f i f l d Hotel. for Rent -- Aptt. H n -I:NISHF.H^ : « M .. rH^rnt M-.VKN n-o-ji »p: T,vp bWk* fritir l»«t. I ..l-:iT7. B f i r r J v .,,, r i l N f j i l l K I i M-nnrnl .i-t. r t j i n . c ^^ll^^'^^J^^ U r!-\, '. 3 v'"'.'^n" n " ilt " f " f "' lo ISIt;K. Hr,;~f, :rn --h^ !l TIT. bMi-rntn F^vnT.riTn -^^.m * P t. i'io.« u ·- 1 - . -.11-.. ·,·!% t :·:-": ?sx " i r l ! t r ' V ; I*-;-;.'!*, '.-. r.-r »p. . f,., Mild M? I t i h ' A x * A 1 !!! \ l l T \ V . f - i f r .*-»-) »,-· ' V " -- '" J" ri; ' s s ?-*J' f i . ' 'o * p m. T!- Sir.-'! Jlv'.lv;* ' ' t : I T A X . *fg,-,.. J H * P |. ('ti;,li^ f.trr, *t( rib. A,,. r *.t^7 x S yf li 0l ^y I * |rt ;t hc ^* ta - *»L fur coUrf* boji. Sil-451L itvinx tuooi. lnjuir* 1)41 l«ik Ave. OK KKNT. -Furflt*he4 «Pl.. «t»»l h»«t, pr: v»t* Utb, 1 1 M Its St. (KASUNABLK ft.rinth.rd 3 room mpt., upiUir*. (K^K! hr*t. UUllUc* twid' 3^U5». S'ICK 3 rvuoi furftithW bu«n.Mi apt n»«r collet*. Privit* «\tr»nct. pl*._ UtilitiM. 1114 14th St PhuM Wuhtr. uliliti**. For cwpJt. 150 p« month. A alt, 34.S96I, *vcniKt. CKNISHIO) 3 rooM MBI ibi M m*nt itv. Artulta. 16*0 llth A»*. OK KKNT-- 1 or J Iwdroora ipt. Ap- pliincn. drxpM, (urn. 3£3-lbtt£ *r 353-01] 4 OK KENT-- S room fiinmh*d »pt- pHv«u ««·»«. uttlitiM paid. 110 5th Strftt. HRta-: r..m furnithfd apt., clun *nd ronvcnimt. Utilitin. tsS 2*01 lOtb Strfrrt. APAHTMKST. OM rwm U.cb««!*. irtd bath. Furnl»h*e, includin* iilil- iti«. JtO. 3L2-E757. I ' K N I S H K D 2 «na 3 room wmibaje- in«.t ipt-. l.'tllitiM furni.h.-i. AdulU only, ('.ill 35S-4534. »?!.; tutomatic w«ib*r. Utilitie* uitJ. NMT col.vfr. 36J.;«44. L'KNIMIIKD ^wmcnt apt. One p*r- \*e. 35!.I«3. X)K KENT - N i w two Ixdroora b»*»- mt-nt apt. FurnUhed. otilitln n«id I I ' U K. ]*ih St. 352-1371. OK KL.NT-2 tMdruon furauhM iwnl- btiwncnt »pt . nnr arhnoli md col- If-K*. 165. 352-2616. after 'R A ILK It home for ia!* or rtnt. '(9 model ID rui condition, lilS. pb. 16 FIFTH St. On* bedroom apt kitrhrnett.?. main floor, utilitiM, (15 Mel HtdinBtr. SS3^HZ. .AHHK S room lM.v*«*at apt. fn la ·Saltr. Uu of rloirt apace. U £«llc. COU[LEThLY farnubM) one and two bcdfoom ipl*. UUllti« paid. Week- U r.t«. 24«l 10th ft 'WU room furntih*d bu*nent apt. · nd b*tfa. Ii3. Hoyum A p u .. 1107 9th St. AJulu only. Ph. 352414*1, or oS!-62S7. OR RENT-- Apt. Z lart bwlrmi.. prl- vi tt bath, adjoinln« recreation room. Would arcocnmodaU foor concnta coll«* rlrll. U5-IB7S. alUr 6:SO. FURN1SHKU fir»t floor apartment. Uiliti«i, iitrtun heal, prh »U bath, kitrh«Ti. Imndrr. Adaru onlr. No pn«. 1317 nth Avr. J5^-;ss:". STKl'BKL ApU. Ck« fn. L«r»e tin- f u r n . apt. with itov* and r«(riger»- tnr. for adult roupU. 1501 8th Si. N'KW u n f u r n . t bedroom apu All «-!«- trie kitchen, retcif erator. drain He* throuichout. Wuher and Orj*r. NPW addition. U Salic. ?fi4-6531. kitchen. Bedroonu. lance Htini room, (lood parViriK. Garage. 1941 10th TWO rwm apt. Share bath, one per- ton. Three room b**«atn! apt. Pri- istc bath, rhitd welcome. Utilitiei fiirniih*d. Private entrance!. 1815 13th Ave. 352JWG. FOR RENT-- Fumlrted dnplei. n«w, !*·; one bedroom temtbatement apt.. »to.e an.l rrfrigenvtor, |*5; 2 bedroom fnrn. apt., main floor, \^ tiock Call 3, [ .3-116P, Joyner Realty. FOR UKST-- Two »*aroom apt. L»nre livine rooni. rompleic modern kitch. en. Arcommodati'i either KU or electric rtnce. automatic waiter and dryer. Has rarbate dispout, *tr»m ht»t. Sernib-uement at WO per ir.onih. Lilte to we it? CtH at 1*1? l l t h Si-, bftween 9 and It a.m., or 2 and I p.m. Large, S room furn. (rout apt. L-tilitlcs paid. Hie bath and drainboard. Couple. Close In. 1106 7th Ave. NOW RENTING PARAMOUNT MANOR One and 2 bedrooms, furnished, utilities. JT5 to ??0. 2353 Slh Avenue 352-5765 NEW APARTMENTS 3 Bedroom Duplex _S 90 2 Bedroom Apts. S105 Phone 353-1SSS AVAILABLE NOW! SEE IT! Nice 3 room furnished apartment, TV hookup and garage. 1620 6th Ave. 3531695 mornings nr evenings. PARK PLACE APTS. Furnished or unfnrn. buffet apt?. Steam bent, hot water and utilities. ?30 per month. Applr JI7 Sth St.. Rm. 210. Ph. 353- 07i2 nr Opdyke Agencv, Inc Ph. 332E747. For Rtnt -- Forms, Tracts 19 FOR KKA'T-,'.!) crn ,«ir. rrmifd 3M ACHK irrlja'.rd tare, tot ttnt into i (wm.s. \Viitf 'liox K-: o Tnhiiw. Fgr Rmt -- luiMinti 20 SHOT tniildir.; :6ilt «ilh .x;ia Milt IIBNT - T»o "varrtnu.o. t:H ianr* 1 (rnw^l arc.. Mh Avr. and Pth SI. rail Wlni^tad-.. JM-JT::. HM{ imNT-- IlU-k IIJc. l i T l O hf- Mnil 717 1':th Si. in silri l.jrv o Olfici Spac« 2] FOR HFST - Oftk. ra.-.. trooil. FOR H U N T l,.r», tftir» at S1I I f i SI S~- M. K. llasrn at ml l O l h s- H)B R K N T - S anJ 1 t,«n i-[t c luitn, availabU Snd flwr. Part I'law^pulMinf, S?7 ?(h St. IncMir I'.- t.v.^-.*; t . ~ . , f f H.vrh.r t'i'H til N I :M-,T.I fin,-, ,,n M:h «! J.-.! M h .».. t;. ttn^ S. HUe. Ai f.iiiHiu.-nin^. A ' l -j:i[iii, ,r.,-t«,iM Ar.ri^t. 7M .,. fl . ,,. »il| ,,,K ,:-lilr. Vail.Mi H.T.. I'll. W:-Ollt Trailvt SHC* 2j r" mm:k. R.n.s. J«i MH, ' S! . Xocm «nj IxrJ 2! ROOM an.l S^M. Fvrllm! t n r a l t ^ 1 ,ill.. 'ui.t'fH.'"" "*"""" MM.., » Hap?* CM. W«t OB Miway U, *ANTKD-« ujck tAbh M*. iOOD '^«i K»» befttan. :LT comb boner! 4*e Ib. ia i tba. loti Kid» lo^« it U^-IM3. MINNESOTA Wocletu. Sec or rait Doroti.7 Milltr. 142V *U St. li!-4»^. Western wear. KOU SALE-- CkMp K ood trpcvritcr Mr'AKT£l»-- *', t. bath tu». Also pick. unimportant. ««*-**TO. ft'OLttNSAK lUreo Upe recorder with mike kb.1 upd. I1M. Pb. 4S*. JT33. FlREPLACt *ooi. dry. piut. pi:'.*. Ferrelt Wood Yard. SIS 3rd. Av* tt2-M!l. Sprint- ITS and uke ovw v*meuu. C»!l after 1 p.m.. IJ2-S55S. UIRI/1, HiawitU 2i I D ch bicycle. I2S.W. Ju.t u r clur«e it. Gamble*, il« 10th Strati. tnde for deer riflt with tecix M4.5967. rX)R SALt-200 anp Unraln poi-tibl* · rider, excellent condition, i'htme CABINET work, itorm tub. CompreV nock of wejt coast iunbtr. Ward AMKKtCAN Wreck.nt * Salvase Yard. W* buy anjrthinf. We aell «-T- ervthirj. 402 *th SL Ph. 352-9M6. ftereophonic Uue recarder, proft*. lional mod*L 13*1 (th St.. Evaoi. rL'BKLKSS pauen(er ftata npairM bcr Welderi. loi N. lltk Ava. CLEAN cotton rit« wtoted. Ko imaU piece*. KKka or troutm. Gr«*i«y FOR SALE - Slevter better.. Wttt- view Coa«t W Coajt, 2il« 10th St. 352-4 SO?. (.reley BulldlMi Buwly. 130 16th Str*et. t3*^li4. LAUNDRY proalemi T Call CryiUl White or brint it to IU lltk Are.. oppo*lte new Po*t Oflic*. UM1S2. ULASStS repaired. Broken lent* da. tic*) Co.. 9UH 8th Are. Sf!^(71. liRE balar.cinj-- Only »!,« pet pw- ·enrtr tire. Wdjhta free t 0. K. FIRST clau racpvaHnt- a«4 rtpairini or tmcV «Mta. Caafu work. Wooos Canvaa ProducU. Itlf 10th 8t S-W. TOR SALE-- Chrbtmii tr*w. Whote- ·ile and retail. Lovelind Laadtcap- in*. NO T-207*. down. Roten Automotive, Iflj Ilih Street. IS2-2aSS. NEW 1H1 Yuaah* motorrrcUi. from 1295 taroofk |*9S. Dalai HtrUj- Datidwn Salta. Ft. Colllni. VESPA Clubman authoriud dMi«r. »ankHn Scooter S*l«. tKi S. lit Arenu*. Pb, JSI-SSIL LUMBER, hardwire, paint. Ewmhini W build inrthinr. We xiva GoU Bone Stamp*. Grtcler Building Supply Inc^ MO 2tth St. 1534844. FOR RENT-- Beds, b*hj furs., chain btnqnrt Ublej, (ItMware, wtff«t urni pollihen, rat ihunpxxjinj equip Unit Rtult. 51* 23rd Ate. ISt-CIIO FOR EALE -- About l.OM feet uwd lumber, perfect shape: Ubk w i t h foruica tov. Mt\e oiler. 814 Pth BICYCLES, larie lelwUon from 17.5 ap. Gun*, aiemuniUon, fishing ta*K! too. Alkire'i Eportinj Good*. Ill 7t St. W2-9501. ^^ GOOD uprieht piano; kterao itand- piece Kctional : 1 child'i deski ; eb« of draweri. cabtoet. 3029 Sumet Dr PKE-GAKT ron crete septic tanks, EW to LfOO raUon ripachj. On* d.j in ·Ullatio* in Tour «xcaratioa. C*l Moffat and Son, JSIOs^. FOR SALE-- 1J5S Veapa »cuot«r. New teat, new chrom* iwluh boi, new paint job, chrome hub caps, condn en til kit and teddy aeat. 1140 352.1MI. itier i p.«x NEW Reiamffu* 12 antomatie. J40 Winchester 30-30, |66; Stereni don- luff Majnumi, BtrtJer Sporting Good*, 815 Bth Ave CHAD'S for ChrUtmu. Hand tooled ladf«' puraw. new billfold*, funs termraics. original ptinUnw on 'velvet and .tianj o:)M.r items. 1703 Sth Street. FOR SALE by owner. Five room houw. all redecorated. Wall to wall carp«t. fenc-*d bacV jani. Jart:« Kmrwre Small down payment. 241* Kb St. FOR NEAT dependable printing you will find this modern shop an «· ceUent wlectioTi. W« follow copr and we five you o^ility irork tt re*ion«bl* co«t. Bring n* rour printinc wnrk today. Ph. 35"0211. Tribune- Republican Pub, Co. ^f.\\' batteries. imxrAnteM one ;car Battery repairint Rebuilt t«n«n- tor* and ·tatter*. All type* of auto tuneupi and repairs. Uted can and piclmpf. Low pric«. MST terms John Thompion'i Garage, Ml fth Are. Ph. S53-184S. TEACHING MACHINE Marbines help slow, average and bright students. They can now be used in homes also, ^rescntly in Denver schools. A gift that never quits giving. For further infornmtlon call 35: SI 05. CHRISTMAS TREES YOUR PICK Sl.OO Also Fireplace Wood FERRELL'S 315 9th St. 352-7673 A L U M I N U M « Storm Doors * Storm Windows * Awnings * Siding Greeley Glass Shop :oi3 sth si. ;5:-s:63 CKriilmn Gift GuMt 21 Wy-.~lii.7alS. .'! i-rt u.-,,. Cl.)i:;i: ,.,,; ," : .vV. ci'-. » v .-n U'.T«. *». r l f l f * r-:.-» rr.f\r nf: t V'S ' If.' S' . 5r»ff II 1 . JS.i.t.H'j. J . J R'«J, lit*. 12, 19«2 GREELEY TRiBl NE Page 2J U,-.S.^ ,,; ^.^V...^. 3, nu««. power UM. di.wpl'rwt.t ir (in. HNMWU fiMri. 30 W.W blub*!: L-.-i.i'n'i J(js«t** n . |:"Ts b'lie.. Wan* tk^feH place t» i.i'it fruit tmck. |2 uirfat. Api-U tr-:ek. I?4 Jeth ST. rOR SALE-Davenport and chair »et ··-- KUK iALfc-lS»l* *«,! TM* and pad. g u a , , -- ltJ*ce MK-Uoaal. ««.!., I. [ aj f ALL,^annunt wf ear cor a and btd r O k SALE -- 3 rtx-ici f urniture, prtc- th-a.iy new. U'-ttrU. LLrX"TrUC ra»f« »1«. Tent 125. Ph. S52.M14. 'OR SALx -- CoattiMct t leader · rill)bark itro!.«r. W*-7«83. j HAND hooked rkair p*d*. Sl«iai: priced. Kaiaigate Oifti, 107 IfJi S: i A B Y crib and EC a*, few, xood ooodi- lioit. ( a l l »f»r ft:t»g. S32-9J15. BKrOtt joa M!) or bur. EMC ua a try. fc»an» Funitttfr. 15^0693. AUTOMATIC waiher. IJ5f ^ry«r; 1 BABY crib for aalc. Ph. a52-48f---. StVEN piece dine:te Mt, Hkc new. I N D I A N Madras bed iprtadi. Kaatca'.e Oifu. ItiT Ihtb St, Mel Bediter. IiJ-J5*:. iCY your wife an iaanaculat* ntarly new. GE built-in type rmnt* and o*en for Chriitmaj. IU5. WCJ)5iT. V'OR SALE-- T w i n bedroom let. two ocraational chain and mite. item*. TWO Hollywood itudk. euiche* ; : f ibreboard clotet*. l i l t 1 *th Bt KOK SAL£--AlnMt new Weitincbouae Imperial 30 inch electric rant*. A-l condition. Se* at 1029 (th St. CO RON A 1X1 nearrr new apartment down, IS per month. Gamble*, 810 10th Street. ·ulu -- rent Blue Luitr* Klectric Cirptt Shampoos Sl.VJ per dar- Komi* Paint Store, SAVE 1». Coronado 5! inch T\' in mahotanr or n*k- oo money down. tlO.SO p«r month. No p«ymt»nU until March. Gambia. 110 10th St. GREENWOOD Fnrnltor. -- Barcalri ralore in u»*d f u r n i t u r e and nis-el- lajtwoB, Wt bar. »H or trade. tiOS 7th Av*. Juit totlth of V.K.W. Hall. SAVE IBO--Coronada SI Inch emtom TV. aluminhed picture tube. In ro«- ·octoy or Oftk. 1119.1)5. No down. 110.50 per month. Gamble*. »10 10th SL MONEY to loan on all itenu of vilue. Chad 1 ., 1108 fth St. I LOAN money personally if you want K fint, teeond, or third marirate or a bvuIncM loam. AUo bey fint and a«cond mortrKtw. Call Sam for fait atrrlee, J52-01I2. Farni Ranch Loans LONG TERMS LOW RATE ASA T. JONES, JR. 15 Tetri Loin Correspondent Units City Life Insurance Clifford O. Campbell, Mgr. 1011 Ith AT«. Ph. }5t6417 LOANS FARM »nd CITY Low lnur«t (Ut« Courteoui and Fut Strrlc* 1011 Jti ATC. 55J-S77 Repreieotlng THE MDTOAL LIFE INS. CO. of N.T. liiUidf M«,ri«l 34 STRONG Barn eorracated iron aidiax All lenartha. WeUu- Lumber Co. STEEL buildlnn. .11 liua and kinds W. win tnes ..d (iaancfc W«ll*r Lumtor C«. USED lumber, pipe, I beams, w i n d o w s, doors, plumbing, brick. Perlmutter Jobbing and Wrecking Co. Corner of 6th Ave. and 9th St. le.u i*rr\iti 35 JOHNSON Sn-Hotst »1« and iirt Kt. WUber'a Outboard Marine, !40" lth Str«t. MERCURY outboard motors. Conswlt martn* sain and a«\i«. Rernold* iuii)m«nt (X. «01 ISth St. Sportinf G*Wi 35-* WE W A N T lo bur ridn and abotgcm Any m.lif. at. or condition. Allir.' "nvo man Pontoon tjpt !ishir.K boa with trailer. S^ h.p. irollins mct^r CUSTOM fcandloadinr Hl-ww«r rif ammo. All pop-.ilar ralibtfs. $·:.* per box in rucr ompti«. \U;ire' Sronint Uoooi. 721 7th 5L S5:-9501 OL'R sale d rew 10 l n d f ESUE Ile^ion. Fb" SU-1SS6. "" WANTKU -- Griodmc hay. i-jCkK H A Y . alfiXa. ». r aw. D*::ter-1. THK Stwcksaan-- Westers wear. WASTED se.*r»; '.ru« .wd^ oi h»» and itraiB millr'..'. hor price* »VI 35I-41S.!. (]rceit-y Se«d O. i-.cated J mile* north of Gre«l«y on 8i. FOR SALE-- 1* "hit* fae« rowt. Start S P K I N C I M ; Hnbtfja bri.'crs. ri. r. T W t t funcy f'-lomiiK. prjny cu:-.i W i ' l bx-'d til) Cbriitmai. Phone 454-W?-. TOK REST -- Corral for llveatock, close in. 353-4915. HERKFORD bulls. Weli Rro«r:. guod , Reiehf rt, Johnilown. SBT-'J069. S7.00 » h*ad. Allen Hoar. II-376L THE STOCKMAN-- Westernwear. heifer 10 fmheo within week. 352-052S. ARTIFICIAL breerfmt. Coarteotu. ef- ficieot Ferricfl with A.B.S. prorei . tlrei. 352-2W:. TOR SALfi -- Hand^me y v *n t pony with uildlc and brid!«*. LIVESTOCK *prarlnr. Over 10 jrxn eiperience. Brantn«r. -Ph. 153-1636. or S?7-4t49. FOR SALK--CattU rhuiea, calf Ulln anj iu*k Unka. Good pric«. West View Gout to Coaat, !ilO 10th EL Ph. 352-430i REGISTERED HOLSTEIN BULLS Guaranteed breeders. Two from · VE11Y GOOD 500 pound KAT " dams. One EXCELLENT 700 pound KAT dam, sired by our proved herd sires. Valentine mils are an economical way to ~ ireed and upgrade your cows t nd heifers. elect yours at THE HENRY ARM. Rt. 4, Box 223. Greeley. Phone 352-8123 FARMERS, RANCHERS In Greeley Area 2 and J5 cash paid for fresh dead cows and hores. i $5 to $10 for crippled an« down hores and COWE. (Call as Soon as Possible After Animal Dies) Immediate SerTice Seven Days a Week -- Night or Day Call Collect: Greelev 352-1788 LEE BI-PRODDCTS CO. ·_ .\ ., Poultry 4Z ' ROASTING heat for ule. 853-081^ 403 21it Are. BABY CHICKS Book vour baby chick orders now -- for early order discounts. Setting on orders for January and February. Meyer Bros. Hatchery : 719 7th Sr, Greeley, Colo. P«t Stock 43 CHRISTMAS pup P i«. AKC roistered FOR SALE--Boxcr pup*. Ph. 2s*-T75S, , FOR SALE-- German Shepherd tVmafe SPRINGER Spaniel puppin for ul*. T«ils dockrf. Ph. 66-371 FOR SALE-- Mi!* fierman Shepherd. H«un's Trailer Ct. TWO resl5ter»d Boston Bull Terrier puppin. Jos: in time for Christmas. · Phone 454-20S8. AKO Oman Shepherds. Excellent di-«, poiitrons. Perfect for ChristmM «iv. ins- 6cT-6M)5. LoveUnd. SEVEN week old Humpjters fnr sal*. *"ro«iy Redman. 1010 otb St. 35' 1 20*6. filters, lir pumps I Aeriton ). Frank'* Seed and Hatehery, 703 lOlh StmL Washing Machine! 45 19SS M A Y T A G *r-n £ tr type witter. Ctll SSS-SSSi »ft. r 6 P ,ra. MAYTAG wringer vi«jhcr, A-l barc. ST9.95. No money down, $6.00 per month. Gambles. 910 IClh Si. TV-- Rndio-- Swvicei 46 FOR SALE-- H»Uicrift«rt 20 inch wr. ml,- TV, J1.1, 2115 mh $·. ss:-15i6. I'ICTUKE t-jbt^ insuHcO, $-:9.?5. Vv\[ vear cuarsnlee. terms. S32-1691. ! eO. Tany tnrns. 35^-5i:0, tl TV tervic* «»«. d»? or niirht. A l l " , work e.»«V4L Ail make*. Promi-t ; M-r.ic,-. II-jRhw TV. Zt\.*4M, TV sirk? fall TV Hcepiui. Corapin* «prvic.j ,11 »*kw. I'honc SJJ-OIU. S^-iSSO. I2u Tth S;.. Kvfttit ^^^^^-T^fir^l-^'-i «s Fruilj and VcjoHbl.i 3! WEST Slop, aprln. ditfer.nt tarVtir ttinanaj. orawea anti frarefrai! Potatoes and oniorii. O t h f r fr-Jiu an TrjrrUWe*. Dale's ItfarVet. :5C-9C21 l» Sth 5t- Muiicol tnjtromtnh 47 FOR S M.V-. S|»:.rt frcellffit crnditics. Th. SVJ-iJl*. , rUuwdeW G.odi 30 HouithoM Good. 30 SOFA F GREATLY ; Values YOUR CMC : $1 PROFESSlOaXAL · SANTA C'.LAUS ; AT QT A Dl/ ..,.«· »v»il»h|, w l , h Mi.non k : rt r Q j A K I \ J PMwni-nri- K K A S O X A H I . K |n r ; iiinv hndcci Cull J5J :s;; '|M»V« «ii(Kiintin«nt KARi.v: 718 loth Street 'ILLOWS RfDOCEO to S3.95 I C E .95 S NATURALLY

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