Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 24, 1972 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1972
Page 8
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8 'GREELEY (CnV.) THIHUNE Mon., April 2-1, 1972 One War in S. Vietnam Going Well By HUGH A. MULLIGAN AP Special Correspondent SAIGON (AI') - With the .}vsy the war against sin is going, the barroom maimi-sans are down in the mouth. : -In anticipation of a great peacetime lourist influx, any year now, the city fathers have 'Decided to tidy up Saigon's morals. Mayor Do Kien Nhieu, "a' : no-nonsense, law-and-orclcr type, has ordered the girlie bars and Saigon-tea parlors to move out of the old downtown sin district by sivampy island June 30 to a in the Saignn River known as the ninth pre- jcincl. ,j .The new area is just a hand grenade loss across (be muddy river from Saigon's bustling skyline of hotels and apartment buildings. It has plenty of room for Vietnamese growth industries like massage parlors and steam baths. Aren't Buying Bui the mama-sans aren't buying. One hitch is that there is no bridge to the jsland. The only way to gel there is by leaky sampan or an indifferent ferry. Both run the risk of being swamped by freighters and navy gunboats churning up the crowded harbor. '_ Besides, (here are very few customers, especially of the round-eyed variety so dear lo {he purses of the mama-sans. '""Who am I going to serve fiver there? Viet Cong and Vietnamese sailors?" asked one mama-san who has presided over an establishment of choice flower petals since the days .v/hen Graham Greene was a boulevardier here. "Even now the Vietnamese soldiers who .come in here won't pay. f have to pay them lo go away and net make (rouble." Hard Hit The mama-san, already hard hit by the American troop withdrawal just when she had rc- .donc her bar in lire-sized nudes painted on black velvet, had a point about the Viet Cong. The desolate island, veined wilh canals and rivulets, has been Ihe launch site for many of the big rockets falling on Saigon over the years. - In chasing Ihc girlie bir? across the river and into Ihe bamboo trees, city fathers .hoped the beggars, streel wdlk- ';ers, pickpockets, watch snal- ·chers and allied artisles-de- \flimflam would naturally follow 'along. Leaving Ihe rocketeers and Ihc racketeers lo each olli- nr's lender mercies seemed like a good idea al llio lime, but now Ihe mama-sans are b:ilkh)R nl moving lo the dcsignalcd sin island. Some have relocated Planlalion Road, out by Son Nlmt airport, which jusl inside neighboring ing without calling in the sign painters, "Maybe I will open a pharmacy," sighed one bar operator doing business under (lie sign Pig Alley. Phased Operation The city cleanup is a phased operation, street by street. Some of the most famous havens of "foreign flower seekers," as adventurous gallants are called hereabouts, already have vanished. Le Club, immortalized in Graham Greene's "Tha Quiet American" and frequented by over three decades of French and American fighting men, Jii- der a variety of names and owners, quietly became a novelty shop last month. It sells ceramic elephants, walcr buffalo teeth masquerading as good-luck liger jungle jackets fangs and embroidered with "Fighter by day, love.- by night, drunkard by choice" and similar sayings favored by rear- echelon support troops. Since the American withdrawal has decimated business long Saigon's Sin Strip leading lown to the river, the bar girls falls Clia Dinh Province, but the few U.S. "qirmcn left like lo gel as far from the base as possible in (heir off-duty hours. Sales of Saigon tea, a watery concoction that the B-girls toss off at $2.50 .« slurp in exchange for dreamy moments of hand-holding eon- versalion, have not been brisk ·'A few have padlocked the old premises and .packed the girls off, in platoon strength of G5 or more, lo Ihe seaside rcsorl o 'Vung Tail, where competitor already is keen and overcrowded. Other mama-sans liavo triei: to diversify into beauty parlors travel agencies, boutiques ant souvenir shops. But wilh names like Moneymoon Spot, Crn/i iPlace, Whoopey and Play Girl it's hard to build a new follow Newspaperwoman Vlarilla McCain Dies at Age 58 EAGLE, Colo. (AP) - Mailla McCain, whose newspaper :rusade brought a doctor, to his tiny Colorado Western Mope town last year, has died. Mrs. McCain, owner nnd edi- or of the Kagle Valley Entcr- jrisc with her husband, died ·Yiday nighl at a Glcnwooc Springs hospital where she had iccn under care for two weeks. She was r8. In addition lo her front page ·ampaign lo lure n doctor tii ^agle, Mrs. McCain was a di ·cctor of the Eagle Valley Mcd- cal Clinic. The community-sup- porlccl clinic was a cornerstone if Eagle's effort fo attract a doctor. The family suggcstteil dona- ions and memorials to tiio clin- c. Mrs. McCain was active in he Colorado Press Association md an instigator of the Horap Award which is awardetl nially for the worst blooper of lie year lo appear in the state's newspapers. Mrs. McCain was born Ma- rilln Itenolds at Red Cliff, Colo. She was reared in liagle ant : was graduated from Eagle High. In 1033 she married Howard McCain, who survives. The McCains operated the Kagle Valley Enterprise for 25 years. Services were scheduled foi 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Marys Catholic Church here with, burial al Sunset View Cemetery. A rosary WHS set for 7 p.m. Monday. Suvrivors include a soi three daughters. in sad rows on wooden jenches outside their cslab- ishmenls, calling out over the iliiring rock music. "Hey, GI.. ., 1 love you loo much. What you name? You buy me Saigon lea? You No. 10 cheap Charlie." Returned To Jobs Some used lo make 100,000 )iaslers a month--world $500, nil twice that before the cur- ·ency was devalued. Part have returned lo nursing and school :caching jobs thai bring less :han 10,000 piasters a month. A few have lurncd up behind scw- ng machines after spending a small fortune having their eyes westernized and Iheir chests jpholslered with styrofoam. There they sit, sad-eyed behind alse lashes, remembering when Saigon by night echoed From every doorway. On a suilry Saturday this slu- :lent of the cultural scene sam- aned across the Saigon River o assess Ihe prospccls of this new Calumet City east. In cx- ectalion of a barroom boom, he friendly ferrymen alre.i'ly lad jacked up the prices for Americans from two piasters to 20. The ninth precinct';; lone sired, paved in beaten down dill, boasted a police station, Ihrce tailor shops, two rickety 'iars fashioned from Ihe melal .iscd to make beer cans, and a couple of soup kitchens. A line of Ihrcc-whcelcd taxis was wailing to lake ferry passengers info even more remote districts. Everyone wore the traditional Vietnamese ^arb of pajamas for the men and a dais, tunics over pantaloons, for the women. The backdiop was Saigon's skyline and a forest of ships' masts and cranes, but you would have to go 30 miles out of lown on the o'f'ier side of the river to find anything as primitive. Several Vietnamese sailors in faded denims sat drinking beer on tiny stools at the outdoor bar tables. A small boy clad only In shorts kept running down Ihe slreel and jumping into the river. Was he, too, getting in practice for the promised exodiis of sin from across the river? Along Saigon's waterfront, wrislwalch slealers are famous for Iheir agility in grabbing an American's arm on the run and then plunging into the river. Consoling Feature Saturday is when the bars have lo make it, say the mama-sans, but Sin Island on this afternoon was hot and almost deserted. Not a message parlor or a steam bath in sight. Tile new location offered one consoling feature. After that long sampan ride across (he river, it was probably the only place in Vietnam where a guy would come into a massage parlor actually looking for a massage. Not everyone was consolsd "Mayor can go to hell," flamed one of Ihe last of the red hot mama-sans. "I'm going lo Hong Kong." THE LOCKHORNS "ORDER ANVTHING YOU LIKE, ' OUST KEEP IT.UNPEK A POJ-LAR. ABERDEEN, Scotland (AP) -- Now the quid man from tlic big corporations can mingle with (he dukes and cabinet ministers at that most ex- ·lusive sport of all--grouse shooting on Scottish moors. . The Earl of Seafield, whose 150,000 acre estate includes some of (he best shooting in HEW Wants States To Get Rid of Mobile X-Ray Units WASHINGTON (AP) - The government wants stales lo take their chest X-ray vans off the roads because it says Ihe risk of overexposure to radiation is greater than the benefits of finding a few cases of tuberculosis. Dr. Merlin K. DuVal, assistant secretary of health, education and welfare, said in a statement Sunday: "The use of mobile equipment, which , requires relatively higher levels of X-ray exposure than fixed equipment, justified." simply cannot be TB "is now almost nonexistent in many regions of the country," he -added, and the government recommends using Earl Invites Grouse Shooters days of grouse or pheasant shooting boosts the cost to between 51,200 lo $2,000. Other activities available to guests on the estate are deer stalking and trout and salmon fishing. Seafield Estates--the name of the company formed by the carl to provide these goodies Scotland, is offering business f or the discerning men from Europe, the United Stales and Japan shooting holidays al up to $2,080 for five days. The earl is the Laird of Cullen House, Banffshire, and his paying guests will stay at old Cullen, a modernized Geor- period--mansion man--savs in gian--colonial house. skin tests to check for the disease and X-rays only for people with positive skin tests on in high-risk groups. The Food and Drug Adminis (ration, which prepared the pot icy statement, said fewer than 28 stales still use the mobile Xray vans. The government said the number of new TB cases in the nation dropped from about 64,000 in 1958 to 39,000 in I%D, and. mass screening programs t u r n j up active tuberculosis in fewer than 1-20 of 1 per cent of the. people tesled. II can keep up lo 16 people in (he luxury provided by cuisine and service described by the laird as "some of the best ob- lainable in Europe." The earl's basic charge for a six day stay is but five it's business- brochure this visit will not be cheap because what we are offering is exclusive and cannot be found- elsewhere." Hut to make the package even more worthwhile, the guests will be offered a cocktail and dinner party wilh a real live English lord and lady- Lord and Lady Seafield to be precise--and wine and spirits before and during meals. In 1945, Soviet troops were besieging the outer defenses of Berlin. Ninety-seven per cent of Canada's 5.5 million households have radios. use our genuine U. S. POST OFFICE no parking problem. · ACCENTS, Ltd. HILLSIDE SHOPPING CENTER CLEAR-AWAY PRICE BLAMES GOVERNMENT CHARLESTON', III. (Al) Georgia's I.I. Gov. Lester Mad' dox, speaking at Eastern Illinois University, said "govern menl is (o blame for gholto; and slums, not the private en lerprise system." Maddox said when he was elected governor of his state ii 1%C he "found too much hypoc risy high in government, some limes high in the church, some limes high in the news field." The ex-governor said he! found "people who bad been on the stale payroll for 8 to 12 years and bad never reported for work." ON THE KNI KNIT PKXE NOW...6.99 THE PICK OF THE KNITS.., THAT YOU REGULARLY FIND AT$10. A SPECIAL SHIPMENT. OF THE GREAT SHORT SLEEVE KNIT SHIRTS THAT JUST ARRIVED IN TIME FOR SPRING AND SUMMER ACTION ... AND AT GREAT EXTRA SAVINGS. MANY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM .. .TURTLENECKS, MOCKTURTLES, CREW NECKS, COLLAR-PLACKET MODELS. SEE A MULTITUDE OF COLORS ..'.SOLIDS STRIPES AND CONTRASTINGTRIMS.SIZES SMALL, MED., LGE EX.LGE.;, THAT \ City of Greeley | Department of Culture I HOBBY FAIIt - 1072 I Name __.. Address .._. \ Telephone Nc Senior Junior (16 or under) _ ·| Hobby Classification (circle one) I. Fine Arls 2. Creative '·I Crafts 3, Arlifacts ·!. Collections 5. Scientific '\ C. Historical 7. Other \ Name of Hobby .f How long have you had this liohhy? '\ Do you have other hobbies thai you do \ not plan lo cnler? '? j| If so, please lisl your other hobbies __ Type of display--facilities needed? (circle one) B. Wall C. Floor A. Table | How much space do you need? (sq. fee().._ _. Larson Harlnagle Auctions DAIRY AUCTION WED., APRIL 26 - 12:00 noon Kd IJrunsinK nf Hagler, Colo. -- Cattle will lie snltl nt tho Cnlo. Livestock Sales Co., 1712 In! Avc., Greeley, Colo. ! ; Selling 91 lie), dairy cattle; 80 lid. mature cows and 11 hd. j : Ho[. sprintjinri hire. These are mostly all young cows. In fact,, ·many arc first\f hfrs. These cows have been T.B, nnd Bangs! i tested. Also selling 3153 Ihs. MEDA Milk Dae, ' R a y Larson 'Grteley--Ph. 353-2355 Wlll.irn 1 Hartnaflle Lonomont--772-1582] FASHION BAR MEN'S-BOYS' STORE AT 8TH AND 8TH OPEN THURS. AND FRI. NIGHTS 'TIL 6:30 -- CLOSED SUNDAYS

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