Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1969 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1969
Page 29
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Classified Advertising Classified Rates CASH WITH O K U U K ON OUT OF COUNTY A|)S Klrit Insertion, per word _,,. 7 ( Each word Sixlh day fr Minimum cli Monlh rnte. |i ?cutive insertion of sum 70c. lin. (2- llr.t mini. mum) ,, 5:1.00 Classified liners subject to 10% dis- cuunt, cash It) ilays. Every other rUy ads to be charged el one clay rate. Blind box numbers 50c extra. Deadlines Classified Display 3 p.m. the day before publication Want Ads 4 p.m. the day before publication CALL 352-0211 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Minimum one inch - screen border» and cuts £1.50 per column inch. (Volume rates upon Duplication) ERRORS TO BE REPORTED AT ONCI£ The Tribune will make no «l- Imvance for more than one incorrect Insertion of any advprtUcment. Classified Index Announcements ,, 4 Auctions , _. . .,, 54 A n t i f i u e n _ 28 Aulo Service and Supplies fi2 Board and Room 25 Honts anil Supplies 35 lluildinff Materials 31 Bg*It)«a Opportunities 9 BusiifesH Services _ 6 Conl and .Wood 1 _~ 36 Construction Equipment 50-A Custom Work 11 Education »nd Instruction 8 Farm Equipment ,, fid For Refit--Apartments 17 For Rent--lliiildintfH - 20 Far Kent--Firms and Tracts. 10 For Rent rGar^Bea 18 For Rent--Houses .. ' _ 15 For Kent--Mt. Homr». Cabins 2 For Rent--Office Spuct _ _ 22 For " Rent--Rooms l i Krtfils · »nti Vegetables 31 Hay,' Grain,, Feed, Strnw 41 H»»tjnK ft Cootjng ,, 3 Help ' Wan led Household Goods 3i Irrigation Systems _ 49 Let's Swnp' ; 2l Livestock 4 Logt and Fflunij Mlucellnncoua Wpltile Homes ,, Money Wantrd Instruments NuriliiK Home* ,, Pqrioniln ,, , ... Pet Stock ..".. Poultry Help Wantid N K B U m. o,, ct . day baby B iu^~^ biinic. Sun MOII. off. Transport tion needed. 362-275-1 uftt-r C p.m. WE NEED 1 unhiter or iminlvr'* helper. Apply in person. Dunne Hakuti- nun. Hody Shop. Kflwards Chevrolet. KKICKSON'S Mobil. Help wanted full Hint!. '20 year* w older. Service turn truck atop, lat Avo. *t 18th St. W A N T K D experienced corn combine 'Wralor. Trcimry's Farm Servi. 'ART time waitress. Must be able to work nioniitiwf. Api»ly Ltmln Jeli- lick. 1-ni-m F ar Cafetcrin, downtown. COOK: Short hours 1 No niKhln. Hrlji t'uay uliyf. Unlimited futui-e. H u n y ! taOO. Call Donna Howers, 353-4743. jaiiolHitK and Sncllinir. Jlesli-il Hldu- CKI'.DIT M a n n K o r : Opportunity. Grow with nationwide company. Bcnefita. I7.SUO. Call R u t h Mcllin, 3a-174S. _Snt'llintr and SncllinK, Hested Bld«. CUSTOplAN-bus driver wanted for Eaton School District RE-2. Katon, Colorado. Please Mil 464-2308 for appointment. ig: Prestige. I'RAINEK mcrchnmlisii Conuiany offprs 54,800. Call Ruth Mellin, 353-4743. Snelling and SnelliiiK. HesU'd Hldtr. WANTED -- Feed mill maintenance man, trucks und machinery. Contact Gulden West Millini: Co.. Lonemont. Colo. I'hone 77G-165. . f B A I N E B : Type. Do ununiial records. ..... ' Learn interesting can C;i!l Charlcvna Whitm KnHliiiK and Snellinu, . ' Now. ?803. Y A I t D m a n : Farm background. Grt-nt opportunity. Frcah country smell. S3.53G. Call Floyd Farmer, 3ft;i-474I). iLKCTUIG motor nhop needs helper, experience helpful, not necessary. Apply Greeley Electric Service, 716 26th St. CLERIC typist: Kcceptionist. Simple office duties. Advance. Itaiaea. $3(10. Ctill Chorleene Whitmorei JIB3-474n. Snelliny and Snclling. Hesttd Bitlc. SECRETARY: Train, exciting career. Front desk position. Easy duties. $380. Call Donna Rotters, 353-4743. SnclIiriK nnd Snellln?, Jlcstcd BldK. U N L I M I T E D opportunity with major company in Gr«cley area. Average carninirs, S8.000, frinpe benefits. .151!41)4.3. . 27 46-A . XI . 32 . 2 47 2r . Professional Services _ Real Estate _., RooflnK and Intmlatlnn .'. _ Swdfl. P|*nts. Flowers 38 Sewipr JJacihines-Vncuums Situations Wftntcd ,,..- SporlinB Cond* flG-A Trailers and Campers n Trailer Spare _ _.._ 2 Transportation _ Twih Hauling 1 TV-Radio Survjccs, Sales r 46 Uted Car* find. Trucks 51 Wanted to Rent _ Wwihfntr Machines 45 Lott end Found LOST -- Urnwn Poodlp and Wnck jiup- py with yellow collar. Rnward. 14GO LOST-- Sunday, black billfold, money, drivers and pjjals linensc. Reward, Louis nrantncr, 353-16.HO. LOST -- Hmnll black, white and tfln (loir with rci| collnr. Cbild'n pet. 71 OR. LOST -- A slmrp cdfrc tin your nclsBori. W« i|hnrp«r 'cm. rjnkinjr ehearo. too, ·8B-60c on n.r-Bt. Alkiro'n 613 8th Ave. ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. Ph. SIi2- 9652 for help or meet in? information, FIQUBETTHJ br«a and irlrdlca. 8Bg-7S82. IS Y011R ibnver tickt Call ihtt Ra; Clinic. Alkirc, 613 8th Ave. 362.0501. T H I N K I N G of bieyolc renniri? Thinlf 6( Alkire's. (J13 8th Ave., 3B2-9S01 ut* lUntai tr 7raniportation 3 CAR rentals -- Daily, weekly, monthly, Grecley Leuslnir Co., 1100 Rth Ave. 8B2-S17J, aft, lira. 8B2-0127, 3JSS-fi fiusjness Service SAW iharponfnK, All kinrin. One clay terv. Alkire'g, 613 8th Ave., 3R2-D501. PIERSON'S Refric.-App. service. Com- mercii)), domcatje. %$ Jirp. H58-03G. GREFjLEY Curtain Clcnncrs. Curtain drapes, tubleclothn. 1320 9th St. Help Wonted M A T U I i n ^ l m t y lo baby sit in MOTHERS get free toys. Have a plny- hoiifie toy party. 737-22fi3. HKt.P 'wanted fnr purl time hoi work in Keraoy. 852-1715. WANTED -.-' 120 acres of hefts t pod and haulcil. I'honc 3f.L'-SflS7. CASH (or'Chrislnma needed? Cnll 353- 7-ig'J .for iiiU-n-icw. FULLER Brush Co. ncciLi help. Stu- dcnta welcome. 3S2-4-13L" after ». NKF.D rclinlilc bnliy sitter. 7:30 l fi:ao, 5 ilijvs a wool;, my homu. (! day. 35S-9030. WE NEED 2 MEN I--Warehouseman-Salesman. 1--Truck Driver-Yardman. WINOGRAD'S 431-5th Street D A I R Y M A N : Modern equipment. Farm liotisc, utilities, raises. 1'crma- nurit, 5C.OOO. Call Ruth Mellin, 3634743. SiulHnK und Snellinn, Hosted FULL cliarife biiokkeepur. female. Thorough bueincss education. 1're- forohly some experience. Good nnlnry to riitlit person. Write Jtox X-2S, c/o Tribuno. Llko peoplo, success and ney? Friendly ntmosphcre, ?260 . Call Charlqune Whllmorc, »BS- 4ft. fjnelliiw nud SiicllinR, HcEled R K T I R K D or scmi-rntired man for part' time work in nervice ntntion. No mechanical work. Apply fn per- fon, Brcntwood Knco Scrvjco, 2304 Reservoir Road. FOOD Rorvicu; Cnr, cxpcntjcs imid. Company intPi-vicwlnfi our office. Kstnblishcd wholuBHln accounts. 50.000. Call I tilth Mellin. :tri:j-4743. Hni'lHim imd Siullfmt. Heated Uldir. W A N T K U -- m n n with m«li«ni c al aptitude who like* lo mcot the puh- lie, I'rrfer fnmily mnn. Apply in person, Dick Peterson, Service Dept., Kflwanla Chevrolet. OI'KRATOlt: Smwll machines. Company will train. Hcncfitp. Raines. -10 hr. ?fi,200. Call Floyd P«rmur. 863474.1. S noil in K and Snclllnv, Heated N K K I ) n rrlinhlc nr«L appnnrinK mnn 30 ypnrs or older in friendly farminn arcit Imr. M'ill truin, i;ood WBRCS. 4 to intdnlKht. Informptton confiden- tinl. Hox 3S7, Ault, Colorado. I I O A I K M A K R l t for tnc O.TS.O. fii-n*or and Services I'roitrui Must be hi-HtiKunl nnd between -If) Help Wanted OLID circuit: Printed board. Plntei- rretiniun wu-k thru \w\vs impl conductor niotala. $8,3^0, ]lus bonuH Lnrwu friiiKi? pui-kui;c. Call Floyi" Furmvr, 8Gt!-47J3. Now 1 Sncllin^ np Snvllinu, Huslud JJUlb'- D1RECTOR of finance -- City of Grrc ley. Requirements: AcuountiiK.' edu cation und experience. Ability li plan and Hunervisv the work of i atnff of clerical cmployc'cu. Alan' frinnc benefits. Salary open. Apnl- Perponncl Office, Municipal Uuild ing, Grooley, Colorado. OPENINGS for nurses aide train New class starts October 87, 10G9 Apply at Weld County Ceneral Hoi pital Personnel Office, 0 a.m. to p.m.. Monday through Friday. AI plieatiuna cloae October 22, I!i63. He unironninlB. 10th trade education «k'L'' IS und up. SALES PERSONNEL * WAITRESSES . COSMETICIANS · LINGERIE ·A- INFANTS ft EXPERIENCED PIECE GOODS ft PHONO-RECORDS HARDWARE EXPERIENCED VACUUM CLEANERS £ EXPERIENCED SEWING MACHINES ft PAINTS ft SHOES Apply Personnel Dept. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. WOOLCO DEPT. STORE 2626 llth Ave. Hillside Mall (Equal Opportunity Employer) Education and Instruction U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-women 18 and over. Secure jobs High starting pay. Shorl hours, Advancement. Prepare tory training as Ions as required. Thousands oC jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary, FREE booklet on Join, Balarjes, requirements. Write TODAY giving name, address and phone Lincoln Service, Box Y-19 c/o Tribure. Situttioni Wanted 10 BABY aittine -wanted. Jnfnnta lo 8 ycnrn. Madison urea. 362-0773. piece WANTKD ironl H I S SBIli AVI-. m. 10 conta 352-8101. CUSTOM made drapca. PAINTING -- Till. Ilipy. 3M-3794. ovc Free estimate Coll Til ·nines. LICENSED bnby ulttlne. ray iinrl Audr years ot nuc. _ _ . licclitcl nt SS3-0137. SALESMAN -- Opportunity fnr vancemrnt. Group Innurnncfi, pai vncalinn, trnlnlniT proyram. Coo 1'nlnt and Varnihli Co., 823 8th S: »«3.48EO. Mr " DA1IY Bittlnc In my home. daya. 363. r,770. IV|S yqur family a Christinas to re memoir -- earn Rood money flcllim Avon cnsmclicu nml Rift items i yuiir iinnm time. Slnrt now. C«l CITY clerk -- City of Rr«-icy. Re tiniroments: Hich echool education Clerical pxperienco. Ability to i with boards and individual citizens Many fringe benefits. Startins nry basal on ability. Both mtn women applicants will 1]D considered Apply Personnel Office. Municipa Huildinir, Oreeley, Colorado. WANTED Carrier Boy to .carry Qreele: Daily Tribune in Ft. Lupton Cnll circulation manager, Gr»e ey Daily Tribune, 362-0211. FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN'S WEAR DEPT. Must have a good know- edge of merchandising Apply Personnel Dept., 9 i.m. to 4 p.m. WOOLCO DEPT. STORE 2626 llth Ave. Hillside Mall (Equal Opportunity Employer) PHOCRAiUMKll T U A I X K K S IBM 3GO Wage Potential $:i,F,00.$15,000 Male nnd female applicants, age 18-12 with at least High School education, Wq will triiin personnel from this immediate area for Jobs now available as !RM System 3(50 Programmers. You will wprlf and t r f i n under the supervision of aowe of the notion's leading qoinpulor scientists.. The troining can be arranged so ss not to Interfere witli your present employment. No previous experience required, for personal interview to determine your qualifications, fill in I lie coupon and mull to INSTITUTE FOR COMPUTING SCIENCES Write Box Z-25 c/p Tribune Name Address · Telephone Working Hours ....'. : _... LADIES! IN YOUR 30's OR 40's Would you 1m interested |n Felling lop-rnled npiillnnocn in one or flreeloy'fl leading appliance slores? No cnnvafising. Excellent's' i! worWnK e.ondi|lons. Onr employees know of tills advertisement.|5 Write staling ngc, mnrit.'il statup, nualifinations, and phone 1 : number. \ \ \YIUTE IU)X Z-23, (ireeley Tribune J lAHPENTEn wnrk, nil kinds. Tillm floors. Free estimate*. Call 353-6J03 cnrc, my home, two years . Wiykdnys only. 353-76SC. WANTED Ironlnc, 30 plci 2.50. 352-5H3. 1117 l«h Ave. KONIN'cT'in r Ave. 3fi3-2GD8. ALTERATIONS 352-0123. ty home. 2420 I Gth and dressmaking. ALTERATIONS an.l dreaBmakinr. S6S. 46C1, MAKE f in 30 minutes. Call 353-4874 after G :30 p.m. V A N T K D --Bnby Bittintr, my home. 352-53E4, AINTING -- Interior, exterior. Tree estimate, C. E. Myrlek. 454-2017. 11-jYNA tree trimming. Lowest prices, rirewooil. hnlf pncc. 363-G180. CARPENTER work, remodeling, paint- inn. Cnll 353-7003 after 4. )EER nnd elk processed a. new way. 352-31152 after 3 p.m. dn ALTERATIONS nnd 353-0021. EXTERIOR pnintinn -- hrush t 353-IC03. 'AINTING by collec. student. Hob. 3132-5544. D R E S S M A K I N G ; also Tinrliic clothes nnd sweaters. 353-4240. ALTERATIONS -- Lnilies and M«n's. Grace's. 812'i 8lh St., 353-2(73. ALTERATIONS -- Dressmaking. 1740 "th A-'f.. or 3o2-7311. NTERIOR nnd ejitcrior pnintinc. Call evenings. Stanley Sedan, 2S4-639S. A I N T I N G -- All kinds. Free estimates. Dale Trctman, 353-0518. CESSPOOLS, Krease traps, pumped. Ph. 353-1768. Rax CunninKham. A I N T I N f i -- Residential n specialty. L. S. McDnnifl. Ph. 362-0260. JONCKETE work. Free estimates. 352-0501. and dressmakinc. sr.n.njin. IOUSE palntlnt. lnt..Ext. work. Col- lefie student with 3 years experience. Call Clint anytime, 352-6544. !OMI l ],H'l']-: Handyman nervice. Attic. irarnBe and Im.scmcnt cleaned. S5L 1 - l,U4. 'RKSSMAKING ami men's alterations. Men's western shirts n specialty. 352- G345. 10 CONCKUTE and carpenter work of a! types: Reneral contraetlnr. No jol tou liirue ir too iinall. 1 honi 3B3-20U8. M A S O N R Y ml concrabi work at Its limn profeKsioiinl euit. No job t small. Guaranteed "urk. For a mate call 352-8300 or 352-8443, ask fur lilll. Cuitom Work 11 C1IHTOM haulinK. Lucerne Potat Growers. Inc. '362-3703. ELAM'S custom farmine. Hull Khun. 353-3G17. WANTED -- Corn comblninc. Cal G5G-233U collect. Ivan Kedmann. CUSTOM fall plowini;. 302-8343. CUSTOM plowlnc. Phone 683-210c. CUSTOM corn cornhininB, t)ijr machine Harolil niiderus, 362-7646. MANURE haulinu. .Pfcndlnn. plow ing, trucking. J. Vlernhardt, 352-5037 CUSTOM corn combining, 30 Inch 3XVB. 352-35:14. CORN combinlnc. S or 4 row.. 362 4761: 587-2069. TRENCHING. Central Trenchlnl »nd Borinir Co. 352-4864. TRENCHING, ditch cleaning and letcl linn. 284-0201. Schacffcr'i Diggei Service. CORN harvesting, hiirh moisture ant picking. 3 rows. Phone 352-4041 Bill NnURhton. CUSTOM service. Ronald Allmrr. Plow up. hny stnckinc. balinc. 353-0715 .r 353-1824. COKN comhlnlnff, 28 In. to 3S In rowa. Done reasonably. Trenary'l Farm Service, 284-71102 or 284-6404 SHALL dozer and carry all work. Back hoc iv/londer. Of.. 284-5602. Bob Lnr Ron, 284-5662, D. Freemyer, 352-0355 CUSTOM Horn picking, mnn elevator furnished. Also cum i MnlnB. Luther, 352-9193. CUSTOM farm aevicea. Plowli.,7, wind rowinir. balinjr. Btackinc. creel choiiptnir, combininer. 353-5584. Dicl llchus. 353-S5U6. CUSTOM hay Blacking -with autoi tic buy .tucker, balea must bo of GtriiiES. Also bnlini;. Vcrnon Cecil 4S4-2052. TRENOHING and installation of wate lines, septic tanks or leeching fields La Salic Plumbing. 737-2916: Jean llrown. 737-2277. FARM CusUim Service -- Plowing winilrowinp, green chop, baling Btackinic. corn cutting nnd hauling R. Tappan, 852-9512; B. Warren 3G2-6G9G. Trash H.ullni 12 IF IT'S trash, we haul it. Call Johl Kline, 362-1073. LONDELL-Buntini Traih Hauling. 352-1166. UESTVYAY Disposal Company. 352-7543. THE WAY rubbish removal. 852-612' or 352-06GG. Moving «m4 Starogff 1 i MOVING and storanc problems. Lafferty MayHower. 362-0686. Wanted to Rent 14 CSC professor nud family need 3 bed room house. Please call 353-3727. W O R K I N G " . iharii apt. :iflor li. I -- 21. desires house. Call 35!l-3: For Rant--HMIMI FOR |IF,NT 2 bedroom house. G05 Mth Aye. Phona G80-2318, 362-0866. U N F U R N I S H E D 2 bcilroom, 2 Btnry in Katon. Phono 352-803! 353-5985 Sunday nnd nichu. ever considered mohili n solution to low cos For information call 11AVK you liomea aa h n U K i n K ? S63-56SI. For Rent--Rooms 16 SLEEPING rooms, weekly. El Ranct fi21_8th Ave. vith' baths, Phone service Weekly rates. 105 fith Ave. 352-1093 FOR RENT -- Private room, bath First floor. Adults. No students. Ql 6th St. For R«nt--Aptt. 17 FURNISHED apartment to ihart pensioner or student. 362-9073. ONE bedroom newly decorated apart- mont, 627'X, 8lh Ave., Apt. 2. ,A SALLE -- Upstairs 2 bedroom npnrlincnt. S85 month. Utilities paid No pels. No children. 284-0402 afloi 7 p.m. N EVANS -- Small one bedroom apartment. Furnished, utilities paid. 1 or 2 ladies or lady and 1 child. $70 per month. Phone 353-4786. TEMPORARY home, completely fur- nishei). 1 to 3 heilroom kitchenettes, Daily or weekly rate.. Mountain View Motel. 2400 10th St. No phone calls. NEW COLONY 3eautitul, deluxe, unfurnished, 3 )eds, 2 bath apt. with, fireplace ind private balcony. Available \'ov. l^t. Indoor pool, sauna and elevator. Adults. 1009-13 Ave. For Rent--Formi, Tracts 1S FOB RENT -- 100 ncro fnrm, mile^ nouth, I 1 /-; east of Kersey. Cal I-'OH BBNT"r- 300 «cr« farm with (if (ireeley. Prefer all silage c Must be gooil experienced fan For Rent--Buildlngi 20 I I U I L U l N d S for rent or lease. Retai warehouse storage. 353-5846. U U I M H N G with Inrnc lot nuitnblc for warehouse or earaec. 3 drive-in doors WtnoRrad's. 352-6722. 22 Offica Spoc« AIR conditioned office spncp. 2001 Oth St, Phone 362-UOO, Cowan Really. STORM room ideal fnr office or bus- incss. |jg7*,a Sth Ave. Ant. 2. OR RENT -- 4QQ id. ft. of office ·pace, R round floor, private park ing. Rent includes heat, lichta and air conditioning with or without janitor service. The Joed Building, 1002 Oth St. Call or see Dr. Ilae- feli. 001 10th Ave, 3fi:j-2Q20, Education and Instruction 8 Education and Instruction 8 MEN - TRAIN NOW FOR A BIG PAY JOB AS A CLAIMS ADJUSTER Former I.A.S. Kraduiito. JAMES E. HALLS from Leavenworth, Kansas, now owns his own independent adjusting company. "I enjoy very much working as an adjuster anil I fee) that I must credit I.A.S. w i t h my success in auch n short time." You can earn top money in lliis fast moving, aotipn-pacltcd field. Insurance Investigators are urgently needed to nettle claims worth billions of dollars annually. The tremendous increase of auto accidents alone have doubled the need of qualified adjusters. INSURANCE ADJUSTERS SCHOOLS of Miami, Florida, lets you train nt homo !n your sparo time followed by two weeks Hewidcnt Training at school owned facilities -- M I A M I liEACH, FLORIDA or LAS VEOAS, NEVADA. Nationwide employment assistance. Don't delay! Write today for FREE Information. No obligation. Accredited Member National Homo Study Council. VA approved for Vclornn.s and Insorvico Personnel Under Now C,I Kill. E ADJUSTERS SCHOOLS, Dept575 SMC* 22 I I J K A L ground floor, ilrctt cntnince 600 eti, ft., i)rofc8iioiu! office fot rent, J05 ^Oth Av«., Jord Cornw, Completely rcd«cor»tcd, «lr condi- tioiK-d xnt! nitfchAiiicaltr v«.itil«tcO. Kent and light* f«rnUhed. Ktitt with or without janitor pervice, I'rlv«t' anil cKfHIcnt public .tnrklnK, Call or nee Dr. Haofvli. 601 10th AVI. Tr*H«r Spec* 23 HOUSE trailer lot* for inU at 11111 Pnrk. I'll. Room and Board 25 ROOM, bonnl. kundry for elderly peo- Pl«. 404 Oth Ave. 353-6GS6. M.Ktllancoui 27 WANT lo buy Silver IJollfim. I' ?I.7r,. Will pick ut. 353-7013. BOY'S bicycle for sale. Cnll 852-7G2G. HOY'S Stinc liny bicycle fnr Cnll 352-7626. RONSOK Cook 'N Sllr blcmler; TV. Onll 352-5793. I-'IKEWOOD. Dry Bcaaoncd pine. Fret delivery. '3B3-89SO. 16 mm 11OLKX movie 363-09'!3 after 5 p.m. KNAPI* Shoes for cushioned coml ]I. 0. Smith. Phone 352-2937. WANTED to buy -- Dukam projectot --Model 14-A-R900. 352-1413. PORTRAIT in oil color from your or other photo. (1. 353-8327. fnr N E W sacks for sale, bleached aed. Call 362-4418. H I G H L A N D Ariujtrinm Shop, 2002 50th Ave. 352-0230; i to 9 u.ra. KIRBY Sales nnd Service at Brumley'S Floor Covering. 1331 Oth St. A U T H O R I Z E D Ski-Doo Dealer. Fr lin Cyclu Salca. 352-6992. COOLER, stand-up, 4x6 ft., 2 i ing «la53 doora. Call 353-1+94. REDUCE; eafc nnd faa tableta and E-Vnp Gibson Pharmacy. with ruler FLORAL, lined drapes. One oizc, 80Vj x 81 J /- i"- lone nnd one 80 x 35 in Grnbcr rods complete. 352-4639. PASSENGER flat* -- 11.26 viilcanltea repair. 0- K. Rubber Wclden, B20 2nd Street. HODAKA Yamnha, B.S.A. nnd Gushman. Authorized dealer. Franklin Cycle Rales. 2826 S. lat Ave. 362-6992, TRAILERS for trash haulinc as lov ns 51.00 fnr 2 hours. O.K. Trails: Rentals, 820 2nd St. INFANT snow suit, 58; nrrMeiriB table $15: ect of studded snow tiros nut! rimn, 8.85x14, $27.60 each. 363-3889, UNUSUAL Oift items. The Grunnj Gingham Gift Shoppc. 600 Pitkin, l-'t. CollinK. plnsi- ANT1QUKS, collector's itoms, wnre, furniture, ironware, laneous. 815 P^st 16th, QUAljITY canvas, work of all kinds, rcc'ovcrinc'of trurk neiiti, rlc. Wonili Canv i Prodncii, 1D39 Reservoir Rd, FOR RENT--Sport cycles nnd helmets nt College Mobil Service Station, Sth Ave. and 17Ui St. NIOWSPRINT. Roll ends, 16 to liO lbs. ( 8r a pound. CtrMler Tribune, TIRE balancing--Only $1.25 per passenger tire. Weights free I 0. K, ll'iibhcr Welders, 820 2nd St, I'E NOW hnve corral poles In stack. SI.10 each. Hogsett Lumber Co. 13* l l t h Ave. nt COLLECTOR'S Den --- Antiques; ui furniture, books, large nssorti yUfi Central. Evans. Open Sunday. H3EI' yoTir carpets henutiful desni ronstant. foolstepa of iv busy family Get Riigmul*. Rent electric sham- pooer $1, Koinnc Taint Store. SORRY Sal is now n merry gal. Sh used Blue Lustre niK nnd upholfitori cleiincr. Rent electric sliampoocr ?1 Rlinch Whokbale. MONEY to loan. We unytbinit o£ value, etc, Grucley Pawi Av«. 303-^117. l)uy, sell or Furniture. Shop, 402 tradi 'llth NEED money--Hurt Pawn Shop. Buy sell, trade anything of value. Furn, clc. Hurt Trndinff Post, 315 N. lit! Aye.. 363-6S73. BLUE Liiblra not only rMx carpats o soil but leaves pile soft and lofty Rent ek-ctric jjhampooer 51. A nii.l jl N K A R new Etcrcophonlo sound radio nnd record player combination; Polaroid IilO camera, 1 year old. used very little. Cnll 352-0418. ihincs, typewrjlera, all A D D I N G makes, new and used. Snloa, . Kunranteeil. Ed Fcldhaus, 1201 l l t h Ave. 352-0066. ELMER'S Pawn Shop back In business. Money to loan. We buy anything of value. Furniture, etc. Frontier Self-Serve Gas, 200 N. llth Ave.: 3JJ2-U774. Klmcr ta. Prop. i FOR better cleaning, to keoji colon ttlcaminu, URI; Ulue Lustre carpet clKiner, Rent electric ahampooer fl. Slivrwin-WilliamB. rVANTKU--Collei'-tors who wish to buy quality coins. 1 have excel, ntoclc of rtins. Uncircnlntod nilver dollars irivcn rarh week. Oshorn'n Coin Shop, j!.r. N. Cleveland, Lovrlnnd. CC7-7775. SORRY Sal is now n merry gal. She used Blue Lustre rutr nnd upholstery cleaner. Rent electric Bhnmpoocr JI. lIofltdl'B Sth Ave. nnd Sth St. or 2547 l l t h Ave. EM us for nil your ]re-CRst concrete necrln. Splash hlnoks, septic tank, . well gnaiiift, ditch checks, car etops and speciala. Reil-D-Caat Co., Evi 35JM438; eves, 8fi8-B509. FOUR SLIGTHLY USED SNOW TIRES All with studs. Two 6.05 x 14 on ivheels to fit Mustang. Two 8.25 c U---Ml good condition. Call 353-2508. WANTED CLEAN COTTON RAGS 60 Pound Grecley Tribune BELLS Cow Hells, Tea Bells, Call Bella, Uarbeeiie Bella, Pntio Hells, Souvenir UellS| Swisa Cnw Bella nd Yuletide Greeting Bells, Meyer Bros. Hatchery 710 7th St. Greeley, Colo, Antiques 28 WEBER'S Antiques. 2«a Sth Ave. Free npprnisnlH. 3G3-758J. Household Goods 30 AKV now liroiiyctonu' Whirlpool electric uluvii. 30 inuh. .I.Vj.ODSfi. fcl.KCTKH! rmiKO. Mal;e offer. 2 Hill Ave. C.-. 7 East flrogory, Kalians City, Mo. 64114 Plpnsfi Print USED FURNITURE Storo now open daily 9-5. Coiv snmont auction every Thurs, P.M. Fabers Auction, Appliance aid Furniture Co. Kvans, Colo. 1969 H*u M h»U o*^, 30Mon., Oct. 20, 19G9 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 29 FOIl SALE -- Youth bH. Call 862.7134. TWIN mtittressn. illuhtly usod. Cltii KOit HAI.t) -- I)ouhl« bed, mattr^t nnd iprinfr*. Olcnn. lit. Citll morn- NEW coppcrton Tappan 80 In. tl«- tric r«iiKC, never been un?t1. 36!! 8270. _ WANTED to buy used furniture. HUB poll Furniture KerinlnhiiiK. 600 13th St. 353-4076. GOOD wood and coal cuuk stove witli reservoir; also Filter Queen vacuum demur. Cull after 6 p.m., 363-1068. MAGNAVOX console TV and phono- Krnph with am/ftn radio, 4 speaker* (75. Cnll 352-1203. See itt 1802 IDth Avenue. 3LE AN INGEST carpel cleaner ever used, Bt easy too. (let Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampoocr |1, Grecley Furniture. CASK fur yuur furniture, spplltnce or inisccllitiicoiiB. Gary Grecnwoot Auctioneer und Liquidation. Phon 352-4822 or 363-G460. 2606 Sth Ave BIX Furniture StrippIiiK--Buy. nel and trad* used furniture. Tuetday, Wednendiiy, Thuretlay. Friday. 8 tc 5. Hli/j 4th St., EV«TII. 352-0884, ADMIRAL refrlgeraUir, $100; 40 incl elwtrlc ituvo. $ar; Silvertone TV with itainl, *30; ntwl »lnt venetinn hliiuls, uanortt-il vizui, $1.50 each. 353-7094. MUST Sell -- moving. 4 fjot walnut bar with 2 orange bar stooli, $40; liox a'prings and mattrcfla witfi f runic. $40; RCA 23 inch color TV, cnlor docs not work, blnok and white does, $40; vinyl covered hidexbec like new. $125; coffee table, matching end tnblen, walnut formica fin ?16. ^52-3808. .SMI,1,1 NQ at wholeiule and below. New npplinnces qtn) furniture. (Due it cancellation of larBO aiiartmcnt-proj- cct). Javintf room suites, bedroom suites, occanicm*) tables, occiiniona chnirs, mnttreases, sprlnRi, clu-sts cleakn. refriReralora, freezers, raiiR' en. Thio is nil brand new merclmn dinp. Don't misa this opportunity tc nave. litM Hnln St., Wi.nlior. Colo rndo. IIoiM-B: 9 n.m. till « p.m weekflnya, 10:30 till 3 Salur. day and Sunday. PRIVATE Party ·wanted. 1 need respons ible persons to assume smal balance on a Singer portable Near new. Darns, embroiders blind hems, etc. $30 cash or $1.25 per week. Sews perfectly. 362-0800 SAVE HALF AND GET BETTER FURNITURE We maJco Fuji Line of UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE which li unconditionally Guaranteed FOREVER Any cervices erec required on our furniture will ntrer coat you anything. Opin eveninKi and Sundays Jirnmie Kellie FURNITURE FACTORY Erans, Colo. Monty lo Loan It WK S1M3CIALI2E in (mall loam. SSO $1.500. Most collateral acccptnblc C.F.C. Corn.. r,th Ave. and nth St I'hone 362-0132. WK LOAN money--1st and 2nd mort gaga or AUo l»iy lit 2nd morlKHKCK. Golrl-Naimnn Invest, mont Co., Gth Ave. and I J t h St Thou? 352-0132. Building Mo»«fl«l SAW charpcnlni:, nil k|nd. One H.r lorvlcc. Alk!re'» 013 8 Ave. aS2-B501 NATIVE ronch lumber. Good ttoek JIoRRCtt Lumber Co., 134 llth Ave H63-2171. SHOPWORN lumber. Ideal tor corrals nnd many farm UBea. Murphy Lumber Co.. 712 Oth St. Boots Supplies 35 I1KATBD boat jlnrnce. Sporting Goods J5-A ljlj your ahnotinc i)ceda 1 Clark'a Gun Shop, HillaiJa Center. 863-60S6. JIUNT1NG knivr-i ·hnrpcnccl to .zor od»». Alkir«. 813 8th Ave. HEMINGTON model J100 nkcet mm. J.ikc new. Sl'Jo. cahh. Ft Coll: jASH for deer, elk skfna, raw furs, alccl traps, trappers GUpplies. Jaen- hfirt, 615 6th Avo. GUNSMITH T" U takns nkill nnd full time attention. 2.1 years experience, See an expert. Alkire, G13 8th Ave. RUGEIt .357 mnK piatol, new. Exccl- lunt condition. Includes 150 rounds nmmo. $00. Call Tim, 353-G603 after 6 n.m, and 37 PROFESSIONAL Phone 962-3J46. cleaning. 'CE MACHINES nnd aoft lervera, new and used. afi3-5i;6^. SUPERMARKETS. Good used equipment fnr »ale; refrigerated dieplny cases, walk-in coolers, frozen foot cases, freezer food rases, compressors, etc. Thermal Services. 863-G2G2. CLOSE out on furnaces. 140,000 hr-- iiontAl Lennox. Utility IEO.OOO tip- flow. 2 new Mueller 130,000 countei flow. One used Mueller 12.0,000 nil furnace. Central HeaUnE. 1318 7th Ave. Phone 363-0038. Fruiti and Vegetables 39 API'LES for sale. 2316 17th Ave. MELONS, peppen, nnuwh. Monroe miles enst, iVj lauth of Evans. WESTERN Slope applei. Dale's Mar- kct. 1003 5th St 352-9021. APPLES. B*con'a Orchard, 7 miles west of Lovelnnd, 3 miles norill Thompson School. jOOD for Hay, Grain, Feed, Straw 40 ihcHer winter nuarlora oraes. 352.ti-150. with I'ARK~hay, "crariwl nl/alfn, Wis, ce fence poMtn. Don Kelly. 352-H491. WANTKD -- AKnlfa hay. Call 35200 or 353,0880. WANTED"TM com fields, bwt to P! tnd hay stubble pasture. Cnll 353- Livestock 41 DUHOO l»fn .SRS-7044. WANTKD -- Fall snJ wintar pasture for 100 cows. 284-775.1. 1'hon* aS!M8: HKST prices for hides, rells, *· nsun. iscnlinrt. f i i ; . fill) Ave. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVB Horses or Cowi For Howard Ph, 363-0923 ?4 Hour Service EVANS BI-PRODUCTS CO. Name Address City ARC . State Zip ijWhito zig-zag -- new, slightly = damaged. One ?,ig-zag dial docs. = everything. Must sell this weekj ii$35 cash or will finance to right! . ,,, w i Phone -- ''party S5 l) -OSdf · Cull Coll*f.t ^2-17*8 j 'V* ;;;ii;;i;.; ; ii.;imiu» ! I f ) 1 2 N l l t h A v f t · ^M^Xr COlO. ^ V l p if;, ?^ ? r High cash prices paid (or fresh, dead or disabled cows, horses, hides nnd nells. Weld County Bi-Prod«f:ts L1VKBTOCK Bpr»ylnic. C.rrclty Cattlf and Tree SprmylnK. 3800. CUSTOM Bprmylnr -- Cattle Lucerne Z'otstu Gi 3793. -- , . roweri, Inc. 862- GOOD crecn horse p«»lure for rent. Also vrivixtc paddocks mul indoor LIVESTOCK «pr«jrlnit. Over 20 y.«r» CXD. llrnntner. I'hun. 680-2SOO or 852-3800. TWO pcrninnent refflvtered quarter horse fillies coming ·! nnil coming 3. Full sUters. Perfectly mntahed pnir. Gentle and biff. 353-7482. Sewln-j Machines/ Ytcuumi 44 HKHaiLT Kirby. $M).yr.. Perry'» Vacuum Center. 1501 9th St. .U8-07GB. 1969 zig-zag -- new, slightly damaged. One zig-zag dial does everything. Miint aell this week. ?35 cash or will finance to right party. 352-0800 ENJOY your horse more -- Keep it at Lake Arrowhead Stahlei. 1'lenty of room lo ride. Come see our fi cllltim. 352-16SB. TWO serviceable. ui-J Holstein bulls /or sale from top bred Birea nnd hirfh. produahiK dams. Cjunrantced breeders rcKurdleKs of tile weather t Georne Mnxey, Rt. 4, Box 223, Greeley. Colorado. Phuue 352-8123. Pit StKk 43 BOSTON Terrier piipiiics fur sale. I'hone H4U-333. TO GIVE , 284-778J. way puppies and kittrns. CUTE lone haired kittens free. Call 362-6076. CHOCOLATE male Poodle puppy, ?G5 : black mule, $35. 353-2C17. POODLE groomlm:; nlsb AKC white toy Btud. 352-1611. -- Cerman nies. HB3-107C. PUItEBUED Siamese kittens for sale. 363-7070. FOR, SALE -- AKC roistered Dach. achund'puppies. 353-0805 nfter 6:30. ARTISTIC Poodle groominp. Puppies nd Toy Btud. 362-3436. HUNTEHS -- Viiula male, S months old. Heady to hunt. J160. 853-0380. half Poodle puppies. Need B ood . I'hone 368-1572 or 284-fl41G. AKC Silver Miniature 362-1158. HUG1STKKEI) M'Mte miniulure male IModlc. 1 yrar old. 11ns nil sin Uall 352-0418. ENGLISH Springer Spaniel vupi AKC. Very reasonable. J63-5300 after 6. TROPICAL fish, eoldfish, acnmriums, fillers. air pumps . (aerators). Frank's Seed and Hatchery, 709 10th Street. P U R E B R E D Gorman Shepherd pu|u. Unusual illvcr crer and black coloring. Pups are now 4^ weeku old. M u n i sell for Prufcssor In Germany. J45 to 560. Phone Mr. Lioka. 361- 2U3 or 351-2277 between 0 n.m. , 4:46 p.m. Sewing Machines, Vacuums 44 PARTS for vacuums, hoae brushes: etc. Perry's Vncui tcr. 358.0750.. 1C01 Ulli SI. belts, i Gen- Real Estate PRIVATE Party wanted, I need responsible persons to assume m.iall balance on a Singer portable,' Near new. Darns, embroiders, blind hems, etc. ?30 cash or $1.26 per week. Sews perfectly. 352-0800 TV--Radio--Services, Sales 46 HAD1O repair -- talilc models, clock j^ulioa. riortatilea. Allure's, G13 S Ave. SKHVI015 mils. Pi TV. 36SNRIV20. . Used TV* . __ ... sale. Guaranteed hlnck and while portable »nd consoles from 124.05. Color from $179. Budret terras. Television Mart. 120 North 2nd. La Salic. 281-fi568; 352-5'SO, Musical Instruments 47 .:'. U P R I G H T 352-1731. Rood condition. JSO. FENDER HaPfiman amplifier I",- pnle. Pali 352-7C26. SUPER Olds cornet. Perfect condition. aOO. 3C3-7PIM. P K A R L ilrnm EcL 351-2707 after. 6:30 p.m. GOLD sparkle Ludwjg ilrum act. 5 j)icccH._Must sell. a52-i;ni. W A L N U T spinet piano. Coot! conrli. lion. 3fi2'81!31. BALDWIN piano and orKans. .1. S. _7U 9th St. 352-4536. -- Hooscy and Hawkca B- f]nt clarinet. Uxcfllcnt condition. ?Ei5. Call after 5:30 weekdays. .i!i:}-t!)20. BALDWIN, Model G orjtnii with eon- nolu Bjjcakvr, recomlitioiiGd, Fiicrl- fire. 1-6B7-1991, Lovcland. Real Eitate GOOD 280 A., 110 Jnrm, balance patr iurr. 28-fin4a. Jlux 75. La SnlV. ( ACRES divide! Into 20 lot! with all KOIt K A L M by c Itrovpd dnii-y fnm . -- ](50 ncre im- nrm with Crude A 81) ncres. 35^-51,17. FOR SALE BY OWNER 10 acres on Big Thompson River. Will finance to responsible par- ly. Write Boi Z-31 c/.o.Tribune. AUSTIN AUSTIN 1203 9th Street Ph. 353-0790 MERINO, COLO. 228 ac, farm, 170 ac. irrigated by an excellent well nnd ditch water, ne«r now brick home, niodeni tenant hqine, good enpnorting buildings, owi|or8 are retiring nnd would consider trading for iipurtmcnL units. Contact Carl. NUNN Here Is a home -will) a oozy ntono fireplace In a large living room. A Bppnrat6 dining room -- large kitchen and full basement Itelp make lliia "3 bdr, home a n^ost attractive Iniy at a most attractive price. Call Rilla. 240 ACRE FARM Located In tho Milliken area. Two complete sets of improvements, water rights under tho Hillsboro Ditch Co. Owner financing with 29% down. One of the better forms in the area. Call Koger. Member of Multiple Listing Service Chuck Gumberlln, 362-5355 Ann Austin, 353-3569 Carl Hirsch, 352-2034 Ken 'Doc' Eckert, 3S3-S646 Roger Llbsack, 352-6592 Rilla Underwood, 352-7586 Stanley Furrow, 352-9034 E. R. "Kid" Austin, Broker STOLL REALTY 2701 W. 10th St. 352-5087 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE LOVELY HOME IN ARLINGTON AREA Beautiful two bedroom home in picturesque setting. This home is tn Immaculate condition. Carpeted living and dining room with built-in corner buffet. Covered flag stone patio. Perfect location for homo and college rental in the finished basement. Just 1 block to Arlington School. 'Owner will finance, excellent terms. MAPLEWOOD SCHOOL AREA New listing. Beauliful custom built brick borne. Newly carpeted living room with lovsly drapes. Large open kitchen with built-in range plus sliding glass doors that look onto a largo covered patio. Basement is beautifully finished with a lamily room. % batb nnd bedroom. Attached 2 car garage. Outstanding landscaped fenced yard with underground sprinkling system. Unobstructed view o[ the mountains from the back patio. TIRED OF LIVING IN TOWN Real cute two bedroom home with nice size living room. . A iarge kitchen with ample eating area. Large utility and work room. Beautiful shade trees to enjoy this country living. Most important, the children can have horses. Also has a 2 car garage. Owner will help finance. DUPLEX Very nico 2 bed room brick duplex. Located in West Circe, ley. Good condition throughout. Always rented. Owner may help finance. VA APPRAISED FOR JUST $9,000 on this attractive older 2 bedroom home. Located in quiet area with lots at trees and shrubs. Large living room and separate dining room. Eating area in the kitchen. Detached 1 car garage. Nothing down VA, 40 ACRE TRACT South of Oreelcy near the four lane highway. Very nlca 4 bedroom older modern home. Loam soil, lies level with a !IOO gallon Irrigation well. Barn, corrals, garage. Weld Central pipe line water. Call Henry. 240 ACRE FARM Xorthftint. of Wiggins. 200 acres irrignt.pd, 3 Rood Irrigation wells. IilO litres can bo put. undor sprinkler nntl nil irrigated. S bedroom modern home, -I room labor house. 1100 head feed lot. 2 electric pressure, systems for homes anil corrals.. Priced right. Call Henry. EVENINGS WEEKENDS HOMES Ivan Fanning, 3fi3-51B9 Leola Buss S52-f,(IS6 Leon Sioll, Broker. 3SS-2921 PAKMS KANTIIES Henry Stencil, 3M-4605 Jake Schmidt, 6S6-2625

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