Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1962 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1962
Page 23
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Cancel noo6 IT LUCRECE IEALE (AP Newsfeoturesi Clupftr Nto. TS. Str«Htt Ww Hrti MH. SHNOO rushed t» the birdi fH« I- »«s empty. A large panel ·f ;·!·« in the ceiling had been; broken and (ht curious bird* had escaped OM by o«. Sending for workmen. Mr. Shnoo ordered them to repair the glass it once. Then he and the attendants snatched up nets and sacks ·f feed and went out to hunt lor! the birds. A pigmy owl was found fast asleep, perched on the zebra cage. He .vas easily captured and returned to the cage. Mr. Shnoo, spit*' several peacocks strolling! down the penguins' walk. He' tpreid a trail of seed and coaxed them back to their c»ge. The (la- minpws. their pink feathers fluffed by the wind, were found hud- died on the steps of the elephant h'us--. They were very glad to follow Mr. Shnoo back home. But when all these creatures were back in (lie cage there were hundreds of small birds btill mining. TtKy had flmn to the tops o( the highest trees where they ·at shivering »ith cold mid fright. Mr. Shnoo and his men climbed the trtcs but no sooner would they rtach out with nets than off the birds would flutter to another bunch. k .s-* S^--- o^i^fc ^X\\ r\ , DM. 12, 1»62 GREELEY TRiBl'XE Ptg« 23 » U* MMtxr tour." The aw bct«r was there ud be agreed til thiip bated bad. "Even World Crisis .a.»W~iPostponed NBC .It's lffrible 'Tunnel' Dromo They ail stood about feelingj , if we could said, ihe iMd. "Uwk yonder! The gir afies a.v «ut!" They all turned and stared. NEW YORK 'AP'-An eiciling fihn showing the digging of a Berlin escape tunnel and the actual tuey an lumen and stared *^«.p: «imnn aim \\x actua Here came Herbert and Louise (scape of r «' u ««w *» *l««m b .·K.M:_« jj^.... tt_ j M_ i . MTV Mnnrfav niaht it ut*.- "Tt\ unbliag down the road. They had baskctj of Mraw strapped on' their backs Md oo UK lops of their heads they wore enormous round NBC Monday night. It was "The Tunnel.'' the controversial documentary program that caused a flurry of alarm in We»t Germany and was diplomatically postponed «* v«c w im men. r irbl ulc «*.*«»«*i vunicua icoj v\j wi \ bear, then the birds, no* the gir-| safet ' of P e °P'e connected w - alfes wearing hats! There's Irou- lk * lir " i ""' --J "·- -·' ble every*here!" Tomorrow: The Birdi Begin to King. Th« in doctor *trt*d that things lookod M. ened the nervous birds off to cn: birds in the trees. "How it. tiltad between their ears TM * BS "·P'omwicauy postpoi "The zoo is haunted!" exclaim- at ^ l *' ght ^ tfc * Cuba l ' risis ed one of tot men. "First the! German officials feared for the. (safety of people connected withi the project and the outcome of other escapes. The objections were overcome by NBC. Only the backs of some volunteer diggers ^·ere shown. Faces of some rcfu- ·gees were Kirefully blacked.out !on the film. All in all. it was a program in 1 which television snowed its power, particularly when the camera focused on the refugees, mud-cov- lered. wet. disheveled and often OtNL\A ' A P I - A n interna-hysterical with relief, as they hasjcrawled from the tunnel. Great, oo. were shots taken of the ac- ual digging in the three-foot- Blame Fixed in Death of Red Cross Workers different trees. ifortunaU: to lose them just before ! found that Ethiopian troops killed i three International Red Cross ... u . 6b .,, s workers slain in the Congo last square tunnel. The men got a huge net anditne visit of the Queen," said he. dd it under :i lr*v Tti» £fmno*tl! ..... . . . held it under a tree. The strongest men climbed up the trunk end shook the branches with all their mi(!ht But not even one small bird fell into the net. December, usually reliable sources said Tuesday. r l's not the Queen I care about," retorted Mr. Shnoo. "It's the birds themselves!" He went ·off under the trees, biting his and pulling his ear and twist- K I T C H E N CABINETS ·ullt-ln Appllnncil WtLUIR LUMBER CO. i-ebs*E?.'?SiJS5i 2 said l'..N Secretary- General U Thant has ii u j r , ^ . General U Thant has agreed to ;,,,, ,, 'Jin !f'° °, t ***'?*" W compensation to ^victims' ^ l S "fm n °. *"*TM hf«- families. The amount of the com- T birds stayeil outdoors a little longer they would freeze. He beat hisi a n d »"ppeo im« me crown Dears' amili.. rh. . m ,.,,.,, _t n. hands together ,nd rubbed ,,«!»«. Honeybun. snooping mere. ^"aL^^^tatd htad and tried to think what he'woke up and gave him a big might do. V-ar hug. Mr. Shnoo said, "Ex- Crookshank came along and ruw me ' Honeybun. I haven't she -k liis head at the sight of the Make this a FAMILY CHRISTMAS! The Fabulous Curtis-Mathes 23" COMBINATION TV-FULL STEREO AM tnd FM time to play right now." He push ed her gently away. Then he shut his eyes ami stood on hn, I head and wiggled his toes and I said "Sclbuort Gnippop:" three II times. He got hack on his feet and | looki-d around. There was only Honeybun sitting back on her haunches with her jaws wide open I to show off her dinosaur teeth. Ij.Mr. Shnoo was too uptet to praise I her as she wished. He slipped out I of the cave and looked all around I but there was no one there. Only I bears. ions. Mr. Shnoo was terribly diwp- Ipoin'ed. He hadn't known exactly I what to expect but he had been I pretty sure Santa Claus would ap- Ipcar as soon as he had said the II magic words. esi-ary because the tunnel ..,, well started when NBC bought permission to lake its cameras ihe underground route. They used the real leaders of the project, young engineering Informants, however, said the report placed the blame for thr tilling! squarely on the Ethiopian troops, who «l that time were part of a U.K. taslt force to root out white men serving silh the Katanga gendarmerie. The victims were an interna- ional Red Cross delegate. Georges Jlivet, M. a Swiss: a Dutch am- Hilance driver. Sijtse Smeding, ZS; and a Belgian hospital order- y, Mrs Nicole Vroonen. 35. They were found dead beside their burned ambulance on Eve 1061. The program was splendid ·hen dealing with these stark re- Phoenix S«ts Poet PHOENlX-The nation's fastest-growing municipality is Phoe- As he went back to the birds nil. which ranks 29lh 'in popula he thought. "AM is lost! The\ have been told better by the nar ·ator. But all together it was a gripping and horrifying story of an by real people in today's . even if it did have a happy ending--for a few lucky, brave ones who made it under the wall CBS is expected to slarl programming an occasional show in color with Ihe Feb. 13 specia tour of Monaco with Princess Grace as guide. Th 'hich changed its mind abou 1 , olorcasting after it lost sponsors to NBC because it ha color, now expects to go into the area cautiously. That means only upon request of sponsors--and b\ charging them extra, like $4,000 more per half hour. tion. Mcdtl AA2723 ALL hANO-WIR£D, 23,000 Voltt Pictut* Power, SOLID WOOD CABINETS! Mahogany, Walnut, Miplt and Fruirwood. Opn Won. «nd Frl. tv« t WILSON WILSON { 1S!3 1th Avenui I 299" M a h o g a n y 2 Vein to Pay Phone 353-0793 A GIFT FOR DAD? Give, him a pair of WESTERN BOOTS 14.95 and up SALZMAN'S Shoe Shop 611 8th Avenui Shoti Dytd t« Mitch Shini Pirlor "J'^ir^^j^..;;^);jj .v r ";'. '·; : !. r ''2^...^'''i.^"''_l^^~'^---"'^ ''''\f"^^~^^*'*- Christmas at Empire... 1862 More than 100 Chrigtmascs have been celebrated at Empire, Colorado since it first became an important freighter and stage stop on the old Union Pass road of the 60's. This year,.. another Empire... Empire Savings is celebrating its thirty-first Christmas in Colorado. In each of Empire's eight you'll find colorful Christmas decorations and a beautiful Christmas trcn. Take a few minutes this holiday season to visit the Empire office nearest yon...the people at Empire would like to personally wish you a very Merry Christmas.,.and a prosperous New Year GREELIY OFFICE: 900 Eighth Avtnu* RESOURCES OVER $90 MILLION TOOLS IUIKBERCO. Temptrorit Clime NEW YORK -- Antarctica ma hold the key to the world's ancient history. Findings of petrified tree trunks and fossil remains indicate the continent had a temperate climate, not unlike that of Oregon or Washington, about 250,000,000 years ago. Much speculation as to how Antarctica came to freeze up now centers on the question of whether the continents or the earth's poles--or both-wandered. OTHSR ·-I54 ClIKornli Str««t. D(n- Kf (H»m« Oftici). Uv«1»nli, Lvngment. Broomfittd. Uni. ver«lty H i l l i C«nter. Iln4 Ctnttr, UVewooi and ll«r Villey, Otnvir,

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