Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 19, 1955 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 11
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Mond«y, D«« 19, 1955 GREELEY TRIBUNE P»fe 11 Dali Puts Over Sorbbrme Show PARIS (JB--Salvador Dali drove to Sor bonne University Friday night in a black-ahd white Rolls Rojce lunousme filled to the roof With fresh cauliflower Then he' d ell ve red.. · a ;'·· Ice lure which touched-/ oh '.-.rhinoceros horns, . sunflowers . --: and cauliflower. ·.The talk sponsored' by the Intor : national Center, of ''Esthetic. ;Se- icarch, w a s - a t t e n d e d by about, a thousand noisy students, Uvo score photographers and a sprinkling of fifures from the capital's Intel- A JOSLIN'S Phone 428 lectual and society circles The object of his lecture, the u'n orthodox Spanish painter said was to^ present a ' delirious case -how he painted ihmoceros horns, then sunflowers when copying the Louvre Museum s 17th cenlury masterpiece The Lacemaker, by dutch artist Jan Vermeer D« Delft, i Dali his rnouslache twitching said the story went back to his nmth year in the Spani'h town of Figueros. His father had a. reproduction '· of Vermeer's' painting in his studj One day Dali fell an oxcru ciatmg' pain in his elbow The painl he, said, .came from bread crumbs on which his arm was resting.- This .brou'ghl UThis mind Iho needle in the hand of IKo laccmakcr;-'-At . a b o u t . - t h e same lime Dali came into possession of .a rhinoceros' horn walking slick^ which/he saidi.led\".with little surprise to his painting rhinoceros NOTICE! H li el ·· f ·!··»· t» l«t ««*9ti from common cold (MMQ on C bronicbronchUis may developif your cou gh or chest cold is nottreated .£lart quick, using Creomulston. as directed. Creomulsicm soolbes raw throat and cheat membranes loosens and helps expel gcrmy phlegm mildly relaxes systemic tension and aids nature fight (he cause of irrhalmn. No narcotics. For Children get milder, fasler CreomuUton for Children in the pink and blue package at your drug counter. CREOMULSION .rtVtvM CMffw, Cfctit C«Mk, Aturt herns when cop)In* tht Lace maker i hl\ i \ i 1 I ( The resulting curves, lw «»id, caused him 1 to twitch his" copy job to, sunflowers now be a coo iidering cauliflower : - * Jay Gould Acquitted PFNVLK «i-j»y Gould 24 w» acquitted in Federal District Court UJe FVfday of; chrges · he /murdered Aid en". Na ran jo,' 36, with : *crewo\mer on the Ule Indian Reservation, in' southwest .Colorado last June , The six man six \voman jury ^deliberated' five; hours. Naranjo Could s brother in law, 'died last June · 2" o f ' injuries' 1 , re- ' ih.^a j' fight..\with the;. .defendant. Gould's attorney,'John R. Evans of Golden contended Gould merely was defending himself 1 Evans said ^the fight stemmed from Narahjo.'sririsistehc"e':.that he .be allowed to adopt one of Gould's three children 5 f / i J Judge Lcc Knous offered the jury, its choice" 'of'-·three' possible ^verdicts conviction of second de grce murder or voluntary man slaughter,'or acquittal. Fred Sweezjv 22, ; an other; Indian from the Southern Ute Rc-aciv. lion is scheduled to be tried later He^ also is'charged'.with rhiirder in JNaranjos death Italian experts : will. study in Pakistan the .'possibility of using na'tural' of gnsoline for motor "cars, Karachi .reports. Make Them^aMToybag , -i!f t u»-i . ·; TM The only tlectnc sharer especially designed / to meet the needs of women. Small as a compact and fast, cure, convenient Choice' of 6 lorely colors. #' The Most Popular fiittif the Year · j ^ . fi HERDMAN'S has it 809 10th Str««t Ph«Mie 109 !olo. Needs Medium Security 'Prison, Commission Told NOAHS ARK TOY BAG -i. E«ty to tnsk. it homt __ »y DOROTHY,ROE , iioclitW; Pr»fWom*n'» Edirtf The aftermath : b r . Christmas .orning; will .be . much, e.asier.. on :om-lf she includes'.;* gay'.Noah's rk toybgg,. along wilh the toys round the tree. Then the small y willfhave a place t o ' p u t (heir "ys'away after the .first exciting Kind : of. opening packages. Y The Jpybag is easy, to make phi '-»· standard .pattern; which so -includes patterns and direc- ons f o r ' m a k i n g , six. stuffed ani- ials.- Each,.'toy'requires -two leces- o f ' contra'sting - fabric, about . by 14 inches A pound of hredded foam rubber will stuff I lix-animals'plump aridI'sassy. raiisfers mark;, the faces 'f.nd eiigns, and local .sewing, center xpcrts recommend doing the em- r o i d e r y - w i t h the au'to'mati* zig- agger ! on : your sewing machine, ique.U.'yp'u,i'ire using an older tyle Machine;. H you'.have a-ne'w ulomatic swing needle machine ou need no extra attachment for ie embroidery The toy-big itself requires about y a r d - e a c h - o f two contrasting abrics and" about a-'half yard of a hir'd fabric in a different color. fastens with a -14-inch zipper uie iup~~and 'four^-hammer-on" naps at the bottom, ft is made to ang on a closet door. Before you present the toy-bag ell the children the story of Noah's 'jk, explain'how even stuffed Vii- lals enjoy a home of their own nd you will ha\e taught an im xirtint lesion in orderliness May DENVER-WtvColorarto heeds a aew medium security prison and ^department''of correction,' the State Planning - Commission -was old Friday The . a p p e a l 'came from..Harry C Tinsley, warden · of the Stale rison He Has among representa iv'es" of "nine . state institutions which'asked «.total.of $32,770,000 or - a ·' 10-year building program The commission began' drafting ecbmmendalions on' 1 the.'request "· turd ay. The report 'next will' go o. the Le'g islature, Tlnsley's re'que'st'was for $3,840, 000, o f . which $3,310,000 would be ipent^ for construction of a medium ecurity' Tprison ; 6n : 'jiate-owned and' near Canon Cily. the warden said the new, prison s 'needed to relieve present overcrowded conditions^ at ; the institu ion, .and to ex ; influx', of- convicted, crim nals.' Tinsley estimated "cohserv- alivtly" the slate will have * prii- .population'..:of 2,000 b y ' 1965, a"rgeiy~ bec'ause~6f'Tan-mdustiiM and 'population 'boom .He. said the'existing" penitentiary ias aceomiriodations for 1,200.-in- nates, but has about 1,400 with n its walls; 5« now you will find'no moi elephants on the stairs. toy Injured Sailor'Gefs Service in Antarctic ABOARD U. S .S. GLACIER Mt^The lead ship of ^the p. S. Ant'arc- ic expedition churned through' a )re'athtalcihg pa nor ma 'of ice Saturday, . - b u t . for · a -young sailor tbpard the.spectacle came secondhand. WhilpJ others leaned excitedly over thp deck rajls like tourists seaman Donald Ballard, 20, lay be- ow^in sickbay-with a'-severe brain concussion suffered Tuesday in a ·iolent gale. Ballard is on the serious list but Ihip's Doctor Joseph A. Klcctwood aid he is improving. Ballard is n a-.modern.'eight ..bed .hospital compjele .with X-ray, '- .. . . · 'Th«'young,tailpr-.heard the ice ack"pounding against the ship's ide'and said he'wished he conic sec it..Within a ifiort time a Navy ihotogra'pher : shot, developed and showed .'the patient pictures of the jreat ice.pack. ''In Chile there is no inflation','! ;a!d the Minister of Economy, ; : Ar- ur'o Zuniga, in Santiago, "iyhal s'happening is what occurs i n - a heater when someone calls''fire/ 5verj-one rtpeats the cry anoVlrie! o'e'sc'ape." . . ' , ' * "'/.' : * ,'·'. \OIITH 81DK T^ATKRAI. COMPANY BN«nl M f c l l v K · . Kovembte 23. 1955 - . . e/ 13, -19, UBS. Scout. Guide Merger [Merger of .the'British Boy Scou 1 and Girl.Guide movement!: ---.wit iomance"*aa ode aim -- U bemi, promoted by Charles l^ood '·M year-old-secretary'of L o ri d o i Scout f Headquarters/ Scouts and Guides develop the. same charac ler and outlook oh life, he'explains If they, were allowed to .meet' in selected-activities.- the older" ones -r .Hover'i and Ran'ger's-- : r'.;*ould develop natural heallhjr companion ships Lord'Rowallan the Chief Scout says Amalgamation is out of the question -- disastrous and impossible Guides and Scouts mix at social function This i» sufficient amalgamation. People in the United ^States will eat four more/pp" 1105 o'. meat per person in 1955' than , they did in 1S54. - : ' . . " , . , - . »'· no diigrac. W hay* b*d bugi, birt .wh/k»«p;'«m? Ceniull an «- pirt'ityior R»xall Sfor«i. Ollbirt BUhop t-W.W.rad. Drus«,-Adv, 1 'Dav« Royer AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE 809 9th St. Ph. 359 HATCH'S SERVICE STATION Frantic? Don't Bel Ruckers is Ready to End Gift Dilemma! High. Backed Rocker Grand Gift Chairs ChooBB-from our. vide selection of modern and traditional'stylM.'-Yoii afa~»ire .-to. find lust Ihe -chair you want! . - . .-.- . From '49 s5 5-Piece Bridge Set All-me^V, frHme'B,' fold easily tor Ftorage Lois at fiuaUty Tor tiny and. table, top. V ·'. . ; - . . ) WROUGHT IRON PIECES Velvet black accent", «uit- abk_for e\eiy room, any purpose Smokers, maga zme racks , Mahogany Tea Cart JRubbcd and pul.Bhcd nm* ' hoEa'ny ve- " I ' necrji. T*p sholvea, ea-;h . for extra space wlicn serving . or cleaning u p , [)rop handle. Metal Snack Tables ^ - '; · ' / : ' ?935 . each it Hand-Decorated ^-Ith ll(t-o(( Iray ; tops. Ideal for TV snackB panics even tomeworh! Tlasllc cover nil spring con Slructiori, Platform :^ rocking · c't'IVn" that roay v bo locked at . a n y ' position. NEW ;GIFTY. HASSOCKS - Many : Blj'loBV "Shown-.' . .' Wrought "iron Tr urn D with maRailne rack; aquar'a hut- iSMART- TABLE;LAMPS 20% to 50% ,,,, Oiiolco o f - many.'fitylc^! - K o w - c e r a m i c a n d ' C h i n a bases, many with 3-way" lijht- lug 5-P1ECE. DINETTE · - . . · For s atimnlng, durable dinette, this Is". . f o r 'YOU! Wood-grained plastic fable; "W'rought-'lron 'chatrB. . . · NEW CEDAR CONSOLE .Blonde oak. c a n . b e used in' any,,room! · 4 famous aroma-tight .cedar construction, 3 eliding shelves. ' · · BUDGET TERMS! IRS Phone 100

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