Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 6, 1961 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1961
Page 6
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6 GREELKY TRIBUNE Mon.,,Nov. 6, 1D61 Herns confronting our schools today. We, an voters, musllscll him Into Slavery to"p*y off ^gnnedv · l o this s o that when'lhe time comes t o mark o u r ballof llle crc( liloir. . . · · · · -J n the school bond issue, we do it with the knowledge The Greeley Daily Tribune end The Greeley Republican EXECUTIVI STAFF M l l . n R E D t I A N S K N I'uMl.twr. H l l l l h H I ttllll.t): l.F.O 0 K O K N I f i _ R u i l n n i M«l A I. I ' K T K K S K N J A K E E S T R l r K . J R . _ Tire. Ktr C I . A K K P A l i E . I V X A N K R A P I - A fubHibtd r.MTj W«h n » Ev«nlnn br The Trlbun*-R«pulilk*n P u M U h l n x Co Olfit* 111 r t i h l b Si., flrctUf. Oln |*|1 off i f * the Art MA I'rni AuucUtkm, i n l A»i'*illon. Audit llu linn. it«uOd et«M miHei .1 (ir («!*)· . P-nlntidn qnrlrr retii of Clreuli- Tht ' tk- i tKr UM .1 newt 'ml It fntllled «*eju e( rtpubllejuton of ill II I I I AP n* ! Sir. 1 1* cupy p*le* _ l p l I n n [rk« - B 1 FMI I I U A U . ft m i.nth (I 2t» Hv m i E l rii). I VCKI · t U . f K l ;h. 11.00 .ul.Hr nt .hat it was done honestly and Intelligently, and for the )e«t interests of all. · . After all, being able to have a voice in elections and bond issues is n, heritage that we should guard very selfishly. In this troubled world, where else can the clti- ;ens decide these issues? We have charged the school officials with a serious task -- that of educating the II.2H M i M r r *I.Z» k ' L I I I I . I I : K U H I I 7 4 - I ' L b M r toi ler miuf b« nn \fnxtr lh«n 4X to The puhlir«n C.c by '"Pause and .'.- "Blessed are lhe peacemakers, for tlicy shall be called the -I", sons of God." --Mall. 5;D ;;Time To Decide Upon Essentials (The f o l l o w i n g gueit e d i t o r i a l In obiervance of Amer , ;1 can E d u c a t i o n W « e k wai written by H a r U n Houtcliens. ^!. Greeley businessman.) -I-.1 With a topic such as this, one may find himself ip "the same situation as a wandering Indian on a prairie '."'who, when asked if he were lost, replied, " M " '"'«'"· not lost, teepee lost." No, Indian leaders and workers, citizens of tomorrow. We'd better of all fatal accidents. jo sure we don't fnil them, ourselves, or our country. Sec America first: The lourlit .op income producer in Florida, New Mexl- Hold News Conference NEWPORT, H.T.'tAP) - Presl- co,-Nevada Maryland and Ha- ^ Kenn ^ y wil | j^w , Mvs wall It.ranks u the second or confercAce in Washington Wedws- Ihird most important industry in d whi , H K other stales. ' - - r Salty lip: Here's the real reason you shouldn't drive while weary: Studies show that driver fatigue is a factor In two-thirds Europe. In it fe the in-yearld|T«rmit« Dk» Costly Dublin Zoo, which has Euronj'rj finest collection cf, lioet. More all to Africa! Letters to The Tribune It was George D. Prentice.-who observed, "If a woman could alk out of the two sides of her rtutsth at the same time, a great cnl would be said on bolh ides." Logic of Some Would Eliminate All Giving To The Tribute: May I comment on some of the recent criticism leveled againsl he UN and the UNlClib' program to help children around Hie world'.' Some object to educational There is no doubt that in the last two decades oui schools have made tremendous advancement. Not too ''Hong ago, reading, writing and arithmetic were about 'i ail-that was taught. If a child lived too far from school --Ho go home for lunch, he carried his lunch in a pail. K ·· ;! he wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, his '!'.parents hud to supply a private teacher. Not only has the curriculum in our schools kept '~ pace with the progression in business, science, eco; nomics and social living, but it has added such things · as the hot lunch program, instruction in instrumental i 'music and an opportunity for parents to buy accident y Insurance for their children at a very nominal sum. ''!' Many parents are overwhelmed at the advanced · 'studies their children are undertaking. Some criticize is|i3cls of Ihe UNICEK fund-rais- nj! campaign inasmuch as children and adults learn about UNI- CEi 1 ' and (he UN through the program. Those objecting, Iraweyer, do not seem lo be opposed (6 all types of "political, education" Personally I believe the more edu cation about Ihc UN, Hie better. Let there be more awareness oE its aims, successes and failures. Further, an impartial would lead lo the conclusion that this organization has been more successful ill preventing Ihc rc- alily of No World rather than in foisting upon any of us tlw con- ept of One World. Strange, too. if this organization Is a secret weapon of the Soviets as indicated in Ihcse letters) that they have attempted to block its smooth functioning at every turn. Arc we to be (old that (lie Soviet government is run by trailers who ignore the best interests of International Communism in creating stumbling blocks for the is an agency serving Ihcir ends why are they afraid to let It opcr ale within their own borders? Another objection to UMCBt concerns the principles of giving at all, under circumstances which some of the gift might fa! into the hands of the Communists Careful sludy wuuld probably slro that certain of the charily-dis pcnsing Christian missions recom mended in place of UNICEF ar ibjeclionable on lhe s a m jrounds. Even thnsr. considere nost reliable may in certain in stances dispense aid lo a Com munist child dying on Iho roac side--not lo mention 'other chi dren who may grow, up to Ix Comrmmisls. Can we vouch fo hem all? Better not give money at all. It's safer that way Cut out pno Fund, too. Why ai cancer research? Ultimately i oo, may save lhe lives of Com munists. Let chanty begin a lome--and remain within th xme. This would sccni to be th road down which the thinking hose who "know'what's good fo ourselves" would lead. For my part. I wjll continue .1 buy the UNlCEF greeting card and recommend them lo friends. In so doing I am follow ing the lend of such great patriot as former Ambassador Ixdg Presidents Eisenhower and Kei Hal Boyle's Column Interesting Items in the Mail 'administrators, teachers or school boards because "this UN? Why did they not support ,. is not the w,ay it was done when we were in school." J j U N war ^-«J*£ We all can remember that our parents used to say ^ join |asl ^ Jn hc ^^ ; ' things were different in their day, and they were ·-- 0 [ protest against exploding the just as the experiences our children have are different super-bomb? Finally, if UNlCEF · and more advanced than our schooling. Times have surely changed. The business of operating a school system is an enormous task.. Techniques .in this field have improved just as they have in other .' fields, however. It would seem to an average parent of, say, a sixth .·grader, that this child is doing work the parent recalls having done in junior high. : The emphasis placed on social studies today surely makes our children aware'of"trie'wbrlfl-:'they .live in. More importance is being placed on all the basic skills. ; ;A. child in our schools doesn't just learn to read words, he is urged to read for, the meaning of a story or a ' .problem. The same thing is true in the area of mathe- . matics --- understanding our number system and learn- Kedy--all of whom have voice their support for. and urged yol support of the {jNICEF prograr Are we lo be told that Ihese me too, arc trailers? Walter Schenkman , 2426 9th Ave., Greeley Oklahoma City No. 2 OKLAHOMA CITY -- ' I n area, Oklahoma City, with 430 square miles, is the United Stales' second- argcst city. Los Angeles, with 455 miles, is largest. aimounced Sunday. Salinger said it had not been determihed'whelher the news con- .ference will be in Ihe morning or 'afternoon. He said that would be decided largely by (be/timing'of discussions between Kennedy and Prime Minister Nehru. Salinger said there would be no live radio or TV coverage of the news 'conference. Kennedy's last news conference was Oct. 11. It was his 16th in Washington. Dublin .Park Largest DUBLIN · -- Dublin's "Phoenix Park is the largest city park in Ihan 550 lions have\been born in this zoo.- They have been ex- over the world-- even WASHINGTON --Termite* »re eating the United States out of house and home at _the rait of $250,000.000 a year, according to a Smithsonian Institute estimate. DAILY C R O S S W O R D rtplj, »yro«e of . / -^ DESTINY/ KSOHIMOOR DIAMOND, fOOMD 5.OOO VeARS AGO. Hte HAD-AT LEAST 20 CMrt4ei?S--YEf IT HAS WEVEK BEEU BOUGHT oesm-D-, ./WO WO PRICE HAS EVgK 0EEU.PLACED OW'lT-r IT ALWAYS CHAVIS^D . / HAMW BY COWQUE5T/ (Now i ftrf- of fire British Crown Jewtls) ACBOS9 i._"---. ott old block" · B. Town-lit* - map . . African anUlop* 10. Hiving:' ear* 12. Girl's name 13. of ceremonies H.--c-Harl 18. Cry ai dtsgult 16. In Paris, familiar "you;' . . 17. Lfiards .19. Slltchblrd 120, A.-fiance (colloq.) '23. Bout 26. Marsh .. grasses 27. Pleasure · (colloq.} 29. Over , (poet.) 30. Pratses 34. King of Baslian 35. Kind of lettuce 37. Port on Great Lakes 38. Phyjtcal universe 40. Shark 41. Surly, anyry prowl · 42. Metal tag i3. Baked clay 44. River to Nqrt Sea DOWN I." and ' dagger" t. Ruort laland (W.I.) S, Mental, derangement 4. Debt discharged (abbr.) 5. Wampum 8. To wfilp 7. TV's Mr. ' Llnkletter 8. Grew teeth 9. Orftcef ul trees 11. Celtic priests 13. New wine IS. Door 19.FI»h 21. Sand- anake genus 22. Rainy day reserves 23. Eating- 8 utensils 21. Posh 25. Sailor (slang) 28. Bac- terlologlit's wire . 31. Silk veil (eccl.). lvrdty'* Aniwu 32. Measure S3: In Parliament 35, Ringlet 36. Heraldic bearing S9. Japanese. . «sh ·42! Vote "yes" NEW By HAL BOYLE YORK (API-Things columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: The most dangerous' room in M: averaoe home is bed-,, room. Three-fourths of all adci-| c Best bet: Your son will nave a blew a whistle, Ihen presented the gusst'at dinner bragged or'fold a mohy. He kept it,until someone else lold a bigger whopper. Sign in UK window of the Cafe a French' restaurant: English here." 6AHTOS DUMOMf of Brsfil' . BUILT AND aew A PUUe.THAT WEIGHED CWY SB UBS./ -IS09- ' . DINOSAURS THAt KOA trie EAPTH MlUIOWS Of 'A60 BUFFERED ?ROU\ARTHRITIS/ S 7- DAILY (3RYPTOQUOTE -- Here's bow to: work it: A X T D L B A A X R - t a L O N Q F E I / l i O W One letter (imply Hands for another. In this sample A U u«ed for the three IVs. X for the two p's, etc. Single'letten, apo*. trophi»«,;the length,wad formation of the word* are all hint*. Kack Uy the code letter! are different - ._ CryftogTM Quotitto*. ,' ' K N R R J F K O Z J W U O . N A N R K Y R S O J .xjo qwr J K Y M D I A U J I A A K O Q K B V K S A -- W I Y D I Y Q W R R T I Y x . .Saturday's Cryptoqaote: ANY MAN MORB RIGHT THAI* HIS NEIGHBORS CONSTITUTES A MAJORITY OF ONE-THOREAU; . · (O 1X1, Ki»j r«ature Sywllcata, Int.) HENRY By Carl Anderson °enis dental falls occur in the home] and more happen in the bedroom than 'any other part of the house. Do you feel crowded in a modern airplane coach2 II was worsa chance to wind up in Ihe White House if he studies law. Twenty-four U. S. presidents were ing to solve problems independently are the skills our in n,,, d ays O f the slagecoach. A E .' teachers strive to teach our children. Science in oui'jticket Ihen entitled you lo 15 noii|!ii schools is not all book learning. It is also tatigh through ]"*« ° f seating space-and you|^^ j , , , . .. , had lo pay dearly if yon traveled, ..,. ', problem solving methods. with lnore lhan 2S poimds of lug-' "' Se 7' · Tliese are some of the reasons children are keeping library shelves pretty bare today. They check out ';books instead of a book and they read them and enjoy them. attorneys; Only one was an engineer--Herbert Hoover. Two ·ere ---former newspapermen Warren Harding and John isecrack of the week: : Therc are only, two kinds of women-- ·e than 25 pounds of lug? a " 0 ' Iclinging vines and power plants. 1 Sports oddity: If a mrm ma(1e| nature note: The stool pigeon different billiard shot every- 1s one of tllc worl(Vs nwst va!u second, he would have to play | a y c birds. It is estimatsd that up cent of felonious crimes are solved with the help of tips by police informants. ; [playground. No one can argue the fact that this was ' ' t h e only solution tp this problem of an overcrowded -- I 24 lxurs a day for more Ihan t\vo-|( 0 Our schools, which surely include the citizens whojbillion years to make all the pos!ar .Vpay the school tax whether or not they have children sible shots. : now in school, the parents, the administrators, school' Wlia^s in a name? Tula Finki board and teachers are doing.a better job of s'upplying:^ 3 ^^EiittOTs^F'rUrTustertUz all the children whether they go. on to college or leaveji s Fred Astaire', Jim Stewart is skchool during or after high school. · 'Stewart Granger--and Marlon |. It is essential that every child receive the best.cdu-j 8 TM'^ i^really^Marlon Brandy '·action possible for whatever line of endeavor he plans a i^aft^uac? At P= loast°]]alf a 'o fj JtP enter. Those who do-not or cannot go on to college'all people who suffer a coronary Jrnust be equipped to fulfill their places in society, too.jfhrombosis recover fully and are ( J j . - Certftinly, most of us agree that the school Pla"-,^ icls ° lesllmc lheir normal ac 'i j filing done in the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's was good, butj Former President Harry Tni-] ttese schools are not adequate today. Jackson School, j man says he doesn't dream. Bull 'built only a few'short years ago and enlarged almost 'scientists Ihink everybody dreamsi ^immediately, is so overcrowded that'the three sections"! 0 _ el "Li^-nJ^Tv, ° m TM ** iiiOt on HW3.-vCning. inc \vci3gc ! ;bf sixth grade must" be housed at Heath Junior High'pcrso,, spends i wo hours nightly ! ' (School. This places sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth dreaming. Women usually dream igrades in the same building, same lunch room and same nl ? re tllan "] en - ' _ . - . . -, j ' Language lesson: Television ls| a combination of "tele, 11 a. Greek word for "distant." and "vision," t school for this present school term. What about next L" 1 '" . for "image." year, and the years to come? |wmstleT\-e C re' q MmilimM 1 ' S ut an in Some believe thst split sessions are the answer. In : | a hle knives a century ago. If a ''. one California school where split sessions are neces- guesl at dinn?r bragged orl old a '-· sary, this is the order of the day of a family with an tall _ la ] e ' lhc host . ra _ ng a M1 °L j eighth grade boy and a girl who is in the llth grade. Billy, tHe eighth grader, has to be up, have breakfast I and be at school by 7:30 a.m. He arrives back home at ]. 1 p.m. Sister Chris must be at school at 12 noon. She ! likes. French and social studies and boys anil tries tol j carry a normal load for an llth grader in the half day; j allotted to her schooling. She arrives home at 6 p.m. Meanwhile, Mom got Dad off to work at 9 a.m. and he arrives home at 6:15 p.m. She has. fixed three break{ · fasts and staggered lunch hours and supervised two ; study hall periods in the family room. To say the least, ' it-is a confusing situation. ' While we're thinking of our future in the Greeley : ·..schools,.something should be said about the grouping ,,'of pupils in the areas of ability as well as age. 5- *. Much has been done in the scholastic ability and: ·^special education areas, but something more c a n . b e j done about grouping according to age. It seems this' area merits some attention. ! - A s for the need for more school rooms is-'so apparent, would it not be feasible _to plan a school campus 'that would house primary grades in one building and intermediate grades in snother^building? being asso-. ciated with ones peers is extremely important in these early formntive years. | study and try (o understand the Odd,legislation: In ancient In io a law decreed Ihot if a hus and got into debt his wife coul ·CKD,"pjpYOU KN«VW» 'MeeUr Junior High School will hav» Parents' Night Nov. 9? J O H N N Y HAZARD By Frank Robbiits / tOU OA1M TO HAVE ' N. I 5CWETHIS I WAMT, AM KOTCRABIE If ACER AI X-RAY RATE WHOSE tULIMSi MS NWAE \ COSTBiTS I A5SLW.E JOHN KAVAKR,, * VCU AtE AWAKE OFi AMERICAN NATKXAt.., S--NOW EUGASEP AS L COPTEF5 PtLOrotl IASRIE, HAZAKC" IF X3U /KE TRllSTViOKTH/ fiKV PEUVEK, WILL BE .NO OBJECT.' HOWEVER, IF VtXJ TW A POtlBLE-CROSS. IT TOTHE7U1E OP . . RFT/ THOU5AJJP BUCKS, MABWE LUUWJ-' THAT'S NOT TOO MllOi TO A5K fORAWAf OFALTHE U.S. A\!55(LE BASES ON JAPAk KtMEWSSK V.'riAT HAI^IiEP · i-HOHAP SKf.f.0 O 4tH CCXKTNEy 15 KOT PIFF1CUI-T TO ARKANSE fOKttDU.' "" -i ARCHIE By Bob Montana fo^w JUOHEAD/ WHY ABCM-T you PUVCING REX MORGAN.'M.D. By Dal Curtis WHY YOU SHOULD SEE AN OPTOMETRIST: The old clays of b u y i n g glasses from a druggist or Jeweler are gone forever. Persons in ncerl of eye cave now depend on eye examinations and lens prescriptions by an optometrist. Make it a regular hnbit to visit us ... trust your vision to Haefeli and tlaefeli. Call now "for appointment. HAEFELI HAEFELI 901 10th Ave. OPTOMETRISTS EL 2-2020 tVtN OCRiH6 HIS Of f Kk APPOlNTMtKTS, REX MCRAN A PREOCCUPltD WITXTHtVlSIT Of OKt FH.MPCLW BAKU) .WHO, ACCORDWO TO UALLY DEAD/ TKEX THERE'S HORACt LA£TM. BWLO'S FORMER BUSINESS Wk«TNER...W!YDOe5HE SKDOtttLY GO ON A TRIP... AFTtX ftilkO QUESTIONED w -mt paict? ASPECTS TO IT/ 6AK.LO TOLD *E 1 HIS WIFE WAS JW*D«ED....,Nrr ACCC«CXWJ TO TMt POLICE OF HATtKAl. CM3C3/ LI'L ABNER TODAY W HISTORY.- . 75 years ago toda^, ·the Wrightni k brothers, of Plnitk, inventedithe eirplene'. ' TODAYS WEATHER.-11 better be fal niver MOSCOVA^OU heen up there? But-Ha!HeJ!-for d tiTM trte wicR,typrcoo mt hit N.Y. U.S OF C"^A.WH1 ENTER TRUMIKPPV; IN WORLD MUSIC CONTEST- 'H-4 WEGUr*55*TTTHC AAKTtOPFTHftT IT 1S.7-EVEU 'HAVE TO WRITE WHAT CHANCE VOUGOTOF ' V/IKJNINK?- NONtl... 'MANV//

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