Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1962 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1962
Page 22
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PageJ2 JttEELEY TRIBUNE Wed, Dw. 12, 19S2;i5; Shamsul Where To Contact Foreign Students!" To Issue Invitations for Holidays Antonio and Lorraine Yamashita, 1429 llth Ave., 352-0326. Iran, Mitra Khamnei, 1517 llth! mu dj in 1930 i, 13th A v e 352. Ave., 352-8009; Bahram Zanganek.jsug. 1434 llth St., 353-1309; Hoosein| Pakistan. ShaMa Naqvi, Union Noon. 1314 9th St., Apt. 25. 352-|Colony, Apt. 15: Mohammad Hu- during the holiday season can contact the students as follows: Bolivia, Ron Alcazar, 1947 18th Ave., telephone 353-1112; Cuba, Paul La Rosa, Troxel Hall, 3513076; Dominican Republic, Es-821 17th St.,: Saiyid M. Aiiaz pana Corbonell. 16 Elliott a. ~ Evans. 353-3719; China. Tzu-Hsun Lo. 1944 7th Ave., 352-4659; Chong Jen Ouyang, 1029 nth St., 3529098; Mr. and Mrs. Jen Tzeng, Union Colony, Apt. 4. Canada, Fred Frolick, 732 17th Oda, 2110 7th Ave.. 352-0235; r 1706 Classrooms at Color;xlo State College were stilled this week until resumption of the winter quarter Jan. 3. but some students whose homes are distantly located lingered on campus. Greeley residents interested in inviting any of the 50 foreign students on campus into their homes 3503: Mohammed Hooshang. 1434 |i*. Union Col- |ony. Apt. 29. 352-7152; Maihiru! IHaque. I'nion Colony. W16 15th' .. 353-3712. Pakistan, Shamin U a s h m i, 1016'i I5!h St., 355-3715; Qaii Huque, 1016 ! z 15th St., 353-S71Z; Snahabuddin Khan, 1524 7th Ave., I353-10W: Shafia Khatun. 190Z llth jAve.. 353-1221; Mohammad Musli- ManagementLaudsEducationj Break for Better Executives Weld County Real Estate Trmsfen ReocfiM «Ump« on rtal Mtltt trintfcn art 11 tht r*tt ol »MO per thouund IjCommissioB, Denver Federal C«n-i()ijfnnf Hurts tr, Denver, Colo. ' AppUcatioas will U ·cceptol EL'GENE. Ore.-- Manjr ·mi- ll uiuil further notice by the Board business inen distruct their ins«r- llth St.,; AtaoUah Razani, 1744 7th Ave., 353-2134: H o o s h a n g Mahnami, 1515 10th Ave.. 353-1309 Nepal, Iswary Rajbhandari. 1941 10th Ave., 3524450: Syed Ahmed 1516 10th Ave.,: Md. Bashaiet All, 1516 10th Ave.; Md. Khurshed Ali, 1723 7th Ave.; George Baroya 1016 15th St., 353-3712; Ranadhir Barua, 101614 15th St., 353-3712 Iqbal Hamid, 1524' 7th Ave. Pakistan. Mr. and Mrs. Iqba St.. 353-1801; Ethiopia, Yigazu Hamid, 1524 7th Ave., 353-1099 Shafiqua Haq. Union Colony, Apt PEANUTS 3 Ibs. 50c GRAPEFRUIT ea. 5c We are too buiy Saturday ind Sunday, but are offering you these astounding prlcei only on the other 5 days of the week when «e are not 10 buty. Delta County Colorado Applet and beautiful large Arliora Navel Christmas oranges. You can mix oranges and apples and Red and Golden Delicious Jonathan, Wlnesap With your purchase of a peck (10 Ibs.) of Fancy apples and Navel oranjei, you become eligible for a 15c Ib. discount on Fancy Mixed Nuts, walnuts, pecans and 3 Ibs of fresh roasted Virginia, large size peanuts for 65c and 8 Indian River Florida Grapefruit for 5c «ach. With your ourchase of '/ 2 bushel or bushel of Fancy Apples and Navel Orange*, get a peck of each If you wish, you become eligible for 3 Ibs. peanutt, 50c and all nuts at wholesale and 12 grapefruit at 5c each. Without apple and orange purchase, you get wonderful Indian River Florida grapefruit, 40 Ibs. box, or 20 Ibs. half bu., 9c Ib,, 10 Ibs. 98c. Jonathan cooking apples, peck, 10 Ibs. 49c (no nuts). Betttr one for eating, 10 Ibs. 89c bu. $1.49, $1.98. Canning apples, VI bu. at the big apple and Navel orange truck at the Weld County Sales Yard. 204 18th Street. Churches, schools, special prices for Christmas, on oranges, apples, and nuts. ain. 1016 15th St.. 353-3712; Mo- lammad Najimi. 1524 7th Ave., 353-1099: Abdun Nur, 2623 17th Ave.: Anis Quidwai, 10161i 15th St.. 353-3712; M. Obaidur Rahman, .9304 13th Ave., 352-5148. Pakistan. Syed Rahman. 1016 15th St.. 353-3712: Mohammed Seim. Union Colony. Apt. 16, 3533368; Md. Hafiqud'din Shaikh, 1016 oen, Troxel Hall. 351-2833; Kan- loth St., 353-3712. Thailand, Tongchua Maichar- chana Manunpichi, 1529 9th Ave.. 352-1575: Chutamanee Mokranoi, Snyder Hall; Varee Ongskul, Sny der Hall, 351-2464: Boontoom Run- charoen, Belford Hall, 351-2568; Vietnam, Van Thien, Troxel Hall, 351-2833. Far Riddle PASADENA, Calif. - An explo- i v e aggregate of enormous amounts of energy, with the sources identified as distant galaxies, has been turned up far out in the universe by radiolelescope. Dr. Jesse L. Greenstein. pro- lessor of astrophysics at the California Institute of Technology, estimates that this elcctromag' netic energy is equal to the total amount that 10 billion stars like our sun woulud release in their lifetimes. "This is just too big,' says. "No known physical phe nomenon can account for it. must be the result of some fan tastic catastrophe in the uni verse." TAIPEI, Formosa (API-South Korean Ambassador Kim Shin presenting 10 cases of Korean ap- pies to the Nationalist China de- men. C O L O R A D O . o T E X A S fenders of Quemoy Island to iristmas. Enjoy the comfort, convenience and economy of dependable Zephyr travel! You'll ride in real luxury . . . tnjoy sparkling refreshments and freshly-prepared meals in the cheery diner- lounge. You may choose varied sleeping accommodations--roomettes, bedrooms, compartments, reclining chair-roach seat. Remember -- It's the Texas Zephyr for fine, fast, economical travel between Colorado and Texas, Lv. Denver _ Ar. Amarillo Ar. Fort Worth Ar. Dallas Texas Zephyr ..12:45 pm ..11:19 pm .. 6:25 am .. 7:35 am Ar. Houston* 2:15 pm * via convenient connecting itreamliner. Trn. No. 7 8:00 pm 8:15 am 3:30 pm 4:40 pm 9:25 pm One-way Coach Fartn from Denver $14.15 $24.37 $25.40 $32.99 Jr.Jormation · Hesemations · Tickets COLORADO SOUTHERN RAILWAY E. C. Sckumachtr, General Aoenr Fort Collini, Colorado « HUnter 2-4J50 NOW! 1 In Greeley-- By ROGER LANE AP Bwtiiww Newt Writer NEW YORK AP)-Robert brother of New York Gov. Nel- DKmbtr II E. L. Haiiks and Doris Ann Hanks to Ernest L. Hanks and| John D. Stephenson, a parrel ofl land in the NE 1 4 ot SW'i of Set-' Bell already had a bachelor's de-. - -., gree and a law degree. Neverthe- compartments. ess. in 1955 when he was 40. Bell eturned to the campus one day a week (or a year. To do it. he had to take time rom numerous business and civic activities, for Bell was executive vice president of Packard-Bell Corp., an electronics firm with 1962 sales of about $50 mil- ion. "When an executive is through earning, he's dead," Bell said ater, explaining his two-semester stint at the University of California at Los Angeles. He attended classes in a special executive development program. Something resembling Bell's at- itude has been going on in the business world the last few years and appears to be spreading. In one of its most dramatic expressions. David Rockefeller, resident of the Chase Manhattan 3ank of New York, suggested wriodic management leaves for ligh-level executives, perhaps every seventh year. Speaking to the American Philosophical Society, Rockefeller, hinking across the country is in uw with Rockefeller's thesis. However, many executives ex- ress doubts about the wisdom f sabbaticals of from a full semester to a year. Investigation Of Mine Blast To Begin Monday CARM1CHAELS, Pa. AP)- Scorcs of miners cleared debris from the Robena No. 3 coal mine Tuesday in preparation for i rare sent to university-sponsored, n-residence executive development programs lasting two weeks r more in the United States and Canada. Roughly 50 colleges, uni- ersities, institutes and associa- ens gave such comprehensive irograms. Courses in managerial account- ng, labor relations and the like eavily accented many offerings. Exactly what benefits are eaped from these programs? Like many corporations. Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, which las sent more than 1.600 execu- of an explosion that killed 37 AnVKHTISEMF.XT FOR 1III1S The City of Greeley, Colorado ill receive sealed bids by the ty Mnnager'8 office u n t i l 2:00 M.. on Monday the I7th day ol ecemtier, 1962, for f u r n l a h l n g ( 2 ) automobiles, three (3) upb, one (1) commonjlal Bta- on wagon, and one ( 1 ) truck 1th u t i l i t y body, two (2) rturnp ·ticks, for the City of Greeley, olorado. The C i t y of Greeley will have lans and specification!! which . be obtained in the o f f i c e f the City Manager and the of- 'ce of the S u p e r i n t e n d e n t of r i u l p m e n t . The City of Greeley reserves he right to reject any or all Ids. Dated at Greeley. Colorado, ila 2Sth day of November, 1962 ITY OF GRKELEY. COLORADO By B. H. CRUCE, City Manager he Greeley Dally T r i b u n e ec. S, 12, IS, 1SCS The last of the bodies, found Monday night near the working ace of the tunnel, were brough o the surface. uesday. No mass burial was lanned. Officials of the United Mine Workers union and the federal am NOTICE OK FINAL SETTLK.MK.VT On Monday, January 7, 1963, at 00 o'clock P. M. at the Rvans own Hall. Evana, Colorado, the own or Evana will make final a y m e n t to Parker and Assocl- Us, C o n s u l t i n g Engineer* for ngrineerlng services on the vau.i Municipal Water System All persons having claims gainst the f i r m for services or ateriala on this project should resent such claims at this meet IE. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Town of Kvans, Colorado Irene Noyes, Town Clerk he Greeley Dally Tribune ec. h. 12, 19, 26, 1962 NOTICK OF KIJfAL SKTTLKMKNT the County Court In nut for tlie County til \Vcld and Stair ot Cnliirndo No. 87 f( Estate of DENVJCR I). DUNN eceased. Notice Is hereby given that ave riled my f i n a l report In the o u n t y Court of \VelcI County lolorado, and t h a t any persot eslrlug to object to the »a;n hail file written objection w i t h h* said Court on or before De ember 31. 1HG2. ROBERT M. OIUJKRT A d m i n i s t r a t e Clayton and Gilbert A t t o r n e y s at Law larvard Building Greeley, Colorado "ho Greeley D a l l y T r i b u n e s'ov. 28, Dec. 6, 12. 1'j, ]nG2. ' Authorized Klrby Sales and Service! The result, lie said, was a tultifying communications gap in O f' Roggen,' Rev. $.55. decade of extremely rapid so- ial and scientific change. |lot U. S. Civil Service examiners | for the air reserve technician pro- 'grarri, 3«th Troop Carrier Wing. Medium (Reserve 1 , Hamilton Air r"or« Base. Calif. ante agents and sa a result wind up with good protection against small losses, but small protection against potentially brge los-si-s, a University of Oregon study indicates. son A. Rockefeller, lamented the ti un 7-^65. City of Greelev, Rev continuing division of society, es- --- pecialiy the business world, into $935. Kathleen P. Utilcr to Grace M. Kiggs, Lots 12, 13. 14. 15 and 16, Block 1. Beggs Addition, Town Edward I. Varvcl Jr. and Virginia Sue Varvel to Dwaine D "We cannot afford to flounder Kurtz and Nancy I. Kurtz Lot in a communications vacuum 25. Block 3. Fairacres, City of : hile science and technology . . reshape our world," he said. To a point, much business aid E. Jones and Lorraine Marette Jones, a parcel of land located in the SE« of SWii of Sec- ion 6-1-W, Rev. $.55. Alci Krom and Lyda Krom to Villis D. Ford and Betty Luc Ford, Ixts 5 and 6, Block 19, This year about 3.000 executives T o w °.of Evans. Rev. $4.95. Cecil R. Elmore and Emily A. Elmore to Charles \V. Lamb, part of the NWtt of Section 30-3-48. Town of Evans, Rev. $4.95. Marjoric W. Schumacher to Michael Goelter. that part of Lot 1. Block 95, City of Greeley, Rev. $9.35. 5 years, couldn't pinpoint them. "It's very difficult to appraise wecisely," said H. P. Schoeck, ersey Standard director of executive organization and development. "The real value is not so much he subject matter as in the in- ormal rubbing of shoulders will tigations to determine the cause men from very different businesses, from labor, the academic world, the military and govern ment." Robert Mitchell, a vice president of Mattel!, Inc., Hawthorne, Calif., toy manufacturer, laid Greeley. Rev. $25.85. Barbara M. Turecek to Don- Civil Strvict Applications are being acceptec 'or present and future vacancies as reserve technicians (male only) for the position of supervisory general supply officer. GS- ives back to school in the past ". with a salary of $5,540 per an num at the following bases: Luke Air Forte Base, Arizona am March Air Force Base, Califor ia. Additional information and ap plication forms may be obtainet from any post office or from the directors. San Francisco Region U. S. Civil Service Commission 630 Sansome St., Son Franciso 11, Calif, and the Director, Den ver Region, U. S. Civil Servici Ftr PrtKrifrtitns.--Adv. JUSF THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Give her a LIFT .?J%£ with a GIFT LAYAWAY YOURS TODAY! Here's a gift she'll really appreciate a genuine HOOVER! OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST! EVERY DAY IS SALE DAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Remember the address -- 9th St. at 15th Ave. PERRY'S VACUUM CENTER Authorized Hoover Sales and Service 1501 9th St. open Friday Night Phone: 353-0759 The burial of victims started most of its middle and senior ex- growth," Mitchell said. ecutives have gone through UCLA program attended by Bell. "I think there's some connection between our educational! tale governments were getting philosophy and the company's eady to start investigations. Lewis Evans, state secretary o mines, appointed a five-member nvestigative group made up our mining inspectors and ilectrical inspector. Evans said the official invest [ation will start next Monday lie first phase will be a physical inspection of the mine. Then public hearings will be leld to go over evidence turnec up by the inspection, Evans sail Federal and state mine inspec ors have been assigned to tli mine on continuous duty to pro ect physical evidence, th« secre-j ary added. No coal is being dug in any o! he three Robena mine sections. A federal order prohibiting mining was issued shortly after th« ex- dosion last Thursday. Jftlintri Try Hook CHICAGO - A steel hook is being tested on the belliTM of some giant commercial jetliners. It's to prevent overshooting landings by hooking onto wire across runways. NOTICE TO CRKD1TOH* !· the CnN»tr Court la »4 tmt the C«»lr of Well ··· State wf Cnlorid* No. 80«1 Efltftte of FLORENCE M. HEILMAN. Deceaned. All peraonn having c 1» I nl · alnst the above named eatMe e required to f l l o them for al- wance In the County Court of eld County, Colorado, on or here the 23rd day of May, 1DIJ Rftld clalmi shall b forever arred. ANNA E RAUB Executrix 1LLIAM R. KELLV .tornoy he Greeley Dally Tribune ov. 21, 28, Dec. 5, 12, 1962. Hootxin Birds Bow GEORGETOWN, British Guiana --Mother and father hoalzin, tree-climbing birds of eastern South America, exchange formal »ws before changing places at a nest of incubating eggs. NOTICE TO CRKDlTOBt la lie County Court In Una tor the County of Weld »d flute of Colorada No. 91U Estate o f D A N I E L ECKHARDT a/k/a DAN ECKHARDT JecPased. A l l persons having r l a i m i gainst the above named estate are required to f i l e them for al lowance In the County Court o Weld County. Colorado, on o] before the 3rd day of J u n e , 19B1 or said claims shall be forevei barred. BKRTHA ECKHARDT Administratrix W i n t e r Hhade A t t o r n e y s at Law 309 10th Ave. ';r"-!ey, Colorado The Oreeley Dally Trlbun* llnr.. 6, 12, 18, 26, 15!2 CHRISTMAS HAND TOOLS POWER TOOLS TENNIS TABLE TOPS BASKETBALL BACKBOARDS TRAIN TABLES WALL PANELING CEILING TILE MANY, MANY OTHER ITEMS You Get Gold Bond Stamp* With Every Purchat* GREELEY BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. 630 26th Street TREE DELIVERY 3I2-M44 NOTICE TO CREDITOR!! the County Conrt In unit for the ;«B»tr ot Weld Slulr itf L'olnmilo No. SI 12 K n t a t c of EDDIE 0. K Y B A C H , eccaeed. All pcmonn h a v i n g ' claim' r a l n n t the aliovo named estate re required to file them for ml wance In the County Court '«\A County, Colorado, on or re the 3rd dny of Juno, 1962 r naiil claims shall he forever arrcd. KDNA I,. 7.YUACH homas A. Ill chard non t t o r n t y f o r K n t a U 22% Sth A v f i n u e lcy, Colorado ( I r c f i l e y Daily Tribiin« 2H, Dec. 6, 12, 1 Chariie Suffers Uneasy Bladderi Unwiw eating or drinVinji may he A tourcc of mild, hiU annoying bladder Irrilation*-- making you feel rcMfcs*, len«, and iincomfonablr. And if rrstlc" ninlils. uilli n;ipi»inii I.ini'k-i.hc. headache or rriiiMjihr m lir^ and pniiM due to ovcr-cxc.-iifln. Mrain or cum- lional upset, ate aildina lo v 0 ur mi«ry - dun'l wait ny Dttan s f'iilv noan'i I'ilU ail 1 Rays for specify relief. I -- 'Micy have a sonihinfi cfTcti tin l.'htUcr irtiLilinnv 2- A fasl p.iin- tclioiiiR atlim on mfiuinK backache, h'idachfi, mufculitr ainc% ami p.iinv 3 -- A uufttlerfulfy mild diuretic auiion thru the Ljdntyi. (Ciclint to incfr,T.c (he ojitnut of ihe I 1 - mitrt of kidney tiiht*. So. pei ihe «mc hippy relief million* have enjoyed for over 60 advantage of this SENSATIONAL OFFER! Bob Holub, 8th Ave. at 12th St. i WINTER APPLIED ON SOUND TIRE BODIES OR 01 YOUR OWN TIRES 12-MONTH ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE (plut timoiK Flrtttont Lllellm. Gutrtntt*) honored at more than 60,000 locations in all 60 States and Canada Our Winter Trtadi, identified by Medallion and ihop mark, are GUARANTEED TOYS 1. Ajfjinnt normal ro*d hxurdi (»iccpt irpnlntil* puncturm) ·ncotmUrM in mj[ar c»r tnc fur \7- month*. proritnt o rwr and ImwJ on Hut pricw current at Unw o( A Full Line . Up To You know what you're getting when you buy FIRESTONE I This coupon worth one do Urn on pure ha 10 of ALUMINUM SNOW SHOVEL with slcul edge ~ Coupon For cnnvcn- tenc«, Nile for the larse lire. Get Dotn'iPtlJilodiyi Store Gtrntr Kth A\p. nt 12lli SI. ph. .l:,24ni7

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