Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 21, 1970 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1970
Page 28
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Pajte 28 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., May 21, 1970 Horoscope Forecast BU Carroll Righter FRIDAY, MAY 22 loverlook some payment that is I Procrastination , could GENERAL TENDENCIES:! due. Find the right way to show [trouble with others. Be sure There are changes in your mate you are devoted. Be!that your diet is right and that future now. You would be wise to re-evaluate present conditions and make necessary changes. Study your relationship with one who misunderstands what you say or who likes to create problems just so he can appear important by solving them, but be subtle about it. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Take care obligations of your personal happier. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) your health. |you take exercise to improve Show a partner that your efforts are aimed at mutual benefits and more success. You have to MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Contact as many persons you know today so that use finesse and tact in handling you can discuss ideas, joint a problem that comes up', aims. Enjoy hobbies together suddenly. Make that important'and have a good time. Spend phone call in the evening. i the evening going over ac- GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) counts, reading letters carefully · for something you might have missed. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Keep busy at your work and prompty. Don't 1 you steer clear of trouble. 9:30 'til 5:30 MON. THRU SAT. FRIDAY 'til 8:30 MITH'S known for quality 102 9th ST. 353-1760 glen of michigan Greek Revival Pant Set Striped tie see-through top. It's all cotton, so you know it's carefree. Flare pant in white. Sizes 6 to 14. int frront By HELOISE CRUSE oie All corrttpondtnct ptrUining tt tht HcleJM column ilvould b. m«iltd directly to HileiM, King Ftaturet Syndicate, 235 E. 45th Strict, New York, New York 10017. Here is an idea I got from my 10-year-old daughter (I have four of them). Patricia needed a piece of material to make an apron In school. Since I sew a lot 1 had a large enough piece from a dress that I made for myself. The Melodians, an ecumenical music group from Denver, will present the program for the meeting of the Amico Club on June 5 at the First Congrega- .ional Church, it was announced fuesday. Recommended by several Amico Club members, the group will bring a varied program ,,-- -- - _ . which includes the music of new one starting up at the rate guitar, saxophone, harmonica, After she had made it at school she gave the apron to me as a gift. One day 1 had on the same dress (a dressy one) arid needed an apron, so I just reached for one and happened to pick that one. Later, I had to pick the girls old divider away and went looking for somewhere to use it. Guess where I found use for it? In my spool drawer. Put all the spools of thread in the divider. They just fit perfectly. Sherrie Carlson still got was when Take care you do not annoy "P from school to go shopping higher-ups or ihose at home or and when I got out of the car you get into trouble at this I my oldest daughter laughed and p a r t i c u l a r time. Unusual]said, "Mom, you've -"" --' situations come up but you can | your apron on." That lake care of them easily and I the idea struck me. Why not make an apron for each dress that I made and use this for entertaining at home? You can always purchase a well. Be clever. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) New oullels can help much in i improving present conditions, your position in life, so study!little extra material and it takes j t h e m seriously, intelligently. A ; j u s t a short time to make the I new contact gives you good!apron. i ideas. Listen carefully. LIBRA (Sept. 2,1 to Oct. 22) Much more attractive than the regular hostess aprons. You J B e sure you study those jean hardly tell you have one : i monetary affairs carefully. Find on like I d'id. : i the right answers to problems. Hazel You have fine business acumen and should use it to advantage That's the niftiest cover-up now. Be active and get the right job and no one the wiser! results. | SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) j You have a most determined Heloise Dear Heloise: I purchased a container with one dozen eggs and when I removed them I found three were stuck to the carton. To avoid cracking them, I lefi the three in the carton and pui the carton (with the eggs stil in it) in cold water. Allowec this to soak until carton fell apart. Result--eggs stayed Intact. Mrs. R. A. Flinn Copyright, 1970, King Features Syndicate, Inc. Dear Heloise: | attitude that makes it unwise' My husband gave me a small ifor you to consult with an:paint brush with all pure i associate now who is just as bristles and said to use this to i stubborn as you. If you cannot dust my records. record cabinet and each record before I put it off, try to compromise Gets the dust off right away ;·· instead. Don't make unkind.and very little trouble. fi| remarks to another. i I just leave the little brush !:;! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to in the »i Dec. 21) A personal problem'"paint" f: : icould deter you from getting | play it. : into activities that bring greater · success and having better '.. conditions around you that you'Dear Heloise: want. Relax and get into the! Junior League To Sponsor Daisy Day in Denver Junior League of Denver Inc. will sponsor Daisy Day at Elitch Gardens in Denver June G, to raise money for'its Community Trust Fund. Melodians from Denver To Perftrm for Amico singing. The program has been designed to be interesting to all. Miss Daisy Blom of Englewood is the piano accompanist for the group. Dinner will be served as usual at li:15 p.m. and the program will begin at 7:30 p.m. New Colleges WASHINGTON - Community colleges are increasing fast, a of one a week. They now enroll in addition to vocals and group 2 million students and expect to double their enrollments by I960. Eyes Opened MUFUUUA, Zambia (AP) Members of the Watchlower sect arc supposed to keep their eyes tightly closed when co-religionists undergo their baptismal rites. Fortunately, someone had his eyes open when Davison Ka- pysa was dipped in the Kafue River in the presence of 200 Watchlower members. A crocodile grabbed Kapysa's leg but the solitary peeper gave the alarm before the replile could drag its victim off. Kapysa was saved and underwent herbal treatment. What a Time it is! And, what a buy atZales Choose from our large selection .' of 17-JewelElginsr *"""!,.,,* All monies raised for the func are returned to the community via trained volunteer help. Ad- Mrs. M. R. T.'ministrative and operating costs I are paid entirely by member- I s h i p dues. Did vou ever think of taking! One ticket entitles the holder| ' work ahead of you/Be clever, - a piece of used, crinkled,ilo free parking, free gr.-te ad-i : CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 In JanJwadded-up foil iind using it for mission to Elitch's, free rides, 20) Discussing a problem with draining your bacon? this is,from noon to midnight, free pu]-| . | an associate sees it cleared up'especiaaly good if you warm j pet shows and children's thea-! ; (nicely Be calm in the face of the foil in your oven. ter productions. A higher priced! ; 'emotionalism Don't advise, As soon as you lift the bacon j ticket offers all of the above others w h a t ' t o do right now, out of your skillet, lay it on I mentioned, plus, for two adults, ' since they are not in the right,the crinkled foil! You will find two hours of cocktails, a buffet : imoo d j t h a t the excess grease will AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. drain down into the foods in the 19) Be careful that others do bottom of the foil, inot pusli you into doing things Besides, the heat of the foil ' t h e i r wav! Show that vou are!lakes more grease out of the 'poised and have the best, bacon, judgment. Be observant b u t : make little comment where! supper and dancing to the mus-i ic of "Les Brown and his Bandj of Renown" until midnight. Tickets for the event may be purchased from Mrs. Harry Peters, 2141 S. Alton Way, Den Reader ver. or by sending a self-ad| dressed stamped envelope to Junior League Headquarters, 690 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, 80222. Checks should be made /.·Iothers are concerned. Be smart.BETTER OF THOUGHT : PISCES (Fob. 20 to Mar. 20) I Dear Heloise: '-! Study ideas of others carefully i '''"= friend with whom I so that vou will 1-now which correspond regularly knows I do payable to The Junior League . J o n e s are practical and,TM! get a Sunday paper. Each of Denver Inc. ; .'workable. Get Ihat strngei w e c k she d 'P s Heloise to m- ·, problem solved satisfactorily.:dude i" her letter and do I : S\m\v that you have a good ever appreciate it! : | mind. | I IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN ; I TODAY . . . lie or she will Dear Ilcloise: C. C. Most Letters MANCHESTER, N.H. - The Manchester Union Leader claims that it publishes more letters to be one of those charminc voune J have a 13-month-old the editor than any other U.S. ' p o p l e who w t t s t o Tink i daughter who is at that curious newspaper _ G'053 last year i e v e r v I h i n g out thoroughly. |s t a g e ; opening drawers,: The space they o c c u p i e d ! Teach this child early to go to cabinets, etc amounted to 3J2 pages. i higher-ups for advice and ideas! So to keep her busy I cleaned! S a n d then career here can be out one floor cabinet lined it; most successful and your:*" 1 ' --olo.-rul paper, and filled I progeny will be better able to ll with her toys. cop! w i t h necessary change. The 1 let ly know hat thi These come very slowly for! was . llcrs imd the rest of the iyour child, but they have t o :cabmels were mine. ,'be met wisely. Give a college| t worked, .education if at all possible.j ISome chance to travel early mu ·a YOUR CHOICE OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY! ZALES . · JEWELERS. -V ' We're nothing withoujtiyour love. 806 8th St. Uie Your BonkAmericord Open Friday till 8:30 352-6957 A Young Mother Dear Heloise: I have always had trouble also wise. "The Stars impel, thev do not - : · , , 4 i,,.-_,i ·icompel." What vou make of keeping my spooIs of th ead your life is largely up to vou! [untangled ana. fiom rolling io7n " !around m the drawer. 1970 ' I Recently, I solved McNaught Syndicate', Inc.) Euphemistic Invitation i.: tph p n ! FRANKFORT. Ky. ( A P ) -l. K l!---: ? ;Rep. R. K. Keith, R-IIodgen- i. jville, presented Democratic i iHonse Speaker Julinn Carroll of · [Paducah with a plaque during ; ithe legislative session in!scribed: "You are cordially in;' vited lo Ihe theological place of eternal punishment." . : '. Carroll responded that he lias . ; j never been told where to go so : .politely. problem when I got a new silverware divider for my I haled to throw the ! Heard At The Shop From "Dear Sir" to Sincerely Yours" in 7 seconds By Irvin Martin 'Sooner or laler. a pranrtpnrent l i e p i n s In wonder why nnliies ;u-f: e n t r u s t e d to yonng people, j :| ! : ' T h e i-nlleun professor wlm| rumps in l- r ' m i n u t e s l a t e is rare in f;n:L. llo'H ill u clasp hy h i m s e l f . Camisole Top Pant The Look of Ihe 70's is the J. V. Smith Woman. $10 $20 $20 ;\\'o ,-isketl a new liriclc wo know 1 hmv IOIIK Him inlemleii tn keep : \ v n r k i n i r . "Krom lions to i n n l m i i - ;ty," she replied. The New RemingtonTM R-2 Desk Copier . . . Twice as fast as any other desk copier --Up to 30 copies a minute--first copy in 7 seconds Unique feed mechanism Up to 775 copies without refilling SEE IT AT i :.\ lei-nnicer \ve k n o w \vi-iirs h i s , j p . m l s so s k l n - t i f i l i l . t h e y de-; j veloped arne. | MilK the Koiul." I :One t l i i n c yon should u n t r h f o r ^ ! t h ( ) P ' : W h i s t l e s y o u ' l l CP| w h e n , · ; y o t r v p dint-Mi R ^'i'--- n t ^ T a r t i n 1 Heiiiity Salon, !"0fi l n i l i S t f e t . , I For an a p p o i n t m e n t telephone. "Everything for the Office" 13d3 Sth Avo. made b color... for your special occasions! For those important events, when you want everything to be just so, including the color of your shoes, pick a pretty Fanfares tintable. We'll color it for free! Choose our tall, tantalizing style or our '30's-shaped shoe with slant-cut heel...both with nothing but '70's style! Open Thursday and Friday Night* 'til 8:30

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