Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 19, 1955 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 7
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· LONDON'.'WI'r-.'Princwi'. Margaret,-, who rates on nearly everyone's, list 'of best dressed women, . itunned style experts Sunday with · costume.''for; the,"races which they : lay .violates · the '· rules of f»shion. : i'i\iv- : ;.-.:'; ·:** I I ^ J '"She, shocks-the fashion world,'!. · aid a.front page headline in one Sunday piper, The People. ',- '.--,- " the pretty. Princess ipo rted vthe costume.when she went to the races the'":stylists criticized her, th«y! admitted they' were' intrigued by her unconventional gelup, which consisted of: . ' - i. A itocking-like · goblin hat - of heavy soft/material, a short" cloth coat'with mannish lapels " a n d ' ' a fur collar, a dress.of different, ma- teriarthjm the coat--yit coat'and dress have 1 large matching 'black buttons. suede_shoe r s, suede:handbag,' but--but!--pigskin gloves,'- Three'of'London's'best known fa'shion exnerls--who begged that they remain unidentified --.looked t the costume -and" gasped.'.'- '*- · Said No. 1:, . . . . . . . ' . . . . - - - , "It seems a 1 strange 'blend. 'e-'f town . a n d - country -wear, and neither- Js" the'' right thing for a race meeting. You'can't mix suede shoes and suede handbag' with pigskin gloves." . ' . ' .".'i . Said No, 2: - "The.coat is--loo : short i for? a h ( ordinary coat and nol short enough for a'short one. To my : eye'the' collar is wro"ng' ; a'n'd the lapel'line is not- at- all smart. However, ,it!s daring of her t o ' w e a r it." Said No: 3: .'". ' . "1 can't follow, the .style. With that tunic it's .-essential that the dress should be of the' same material. The. Princess'/defies the ruie. Yet" she's .matcHed the'but- tons. Extraordinary,''"to Bay' the leasl, and different." ' · ' s" Oh yes, with all this. Margaret wore a string of pearls. And--she had two winners.:^!-- .:."-.. : ' Twb Held for t K ; ; ! Confidence-Game ; COLORADO SPRINGS_WI -- Two aihiogtoh, state men''were held ire Sunday.Jor.investigation of onfidence game. ...-,'' ·Detective Chief Homer Bealtie ie'ntUied them as Clarence Everett easori," 34, ; of^KenhewIck','. Wash., id John Franklin Harris,.il, of c'nnewick.' No-charge! ha've been ed../, , ;· ",;-·.;·,·(·*.· v'-; Beattie slid th« pair and'a third in he identified as Claude hi put- in at Kennewlck passed a total of bad checks.for,$6,779 in Washington stale. · ' ' . ' ''·^·'"·"^ He scid-Beason and Harris were rrestsd -Wednesday, st 'aii' office icy. had rented in the name of a 5n-existent]cphsiruction firm. KEENESB.URG'. -- . Water pros- jects are: brrgh'ter^than last year i 'th'e.-.Henrjlyir district which ih- ludes ·.'.lands '. in · 'the Hudson, {eenesbjirg :and-,Prospect Valley 'and 'part'"'of : . the ; Rbggen re'a in southeastern Weld'Couhiy! -Barr- Lal[e-,will; have -received s first; right ; on Christmas Day nd from then-. on' will alternate ' ' SixAutoists Killed by Trains in GILLETTE, Wyp. «1 -- Wyoming counted six persons dead Sunday, Including five teenagers, as the result .of two-' separate 'train-vehicle crashes within a five-hour period. Four boys and a girl were killed Instantly at 7:05 'p.m. Saturday when lheir_ pickup' truck was cmashed by a' Chicago, Burlington St passenger:. tr'auv at a" crossing just'.west' of Gillette' in - * - ' ' . The victims;,were,identifies .by police as Daryl Johnson, 16; Dale Saylor,.16, and his brother, Gary 15; Glenna Phillips, 15, all of Gillette; and Robert Seifert, about 18 of Scottsbluff, Neb.- '}. "About 11:30 p.m.-'Saturday Mrs Dpttie Kelly, 52, was killed instantly v*ien her car was 'rammed by a Burlipglon freight train at i crossing in'downtown Thermopolis, in north central Wyoming. '."The passenger train, · eastbound ' f o r Lincoln, Neb., front';Billings Jlont., did not · leave; the") tracks and none of 'its passengers was reported hurt. ..".. ! -;'*-. ;.Investigating officers' said thej were unable to determine which o the teenage occupants .was driving the truck. It was registered, to George Seifert" of Scottsbluff, po lice said. *.' ; '? f..'";'.' ' » \'.\,: Parts of the truck were strwn IS yards along 'the 'railroad right-of way. jTwo of the bodies were found in trie-tangled wreckage of the truck ^hile the olher three victims werr thrown'clear. -. i.'.J I'Mrs. Kelly, a willow, was -killec while returning home from a Ther niopolis cafe where she was em ployed as a cook. She was within afhlock of her the. time of the accident. Witnesses said th street'oii "which she Twas traveling was 'coated ..with.: ice.; She .,w» ' thrown fro hi the auto ind her body tumbled .dowii a 15-foot .embank men!. The auto was dragged Sboii 200 feet by the train, Police Chie Mike Patti said. · ·'. : J!rs. Kelly is survived by.threi sons, John Austin and Harold ;inc Howard Kelly, twin's, u'-- '··''· ''-i ·fj. L. Nan, engineer aboard thi locomotive, and A. 1. Hunnals, con diictor, both of Greybull, Wyo., sai the (rain was traveling about 20 m'.p.h. when it hit iMrs; Kelly' car. . , j .i- : -,'.- ;.' 'The six deaths increased Wyoming's traffic fatality toll to 138 compared with 143 at this tim last year. . i Has. Broken NEW YORK «1 --Phyllis Me giitre, youngest of the singing Me · guire sisters, has a broken jaw Her husband broke it in^ a friend! rough-house, game.;. '.''·'.,- j, ' ·;'. jiThe sisters'/.who^.-Avarble'.'on -^th (Arthur Godfrey shows, wiljJiaye'i do without Phyllis probably for sey eral wecks.^She's in.i hospital »n her jaw i« .wired jo help it h«ilc y i |Last'week 'an'olfcr Mc'gulfe sis ter, IJorothy, filed .a counteriu for divorce iiiinst .her-hu«b*nd Sgt. John H. Brown, in Floridi. in . filling '·'.with'; ' Henrylyn. Wesleni Airline'Would; Reijt flaries toother,. ·/·· Lines, if jStf ike '. ' Monday, Dec. 19/19?5 - ;'. bREfiLEY.-TRIBUNE^·; Pif« 7 respect re'serVqir has 16 feet on le gate"'; of? captured flood water aughl i,the fall rains. Lord reservoir is 'holding water setter than ever before: It is be- eved that ; cloiidburjts of the late alj carried 1 enough -silt into the ake to partially seal it.and^ some 'a.ler wiU:be~cafned"l6¥g enough or sprin'g.'.u'se. 1 V ' ' . Prospect ·; Valley i '! farmers who eed more- ditch w a t e r . to supple- nenl their irrigation wells are al- 0 inquiring -into !;· prospects of getting Grand. Lakt.^water as it . handled through the Den- 'er-t Hudson 'canal'now that the kmth Platte. canal of the Grand .ake project' !is ncaruig. comple- ip'n and is in actual .use.: - - . ' . A considerable amoujit'of Grand Lake water allotted. ' t o ' ditches under the. Poudre may become available .to . users .in southern Veld Counly. due to wafer »Uottee» eing unable to get an" agreement rom- some canal companies to ar'ryVGrand Lake water at favor- ble terms.' · . . . ' - . .Fact-thai water ai|ollees ,wilf be issessed $1".50 an acre foot on their illotmenls annually- payable "'just is a tax- is payable^ahd the crying need-bf -more water in .both southeastern and southwestern Weld County seems to make the t r a n s - er of a large amount of Grand e' water from north of Greeley o,. .south of ; Greeley.- 1 . in the near uture a practical certainty. inquiries · are _ already being made into the s'ubject by water users from the Henrylyn and xmgmont districts. Spokesmen for one group of Big 1 allottees at..the weekend termed h e ' proposals t o v d a t e of Water ;ujpply:-'t:.St6rage.. 'company direc- ors to 'carry Cptorado Big Thompson water, 'to the 'allottees .lands the Fort Collins,. Pierce nnd Ault districts "hostile" and "im Kjssible." .. LOS- ANGELES I* ;-M Western Air 'Lines .announced ! Sunday th»t if 'ill pilots ''strike^ 'is'- scheduled Wednesday · the company '.will offer to 'lease its 'equipment to competing (scheduled air lines '-'during the Christmas season. -'.'' r ^ : ' . . - · ' · The 'Air Line 'Pilots; Ass^r has set a strike time at sV.nW Wednesday -after negotiations, over- a.sup- plemental '· -pensions "plan'..' broke down.- The »ir lirie.serves ] 2 western' states 'nnd Canada, and'ALPA represents Us-- XI pilots'. \ : · ,.-..-. ·Howard Jones, -union regional representative,- (declined to /.comment on the. announcement by Company. President ''.Terrell ' C. Drinkwatbr that WAL:.wpuld offer to lease its : a ire raft.- Jones pointed put^ that . the pilots of.: scheduled competing. .lines arc 'organized; · · : H I he, walkout 'is called, Drinkwater declared, "The company will promptly offer, wherever feasible, to lease'its flight equipment to our scheduled airline competitors to be flown by tlicir crews, so that holiday travel plans will he interfered with' as; little. as possible.',' ,. . . - . . . . " ^ ; sorry.s'pectacle,", he added, .'/to see our 'pilots, many of .whom receive wages in excess of $17,000.8 year,. plus. many, v'alu- able .welfare; bGtiefils,^ for. an .average work week of 20 f)ours, walking;? picket line m utter disregard of . the plans and .convenience .of the-many'thoOsands-of people who have ^majde reservations on ..\Vest : orn's,! flights during .theibus'y holi- da'y season.'.', . . . . ' . . . . v . 'Jones look issue with Drlnkwa- ler's definition of a pilot's 20-hour work week. f i ' ' - : iHe, regulations limit pilots to 83. '.flying hours ja 'month. This does hot 'include th'e time a pilot is "on. the deck ; at way ^sta^ lions." Pilots also must spend con-: stderable time .at company, ground schools,' in pilots', conferences and in' debriefing conferences' after flightif he. «Bld..' ·'···:;·'. V. 1 -, :·,"·-: 3 Killed When Jet;|l||| at Lincoln Auto Windows in Greeley Police and sheriff's deputies were searching pvr the . weekend .for v a n d a l s - - w h o . drove through ' the southwest'-residence 'districts, -,'oi Greeky late'f Saturday--hight .anc early/Sunday smashing automobile \Vindow5 and in some cases also breaking off radio aerials and other accessories 'of the. cars. ; ;: By Sun'day npon'cix Greeley residents had-.reported'(car windows arid winds.hields' smashed to the police who expected to receive olb- cr belated reports. Among.those reporting vandalism were: '.Gerald Gardner, 1831 Twelfth' Jw£j -pile 'Major,' 1823 Twelfth, St;;-'. E. : ; V. Mason, 1304 Thirteehth'»V(J'.';' : Robert Lehr, 234C Seventh SI.; Clark Madison 2448 Seventh ave.; Deputy Sheriff Harry Mills, 1005 Mountain ave. 'All the cars damaged,were a residences.-- Rocks, [were-' used to break 1 windows'" and'·'. windshields None of'the people'sulferirig dam a g e - k n o w af any reason for the vandalism. Admiral C«knia'n DI«s CPIXIRADO SPRINGS, Colo. Wl --Rear Adm. Aibirt'Kellogg More house,· S5,·; commander, of Naval forces,'df the.Ccntinenfal Air De fcnse Command since September of^liafifdied Sunday at his home here o fa heirt.'.aUack. · A CONAD 'announcement said he had suffered recently from a heart ailment. '. l · Ike Turns Deaf Demand He Declare Self (Continued from Page 1) speak a few words of holiday* greet- ijgs to his fellow countrymen.oira nationwide radio-TV-; "Pageant : oi Peace" program. \ ' V " - ".,·· tHe and Mrs. Eisenhower "have stirted Bailing thousands of greeting cards to weU-wishers'thiroughp '.he natton:and around the globe.''His 'news secretary, James C Hagerty,-announced..that ? the:E/ sehhpwers will return to Washing Ion Wednesday to spend Christmas at the White House with their .son and daughter-in-law and"! ! grandchildren;- - Y ' . y v ;' A golden 'telegraph kcy',;'pres"ent : id.Ionium byVthe'^WestertV.Union Telegraph Co^in 1954,' hiclft;for lighting the/giant..Christ mas tree on th-grounds'* of the White House in Washington. i The ceremony was part'of-Vprp: ?ram h e r a l d i n g ' t h e beginning ol the observance of a holiday season dedicated to this country's devotion .to peace and goodwill among men everywhere. · 11 came at'a time when pressure was building up in 'some GOP quarters for a "yes" or\no"^ answer shortly-after the end--of January on whether.he'Avili be the^Hepubli can standard ^bearer again/nexi year. ." J - '-'.- ./ ' "*" ':ti Proponents/of an : early answer led by Sen. Knowjancj Tof Califqr ma, thc'VSenate , minority .leader found little hope in a weekend "m«.d ical report from a staff "of physi cians headed by Dr. Paul Dudlej While, the Boston heart specialist I While Dr.'White saM.the.65-year old Eisenhower is -'out of danger| froW the, September seizure, hit said it-will be· rnid-PlebYuary fore it will be'k'nqwn'hpw'itie Pres Ideht's damaged heart stands^up tinder increasing mental and phys ical activity; . . _ , . ' . m ' f : - Dr". .White" indicated;he L want« the^Freifdetit^o be .exposed to foui or five weeks,ot the-rfull load o presidential, \vork before'.making'i medical estimate of fhV"ability'o his (the President's heart) (o stahi the worfc of the\White-HoOse;'' t ''.-;-- v \ Plans for the" President-tpVjniovi South/-possibly-. "t6:AugVsta,Ga; are beginning to-Uke^ahapeiiPhy sicians have recommended a warm er climate than his farm home a Gettysburg offers. The doctors wan him to fly South right after Christ mas for a fortnight,- to. be broken only by t/.brief "return -tp'rWash ington for the Jan. 8-rccdnvening of Congress.- -|,0h their.advice, .he has decidei against.^ personally^ deliveririgVhi Stale'-'of i .lhejUnidn^message^ to ~i joini J 8ession,- : ""about-Jan. 4. ^r·{;-:· J Thc'docfoVs wanit^thevPrcsiden to proceed on a'schedule of stead ly increasing activity.Sboth phys'i dal and mental/building iip ''to hi r'nll 'inh " " 'jf' -;*' % ' : ·-'·-'- " ;/·./, :LINCOLN,' Neb. ; tn-Three : per- qris ^were killed and a hangar vas destroyed, ; by: fire.-wheh',a Na- ypjet ·'fighter' plane-.ran'wild; on flight line Sunday'at the Lincoln .ir .Force' Base, · ' · : . . ' . - . . ' . - ! · ' One. of. the'- dead. was the; pilot. :pdies'of the other .two .were re- idved.' fro m ' the - Hangar ru ins. . A-.,totaI. ; bf.. : seven aircraft vas cstrp'yed.'.wHeri' tKe"--fighter. i plane haccpuhtably, devetoped 100 per ent power and-jumped ils.chocks', vhile preparing for. flight One .of IheYdeslrpyed Icraft was Navy', patrol;- bomber, 'through .·hose : midsectipn the runaway ghter'plungcd. ''.'-. v -,. ' ' ·.'·'·' The'pilot .was · identified as 'Lt: j.g.) Verrion R: Ch'apman, Jr., 25, f Grand Island, Neb.,, a Korean ' veteran now a week-end war- ior.-. , ..,',. , ;,".._ .'. .',.'... Another .: was . A i r Controlman v irst Class Kenneth* .C.. Newman; 4, of Lincoln. 'The. third,.victim vas Air Cohtrolman Third Class lubert ' Lee Tracy, "39,. of Liri- qln.^ / · ; / ' - . · . " · : ·'. -Lt.. Chapman was a jncinbcr of eserve squadron in for weekend raclicc. His plane firsl slruck a alrol bomber (P2V4), plunged hrough another .bomber, hit the ail of a twin-englne'training plane nd plunged into-the hangar, its et still spurting flame. I.t.-.Roy- Highberg, .Navy com- land liaison officer, said witnesses slimatcd its speed from '4fi .to 02 liles per hour.. Inside the .hangar he runaway craft plowed .through single engine atlack bomber, and amc 16' rest .against another. A hird plane .inside, the hangar was urned. .. - ·- . i .Aircraft, in another bay of the Id' wooden hangar' were pushed ut and saved. Dozens of men were .inside Ihe iperation^s .office.and other- offices loused in the hangar. ·'LI: Highberg,: one o f - t h o s e in Us hangar, sajd:,- -' =*--*·"- "I heard'this- whining noise" and bought somebody was buzzing us. . looked out and I saw this plane :oming ' and I ^wondered why h vas headed for 'the hangar. The ilane. broke into flames almost immediately." · '. Four; other-, persons suffered minor 1 injuries. ., · ca full'job." Typhoon Misses I wo TOKYO Ul -- Typhoon. Ruth Sal urday narrowly missed.the islani' fortress of Iwo^Jiir.^'^^^ roarec on northeast along a 600-mile wid swathi. : of j'the Pacific.. f ^.| -;v '(.'.The mtich-feared storm;.was. lo cated Saturday 140 miles'east Iwo by the U.. S. Air Force,-sti packing winds of up to 115' mile per hour. - . - - . ' , . ExpcrU ^believe there are ove 1JS million mentally retarded.p«o pie in the Upited States.' Mrs. Oiirsler Dies NEW , Oursler, , 55, ; wldowVpf the '.author in d ' editor.'- and · herself · an uthor who wrote'* number! ;bf books 'and movie plays,'' and. editor. pI'Guide- ' i e d Friday. Storms Lash , SAN FRANCISCO'«!"-- 'Howling winds 'arid- rain 'lashed' northern California'/Suriday;..night, : ;:.bre'akini ilate' glass 'windows -in' San' ; Fr'an- cijcp'l toppling'.trees.'.riiihing roofs i nd'- stopping, three: television sta- :ions"'from broadcasting.' ; : '' Stations ·' KGO-TV-' and KPIX which' u s e ' t h e ; sa'me transmitting :ower,-were forced to interrupt pro grams'when.Pacific.Gas and Elec- ric'Co,.power lines failed..Station KRON-TV.,,was interrupted twice 'or a total .of 10 minutes and then started using an emergency power ystem. . ' , . - - · ' - . / ' -.....' One hundred mile an hour gusts were reported atop Ml, Tamalpais north of Golden Gage. . ' ' , . : , Gale 'warnings were posted short iy after noon along the'.Pacific Ocean coast from Pojnt Reyes to Cape Blanco. ;, ' ,- Stanley Chasan, .dry cleaner" bi Johannesburg, South Africa, : s'ays he is bothered by diamonds left ir suits by 'absent-minded dia'niom "merchants. · · ' ; .' '." 50c -id' x -2 p.m/ '.Open i2':45 THE RIDE THAT iVMADEHISTORYy BLUSH! r.- . . MAOREEN O'HARA -·;..GECDRGE-NADER. . . SiZS, · 7:39, ^,5:5 Extr»j;'THE.»ufi T · ? . plui Cirtoen.'A- Newt ;hrlstm»B Gift Booki Now on * · «l Box Of(ie« ',. ·-. NOW! ENDS TUBS.! - DtRK BOGARDE · MURIEL PAVU« . WEp.^THURS. C HIE if 't-^-i. «!· ELKS CALENDAR THURSDAY, DEC. 22^-Crippled Children'i · ' Party--1:00 p.m. SUNDAY, DEC. 25r-Club Cloiedi Merry Christmas to All. MONDAY, DEC. 26-- Elks Christinas Greetings--^-10 a.m. to 1 p.m. u · - S. I "/ - . I ""' . -(Elks Blood Bank Donors Call 4000) We will b«, closed from Dec. 19 through Jan. 9 ...". .-, ...... v.-.-;..: : .' ! ' -'- '·'.;·'.'" Merry Christmas to all our friendt '.-.. -·; .. and'-.euttorneri! · · ' : -\ ' "·'*. : . · : ' ·..'·-',·: -': · ' . ' · '' Bruce^arid'Kay Carlson · · ' ' · · · THE HUT CAFE Eaton, Colo. Oqr policy of no expiBnsjve-'|.rills and ;no trading stamps, makes tjiis pos- ^ible. Conie in -e Buy Food;F6r^ Lessf; ; · . | _ . _ . . - _ , . . " : . . ' : .\:,.^.^- t ^-. i ; l ' : FEATURED 'MON.,' ttGEJSi,' 1 WEl).;.'" FRUIT COCKf Alt i ..S3?*' ·i , - THURSpAY · LOW IVIRYBAY PR1CIS ·low DEL, MONTE' BRAND:;"!'": : ·:" .^f.i; IV^IuicTc^.^, .^It'B i tl|ri_t[- . , ; It's easy ; .^ that's i)«V. -Monte"Fruit 'cecXlafl.'"peftiect for \Di»ert«'or;." iadk...:., . ; , , ; . . . . No, ,301 , e i n ^ (17. 01.) j FRUIT COCKTAIL HOSTESS DELIGHT Ti « i arien LOI ID n.iuon~ul rlpo" rruu» packed in-- he»\y jyrup Perfect for ial*di or d«i«erli No 303 can (17 01 ) 22 LOVI * Chocolate Cherries ROXBURY dark or milk chtxxlat« fovared holiday candy tor a real treat ^ ' ±. F U L L Ib box DUCHESS SALAD DRESSING " A l o p - q u a l i t y , ealnri drGBEing , ; , for the best 'salads' for.your holiday dinner," ; /-^.32 : "bi, g f a t t -;'"SAPEWAY'S P R O D U C E ' - E A T U R E - . FLORIDA ORANGES U.S. NO. 1-- MED., TO LARGE ...These -are delicious jiilcy : -'*\ . ' ·'.''· ' ! ; : ' :·''''.-" . · · : · -'-. : K .-.··· ;-j. ,.-; ,-.A~,- '.-,*·--. ·'; · oranges, niecl. is ]ge, size, ; ^f SI/E; -' ' ', - .'· ! : , ibii i Potatoes Porto Rican, Kiln dried, U.S. No. I Sweet L._l,J" Ib. lOc SAFE WAY'S MEAT FEATURE s HAMS FULLY COOKED - PREMIUM HAMS These fully cooked hams are ready' .'- m to eat, small Blzes,'10-14 Ib, average. Short shanked with all center slices left-on. : . ! ' -·· Whole or. .Full Shank Half! C Ib. U.S.D.A. inspected for wholesomeness, M ^-. Grade A for.quality, oven ready .__ Ib, T T / C 18 Ibs. and up. HEN TURKEYS-ii Manor House, oven ready; U.S.D.A. inspected for' wholesomeness, .Grade A 'for quality, 12 Ibs. and up ' v^-lb. ; Pr(c«s quoted in this ad good In Greeley -/, : 4 - 1

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