Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1969 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1969
Page 21
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Division of Germany Felt Far Beyond Physical Bars By HUBERT J. ERB Associated Prest Writer TRAVEMUENDE, Germany (AP) --. The division of Germany begins three miles out to sea. · The'first visible border guard is a big brown and black German Shepherd dog who lies in the sun, idly snapping at flies and surrounded by seagulls. Just beyond him is the beginning of. a minefield that will stretch--12-to-15 meters wide-for a distance of 1,335.9 kilometers through the heart of Germany, from the Baltic Sea to the Czechoslovakia!! border. On operational sand tables in West German frontier outposts, this minefield is colored red, not for the communist East Germans wlio planted it, but for danger. Possibly Total A couple of hundred miles to the south, a West German Customs officer raised his glasses to watch East German soldiers improve their fortifications by installing:a new concrete observation tower. To a visitor the officer emphasized, "For us, it not forbidden for a German to go to one part of Germany from another. But it could cost him his life." Asked if he thought the frontier ever would be removed and Germany reunited, the tall border official shrugged and declined an answer. "But," he added slowly, "I can tell you no German wants things along here to continue as they are now." He spoke of the 100,000 visitors a year, among them a sur- prising number of foreigners, who visit his Lower Saxony border district. "They come," he said "and they are shocked. They go away with new thoughts of what has happened to us." And even those who gamble minefield, the first East German border watchtower can be far cry from tens of thousands seen nestled among the trees. The East German border ?uard force is estimated by the West at between '60,000 and 70,000 men. Some 14,000 of them are posted on the 160-kilometer and bathe in the sun and sand at perimeter around West Berlin Travemuende, a beautiful seaside resort town north of Luebeck, also are subject to new thoughts. Directly opposite Travemu- ende, across a teeming boat channel, is . East Germany, from a green-brown point of land, the East Germans have drawn an invisible line straight out to sea that then sharply turns east to form their three- mile offshore limit. The line is aatrolled by East German naval joa'ts who see to it that no Western boat crosses over and no Eastern craft goes to sea without permission. Similarly, armed boats patrol :he Elbe River where it forms .he east-west frontier before it finally cuts-into East Germany on the way to Dresden and be- To Breakwater Along the Travemuende Channel itself, however, the East Hermans must content themselves with extending their pro- lerty claims down to the wa- .er's edge, or to where it starts jreaking. It is at the water's edge that .he big German Shepherd dog is josted, fastened to a wire along ,vhich he can patrol. Some dis- .ance from where his operational area stops just short of the Peace Corpsmen Moratorium Backing Upsets White House By JAMES R. POLK Associated Press Writer WASHING-TON (AP) - The While House is reported to be upset over public protests against the war in Vietnam by Peace Corps volunteers in at least six foreign countries. In Turkey, Peace Corps members led a silent vigil outside the U.S. Embassy. In the Dominican Republic, volunteers ran a n e w s p a p e r advertisement branding the war as unjust. Other protests took place in' four one of the volunteers who signed South American countries, coin- ""· =rf«"ii«n,nnf- «"f 'For Riding with mid-week Vietnam Moratorium protests throughout the United Staets. Officially, the Peace Corps denied the White House flap. But inside sources reporled Henry Kissinger, the President's foreign policy adviser, telephoned MARIE'S BEAUTY SALON 1903 Chestnut Ave. .- 352-2066 Mon.-Frl. (Open Evenings) Marie Armbrauter (Owner) who trekked westward prior to one of depression. where there are no mines. Another 30,000, backed up by mines, patrol from the position of the big dog down through crmany to Hof in Bavaria and ;he Chechoslovakian frontier. Their primary mission is .to stop East Germans from fleeing to the West. With their mines, guns and dogs, they do their job well. Through 1968, more .ban 160 Germans are known to lave been killed trying to get last them. Crosses mark the )laces in fields and farms, in woods and along streams where they died. For 1968, West German statis- ,ics say 1,135 East Germans managed to reach West Germany or West Berlin by crossing the Communist barriers. These are described as those who "risked their heads," a reference differentiating them from another 15,000 mostly eld- Communist permission to go dawn curfew. Dvprtufon View Although there is some strikingly beautiful ' country--the wide reaches of the upper Elbe River and the green hills of Franconian Switzerland in the Certainly, these totals are a south--the impression of the Aug. 13, 1961, when the Communists began building the Berlin Wall and throttling the long West German frontier in earnest, a task they began cautiously in 1952. "But," Herbert Fessler, a West German Customs commissar declared, ."considering the risks, the amazing thing is that they keep coming at all. Fessler said that the refugees come across at all times of the year. At Travemuende, for ample, in a hard winter they try to walk across the dividing channel when it freezes over. added, is that now those who try "can stand three or four nights their "chance, hunted like dogs and under a mental, physical refugee does get across, his con- with scouts, outposts, patrols erly East Germans who got and signal devices, runs back into'East Germany and where West to stay or who had permis- every East German must have sion for a visit and never went special permission to be. In ad- back. dition, 1 one Western officer stat- ed, Easterners living in a 500- meter zone right along the border have a permanent dark-lo- pand on their views of the front- zig-zag line through Germany is Only in the Wolfsburg area, where the Volkswagen is made some 20 kilometers from the frontier, is there any evidence of prosperity. There, for miles around, the border people go to Wolfsburg to work in plants originally put up before the war. Officially, West. Germany refers to the East-West frontier as a "demarcation line," decided on in 1944 to mark off the eventual U. S. and British zones of occupation in a defeated Germany from that of the Soviet Union. Allied forces; which had advanced far beyond the line into The big difference, the officer w |, at became East Germany and which were pointed to beat are almost all young people who the Russians to Berlin, were pulled back at war's end in 1945 hiding in the woods waiting to · conform with the zones agreed on in London. In 1955, the Russians turned over control of and spiritual pressure that tn j s ij ne to the East Germans, reaches a climax in a final dash Opposite them today is a West across the minefield. When a German border force of some 20,000 men and patrols of the dition is deplorable, even if he is u S and British armies, the lat- not hurt." A five-kilometer zone, ter still sticking to their original laced zones. And what is true in Germany generally, that most men will talk politics at the drop of a hat, is especially true along the frontier where there is daily political confrontation.. Two highway engineers, about 50 years old, were asked to ex- tier situation. He declared: "It is a result of the war and we started the war,! that is, Hitler started the war, 1 me. Now.we have to pay and Mon., Ocl. 20, 19G9 GREELEY TRIBUNE, Pag* tl suffer and if you ask me, it was to be expected." Interjected, his companion, "Nein, so we lost the war. But we have paid for it. We-should not have (o.put up with'anything but we all went along, including ]ik e |hi s 25 years later, the treaty, conquered but with a hew German army in each part of Germany facing timer Germans.. And I will tell ! you something else. If the West knew in 1945 what the Russians really were like, this demarcation line country torn apart, 'no peace never would have'happened." Ph.; Slim Swim Club Greeley Athletic Club 1115 7th Av«. ·· We specialize in Helping the women of Weld County: · Lose Weight ··. Gain ; Weight . · Keep in good . physical shape.. For Men We specialize in helping the men of AVeld County: · Lose Weight ·.Gain Weight · · Keep in good physical shape. Membership as tow ·i as $^25 per month · Sauna Bath · Whirlpool (men) · Carpet Exercise Area' · Carpet Dressing Area · Latest Electrical Equipment · Private Dressing Area ; · · .Swimming The Year Around .; We Are Professionals At Keeping You Physically Fit COME IN AND JOIN Peace Corps Director Joseph Blatchford to convey the displeasure. The Vietnam war is a sens* live issue for the Peace Corps in many emerging nations where the" U.S. involvement is under attack. The Vietnam issue is among the -reasons blamed for the Peace Corps' ouster from Tanzania, which had been the first nation to ask for volunteers back in 1961. In the Dominican Republic, the advertisement said, "For the first time, I think many people here have stopped looking on us as CIA agents." The advertisement, signed by 38 members, called the war "unjust and irrational." In Turkey, the war was condemned as "senseless and immoral" in a letter given to the U.S. ambassador by 30 demonstrators, most of them Peace Corps volunteers. The Turkey protestors also included two U.S. Air Force captains. Peace Corps sources said volunteers gave other petitions to U.S. ambassadors in Bolivia, Colombia and Guyana and made a public statement against the war in Ecuador. In Washington, about 200 members of the Peace Corps staff--a fourth of the total--took the day off Wednesday to stage a walk to the Capitol as part of the Moratorium protests after an antiwar rally at the Peace Corps headquarters. Peace Corps officials s-aid no punitive action would be taken against any of the volunteers who participated in the protests. 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