Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 19, 1955 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1955
Page 4
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4 GREELEY T R I B U N E Monday, Dec. 19, 1955 World How I). S. Organizes in Atom Missile Race WASHINGTON «V-Sccrctary of Defense "Charles E. Wilson plans to ItU the'country--and the'world --this week how the United Stales U organizing Its race with Russia . for atomic missiles supremacy. His discussion at. a. news conference will be aimed primarily it scotching reports of intcr'scrv- Ice maneuvering and rivalry in the · missile field. · However, such a discussion also must touch on progress made in the urgent effort to produce workable long and intermediate range ballistic.missiles, armed vvilh fission - or thermonuclear warheads. And whatever a nation says officially about its a r m a m e n t ob- jflctivss has impact on its friends tnd potential enemies abroad. The ivofds become psychological weapons cf the cold war. Wilson and his service officials itl out to make (heir announcement * week ago. But it occurred lo the military and diplomatic ex- perls that this was on the eve o£ two important international sessions -- a NATO meeting in Europe and the United Nations session where the question of new member nations w a s . a t issue. The Pentagon laid aside the plan lo issue a comparatively long, detailed statement of Ihc missile organizational program. Instead it I s s u e d . a brief announcement »ny- ing only that there would be an expansion of development and test- Ing facilities. Wilson said at that time that the development of both intercontinental and intermediate range missiles has been on an "accelerated" basis for some time. Presumably he had in mind the tailoring: All three services -- the Army, Navy and Air Force--are work- Ing on medium range ballistic mis- tiles. (A medium range would be between 1,000 and 1,500 miles. "Ballistic" means that the missile li. essentially, an unguided rocket, traveling in a trajectory likc a co."-V*ntional - artillery shell.. It. is aimed before firing and, for a few seconds, by rudimentary guidance during its initial flight.) Within Oic intermediate-, range missile program, it is understood., there is an allocation between the Air Force and a joint-Army-Nnvy development team. Part of this latter work is being-done at the Army's Redstone arsenal, near Uunlsville, Ala. r to which Ihc A r m y has just assigned its top ranking missile expert, Maj. Gen. John B. Mcdaris. His opposite in the Navy is Rear Adm. William F. Raborn. . In line with Wilson's encouragement of competitive design, the Air Force is expected to have been given co-equal status with the Army-Havy team in producing an intermediate range missile. But the Air Force also has primary responsibility for long range, intercontinental ballistic missiles. Overseeing the . Air Force's me., diuni and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program is Maj. Gen. Bernard A- Schriever, with headquarters at jnglcwood, Calif. The Air Force now has at least two ICBM projects under way. The first was started t\vq years ago when the USAF assigned a contract to Consolidated Vultee Aircraft .Corp. to 'develop the "Atlas" missile. Within the last fey/ weeks, it is learned, the Air Force issued a "leller of intent" -1 fonrT of preliminary contract) to the Glenn L. Tilartin Co. of Baltimore lo begin an alternate design. Representatives of the company are in Denver, '.where land.for a missile plant has been acquired. Air Force specifications for an ICBM are approximately these: Range .between 4,500 and 5,500 m^lcs (enough lo reach most targets in Eurasia from continental American bases); speed sufficient lo put tho missile over a target at that range within 30 minutes of launching; accuracy sufficient to put the missile within the circle of total destruction 01 major dam-, age for a hydrogen explosive warhead. The advance of thermonuclear (hydrogen) weapons has made the work of missile designers a little easier. 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