Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 12, 1962 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1962
Page 13
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Difference in Communist, U.S. Goals Harder To Sell The United Stales locks at So-i mU;Di to k*P on stalling. virt military units in Cuba in just! But fovimj (ailed l( , . rasD . about the sarr* way that Ho ChijWHiit handfol of nettles when as Minh and the Chinese Com-jww appears, h could have beta munists profess to look at toiled'*"* safely, (here is no indication States military units in Southeast! 0 ' any renewed ultimatum. AS Jf- ,. ..,, t i A Part »f tic problem i, that The bit dilleitnce, of course. is: th « (-"ban situutioo has, reverted that Communists have a declar-i^om the politico-military u toe edly positive objective which is loiP u TMiy po!uk;a| In this ai-ea deci IS _-. . j W«l., Dtt-^HM GREELEY TRIBl'NE Taxi Driver Confesses He Is Ready to Leave Hungary By LOYAL COULD |we c«n get the simplest neces-j BUDAPEST. Hungary (AP) -- sities. Pork costs J2.50 a pound o |j"So you are another wicked Amer- ' you find it. There are alw»ys| ^ Rusk called* several weeks a crisis of sub- lican imperialist," the Budapest shortage* of eggs, potatoes fniit' u . lon statesmen to bridge'tantia! proportions, a crisis o! I taxi driver said wilh a wry laujh and cheese. And things are 'so ex-i'!* lr P 0 ' 1 "' * f ' srrer - res Bn * turmconsiderable danger. Bat the unity I "I'd give anythine if I could be PTM 5 "'*- A television costs »165."! their *"**** " consolidating the .of the free »arld. the unity of Unity Ma i° r Element Cuba, Rusk Says *" J °* i ' H E ° YH * N PAR1S ' AP) ~ Se«tti»ry ' ta a r * reni * '» Cuba. he added. of "We have gone through in the las' several weeks a crisis of sub' United States presence in South^n military power tu. of u^if i CANDY REINDEER makes a Viet Nam and eltewhere in thej" 1 -'"'* n atmosphere lor direr.i| a tl!V ' !r P la:e car( l. Package i| "I'd give anything if I could be!P fasivt - ian imperialist and leave this; i workers' paradise." J Y l l I D I ; btvan K.. a burly, good naturedi · U'C IxUlGS | fellow in his early «s. had picked 1 costs $165 "i lneir att «n to consolidating me:of .... ' .[strength of the North Atlanticj.NATO. was. 1 am sure. world has a truly negative ob)ec-j acl ' 'n. live, to prevent Communist take-; In such circumstance over. U'l a big difference, to Mil to the peoples who have been "took" so many limes by the greater powers of history. f ornament or small gilt for the regard-' nei 8 nlw hood children dropped me, be invited me to vis-j it his home. "Pick you up tomorrow night; ; l«s of what other types of push-j A ima1 ' r "il "' candy covered in " pic ' t 3TM U P tomorrow night; erwice. but hardi ms " la - v ^ tne(i ' ll * P"iod of'* 1 "' 0 P a P" makes the body u! "' '·" "* sai(i - In* ' t e l l peoples of areas! "° rmalit y Pfwnisei to last for the «*nd«er. Long pipe cleaners Istvan's life is in sharp «ntrast[MdaTM "took" so many scme linie · an ** P 35 '^ together under the *'th that led by thr members!- -.* reater powers of' lntleai , '' l» only i part, and Package «nd bent to form the legs of Communist Hungary's new ·,,. : ,V; VS. Secretary of State Dean Husk sayi the United Slates can-, ,. Indeed, it jj only i part ,,,,, not even a very large pa rt , d a far more general abnormality. -, not accept "any Soviet military presence" in Cuba as normal. He indicates the United States is go- Monogrammed Gifts The non-Communist world is being threatened more by word of mouth than hy any obvious dan- .per of being subdued in a new ._ kind of \var ! Indeed, it has grown so fat and ! comfortable despite the inherent ; dangers that it feels only a slight | urge to really mobilize 'its forces and feet. Two cleaners joined together with spool wire and wound around a pencil are then stretched and bent into the shaw of a reindeer's head, antlers and neck Parents iTeen-agers Parents of teen-agers who !lv on the go during often privileged class. They live in dil- ierent worlds. The worker, for whom communism ostensibly was created, U still waiting for liis blessings. On the breaking point days before it's time to sing Auld Lang Syne. )f I Alliance. 'important element in miking it · The secretary said on his ar-'PO^ible to find thus far a peace:rival for the annual North Atlantic:' 11 ' re!ul1 for lhaT crisis." : Treaty Organization ministerial 1 American leader''? feel the Euro- .session that Western unity had'ptan members of NATO should jbeen an important element'in the'fuliill tteir longstanding commit- peaceful resolution of the Cuban mcnts tu bring NATO's ground cnsis - strength up to 30 divisions !rom Almost as Rusk was speaking, the current 22. Krance. in particu- Gaulle spotlighted lar. is behind in her pleoge of ..f policy differences. 14 divisions. De Uaulle made no within NATO with a formal mes-'reference lo thi;. aspect of French sage to the new French National military power Assembly reiterating his deter- · --~ »-vn. sun nuuuig lor ins Diessmgs un Hart of an additional pipe cleaner the average, he pays t\»o weeks' makes the tail. A decorative rib-lwages for a pair of shoes or a bon bow and a ,ew touches with a month's salary for a suit. He mav black pencil comply the rem- wait three years for an apaii- ment. despite Hungary's many housing projects. Members of the elite, on the other hand, are eligible lo obtain houses in residential districts in the The for Heeling that the ComruuniMj can'l St. EmDloVITient o H i w r i t i v i c i |win in the long run. so why have *-"'r" u 7 lllcl11 |any more trouble with them now CENTER 'AP) - Rep. Betty I than necessary to hold the line. Kirk West, D-Pueblo, lashed Uuring the rise of Hitler and sharply Tuesday at the Colorado and the Great Dtfrei- Empioymem Department which TU. ',,,,.. .. Irfv , n . in ' hc ^ ^' '..«! ** " id " «* ^N «· ** » led ou, r °of brightly ,U B»r invici O N I DAT I t l v l C f complauied to my mother thai 1 ilud never lived during a truly normal period. state. "All they do is sit on their chairs and hand out unemploy- ful smile yhe "Neither have I, son " and somewhat wist, ment checks," Mrs. West d'e-i clarcd. Mrs. West, member of a Legis-i alive Council committee studv- , a feeling 1 have quoted ; " -,TM.,,- i m i t r vulIUIIlllee StUOV- jlhal conversation in this column ing children's laws, said the em- c c o c a s and is likely to apply for . long realize they must start doing Ph. 351-0244 B07 8th St. p | ovmcnt agcnc RTM '; r dr-h!" T' Ior ^ wnwthin8 ° r ^ cai; ta ^ *^,sOTv»^."c RuA and for h» and our succes- away with." o(fered glasSM ,,, barid!| ,' ,,,,,,. She made her remarks after the dy made from apricots, anrt a committee voted to recommend pot of weak coffee to thaw the ««!· AM First class compartments for all your jewels venil* parole board to include representatives of the Departments of Employment and Rehabilitation. place members of the staffs o! the Boys' and Girls' Schools. Referring to what she called Stale Employment Department inactivity. Mrs. West said, "someone better give it a shot in the utilities included. His furniture-^ arm." 5.50 There are 31 pieces of jewelry in here i i i j . j n n u e a r s r i i n to liiM lh d - v tul "inside the Atlantic g force. Alliance, slippers. One meal runs smack into another, and supper has to be served in three shifts to jibe wilh party dales. In addition, if parents must double as chauffeurs and chaperones, they'll find it Hard to havi De Gaulle said, "the role Means ROME - In Italy in olden dav .. " a oflgirl friend wearing a France cannot be conceived un-!bas:l in his hair or hat it less it has its own modern military power." American policy opposes any fied his desire to marry. Thi: herb is used more practically ii flavoring tomato and egg dishe: "proliferation" or increase in the and green salads. number of nuclear nations. Wash- . . . . - r · ·" --··- iiumuer 01 nuclear nauons. w: any holiday fun of their own. 1,^ ,, , hinking ^ , Mros Despite the pained outcries sure' ovcrlookins Budapest , - pu * TM P""TM outcnes ""» preferential U-.atrnent ^. arue f ^ ra , *" ?"*« ·*· ^ They get preferential treatment "" , arlM '"° m ,"" ^f stl ' *«· in buying the C.OOO fo 7000 cars!'^ can r ^ laun thelr homts and imported annually. Thev can buv! f !" d tun ' for a moment ' s f* K! French fashions and Western del- d !"" ° f , com P romi " -« drawn well in advance of the gairty. One family held a conclave as jibe first invitations arrived in the Budapest to a grimy industria area. Here workers fought against Russian tanks in 1936. We turned down a side street littered with discarded building material garbage and empty bottles. Istvan parked in front of an old building, still scarred from the Hungarian revolution. Up three flighls of dimly lil and chill. "It's not much," Istvan apologetically, "but it U the best coffee 1 can offer." The apartment had two small areas of lale nights, financing dance tickets and corsages, clothes needs and transportation requirements, and came up with an agreement. By mutual consent, it was decided that breakfast would not be irepared by mother after 9 a.m. Late arrivals went nn their own with the bacon ar.J eggs, and must clean up aftervard. Clothes requirements were to be checked in advance, and the girls were held responsible for their own pressing and mending - -- ,, ofj multinational control of nuclear; strategy in the Allied camp, but fe«ls command decisions must re- peace main in one hand-the American J president. The United States feels the West already has sufficient atomic power in its arsenal, but is deficient in convenlional forces in the European sector. Rusk admitted in his arrival slatemfm at Orly Airfield that policy differences exist. He said: ..... - must try to resolve them." representatives would re-irooms, a bath, and wbal couldl be described as a kitchenette lor Istvan, his wife and two teenage sons. Housing, Istvan said, was his least expense--about t!2 a month. Dances that ran late were limited to only two consecutive events The parents, checking their own social calendar, staked out three dates during which they would be unable to drive anyone inywhere Since they were entertaining ir their own home on New Year' Eve. they offered in exchange a a couch, two small tables, a stove, four chairs and two double bed* U5I THi TRI1UHE WANT ADS -were duplicates of the shoddy ;offerings in Budapest stores. Iluna said it would be impossible for the family to live without pooling Istvan's »5 a month, her HO earned in a factory, and the }65 earned by the two sons open house for their children' friends on New Year's Dav Christmas Eve was legislated family time, no matter how entic SHUTTERS H«rHwor« WELLER LUMBER CO. Grteley -- A u l t -- Galelon as machinist helpers. "Sometimes", she said. "I am 'at my wit's end with worry how 16.95 and you can see everyone at once. Jewel Case by Lady Buxton This is lhe ca»c that IIIIMS itwll nnklc mil lo put all your jcwcliy nn view l h e lids flip up. lhe !i;i\ glide nut. llu' d i i t w e r opens «nlo. I here's loh nrttl' ItMs of room. SD il i on u u n i u :uM more ic»cli\ pi iihc.ul! Ihinps c.m'1 Imli' or Ijngle: ilu", h,iu- Ihrii own com. parlmcntv iiicy IMM'I \cr;ilch r i r h c r : ihc compartments arc lined w i l h uKct. ( hoosc lum colors that »ho- on you. ^d,, HOY IUXTON All trio at Ihc following pricci: 6 s0 - 8 M ... 11 11 8'- 21" Jtwtlry 818 Eighth Strut This year . . . GIVE A USEFUL. GIFT, a MW TYPEWRITER or ADDING MACHINE ig the invitations. And to make life easier for th ook. all were requested to stal nequivocally in the mornin helher they'd be home for diner (hat night. GIFTS For Th« Sportsman S A R G E N T 1015 8th Av«. Ph. 3534567 ONLY 3 Grave Blankets Christmas Trees FLOWERS 2503 Tenth 352-2851 CHRISTMAS SALES I 2 A» low n* I «fi9w |ilus |,t\ «r pay onlv JLi9U per «rrk. "KvciythiiiK for the Offir*" 1303 Eighth Avinu* FUR-TRIMMED COATS t NATURAL MINK COLLARS · DYED JAPANESE MINK COLLARS Your response to our previous offering of these luxury coots for only $48.00, wos so great that we have assembled an entirely new group. We suggest prompt action, as another sellout is anticipated. $ 48 100% Imported CASHMERE COATS · BLACK · BAMBOO · BEIGE Luxurious 100 c o imported cashmere -- at a budget-wise price. Beautiful fabric, exquisite tailoring, lovely satin m i I i u m lining. Everything is deluxe is deluxe about these coats--except the price MORE DAYS TO ENTER! HOLIDAY for TWO in MEXICO CITY Additional enfry cards available at our bank. ENTER NOW! 49 SPECIAL GROUP! NATURAL MINK STOLES '-, The niost gtonvr.-js of gills . . . a natural mink '·tvle Superli lur^ in ic\e Iv natural shcuics YES . . . Your copt or fur gift purchase may be exchanged offer Chriitmai, GREELEY NATIONAL BANK Mh at Mh . . . (ireelc.i'* Kankin? Corner Since 1S77

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