Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 20, 1969 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1969
Page 19
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i JEFFERSONIAN FACIAL - A workman perches on the nose of Thomas Jefferson as the Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota's Black Hills undergoes annual face repair of the four former presidents carved in rock. Herb Conn, Custer, S.D., the man on the nose, Is puttying small cracks to prevent water and ice damage when cold weather arrives. Conn also gave facials to Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Washington likenesses. (AP Wirephoto) U.S. Navy Will Mothball More Spy Fleet Ships f By CARL C. CRAFT Associated Press Writer retirement of four more vessels' by next June 30 January 1968, called into question the value of unarmed or lightly armed intelligence ships. The intelligence jobs performed by these ships wi mainly to intercept radio communications and monitor radar stations. The Pentagon decided these jobs could better- be h'an- WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Thejdled by reconnaissance aircraft and warships. In all, 103 naval vessels are being laid up under the Pentagon's money-saving drive. The ' new decision also .includes disbanding seven Seabee battalions, releasing about 5,000 men from active duty, by mid- November. Their home bases are in Port Hueneme, Calif.; Davisville, R.I., and Gulfport, Miss. spy will leave. I h e ' N a v y with just two npnconhbatant-type i n t e 1 1 U ge'nce-gathering ships out of an original fleet of 10. Only the Valdez and the Muller will remain once the Oxford, the Georgetown, the Jamestown and .the Belmont are laid up. The, .Navy,' in announcing the new economy'-move Friday, said the..latest savings will be $43 million; · ' They/are of the class of the Liberty ship which was shot up by the'Israelis in the Mediterranean in 1967 and then retired. Th'at incident and the North Korean seizure of the Pueblo, in NOTICE OF FIXA1, SKTTI.EMBNT ( ' A'o. J'-ll 191 KMate of AMCE E. COUTURE. Deceased. Notice la · h e r e b y Riven that ] have filed 1 my the'Distriet Cot. ty,. Colorado, and that any person desiring to object to the same shall rile written objection ·with the'said court on or before November 30: llHifl. ··THE GREBLEy ··! '·-'.'BAJS'K/GHElOLEy, C01-OHAUO ' ' · By Clifford H: Dean, Trust Officer Executor of fiald Kslate KOUTHARD AND SOUTHARD, -Mtorheyn The Greeloy Daily T r i b u n e October 6, 13, 20, 27, !!((!!* TOWN OF EVANS, WELD COUNTY. . COLORADO THJS NOTICE 1» to n o t i f y all persons that a jiubllc hearing will be heard on the 3rd day of No've'mber, 1569 at 7:3(1 o'clock r 5f R t ' t h e Town Hall. Town of Evans, , concerninff the remieHl foe rexdnins: from Residence District "A" to Business District "D' o r ' t n t h e Alternative Residence .District VAI" of thd fulloiviiiff de- ·crlbcd property All ereby Klvcn that 1 j y ' film! 'report In oitrt of Weld Conn- I'UBLIO NOTICB P u b l i c Notice is hereby siven that on the H t h day of October, 10IJ9, by an Order of the County C o u r t of Weld County, State of Colorado. In Civil A c t i o n No 4870, the name of STEPHEN THEODORE MAGNUSON was chansred S T K T' H !·; N THEODORE OHy. and in accordance "with such Order t h i s Notice Is plven. jMAXINE JOHNSON Clerk of the Weld County Court Hy : M n r l a A. A r m l j o D e p u t y Clerk of t h e C o u n t y Court ( S H A D The tireeley Dally T r i b u n e , O c t o b e r 17. IS, 20. JW. t h a t - p a r t of the N o r t h e a s t Quarter (NE'i) of Section Twenty-nine ( 2 9 ) , Townshin Five (5) N o r t h , of Jtanpe Sixty-five (fifi) West of Hie S i x t h Principal Meridian, more p a r - ticularly described as f o l l o w s : Beginning: at a p o i n t on the North boundary line of Block Forty-two (42). In the Town of Evans, an same was originally plutted, w h i c h p o i n t is I5'4'feet East of the N o r t h w e s t corner of «aid Block Forty- two ( 4 2 ) : thence East a l o n K t h e S o u t h b o u n d a r y l i n e o f Ninth Street to t h e corner of Block T h i r t y - n i n e (S'9): thence South alone the West boundary line of said Block Thirty-nine (.13) and Block Fifty-two (52) to the Southwest corner of Block T.'if- tyl-two ( i 2 ) ; thence West to a 'point 1B4 feet East of t h e Southwest corner of Block Fort y - n i n e ( 4 9 ) : thence N o r t h to th'e.i point of b e g i n n i n g ; EX- CEPT'parcel conveyed by deed to 1 Johnnie Laws, dated Hay 2fi;. IflfiV, recorded on May 211. 19H7, in Book 6S2 u n d e r Reception N u m b e r ].fin:t.!"!lfi of the ~- " C o u n t y Tteeords. 6th In Volume BOSTON - The United States has slipped to sixth place among the world's leading fishing nations, but this applies only to volume. In value of the catch the. United Stales ranks second. Japan is first. Peru, the leader in volume, is about 15th in value. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS. P u b l i c Notion is hereby sri t h a t on the Hth day of October, l!lf!!i, by :iu Order of the C o u n t y C o u r t of Weld County. State of rnlnrado. In C i v i l Ac-lion No. ·fSCII. t h e name of STKWA RT \V A R It !·; N .MACNUSOX c h a n g e d t.i .STEWART W A R R E N iJRCiSS. a n d 111 accordance w i t h such Order tills Notice IK civen. · M A X I N B JOHNSON ( ' l e r k of t h « ( ' o i i n t y C o u r t Hy : M a r i a A. A r m l l o D e p u t y Clerk of the Weld C o u n t y Court (SKA1.) T b o m a s A. R i c h a r d s o n A t t o r n e y I'.O 9th A v e n u e ..celey. Colorado Ilie Urceley D a l l y T r l h u n s . October 17, IS, 20, I S i i f l . \O'i'irM (IP PI.NAL SBT'l'liBMF,.\T No. P - l O i i : 3 E s t a t e of EMU. H. HORTON also U l i o w n as E. H. HORTON, Dcc'Ciised. Notice is hereby fcK'en that h a v e f i l e d onr f i n a l report i n the D i s t r i c t Court of Weld Col ty. folorndo. and t h a t any person dopirinir to object t o t h e smite s h a l l file w r i t t e n objectlo w i t h t l i e said c o u r t on or b e f o r NnviMiibor 4. Uliii. THK FIRST N A T I O N A L B A N K OF ( 1 H R E L K V , COLORADO Hy Louis C. Klek-cr, Viet. P r e s i d e n t and Trust O f f i c e r E x e c u t o r of said Estate Hontcheiis, H o i i l i - h e n s Doolei Attorneys. 1007 9th A v e n u e , Greelev, Colorado The (Jreeley Daily T r i b u n e October C, 13, 20, 27. 196» The Greeley D a i l y T r i b u n e October n, 20, 10us .\OTK;K OF ifu.ixo OF Ar- I'l.K.'A'I'IO.V li'lllt ISSIIANCK OF ASM TO J,OA\ 3IOXEY li\ MOUNTS ovi:it *],5on.uo TO ALL THE PEOPLE OP STATB OF COLORADO: i, ,;,,. ^* .· rt . Please t a k e notice t h a t SU DOWN OF KVANS. OT.OIIADO 1,'INAXCH l^l.MPANV -- 90S Irene Noycs. Town Clerk USreeley, Colorado has a p p l i e d to ,,,,, s t a l e H u n k Coininlsiiloilkr of him Hlate of Colorado for a li- nse t o engraKe in the business of making: loans of money over $1,500.00, p u r s u a n t to C h a p t e r 7.1, Article 2, Colorado Statutes A n n o t a t e d 19(13, as amended. Sale business is proposed to be con- d u c t e d a t lonji 2 9 t h Avenue Court. Greeley. Colorado. Prot e s t may be m a d e by any persoi to t h e i s s u i n g of such license by f i l i n g same In w r i t i n g \vitl the State Bank Commissioner w i t h i n seven ( 7 ) days after t h e d a l e of last p u b l i c a t i o n of thi? notice as indicated below. H A R R Y BLOOM Slate Bank Commissioner S l a t e of Colorado The Greeley Daily Tribuna October 6, 13, 20, 19B9 · I've just been repaired at Hibbs and I'm guaranteed for oive whole year! At Hibbj, watches are repaired efficiently and promptly. Isn't it time your watch hod a checkup and clean-up? · 'Expert Watch Repair, The Jewelry Department On Hibbs Main Floor 14 814-816 Ninth Street SHOP EARLY! USE OUR LAYAWAY THE 912 9th Ave. Warning Against Misjudgment Given by Ambassador Lodge An AP News Analysis By MORRIS W. ROSENBERG Associated Pres, Writer PARIS ' ( A P ) - North Vietnam's proposal for secret talks without Saigon and the prompt U.S. rejection of it emphasized he deadlock at the peace talks on two basic issues: the future of the Saigon regime and the withdrawal of all troops who aren't South Vietnamese. Apparently seeking to cash in on the antiwar sentiment manifested in the Moratorium Day demonstrations in the United States, North Vietnamese Ambassador Xuaii Thuy proposed at the peace talks Thursday that :he United States at once begin secret talks with the Viet Cong's Provisional Revolutionary Government. U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge quickly countered with :he long-held U.S. position that all four delegations at the peace They have-rejected the U.S. roposal for mutual withdrawal of non-South Vietnamese troops, contending that the question of Vietnamese troops in South Vietnam is an i n t e r n a l question 'or the Vietnamese to settle. Instead they insist on the rapid, unconditional and total withdrawal of all U.S. 'and other non-Vietnamese troops from South Vietnam. Nothing in Thursday's mecl- ng indicated any change in the jasic position of cither side. Hanoi apparently felt that the moment had arrived to talks must be represented in .ioHN^w."i'nVND'ions'6N any private negotiations. Talks without Saigon's. representatives, present 'Would, constitute a measure of U.S. recognition of the Viet "Cong and would give Hanoi and its South Vietnamese allies a- heavy weapon in their campaign to . replace President Nguyen Van Thieu's government with a coalition regime. · ; · · ·. · 'Since the four-party.'talks began in January, Hanoi and 1 the Viet Cong have repeatedly .demanded t h a t the United States abandon what they call its "puppet" regime in Saigon. .NOTICE OK F I N A L SI5'l'TIKME.\'r No. p - i i a s i K s t a l e of .CAUL K. B R O U f i H - T0.\. Deceased. .Notice Is hereby Riven that 1 have f i l e d my r i n u l report In th District Court of Weld Co Colorado, a n d t h a t desiring- to object to i perso same- liall rile w r i t t e n objection with the .said court on or before November 21, 1!I6!1. .Ruth Florence BroliKhton Execftilrlx of said Eslat» The Greeley Daily T r i b u n e October 13, 20, 27. Nov. 3, 196S again lo drive a wedge between Mon.. OH. 20, .1%!) C R E E U S V TRIBUNE Page 19 offi- Washlngton and Saigon. Both Thuy and the Viet Cong's Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh made clear Hint they were paying close attention lo the anthvar protests in the United States. They said the demonstration!! clearly matched their own demands for the quick and unconditional w i t h d r a w a l of U.S. troops and the removal of the Saigon regime. .\n'iri-: oi- 1 X A I . KKTTI.K9IU.V1 .No I ' - I I n If. · of JOHN KTMNOKI · 'is h e r e b y K l v e n t h a t I luive f i l e d my r i n a l r e p o r t in t l e ii.Urh-t C o u r t of Webl C n t i u t v Colorado, a n i l t h a t any pet * n l i - x I r l n K t " object t o t h e ".imp i h n l t f i l e w r i t t e n olijcclion \ 111 he said t - o n r t mi or b e f o r e i\" w i n n e r 20. l!ill!l. J o l i n S l c t i c - i - l J r . K \ e c n t o r of said K s l a t o i ,t \\':lbin. A t t o r n e y s Thij C r c c l e y D a i l y T r i b u n e October 20. 27, Nov. .1, 111. .·VO'miK (IK PI.VA1, MiriTI.KJlGVI xo. i'-HIM l O s t r u e of niAN'CKS A I O R K I S U I O I 1 K N S , Deceased. N o t i i - e Is h e r e b y K l v e n l l u i t we h a v e f i l e d n o r f i n a l r e p o r t i n Hie D i s t r i c t C o u r t o f W e l d C o u n t y t ' o l n r a d o . a n i l t h a t any p e l s I lieairinp: to object to Hie same s h a l l f i l e w r i t t e n o b j e c t i o n w i t h have t l l R j u r t her M, 1Jiii!i. W i l l i a m K n m i i r l Tsiylor .I M n r c d i t h K d w f i r d T n \ l i M x n - u l n r p o f R i i i i l K s l a l f t SOUTHARD A N D SOUTHARD, A t l o r i i e y s The Grecley D u l l y T r i b u n e OeloW 20, .17, Xov. 3. HI. 1 ft DAILY AT THE GARDEN KITCHEN RESTAURANT FIVE STAR v« LUNCHEON SPECIALS From 95c to $1.10 FAMOUS FOR QUICK SERVICE 110 18th SI. STUTTGART -German misjudge American public opin- favor independent TV. ion and President Nixon, LONDON-Bank tellers won a 35-hour week. ft What «o many fatnilw* remember f Jwut funeral* servic* t* tht personal * attention enren the ridtvidu*! fritnd». tt,«Mrtt* from genuine eonqwn for the satisfaction of each family we serve, It fa what makes MORTUARIES b e f o r e With gas heating in your you can afford to think Just because you've got a new home in mind, that's no reason to multiply your heating bills. With modern gas heating, you'll keep your home warm and comfortable with clean, filtered air circulating throughout the house. (Veryunstuffy.) And you'll pay one of the lowest gas rates in the country. So you'll save a lot of money. Money you can put into i bigger home. Instead of bigger heating bills. COLORADO INTERSTATE GAS COMPANY PIPELINE DIVISION OF Cobrudo Interstate Corporation f ,

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