Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 22, 1972 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1972
Page 22
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22 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Sat., April 22, 1972 Mobile Homei 4 8 - A Mobile Homes 48-A TOR MENT or laic-. Two bcdrcomi. : ;Lav»lf tiMclom. 353-4351 or 353-9100. JfO^BII.E home. 1370. 14x53 It. Grcil '-; Northern. Partly furnished, atmc, rc- · -iriEerator. ^Ya^htr and dryer, 353- 1371 OAJIKLOT double u-irte. 4 btd: roonif. SHrted. rrltndl)' Village .f · Greclcy. ZOO Korih 3Slh A»c. No. 2. -.555-2057. !S72 LIBKIITV I2x6j. Win S6707. Now H279, Onlx S02.W per month. l)e- lne »r«-e «vill«b!e. Call 3SM844, FOH SAI.K -- 1SS1 2 Ulrm. mobile hnrr.1'. pxcclfciu comjltkin. Available J u n e JsL Call 353-0051 a f l e r 6:30 I O M 10xo7 /t. I n s ' l l a t e d 1 hilrrr... a w n y iloiibl* toil, washer, air eon- riiiioninu, -Usitosal. rairet, rtraric*, I storm v. iiiilnn-s, parked, sklrtnl ! l-hi3. r^rjion. 3 ! BEDROOM 12x60 Yatillyko. Cirnl. '.furnished. Rent nice. M u s i l-c nilrl -thii iveck a t SflfiS.i. \V N r r , 1hern Mobile Home* fso-.ah of Jta- ' matta [nn). c v c n i n g j FIELD OFFICE Mobile Homes 48-A ffiO ATLAS, 12x41 ft. 2 t til mom. JfiiO lm-ji, t a k e over payment* of tl'J.'Jl month. 353-MBQ. FOH SALE or rent--'6-S Nanhun 2 bed' n/njii muViile homp, lmh and '^, Fully fHrpetC'1. Sktrtc'l. air cumlitkm i] Washer. Very cU-nn, 353-J27. SPACE A G K ThnCs our niutto \\'a ham iilciity of mohllc hninna and l i e a i i l l f n ! spaces. Come out and sec for yourself. Tiio l l n l i i l i i y Village :ili)2 17lli Avc. Phono 353-7310 TOWN COUNTRY ·' MOBILE HOMES ARE HERE "Split l o v . e l , 3 lirdroom, IV, bath -- Ijcantifnl Early A m e r i can decor. Xorlhern Colorado's only Town ft. C o u n t r y Dealer. WHITE MOBILE . HOME SALES 917 S. MAIN :LONGMONT, COLO. 776-7184 :-· WOODBURNJNG ; FIREPLACE slnnrtard fn tho FABULOUS Mark V. Double oven ft ilisti- Vasher s t a n d a r d in tlic FANTASTIC M A R K V. K i n g size liods, shag carpels, nin/fm r.i- offices w i t h " center plan room.]-; Irrigation Syilcms 49 n o i l l l l c piltlt) (lOOrs, 12 X lit) ft I H I I I f i A T I O N wlcm. Infl-.dw 3 »n,l .| Aiv conditioned. Cuslomiml rori J^V,, "' ""TMTM . p ! 1 '.' ,Y ilh "'T 1 ';! sales display. Used. i '£%, Kf. M^'t ,73,1 1"",^°. Phone 8,13-7310 ns k for M a r v . """' Jr " K -" ! « ·'"·. " House type coiiBlriictlon. W ·have the largest selection i JI.ARK V MOniLK H O M E S Mark V M n l i i l e Homes. -ICO X College Ave., Ft. Collins. Ph 4 82-0411. ^ DOUBLEWIDE I Under $10,000 , cnriicl, washer, dry er, double I n s u l a t i o n , inch , w a l l s anrt deluxe ilccor. Bull for this climate hy K L A M I N G O In Grand Island, iN'ehraskn. Northern Mobile Homes 3155 S. 8th Ave. (S. of Ram.tda Inn) 35n-67fiO OLDEST IN NORTHERN : = COLORADO BEST SERVICE JN TOWN WESTERN WANTS YOU · WESTERN MOBILE HOMES 30.13 Soulli Slh Avo. fJrccley, Colo. Frlendlfent. Salcpnicn in Town 0|ien S n.m. to t l j j . i u . w o n k f l n y n Sitliirclny S Io r, Suntlny 1 to 0 ' NEED A HOME? SHORT ON CASH? \Ve have 20 liomcs (o choose from. 2 fc 3 bedrooms avail- nliln. Triced us low as f t M o . If you h a v e 5100, n. stcndy job nncl a little crcdll, you m n y riuallly. M A H K V .MOHII.B 1IOMKS 400 .\. College Ave., Ft. Coiling Ph. !S2-OIiO 14 WIDE SALE 3 Bedroom F L A M I N G O : Carpeted, Double Insulation, Beautiful Decor, 4" Now ONLY $6,875 Northern Mobile Homes ·3155 S. Slli A v e n u e Faim Equipment W A N - F B I ) : llh,!e for For.l tr.iclor «-l!h 3 Iiolnl hitch, tsll 3SJ-2709 file, t. f WO Hilv(..r"7ct weed b u r n e r s (or -r,li, L'nll 3.13-n. r j3. [NT. No. t.r, | fo^ r , dry foililiicr trir.ts lik« i.i-w. S'JI-llliO. fcTirsAi.!:'"- ?zo John :jr,2-s'ii3. Used Cars and Trucks 51 '63 V W bits. K n x i n e just rebuilt (gutr- unlrctl). IriMitclH. 190« VW HUK. Ncedi 3J2-SOJ7. V. But o t f r r . !( VW Uxty, linn and III VW Sli h,, engine, run I3-MI037. |K)rt coupe. 2S3 en- 'A C H K V Ni »rlr.r. nic*. : FOR SAI.K -- '63 VW bun. '68 tn- _ CAMAXO" iulc. -1G-2S70. '«·! ClTKV"v"~f; (on. l,n:jt __sinyl._ys. 3S3.|r,'jil. '«0 VW r n lb«ck, SS. f u l l r«tf, nke FOR SALK -- 1871 Galaxlr BOO. A i r cur.dltionlnK. p*jw,«r atcerinc. power br«kcj, 2 new llin. Call 356.2261. . 'tl JRKF with to»- bar, a w i n c h M-lth a new cab!r, Kxcellent cundillon, Se«, «t I t Z l Glh St. .fter 1:30. ·«3 B U I C K Special. Hec*nt e n n l n t ov. ' , , r n ^ 1 7 o/haul. nrw llrn. ihock., inlnl. 3S6-i---!211ii__ _J"li_aft»r_6. '. I O C S I!KU Dnlt T1HKD of everyday »porti earil Want I box, t eandllian. FOH SAI.K - - 'SI J«-p n.tion wiaon. M^he o f f e r . lilti 25tH SI. Rd. C H E V Y lmr.«!« Super Sport. t2CO. X « _ » t J _ O J O 161h St. ' FOlt SALE -- My nice whtl« '70 VW llccjle. i m / l m . Cull llrace .1 3B3- '69 ^VW enmper.. Kxc«llent condition A.M/Fjr. 1611 lOlh Ave. No. 6. 352- SM6-, 353-6^34. 19GS V\V, body ifucil, excellent mcohan- ivil c o n d h i a i i . SAO or trtuJe for pkk- Illh at. 1M. i 197l" UASIARO SS 3SO, powor .Ictiina. tTilEVy" !4 I n n 4 Mil. J uncoil '."*·----!-· * b0tl ' '51-2010. MUSTANG. Kxceptlonally clean. ROOU nmnir.z 10i7 Chev. I'll. i28-ZOU. , '.17 CHKV plnntcr, wuli | ] m, $,_ dton. See at 1012 c o m p r t i b l e . ci/ci ili.-rl r:tceHenl. "OK SA1.I', -- John Dcore Vi ft. nml- c h r r : S u r . c r C I n l o r n a l i o n n l with nil. ti/ili-r: scl t,f Ji.lm Drpre. hert di«cs. G riOW Dcerc nuxlcl 70 K l r « l . h n t e r iviih .1 ,«int Inr n n d r n n r t - ri^. 1-iw [ x M M l i m o n t Cn., u u r J«,hn Dceie dealer in lirccley. I'h^.ne 36'^ M H K %s-heets. 35C-llfid. 1M2 FOlMT~plckun. Kxcellent condi- K)]l SALK -- 1971 Ford J wheel drive plclcii|i, custom. 6M-Z654. '71 Kl, CJAMIN'O SS. M n n y extr«!. )2.. !IJJo._CaJMa-DSfit a f t e r 6 p.m. C I , K A N 1S6S lm],ala I dinr. U«v railt- «*··· Will whn]»!o at TSC5. 6SS-2014. n:o,lel G03' n. 7',20 .lolin In 1068 nODCfi »i ton , , i c k u p wilh or u' cover. C a l l 3J3-OSOP. TJC5 C H E V . i j mo ]k'lii]i IOIIB ivlde !.,,,,,,.,,. vrr i !l "' * «|.-ecj. 2n SI. 1,a S»lle. ivhn-1 i l r i v e i l ' O I C S A I . K : '71 Ust-ur, 1200, a m / f m ·s in s t u c k ' rndio. 35fi-l)530. 'XL%!! t P ( i f i. ll l*° JJJO. 3 »«« 3 J»«r. '67 Corvette. QUALITY BY TOWN COUNTRY 80x14. 3 lietlrnoin, 2 linlh. Rcan- t i f n l K a r l y A l n e r i t ^ a n ilc-cor _ over 1,00(1 s|. fnijt o r living. See It ttnlny at WHITE MOBILE HOME SALES 917 S. MAIN LONGMONT, COLO. 776-718'! J KOW l i i t c n i « f i i n n l r-ull ty t o mrf!«l -.^·: C'.rn ] i ) h n l e r w i t h dry f c i t i t i i r r . i r r EJ:I; M ft-, ii.i»pclioi3c rittiic-}imont$. r.ikt- nciv riiiiditioti. L a w K(|iniimi'nt L'u., y u u r Jiibn Dccre ilcnler in Uitc- Icy. E'honc :fEG.;iijC6. WK HAvVriYH.' f i . l l n w i n i r n^,| irnclwrs ft.r hurt- n m l rrmly U, |fi: f-OUU Kutd u-itK nil), u r n r l y now rur.ilK:m ; Igrili O l i v e r : 1020-11 J n h n DPCIC wilii hlciw- «-v: aO^fl.n John IJfcrc w i l h iivcr- h d i i l t f i cnk'itic: ,:ilj-[ J o h n Trorr w i l h d c r t r i c ?tr,rt : W D - 1 5 A l l i . - C r i n l r » e r s : «r.'1 ^ veiy rrp.-in III'.) Allis-Chalnier^ 'liiM-l w i t h M i r l x j r l i H i K C r . K x M i r m i r n i Cr.., y«nr Juhn Dccro (Jo.ilcr in (.rcchy. 1'Lyiii- .TiG-.SfXr,, o r w o n i i n r f u l j -- -- --- -- MARTIN MOBILEHOMES April Sale O x l J ft., 2 hctlronin, storm winriows, f u l l y fnrnlnhe'l. 1 tiioh walls, fleliveretl a n t l set up. $495 Down with 06 payments of $77.54 This tticlmles snli'K l a x , 12 monlrifl fn-iiintiice ami A. P. II FOR SALE Swori|i iiltiu-s, nigh Clcaran Flex Chisels, Flox Miller scini- diln-els, Off-set Disc, (!·· t 8" AuiicrK .-mil Motors. W i l l Trmle. Call -KIT^SSS Sehmcccklc Cons't Supply Inc. Jet. Ihvy 11 ST. 52, N'cv/ Kayincr. ColonuJr) FOR SALE 19(53 J o h n Deere '1010 ivML -I02fl sleuveB !tll(i liislciis, 1020 a d v a n c e i n j u f l o r iniinsi. X u w ln.rix:(8 ru;ir t i r e s and n e w f r o n l tiros. l'JC2 C i l E V Y p i c k u p 6. t «pce.l, prul- I r a c t i i i n . R u n i sKd. SiS-.KlS. 1971 VW Super Ileelte. 12.0HO 353- 2M2 »f(er n p.m. ·(52 V^\'. ItebuiJt enclne. J160. 3.i?-00r,5. UitJ Can inJ Truclu 51 Auto Service and Supplies 521 " " " ~ - ~ - -- - - - - Trailers and Campers -.til for Brtlc 1 . tlOO. Junior Editors Quiz on- BAKING SODA cull cum -?- J -" 10 »"« 3)3-3137. u n l q u e T Call H r u e e at i-«l,:e. 284-5296. rGS nonr,E v a n c a m p e r . Fully equipped for ramping. H,1W) or beat off* *r. C'il[ 353-7563 or 311*292*. '68 OPEL lUllyc Syort, lop condition. 11235. Hrcmli \V«)kpr, 60S fllh St., Winder. CO. 63R-2I39 or 6SG-93X7. WE STILL aprclKliit In auionmUc trnuimiBlEon repaid. U«nJ« Aulo S*l?5«. 125 6th Ap*. ·67 PT.YMOUTH B R i f t e i i d i i . Soil «K is tnHiviil-jal p»\ls. I npc«. JUtHo. 14 in. lire.-*, ntc. Io4- 3126. _ ISW COKVETTF. convertible bronze v--i[h w h i t e top, 350 hp-327, 4 *pc«d. fjall 355-1PB4 a f t e r 8 p.m. or 1-7723349 finjtlme. 1970 FO"S5~4 door Brouuhain, air conditioning, pov/er Etecritig, excellent condition. 353-23SS ; 352-5E50 FOR SAI.K -- 116'. Cher. 2 c'nor h«rd ttjp, .1 speed, bucket peau. Verj- JKKM] condition. 352.J961 days. 3»2-9163 nights. YELLmV~Submarine-- '67 Olds Cutlass S-pteme 2-ilr., *pl. cpe. oriir. oivner, yellow w i t h hlaek inter., new clutch. neft- trokcs. Call a f t e r , 35-1395. 1971 1,TD Kfird, v i n y l top. p.s., p.b., nir oonditiotiinB. J.oa- mileok-e. J3495. 1959 Chevrolet \'i ton pickup, ton? n a r r o w box. *200. 353-56I. 1966 FORD LTD. D«rk blue, hlnck vinyl lop. Rood rendition, R new tires. 1365 or brst o f f e r , Call 6S6-735S at- tcr S. ·67 CitEV. 1,4 ton pickup with u t i l i t y bed; '60 P o n t i n c , 421 motor. 4 speed : 'f,.i Chev. Belflir 4 door. Call 3 "8-17. WUST . e l l : o l f e Ca'lilUc wniriF N I C K dean 1319 ImpMa. 2 iloor ruird- t«in. V-X. au.n. J1.65. 5S8-Z011. I f f l J C H K V . ' i a n . Excellent condition. ._- or '_£L c _^, *MCG. 356-znoi. GOOD clean 1067 Uher. Hrl AEr. Lou- tec. 5735. Ph. 628.ZOM. 10- FOR SALE -- 1569 Volio 145 station on. Kxeellcnt condition. ML..., as i n c l u r l i n K air eomlilionins. 33,- aetunl miles, rh. 3SC-1757. 'DO M K K C U H Y . li-Jns cood. !70. Call ftl-r 4. ;U3-2r,]S. aw CJIEVROLKT lockup, deluxe del. 3. r i2-fi«l «ftcr 6. O(^I) r u n n i n y 1053 Forii, JS5. r.8S-20U. 9W SAAI! Konctt. V-, K «J:1 Cull :ijl5-la7:i. ·65 C I I K C K E R , S3.0(ra :ir.i.si58. .Hltlnn. ·p«d, 4. iles. $700. 1970 BMW for sale. ·fir, FOIU) F100 pickup. V-f. Iwb. f!ll)1. 3S3-OC03 after 4. On i n n n l n u I d f O Ford piekup, SIM. f»-20M._ _ VOI.KSWACJES' '6i. J3CO. Call Hob, '"13 O f K V Y II 2.10 cu. in. S225, e-nirlre in KO.X! condil-on. 356-1732. ·B3 I I I I 1 C K Ilivinr. P.J.. |,.b., B.C. M n k e (iffcr. n f j O 2Sth Ave.. after G. '6S C H K V V ImpaU. J1295. trti quick .nk a l 2 7 I l l h A v e . r l M i ; i l C l l U Y MouliKU. Excellent con. 3S2-r,72a. Uodge p i c k u p , -- 'M VW riHlliKcb. reftl irtHi'I rumlitLon. 3.11.0127, ;:( L-'OJtll ]Hc!iup *1 ton, custom call, nt'w t j i c a , I njieml. Cull 3«G-053rj (- u-i fi. We llavo A n o t h e r Mx.SO FI. In! Orcvclcs-Molar B i k c j 50. A | ' ^i..-. m^mmW i i.DOO 'milV. rmoo f i r nsonnie. 353-2 10, FOll .SALK ~ ll'GS Mercury Connor. J jiptcil, linekel F u n d . 11300 or Inftr _^ s. :. I 2- l U,S(f. 'oil C H K V , sin trim w n y n n . 4 door, '66 , i,,..,-,, , _ , . , s ' r^riKinp, rt'l'iiill transmission, new 3 J J I K I . S . U.H. 20 I n r r . irn *[.^,[. "i.*l t tr^. «50. MMSfil. __;JiiMi1niiJ in c tin. One Kill's. l..'i3-OHS.: ... 9 C O l t K A Jet u i l h (iff,rt roof. Etr^t o f f e r ovr-r J12CO. Tlitna jriol, 5S3- Opon Evenings and Sunday P.M. 3211 \V. 10th, Grcelcy !U'71 F l f ) \ [ A SJ, KJO tr.-iil biki'. Cull nflrr A. :\i,:-*;*Vj. 11)71 .MACTlf Ml Kuwas.-iki Ii::t2 n f l r r :-,. ,...,. ,,. HOM1A. , , ,, M. fil ,SHOPPING FOR A MOBILE HOME? Before you hny, slop nt Coimlrysliln Jlnbilo, Home fntitory onl- lot. A large solecllon In choosn from nl now lu\v iirlces. Cenliiry, Magnolia n n r l C n n t r n l lloinne. Our fliinntio plan Is Inlltii-ctl to| meet ynur Iiiccnnc. COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE HOMES 121 22nd St. on the By-Pass Cnll FOH SA1.K or 1i-«dc for I) l ''!!,'-,' S ',Vrl'\.v r v'"' C /" r ""'"' ""«»»· I MUST b ell in 10 .hy.. 1970 l o n l Cnr- . -"iU.'.Q^ ^»"»lm. LUW. :r,1-ISS!l.| li,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. K»TM||e,,l en milcnne. l)l( S A I . K - Hnn Silinkl 50-J. Kx. re!leii^l_riinljlion. 3 n ^ . ^ L i n . .\!ir£ F(lltl) ! up. V-s. llesl o f f e r Inkti.. JS1-IS45 1'JVJ K A W A S A K I , 2i1 ]'.-12 I I . M I L K Y D;LVU!.TM Sprinl-enititie. jiji.1 t.-l,iiill. 5175. 2al-")20ii. 11171 Y A M A H A 2lla. C n n l nlinpe. \Vi!L i-ai-Tifir,'. 351-11132 after R. n J .vheel d r i v e nick- craililion. 1550. 101 Kurd picV.up. V~S' r j 0 ply infi:t heavy H u l y l ,i ton ' , Bjiecil. long «x, 71 H O N D A 3SO SI,, mjles. Cn]j_Sr,i;-130S. Vi J'A'MAIIA 200 I U -I M 1STO I ' U N ' l l A C CTO. Tower isleerlnf, [niivcr l . r n k i ^ , nir, vlnj-1 (op, bucket F e n f H , UJie tlcrk. 356-OOM. iJTi HAI.K -- '60 l l n i r k . New nfrty Mk-kei. Kon^on«ljle. .1.=i2-7jn2. Cnn he i-ren ul l l - J I K. ffllh SI. E Super, new paint, veiy good condition, il.SOO. Call b e t w e e n 12 anil 2 p.m. or 5:30 6:30 p.m. '65 C H K V Y 2 door hardtop, po BtcerinK, |X3u-er brakes, air conditi inp, n e w pafnt. Will consider older p i c k u p on trude. 281-1701. ·70 CHEVELLE Malibu. 2 dcor hani- tc-]i. 1 speed. Huit, vinyl top, Cr.iK- nr inixs, neiv rndial tires, many extras. 351-71SJ arler 5. 1MJ SPORT Fury, ID70 38S en. lii. enicitin am] -J s|-«"i Irjin^.. chromes r.,l An.emi, 5500. Will sell e n K i n e aml trans, separately. Io09 2Slh Ave. Ct.. 3-i1-^IC3 Biter 5. · FOK SALK: '03 Uhev. j i i e k u p w i t h lieavj- iiiMilatc.1 camper. Now bnl- lery, slwic-k* . a n H paint.. A-l ir.otor. (2t'5. Xusscr Trailer Sales. Kr,sl I S t h _ __ 1070 SUIIAnU-'icxi-omy slid sc.Un. 23,- f.MO miles. Kxcclltnl leconil cm. Near ·30 miles' lier Italian. J1,0(K) or u-ill trade forjiirku)] of eomimrahle value. 3nl-fiOiQ a f t e r S or anylime we*?k- e-nrK j 1870 CIIKVY p i c k u p : 350 c u . ' i n . er.- uine, cam,' Hooker headers, men., I,6t-15 on 10' in. chrome on rear, C60-15 on g in. . chrome on front. Molly 500 cfm 2 barrel, 8 track sler- eo. See to anprectate. 6s5-7il2. T R A D E -- Mack tractor, 1957 D-61 ith KNOT 673 lutbo engine. 15 - - MBAI)O\V H a r d l y high cn!ill«r aliell fur Kl_C«mmi 1970 S FT. Hcd D^le camn'r. Kxccll. con.lillnn. (Jail JS3-I7S6 n f t e r 5. N I C K oliler aE'.iimnuni r n m p e r t r a l _ S » j n r t . .Shni! c»lpel. S56-I1SO. FI»KH(il,ASS r a m p e r shell for D.iUun pickup. 6S«-2i33. . WANTK.D -- i'lckup topnor fur lon« _xvi.le liox. 35^-19^0 after 5. CAMI'EIi sh'tll. SlceiM J, Ice l:ov safety heater. 202 2 n d St. T.a Salfe, 1^71 10 FT. C u m p f i r c trailer. Keif con- I n i n e d , sleeps n or G. 352-IS5f. FOR S A L K : Colorado camper jr.. «l..v t -| nnd ice bo.v, inciuire Dick's T j u e i n , 1 6xIS FT. «.;irn|-er tiail^r -- home made, I ice 1-ox, cu»k top, toilet, sleei"! 2 , a'tulLs ami 2 small children. 35:t-S77U. up. Very (joud condition.' Call 3o3-! _ SSfS. I,JKi: new. one ovinor, x^^o ft'., t u l l j - sclf-coulailud. 197L Aljo camji-trfiil- _er,_^«lo_21st SI. Itonil. 30 I N C l l fimlicrlate t r u c k Kinper Inr S ft. pjrli'jp. ined 3 mouths. S22o. STRFAMMNK -- 20 foot. IcbS t l m n 3.000 miles, air. c.ilfas. .Savo hundreds. Cunsiilcr rrn] i^tnto liade. CTO-OgM, l.uvcl.inil. 1366 OOLnK Travco molor !»me, V-S vni:ine. n.l.. i.s.., !im/fm rnilio nnd Rlri-m tope. Dun] a / c . Kas rcfriw., furnace.' O n a n power plant, slcel* G. Will consider traiic. SHt-233R aflvf 5 :3f'. T K A V K b T K A I L K I I S CAS1PERS ft TO IT ICKS glass QUESTION: What is baking soda made of? * * * ANSWER: Soda is the name for a group of compounds which contain sodium. The sixth most common chemical clement found in the earth's crust is sodium. It never occurs alone in nature, but combines with other elements to form compounds. The best-known compound is sodium chloride or common table salt. It is present in plants, the Cnmnietc line of Aristocrats,; bodies of a n i m a l s and may be found in dry lake beds e r " n a rib,,! ""^ground and i n s e a W ater, j There are m a n y sodium compounds manufactured f r o m sodium chloride. Baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda, is une of these. It is often called saluratis. It is used in cooking io make cakes, biscuits and pastries rise. It has great leavening powers in cooking where sour milk or b u t l c r m i l k is the liquid used. B a k i n g soda is sometimes used to relieve indigestion caused by excess stomach acid. It is used in effervescent salts and in fire extinguishers. 4/22 (Janet Monaco of Ravenna, Ohio, wins a prize for ihia question. You can-win S/0 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a THE CAMPSITE 1S1 S. Miiin ijOiifiiriiint, Co. 77(1-70!)^ FranrhtPOfl Denier T E R R Y , M O N I T O R , YELLOWSTONE. C A R D I N A L Sales and licittal D R Service 122 l l t h Ave. 3S2-371S or -352-5288 J M Mobile Home Service Supply Porta I'otti -- hitrhcs -- gns/ electric refrigerators. See us for f o u r o n u i i i c r supplies. 680 26tll St. 353-9290 \ J M Mobile Home )- Service Supply ) fi prize.) RED DALI3 N'otiiatl Campers a n d witli KNOT 673 lutbo engine. 15 \ ^dmilttlt H i m bpefcl triplex, tair axle-, sleeper, fJ.-\f/ ocllrr.t lire! and canrlitinn. 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M«rr. f 353-9290 6-S^-- c ^ ^;.- KONOM1 ' A M I ' K R S JO ^K)I)ELS ·ft W i n n u b a g o W A IJ° ?.T Trailer Hilcl'ca fa Duim IJii^^ies ^ Tent Trailer R e n i n l s Storage vV Kui|i M i n i Cycles i? C n m p e r and Trailer Economy Body Shop Xo. of R a m n d a Inn 352-S62S Guide to Books THE WORLD OF ART. By Robert Payne. DoubTeday Co. When so many specialists appear Io be using the various arts in a socially self-disciplinary, grim, even masochis-' tic way, it is a pleasure to find an author who expresses unashamedly the exaltation he experiences so frequently in recounting the history 'of the world's great pictorial and plnstio creations. Robert Payne--half-English, half-French--is one of the most p r o among contemporary writers. For versatility, he has produced quite informative biographies of Lenin, Stalin, and, most recently, Karl Marx, lie famous caves of Elephanta and Ajanla wilh their massive wall paintings. Of course, he has studied the great Gothic structures and. the treasures of Renaissance art. Naturally, not being an artist himself, Payne may be criticized by some as expressing primarily his own preferences or prejudices. But he strives _ heroically to get inside the minds of the artists and impart 'something of (he joy, frustration and triumph he believes they felt on the sleep road to achievement. And he covers the main epochs in art from prehistory to these times of Picasso and Henry Moore. and China. He even tlicl a fascinating litlle book, nmv imfortu- nalely out of print, about Gardiner's Island, that lovingly preserved scrap of 18th cenlury America off Ihe eastern tip of * ong Island. All (his (Iocs not imply superficiality; he researches evcry- i thing lie liamJles. In his latest, S W I N G I N G ROAD SIGN ^""le'World Of Art," he has attempted nothing less than lell- STANLKY COMMON, Eng-l ing the story of Ihu main chap- land ( A P J - L o c a l council!'; rs in llle hislor y of a r t - A n d found out why many mo; jjp i n l s g", , . a ? py , P? slll °" of lorists were losing their way en tliese creations when necessary route to this Derbyshire town, for deeper unclerstanding-llic Children were using a signpost caves of France and Spain to as a swing and had it pointing se? the artistic bequests of pre- 111 the wrong direction. liistoric man as well as India's has written wilh understanding! True, he makes some' claims about Troy, Albert Schweitzer,!which, while we might not be 'able to disprove them, certainly could not be established beyond question. For instance, that the conventional pictures of Jesus slem from the bearded statues of the Greek god Zeus, while llwse of Buddha go back via the Greek Apollos to the statues of the Egyptian Pharaohs, particularly Ramses II. Nor is it unquestionable Leonardo da Vinci painted another portrait of A1ona Lisa--in the nude. But for Hie' layman who would like to understand, great art better, this is the book. Ronald C. Hood Associated Press Canada has 63 farm publications. H I G H - S P E E D S P I L L - The hydroplane, "Aggressor" slarls flip, top pliolo. whi'e going at speed of 120 miles per hour during Australian championships Sunday at Hen and Chicken Bay at Sydney. In bottom photo, one 1- of two crewmen hits water, left, allcr being t h r o w n from craft a f t e r it began carl-wheel- ing Bolh crewmen were seriously injured in Ihe accidenl. (AP Wirephoto by cable from Sydney)

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