Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1973 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1973
Page 23
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Tues., April 17,1S73 GREELEV (Colo.) TRIBUNE 23 I'M '.Mi .'."»" By Francu Diclrich ,'ONSUMER COMPLAINTS ,.jABpUT FABRIC . ·s»fiit^Ta^!m^immKi^^m^^m^mK'-mK x»tys»(.ygK'!X#.-a*. a* «K ··:*· . needs a finishing process to if done properly, it is long- blink. At one time, some bed lasting. sheeting was over-sized in J. T., Fort Wayne, is perfectly legitimate to apply However, it is out of bounds order to fill in the spaces be- J-j.W4.tes: "My pet peeves a sizing agent and the type for a'mill to use starch or any ^eim coarse, loosely woven K ^ v l^' a ^"l' e ^'^' f ^'l oijt./fabric for, clothing and depends upon the final use of other, compound with a heavy yarns. Wise women scratched ' educ .T on and infnr coratingare fabrics that look the fabric. Forexample, glazed hand in order to give substand- the surface with a finger nail ^ * m ac( " ' od,.fejH ravel or lose body chintz is coated with resin to ard fabric weight and crispness over dark fabric to see if the liac . nn 1 J lu ,= in ,^ ,,,,,,,,?, er one washing. ; Second, give it a smooth, glossy surface, that will wash out in an eye- starch flaked out. NCDA to discuss .food packaging "Food Packaging and New Labeling" will be the topic presented by Helen C. Keaveny, Denver, consumer specialist for the Denver region of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the Northern Colorado Dietetic 'Association at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 18, at the Home Federal Savings Community Room in Fort Collins on College Avenue and Drake Road. AS consumer specialist, Miss | re ne Biddle reviews The Descent of Woman' without washing ;lTM;tiqus or content marked, ese;.problems have cost me any dollars and wasted urs." trrlitfy'mg ready-to-wear, me furnishings, or fabric by s yard, depend upon the feel (he fabric as well as the way IfcokSjJf a woven fabric feels jk add looks shiny, there's a (Jd dljance it will ravel. Also, fns may shift in the body of 4 fabfijsr liasion between the consumer It is difficult to sure-fire test f ublic , a n d ' heH «««*' in ' the sizing of most fabrics, but if terpreting Food and Drug the article'feels harsh, it's a Administrations role in con- safe bet that the fabric has sumer protection and prov.dmg more than its share of filler.'It a Soundln 6 ^ for c ""is wise not to purchase it. If s " mher op»ion and comment, you've unwittingly bought a " b ^ n her work with merchandise that goes limp as Food and Dru S Administration a rag after one or two washings, ln m *' '» ler TMP ted " f ' o don't hesitate to return it to the P u , rsuc S r a d»ate study at retailer and get a refund. Co!orad ° State "nivenity and As to Mrs. T.'s complaint returned to FDA '" 1971 ' nc about f a b r i c ' s o l d without Helen Keave "y has a BS We tried coloring some eggs washing instructions or fiber de 8 ree m home economics Hints from Heloise By HELOISE CRUSE correspondence pertaining to the lldoise column should be mailed directly o llcloise. King Features Syndicate, 235 K. 45lh Street. New York. New York 10017. tip coloring eggs' for Easter by onions. Beautiful.. . Tuesday, April 17 1 he cityjjp is a combination of Dear Heloise : asons'Smooth'yarns, such as ' have use(l vour amempolyester, rayon, ace- ~ -- = -- - -· ,,...*..«..«. *..»»»*....£, v« »«,,.». . PCTT lc andv* silk, when ' loosely Usin 6 the *y skins from y e]]ow To see what would happen, i aw , textile products must be state University and at UU. iven,.'may ravel almost while onions. But how about going one we used skins of both yellow marked with fiber content. In Her varied career has included I look'lat them. The thicker better and making marble- and red on the samp egg. Those addition, the new permanent teaching home economics in a : va..A|the quicker the ravel, designed eggs? Our eggs this eggshells were as lovely as any care label act specifies that a s u b ufban Minneapolis high first with the yellow skins, and content information, it is no from the College of Saint Cath- of then we used skins from red longer legal to sell such mer- erine in SL Pau1 ' Mlnn ' and has chandise. According to federal done graduate work at Kansas For the Social Science Circle, hotted by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bain on April 10, Mrs. Richard Biddle presented a paper entitled "The Descent of Woman," a review of a book by the same name written by Klainc Morgan. In this entertaining book Elaine Morgan attempts to explain why things are as they are. It provides neither a revolutionary insight into human evolution nor another treatise on women's liveralion. Shechallenges Ihenotiori that human society . is based on aggression and doubts the importance attached to the role of the hunter in the pleistocene period. The author's ideas are termed worth perusal because her critical comments raised important issues about how theorists select phenomena to analyze. Other evolutionary theorists, she says, loo often explain phenomena, falsely identified as characteristic of the h u m a n species, by arranging data to substantiate their own conceptions. Then Mrs. Morgan adopts some of the same kind of reasoning she criticizes; she u n c r i t i c a l l y identifies some things as con- InbufJig ready-to-wear, look year are the mosl heauliful I've "gen-u-ine" marbles! jth'e$inside seams. They ever seen and the kids are' ouldjjje bound, overstitched, reall y thrilled. · "tur*d-and-stitched. With J"sl wra P P iecR s of the dry believed it if I hadn't seen it ir'q- Mods, don't hesitate to onion skin arnllnd Pach B Bg- with my own eyes! sewn-in label must provide care sch °°'' w o r k i n g as Denver I was speechless when I saw instruction. Yard goods must be Count y Exte nsion nome a 8 ent . those eggs. I woiddn't have accompanied by a label, which as field representative for the - the customer can sew into the Colorado Hea " Association as finished garment. Refuse to buy Home Economics advisor for : aw%umb and index finger Then '.place in a square of But, gals, as Mary said, the products that do not comply the State Department in Haiti, ' " ' edge of the fabric. If it material (I used an old sheet important thing is the cloth with these laws. Point out your and as program director of the gjyou think you really torn in sma " pieces, which can must be snug around the egg to reasons to the store manager. Denver Dalr y """"' ihtftaiyway because of color be reused.) Tie the cloth with a keep the skins close lo the Reader Service: Write for "A New officers will be intro- print 'be prepared to work strin B or th °se twis| ties. Boil eggshells. d, or actually hem the as usual for making Guide to Menswear," by the duced at the April meeting for Heloise Cc | anes e Educational Dept., which explains care labeling, the 73-74 year. Mrs. Clara Funderburk of Greeley is President of the group this ..^^nTzigzag sUtching on hard-boiled eggs, using a little P-S- I have to admit I used e seam edge is not always vinegar in the water to help set nylon net and safety pms! loGgh" -- tne eolors - ResisUlipcover or upholstery To get the marbelized effect, Dear Heloise: briioj coarsely woven, sleek the eggs must be wrapped in the I recently inherited several _ _ _ _ _ _ _ rnsi, |f the furniture is any- cloth to make 'he onion skins Deaumui old quills Irom an ope (0 Frances Dietrich, P.O. Five'million bushels of the iiig more than a "show pice " remain close to the eggshell, elderly cousin. They all were in nnv ,,,,,, ql , m i i o Mn (.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, aro ^onoht onrf =niH irtaini and 'drapery need When you unwrap your eggs excellent condition. ioug'h Security in the weave to a «er running cold water on I «sed two that blended on ithstaW cleaning methods. the(n - Surprise! No two eggs twin beds with dust ruffles. We With fcgard to Mrs. T.'s refer- will look exactly the same! "1*° have quilts' to fold and put cc'tu- s fabric losing "body" The e 8B s are colored from on the foot of the beds like long, ten "wishing this is due to "ght yellow to dark brown after ago, and this is quite colorful. It cessrTe sizing, which is a boiling. Because you're dying is nice to have quilts for covers performance expectations, principle fiber and yarns in year, menswear. Send a long, stamped, self-addressed envel- Box 5790, St. Louis, Mo. 63121. oysters are caught and sold Copyright, 1973 McNaught Syndicate, Inc. each season at Chesapeake Bay. ,rch gelatin, wax, resin or' your eggs at the same time they a «er all these years. . ier'-compound used to give are to"* cooked, it's so much ' «* one small one for a ·ifflft Vir firmness to fabric less mess y than Usin 8 egg dye coverlet! for the den couch. One SfLrreomes off the co.ors - ^ m n c h morP that is thinner than the rest I )ih|lt;is in a limp state and beautiful! ! ^ and much more use for a tablecloth al limes. Mary Schneider M y c 'ever daughter lined one with plastic and uses it for a shower curtain! Sally Dear Heloise: Here is a helpful hint to the gals who enjoy the fresh baked bread from those popular frozen loaves. After the bread is baked, lay it on its side on a cooling rack. You will find the wires from the rack mark a slight impression on Ihe bread, at just the right places for slicing! Aleda Dear Heloise: A clean papier-mache (or plastic) meat tray is ;i help when sewing or crocheting. It will hold your needles, thread, scissors, crochet hooks and anything else you may be using at the time. You can pick up the tray and carry from place to place with everything intact! Grandma Ann Copyright, 1973 King Features Syndicate, Inc. Be ready for Spring. Have your ) clothes drycleaned early. Sanitone drycleaned. Two Drive-In Locations 2800 W. 10th St. 352-8521 1214 9th Ave. 352-3210 Luxurious Douppionesilk imported from Italy is an elegant touch to the Easter season. Pure, classic lines that flatter and accessorize so nicely, fully lined, optionally belted. The pretty'large brim Baku hat is so important, it "tops" an Easter outfit beautifully. 0^1 /xf Phone 352.69?) 10101th Ave. "The Lower Level" THE JONES co. Ladies Sportswear Visit our Specially Priced Lower Level Today Every item marked Vz original price Corner 8th Ave. and 10th Street Phone 353-3333 tributcrs and then reasons cir- theory thai does justice to the cularly to explain them and amazing behavorial variability phenomena related to them. and plasticity of today's human Although "The Descent of beings. Women" does much to illus- Mr. and Mrs. Koith Jump will Irate the projective character host the next Social Science of social evolutionary Circle meeting at 8 p.m., April theorizing, individuals are still 24, at the home of Mrs. Ray waiting for the evolutionary Mueller. Draperies .. . .. K You haven t seen g Curtains Valances Shades Pillows Bedspreads Upholstery f~ 1403 everything new fabrics unless you've visited us. nth Avenue Z A Decorative Accessories and Services Daily 10 to S Saturday 9:30 lo 12:30 "\\Tool\vortl\ Great new looks for spring-mix and match Jewel neck nylon shells 499 Sleeveless BarvLon · knits back ztpper«d. Full fashioned Machine wash. Colors. 34-40 Neat pants of double knit stretch nylon Pull-on styles that machine wash, dry. Many colors. 8-18 Polyester pull ons, 5-15, $7.99 Textured nylons, 32 to 38, $8.99 has them alll Knit tops in fashion stripes 99 i i i i i Nylon-polyester short sleeve pullovers. Jowel or-V necks. Assorted colors. Sizes 34-40. Shells in neat 2-tone stripes 4.99 Ban-Lon* knits with scoop or U necks. Machine washable nylon In lots of colors. 34-40. Double knit western jeans Polyester crepo with 2 front pockets. Machine wash. 20" leg opening. Calory. 8 to 16. Our nylon knits in extra sixes 99 B«9w Ban-ton* shells; bock ztp- pered jewel neck. Machine wash. Many colors. 42 to 48. Short sleeved nylon knit tops 'S 99 iiMilif Full-fashioned Ban-Lon* top with jewel neck, back zipper. Fashion colors. Sizes 34-40, Open Friday Nights'til 8:30

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