Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 22, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1972
Page 20
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Mfilijlc Homca ....,--. ,.,.·!8-A Mobile Homo Si"ic« ,, , Money to Loan Money W n n l n t Mold* Mo.'intr ruvl Ef/iruB* N u r c l n c Homes , ., - .. Personal* _ P«l Stock Trofrssional Servicrji HPH! HoofJnj: tint] Imufatlon Seed*. P l n n t s . Flow ___ ...... _____________________ 4 . ......... . MJchinra - Vacuiimi S l t i f A l . u r i a Wanlnl _ cn Trailer* *nr| Ci Trannporlation Tr*ph H f t u l i n z ,, 11 TV-Ilni-llo Service, S/iTw 4f Uc/l Cam nntl Trui-ks --.. Wanted In llenl 14 and Found Help Wanted Help Wonted VANTEvD -- KxncrFencer, f i r m ham). T U K N C H K H n].cr««ir. Kiwi nt Lucorji*. 3S2-7.'-7l.l .!Si-5V2. Tnr. 10 FOR 1 I I K K -- Experienced farm band. Phone aS6-3095 a f t e r 6. ! BEDROOM furnfified Apartment. No 1 ptU. 352-57W. COLLKGK iljd*i.t Inir now and for or. 3£3'?27A. law HOOF1WJ -- R«'rooftnic. repairing, a l u m i n u m c o a t i u K B . Kree «tfm*l«. All work guarantcr.1 *G6.0«80. rrsldntial F U R N I S H E D d«!ux» buffet apl. only. 1125. IMS 7th Ave., 352-8S?6. APT, for rent,, t txdroom, 1439 filb St., 3U-6707. ,, t , _ ,,, ALCO nooffjiv Co. Hoofing -- IIS* or M'N. fnp wttccs. ai1 il 85Z-..332. F l«.m. or 4 p.m. lo TO..I- 352.1863. C A I t E . l K I l Ix.ys. 10 ( L'l V A N T K D -- Kxiicricnccfl f n u i form isctlcr. M U F I 1/c nlile lo rkj o"*ti Iiiyniil. Cull 35MI77 n l U r 6:10 i'.rn. n m l i yusit.oi 3, 3 _|_ lion! .ore money 1 Join the success Hell SliRkke Products to tome Instcy. Full or imrt nntes if. I n t e . C a l c d T Call 3J3-35S1. i P A I N T I N R , piiver h a n x I n R . « yc ox potionco. Free e s t l m a i M , Motion T'hftli[9. Ph, 33.043A. John Thomr-' LPN or U N -- 3 tr I I s h i f t . Full irt t i m . C.i II 353-3*70, Fni u.c.s. Employment Center 8:30-5 .M. Ihrll R: 9-3 Sal. 928 13th St. Suite 5 356-3-160 "·*[ A |irlr»tc ciniilaymcnt iigency M K N wanle.l for |irnhirliiii wi.rk, k!l- ehen CBtilnrl factory. A p p l y iri person only. MacKcn/.ic Co.. ZI32 th Avr. K X P K B I K N C K n irrfealnr f u r n l f a l f . i n m l cnrn. u-ilh lrdii«|!iiilatifn. fV.iM f i n n i s h excellent h'Hi^e. Plvinc 3.iX- W l i . I . l i n i n a u u i c e s i v e . i i n l i v i i l u . i l « i l l n n inlerr.^L i n electronic n i f l i i n f n c t u r in^. Apply 205 Turner, Hcith.r.jil Colo. anr,i:i. W A N T K D -- HdiAhle innii «)io lik. Kin I'-B. c/o T i l l c. 'UJII.1C rcMinn..: I'roinutliin «"il n,l- erlisinjr. tieliiCAlc U. llutiuhib ex- I^'riscfl p n i i l . r p r i n f i n c n l . fAHl bene- f i t s , tnoo iilm. Call t i n y , .u»-r,igii. I) nnd II, nn employment nfmiey. :'OVK[t s e w u i K m a c h i n e npcrnlnr nT 1 - lilications. cxperimce.1 an-l in- CApericnccil, licinu Inkc-n. IJ:iyl- C«up. ^.iOR -ilh Avr., :ir,y.fJI6R. An C'liiii] ' f f p n r l n n i l y employer. I'AltTS Traifnei-, f u l l lime nnly. I'rc- frr Aoine picvions pai^ cxiicrici Cod'l ( l i i v i n u rrcor'l c.'?enti.iL Mv- A r t h u r OMj-Cnclillnc Inr., SUS Ale. liK.CJKI'TlON'IST: Meet ami rrccl rul.lic. (ino-l t y p i n u aVHI«. Clnmy i-i»iiipaiiy. r c i m n n c n l . r:i'iO. Cull (iiy. :i."i^.GOnn. n nnd ll. an cniploym atrecicy. I.OUAIj Mlnlilishe.l tornrariy nec.h 2 i t i w e E nitchanks. one wclilcr. l-'rlnne I w n r f i l F . SS.OOO to IIO.WO ye»r. All I n i u i r i w c o n f i i l e n t i n l . SITU! n-si to Itox t'-'j, c/o Trlltnne. ItKSlDKN'l 1 mnnnKcr ntrcik"! fi.r IR n p a r l m c n t LOrnplc-x ill (iice!ey. F,^- lieriencrd c n i i p l o only. I'redcru-V II. llo» Co., Ilenvcr, F52.ll 11. a* fur .Ian. K X I ' K H I K N U K . I ) a n l e s i n . n . Urn I iiu.l n B p l f s t n r l e r t^ «ork I.K-II! urea S n f n r y , p.xpeiiFe Rnil t f i n n p W r i t e reinme in Hoi I ' - f . i7 IIAKTKNIIKK: ' HI nnpllealkm tent ivol h. Slr.ily. M n l i over SI. W i l l t r a i n . S'C Hill Tavern. L,AkGK~corp.,TMlfon cxiir-iiontc im-Chb«rr, 1,'it liolpfnl Cnnninny will Iratii. Cnll I'anl. HSn- 7SII. l-'Art.M i = n t r * m n n : Oprnlnjr ft f a r m nntl c o m m e r r i n l real pnlesmnn. A l l replkn con[ Hux O-31 _e_/a Trlljune. JcTSFf.K i»anlerl lr ilclnllcil (esninc n n H rcfrn-l llux I'-B. t/" T i i l n i i i e . K[" o n l y n e r i l npply. .MAN TO Biip«i'vise nmle in our yaril. KnnivWm ciniilrnellmi n i n l u r i n l ileairnblr. Thl' \K a rarr-cr ]olj with irii'nl p liip f t i n q e henefilj«. Wlnniirai n t h SI. KXT'BitTBNOEn m-rvlce f l a l i o i i nllonil- ant lieciLcd n l n n i e . Mn-.l In rlimiii-Rl a l i i i i l y nn-l r-Mieriein-c. N'ni- i l r l r i h r r , 'i', yi-ar» or n h l e r Inlcrralrc in | . p i l » n n r i i l M u r k nml nM. lo l.-ik- rlmrce. kM nil .111. A'n'KACTIVK ]irni nent ,,,,;,,,. M u s t f',.r X n.ln'lla.' Couple v u i y ii',:,-e|,lal.k- Man i n n y lie employed cl.-uii-ln-to ivilli l i m e fill y n l d m a i n l e l i n i . r c . Nice ai-lj- nrfilt* l E v i i i K i [ i i . - H l l n » willl x:t-nl sal- nry. Nn elilldii-n or pel". Ki-rnriiiT) PHOTO GHAJ1METRY Slerco Plollor Operators and J'lioln-iiihjriirnters (Jull or W r i t e : Morrltik nnd Co. 2710 \V. Kvjins Ave. Denver, Colorado S0210 Phone. Oa-J-SfifiR 9.123. -- Interior Mid r.d icv»\n. tlst.nix P A I N T I N G ttinUactor. 10 yenti expe ncr. Call 284-6531. In Mile, outside, Allir.KSK pr«r r.y tc'lor. "ca" u? now RELIABLE LAWN SERVICE Quality mowing. IriraininK. cliiv ping removal. Moderate prices, Vacation or regular 352-0284 MECHANIC KxpenGi.cful all nroimtl niiJtrfi.inic. Snc Doug SocMikscii nt DeBrown Chryslt-r 1'lymnulh Inc. S17 7th St., CJrceley Phono 35C-0300 LAWN SPRINKLERS JTronclilcss installation and r ·pair. Also lawn Kecrling, sodding lor fertilizing. For free estimate ("ill R U D I ) SIMUiVKLER CO. FM Hint--A«)4l. .17 For Rtnr-- Apli. 17 20 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Sat., April 22, 1972 IN BVANS -- 3 furnished apL P r i v a t e entrance and bath. 352-61(9. 1'SSTI Want to be across from campus d close to ahopplnjt. T- itudtnUT . . .. . . . . 1 DeVllt* Apartment*. 356-1331. , iurntabtd. r------ · · REASONABLE vmlnmlnheii Z bjrm. apt. Good location. No peU. 3S3-S7S9. [FURNISHED 2 bedroom a p a r t m e n t . L *160 munth. No pels. 352-2023: 353- · pt. No rhllilnn or . 18S8. . . . ret«. 627,i Slh Ave. Ant. I. ., · ^., _ -. · · , , ,,----- : --. , IflATON -- 2 bedroom" unfurnished VKHY niec Z bedroom aliarlmenls. »150. apattmtnt.- Carpeted, air conditlon- \l'A!tTKKNT for Tint oulsldl cltjr limit;. 356-17Z. ONE b«ilrt»m nuplrx. 141 N. I5th Ave. , 3o2-H3S. . Call 356-0574': filer 5, 353-5140. IOLONIA1. Ma 2 bedroom partly ' . f u r n i s h e d ftpt. $160 a mo. 'pins ele«- Irlclly. 353-3793. DKLU.XR 2 beJrwim 4-plex. Carpel. rfrapea, all electric k i t c h e n , utility room. Hoi water heal. 353-6350. ' MAN TO share trailer houiri U9 nxmlh. 352-5526 after 5tJO weckdayj, anytime \ve*kends. ONE' bedroom duplexes, furnished and unfurnished. Mature adults. No pels. ' 7 1 1 21st Are. 01. 1110-1115-1120 HONTll!.r pajridit buyi mobile home.. M a n y adult and family pac« available. 35!-3841. CADiiT A i m s Apia. Now r e n t i n c In Windsor. Children and small pets allowed. 686-77S2. NFyW 2 b«droom, carpeting, drapes. Gt: kitehen, beat Incl. I1CO.H65. 2218 8th Su 3C3--UCO or 3J3-S1B7. . , ed. Call 461-29S4 after p.m. IIACJ1KLOK «pti. for men only. t«- }70-ISO. 302 13tb. St. 352-1660. E 2 bedroom 4*p]ej[. Kitchen appliances, carpet, drapes'.- No pclj. Children welcome. Call 352-4691. TWO bedroom unfurnished apartment. Erapes, carpet, electric kitchen. 3532678. ONB bedroom unfurnishcil apartment. Stove and refrigerator furnished. S137.60 'I'll Ifuhts. No prl-. Stt proivirtr .manager. 1102 I3th St. REDJIOOM apt. Carpeted, draped. Utilities iurr.l»heil. 352-C037. FURNISHED apt. for 2. Week, month, U.S. Motel. ·HREB room furnished npt. for couple. Carpeted. I I 2 B plus lights. Security tlcpo*it. No pets. 3fi3-2«9i. SIERRA MANOR APTS. Inquire 2173 28th St. · 2 UcOraoin, Stove refrigerator. Carpet :snd clraiicB. 353-4915 BENT problems? Piiy only $150/riu*r. tcr. Apatlmcnt set up for 4 s.ude Close to campus. Cull 356-1381. S M A L L 1 bedroom f u r n i s h e d rnoljile borne for the months May and J only. *W monlh pins utilities. Chri», 352.1MI. 4 ROOM upstair* f u r n i s h e d apattment. .Couple only. Utilities furnished. IA)- c»t»l between college a n d Tost Office. 3B3-1169. 2 KK.DlibOM n p i i t m e n t in new 4 plex. K i t c h e n appliances, carpet, drapes anil air conditioner. Children u-e[- cunie. n u Itota. 352-4691. WEST GRIiBLEY UnfnrntBhed 2 bedroom npartment: carpol, draiies, ai)|)liunccs and disposal. $140 plus lights and deposit. No pets. Phone 352-1921 Custom Work STUDENTS i\I:ilc 01- fornale $l.l-~i I J R T h o u r plus IIOHUB Interviews 3-1 p.m. 145R 23rtl Ave. or eiill SC3.7875 n t t u r S:30 p.m. CONSTRUCTION* SUPERINTENDENT [in mod in le opening for n x p c ciiccil l i m n tliiit can handle IIU- iiiioLH-iiil Iniilding project In tlio l"t. Oollins area. We need ilct'ision niiiku]'. Sulni^y ojmn. Clall U n i t M i i r p l i y , collect at 7EO- i! In Jlcnvcr. CUSTOM p!owinc, H w a l h i n R . hay hal ' ^Travis Ham. 897-2MO. collect. TKENCI1ING. Centtil T r e n t h i n g am Poring Co., 352-1881. Mulclilnif nnd ! E a'J cation and I n s t r u c t i o n 8 1'IANO lesson C u l l H:':-SH'iil JUDO. K f l . Croup or private. Call W A N T K D ·-- f l u l e t h n l p n i f . Cal M e n . w o m e n , children U oresn Bludcnts nnlh. liny F, Business Opportunities M'lirinir. Shun find p C u l l t'iSl-'^IL (;KOCKltV~7i7jrG -- TJoiisn uml ( I n n i f locnl Inn nn rorncr. 35 l iiinl ISUi St. 3',-i-OIK). WANT out of the citr limit« nf Grer- ley? Tnke a Irxik at thejie one and two be*li-oom.i apartments. Call 3ofi- l;)31. I I A C K I I O E , loader. 362-6917. Koehn [FEMALE roommate to shara 2 lied- I ronm ir.obile home. 353-2311 Kxt. ^40 line. 3 = 3-7766 !| . 5k f( , r Shirler. A f t e r ! call 3534604. CUSTOT rolottlliiijT. L » I K * or aronll UNFU71NISIIED 2 and 3 bedroom an- ailn:«nls. Kilchen appliance*. I l y Q J I 7 0 plui electricity in Windsor. 686-7102. arrjcnit, y»_rd. Jim Hewitt, 3S3-0680. I l A C K l l O E and loader. Hill Naugbton, ;i!.2-1041: Lull Elam, !53-361'i. EXl'lvl.T varpentry. No job loo Iars« w O H K I N n man 4S ,,* *,-. .y.,^11 iKi-'jftirv vinn.iixvi man, *o. MORE fnr your comfort, con' a n d monej. 2 berlnxim ton and you won't have lo u-o; utility bilU. Call 356-1331. rry 190* NORTH IS YOUR RENT MONEY BUILDING EQUITY? 353-9942 or too smnll. 353-2910. WT. DO custom hnulini;. 353-2114. Fermin itoilriqiiei, 031 6th Su BAILEE'S cnilom rlowinff. 352-5^50 CUSTOM niflnur-! aprcadina. Igader work. Dcrnld Peterson, 352-7134 eve. «e. 1 hedioom cabin;., .everything furnished, . tla « week.. Touriil rooms 2 for 16 niKht- ly. Fl. Collins. ' 1-193-07S9. . . . -d like lo aha're his 2 bedroom, f u r n i s h e d , l u x - ury apt. f l O O monlh each phis '^ KECHETARS'T 21. would like lo s h a i e ; her 2 lciiioom, furnished, l u x u r y ! apt. JIOO month each, j.his i/ a u t i l i - lle«. 3S3-3793. ' ] CUSTOM plowinjr ar.d mulchinjr. Fplln; Hroi., G8G-?'J35. MQli'l"D~"]Bwn fcrllliicr MpplEn], crah ' , «yed, 'trcei epraysJ. G e n e Sorxk-e. S52-I050. CUSTOM Fnrm Service. Plau-inir, m u l - Allmc'r, 352-0250 or 353-!)259. ALL types cement v/ork. Patios, aide* .wnlks driven-nyp. Reasonablt rates. 352-M62 .ir 281-7952. . DACKIIOE'",Corl, ivatcr. acwer, leach line.s, a n i l septic tanks installed. 353- OliiU ,r 353-376U. THKNCIirrin. J l t c h clianlnsr nml leech STOP looking! ThU U ft I (teiiuLlfut 2 Kcdronm townhouies with all electric kitchens. \ir conditioned with I'/j b.ifhs. Call 3i3-7573, -33-738S, S56- 1331. '150 MONTH, convenient location, 2 bed room a p t , 1 \ j baths, uarp ct, tirapfA, air-conditioned, l a u n d r y hookups. No ij'r.ts. 35^-RRM days; 352-2208 after 0. r i iliuiiK. i«jtiM fci lilircr «|i- g. slicer type. Soil l Spiay, yr/^-LOriO. FENCES y:irti fctices repaired i:r r e t l i i n v . Cnll Kny Ijirson, 3 f i 2 - j mill S5H!i_,,rJl_i.y He.illy. 3SS-2:155. | N o l v f e i 1( .,. s |, u i|t and installed I t n YOU ncnl l:eln ninrltctinjf a n e r e j to V l i n i ' W A N T I t , l n i y : I I Iti t\ u n i t nmlrl. rc^lry t,r ^ I l i r o u r u l i n c area. A l l i n - ,nnl,l(lr.|l l:..|,l r o i i r i i k n l i n l . lir,ily tt.x )-:i!l c/,j Tritj'.itic. w5'fl-:YN~7\iili! AsMii'inlo Klnro. FIIIV- frr. l.'tili). OVVJKT un;sl Fpll ilue lo l«H»r h r a l f h . I n v p i i t t ) ! y , f i x t i k r o s , xnnrt l i i H I i l l n ^ Ip.m'. Tor i n f i i r t n a t t o n , coii- t.iul Win,! l.iti,|l,.y, 303-831-3i:il. Dick C r i r f i l l i . !1S- P »27-72 1 J4. L A R G E 3 BAY SERVICE STA'J'ION FOR I,EASE In K v i i n t i (firccley, Oolo.) Con- l l ; i i y V n n Hooaor, ChiLini)- l l n Pctrolouii] Co., ;i 11-0541 Den- viir. : I.nsl inl, nMl tur»« In ilnvv-ttlnivn n r f a tcrnnnn. C.ill 316-2 US. fio.nno-- Our f i r i n IK looking lur 't I'TM ssionnl cxcentivcfi lo tell LOHS o w n e r s jibtmt inu' n a t i n n . idc -- C U A I t A N T K I o n -- inelh- oil of cmivcrtim; Ilieir ilolln- i l i i o n l money lo CASH. Our rc- |ic;iL t)iiHlnc«R .ijicuks for ilsoK. If you f l l l l t n l k W i l l ] l l l l H i l i e » n | I , 1 C I : N S K I I c h i l d rare i n m y hnme. nxec» on l l i u l r levnl, cmtliiiil . I n e k ) . Mn,,!,.,,,,,,! nrr,,. Mi.o-m. (;rolih h e l w r o n '.' (mil \'t nl - I S ^ - ; i ' A ' N T i N i : - im,.ii,,r .ml Situations Wanted 10 Kair Pi'lcos Trash Hauling 12 THE WAY rubbfjih removal 352-6121 SKnre fbvcly new 2 Ked. room u n f u r n i s h e d apt. and pay only SS.i rer month ulus ',, utilities, all aplilinnces. caiputlng and drnpes fur- niched. 3B* MASON APTS. 2100 27th Ave. Place New 2 hcuroom units, unfurnished, $145- per monlh, $75 'dnposit. Call Scott Realty 352-1212 DOVER APARTMENTS H24 llth Ave. 2 heclronm furnished available now -I beilroom u n f u r n i s h e d , April 2D. Manager Apt. 109 For Rent--A 17 'OR KBNT -- ' Apt. Spac« for K u y s or girls. . Across from UNO. Cooking facilities. 3S3-OS20. ONE anil ^ bedroom apartments. Cou- plea preferred. Appliances and nol water heat furnished. Other extras S130 and tl45. 1924 State Farm lid. S130 a 1'fcone . 352-810!. 1 brdrotim apt. )130 month: unturnlsnrtl 2 bedroom, JiCO AppEianccs, drapei, dishwasher, car- letcj, elevator, tccuriti- doors. Ail o students. 352.58F6 SUSANVILLE APTS. Dig 2 bedroom, l',a baths, fully carpeted. Range, refrigerator and hot, water heat furnished Tree. ?150 per month. Available April 1. CALL, TIME RKALTY 352-8838 CASCADE APTS. 2022 28th Ave. i\'ew, 2 bedroom unfurnished apartments. Appliances, carpet ert, drapes, central air condition (UK. soundproof, prime residen lial loculion. Resident Manager 353-S149 ROYAL GARDEN APTS. 2100 83rd Ave. and Z liedroom furnished or rifnrntshed buffet aiiartments. Electric kitchens, carpeted, rapes, Inside laundn 1 , off street arking or carports. Adults, no ets 352-01C2. GEMINI APTS! . Infnrnlshed 2 bedroom apart- nente, carpeted, draped, all lectric kitchens, central heat- ng, air conditioninR. Deposit equlrcd. $155; $160. 353-6976, Manager Apt. 101. 1106 26tU Ave. 1938 9th AYE. STUDENTS TOWNHOUSE APTS. Summer Special 356-1331 Deluxe 2. Bedroom Apartments nil electric kilchen, utility room.! 1161 water heat, plus trash ra-| moval, furnished, air conditioned. Close to shopping center. Will allow up to 2 children. Call 352-6570 Jays. 352-807!) eves. VE11Y, very practical for moner-niirrjfcd couples mid students. Not far from c«m]inl. Knrnhhcfl apartment* iwail- nlile Mny HI;'JlSO/hionth. Cill 35S- 13IU.- eluxc 2 hrdroom npi. All electric kitchen Including dlshwaih- cr, air conditioned. *190. Phone 353- C.976. HOG 26th Ave. Manager apt. 101. BUFFET u n f u r n i s h e d apartment. Ar- plinncei and iiltliliea furnishcJ. $100 per m o n t h phis Hn deposit. See S n n - ilay 4 lit 5 p.m. nr call Denver, I- 'Jil-"i T J\ for a|iiK)inlment. SPACIOUS 2 bcuroom garden l e v e l duplex. Carpeta, drapes, all electric kitchen, u t i l i t y .room, tint water heat, t r a c h pick up. Available May 1. Married roiiple. 1 child. Phon« 353-3110. »KSTWA\ Disposal Companr. I I H A N T N E K Trash Senite -- Di;ii anrl rcsidciiUAl. Gone, 333-3440: 2R4-7RB1. COLLEGE Kills --. Apts. Summer qlr. 8125 per ntr. per zirl. Utflltl« paid, kitchen privilcBrs. I2fi deposit ivil] h.iltf. No rets. 3S2-4J12. Also accepl- Inif reservations fnr fall rjtr. : Wanted la Rent ATI 1 : l^andlniua -- List a v n l j a b l v rent_ n il_TM'"' W^'-R-S. 352-1561. M ' A l l R I K n r iKi-ds rp.iif. Knlhlc, W 1 Continental Apts. 70(5-708-710 27th' Ave. iliple \s'llh a m n l l Km*{ rliiK nalile n p a r l m c n t , Jimr 1st. ;.1)^25 a f t e r 5. r,(iit nr wriio P.O. MHX mm, n. CollliiK, Colo. SOfilil for I'onf. i n l . LOST--A sharp «(!«· en your £;'«iornTL -V/p aharprn 'cm. I ' i n k i i i c allp.irs, Ujn.! 8B-65C on most, Alklre's. 6H «t)i Ave. NOT S A T I S F I E D ? a pet, picas. ANYONE K . . . .visit H u m a n e Kndrtr Shellcr. Bill SI. am! PS liy-rn! (lirouiih Knlu Hours s-5, Momlay Personal! AI.COIIOTjTCS Anonymous. Th. ^ »«52 for help or m t e l i n j I n f n r m a l l n n . rifiURETTB bra« and clrllcs. IE YOUR shaver n l r k l C.ill tin Clinic. Alklre's, fin filh A v ' n r n n l K n. !((!(·. f o r m e r l with II. J. P n n r . k B Hniue. Pli-n. rjill l-'icil, aii-saai. JIe (\cr'f rer*nnnli/- C t i n l R r t l,iiiir.\ U n i t . . . . n t to cnrn ?20,linO? ('olln linrlKroiniil rriinlroil. M u s i hn ilKiiiiliihlo. Slurl. 1'iirl or f u l l time. I Mllst h n v n rnr. Wrllo nr c u l l : JJoyil W. M i i K O l n 3 l l i M i i l n Klrot-l L t n i f i i m m t , (loll). SlifiOl I'liiinrs: 7Hi-SC«0 M:m M i l u-aik^, cu-. :tr,2. lan. T,vFi lT S I'niVillnir anil 11. ile.-nrntinK. r ire rMijnnu-s. ni:f-5S53. Mo ]:Lit)liri(r, K p n i i I N K , mlil M O D C I I K N llnrhlii:e. f e n ice. Quality vVlM, linil,l""(,r rfin.rfcl .lairr U r n j . C A S H BUYERS ARE WAITING to read your Classified Ad. Available: one and two bedroom units. Children welcome. i Call 356-0325 or 352-4300 2 i l l l l l M . i n u l i i l p liinnf. Ko |.i-l.v I'lior.. .·i-nini:s. 351-0^67. rinirnf. lrlifif1 le.l- i.UK'll Pny* 1 Nn la«n lt« l Dnt ln\m mou-- . H.Kl-llr'2. I'VVO l.,lnx)in linn .lloKr. ^all M2- rwt) lipilronni unf NOW Aulo Rcntol O T r a n s p o r t a t i o n 3 CAR lentuls -- n u l l y . lonthly. . A f l e r hr«. I'.n., H O n R l h A V I . , Norllicrn Coloriulo Dislribulor For Nalioiuil Corporation nffoi-R i l o n l o i ' s l l l i i s In w n l n r p u r l - f l c i i M i m , i l n i i i l i m r n l l / n l i o n n m l f i l l n i l l o n . Tlil» very uscfiil tool In c.onilKiIln^ \valcr j i t i l l i i l i o n crrortR c n n In: p;ii'l or f u l l l i i n u nnii'lf^'inoTil. I ' f i i l linif. c n r n i t i g H fvoin jiins lo f i n n r , : or f u l l l i m n Professional Scrv!cet Tire r.ilinialr.-. ,l. r i AI/l'F.UiVrlONS -- micirle ITiO M a r k . -- K n M r n t l a l a .iirrlihr. I.. S. Mellankl. I'll. 352-0260. r O W K H c.TkiiKf. If you hava lavrn _ lrmili:r«._i;nll i m l .151-I15S. ^^ ^^ ^ _ ^ ^^ l ill kln.l.. J A N D J UphnUl^ry. Free p.llmA p l f V n p antl Hplivcry. 3^ f .2. P I A N O t u n i n g !I2. Cnail'lrle "- »en-lre. Cnrrtil C-nn. 853.79^3 5 p n l e i i l l i i l iiv In ?r7.iiriO yearly. ^.'Ili^L 1 - "'"""·' -- i C i i r r n n l liiialncBsinni limy f i n r t l C A K r K N T K U wot! I ' N l l l i l a n profitable! :i(ltlllion lo| -Ji):. 1 !!^.. your pniiliic.l liiifFi. Slnnll liMFi-iP''-^!''! 1 "'?. 1! J. ca " R '"!".'· iirss Inveslniciit vni[iiiroil. if j-nnLJ-.l^-j^-i-. · '"*· '" ' n-p Rlncoro. c u l l Mr. lli'iialisy nil-' led. ·liiH-lfi'SS In niTiiiiKn «" '»· Bulincis Scrvica 1« Pv^WKTl r n k i i i f r . If you Irftuhles, e n l l n« 1 ^1-t SAW Sharpe.nliiir. All ki.-(!«. One ilny ·«rrr. Alklrc'i, C I S Slh Ave.. ar.2.uni. HOSCO'S Tree T t r v l r r . llrensto u n H I mre'l. r'Tft estrmale*. Z^l-TP^fi. jATJITOiVlAI. i p r v l r f . F a m i l y o p r r a l r Chilicr.e».^ffke«. rlr. f a l l Ml-'iKn r-nlra. 2 hr. ^ r r v t c 3S2-9S01. C H A I N «.li" »ha Alklrc't, «H Sth A |o|-vlr\v: f)i' w r l l o llli.s nr\vji|»:i. t'lT, l!tx I'-l. Texas Oil Conipriny Xrril« imm ovor l'i for r-xclu- s i v n I n i l i i H l i ' l i i l sulns i t - r r l K i r y . I l l i v n . n i r i M l i l I H i i l i l i : I n l;iko n l i n i l irl|». fill r n l ( M ' i i l l o n . rTifllre. l i n l p f n l b i l l tlo[ . Wp :ir r a k l n t r . n w r r p l p t r . ferlillT.lnjE, Ranlen rolAllllinp a n d U^'r. scr-ilinR or Emldinif. 2? 1-6310. I,AWN m o u e r pharpcnlnir ami molor r r a l r . Au.|fr',n Srt.l C... 711 I W h HI., ar,3-{ii2i. J A N I J J I M f a n i r i K Service. \Vf el all r o r n m r r r i n ! l . u l M i i i f ' . ^ct I ftran :»y lo day prof«-v*ion»l I t h a t w i l l impre-r your e l l c n l e l e . U A U l ' K M ' K I l ami I n n i l r a r t l i i i i . I'll. 3SI JTINf';--All klmli. V r t le Tnrlman, n r a.nMR. l i n n o n i n l i l i s h i ' i l sluci: ALL''!^'!'!;!!" IMH. \\ nffi-r vim f u l l i r l i i K n l i p n r f l l s . l , l f r a n i l l l n s p . I n s n r l i n e r . proliF r p t i r r l i l r n l plan pill? i n C P l l t i V O llOlllIM, l i l l l ' I C l l Clllll _ ^ n ^ - ^ l S . IlllBsloris wllll ollprirllllllly rirlT,AWri'tiu.iilin; nn.l Ir For Rent--Houses 15 -- " Iwlrm. IrAller, Kreat f u r r r n t . rlosr li 11 or 352-0700. rnishe.! linu.-e with COI.[.KRF. elrl nrrcM to «h»re home lmni£ilfalr]y. 1317 I Mi Si. SS3-6732. Harapp. Couple. No ir. Keiirc.1 yanl. t l » a pcl». SM.SSIo. 3 I I E ' J I J I I U O M Z lIK.DTtoriM m n l . l l e homr In Wlnilsnr. JUujlaJile_May 1. Cnll 6S6-20ns. lt[-;illin[)M ]iii^e. f i i r n l s h e i l , r r r y r l r a n , n c ^ r I J n i v e r A i t y . ^j2-fi-JSS af l e r 4. B X K C U T I V K lype home. i K i n l h . OpdyVc Ajecnry, NOW KENTING 1717 10l!i SI. and 1R08 lOlh SI. - ' One n n d two bedroom iin* fi'.rnlKhel apis, plus 3 furnished b u f f e t apis. One liedroom ?130, 2 lir. $150, hot water heal furnished, also t r a s h piijk-up. Fully carpeted, d r a p e d , with I-Vigidaire appliance.?, in- cludiiiK .self-cleaning ovens, disposals, dishwashers, refrigerators, air con- djlloning. Individual 'base- nient slorage .areas, coin operated waslier and dryer. Rood parking. 7 hlocks west nf Post Office. Call Mrs. M. JI. Carpenter or 352-22-19 . N E W 2 Bedroom Apartment ·lot water heat, all eleetric kil- chen. Close to college. $145 per mo. No pets. Will allow 1 child Call 352-G570 days "352-8079 evenings - Get. Ready For Spring! You'll find 2 great advantages u deciding on your STUDENT HOUSING NOW. 1. IAS.HO per n'r. per s t u d e n t . 2-. utilities Included . rOWNHOUSKS completely furnished for 4 Students. ·Res; Mgr. 2117 28th Street 853-3117 · Wheeler Realty Company 350-1331 HOLIDAY MANOR Now Leasing ·Jl.iO.OO Per Month ^Immediate Occupancy ·3 Bedroom Apartments ·Unturnislird ·Children 1'ets WELSH ASSOCIATES, Call 352-3833 or · 352-7265 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 liGiironrn luxury. Air conditioned. Private patiu. · Shag carpet, electric kitchen with dishwasher. . fll)0 lo $201) pins gas iucj lights TALISMAN' WRST APARTMENTS 353-3793 s^BxaD =rv^=o=;)x=5'-=n^ = o--«rs = £ c EL GAUCHO APARTMENTS !;j Luxurious living . - a t reasonable I'ulua. New 1 2 bedroom unfurnished apartments how available. ·- Fully carpeted and druiwd ·s^r air confliliniietl yV swiniinitig pool ^ private parking ^f full 015 kituhen--stove, rcfrlgeriitor, dishwasher and garbage difipos- aL ·fa con.mnnity hutlding featuring fircphico, launtlrotnaL and extra ] lidriii.--$144.80 2 lidrm.--?ffi!. ?1^9 (all utilities included) 1225 26th Avenue Apt. No. 308 353-6121 For Rtnl--Apts. IT KTTEH I l k t M look I i bedroom ap«rl- meiiu loe.tcJ near tbe UNO eimpiu lind close to shorplnz. IUO-M60/ month. C«ll 3S2-1»71 or SB6-13SI. UXURY 2 beJroom «pt. earpe'.etT, lr»pH, eleclrie kitchen, «lr conditioned, many itr*», adults, 2 children. 352-6920 or 3S2-1I98. Ni'URNISHED 2 bedroom apartment Appliances, drapes, heat furnished. UtO montfc. No U«U. 352-2023; 363188?. EMPCKARY fcomei, eompl»UiT llhtd 1 to bedroom dally and weekly ratea ·nly. Mountain Vl«w Motel. SIM 10h Sf TlATBAU ApLi. 8 bedroom »pts., .5160 to 4165 tneluties alove, refrigerator, dbhvasher, air t-nn.lilioninz. Carctta, drapei, washer/dryer hook-up*, neat, water and trash removal. No unmarried Btudenli. No pets. Free, storage iheds. Laundromat on premise*. 2321 So. 17th Ave., Manner, Sit- CONTINENTAL APTS. 706 - 708 - 710 27th Ave. Available: one and two bedroom units. · Children welcome. Call 356-0325 or 352-4300 NOW RENTING 1 and 2 bedroom on Stale Knrm Road. Children welcome Carpet..drapes, HiipHaiicen, utilities furnished. 353-31)79 niter 5 353-5495 . MAPLE MANOR Large, deluxe, 2 bedroom, unfurnished apartment, complete . kilchen including dishwasher, shag carpeting and drapes, central air conditioning, private en- rance and balcony. $1GO-$105 per month. J 032-1034 26th Ave. See JIanager. No. 202 Call 353-7S73 . J) - a m V R K K Irlninilntl «r..| hl.llllll)!. .1.'"'I..'.IS? P 1NTK11IO|[ n n - l P5lcrTir rnlnlinir. Tnll k -riiiiiv:t. S I n n t r y I t r - l n n . 2SI-5^76, i.i'KNTrilt «-flrk. Ml kin'.*, t'rfe K ( » R IlKNT in i'lullevn]*; 2 -- 2 lied- -T-^-! r.Hiin nmliilf hntr.cs. RraMiTiabtr, 7fS- I ' l l U N i S I E K D n r nrkfurri!h««1 1 M r m . Immc fnr r n r l r of 4. No p*.*. I'hone r. riHiiKc, 3,i3.02fi7. ftft^l^ Kf. "i2 mubilo home. .TaHk. KOIl H K N I ' - - 2 irrhoorn. i - a r t l y f u r I 1niii*p. I ' r r f i T n i a r r i d l muiilf, l-'illi A v r . f.O M KOIIT A I U.K. fni-n i-shril li..jiir ft.r f u n i i l y cli-'r Ir. r^ni]ui.«, Jnn* In Si-pi. ?2rifl_liiinilh. ^r.'J-10-«?. wnrk. Ocn- nn' rliiMi'm r.r iTlVl'l^. y t i 1 i*1r*t?Sf t*Wf P^iiiiifjl,; i i i E v a i i c c i n i ' r i t . Fur prrsminl 111- tfjrvtnu" \S'rilo il l(!llrr and U-ll ino n t i i H i t yimrsnir. I t n c l i l y l l n r p - liinnl". l l o k i i l n KXJ r k]lT~nTwn rail""' nn rl,iM,r:i 01 A vi-. I.Alli:K 2 leitnHHii inifiiriiUhrtl duples. Apfllanera availalilr. May I. Water, I liasli |.!rtii|. vni.!. S W - 1 W S . j 'f.AlilVK t lieilroom romplelely u n f n r : nWir.1 iliiplrs. Kalcr p a l i l . With »a- flrepriiee In l.a^err.em. per m.,nth. Tall Wclh ft A*.ix-.. Inc.. ··. A new concept in apartment-home living . . . · \ )\ nil new l u x u r y 2 arid 3 Iredroom npsrtmeiils--nuilllple :| lintbs t ft private cnlranccs--Iwlconica and p n t i o n - t ~ ·· vV ilc'iixo Rling cnrpcl--drapes £ '·' vV f-H' Pleclric dcsiRncr k i t c h e n s -- self clcaninR nvena y f f t p r i v a t e wnsliers and ilryera f t soiinflprooled | ?| ft Kr'rtdnnlf; «ltiilctil« ft a m p l e off-street parking j; *. - Krom »IS5 | '?· 3811 22nd Sfreel--Apt. 25 Manager: 353--6350 ^ ·' . . ..., e ;..;.-j i ;.;: i ;^^;;,x;*iV.aS?tsi»*lr..jVj'.;Ayi«fl*i''Ai.'fc¥,S5S^;i-^'.^ 1 7,^7 r ^:' I r",!?p!,ii!!;' m n I r" ) ', n hi?,hth. |i " ,, lvl !i^"!; 1 ., ft"" 1 .; 1 ,"' 11 !'"": ^^^r^,, rw - 'r»rpo nl ,,.i'' ms^'^^"^:.!!."-, "nctes: TOiizh? Aro yr,.| h u r n l n i loo much ' ·"· ''"J | V ' ''"" " " l l " . °*' p a l m . O M i n c l e , r.w.finr. lcinmWlnir.1 ll.m'l .klay cM loilay. n»« SS!-H7( : Oil7 Will III. l i n or ]e,.. Call Tanl. lid. r l i l f l l . I n,: Vrer- t.-limalcs. I). I,. l , a i i f r . eves. S51.6« ( . Help Wonted BEMI fl m a n to . 2 tn 1 llibbi. 8H Hlh St. « i i h r l w n - ir* pf-r lsy. fhon* r:illt ff^tiUnn availililc tn i-frum v. an ling ' f u l l t i m e emplAyrr.rnl. A i i ) ] l r n p : « m u n i hav« at-ri^iiliurAl Imrkimiimil HO YOU U K K TO H U N T AND FISH? II' 1 yori'm nn n x p n i - i n n r n l s^lcstnjiii ... IK yon run m;ikr ;i l i v i n g on coinnilsslnn . . IF yon will work iiiiiillfiril novllirrn Colovniln Iftnls . nn.l kno,..le,lKe of r « r l l M « ; r « an-l 1^ | \Vf wonlll l i k n lo inci-l you :iml i P l l y n l l u l n i l l t Mm opp : lrn'.i "iesii'me' i" ii"x S'-io.'c/o T i i - i » f Mm nation's IciiilliiK outdoor roircniioii :ntniimy. KCOLOGV a«ly nreil and l in e rrcrnfllnjf, I' Ft. tuifii vit-inr:, niolivitlun, Cnmr»:efi»l Imlmiriil «nr| flirCL-t *alM a/-3* .''r, MflU-yki. -NH'l.-fni'l. KX^IK^J. ltl».. ·(HI K' 1-118 N. Lincoln, Lovdmul 2 p.m. Tuesday** and Ttmrsdnya only . . Venrrrt y»rH, ainale tcAnsr. \ v n l k 1 n j r d U t a i i f r lo fnllrjrr. Call Raj- I,.TT/MI TV-all)-. " " '", .1R3-MAA. rOR~RKNTT~-- 2 hwlroom h r l e k twrnf. N f r * yaiH, p»tio and garage. N'etr r n r i i r i i i . Hr*pe*. Stive and rtfriaor- n l u r f1lr]l^^^1(^l. Penult ieqiilr«H. N'o ixtj*. 35a-2filO. j T\\'O bfilr*x%m hnii«p w i t h paras?, rr-j f r i u f m t o i , stove, new r»rp*t, nfwlj- pninlr-il, U l i l i l i c s naiJ. *Ur month |I]IM ilrjxntt. No pHs. iHS 7th Ave., Far Rent--Apti. 17 ·1 H I v l l U O n M nnll in I 1'lrj. F u r n i ' h e H (ir u n f i i r n l h e , l . K l l r h r n applianres, l.i" Ul)7rM~finnlheil ·;!. ,|i ..troml I fl,..r. Nil prf, mi rliiMrrn. Ml-'llfi. ll OPENING Opl MAY 1st RESERVATIONS NOW BEING TAKEN call 356-4314 now . 2420 RESERVOIR ROAD Apartments offering a new family lifestyle in Greeley Gnt a Now Lease on Life . . . by a -Park! S100.00 MO. PLUS W UTILITIES d share large, l u x u r y - 2 BR furnished apartment with r other working person. Less If you hava' · your o\vn furniture, 353-3793 For Rent--Buildings .20 SI'OELtJ liutlilillK Sth Avenue. GOO «(]Uire frr-l. A v n i l n h l e May 1st. 355-6371. Office Scoce 2.2 NEW office spnce for r e n t in p r i m e lng«l!fin. See Sinn Williniiu flenlly. ONE ~nOOK~oll[M for rent. 172J »iti St.. 332-1361. . ' Office space new building West Grecley. Up to 1000 sq. ft. 353-4769 For Renl--Apli. 17 FAMILY RENTALS Appliances, Furnished, Air Conditioned, Carpeled Throughout. One bedroom starting at %\ 25 per month. Two bedroom starting at $150 per month. Call 353-6026 COLLEGE STUDENTS Vj Now taking reservations for Spring Quarter, li'* ·...- Completely furniehed, 1 and 2 bedroom units. '**-. : : Call 353-602R. tv Greeley's Jlost Distinctive Aparlraenl Address. A new Irlei IB apartment living. Handsomely styled, nesllen In threa storlei on a sloping tree shaded green. Large 1-2 3 bedroom, u n f u r n i s h e d . feiHrnl a i r cnnrtllioninR- ft heating. All eler.lrin kilrlien w i t h dishwasher. Plush sliaR r n r p e l i n e - drapes. Halrony off living room. Solid fionnd proof cfmstrurlloit. I.nrRO In a p t . storage area, I l r n l e t l poo] wlln community room. K A I I l H O U S I N G O I T O R T U M T Y 3100 13th Strenl--353-0220

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