Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 4, 1961 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1961
Page 11
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by Jim Falling According' to ' Chut ' llunlley on the · "Hurttiay-iJrlnkley KCH port 1 ', there's a story going.the rounds thai Chester Bowles was receotly asked why he had turned down an appointment ns Undersecretary of. the Treasury. HQ-.Is'^alleged to have re. piled, "I just couldn't see my. ·elf calling .Secretary Dillon on the phone and saying, '^Ir. Dillon? This is Chester.'" If the mothers of America were organized anil liad a lohby In Hollywood the NBC-TV Nut- work m i g h t - h a v e ' to inafce a change .or two in one of tholr most . popular weekly shows, "Bonanza."-. Children watching the show'may wonder, ."Is m o t h - er really necessary?" "Bonanza" jrets along " without one. For three years now, the lour Cnrt wright men have' survived an nlrnoEt monastic existence, on the-giant Ponderosa' Ranch and ieem none the W O I E O for the experience. And to help restore lather to his rightful place in the American' home, the creators of the series did away with not jusfono mother, but three, leaving eacli o f - t h e off-spring a. half-orphan. Even the cook and housekeeper on the Pon derosa is a male. Occasionally! romance creeps into a 'Bonanza' script, but it's never allowed to get very far. We wonder it the script ^-.riters, when, kids, we're frightened h'y their mothers! Don't let faulty TV reception frighten y o u . . . f o r prompt reliable TV service call us. Oui h i g h l y , skilled technicians are thoroughly experienced In re [ p a i r i n g all makes, including col or sets: -We' suggest -that yoi I paste our phone n u m b e r on the I back of your'.TV set so t h a t 1 I will be. quickly available when ! needed.--HOLMES R A D I O « I TV SALES SERVICE, T2I S l O t h St. Ph..El, 2-2006.--Adv. Jncle Sam's Troops Train : or Survival at Ft. Creely . By WARD SIMS -.- warfare, .they, .whipped Hitler's KT. GREELY, Alaska (API--|b«5l al I heir own game. cmories 1 of the' harsh ··Italian ampaign of World War II and a roud U.S. Army division live on Ihis sprawling military post in enlral Alaska. . Ft. Creely is the home of the rmy Cold Weather and Mountain chool, wliere Uncle Sam's troops re trained to survive and fight i temperatures 50 degrees below ;ro. · Glaciers, tire sheer cliffs of the laska moiinlain range, muskeg ats, trackless forests and rush- ng glacial streams comprise the ·aining ground. During World War II, the 10th [ounluin Infantry Division trav- led light and fast up the Italian xnlnsula. Trained for mountain TV Trouble? Ph. EL 2-2240 · Days Nights . and Sundays Repair any AC or DC Radio--$2.50 plus parts We Give Gold Bond Stamps Bill's TV Strvtea E l m e r B a r k e r , Owner . 435 14th Ave. Radio Dispatch Service The rigorous (raining the men of the l«h received in Colorado prior to'the Italian' campaign is oeing matched--and bettered--at \ Ft. Greely. one major difference. "We are always faced with the problem of specialized units, and how fur we should go .toward specialization," ' explains ' LI, Cot Claude W. Baker, comiv.ondcr of the Cold Weather and Mountain School. ^ "For example, If y o u , t r a i n a unit for -cold weather and mountain operations and then bring in new men who have not had the training the other men of the u n i t ' have had* the proficiency of the unit drops off." · ·'. · Because of. that, the Army has adopted the policy of training individuals, rather than units, such as the 10th, in cold weather and mountain warfare. "In this way," Baker said, "we are. maintaining a hard corps of men within the Army who have tarr and assist it in preparing for cold paign, and they speak of the les- weather operations. the capability of operating in arctic or subarctic areas.' "If it becomes necessary to train an entire outfit, then a certain number .of those men would see our bachelor neighbor is adding a:new labor-. saving device to his place . . ." sons learned and the mistakes The Cold Weather and Mountain made from first-hand experience, : · * ; . . ' · ' ' " - ' _ . . ' ' nfflfflre anrl 1 tvm/riTMWiiccfnTior Schoql, with a staff of 12 officers, 36 enlisted men and four civilians also is yengaged in constant re- wriling'-of cold weather doctrine tactics.and techniques. Several members of the school's s t a f f . are veterans of the 10th be assigned to the u n i l ' t o train it'Moiinfain Infantry's Italian cam FOR THE BEST Radio and Television Repairs · CALL EL 2-2113 Western Television Specialists ALL WORK'GUARANTEED - Officers and noncommissionet officers, selected to take colt weather and mountain training at Fl. Greely are primarily volun leers and, often, men from other tranches pf service are rcprc senled. . . . . .Sal.,.Nov. 4, 1961 GREELEY .TRIBUJS'E Page 11 Rule S««mi Unnceded 1 Montreal--Many laws and rcg illations govern air transport. T1ie ! International Air Transport'As-l socialkm d i e s ' a recent addition (hat would seem superfluous: "No persoft shall enter or attempt toj enter any aircraft in flight." By MRS. W. D. CHDWICK CARU -- Mrs! Lester Chadwick and Mrs. George M. Chadwick were in Greclcy last.week where they attended a luncheon at the KHrie'ot Mrs. Ttoscoc Pike. Others present included Mrs. Albert Swoazy of Cheyenne, Mrs. La- vernc Gullford nrnt Ethel Spiilh of Denver and the following from Greclcy: Mmes. Kcilli Morrison, Lula Smith, Dale Bohlcndcr, Gene Day and Bill Pike. -Mrs. Lloyd Thomas joined Sara Hill of Eaton for luncheon at the Driftwood at Grecley recently. The two I hen attended a meeting of he Fortnightly Club in thcaftcr- noon. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rcinheirher anil Mrs. C. A. Hutchison were among those attending the funeral services for Barney Lkuollcn at Grceley. He was a cousin of Mrs! Reinheimcr. Mr. aiKi Mrs. Herman Schroeder were hosls Monday at a dinner honoring the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Lester Chadwick. Others present were the George M. Chadwick family and W . ' O . Ellison of Berthoiitl and Mrs. Roy Randall of Washington. Ellison and Ills sister liad come to Canto visit relatives that, morning ant! were invited to join the group al the Schrocder home, Mr. and Mrs. l-eonard Chadwick called in the afternoon. Ellison and Mrs. Ran- dall arc cousins of the Chadwicks and Mrs. Schrocder. Mrs. Lottie GailalirTand .Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Slater were al Forl .Collins Tuesday right .because of the illness of Mrs. Gallatin's son, Dan. He is in the Larimer County Hospital. ; , The ninetieth birthday of C. C. Miles, father ol-H..D. Miles, was celebrated recently al Fort Collins. The daughter, Mrs, Manford Grove of GleiMlalc, Calif., flew by jet lo Colorado to he here for.Jhc Stamp i* Mystery : -"°- LONDON - :Sale In London at * ^ four-penny, black Cape.of Good ^; : Hope triangular stamp'recalls * myslcry which has puzzled «tamp -.-.; collectors for almost a hundred fears. Capo Irlangulars were first . ^' issued in 1853 at a penny red and .].'"'; 'ourpenny blue. In 1858, a sixpen- " ; . n'y lilac and a shilling gre«n were ^ added. In 1878, a German collector ?_'· announced he had a fourpenny : '". Cape triangular prinled in black. ' l l Ho said it was one of 300 such v-.- -- -- -- ·; L t i u ntiiu ii. Ttno uuc ui ijw a\n,ti occasion. His granddaughter, Miss stamps mourning the death of Carol Miles, a teacher at Holy-b,ieen Victoria's husband, prince oke, was also at Fort Collins at Albert, Prince consort. No menlion tlie time. jot such a stamp could be found. The Aid 1 Society will meet Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 8, with' Mrs. George M. Chadwick. There will be election of officers at this meeting.. Otlaiva--Thanksgiving Day is October 9 in Canada. KRAMER Radio-TV Service Phone EL 2-3782 Gall Hal's Radio TV Guaranteed Service on All Makes 1226 4th St. Ph. EL 2-5716 major appliances and TV service Joslin's own service department, is staffed with craftsmen to service ALL mokes and models, regardless of where purchased! We have the most complete and modern facilities in our own service shop. . CHARGE your service costs to your account! Prices are moderate, often below the average. All work Is fully GUARANTEED. Save this number: Phone EL 2-4030 Joslin's TV and Appliance Service Regional Radio and Television Programs for Week: Keep This Page for Reference 1 RADIO STATIONS-KOA ISO; KUZ MOj KHOW WO; KFKA 1)11; KYOU MS*. . SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1961 - TV STATIONS: KOA-Chin*) 4, KLZ -Cham*! -V KBTV-Ch.iw.1 , KRMA-O«*»I t I SUNDAY RADIO ]| 11:01-- KLZ: Chcrdi Service B KVOU. Church Service B KKOWl Church Service B KIMN: Tiny Tim · KOAi Major League BB · KFKA: PreshyterTan · 11:30-- KOA Augustana Lutheran I KIlOWl Musical Memories · U:00-KOA: Youth Forum I KFKA! Hews · KLZ: CBS News · . KYOU: Sunday Souvenir 1 U :15-$ K r McJSis, Mu*e H KLZ-. Music for Everyor-a H KHOW: Money Talk! |j 12130-KYOU; , Basrtafl. - KHOW: Music for Sunday KOAl News 2H5-- KLZ: Food Facta 1:00-- KOAi Monitor KHOW: Spotlight Serenade KFKA: MeXorlsU Mote KLZl News l:li-- KL?,: Univ. Explcrer 1:30_KHOW: Music lor Snday KLZ: Uatelint KFKA: Denver Broneoos liS-KLZ- News 2:00-- KLZI Road Show · KIMN: Ted Alklna KHOW: Spoil! ent Serenade 3:00-- KI.Z: Conccrl Ho-jr KYOU: Jack Wrijht f*«w KHOW i News, Sporta 3:3o-KHOW: Music lor Sunday 4:n-KOA: Wells of Musi; · KLZ i Fred Warinl |30-KOA| Melody Tine KLZ: Portrait of a City »:lfr-KLZ News-' ' ' . ' KFKA: Lutheran Hour KOA: Newt, Monitor . KHCW: News. Sports 5:1S-KHOW: White House Report KLZi Hitch MlUer · i:J»-KO.V Bob Consldute KHOW: Music for Sunday KFKA: Eaav Ualenlr.2 - KLZ: Salt Lake Choir Si45-- KOAi News KHOWi -Serenade In Blue KFKA: Serenade in Bhu tlbO-KOA: News KLZ: Revival Hour KIMNt Peso Poxo Skovi KVKA: Ava Maria - . KHOWl News tlll-KHOW! Money Talks »:3u-KL/.- iVew lestarilenl 'LUal KHOWi Llle Line - rO'Krt! Lawrence We Is - l:4a-KFKA: Gvesl Slar KHOW: Sports 7:00- 'KLZ News t SporU KOAi NBC Sews. KIMN: Tiny Tim , .-KHOWi Hnslc for sund-iy KFKAt Music KYOU: Intermeuo Tlli-- KOA. Monitor- · ' ·KLZi Johany Dollar t'SS--KOAs. MMIIM, KLZ- Suspense KFKAi. Free Church ' l.e*-KOA Dtaltenae In rhoufM . KIMNi CU Music · 9:uC--KLZ : World' To»ljhl' KHOWi Adlal Stevenicn l KYOUi Grrekj Hlih KfMN: 'CU' Preaenli . K F K A i Sewj , 1 9H5-KFKA: Stars lor Uelcnie KLZ: Haward K. Smllk liSo-KHOW: Dance Tirnt 1 KLZi Bible Study KYOUi Mute Beyond Stirs · 1 KFKAi Heartbeat Thealtr OHO-KVOU: -Hour of DeOsioa KOA- NewsracL K15tN: Music for. Theater KLZ; News 1 KHOW: Xen-a KKA: SliUKf 0:15-- MM: Ask and Learo KL7.T Hawaii 'Jalb KHOW: Dane* 'ilrae' 0:30-- KtlA ifoyr 04 Uecijion KIMN: \rray Show KYUU: SijrtOfl ' «:45-- KLZr World romorrow liCO-KOA. Meet Ihe Press KHOW: Mm. before Mldnltht KIMSfi Church Servke ItlS-KOAi.MirsIc at NlBhl KLKt ITaslei Control 1:(S-KL7.: i-ress Review 2HO-XI.Z- Newa 1- Weather KOA: Newl, Sifnoff KHOW: SIjnolF KIMN: The Good I.l'l 2:15-Kf.Z: Siznoff SUNDAY TV liOO-KI.Zi Football KOA: Light Tline KBTV: Direclioas «2 1:15-- KOAl Builders Showcase 1:30-- KBTV: This Is Ihe Life 1:45-KUA: Football Warrnop 2:00-KBTVi Faith For Today KOA: Fcotbail 2 3S-KDTV: PUnccrs UIO-KBTV- -S2 Tr.ealer 2:00-- KLZi Sonny Grandelius r.Ju KOA: Frontiers ti FaiLk KLZ: SoundLiE Board :(»-KBTV: Oral Roberts KLZ: Amateur Ho'jr KOA: YViidom I:30-KLZ: G.E. Colleie aMwl KBTVi IUMS and Aaswera KOA, Chet Huntley 4:00- -KI.Z- 20th Century KOA: Meet tnc Pr^ss KBTVt Heart of Empire 4:30-KOAi 1. 2. 3-G* :. · ' KKlVi" Cartoon Time 5:00-- KUA . Bullwlnkle ' K B T V ; Funday FumTea , KLZ. Laili* - t:30-KBTVi TEA KIS.- llennls Ike Menace KOA: Bob Hope 6:00-- KLZ; £d Sullivan :30-KBTV: Follow Ike 5'Jn KOAi Car SI r:00-KOV Bonanza 1 KLZ:' Beachcomber l:30-KBTVt Lawman ' KFKA: nnt Covenant KLZ: -Jack Benny 1:00-- KBTV: Bin Mcp . ' · KOA: DufOnl ' Show · KLZi Candid Camera KFKA: Easy Ustenlag 1:00-- KOA: Play ot the Week ' KLZ: G.E. Theater KBTV: Vh. In ParadlM 9:30-KLZl Tlghtrop* · tiOC-KUTVi Wcaltir. New! 'KLZ: Weilher. News, Sport* ' 0:30-- KIZ: On the Spof. KBTVi celorama Tnealer liW-- KOAi Wealner-Neus , 1:30-- KOAi Acidemy Theiter ' · l:f)0-- KOAi Nightclp News , : 1 RADIO STAT10MS-KOA ISO; KLZ MO; KHOW *M; KFKA 131«; KYOU H* , MONDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1961 TV STATIONS: KOA-Chann. 4, KLZ-Ch.rinel'7. KBTV-Chwrltl ». KRMA-Oiinnt! « ' ;-| MONDAY RADIO ·:-.'lll:00-KLZi News, House Part; · '· KOA: Hello Xetihbor '--' KYOU: Song Shop · · , KFKA: Markets l , - j KHOWl Kay House Stow KOAt .Ernpfiasis · 11:44-- KFKA: Want Ads KLZ: Crotby t Ctooney 12:00--KFKA: News, Markets KOA: New]' KIMS Mile Meil KLZ: News KVOU: New*, Weather KHOW: News 12:15-KOA: Farm and Ranch KLZ: Fat Gay KHOW: BFD SM KFXAi.MarkeU i YVeiUwr KYOU: Markets 12:30-KHOW: Music ivilh Brtlm KYOU. WCTtern Interlude KFKA: News 1 Marketi 12:45-- KFKA: Nmi · . ' · KYOU: CSU Time 1:00-KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOU: Larry CootMr ' KLZi News KOAr Newa, FVuve* ' . . · -i KHOW: Paul Hartey 1:15-- KLZ- Out and About V KHOW: Music wltll Brjhra 1:30-- KLZ: Back 10 Blb}« ZiOO-KOAi NBC Melta KLZ: Kew* KYOU: Jack Wrisfct 2M5-KLZ: Haven of Beat 2:30-- KOAi Bill Barker 2:4^KLZ: Your Mai In Farat liOO-KLZ: Newa KOAT Don Jlokerts K I M N : HH Parade , KHOW: JM Slerer J:15--KLZ: Frederick Sow 3:M-KLZ: Well] Skow 4100--KOAi Vic Cotton KLZi Newa 4:15-KLZ: Wells Show 4:30-- KFKA: Fasklon Bar Show 3:00-- KOAi Newa, FiBUe* KLZ-. - Newa · · · .: KHOW: I4ewi, SporU 1:15-- KLZ:' Inakje story KOA: Vic Collon · KHOW: Joe Sherer KFKAt- Newa 9:30-KLZ: Informalioil '11 KFKAi Predictors KOAl Keport · : KYOUt News t Wiatker · ·i:4S-- KLZi .Lmetl-Tkeenaa KOAi Newa KYOU: FuXoa Le*k iiW-KFKAi News, Mario ·KLZi Mufcale . KOA' Weather. Sports KHOW: News'. KYOUi Dinner Music ·: 15-- KFKAi Flresidt MetouMea . KLZ: News. Sjortj KHOWl Ales Drier C:30~^KLZ|' Dearer at McM ' RFKAY CWInverv . - KYOU: Soulh-n Ihe Bordaf- C:4i-KHaW: Patl Harvey .-"·'· ?:OC--KLZ: Sews · ' · -V -- ' .KOAl 'Hound and AHout KIMN: Poco Pogo Skew ' KHOW: Ed Meuan -71U-KBOW Spfrta KLZt Burnett 4k Kafaa : 7:30 KL2i · Ernie Fern KOA: Mwc ' -, · · KYWJ: rfews . * KHOWi Parade of Time 7:I5_KYOU. Mrjrt Watch KLZ:- Denver of Night i KOA: Hooey Talks KFKA : News KKOWl Music wllh Miicoi . 1:»-KLZ: Party Une KTKA: Mint Time I:30-KOA. Gi;til DKUOO** . . 9:*fc-KOA:-Nei(S, Music ' '· ''KLZi World ToHlllt ' KKKA: K*alc lor V« ' ,9:15-KOA: Mtl*dy Time - , KLZi Denrer al Nliht ti)*-- KOA: CU Concert :'· ' -KTfOWi Dance Time 19:»-KOA: News KLir.Seuj KHOW: N e w s . ' KVOU: Muk Beo*d Stars UiO--UX' Soundlni Board , - KOA!':WeaUier, SporU KHOW: Dance Trme . 10.30-KOA' Wayward Bar»r " KFKA: cellefe Date. . . . 10:45-KLZ: Woild Tomortoi. I llioc--KFKA: Moonlllal fapers KYOUi Sliaolf KHOW: M»s. belore uldniihl KOA: Newa H:I5-KOA Wayward Barker KLZ- New* Ii SpKts 11:3*-- KOAi Wayward B*ker · ' . ..KUr.UtHrtr. U M.W 11145-- KLZ. Press Review t2:Xt~K1X: Neui t Weather KFKA: Simnlf · · · ' · KIMN: Happy H o l i d a y MIOW: News, Sixnoft 12:15-- KI.Z: Signoff IiOO-KOA- Newj t sijnofl MONDAY TV 11 30--KLzi As Ihe'VorJl* Turns KBIV: Make a Face 12:0»-KBTVi News. Weather KOA: Jan Murray KLZ: ,'eople 12:15-- KBTV: Consult Ur. Brothers UiM-KBTVi Oeaver Today KOA! Lerelta Y*u^ KLZ: House Party . . 12:45~KRlaAi UetteheiT Setad · 1:00-- KLZ- The Millionaire KBT\': Numbrr Pleaie KOA: Younf Dr. Mai me 1:30-KLZ: Verdict Is Yours KBTVi Seven Keya KOAi From These Roots · 2:00-- KLZ: Brighter Day KBTV: Uueen lor a oiy KOA i .Make Room for Daddy 2:15-KLZ: Secret Storm liM-KLZ- Edge of filial - KP.MAi Opportunity ±k-nwt KBTV: WHO D* You Trail KOA: Kere'a Hollyttlod 3:00-KLZ: Starr Yellaad KBTV: American Bandstand XOAi Academy Matinee 4:00-- KBTVi Popeyi KLZ: Fred It Fae 4:4*-KBTY:.SherUf Scotly KOAi Ktacla k Oni* . 5iM-KLZ: -'News. .A«en KOA: Br*kcn Arrviv 1:15-- KLZl Oovglar Edwards ·* KBTVi Bocky t His Frieada »:30-KL7.: To Tell the Tratk - KBIV! ABC. Report- l t - r . KOA: WhirlytirdT '.'· «:00-- KBTV:- Expeditloji --- ,:· KLZ: Pele It Gladys KOA: News, YVealfler . ' C:I5-KOA: Kunlley-Bri nklev . . «:3«--KL7.! Windew 0* MaU S4. KRMA: mit'i New KBTV: OuyeaM KOA: Price Is Bilht . 7:10-- KL7: Danny Kaye KRMA: Spanish 1 KOA: I7lh Precinct 7:lS-KRi!A: Freacn 1 7:30-- KRMA: 'Facts First ' KBTV: RlmmiK g:00 Kl^.: Highway Patrol KOA: .Thriller -KBTV Surfslde Six - KRStAi Four Score . · / 1:3*-- KU1-. l)e»v» Va»ey: DM* '·'--.: ··- KBXAi C«li*ary.rrts 9:00-- KLZ:' Peter Gun*-' -'·'. c KOAiL Miami Undercover "' - KBTV: Ben Casey ' , .'KtpiA: 'Facts First "9:3sV-KLZi''i've Got a Secret ' KR.MAi^On Call T* A NallM -.-· KOAi Bea Martin · IO:D*^KLZj Nen?,- Wcalkrr, Sport* :: '-wy£8!?- ua *mt'df ! r f * 1 '- · 1»:30-- KLZ: 19:30 Movie · KBTV: Cclorama neater 12:W-KOAi-Too»rr«-» Neua. RADIO STATIONS-KOA Ut; KLZ SM; K^OW/ U«; KFKA 1311; KYOU -14M TUESDAY, NO VEMBER 7/1961 TV STATIONS: 4/ KLZ-Ch.nn.1 7, KBTV-Chanrwl t, KRMA-Chinn.1 . TUESDAY RADIO 11:00-- KOA: ' Hello' Neighbor KYOUi. Sens : Shop KIMN: Smilins Jaclt KLZt Houseparty KFKA i Markets KHOW: Kay Howe ll:15-KHOWi 'Melody Parade KFKA: Mid .Mora' Melodies 11:30-- KLZi Garry Moore Stow · KOAi Emphasis · 11:41-- KFKA: Want Adi · KLZ: Crosby t Cloooey · 12:W~KYOU: News It Weather · KFKAl Newa It Market! m X O A t : N w B KLMN: Mike Melt B KLZ: Neus . B KHOW: News B 12:1J-- KYOU: Market Neva | 'KOV Fa'nS'a'nd Ruck KHOW: HFT) tX 1!;3C--KHOW: Mualc »ilh Brea KFKA: Kevvs * Markets 12:45-- KYOUi CSU Tim« KOA: Today KLZ:' News . ' 1:00-- KLZ: N T ewa KYOU: Larry Cooper KFKA: Kaleidoscope KOAt S'awa, Finance KHOW: Paul Batter 1:15~KLZ: Answer Man KOA: Bill Barker . . - KHOWl Musk wilh Biehm 1:3»-KLZ! Back U Bible 2:M-KLZ: Nm KYOU: Jack Wrizht KOAl Network Time 2:15-- KLZ: Havea of Rest 2:3o-KFKA: Kaleidoscope 2:4i--KLZ: Yoar Man In Paris 3:00-KL7: News KOA: \V CetllOD K1MN: Hit 1'arade Jil5-- KU.; Frederick Show 1:30-- KLZl Jack Wells Show 4:00-- KOA: Vic Cotlon · KLZ' News .4:15-KLZ! .Wells Show 4 130-- KLZj News KHOW: rie\v, Sporis . KFKA: Fashion Bar Snow i:CO-KOA: Ne«l, Financt KLZl News 1:15-- KLZ! Inside Story KFKAl Naws " ' KHOW: Joe Sherer . - KOA: Vk Cotlon KFKAl Mualc Till Six KOA: Alex Dreier KYOUi Wesuwr. News 5:4i-KOA: News titO-KOAi Wtalber, Sped* KLZi Muskale'- . . KHOW: News KFKA: Kews KYOUi Dinner Musk l:15-KOAt Arthnr Gadh KU:.Newi, SporU KFKA: EmplOTmenl Servke KHOWi Ales Drier : I:30-KLZ: Denrer. al Nldit . KFKA' 'Controv-ersy KHOW-. Life Lines KOAi' Doris Day Sings KYOU: Sontk of Border «:4J-KHOW: Paul Harvey 7:00-- KLZ: Newa KIMN: -Pos* Po*o Show KOA- Rouad and About KHOW: ft Mornn 7:15-KHOW: Sports : ' Klff.: Runtetle Hayes 7130-KLZ: Ernie Foil] KVOU: Nlfht Watch 7:4S-KLZ: Denver at Nlfbt KFKA: News J:W-KI.Z. Party Lfae KKKA i Nfcht Tune KHOWl Music uiln Mireos 9:00-KOAi t, Finance KLZ: World Tonlihl KFKAi Muk for You 9115-KOA: MeUdy Hme KLZ: Oeaver at Nliht 9:30-- KOA: De Avrr Schooll KHOW. Daue Tine 10:0»-KOA: Ner.1 KLZ: News KHuWt News KYOUi Miuic Beyand Stars 11:15-- KLZ- Exeeutlvi Report KOA! Wrathcr, Sporta KHOW- 'Dane* Tune 10:30-- KOA: Wayward Barker KFKA: College -Daze I8:45-KLZ' HorH Tomorrow 11:W-XFKA: Moonlliit Caperi KOA! Newl KHOW: Mus. before MidrJibt r,:15-KOA: Wayward Barker KLZi Newa It Sports llriO-KOA- Wavvard Barker KLZi Deaver al NiKht ll:'5-- KLZ Press Review 12: 00- KLZ: NVws JL- \Vealher KHOW: News, Sicnoff KIJINi Happy Holiday KFKA: 12:1S-KI.Z- Slrnoff 1:»»-KOA: Newl * Sianofl TUESDAY TV ll:DO-KBrV Camounase KLX: News, Weather 11:15-- KLZi Art GOW Show U:}JI-KI.Z: Worla rurns ·KBTV' N'umber PlMic 12:f»-KLZ: Mr. Adims *. Evi KBTVi News and rVeltkti 13:15-- KBTVi Cons-alt Dr. Brothers 12i3a KJ.V. HWJI Pum KOi: Loretla Yojng KBTV: Denver Today 12:45-- Kfl.MAu BootUIU. ^nool l:U KI.7. Millionaire KDTV: Number Please KOA: Your.g Dr. Malone 1:30- '*!./. veiilu-i LH v/wr. KOA: From These Roots KBTV: Seven Keys J:0o-- KI.Z. flrieate; Oi KOA: Hake Room for noddy l:15--KLZ- ^crel S4rtrrn K1.Z- Fviie cJ K\ft, KRMA: Opportunity School KOA: ITere's lloil-wotxi 1:00- KBTV Araei. KL7,i Starr Velland 4ino-- KI7.' Freri **d FM KB IV. fopeye 4:44-KBTVt Sherifl Scotty KOA: Kukla ± Otlie 3:00- Kl./ News 4ters KOA! Broken Arrow ' 3:15- M.y. lu*Jji -eJdwarru. KBTV: Rocky ( Ills Frier-dl 5:30-- KLZi Executive Repor 1 . . · KBTVi ABO Report KOA: WhirljbirilJ liM-KtZ: Dicls V,ri Uyke KBTV: Yot] Bear KOA: News, Weather «:I5-KOA: Kuntley-Brlnkley 6:30-- KBTV: Bugs Bucny . KRMA: What's New KOA: HltchcocS Presents 7:00-- KLZ: Red Skelton KBTV: Bachelor Father 7.-15-KR.MA: French ll 7:30-- KBTV: Calvin ' Tke CdJor.aJ KRMAf Castera Wisdom KLZ: ietebod L Me l:00-KOAi Cain'i Hundred KBTVi Neiv 'Breed KLZ: Gary Moore ' KRMA: American Memoir i:33-KR.YIA! Beglnnina Alcebra 9:VO-KI2: One Step Beyond KBTV: 'Alcoa Premier KRMAi U.N.- Review 9.31-KLZ: Marshal Dillon 10:00-- KLZi News, Wealber KOA: Newi, Weatker KBTV: ABC Nens KOA: Jack Plar KBTVt Colorama Theatr* 1 RADIO STATJOHJ-KOA IM; KLZ 5«; KHOW «0; KFKA 1111; KYOU 14M .WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 8. 1961 TM STATIONS: KOA-CK.mi.f 4, KU-Crwrw*! 1, KBTV-^Wrm.! f, KRMA-tK.nn.jl t i WEDNESDAY RADIO H 11:00-- KFKA: Markets H KOAl "MM Nellhbw H KYOU! Song Shop · KLZt KotiiepartT · H KHOW! Kay Howe Show 9 KIMN: Smiling Jack H 11:15-- KHOW: .Veiody Parade H KFKA! MM-Mom Mrllx!!es 9 UiM-KLZl Garry M«re Show H ii!*J-)tr-KAr want Ads H KLZ: Crciby It dooney EM 12:00-- KOA: News H KFKAt HE-.TJ," Mirtt'j . Kt K\OV: News 61 KIMN: Mike Meil H U:1S-KYOU: Maraela [3 KLZ: Fat Gay 0 KFKA: Nnra t Weallur g KHOW! RID 630 12:3J-KFKA: Ne»s. Markets KVOU: Western Interlude KKOW: Mule with Bream 12:45-- .KFKA: Feeder -Market* KLZ: Ncus KYOU: CSU Turn ' l:CO-Kt.Z: Ne*j KOA: Mem. Flnaao KFKA: KatefeJoslripe SHOWl Paul Harvey YOU! Larry Cooper lil5-KLZ: Out a«d Abori ' KOA: Bill Barkel KKOWl Mmlo with Breba KFKA: Kaieido.cof* I:30-KL/:: BacK lo Bible 2IOO-1OZ! News KOAI tiff* ' KFKA: Kaleidoscope KYOUi^Jacii Wrisht 2:45-KLZ: Your Man U Fari! 3:00-KLZ: News KHOW: Jo« Snerer KIMN: Hit Parade KOA: S'ic Cotton 3:15-KLZ; Frederic* Show 3:JO-KLZ'. Jack Wells Show 3:45-- KOAi Pepper Young i:00-KOA: Vie C«*l«l KFKA: GCA KMUlftil KLZt News TM^*^ 4:lS-ELZi Wells skr* . 4 34- KLZ- Neivs XHOW: News, Sporis KFKA: Fashion Bar Show 3:0*-- KOA: News, Finance ·KFKA: Kaleidoscope . KLZl Newi., ' XLZi Inside Story ' KHOW: Joe Scherer KFXA: News »:5»-fY?Ul News t Weather KOA: Report ' KLZi la/ormatlon 'el KfKA: Music Till Sr U-KI.X: l^mnl Thomas KOAf News KVOtl! FuHon l^tlU Jr. KFKAl Music Till C -I:00-KOA; Weather, Sports KLZ: MuUale KFKA: Ne»« ' KHOW: Newa- · KVUll: M'JJlo :U-rKOA! Arthur Gaelh . ' KFKA: FirctUe MModK* -KIJ!: Newa, Sports ' KKOW: Alei Drier KYOUi Cvenini .LUIenlni (130-KLZ. Denrer at Nlabt , KFKA: Corlrojeny KOA: Fraqk Sinatra KHOW: LUC UMS - KYOU: Sooth of Border C:4i-IUKm P*Bl. Harvey · 7IW-XOA: 'Round and Abort KL'/i News . KHOW 1 : Cd Uotltn KYOUi Sojth X Border KIMN; Pozo FOro Sapw 7:I5-KKOW: S#Hta ' KVUUi Family Worship KLZi Bunult fc Kayei 7130-KUAi KouiKl and Abwl KYOU: Nltewalch KKOW: Parade of Tlrr.e KLZ! tmie Ford 7: 45- KLZl Denver at Nlfht KHOWl Mule ufrUl'MircC] KFKA: Nljhltlme :8«-- KOA;'Newi. Finance XLZ; Tk« Work) Tosljal KFKA: Muslo f« Yon 9:15~-KOAt Melody Time ' KLZ: Denver a t Night · :30-KHOW: Dance Time lp:u-- KOA: News. Weather · KLX: News KYOUi Maslc Beycnd Stan . KHOWl News - 10:15-- KUi: LeauinJ Oaestlon KHOW: -Dance Time 10:30-- KUA Wayward Baikcr KFKA i -Colleie Snow 10I4S-KL7.: World rsmorrim lliftH-KFKAl Moonll^ll Captrl KOAi Newi KYOU! Kena and Siinrif KKOW: Mm. before Hldniihl llila-- KUA: Bill BarkerKLZ: Newl k Spirts ll:30-KLZi Denver al Nliht ll:45-KL2i Vress Reviiw 12:00-KFKAl Slsnoff KHOWl Knrl,.Elirnfl KIMN: Happr Holiday KLZ: News, vvealfcer 1:00-- KOA: Newl, Siinoff WEDNESDAY TV lllOO-KBIVi Camnortaia KOAt Toaiy KLX New*. Weatner 11 115-- KLZi Art Go* Show 11 :30 -KLZ: World Turns KBTV- Number PleaM 12:00-- KLZ! PMal* KOAi Ja* 3Iurray Sno-.? KBTV. Newl ana Weather 12:I5-KBTV: Conjull Dr. Bratkers I2i^u--Klj'. HIM!** Pnrty KOAt LCrella Youn KBTVi Denver Today 12:45-KKMA Goeltchel Schfral HOC-- KL7 MillUiain K9n': Number pleaje KUAi Yotmc Or. lr30--KLZ: Verdid Is'Vnur* KO4- From ThMe Rocu KBTV: Seven Keya t:00-KLZ Brt^fitrT Day KBTVi Queen lor a Day KOAl Make Ronm Foe naJdy 2:1»-K1-!: Sfcrel storm KRMA: rlppoTlunily 'school KBTV: WHO Do You Trust KOA: Sen's HoKywcod jifiO-KUlVi Am. Banomno PaZ' btin Veilir.o hOAl Al-ldemy liOfl-KLV.' Freo IM «f KBTVi Poueye 4:45-KBTVi ShtrVI licctty KOAl Kukll *. Ollir 3:(l mv NCA». KOA:- Broken Arro-.v 5:15-- Kl.V. l)uo^ toward* KBTV! Rocky t His Friends :30-- KLZI Alvi* Show KBTV: ABC Report KOA: Wnlriybirdi :00-KBTVi Saxt Dr» McGraw KLZ: Father Knows F«»t «:15-- KOA- Hunt!ey-*nkler t:3o-KL7:: CnecVKiCS KBTV: Steve Alien SUOU KRMA: milft New KOA! Joey nijaop 7:00-KOA: Perry Con-.e KRMA: Spanish 1 7:15-- KRMA: French 1 7:3f^-KBTV: TOP Cat KLZi Mrs. a. .Goes lo CU KRMA: New Frontier 1:06-- KOA: Bob NlUhart SkOW KBlVt Kawallin Cyl KLZi Circle Tbealer KRMA: Herjliie 1:30-- KRMA! Project Echl . KOA: Brtnkley's JournaJ 9:CU-KL7.: Rawhide KBTV: Naked Ciiy KOAr -Wagon Train KRMA: Small Buaincs* 10:00-- KLZ: Newj, Weather KOAi Newi, Weather KI.Z: Sports KBTV: ABC News Final 10:30-- KLZ: 10:39 Movie KBTV: Colorama Theater 12:00-- KOA: Tomorrow News B RADIO STATIONS-KOA Kt; KLZ M: KHOW ttt; KFKA 13M; KYOU 14S« . THURSDAY, N O V E M B E R 8, 1961 n STATIONS: KOA-Crunn.1 4, KLZ-Ch»nn«l 7, KITV-Ch»fw.l », KRMA-:h*tin«l i § ' THURSDAY RADIO H 1UW-KFKA: Markets B KOA! Hello Keiihbcr a KVOU: Soal Star H KLZ! HMMParfy H KIMN: Smllir.8 Jack H KHOWi Kay. Ko*t Stww B 11:15-KHOW: Melody Parade H lliJO-- KLZ: Garry Moore Show 8 ll!«S-KLZ: Bb« Crosby F3 KFKAl W'ani Ada H l2i«o-KLZ: Ne«a B KYOU: Htu-I, Markets B Knn-'$$?!M, · KFK'A': Ne«l, MaiitU · KLZ: Pat Gay · KHOW: KFD 630 · 13:36-- KYOUi Western Interlude B KFKA: News It Markets g KYOU i CSU Titna KHOW: Music with Brshra 1:00-KLZ: New^ KFXA: Ka1eldoaco»e KYOU: Larry Coopef 1.-1S-KLZ: Answer Man KOA: Ouke Klx KHOWi Music with Brehaa KOA: News KYOU: Jack WrlfH 2:15-- KLZ: Haven of Rest 2:45-- KLZt Yeur Maa in Paria J:04-KLZ: LeSvevr Nrta KHOW I Joe Merer KJMff! Hrt Parana KOAi Don Roberts' JiJC--KLZi Jack WellJ Skew . 3:45- KOA: Vic Cotlon 4:Btr*KOA: Vk Cotlon , KtZl News 4il5-KLZl Wells Know 4IW-XLZ! News KFKAi Fashion Bar Slxw KKOW: Neva, Sports lito-KOA; News. Flaanee KLZ! News 5:15-- KLZ! IniMe Story KHOW: Joe Scherer KOA: Vic Cotton 5:30-- KL2: UfarvaUo* -'cl KBOWl- News . . XrXAi PredicUons XYOUi News k WeaUier S:4»--KOA: News -- ·" ''. . . KLZ! Lowell. fheeaas KYOU i.Fulton txwij Jr. KOA: Weather. SporK · KFKAi News KYOU: ttnner Music ' KHOWi Mews G:15-KOA Arthur Gaeth KLZr Srus, Sports KHOW: Alei- Drier 6:30-KLZ. Denver al Niiat KHOW: Life 'UMS KOAi Tmi Lee Sinjj ^ KlliAt Contriversy KYOU: Seulh of Border 7;K-KOA: KouiK and About KLZ: Neva , j · , · KIM.-*. -Px^'ptfO 9kow · - K»OW:ilU'M«f S an 7.I5-XnVW: Srorls XLZ- Burr.ctfe fc Hayes 7:30-KLZ- Ernie Ford KHOW: Parade of Time KYOU: Nilht Watch 7M5-KI.Z: Denver II Nliht KFKA: News liM-XJ.Z Party Uae KHOW: Music w^th MlrcC4 KFkA: 'Kltbt Time 9:C«-KOA: Newi, finance KLZi World Foal flu KFKA! M-jilc For Yon 9:15~KOAi Sefeaade KLZi Deaver at Niihl »:30-KHOW: Dlltce Time IS;W-- KOA: -;;ews. Sooirts KYOU: Miulo Beyond Stan KLZ- News : KHOWl tint ll:la-KL7: Capitol Cloakroom U:3f-KOA ttayward Barker KFKA! Collefe .Dare 10:45-KIJ!i World Tomorrow lliOO-KOAl fieus KHOW! Mus. before Midniiht KYOU: Htns I sl.aoff Kt'KA: .Mootililtt Capers U:15-KOA: Muslo at NI;M KLZi Newl It SporU 1H30-KLZ: Denver at Milt 11:4S-KI.7: PrMI Reri(i» 12:00-- KFKA- S'ews t .^iinofl KIMN: Happy Holiday KHOWi Newl, SHr.oIf 12:1!-KI./- Signoff 1:0«-KOA: Neui, ilinoff THURSDAY TV 11:*9-HKI'V t'amoufli|« KOA: Today KLZ: .\e»s joo niatner 11:1» KLZ: Art Gov/ Show !l:30-KLZi Warld To raj KBTV: Number Pk-as* 12-K^-KI.Z Hi. Adam t Ete KOA: Jan Murray Stow KBWi News and vVealMei 12:IS-KBTV: Coniclt Tr. BroUeti 12:30-KLZ: House Party KOA: Lcrella Young KBTVi Denver Today 1:00-- Etl./. MIILInnalre XBTVi Number Pleajl KOA: Purer Spedil 1:30- KI7. VM-dKl U vourl 2:00- A!./. Uriihtei luy K B I V : gjeep tor a Day FUlAi Make Boon ICJ lladdl IIIS-KIJ'.- *^crei storm K B f V Who 110 Vm- I n K I K R M A : OpFOrtunily School KOA: Kerf i Hoilvnv** ALZ start reltaao K O A - *.earmf MaliaM 4:t*-KI.Z: Fred and Fae KBrv- Popeye KBTV: Sterifl SCO-.ty KOA: Kukla 1 Dili. lilK-KI.7 Newi Akrrs KOAi Broken Arroiv 5:I5-HI./. Itout guards KBTV: Rocky t His Friends 5:30-KI.7.| FrcntH- Circle KOAi' «nlrlbirdi KBTV: ABC Report «.00-KBTV: H'jckkberry Hound l:3e-- KHTV: Orrle I. Harriet KRMAi Whit's Ner? KLZ: Fimily Theater KOAi Dr. KiklaTe JrJO-KBTV: Donna Heed KRUA: [1 7.15-KBMA, Vrench ll t:30-KgTV! Rfal McCoys KRMA: Colo. Wildlifl g:00-- KLZl CBS Report* KBTVi .My Three Son KRMAi Age of Overkill KOA: Mitch .Miller MO-KB1V: .Margie KRMA: Beginning Ai£CW« 9:00-- KLZ: Investigator* KOA: Outlaws KBTV; UnloortabiH KRMA! Open Er.d KBTVi News, Wialaer 13:15-- KIJZ-^ SporU KBTV- ABC .S'eui Final Jack Paar 19:30-KLZ: 10:30 MoiK KBTVi Colorama Theater 2:00-- KOA: Tomorrow ,N«ws i RADIO ITATIOMS-KOA l$»; KLZ M; KHOW «·; KFKA 1111; KYOU 145* , FRIDAY,, NO VEi\l.Hl''R 10, 1961 "^ STATIONS: KOA-CrMimwl 4, KLZ-Ch*nn«l 7, KBTV-Ch«fm«l », KRMA-ClwmHI t I FRIDAY RADIO B lliM-- KOA: «-n« Ne|fihnt · KFKA! Mararti M KYOU: Sonj Stop K KHOW: Kay Kme Stow M KIM.S: Smilini J«k H KLZ: House Party · 1!:15-KHOW: Melody ParMt · 11:39-- KL2: Garry Moore kr.w · KFKA: Mid-Mora Mclodk: · KHOW: Kcts · . K1M?J: Mike Met: H| 13;1^-KOA: Farm fc^Ranch 1 12:M-KJKrWi KM-Daj Helttliea KFKAi Ntwi Ii Marteta kYOU: Wester* UxerdMse 12:4J-- hKKA: News KHOW! Music wK» BTetm KYOU: CSU TUoe 1:00-- KL2: Neua KYOU: Larrr Cooper KOAi Newa, Finale* KFKA! Kaletdoxooe l:15-KUi Out and About KOA: BUI Barker l:M-KL£i Back lo BU1« 2:00-- KOA: r*ew5 KL/: Nrws KFKAt KaJaHajtaiia KYOU: Jack Wrlint 2:15-- KLZ- Have* al Ikeaa 2:eS-K!2: Yon Ma* la part! 3,»-K\J.. Le»ear Newa KIMN: HX Parark KHOW. Jw Ikerer M5-KLZ! Frederick Show 3:30-KLZi Jack Welto Show s:0n-- KOAi Vic Cotton KLZ: News 4:11-- KLZt WeU 'Skow 4:3e-KLZ News KffOW: N'eirs, Sports KFKA: raak!4m Bar Snow 3:00-- KOA News. FiMDCC KLZi rfena ·-· tlU-KLZl [«s«Je UUfll KHOW: J« Sherar . KOA' Vic CeUM ·· · , KFKA I Neus }|34-KI.Z lAfaraMlio* '(1 KOA- VkrCatU* KYOU. News. Weather . KFKAt M~k fill Si« I:45-KLZ- Uwatl TkeMH KOA: N'ewl KYOU: rmttoii Levta Jr.- SiW-KIJ!: CU FMUiall KOA: WeatHr, SeorU KROV/i New?, KYOUi DJaMr Mttslc KFKAl Ne«r .- . I:15-KOA: Artnjl iOa^la XHOWi"'Ale» Drier KFKAi FlreUe Mefadiea 6:30-KHOWl-L»nLt«e* ~ · KYOtli So. *l Ike Border . KOA- »(··**·: Souad KFKAi CMtraA'eray ' ; *-K2A* KsS^i "fr*. . KFKA:' Creeley F B T:34-KYmij Nt »«!* .. .- K«OW: Parade ·( Ttoe I ..KLZi farty Uun ' ' -XYOft: Football KHOW: Mus!?*!* MlrcM :«:30-KOA: Moaitor: :W-KOA- \rns, Mu.ic .KLZ: World Tonlcht 9:11-- K6Ai C»Meh* M a r 9:3y-KOA: Best, Inlerlockaler 'KrxAi'SconSoarS ' ; KHOWi D«»ce Tune 1»:»-KOA: .Sews : . - · · - ' KYOUI Mgalc Beyond SITI K«O*'i N»J 30:15-- KI.Z Invite 10 Leara KOA! Weatker, Saorls lOiSU--XOA 1 ' Wky\vaid barker . 14: 45-- KI.Z- World Trrooncw iiiat--xrKAi M***nrn canri Kp,\: Nevj KHOWl Mus. before Midr. Ihi 11U5-KOA: Waj-wanJ Barker KLZ: Oenver at Night 11:45-- KLZ: Press Relieve UiOO-KI^; News t Weather KOA: Sews. Siinoff KFKA. Sifnoff KIMN: Hppy Holiday KKOW: N'e»l. Sitnoll 1MS-KL/! *p:o(f · FRIDAY TV 11:15-KLZ- Art'fiow" I lew- KLZ. vioflo lurna KBTV. \umber Please 12:W-kiy.: People KOAi Ja* Murray SMw 12:15-- KBTV: Dr. Bcolhera 12vto KI.Z House Party KBtVi Denver Today KOAi Loretla Youag l:vO-KBTVi Number Please KLZ. UlltUisaiTf r.UAi YOUIK in Malone 1:30- M./ verrfirl If Vft'orj KBTA'i Seven Keys MM rrMP ihvM rloou I:00-KblVi Wuecn lor n Dav K I J - Bnshtei l)a 2: 15- KLZ: Secret Storm J:ti r i H I V Mn. m v HI irjsi t:*C- Kl.V.- tai Vell^rfl KOA Acatleny MMlnee KTVTVi Amer Ban«1«tind. l:r»-KLZ! Fred l»rt *a* KBTVi Pwejr 4:4i-KBIVI Sfmill Srollf KOA: Knkll t CHIIe l.oo-KI.Z' Kewj Akcra ' XOAi Broken Arioiv 3:15-- KI.Z- Newn Edward! KBTV: *ocky t His Friend] 3::u-- Kli Jeff's Cottla KOAi Whlrtyb'rd! KBIV i ABC Report «:00-- KBTV- DCQVCI Broncos I:I5--KOA: Kootlcy-Brulkley «:50-KOA: -Detectives K D M A i Wlafi Neiv KBTVi Stralihtlwav KLZi Route M 7;00-KRTV- mthauayi K R V A - SpaDlib 1 . 7:l5-KR»IAi Frencli 1- 7:30-K1.7- Father or the Bridl KOAi Dinah Shore KBTV: Flintilonea KRMA-. Landscape Painting I:00-KLZ: Twilight Zoae KAMA: Opera and AH g:30-- KL/- Eyewitness t* flial. KOA. Here It Now 9:00-- KBTV: Target KOA: Maatovanl KLZ! BOD Cummlncs ·KLZ: Shaacon l»:00-hl.Z: Neui, Weataer KBTV: tint. Weilher KOAi Newl, Weataer 10:15-- KOA: Jick Paar KLZ: Sports _ . KBTVi AMC Piena rinal l::30-Kli- 10;» UOvia KBTV: Colcrama rhealer 12:00-- K l i * Tomorrow Xe«s KBTV: Mlfli** DOlar MOT. I RADIO $TATIOf«-KOA H*i KLZ H»; KHOW U»; KFKA 1JM; KYOO .MM . . SATUUfJAY, N O V E M B K U 11. 3361' Tv »T*T!ON;! KOA-CI«wf»l 4, KLZ-Chinrrtl J, KBTV-Ctunmtl », KRMA-Ctwai...| ( H SATURDAY RADIO · lliU-KLZ: Km t ·'Wls · KOA: MMttor · K1M.N Smlaii Jatt · KTKAi tufVUH. IllliiHai · KHOW: Kay Ko»e S)nw ·ll:lS-KrKrWi Mekxt» Parade ·1 vvrxl: FMhall · Kl.r.: flxct !· IM HW mf"' KlKTWi Ne»i ·B K I M N : Mike HftI · KUi Nen ·· K F K A l Ne«l ·fc.ll-KrXAi Muak K04: Farm and ftanrii KLZ: Science Editor i::»-KKK.»: Weaikef KHOWi Ca« Varieties KLZ: Call From LMdM KOA- Opera 12:45-- KFKA: Newl .KLZ! Ken l:«a-KFKA: Motor Mulic 1:45-KFKA: CSC Football 2:08-- KYOU: l^trry Cooper iiW-KKOWl tv VarKtMi · KYOUi rontball . KKOW. PoMMU 3:00-- KOA- Mmtilor KHOWi JM (ktrer KIMtii Pot* Poco 59ww 4:»-Kl.Ii Xadia Active KFXA: Motor Mualc KYOU: tarry Ctoper XrxA: All Ki«U of Kuic- KHOWi Newt. Soeru a:15-- KI.Z' Newa KKrW i Jot Sherer «:*-«L*l Foadull Scorehoard · ' RTKAi Wiuic '111 Si« KOAi Oaufcli n**aya KOAi News C.M-llHOfVi Newi KI.ZI UlnaU C*M KIKNi Hit Parade KOA: Wurker. aVorta KFKA i H*r*'i U Veil tiM-KLZi kearnxat Tfeaur KYOU: S. of UN Border 1 KrKAt.MH lv* .·\.i*-R;/j CBS K.wj KFXA: Mlht Time 7i 15- KLZ: Wlrld T«u*M 1:i*-KU. N. V. rnnirmontc KYOUi NI|M Watch t:.lo-KpA: Gra«l H' O»», -' '· K F K A l CSC-IdaBo' «:M_KOA| UwHor I:35-K1.Z: Paiioraiia KOAi ChamMr C*mnterc« KHOW: D.K, Tin. 10:04-- KOAl News. S*6rta XYOUj Mole Bevonrl Stan K17. coeil Star K r ' K A i Jau lliX-iKO.',! TliKtra Monitor KFKAi F.ay LWfnt.1 KLZi DanrU.4 Party IfliU-KOA: Frank Slaatra II:0»-KOA: Clncnp MMitor KFXAr M*M«lM laneis KYOU i Siaofl KHOWl UlU. OlUtt MkUilk 11:1.5- KOA M*Mr al NKkt 1]:»-KI./ KevM KIMN! Happy Hoiidiy 12,li-Kli Siinoff KFKAi SilMff 1:W-KO\- Newl Sliaoll SATURDAY TV U'OO-KOAl Tfcealw 4 ILI.Z: Capt. Kaiuaroo KHTV: Kiddee Kolor Time I2:CO-KI^| Fred and f a t t ll:34-KOAi fr* Ba*kell»U liOt-- KIA: rlkka KBTA'i Dale Carneiie 1:30-KLZ: Sal. Theater. ]:3o-KOAi Ask rtualnile* 3:«e-- KU: tnrkcM Gardener KOAi n Stir OoK 3:3d-KU: Hlway Pair*! 4:W-KJ.7.i tSck Tracy KOA: TU rv-tui. :3*-KUl KVL FoMball KOA: WiKtra Marketing 4:45-- KOA; Sander Vanocur KBTV: Cafleie Scoreboard 5:00-:BTV: Moualed Folk* KOA: National Velvet KOA: 'Ir.teiiitttoral '/AM KBTV: Bowline S4ars -. KBT\'i K?aver ho* U|. Mar 7:K-KiVTVi Lawrence Welk · K O A i Sil.-NliW \\n\f 7:3"-KL7.- N a t * Gva »',n tr'a%e l:0*-X»TV. S»l. NIK FIlMl XLZ: QunM**k* »:«»-XBTVi Roaring T»e*U** KUi Sea Hunt KOAi Wrlli Fan* KOAi Snft K U I V , N ( w» *M WMtkrf IO:15-KBTVi FabsrMi 53 Tkwt*r 'KOA'I vcap l\ ll.«-KI)Ai /iCMenty TMUM - 1 11:45 K K T ^ i ' Mr* i'«n *·!·*. .1:«WXAI. NUwUw* !·««·' · . - -.:'!«·-·· "

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