Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 26, 1967 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1967
Page 8
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Idaho Free Pr«ss, Monday, June 26,1967 - 8 EUROPEAN TOUftfST Nampans Seek "Missing Link 7 (Diclc Etolain, professor of English at Northwest Naiarene College and book review editor for th« Free Press, is visiting Europe this summer. This Is the first of his reports.) By DICK ETULAIN WIESBADEN, W. Germany One's first trip to Europe is a Journey Into experience. Least happy are the details ness, since myfatnerisaBasque Immigrant. Our vacation begins in Frankfurt, Germany, where we pick up our new German-made station wagon. R is by car that we will visit a majority of the European countries. After Frankfurt, Cologne and the picturesque trips along the Rliine River, we will cross the involved in obtaining the neces- Iron Curtain to see West Ber- sary items for overseas travel: Hn. Then :rcapiies Into Swit- stiots, passports and licenses. More interesting are the hours spent reading travel books, lerland, Austria and Greece will follow. The second half of our jour- scrutinizing maps and perusing ney will take us to Italy, the other touring Information. Riviera, Spain, France, Holland For the three of us, this Eu- and finally England. In all, we ropean Jaunt is a search for the will cover nearly 10,000 miles missing link. and will spend three months in My wife and her sister look Europe, forward especially to colorful Our visit will consist mainly Holland, for they are of pure of historic and scenic sights, Dutch descent. I anticipate the but we are hoping that a mix- rustic settlements of the Pyre- ture of stops at camping areas and out-of-the-way hotels will introduce us to vacationing Europeans. We certainly Intend to eat as much foreign food as possible. Like many Americans, our veneer-thin confidence makes us feel as comfortable as an Arab in Jerusalem whenthlnklngabout --Adverlisero*nl- Playboy Generals Exposed BELGRADE (UP!)-A Radio Belgrade correspondent reported Saturday Egypt lost the war with Israel because Its soft living officers were more NAMPA - The Western In- all the new situations facing us. To overcome these hesitations, we have memorized the popular what-tc-do books and pressed dependent Colleges Foundation, our E u r o p e a n - e x p e r l e n c e d Inc. has received part of a concerned with tennis and Ice friends to help us to avoid be. $38,000 gift to the Independent cream than with fighting the [ng ugly Americans. CHECK IS RECEIVED by Dr. Wesley Johnson, vice president of Northwest Nazarene College, from Fred Acord, San Francisco, district manager, and Lynn T. Richman, Salt Lake City, zone manager, center, of the Sperry and Hutchinson Co. The check is for the Western Independent Colleges Foundation, composed of six member schools including NNC and the College of Idaho, and Dr. Johnson accepted it for Dr. John E. Kley, NNC president and also president of the foundation. The money is part of a $38,000 grant from the S H Foundation to the Independent College Funds of America. (FREE PRESS PHOTO) NNC Gets Share of Gift To Independent Colleges CAN YOU CASH WATERMELON? Ex-Hampan Hopes This Won't Sfarf a Trend NAMPA- Max LaLande, for- ten 'pay to the order of the graphed the melon-check witha merly of Nampa, thought he'd Tudor Market" Instead of 'fay Polaroid camera to have a re- 'seen about everything in his to the Tudor Market." LaLande cord of the withdrawal irom years of operating a food mar- departed with his melon, say- Smith's account, men iney ket In Anchorage, Alaska. ing something about getting his sliced up the melon and ate it. But the other day something money. -p.--------------------** new came up, according to a it apparently he found Smith i newspaper clipping sent .here a resourceful man. Two days |y- by Hal M. Drlnkall, mother , ater UIjail(te was tack at the |j, former Idahoan now serving as ^ m ban |; ^tt, the same melon, !· assistant to Congressman Ho- ^(h the old check crossed out I ward Pollock of Alaska. wA a new ^A proper one on the I A customer at LaLande's Tu- other side. The bank accepted it..I dor Market wrote a check on ^ M , , M commen , that Hie surface of a honeydew melon he nope(] tnis wouldn t ^rf a j f a cousin of the LaLande family [: of Nampa -- said he only won- i dered how the check would get j through the computers. j But the bank officials proved | resourceful, too. They photo-1 Research Plans and after explaining that he had no cash or gold dust presented it as payment for his groceries. The "check" included the name of his bank, his own name and address, and the amount -- $50. The clerk accepted it, and the customer, Wallace K. Smith, took his groceries and left. But LaLande, when he learned of the transaction, had some doubts. He took the melon to Valley Bank -- Given Approval IDAHO FALLS (L'Pf)- Plans I HOWDY, NEIGHBORS: . , the right bank - and found out . ,, research and " " the "check" would have been perfectly good if Smith had writ- ,, i , r r. a capab lity for re- act ° r fuels at the leges Foundation's gift will be divided among six member schools: Carroll College, He- opportunity to aid e colleges great | Uncle Oleaster -- that's myt Islow thinkin' uncle -- said, , , , . . . , . . . i "The Lord Helps Those Who POU trv Meetirm actor fuels at the 1( ^? v, em " Help Themselves", but ... r u u i u y l Y i e e i m y lcal processing plant have {the Federal Government Spf Thi« Weals bcen a B )roved bv tne l 's - helps those who won't. Now, jci i ina IVCCK. Atomic Energy Commission. if you happen to be in the rAinuipTT n o o o n t Waho Nuclear Corporation category that means you developS" in'poultry^ ^S A'EC Ti^t.S SeW-SS P^'dTil control will Ior tne AtL at t n e fta " onal · - 5 · · -·=- of tne Israelis. "All chief commanding posts In the army were held--In spite of purges--by sons of former pashas, beys and cotton merchants,", radio correspondent Dragoljub Katie said in a report from Cairo. "These people with semi- feudal bourgeois habits and mentalities were, as I have heard from reliable Egyptian sources, more concerned about how to get ice cream by means of helicopters from Cairo lo their Slnal headquarters, than how to supply in time their soldiers with bread and water," the reporter said. "One could have seen, on the second day of the.war, two well known army. generals playing tennis at the courts along the Nile," he said. Katie said President Carnal Abdel Nasser had to purge his army of hundreds of officers who "had not done their duty," along with the dozen generals publicly relieved of command after the war. Reason For Evil Discussed to become "unuglyized." Autonomy Urged for Jerusalem the S41I Foundation, Inc. The SH Foundation is sponsored by the Sperry and Hutchinson Com- .£ 0 ^TM"° I !L'!!! C I' ?f Mustr y federation at Sun Valley, June 27-29, Robert Black, to 1966 the plant was operated ^ ^---y- $3.00, "insu- by PhilUps Petroleum Co. , , ated boots for $2 * ,, _' brand The program includes develop- | neW|too _ fo i din g s ijp pers Falls, Mont.; College of Idaho, produced by these institu- S r y soecialist 7 the Unil ""»« ° f a ca P ability to hmdlk I for 'ladies, ladies' tennis Palrfivoll* Nnrfhu'ftct Va7iroTia t r A n _ _ « J ...» U.J«I, U t n !»._,... rTM" J opcvi u I lie \Jlll n ,. nnrrt J 1 i«*i / . n n l nnn_nnmmai. I n U n / i n nln». n n n**A i . i n f n Caldwell; Northwest Nazarene College, Nampa; Rocky Moun. tions, and we think it Is impor- versity rJwaho"extension ser- nonproductlon of non-commer- j shoes, gloves, and just tant for us to Invest what we TEL AVW, Israel (UPI}~ Former Vice President Richard leges Foundation, toe. M. Nixon called Saturday for a This is the seventh consecu' "Vatican-like status" for religious shrines in the Jerusalem area, ' He said Israel was deter- AT THE LIBRARY mined to hold on to the Old City of Jerusalem and that this question was "not negotiable" as far as it was concerned. But he said Israeli Government leaders told him they were ready and anxious to work out an arrangement guaranteeing the autonomy of the religious shrines. Nixon told a news conference at the end of a two-day visit "the future sovereignty of Jerusalem is a question on which I found the Israeli government not willing to bargain in any circumstances. But I did find it open to discussion of a future status similar to that of the Vatican guaranteeing the autonomy of the various religious shrines." Nixon flew later to London on the last leg of a "fact-finding tour" of Asian and MIdeastern countries. Cisco, said: "We are delighted to again be able to renew and tributions, along with scholar- live year of ICFA support by increase our annual grant to ships for children of SH em- SH. the ICFA. It provides us with INVENTORY SALE ANNIVERSARY SALE June 28-29-30 ' HAZZYS jservice, better be gettin jyqurname in the pot. We're i still sellin' the best gas and! _ -. ... f ce ' d f p T r a t i o n s r t rv cial fuels *hich do not occur in (multitude of other things. pany, distributors of SH Green tain College, Billings, Mont.; can in higher education." frrfav large enougli volumes at pres- j We're still oilin'roads so if Stamps. Westminster College, Salt Lake The ICFA grant is a part d "" u TM' eu IUSM '' ent to interest commercial pro- |you have any need for this Announcement of the SSHgrant City, Utah. a The s1{ Foun dation's reg- m f h D. Hart, Canyon County cessors. """'" was made by Dr. John Riley, ' u i ar program of aid to educa- agricultural agent, said all per- president of Northwest Naza- Fred Acord, district mana- tion, which includes visiting sons concerned with producing rene College and president of ger of the Eperry and Hutchin- lectureship grants, national Ma marketing poultry and eggs The Western Independent Col-son Company in South San Fran- scholarships, specialgrants,4-H are invited. Loyd Merrill, Paul, scholarships, and matching con- is group president. A session on cooking eggs and poultry has been arranged ployees. for the ladies. oil and we're out here on the road to Don's place. I Your East Side Mayor, I CRAZY BOB |P.S. -- Support your local (police. Biographies Head List of New Books By LAUREL DREW There are a number of excellent books now available for summer reading at the library. They cover a variety of subjects and include some very Interesting titles. Three of the new acquisitions are biographies, each interest- Ing in its own manner. There sellingjjopk up tp^the present. There are 'also two new language books for those who wish to learn how to speak German. These are Lernen Sie Seutsch by Burkhard and Menze and Sprechen und I^sen by Render and others. Those seeking Information on careers will 'ind three new vo- ASPEN, Colo. (I'PI) - A scientist with the Salk Institute of Biological Studies, SanDiego, Calif., told delegates to the 17th u annual International Design Con- "Coring ference here that the "evil in BOISE (UPI) - The State the world is made by people Health Board will conduct a is an excellent study of Zeb cational guidance manuals onthe Vance, Champion of Personal shelves. They discuss oppor. Freedom, by Glenn Tucker which centers on Vance's dedication to democratic institutions while serving as governor of North Carolina during the Civil War. Brooks Atkinson presents the Intimate, dramatic, and enter. (unities in the fields of dancing, architecture, and market research. Other Interesting new books, which are now ready for use include Hunllng Lost Mines By Helicopter, a search for some- tainin7sto7y''ortwo weil-ta'o'wn °| tn , e famous lost mines of American actors in Stagestruck, «» American West, related by Erie Stanley Gardner; The Wes- The Romance of Alfred Lunt simply because they are'more public hearing at 10 a.m. July and Lynn Fontanne In her ^^^"^S - - - is in (he Statehonse to consider autobiography, Tills Is My Life, b V G - "· Fenln a as«natuig of health regulations creative than animals." Dr, Jacob Bronowsld s a i d adoption man beings have lessly behind. "Little by little we arebreed- Ing people who think that society Is a conspiracy against them and who create evil to combat it," he said. "Human beings want to express w h a t , they are as persons, not only what they are as social creatures. People who don't know how to get the best out of life are a hopeless loss In society. They fail to find t h e shape In society which allows them to express their inventiveness." Bronowski said that the culture of ants had remained unchanged for 25 million years and that human beings had evolved more successfully because they were not very well adapted to their environment. LEGAL NOTICE """" NOTICE OFAPPLICATION FOR WATER Notice Is hereby given Out General Foods Corporation, Birds Eye Division has on June 9 applied for permit lo (divert) 10.9 (cubic feet per second) of water from subterranean under application No. 63-7003. Water will be diverted by pump 4 well within the NE1/4 NW1/4. Sec, 9; SE1/4SW1/4, Sec, 15, T. 3N, R. 2W, B.M. and Is lo be used f r o m Jan, 1 to Deo. 31 for food processing In NE1/4- NWt/4, Sec. 9; SE1/4SW1/4, Sec. 15, T, 3N, R. 2W, B.M. Any protest against this application must be filed with the Department of Reclamation within ten days f r o m the last date of publication of this notice. i R, KEITH HIGG1NSON State ReeUtnatlon Engineer JUM 26, July 3,1967 been hope- milk to the consumer. Biorn,.tells the she wrote her (irsl best- to Children's literature; Light and Vision by C. G. Mueller, how man sees, what light actually is, and how it affects his vision; The Engineer by C. C. Furnas, a history of engineers and what they do plus a look at future possibilities; and last of all, Bogey, The Films of Humphrey Bogart by Clifford Me- Carty, a study of his art through the movlesjn which he acted. fmmmmmmmmM Glen Reed Sec COL. JAMES W. KALBUS of Nampa stands beside Illustration of a mortar sight during two weeks rf active duty at Ft, Lewis, Wash. Kalbus is commandant of Boise U. S. Army Reserve School (6228), stationed at Botse,which)-jstcompletedsummer camp, teaching Infantry and engineer subjects to more than 100 reserve officers. (U. S. Army Photo) No Victory Seen DETROIT (t!PI)-Sen. Philip A. Hart, rMlch., said that the United States never will be able to win a military victory in Vietnam. NAMPA DRT CLEANERS "Wh«r«Qualityiifiril" Atc»i from Pttl OHki GOING TO THE FAIR? Don't make your vacation trip a gamble Coverage from 3 days to 6 months at low, low rates. SEE GLEN REED 1 1 6 13th An. So. Dial 444.2446 $1 made Danny a man of means in his own name ... by opening for him an INSURED laving* account* at Provident F*d«r*l Savings. Tom, Dick and Harriet Can Do This, Too. Came see How "Cool" it it o Save the FK-Woy And Danny did it oil by himself. First he earned the dollar! Then he rook it to one of the tellers at Provident Federal and asked to open o savings account. In less time than it would tolce to lick the top deck off a double decker cone, Dan hod o savings account working for him; he was o mon of money, money that could grow and grow with him and make his future bigger and brighter. That's how it goes. It is just as easy at Provident to open on account for SI as it is for $1000 or for any amount ot ony oge. Young Danny has o good start ond good friends at Provident. He is just as welcome here os his Dod is, or his Mom. Provident likes "people", people of all oges and oil means. People like Provident, too. We plan it this woy. DRIVE-UP WINDOW For em of M kinji »nd Dinny'i ' biki," too. 3rd STREET HthAVE.S, Boise: lOthDAHO 'A PFS-Woy Pasibook Sovinji Account effort rht loiinr, lafol ond moil Mlilfacrory woy to uvt In Trioiur Vallty, ar anywh«r« «lt«. Start with any amount, Sar* whin you with, if you with and 01 much at you with. Mak withdrawals rji«n ywi want iha maniy far any purpou, At lona. at your monty nmaiiu at Proridint and than it $10 or mer* in your account, it aami fwyw at high rat* eompoiindad four timti tach ytaj. TIME CERTIFICATES, TOO, WITH 5% EARNING RATE

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