Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 17, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO LAS CRUCES (If. M.) SUN-NEWS "Thursday" Evenina.-M»yl7flS51 Unknown Stables Vie For Honors In Big Pimlico BALTIMORE. May 17 t/PJ Two very modest racing stables with co m pa ni lively unknown ^'fyner.s »J'C on the threshold to · day" of possibly knocking each oth- ' erion't ,of fjune, and/fortune in the 'STIj.uOO PreaknnsB. ; jbrosHing each other in Satiir- "dify'.s bi# Pimlico race will he '.Hampton stable'B Alerted and Mrs. 'Nora Mikell'.H Repertoire. ·, -The two an; Juki an likely to be fjivorltc.4 come Saturday us tiny other riitilt's. · Which points up jiul only the aspect of the 7. r ith Freak netig but tin; whole '.'i-ye'iir-olil situation a.v w'oll. N e i t h e r Alerted nor Hrpetoire was t h o u g h t well »f enough of at birth fj be nominated for J10 by ' Ihc"owners. But they later were . .sold and, their new; mii3tera made ' t!i(jin . : ayj)plcnicntBry jelfgl/ilRH for Fnmk Hluut bought. A.!«i tec) lust Sejil. 1H Ht IJclmpnl' for ?10,000 · frftm'jCalumet Fa rn.1, which fttilcd (n conic up w i t h n Proukiicss horse i t Ilk'year. Stout acted on the ad- vii:e Hi J i m m y I'enrod, who was promptly hired an trainer. Pcnrod. ·12-yofir-nld fonner Steeplechase rider, has · v i r t u a l l y lived with Alt') ted ever .ilnre. , iRi'pi.-|(jiiu was piiruhastd by Mrs. Mi'krll for KOMI at the Sanitoga 1 y f i i r l i n ^ sales. His t r a i n e r . 4r»- " yenr-olil Al Jensen f r f i m Denmark, | nsM In i r a i n show home.* u n d like I'enrod dfn-s everything but brush Kepeioire's U-etll. A J r i e n d l y feud has j;ruwn up between the two o u t f i t s a f t e r three, n i p c l l n j - s lliiK HjiriiiK In which n«p- cloirv t\viOe beat Alertud by a · hi-'ud and tuiue by O ' a IfiiKlh.i. "We're K"i"f; lo catch him one . of t l n - M - days," derlares I'i*nrod and v.-illi'HM I r v i n g In hide It t h i n k s it H h n u l ' i happen Satun:iy. Smith Addresses Las Cruces Lions din! C. S m i t h , r l v l l f n n Armed r n i i - i ' H \\'cL'li c)i;iSrnuin and AIc- 5l1l,i V a l l e y Chamber »f CVjinmeruc m;uiiij;er. TncHiliiy aiktrfH.sed Ll- un;. 1 Club nniinbcrn. 1 · S m i t h .'ipnke on t h e ninny plum Hclii'tiiileii by tilts coiiununlly lo | 1 llnnnr m t h l l r y pt-raonnel of n i » a r - ' by huseti iiml in :lll t l u - Armed | Han. W . K i n g , Lions district pov-1 ; iirnor, i t l i f t u i v d the meeting nnd led a i|lsniH!ilon ronccrtllnf; till) . .itnie illxtne.1 eunvitntlun, .ichedul- ·! ( i n C i i l l u p M a y 27 through i.ine.Hls include'I A l t o n U. War- : i i f i i and FiaiiL-iH .1. AlcCnnn of Las r i m e s . ' Out of town l.lons , i i i i i - m H i i f - mdu.Ie.d u. J. flock- l l v v H i . l . d g n a iVm-h, Cnlif., iin.l l l e y w a i . l Koim. Yslotii, Tux. . Kiiw 1 Vmir Financial Iturden . . ( y l l l i :» perhimal toiin from C'ldiloi. ('(inn A IriHiiraiH'e Co. GOOD EVENING Pleasant. Listening K O B E USD On Your Dial TONIGHT -- THURS. ._!'. A l . '·\:'M lOvcninj; Buyers t l u i d o rf-Jr-iri IA-HH HiK-U and Lisiun 'YKUII** Stndglil Arrow r:aO" Sky K'infc ··fi:.Vi Uobliy Hi-n.ion .U:UO UP Nr\VH ·11:15** Foulton Leu-i^, Jr. Lef.H Walli War N'ew.s I Princess Elizabeth's Husband Shocks God-Fearing Scotch With Sunday Golf li.r ( A l * IlKWITT M A C K K X / I K Kiirrlf^n A f f a i r s A n a l y s t ) U:.'l(l 0:45 0:Mi 7:00 7:lf mil H e n r y Now.i Niiv.v SUir Time ·|8:00 ' '···U:l)0 Hddy Arnold ;f he . Uiicxjlectdl Ei'iiiml of Mcioy A l.\ill for.1.fl8uiv I l^v- A'Myaloi-y Jackpiil Jnnilmin' Ul 1 N't-wn f f l ; l ^ M l U l l H l NCWMIM'1 ; H::ill Ui-puHiMs itminiliiii .10:00 Nrw» .'10:05 Sljjn Oil TOMonaow -- FBI. V ,\. Al. 0:00 UP NOWII ·,'.0:OS KI Ciiiniln M M l c u n o .. 7:flO«' Kohi-rt l l U ! l r l K ] , '' 7:15 Kurni mill Itanch Nevv , 7::il! UP N«w« ·-V7MS Trailing Tosl SiOO" Cecil Drown ·i.",8:J8 (!«thcr nolinrl Kids (i:2.' New, ai.10 MolhltiR lluycra (iulilo I):00 Morning ncvntlonnl :;*:!Ii Milt .Hcrth.TrlD '· J:2^ NCWH j.0::io Coke Parly ·10:00 Knrw uhil Fun rw .· . Kvcryonp ']0:M N.-wi .10::io Cnirir K.uicr ' ,,3j:0i) Tony KontHine ^ j..ll:lft Bini) Ijomu.v Sports Vii ( , l l : 2 f t Clcvuliinil'VH. New Yoik j *-ja:00 (Jainc of thr Day i r K O B E . Vollr Krirnilly Station 5 ?' A S I I I T t l A I . NKTH'OKK The Duke of Kdinbur«h. hua hand of Princess Elizabeth, heiress to the throne, ban been ch::led by God-fearing folk of Scotland for playing polo on the .Sabbath. "The M o n t h l y Record", official publication of the Free Church (it KeoUftnd, ha.s noted that the nuke engaged in a recent international match on Sunday in -- and thai her Royal Highness al- HO was present. Such treatment of Sunday in, of course, a very rave sin in Ibe eyes of many ScotK. Your highly religious Scot won't ·en engage in the national game of gdlf on the Sabbath. And he es t h a t sport so much that he uses a golf club for a cane when he goes strolling- just in case he might get it chance to shoot « linle or two. Have (Jniil J'Lncn / 'llgiuittj tlevelopmenls arc: i'lh emphasis for they have u great pi ace --or should have -- in our lives jiarlous days. It's s p i r i t u n t development, and not atomic bombs, which is going to put the world on the right road in the lung run. J remember one J u l y Sunday when I was motoring In the h i g h - : lands and picked up a dour Scot who was trudging along the dusty road to the old Kirk. Just to make conversation I remarked:. "You don't do fishing here on Sunday, do you?" Ho drew In his breath as though I had .struck him" and 'replied:''/"' lUmicmhur Oimmaiitlnirnt.'' , ; · "This is one part of the world where they remember the fourth commandment." . : With' that 'lie 'niade nic let him out of .the car, anil he resumed his dusty w a l k to the House of God. He just wouldn't ride with me any farther. Well, I could understand his feelings,, for I had encountered similar things before. · When I WHS a lad in Vermont, we maintained a. "Scotch" Sabbath. Talked U i t b Haldwln I'm reminded of a talk I had years ago with the late Stanley Baldwin when he was Prime Minister of Britain. He had lived in America and wua-a great admirer, of our country. I remarked that ·( , The National Geographic Society .nays Sarajevo. L-apita] df the Yugoslav .state of Bosnia, Has become a m a n u f a c t u r i n g center. New England waa'cAangiiig:*"gfcat- ly--that the old Puritan spirit was Uinappearlnf?, And he. exclaimed: "Oh, but that must not' be. It is that same.Puritan'spirit which has made America the great coun- try it is." That" has ' striick' in 'my mind all these years as a-sage observa- tion. Certainly the spirituality, of our Puritan forefathers has played a major part 'in our o'evejop- ment.' Perhaps 'It'isn't going too far to say that it is the foundation of our progress arid strength. Traditional :qs Ten Gallon, Hals ""·".ore SALAD y/AFERS branded by " "' Supreme Bakersl" Wcslern 'goo'd tasle demands crackers SOpreme ' · in Flavor..-, trial's: .y/iy theyVe 'been ridiii' the range.^well for a . long ... long t i m e l ; . : ; .. Get Vanilla V/aFtn In. ihf. brand new, bright blue boxftThey'ft on- '''olhirouti'tanding cpaVi. by ^' upr*ini BoVtn. B O M A N BIS.CUIT C O . O F T E X A S ' ' " ; * SAVE TWICE t. SUPER LOW PRICES 2. SH GREEN STAMPS LEMONS Calii. Sunkist Large Size . . ilozi35c | ffrTI |"P Crisp Ice Pack LJtl I 1 U vL Large size AVOCADOS ea.I9c Ripe and Juicy 5 Ib. bag CftRROTS F e s h C s p Lg. Bunches ZtorlSc POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Russets . . . 5 Ibs. 23c BONDED FOR ^YOUR PROTEGTy0NI BAKING CHICKENS Young and Tender IB. 49c SLICED BACON DRIED BEEF- Payion's Del Norie LB. .:......-... 49c · Conned Goods anrf Staples · ' CORNED BEEF' 1 ,,:,' 46c APPLE CIDER ',-,,, Sic CHERRIES s ;: m * 24c PEARS' ii;;; i; ''"'.'"°"'43c i6c Q'F' JUICE lr s ....24c GREEN BEANS pi'. BEANS ^ PWTO BEANS '; l.lbl.j'i. (lirripii . LIMA BEANS , Z5c 15c CORN s ;: ; r ...... ; ...... 15c PRF.SE3VES '?."'· 39c WlilU llouif .M'lM.i: JELLY =,,,';' 37e Nil-Mnlil OLEO TM:,1 35 C CRACKERS'Ts :27e WAFERS''';;,?·. 40c BARS 1 "^ 1 25«-. CANDY'';!" 1 : 37e SHORTENING One-lb, * if C a n . . ' . . a I Kraft's Mild Cheddar LB .. 550 BONED TURKEY Lyndon's, S'/z-oz. can MAYONNAISE 52c OLIVES S.. 1 ............ 37e Kllli .v.i 300 Kln^i il l u| Kill. M,,h,, M.lh I . , , . , . M.M «nwHi Libby's, 46-oz. can Happy Vau, No. 303 Can

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