Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 4, 1976 · Page 37
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 37

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1976
Page 37
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Ttiur».,Min:H, IK." GREELEY (CW«.) TRIBUNE a J* Apartmtnti 36 TSUI!? 11 * 44 toX? 45 MiKtiLMOM «^ n Dvy ~v · 'TeJr'SownT/JrJl JStaSSI^S.^' "l^L,.* 1 '* ?,?'"' fgrnflned ' '·' WANTED - Dead or alive - retri« or FOR SALE - Phone aruwerina MTV ee no children or psts. 354 3030. SSj? UP * "'' M * Jm ' ^«y«w^ dtpindi OB conS. f W dfylce.usrtImonlhs.3J1.13W. separate dining Vo^/e££l.^ JJJ ^J^rn^f'h'''"!^^* 61 ]' Fierw 7745. y P ' dcpolil JJ7 WAHT TQ Buy _ (j ^ ^ ?ond»ion t S h washe f r'dr rC ' ri9eral0r ' "' ° NE *"" tW ° bedroo ' T1 * lor rwt - N « P« /!». evenings and weekends. " TWO bedroom mobllehome. Storage *he ROOMY and quiet two bedroom apart- s^aceTfSTr'en" RoyllVSZ'HoS «lvL.,, ' " ntfi "°ntf' ««·. Park.3«tOTrtnldad,ivMii.3U-4a74. reingerator, dishwasher, and e*lra Storage. ».». 3H 8962. TWO bedroom mobile home. JIM mont iwnk rf i, * w deposit, unities paid. NO pets 3' WANTED - - Uted rotolllltr and 1 wtieei J£ G*r*fl« e utility trailer. l».f5M. i|Q Met · 45 Misctllantous ^ PIONEER chain saw dealer. Franklin £ Cycle Sales. 35? 6W. ' WINDSHIELDS - Plate glass, window glass, new or used. Karl's Creeiey Glass Center. 7105 9th St. 353-1113. !· . . lo clly park. Partially carpeted. dealer . 3SJ-6W1. fireplace. ll.!nleresi«d*, 0 p by, 41435th LOW Coil Rental - ? br furn JI20 *«·«· Re'erenceand»»dep.3$4-r?ja. ' NRWSPittHTroinndi.aieand«p. APPLICATIONS being accepted for one 13x60 IWO bedroom furnished. No pet and two bedroom unfurnished apart- 353 J904. sludcnts need apply. No pets. Excellent TWO bedroom furnished. Utilities pj convenience for relirod or physically II* per month. 3 J8 Illh St. 3M 6710. Hlr.Ave.3SJ 1*9 10a.m. tofipm. TWO bedroom furnished, utilities pa iwn tui, HVJamonin. oncresi, 737-7153. Utlllllc, paid, appliances, fenced ynrd, THREE bedroom mobile home, I4x; o« 0 -,««S Pets ' De »* 1 '- ""TM St. HW per rrnmm plus lights. Depbsll 110 ~ Saturday, 353 !!49. utilities paid. VIM. 3570235. "" "" S12S A MONTH -- One bedroom tralie _ ',,' Nlc « f w couple. 353 6074, days; 484-22 EATON - TWO bedroom basement or 686 7320, at night. Ask for Kathy. lurnishea.NopeIs.3542423or3».H33 TWO bedroom mobile home in countr 352 364S. furnished apartment. Laundry, parking^ Ix« FOOT. 1 110 a month Available now. Scotf Really, 35MIU. -- TWO bedroom mobile home for ren WALK lo Work - ! bedroom, all electric. Phone 356 f35J. I01n 5l- J15S FURNISHED 2 bedroom mob EAST 18th Slreel - Two bedroom, private ditloned, waiher -dryer. 3S2 774J. SIM per month, plus 11 TO deposit. TWO bedroom turnithed, ulllllles pa Utilities furnished. 356-5001. Available no*. 353-3471. TWO bedroom unfurnished ap.,,^^, rf conditioner, carpeted and draped. Good X / i¥WDII§ location. No pets. Phone 35J.33M. *" Space TWO bedroom unfurnished apartment. WELL Localed, reasonably priced spa Electric kitchen, very good location available. Wobile Wesi,24lh Avenue an Adultsonly, no pels. 353-0516. ' 10Ul Slreft - 3M -* MO - * MOBILE HOME loll lor tale at HI 1 La roe Park ' Ca " 3H - 4 ** 3 - 1 Bdrm Ant N0 renl '""ease '74 '77 loowneroccupl ADUIIII. Mpi. homes. S4i. Shade trees, ciost Electric kitchen, rhIIHrnn and Smo1ler "amcs welcome. 3S3.W3J. Pets Welcome CLUBHOUSE, pool, and more, with tar lots in Friendly Village of Creeiey. 35 354-573?; 352-5J14 "" * THREE-QUARTER Ion pickup tor rent al Mccann's Rental Center, 190? 9th SI., »5 REWARD for any sewing machine 1 j cannot repair. 1 can guarantee your prtswt machine will sew right in stretch fabric. Local, qualified mech- Oj anlc. For W.991 will clean, oil and adlusl 1 tension on your machine In your home. d * Parts and service for all makes and models. No waiting. 353 9«4. r NEED a fine fence installed? Call Kochn 4 Co. for free eitimaltri. 35! 69 17. POOLS: Supplies, tervlce, cwisirucilon. v Ceo. Bargelt Co. Inc. (t to 5 p.m.) 353. UM. RAWLEIGH Products may be purchased GOOD used overhead healeri, gas and electric water heaters. 35I-5W3. . BUY Smoke Card before lire has a chani e n . lo hill. m.9S. 156 0044. Garage Sale Friday-Saturday 9:30 to 4:30 oys, clothes, and m scellaneous. 143723rd Ave. Ct. MOVING SALE New Sears 12 in. table saw with :arbide blade, sofa bed, heavy duty wheel barrow, lawn mower, garden tools, wardrobe k lots more top quality lousehold goods. No junk here! Fri. Sat. 9 to 5 2902 W. 17th St. Rd. M-j Household I/ Goods WASHERS, dryers, refrigerators, freet ers, ranges. All guaranteed. Koen g's Used Appliances, f tilth Avenue. JNPA1NTED FurnllutP Outlet, 906 6 r, MOBILE Home beds, (40. A A, 1071 1st Ave 354 0044. RENT apartment siic Hoover washer end dryer. Me Cam's Rental Cenler, 353. 6/71. NORSALE-Cemeicrylols. CASH lor your used furniture, misc. or · Liquidators. 76M (!h 'Ave. 357-«?2, CLOSE OUTS and discontinued lascis, Mon. ,9 1-30: Tucs Fri..? 6; Sat., 9 5. wines and liquors, beer specials, lerrllic Ave. - RENT apartment-tlie Hoover washer and e dryer. McCann's Rental Center, 353- d A77. valances, hardware 10°i off. Diane's Draperies, Greeley, 3539145. Belly's Draper Irs, Fl. Collins, 4f3 5114 WAYTAG gas dryer, excellent condition. N pound. Creeler Tribune. ' ASHLEY wood burning slaves in crate. J150. 3S3 8431 or 35J 4/16. CB RADIOS, as low as 1119.95. A A, A d Sales, 7011 1st Ave. 3U 0044. BUILDINGS to be moved, bought and sold. Jerry Hlgbee, 35J 4»»; 351.4000, TIE Downs for mobile homci. 3S3T321. Two bedrooms, all electric kit- ??^ v Manor 1107 30m Sl M - 3537321. room. All Utilities furnished ex- SPACE Avallabte-Orcetey'sflnettpar cept electricity. $150 per mon- Si^ u i^w« K v. ! iiM ( !? 1 sii»?nh ri i b th. Call Harold Goldsmith, 352- MJ 7741. ' State Farm Road . FREE RENT Garden level spa ce class A park. Pave one bedroom. streets, well lighted. Childre j^5Q and pets okay. We have re Call 354-0140 5-7 p.m. iJ^LLEY VILLAGE MOBIL Near Downtown """" " "" '" ' Nearly new spacious 1 bedroom 5*6.00 and den basement apartment. per mo. tor one year Electric kitchen, washer-dryer or FREE MOVE hook-up, carpet, drapes. $170 (SEE manager for details) ncludes all utilities. See to ap- Limited Offer predate. 35J-6920. VILLA WEST ^^ 2700 'C' St. Hi. 353-lm Large 2 bedroom 38 Rentals* FOR SALE -- Good, excellent condition '· flatbed trailer. 354 7647. f- FOR SALE ~ Used Bobcal Needs some work. Call 356-1647. LLECTR1C range, copper lone, very good; (rider white refr Igeralor. good condition. 357 4471. DOUBLE bed, 175; small sofa, 17} ; Konmorc waihw, J100; dressers, SIS, 110, and t5: formica lable. WO; end table. IS; code* lable, 110; ttcreowth B track player and recorder, 1100, J double buds, 115 ujcti. dgubk bMJ, l?0, couch, 115or bosiolfn 351-0144 PWIHG rnddilne repairs on all mode s, lay service with reasonable rates. Necchl Bwnina Sewing Center. Bll 11th Avc. 3535549. MODERN Sears washer and dryer. $1?5. t- TRUCKERS Wolleii - 1] 95 al me Flea 356 1390. Market, 711 ?ih St. Olher bargains. SACRIFICE - Vacuum cleaner with all 0 attachments In good condition. US. 351- ·d ""· n FOR SALE - Original ladle* diamond ,,_ ring. For informailon cal1,«34-IUf . oven gas range. Range has never been used. 351 8231. after 4:00 p.m. OFA, good shape: stereo cabinet, state WINE recipes. Fun, Inexpensive, easy. WHITE Wcstlnahouw electric range, sclf- f. Five ell lime favorite recipes for clean oven. Excellent condition. U homemade wine with complete In* 6459. -- Cheyenne, Wyoming 11001. ALL wood bedroom set. 1400; Magic Chrl gas tpace healer, Hi; set ol golf clubs COUCH and end table, set of bunk beds and icuba tank, make offer. 737.1343, 353 Il3},allvr4weekdayi. VENDING Machines - Three pop. one cigarette and candy combination, one coffee. 356 1103. FOR SALE -- Used barbed wire. Phone 1- FIFTY volume clastic book set. Excellent Unfurnished, carpeted and E z SBI »,,,,.. ,.n, u , ,,,«,. open ..TM»"TM- "»»··"···"-»"· draped, children, waterbeds slorage now avBlluble. fenced and CASH lor noo working rerrleeritori and »nHp.t oltay llgn.W.JOT» Av... isg.fflg. Ire.ttrl.No lunk.IM «. 35A 7019 BEST location In town. Businessmen «g-/wiT tereiled In active west side, iheie ne* *. ISS; used storm door, tTQ; outdoor N EW COLONY ^\y^^p\!X".S n \m "K^n £» e home 5klrtinfl ' InHrv-rnnftl »l»u»tAr S * flrld " ln Ave ' '»««·' !»·»»· recreation rooms 8. sauna. " variable' °n A Greci'e"TM «S"m^ti Large one bedroom °"'« ?«*· open to mwicai, leg, Unfurnished apt. s"mllt S r 1 "busln r eHe 5 t'' g A 1 rnpu n ' f parhlr Furnished buffet $!·«! wi'irfm^t^ioii^ii'sears* ready nOW. Company, Rwllori, 3W770Q. or Lar 7 J Scar*, 35! 3071. tAAA ii4l. A..« FOR RENT- 10,000 1009 131n AVe. office. Ran tiding. Lea» all or pa W 3737331. 1' JOHNSON 13 channel mobile CB radio. r Phone 352 5110. iVALNUT table. 6 chairs ana tiurch. S100. 353 WH. pnrly line. OLIDmahoo any \oiinrrrnmmnde 356119*. FOR SALE - Gas dryer, like new. 3560008. FOR SALE -· Excepllonaily nice, full size divan. Can be seen after 5 p.m. at 1710 7«tn Ave. Place. OR SALE -- BM frame, headboard, footboard and side rails, light maple, good condlllon. 114 tWS. condition. 145 for 3 pieces. 3SJ 0113 VHIRLPOOL Freeier - 15 rf cu. ft. Excellent condition. 353 7P15. OTPOINT electric range. Like new. m.iTQ] · with 1 eyepieces and atcrtvirlei. 151- FORTY Inch while eleclrlc range, double y 57i7. ovwii.iSim?. LIKE New - 1975 MGA IS inch color TV, d 1315; auto harp, UO. 3U-1S36. J«f tO Share '.WO SQUARE Feel - Will remodel (or ROOMMATE needed. Own bedroom. locahon. H4 Jlrd Ave. Call 353 4027, for beige, brand new - never used. HO , Share utilities. IM month. 353-9I4S. appoinlment to *e«. each. 353 0375, alter 5:30 FEMALE student lo share bedroom. OFFICEspaceforrenl. Soring Quarter In lurniihed home near 7H9ih Street bolh campuiei. Stop by lltt llth Ave. or call 35* OW3 or 353 3992. J155 per quarter, WO deposit, contract, no pen. OFFICE space -- .Oowntovm. 1 l-bMLh needs female to snare apart rnrnt, own room, rent 117.50. Call Karen, 600 sq fl. pr ime location, ground floor wl after 5:30, 3 Si I9tt. sireel entrance, near post olllcc, cou MATURE person to share two bedroom Mechanically ventilated, air coi furnished apartmenl with swimming dilioned, utilities furnished. tOi 10 pool. Call 3M 9043, after G p.m. Ave. Call or see Dr. Haefeil. 901 10 in mobile home. 175 month, i utilities, rnMMr - B riAi soace S 000 to ft i furnished 3SI 0178 of 354J112. nlk lor jjjjjj , ]« iq » office 1m MM wit Cind " - 1. IS on Highway 3^. 1-667-S3M. wee days, or I6o76120. OC Rooms QUIET, IV, weekly rates, downtown At\ Mrm*ir«T GreMey. U S Motel, 11119th St. ~V RtnTaiS U75. 140B ISlh Aye. or custom. 353 B431 ; 3i2-M?9; 351-9(154. SLfctPINti looms for men. M49lhSt. Wanted wv Rentals _ Ifff ,,__. W , Em "M s S"' "'"" "" """ '° r Call collect after « p.m. \1 Unfurniihed OO Unfurnished 3i Apartments 0£ Apartments · m g ··· · ^^% § f IX I V% ^ WE LOVE KIDS For sure! Because we build our apartments with children in mind. We have Ihe finest sound conlrol within the walls The best apartment playground areas . . . The nicest swimming pools . . . The unbusiest streets in Greeley . . . Super close to shopping and schools . . . AND most of all, THE FRIENDLIEST MANAGERS ANYWHEKE! BRENTWOOD PARK APARTMENTS 220 Reservoir Road 356-4314 CALL NOW X- Rated Our apartments arc X-rated . . . X-tra size two bedrooms . . . X-tra size kitchens. X-tra trees, grass and playground, and mosl of all X-Ira economical. ALAMO APARTMENTS 18 19 Second St. · Greeley CALL NOW - 356-2629 REMOVE spots and residue icti benmd from other clcanerv Renl new Rinse-N- vac il earn cleaner. Now 1 10 daily. Rent at Moffat Pain) anrJGlais. lUSBmAvr., NIKKORMAT ATN and 1.4 lent, 6S to 705 ' h zoom. 153 0114. , DRAPERY cabl* for sal«. 353 1161, r, Westmnor Interiors. k FOR SALE -- Grandmothers clock, dark antique pine finish, 1700. 353-U4S. SMALL till frailer Ideal for hauling n : motorcycles or a snowmobile. 357-5710. cahlneli. Separate tweeter controls. 3577240. be used in business or home. (400 each. 3545001. NEW roof lop adjustable locking ski , 1 recks. S75 or trade for turniable of equal value. 351-1775. FOR SALE - Two burial plots, together ' 1350. Sunset Memorial Gardens Fred Linnebur, fioggen, Colorado 80457. COLLECTORS -- The Kaleidoscope has some choice pieces of miniature furniture. Now selling out at '-» off. Get trem while they lasl. The Kaleidoscope, 905 16lh St. FOR SALE - Slie 17, like new, dresses. ANKRUPT Merchanflise - Chairs, swiwel, recllners, rockers, values up to JTff.flS. Ynur rhnlfe fnr »7 M Other USED FURNITURE Round oak table, 42"-- ' 2 leaves. , Cane seats. ' Wash Commode ) Dressers J Chests ! Bar Stools. ! Occasional chairs. Set* Dining chairs. Set 4 oak chairs. . Oak office table, 3xi. ! Swivel oak desk chairs. ' Small drop leaf table. Rockers, Trunks. RUSSELL FURNITURE REFINISHING «09 13th St. 353-4075 HUH S A L t - Polaroid 770 complele with _ _ ' " " - j ,,.,, flay., timer, case, and (lash bulbs. Call 40 Gardening 3519543. tO Needs record*! .reasonable. 351 4177, after 4. 357-4471. FORSALfc Babv'ilroller and swing. PO TS, soil We il.aipen rotary mower ·3* '397. wadei. hedge clippers, hoes, spad«. garden tools. Aikire',. 1711 9ih St 19 INCH Zenith color portable TV with stand. 1 Michelin 145x13 ZX tires, ons 17x15 yflv x"7\ ·tfulitnr (ilMft " [9 Antiques \Ajf t"^/ MjTnrch Rt«uir ANTIQUE furnilure. Open Monday, ^·^1^^ JM lOfCn RCplir ThurWay, Sunday. Orchard, 357 1743 t^^ ANTIQUE secretary, 1150; antique tf'^^f k A A I/\DC wardrobe. 140 3511584 See at 7115 ll'h ^fi mAJwiO si. WELDING SUPPLY 170D 1st Ave. Consignments Feature: · M NlW-UlHCMrriM .rfWtln LARGE Gary sale. 7*7x3 ft. Oelow '-. * KrUck-KMeb . MtectlMNn r * la "' M m '~ Mon. -Sat. 10-5 (2 mi. W. of Gibson's) 1 + Band f Saw Blades . ^r Wade to order p * MAJORS ; WELDING SUPPLY UM 1st Avt, 51 ^N^mi"" 3J1 0843 ERRY'S vacuum Center. Rrbuili Kir t-.f\. lWie*h ·:· IVtWH ACUUM cleaner r-H-air servke anrt parls, all makes SatisFation guaran iped, free estimates, free picnup and dNivery.3SltriOor 351 0143. \ Ci 5ewMH| nWCfllMf PARTS for vacuums, holts, belts, brushes, elc. Perry'* Vacuum Ctnltr, 35JQMJ, 150191hSt. PARTS and service for all makes of tewing machines. Necchl Dernlna, 112 Illh A v e , 353 S56». JL R*dtos COSSOLE For Sale -- AM/FM ption- ograph, B track player. It50. Can be seen a! 1717 iih St. .No, 105. 25 flCH color TV combo, Am/Fm, stereo phono 35? 5J»4 TV -- Stereo, radio, tape deck repair. 73CHANNELC,ttO multiplex receiver, with s track, and two speakers, asking 1115. Only used thrre monlhl. 3» ?i43.' TE A E N V N'uAi N S^eE RT ' S 20% Off All reconditioned TV's stereos. 41425thst Sales- Service- Ren la Is 352-7100 (-7 Musica JO Instruments 170 BASE accordion and case, like new. Has amplifier hookup. 58/-249I. Tuned, 1 year guarantee and delivered. Johnson's Piano Service, 73S Lemay, Fl. Collins. 1-493-493. DRUM tei for sale s piece Ludwig wim cymbals, 1350.353-9347. PEAVEY 150 watt ba«amp iller, Kuslom speaker enclosure with two IS In. HO speakers. 351 5717. YAMAHA Gullar - Like new, new s Ik and silver strings. Terrace Park Space 113, Evans. SUNN Collislum basr Amp MOO or bvsl Olfer. 353 5536. IllllrH CONN LOWREY ORGANS Coming Soon to Greeley Mall H CC Building 39 Materials SAW sharpening, all kinds. One day WANTED -- Cinder blocks. 351-1391. NEW 3""j Inch base board 11 cents a foot. 353 1431. ************* |"Cash and Carry J Specials j; + 4x8-- W Sheetrock J ·K ' $!«,,, ' * 1 P«« ,. J 2x4 Utility Studs J * 60 c «ch + J 2x6 Ranch Stock J $ 13 LFT J i Presto if £ Fireplace Logs * $ 6forM« J | Weld County J | Lumber Co. * * La Salle, Colo. * J 284-5515 J M Fruits Vegetables APPLES -- t var eties. Priced reasonable Dale's Mkt., It03 5th SI. 351-H11 NEW Crop plnio Beans, 100 Ibs. 173. you pick up. 175. delivered. 357-1100 CA Setds, Plants J J A Flowers PLANTS, pots, macrame. Plant Peop e, 1419 10!h Ave., 10 6, Mon thru Sal yielding, picking and ensilage. Also alfalfa seed. Contact your O's Gold M Pets Supplies TROPICAL fish, gold fish, aquariums. liters, air pumps, aerators, f rank's SeerJ8.Halchwy.70910lr.Sl. JEED your dog or cat groomed? Ca 1 Fran. 353- 1740. PROFESSIONAL dog B'ooming Town and Country Salon. 3S7 JAS7. PROfESSlONAL dog grooming. Reas Emporium,35J-5777. AKC German Shorthaired Pointer pups -353 5D5 ilRDS and o.rd supplies now at ' Ihe Greenery in the Greeley Mall 3565150. PfcDlGRES Irish Sellers tf-r sale. Both pnrent, available tor viewing. 351 7517, after 6. Golden, halt Shepherd Husky. Call B 11, B MONTH female Old English sheepdog. Pipm J700or beM offer. 353 :13I. 8347713. ' FOR SALE -Seller and Lab mix puppies ,Smale.l3frrifllrt 353 5'44 FRFE lo good home - V year ola German Shepherd female. iM 6141 FOR SALE to qoort home ~ Oimfln Shepherd, one year old lemale, spayed. (35. 353 7516. Shepherd Icmaie. 7 Australian Shepherd Wepherd. while Call3S334S4 Siamesektten Deciawed andneutered, *10 737 7«P FREE ·- Good watch doo Aiv one good wth children 454 7731 60 """iw REGISTERED Siberian Husky Femali, on* fttr old. Pap*ri. very arieclionate BeMorfer. 4S4.J4M. TWO male puppies, Shepntrd-LaD 0*n« mix, lo give away. 714 5345. FREE: Puppies to good home. 8 weeks old. Call 357 6T51. AKC Collie pups -- Cheyenne, 1 437 U71, ail«r 5, weekdays, all day wickcndi. pups with shots. 356-3570, atltr 5p.m. AKC Cocker spaniel puppies, f weeks old. 354 Jm AKC Alaskan Malamute pupplts. Excellent markings. 5 gray and white, FOR SALE - Welsh Terrier, male, » months old, all shots, 175. 834-lMf . PUPPIES to give away to good home only. 3SJ0901. Dog Obedience New Class-March Ulh Dogs, 3 months older. Registration -- east end of Safeway building at Greeley Mall, March 8th, 7:00 p.m. Nine week class, $25. 284-5343, Days. 356-1/67, Evenings £0 Poultry DO Rabbits RABBITS - Does and Buck, and rabbit cages. 353-3400 BABY Chicks - Tuesdays and wed- nesdays, W.R., N.H., C.R.. B.R.. C.H., laying cross, also starter chicks. Frank's Seed Hatchery. 70? 10th St.. 351 10*6. Q4 Livestock LIVESTOCK spraying. Over 70 years exp. firanfner. Phone 357 -1115. WANTED TO BUY -- All types of horitt, including killers 134 7775. J H S Pork Farms breeding slock. Purebred Duroci, Yorhs. Hemps, crossbreeds. 1B4A437. COMPLETE line of lack, new and us*d saddles. Woods Western Wear. Ill Illh Av*. Phone 3». 7730. HORSES boarded, shelier and runs. 3 r ding arenas Double D Ranch, 353-3*64. tered Polled Hereford bulls. Top b ood ines. Phone 352 1213, evenings. AT STUD, pale Face -- Son of Grand Champion Brush moore EX flllly Madoon bred mare. Sorrel bald lac* -four slocking legs. S100 with return. 514- 64»1. AT STUD - Royal Mlrallles, registered purebred Arabian. 35* MIT. QUALITY horseshoeing and trimming. Dale Boydsion. 3H f37l. Prompt serv. AT STUD ~ Puoflle Zee Bars, 5.year«ld, Sorrel American quarter horst. Lto and K ng bred. Slud fee, 11SO. Live foal guarantee. Vet certificate required on a i meres 3565*17. AT STUD -- Coke Duster registered Appatoosa. Sire ol more than H halter and performance champions induO rvc. Duslee Leo. High point brood marc. M PAH A and RMAHC I*74«nd 1*75. Stud lee, 1150 Live foal guarantee. Vet certificate required on all marrs. 354 SAB7. AT STUD -- Super Diamond 4. y Mr-old registered American Paint. Son of Dfltirlv Dlnmnnd Amwlrwi. P*\n\ Champion. Diamond has e ipetd Indtx ol H. He win return to the trick April 15th. Stud fee, 1750. Live (oal guarantee. Vet certificate required on Ml m*r«. 354 5417. AT STUD -- Rot-hel Ban -- Registered Appaloosa No. 44,417 APHC, Slrt Jot Reed Bars AOHA P-fllM; Dam -Cuchara Squaw T-4154. Color, disposition, conformation. Introductory fee for 1974, 1100. Vet ctftiflcatc required. Owned by Mel and Judy Fouti. 3S3 3564. OLD horse harnesses, horse collars. 614 7771. FAMILY milk cow for sale. For Information, call 834 in*. FOR SALE -- 1 year-old Grade Quarter Horse gelding. Good team roping horw. 356 S«7. FOR SALb ~ AQMA Cray 4year-oid ' gelding, broke, gentle. AQH A Dun t y«ar old mare bred to Ban Concho. Welch gentle. Will trade. 353-7117. COMPLETE 4 stall sawtooth milking parlor, electric puisators. electric bra n masher. New in 1*70. John N. Trelnen, Rl. 1, Box ID, Sidney, Neb. 1 301 354 3«H attei 4p.m. ENGLISH ana Western riding lessons. Qualified Instructors, modern Indoor and outdoor riding arena. Greeley. 3539618. REGISTERED SOHA mare. Experienced In Gymkhanas. Places consistently w th 10 year old girl. S4SO. 353-7163. WANT TO BUY - Bum baby lamb. 3534473. after 5. WANTED TO BUY ~ Good used youth APPALOOSA Mare - Well broke, 13 SO. 356B473.after6p.m. GYMKHANA horse and two year o d gelding. 357-7537. 784 5441. LAKE ARROWHEAD STABLES INC. Large beautiful lake area to ride, gymkhanas, group riding, rental horses, hayrack rides, mountain trips, board your horse with full service stables, 352-2400, 356-7080. Professional training conditioning, Linda Morgan, 454 2917. English Western Riding essons, Sue Crawford, 353-5256. Jl B O B I fl 0 0 t 0 0 f t t 1 t II M b I W W TRAILERS j ° 2 horse, 4 horse, stock and · · goosenecks. We will beat · ° anyone's price and quality.- J · See anytime at · 1 LONGMONT | : LIVESTOCK : : TRAILER SALES J J 10 So. Main J - Longmont, Colo. » ,, 1-776-2116 I CC Pasture 03 For Rent WANTED - Fan pasture, beet tops, corn fields, etc for rattle Also wanted, oat CT Hav,Gmin D/ Feed A Straw PARK hay. ailaifa Delivered in load lots Don Kelly. 351 f4*V HORSE Hay -- 11.00 per bate Also allalfa £7 Hay,Grihi O/ Fwl* Straw 68 CwSmtfit ALFALFA, arwinay and uraw. »**(, UM MAMtY FBRCUSON tar **4«. sold and tfelivtrtd. M«rlyn Erkkion. ExcKlmt condllton. Call 351 1M, Mlcr 3S3-75II W 1H7IIS. 7. WILL buy shelled or car corn and tllvg 3H 4*». SILAGE »nd ear corn for sale. 3M4M3. MOUNTAIN May -- 3537574, ' FOR SAli -- Bulk sawdust In truckloa lots tor livestock bedding. Call 357 7M evenings. i. HOT R*4 tractor ·- *1N lt. cIMt. Aikinf t1,r«. On* MM Ford dlic No. «4, 1* H. Aiktng tl.JW, )U «». Ill ISth St. INTff RNATIONAL 314 .pinner (How, SMI. TWELVE foot JO mulcher. 11H. 4H 3*n. 3. INTERNATIONAL 140 HJgti clewwwe plow. 4 bottom. 11 inch. KI7S. 3S* !4r. HORSE hay, stored inside, 17 ptr Iwle. FOR SALE International 7t5pl*if*r, · Ton price available , JIS 21». row bf and new. Pltone 313 »7t. ALFALFA cubes -- Hon waste, noo fli/il ^» JOHN DEERE iracior, exceilenl GRASS Kay - US ton. 317.I7JO. Ill 11 Street. TOP ol the Line - North Park nay, 17. Mle,S7S ton. 3S3 3717 WILOhay.».» per bate. «W 77JI. iXTRA cll*n baled straw, 14Q ton, 1I.7S bale. M? Mtl. STEPTO ited barley for sale. 17.00 hundred. Ted Zlmbelman, 1732-X333. h INTERNATIONAL 3 bellom, U kith spinner plow, with gauge wheels. 414 DISC rolling on your farm. Call 353 11/3. FOR SALE - IN Ford lr*ctor. Good rubber, new paint. 414 37!4. FOR SALE 1973 John DccreKwilhnew 7 row 30 in. corn head,, Fittd e Queen, By-Pus IS north, Greetey. 3M- t|4l. tons 353 74If triple axle, electric brakes, beaver lail. ramps. W* IMS. Bndl35aton.;iS-7t03. GOOD dairy alfalfa ~ lit, Ind, 3rd. w dHlver.3SMW1. . '. CUSTOM hay contracting, baling 'an piling, Call 353 3*5J, after* p.m. FOR SALE -- Ensilage and oat hay. 714-5437. SEED Barley -- Steel of and HigMari Seed Oats -- Russell, Rottrwy an Colorado 37. Alfalfa Seed - Ranger an tit N. K. Gr**tty Elivitor Co., 357-7175 M F»rm Equlpmtflt ONE Jonn Dtrre * row beat m inner (ilk new) used on 1» acre*: ont t row Jo* Deere b*tt thinner used on 131 acres lkentw.V3U.70U. NO. if MASSET FERGUSON 411 roll-ovei plow, (like new) 11, tM; one 3 row Jfltv Detr* 131 beet digger Illh* newl; on Jotin Dt«Yc 3 row bett dlpgtf No. »1 ont MasMy Ftrgvson 4lO.-Wod«1.7 combini-cab, «ir, ll ft. ritadtr. larrr owntd, rtai nice; Jonn M*r* »« lam plane (like newl; one 11 ft. Kewanff plane; one U« Reynolds land plan (llktn*w).1 344 7HS. ONE i?» 565 Hession 3 row beet digger like new, used very little. One.WT 4W John Dtere trader, cab, dlisti, wtict wiigtiti, 3 point hitch, dual hyflraulic Thll tractor It rtit nlct, owntr. Ne 110 Matsty Ftrguson comblnt, n« eh txttnslon, dieitl, cab, tactory air, 70 1 hl*dtr. Rttail prict Is I30,1H, will l»k H),iOO One new John Oeere land plan f40. One 19 f I. Kewanee packer muleher Ilkintw. 303-3i*.TO*i. 1ft* MODEL 3 row 5*0 Knston bM dlggtr. Ilki new, u»4 very Illtlt. On John Ottrt 1 row betl minntr. like nr* retail was 111.500 will tiki W.1H. On John Dew · I row bMt thinner, ilk* nt*n selllnfl prlciSI.JOO.will taketl.TM. 1H John O**r* trKtor. CM, air, h*attr, R C.,reMylogoiotWd,U.?M l-M-tMl f»»*»******»»*»»*»*j f New 8430, 8630, 4230, 4430, 2-- John Deere combines ; ; 2-- 1973 4230 with cab. ' 1 -- 1S71 4020 p^utr ihlft with cab. , ; 1--730 John Deere electric ; start. ' · · 1-2010 Diesel. I 1-961 Ford and 6 row . ', | cultivator | D L Equipment Jth St. Jl 15 By.past ' fQH SALE - Like new internal tonall 40 high clearance plow, U in., 4 botlomt. I Cover boards, and Iway cylinder. Call 353H73. d FOR SALE -- MH IHC *M 1 row, 34 (n. com hcM. Likt ntw. Flew Qunri, By-Pass 15 north, Gretley. 3M- - Wl. l ' 1t74 MASSEY PERGUSON 1*1. JM h«W». ·M-7N7; M*-7751, aflffi. d FARMHAND 1 lan *pfta4*r mounted on Farmhand dual whrtl trailer; F-)*9 Farmhand lo*4«f. IMH34. r USED TRACTORS A [ 1 C A D U CmifDJUIEMT 1 * FAKIV1 CWUI rfnEn 1 1 l-OH»ntnc|gfUl»«lillllllli. ' | 1-WK 21H itt 1 piM Mdiiri | 1 l-Vrml***ttm*/}p*IMt. ' | 1-WmttpitTK... I i 2-IHCIIIildn. | 1 l-Hl.MtlH.irfiljgUrtg. 1 j l-*nMkM*l7M4iM*iit . 1 1-MCKK.IIIgi. j J 2-11 n. Cm! M» Mk ilf«l j | 1-U. 14 tl N* Onam dM | , | -lZfl octal Ml. ***··/! 1 · | f-lfi* | I l-4»MlCMMlcgn»IMgr. 1 ; | l-Ug««ll (.·*·*. | ' j MAMMON'S | ' 1 IMPLEMENT, INC. 1 , FraMlMCMhgUb*r. , I I atimim. mm · 71 ·.Mllltltt /I WillM WANT ta b«v from .wnflf. 1 tMttmtm nevM. m umt. Ml Miwngnl, to** *f f 1. M.HMiMlr FTkrt. S«nd rifHn M 72 For till iNvgSTMENT. cgmmofdal. an4 rnltMnllil propwrlln. To bur gr H4t CMI HlrMn gng Cgm»*nv, 111-IH1. guirtnltt lh« Ml.. Anr typ* pragwrtr cgntwgf M, rqgrtflHt ·( cgngillan. For fttllll wllhmil eWtglttan, »tl llolt . COUNTnr Living, llngli (gmllr. cvilgm kulll houut on Krwg.. Prgm ».«0 gq. 71 Rtal Estatt in eawn. M ·»». IL FwSak 1 New Homes 1 1 ONE ACRE TRACTS | I SOUTH OF KERSEY T 1 BRING YOUR IDEAS 1 \ M- FH / iy p^ cuff -- // k\ ^ RIALTYiNc Ji 1\\ 2165 9th Street M Z.1V Greeley, Colo. 80631 J,m* Mfti.^ 356-2727 ^BO* j! 1V2 ACRES M II · Two Bedrooms · Large Dining Room H U · 1 Bath . Two Porches U H · Large Living Room · Garage || II · Outbuildings U K For Details Call One Of The Salesmen | || Listed Below: M II VinltaM. R«u»r,35J-W34 Sert Van Zantt, 351-tlw I U Betty Orr,}53-U54 Sally Bltlix, 1J2-MM U H Joanne Gllbaugh, 4H.1M7 Ivan Gilblugh-Brektr I 8 Giibaugh Agency ( « 914 8th Ave. · 352-7037 !

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