Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 7, 1975 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1975
Page 8
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The Idaho Kree Pressi The News-Tribune, Friday. February 7,1ST75 Rhodes to speak at GOP banquet BOISE-John J. Rhodes. Republican congressman from Arizona and House Minority Leader, will be (he featured speaker at the Idaho Republican's Lincoln Day banquet in Boise Wednesday February 12. The banquet will be held at the itodeway Inn and will begin at 7 p.m. · Elected in 1952, Rhodes was the first Republican ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona. HP is currently serving his eleventh consecutive term, longer than anyone in Arizona history. Rhodes was elected House Tourist drop TAIPEI (UPI) -- CXving to the world economic slump. Taiwan is expected to suffer its first tourist decline this year, according to tourist officials. Republican leader in December, 1973. Prior to that lime he had served five and one half two- year terms as chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee. "Rarely, do we in Idaho have the opportunity to hear a man who holds such an influential position as Congressman Rhodes." Bob Linville, Idaho GOP chairman, said. "President Ford has proposed new and controversial programs '" solve the economic and to energy problems in this country. John Rhodes, as minority leader, will be a key personality in the U.S. House of Representatives as to the success or failure of this program. "I hope all citizens, not only Republicans, will take advantage of this opportunity to listen to the views of one of the leaders of our Congress at a time when history will be made," Linville concluded. I Selected Stocks -- Dow Jones NEW YORK (UPl)-The slock market, hit by lale profit inking, closed mixed Thursday in heavy trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones industrial average was off 2.50 at 715.35 shortly before the close. It was ahead move lhan seven at the outset. Advances led declines by about a Ihrce-to-lwo margin among the 1,831 issues crossing the lape. ntini h Ml 44-U up FwH eltdn 4 '.i up ' Congressman John Rhodes , abbolJI 1.31 (0 up ' Jircafnc .« H-*« up '* 4k»n«l 1.1ft 10-1.1 jp U atlescp .Id V»« oil ' allid ch 1.H 1Wi DM ' illis chi .M I oH '* llC4) U* W up 1-1 ami* Mi V* up '' »mr-et .309 I?1 " '-I' *« tm airlines 7-*i off N abrand 2-41 H-'i up '· a cm 1.10* 311 * up 1 amcyan Mi HJj up '» am motori 4-i| annnill 1-'» 1»'i uji ' *m ttnd .11 \l*» all 'i · milt }.40 4|.1 4 Oil t.' ami in 1.14 tj.'-i up 'i inatnl 110 UU oil J» aril ps 1.1* M' up \» armco l.iOa 31 o1F \j arms eft .)Z IJ-'j up '» ashiiwii i-'.i if oil '-» Atirichi ?.'-i is- 1 * up '* avtfl torp ii MBSVrll .10 li'. Oil '* basic in .4S 1i oil j Ixtkmn .SO J].'i bell hwl .It 13'i off *i twndi* I.»Q II bclhteel 3a 10^ oil ' bobble brki Mi bwing .10 x!7- l i up i ] bwden I.1G 12-^ an l.'i bora, w 1.35 ll up 'i tifis my 151 51-U up *i brumwk .it 1) uj li burfCjhi .It Wi up '4 cinp«c .lid U all ! i Clferlr in SMi oil ', c b i 1.4i 14.V] oil U cerro c 1.30 IJ-'i on '* chfYilr 1.44 ID oFI '~ cocacol cat m cemslv « 31-'i up ccmrn sat 1 34-'* up .i con rd .30fa IP i conllal Kk !·* oil n cnllcan I D Id all . contlnllOLl 1 41.U oil I.'.) c«p In 1.04 JO-' up T i cp inll I 17-Vi up li crwni l.BOa ?l-'i oil U curtittwa I 7Q.» up 'i cyclop 1.401 73^1 oil ^i darl in . disney dow h dupont diqnel is W, up 'i .40 «1-'4 up 'l 0 32-'i up | id H-II all IJ.i L air 5-i up 't *Jilk I.I4« IfU oli ^i eipai co 1g li.i| off i* cirracp 1.(0 14-4 of) '4 en lex in MO ll-^t up i t esmjrk 1.4ft 14 up , efhyl c 1.39 IJ^i olf '· tifins prod 4 oh 'i etian l-' + b 731 * till " j lansleel .49 1 up 'i lincl fed ii 1) liriir* 1.10 1(( * olf i Imc cp .91 ll.ii ofl U focflUr JO I up ' » fcrflma J.Ii «-'4 off 7 « Ifeptrn l.*0 is up ^ Irueliul 1.83 11 oH i g«nalr 1.10 31'i gricable .44 f-U up N 9*n dyiiam 341 ! olf i gn r!ec H6 401 ! up 'i qnlood 1-43 }?-)« oil Ai Q»nmot .lib x3S-i ofl 5en potl .40 i- 7 ! up l i ·3 t e 1.10 II J i olf 'i ga pjc .IJg 3Mt up 'i gillelte it-U olf i goodric 1.11 IS- 1 4 up i| qoodyf 1.10 li grant wl IMi up i gtwtu J.flb 11-'- up l $rYh4 1 04* 11^1 up gulf oil 1.70 13-'i ofl !| I ,O Mnyw'l l.« J1- 7 ! up ^i hMtlp l.M 33^1 *»K I- 1 * Id*htt 9 l.M !*-' o*i 1 , id«!MJK l.tfJf ip V* illctfiln MO li l » BH '« In* rnd JJi (Mi vp '* inldit! i.404'31^ Up '· ' Inthtrv 1.70 11-^ up intnck i.«» xlS-^i Inll juptr } 44 up ini tir l.iMl-' all lahnrnv ;,10 14 up '« Vaiua! 1.10 17/r up kwcott ?:*o ijj* OH ktrr meg I «-'i u» * l 1 14 «f1 i t 5 t7-H vp h * nwbin . l.H Jt-'i yp * 17-'. otl up ' . ,w 31^1 up ' l.H U-'.i l.H IMi up MtfltK* 1.40 1M| UP lOfUCif M* 31 flf* 'i W rand .7* 3M» vp ' tW^firtdi ? 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Dif !| ui gyp i.M i;1 * off t uiileei l« "'4 up '· unite! i.OI 14-i ulahpl 1 31 I7-v, uv induit I 1t-i» up '« walgrven 1 1} up l * with w 1.U )*· oEI ' wsbarvc 1.40 13 up i Vr union 1.40 IMi wtith el .)7 M-'i up wMpit .3id Ji- 1 . ofl 3 . whlmol .4M 1^4. flH k * woolwh I. ID ll-i* xtrftx cp 1 731 ! up ! i Vngvtfir .40 1U) ztnithrad 1 14J t PAY PACK ELECTRIC PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. AT PAY PACK "-i t- y i DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE! 15x15 BAR SINK Self-rimming construction. Satin finish for beauty and Durability. Drilled for 4" cen- 'terset'or bar faucet · ·'* 195 i. *5"!*; J . . Af · .'-in ..'5* m \,tfi rf*** RAYWALL A.B.S. PLASTIC DRAIN WASTE AND VENT PIPE Strong, durable, lifetime material. Easy to use, just cut, glue and slide-together - no threading. Light yet strong. One man can do the work of two. "BRING YOUR PLANS, WE'LL HELP" BASEBOARD HEAT lifetime tltmentgunntee! . 34 c ft. 2" Pipe... 44° ft. 3" Pipe ... 99'ft 4" Pipe ... I 29 ft. Efficient finned tube element circulates heated air by convection. Fail-safe high temp cut-out runs the length of the heater. Rusi-free enamel finish. Easy installation. 2' r 4 - . , 3' 10 95 6 ' . . 8' 19 95 10'. PROVINCIAL DECORATOR MIRROR Beveled plate glass, no distortion. Antique Gold finish. 53 nigh by 35" wide Fold away mounting hooks, . . . 12 95 .. 15 95 26 95 BASEBOARD MOW THERMtrSTAT Single «gr pole J SPIN 'N GRIN BASKET STRAINER Replace your worn out sink basket strainer with valve style. One turn closes. One turn opens. Lifef/me guarantee, DRAIN PIPE SNAKES For removal of obstacles In drain and waste piping. 3/8"xl5' 3 95 3/8"x25' 6 15 3/8"x50' ll 45 i/rwr M 29 G.E. LIGHT BULBS Variety and depth to meet-all residential and most institutional or industrial needs. We offer quantity discounts. $5.00 LIST $10 LIST . OFF OFF off MSEIOT ECONOMY ,,,..JJM!JIII1L, tricily. Over a months time this can add up to a lot ol wasted dollars;'This problem can be easily remedied by caulking around door and window casings and in other open wall seams and cracks with one ol several good yet inexpensive caulking compounds. We also have low cost caulking guns for use with the clean and easy to use cartridges. Come in and let us help you select the right compound to caulk old man winter out. Stop avoiding the drafts. It'll save you both money and comfort. WE'RE EAGER TO HELP! BUTYL FLEX CAULK The finest all around caulk. i; ASPHALT BASE noz 90' 4 " LATEXCAULK10V20Z 79° REY-ONii-or se 52° G.E. SILICONE BATHTUB CAULK.; I 75 OATEY NO CAULK FLASHING Neoprene collar eliminates leaks caused by expansion and contraction. Maximum roof protection - Easy mount. ^·^ ····«···_ . PAY* ELECTRIC PLUMBING SUPPLY 824 CALDWELL BLVD NAMPA Phone 466-7807 "FREE PARKING" OPEN: Mofl.tbraFri. 8:30 to 5:30 Sat. 8:30 to 4:30 Closed Sunday. PAY PACK ELECTRIC PLUMBING SUPPLY CO

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