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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Thursday, May 17, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN ..' I t ' i s ' a , healthy condition.: when a disagreement between two fac" tions can be-admitted to public' record. Any settlement should be final for both parties. . m,TH BO*isunsHine/Betr; 'News AN IHD£PCND£NT DHILY fiNff SUNMY NEWSPfiPEA SEWING SOUTHERN NEW MEX/CO THE WEATHER J,AS CIUJCES A H E A : Partly cloudy lodjiy, tonight and Friday: No change in temperature; windy af- turnouns. Last 2'i hours: Las Cm- ccsa 81-81; State College 7IM1.' VOL. 71--No. 37 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 17, 1951 'CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Grand Jurors Ready Report On Investigation The' Dona Ana .county grand .jury i-s-crowiling all possible work ' i n t o its: last few hours of session . in .ohlcr.'tp complete its duties before 10 a., in. t .Friday when a .fihal^rcpori. will be handed Judge 1'Idwin Swopc, Judge Swopc will arrive in Ias Criircs to hear the jury's reporl after designation to take the va cancy on. the bench created bj Diflt. Judge W.j.T. Scoggin, who is ( ending- couVt matters elsewhere in the Third Judicial District. The jury's report is expected to contain one or move indictments wnd recommendations concerning ^operation of the Memorial General hospital and administration of rural Dona Ana county schools. Kyun The jury is also expected to comment on its investigation into t h e death of Elizabeth Ryan; issue ceHan recommendations calling for additional police protection in t h e city and county and touch on other matters of importance in the area. . As in the case of the liMfl grand jury, this body may levy cert; accusations against persons in position of public trust, in observance of its instructions when called here April 27. There is not believed to he anything in the jury's fourtlicoming repbri to indicate that any foul play was associated with theuleath of · 53-yeur-old Elizabeth Ryan, but some osEciatcd violations in connection with its probe into the case may be basis for indictments. Must Kin Is] i The jury according to law must wind up its work' prior to the opening of the spring term of Third Judicial court which win begin here Monday. Arraignment of about 40 persons charged -with crimes in the county will be completed before a 36-man jury panel is called. No -women -wUN-be on-the spring term panel.' The law passed by the recent legislature to provide for mixed sexes on jurys is not effective u n t i l Aug. 9 term begins. the fall Collision Smashes House Trailer In Highway Accident Passcrsby on U. S. Highway 70 bclwen-hcrc arid Alamogordo early Tuesday morning reported what appeared to. be wreckage of a crashed airplane. But It turned out to he the remains of an aluminum house trailer after it received a Sunday- l . mile sector of tho cast-central front from Chnchon to Inje. South Of Ijijc The Chinese breakthrough was south of Inje. north of the 38th Governor Says * He. Seeks No Other Candidacy SANTA FK, .May 17 (/!*! -(Jov. Edwin I-. Merlifin will not lie a candidate for jiny office but- guvi'nwr lit 1052. He Maid twliiy he docs nut know If he will lie a candidate for rrclcctlun. Hut he. naid flatly he won't run for the United Slates Seimlu, as xotne politicians 1mve spi'cu- late i! he might, and he is not Interested in running for any oilier office rxcrpt the gov- urnorshlji. Chinese Attack In Waves Fails TOKYO, May 17 Wr -- Waves of attacking Chinese Reds failed today to break through the main United Nations defense line. The Chinese smashed a hole in South Korean ranks and streamed through, but Allied troops rushed up and plugged the gap by nightfall. Waves 'of Chinese stormed U. S. positions. But every time the Americans were pushed off a hill they counterattacked to recapture the high ground. Hottest Sertnr The actions were along the east- centra! front, holiest sector of the 75-mile wide battleground. Field despatches said 96,000 Chinese were attacking in the 25-mile length of the Rant-central sector in the opening stages of an all-out Communist offensive. Another 25,000 Reds were reported gathering strength on the Huge Armed Forces Parade Will Begin At 2:30 Friday JULIUS ROSENBERG (left) leaves, the Federal Detention Prison with U. S. Marshall, bound for .Sing Sing Prison and the Death House. The condemned 32-year-old atom spy wilj join his wife, PII MIC Asked To Help Move 'Autos Off Main Street Complete and full co-operation of everyone in the clearing -of Main street of automobiles starting at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon is being requested by the Sheriff's Posse, which has assumed this job. It will be necessary to clear the street in order for the, Af'ined Forces Day parade to be held, it was explained. 1 No effort to halt or prevent parking- prior *o 1 o'clock is to be made. However, at t h a t time everyone with their cur parked on Main street will be requested to move it. And members of the Sheriff's j Posse are requesting they be giv- j en the co-operuLion of Uiese car owners instead of encountering difficulty in getting the job doiic. It would be better, of course, if cars were not parked on Main street. It is desired to clear the street prior to the parade scheduled to Ethel, at the Death House | be held at 2 :30 Friday afternoon. where both are scheduled to., die in the electric chair this month. (International Soundphoto) Brannan Believes Meal Cut Will Drought ; Ecising [increase Supply 'lain Lifts Hopes' 1 Among Farmers By ,The Associated Press I WASHINGTON. Muy. 17-- l/Pi ; Secretary of Agriculture Braima said today the government's recent price ceiling rollback on cattle may Drought-breaking rains up and j put more beef on dinner tables ov- Pukhan valley invasion route o f j t down the east side, with snow fall- I ing In the' upper reaches of the Chinese had crept close to Ameri? I ncw h °P c for Ncw Mexicans can lines at the junction of tlic Han and Pukhan rivers despite ceaslcss aerial and artillery punishment. Threaten Artv«ncc. Far to the west erupting attacks and mounting pressure threatened a major advance toward Seoul who cr the next year or two, but less than three to five years hence. This forecast was given in statement the secretary prepared had prepared for a dust bowl. for the House Agriculture ej.itmil- Hobbs, in the extreme southeast, I t c e. The committee had asked for l a n d Raton, in the north, each hit j the jackpot in the past 24 hours. might be tried later. All along the line Red reserves ·ere packed deep behind the bugle blowing front assault units. Front line officers said Red sir- i inform a lion from .the tiepay'-.incnt in connection with its study of the rollback order. Hrannan's prediction t h a t tbr Two hailstorms and drenching rains left 2.25 inches of moisture at Hobbs. The total at Hobbs | price order :nig - ht hnvn u discow- since last Friday now is 3.38 in- aging effect on the Ions-range '-·lies., . ,. | production pkt'u-c for cattle was Heavy Ilains fa slight modification front tesli- · Ralon reported 1.41 inches o f ; ntony he gave before the Senate | rain in the past 24 hours, making Banking committee yesterday. He *j a total of 2.15 inches of rain dur- said then that the rollback would i « u . ^V' " C(I slr " ing the past four days. Train and! not "jeopardize production". of the line ^TM nV^ ' ""' ""«"" S " " *»"" «TM *«""' "--PTM""" Communists attacked relenllcss- Strccts will be cleared in Las Cruccfl about 1:30 Friday afternoon so n . h u g e Armed Forces Day parade may get underway on schedule ut 2:30 p. m. Chief of Police Santos Riunircz asked cooperation of all motorists in clearing^ the following .streets from 1:30 until the '.-nd of lhe parade about 3:15. Main .street front Lohman to tho KOBE radio station building; Loh- JTian street from Main east to Mos- q u i t o ; and t h e "double-drive" from l^phman south to the intersection of Alameda street. Reroute Traffic Incoming traffic un the El Paso highway and on West Picacho street will be re-routed over Alameda -baulevard throughout the parade. Marshal W. S- "Mill" Krwin said everything is in reiidim.-ns for the parade tomorrow. Three main sections will comprise the mile-long order of march. First will come the Armed Forces, both with mobile equipment and foot troops; second will he auxiliaries lo the armed forces, including. National Guardsmen, Organized Reserves, and ROTC; third will be delated civilian groups. Civil Air Patrol, veterans organizations and other civilian groups together w i t h Boy and Girl Scouts. Hands Ttt lleiul Each of the three groups will _ be headed by a bund. FIJI t Bliss i will providu a hand, New M e x l u u , AM Las C: be present. ·, An aerial display of the nation's military equipment will he provided by the Air"Forces when two F- 86 Sabcrjcts will open the pantile when they streak low over t h e city about z p. m. Saturday morning, early-risers will ficl n glimpse of lhe A h Forces' giant B-36, which IH slated to ! fly over the cily al 7 a. m. Ope.n House All day Saturday, open house will be conducted with two scper- atp lours at White Sands Proving Ground fr-llowud by an invituliona! Truman Angrily Lashes Out At MacArthur, Taft For Proposing To Send United States Into All-Out Chinese War Without Allies President Says Ohio Senator Invites Conflict SENATE MINORITY .leader K e n n e t h S. Wherry, (R) Neb., (loft) confers w i t h Gen. Omar N. Bradley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of S t a f f , as the latter took un the a d m i n i s - tration's f i g h t to convince Congress l h a t the abrupt dismissal of Gen. M a c A r t h u r was justified. ( I n t e r n a t i o n a l Soundphoto) Aggie Season Ticket Sale {Campaign To-Open Tonight college's ROTC blind ami the I f~\ ml · J p , liuccs Union HlRli school will I UI16- I 1111(1 bill In Civilian Steel Needs Is Ordered } h b disrupted periodically ' ' * ly. U. X, planes, artillery and min fields took a heavy toll. Hill By Thousands "We are killing them by the thousands," a U.K. air officer said. Artillery batteries fired at a record pace. "We are not firing except at groups of 100 or more." an artilleryman said. The U. S. Eighth Army estimat- ;d Communist casualties Wednesday Dt a.582. The Fifth Air Force said it added 850 Thursday in 617 combat strikes before 6 p. m. Heaviest fighting was on a 25- j lately by flood? in western Kan- 'SHE and southeastern Colorado. , ()])! Ill today's statement, qualified his prediction punch from a semi-trailer combina- The accident occurred about 35 miles south of Alamorpordo after Ciipt. O. H. Crawford, Roswell, parallel. Two South Korean dlvi- parkcd his trailer on a with lire trouble. The truck and trailer combo, loaded with wheat, mot n car with bright lights at a crucial spot in the road. roadside | s ' ons w cie reported retreating be- j fore the Red onslaught. Elements of two Chinese regiments had slipped through the gap in the Re- j publican ranks. Every fluid dispatch referring ii H r a n n a n with the words that "it is too early to be The district weather bureau r e - i sure of the answer, and we shall ported today 5 inches of new snow j have to watch developments Jn c;ittle mai'lie ting 1 and production closely during the months ahead," The secretary explained that fell in Ute Cumbres Pass area of southern Colorado--chief source of supply for the Rio Grande--and it still is snowing hard. This brought i when the long-rangi a total of 11 inches at Cumbres i pccts for cattle Pass at 5 a. m. tortey. | farmers tend to hold back The rains i:; New Mexico's cast | cattle for breeding purposes rind side were on the fringe of torrcn- ' herd expansion. tial downpours which caused floods Hut when f u t u r e prospects turn WASHINGTON. May 17 i.v · The announced Unlay t h a t ste,l ;;up|iie:; for milus and oth'jr consumers "hard 'good.';" wilt he cut about .one-third bolow p i u - KoiX-ii levels un J u l y 1. This w i l l mean reductions rallying from 10 tn i,-| percent below present c i v i l i a n levels. Copper iiIK! i i l u m i i u i i n will he somewhat tighter t h a n steel. Kd- v.',:n T. Gibbon. Production ;ulmin Supply Cut Gibson told a now t h i i l about *J m i H i i m will be avaihibtc for passenger cars, wa.^hl and other household I p f"oS: Rio Grande Project Completion Urged in the Texas Panhandle. Amarillo has h a d - u p to nine inches of rain in the past 24 hours. Electric Storm A spectacular electrical storm left about half an inch of moisture j at Los Alamos. In between the Hobbs-Raton extremes, a drizzle fell in the Clovis- Tucumcari-I'ortales area. Clovis reported that .14 inches nf nin early today brought Hie three-day 000 loss to the trailer. State Patrolman Jerry Brunk snitl no charges wore filed in connection with the accident since Captain Crawford, enroute to Merced, Calif., had warning flares set out, and the truck' driver L. E. Thaxton, '11, Amarillo, said he wns blinded by lights of the oncoming car. Brunk said officers spent 13 hours clearing away the debris. George Hollicl'icld, Mesilla Park Fanner, Dies After Illness George · W. HolHcficld. 68. died this morning in lhe local hospital lifter an illness of two weeks. Fun- oral services \vilJ be conducted at .1:30 tomorrow afternoon In lhe Nelson's funeral home. He is survived by five children, including these sons: Otto, Otis, and Alpon, and two dug liters. Lola and Mrs, Dan Anderson, all of McslllR Park. Four grandchildren also survive. Other survivors Include his father. J. D. Hollleflcld, Mtirtkogcc, Okla., a brother Timothy, of By- hnllii, Miss., and a sister, Mrs. Mary Lane, Mulakoss, Tex. Mr. Holliefield was n well-known fanner und dairyman of MCHllla Park. Burial will be In Mc.squ.Ite cemetery^ Rev. William McMahon will officiate at services. total [here to about 2.61 inches. Tiicumcari got .0-1 last night. The weather bureau reported the breakthrough was heavily cen- j that the precipitation would con- C. Barnard on the east-central front reported the break exposed the flanks of other Republican units. Ho said these t loops were gravely threatened. South Koreans to the west gave ground under heavy pressure. Still farther southwest, in the neighborhood of Chnnchon, Americans generally held their positions. American lines were dented in spots. over the east side and in the north. However, the weatherman said, southern and western New Mexico were nil but bypassed by the moisture. Other scattered precipitation readings up tp 5 a. m. today: * Socorro .10 inch; Santa Fe. Las Vegas 09: Farmington 07; Albuquerque .01. Traces were recorded early today by Roswell. Carb] bad. T r u t h or Consequences. Activity Flurries At Union High As School's End Nears With only a week more until commencement, Union High school is a flurry of activity. The 1951 graduating class of 134 seniors is completing plans for the. list days of school, while other classes in Union High are tidying up for their advancement to the next bracket. Commencement exercises will be held on the High school fonthal! stadium grounds al 8 p. m.,' Friday. The building will close for lhe IflM regular term on Saturday, May 26. |laccftlaiircnte is slated for May 20. In the Union High school auditorium at 8 p. m. Complete programs for both ceremonlcn will be published an noon has. completed, together with the names of the graduating duns, Finn! examinations arc slated for ail clasics Wcdncudnv after- noon and Thursday morning, with a finfd assembly set during the third period Monday. May 21. Principal S. H. Mo.ielcy said no additional general faculty meetings nre due between now and Lhe end of lhe school term. Final issue of "The Union", high school newspaper, is due to be distributed laic this week and will less favorable, cattlemen tend to sell. This has the effect of swelling beef supplies above the actual rate of cattle production. Dmvn 10 Per Gtnt Under the rollback, cattle price; by fall would be down about 19 per cent from recent levels. The beef rollback which Score tiiry P.rannan defended before the Senate Bankinc; committee is dc signed to lop 10 per cent off live beef prices May 20, with retail rollbacks of -l',j per cent each on Aug. 1 and Oct. 1. Cruccus Are Injured I n Anlo Aceidcnl Two persons received undetermined injuries early loday when the m r in which they were riding overturned about two miles east of Las Cruces on U. S. Highway 70. Shirley Willingham, driver and passenger. Mrs. Richard Thorpe both of L;IK Cruces, were hospitalized when their 1%0 Studebaker · overturned after striking n soft -shouder nbout, 3:30 a. m. Miss Willingham WHS thrown from the car by the impact and hurled about 40 feet. Her injuries \\i*n; uonevMi not. .icrlo*i«. ·Stale Patrolman Jerry Hrtmli said no charges were filed in connection, with tiic accident. No other vehicle was- involved. Isle la Indian Deputy Commissions Hailed AMJUQUKRQUE. May 17 '.V carry all information relative t o . uernallllo and Valencia counties Lhe end of the school year. ! COTTON M A K K K T (Coiulesy H. T. Ilo'ivrr Co. ) High Low Close 39.!) 2 .lfl.02 July Oct. Dec, Mch, ' 38.96 New May 3S.85 Now July 38.40 New.Oct. 36.13 .'18.87 38.81 38.70 38.70 36.13 SO.S2 39.00 38.D.V 38.83 38. * In have cancelled deputy sheriff's commlsKions among Islcta pueblo Indian*. The iiclion followed a protest by lalolu Indians that the commissions Infringed on pueblo jurisdiction. The comU^ons had been insuctl lo permit Isloln Indians lo pursue stale law breakers, tho Sheriffs naid, and not us tn effort to ns- 36.21-30 auirift jurlndiction in the puoblo. reception and military ball in evening. Production a d m i n i s t r a t o r ;;:iid. Col. G. G. Eddy. WSPC. Comm a n d a n t , Naval Cn]il. A. 1C. Euling-Rr, and other dignitaries w i l l be present. · During the parade and all a f - ternoon Friday a display of m i l i - tary equipment will be presented \ Ulu .Jnly-AupuHt-September qtiyr- in Las Cruces. i ter. as against IJ m i l l i o n tons on j the average before the outbreak of fighting. The announcement was made shortly itfter l h e government ordered t-let'l mills to net aside sharply increased peieent;i^e.s uf their o u t p u t for J u l y delivery on military priorities. Defense ayenuirs also: Production Cuts 1. I'ltintiod f u i t h e i ctiU in pro- due I ton M . r )7 civil inn goods, including passenger curs, s t a r t i n j ; J u l y 1. 2. Killed t h a t retail priiieM if automobiles, must be reduced May 22 tu allow for the absence of .spare tires am! ttibr.s n.4 standard equip"" | ment. I .'!. Directed m a n u f a c t u r e r s of coi- The oignmznuim i.s mude up -jf \ t f ) n yiini (mt | l( . xt iles lo compute JSvejyune inlcnvitcd in Lhe New Uiclr .^c:i;iiur,-! play and n Htu i f u l season are- urged to he present at 7:.'JO tonight al M l l l o u hall wliuii lhe proposed sjih' of 2,»00 tn li.500 .season football tickets will U in hoped and c.\|jeeLeil Unit those i:i a t t ^ n d n n o n will a^ree lo accept blocks of Heket.-; anil help ])iish the sale of tickets so t h a t a p p i o \ i n i ; i t e l y sunn; $22.000 can be secured l u r th« n t h l e t i e pi n;;ra!ii prior lu I lie opening tf I lie r.-ill sivison. All Invited Kit a Mnyfteld, pre.sidciil nf the Dona Ana County Ag^-ie chili, Is einphithi/.ing lhe fact t h a t everyom: i.s i n v i t e d ;ml urged In a t t e n d t h e meeting. Tiii.-i nnl only in- ehnleji Aggie.-i. former Aggies. K r i i d i i u l e r t of AJtM. t'ornier aUi- ileiiis, bin all irieml.-; of the school and those interested in the riehoul. Cards 1 inve been mailed nut to n i t i t i i l i v i i i u a k s jMhSHlblf,, iii::!iulin^ tlie pureh:i.-,ei.s of seasnn lickut.s in the past. nienibi;is of the A l u m n i jis.Koi-i:ilinii and othpis. Tliesr ia- » l i v i d 11 a Is Wi-iv request oil to i:atr» whrth.-r tliey p l a n n e d tu al- ! tend the nit'elmj; 01- not. |Tu ' WASHINGTON, May 17 '(/i 1 ) --· The National Rivers and Harbors Conyress has HIVCII the Middle Rio Grande project in New Mexico its "No. 1 rating." Scnatqr Donnis ChHveK ( I ) - N . M ) explains thut means the project, j in the organization's opinion, "is' fum], needful and sufficiently a d - j vanccd in status, and should h e } promptly constructed in the public ; interest." It h|if,| UHJ eliiiK w i l l be block of len s ];iy for Ih ore i-itlin^ to acirepl i-a.-ion t i c k e t s ur tn and then sell or liKpn.«o of Iht'fi Duly in this way can gram be e;irrieil n u t . (. hits b.-en vol t i c k e t s . the pri ' I n q u i r y I'd a i m t i u m ·Ide Congressmen and stnte officials, Chnvez C'Xplamed. to press for appropriations for piojects recommended when congrt'.s.sif)nal appio- priation 'hearings arc held In lhe Senate and House "I wn pleased that - t h e ^ - n n - ! Tin- tunv h p a i e tn-f* l U l t n g issued gress," Chavez siitd. "while leco^- j today would require dealers to JKISS ' ' - - - - - - - - - - · iniyevs the cost l i c i t by the elini- iwi'.ver. t h a t if tins can lx: duiu.- t h a t f n n u 2.000 lo .'5,000 season t i c k e t s can be xnid j n r i i l t h a t i.TOWils will l»e assuied I ^ f n r the houni fitolhall Dailies as t n Wi-11 as luml.t for the operation nf | t the a t h l e t i c program. j ' J »y KKXEST B. VACCARO WASHINGTON, May f 17-- r f/Ti - President Truman lasheil out today at Gen. Douglas MacArUiur and Hupublican Senator Taft tti- day for seeking, as th« Presldeiit put it. to have this country "go for nn all-out war In China all by M^r. Truman virtuiilly.itititxiiticit a written speech prepared for the National Conference on Citizenship. He told hi.s .audience that one week of all-put war would cost this country "10 to 20 times" what it is costing t o - r e a r m anil c o n t a i n the fighting, in Jtorea. "We must have friends In this troubled world." the President extemporized. "Some Senators and some other people would luive us go it alone." T« .MarArthur This was an indirect reference, to testimony by Gen. IXiujrlas AMr- Arthur. whom he ousted from lhe Far Eastern commands last month. Mr. Truman, appealing for strengthened price And rent control legl.slation. said 'there was no question t h a t Congress will voto a two-year exlenslon of controls expiring Juno .'10. Ho said the decisions he and Congress will make, nn this, on defense rearm ing and on foreign n id "ought Lo be above petty politics, because the welfare of the country depends on them.' 1 Creeled \ \ l l h A|phllisn Mr. Truman was greeted with .sLiiniling applnupu as ho enterc'l Lhe Prcsiilcntiiil Koom of the. l i n t e l Slatlcr with Mrs. Truman. lie pleadwl for consiimrra Lo pul prrsaiire nn Conprc.s.t for ig price and rent controls iiml fur higher (axes, "Never was there a Llmo when the risht decisions were muu- iiecessiiry Uian at Uila Lime," ha .said. Need Keiil 1'itfls He said "The hardest thing in tha world to find arc the real I facts." v.-hih- Ui« "easiest thing | in the workl to do is to garble and |i-imru»u the f.icU." | In n m a n n e r reminiscent of his I 1!MS "Give 'cm hell" re-election ' campaign, thr President snapped: "There's n prent lot of t h a t ffo- iiiy on in the country right now." Kven in dopartinp from his text, Lhe President did not refer In Senator T u f t by name. In hi.s prepared speech Mr. Truman hung u i t "invitation-tn-war lag on the Ohio Sena tor's proposal to reduce t h « n lined forces' manpower goal by · fiOO.ODO mm. The President described Uii.-i uypeation as "very foolish" and dded: "This same Senator wants j;o f(ir nil-out war in China nil l! Be.-:iifM :ket sul .- tielc-Lf the .hri um th. ; his defense budget of id. "one week of a l l - n u t would cost ID to '20 j5GO.ono.noo.000, he rcpoit.s of illL-gal J l v o c t | milomohile repi- nizing curtailment of public works during a war period i.s needed, .saw fit to point out lhal many projects improving the use of rivers have j M a n u f a c t u r e r s weie ba import ant defense values. The! i from equipping new v N't-w Mexico project certainly fits : .spares. this recommendation." j -- -- - -- The Mid-Rio project was one of { 1-1 given lhe nod by the CUIIKI-L-HK ; in 11 meeting in Washington a few · days ago. ! luive a,, opportunity lu Coa.h .In,. ..-olornai, ;u. I,,.,-., of lus l o o t l M l l rondli As a hlgliliKlit of tin' ]i u niuvli' "f n fmilbiill BIIIIIO iwecn tin' San I'YnnclHcn lO'i-r tin- clovelaml UI-OWMS will shown. Tlic f l i n t hall will b, 1 rnlnr. ,,...-1 Il.-n.l | ,,,.,,..,,,,.. wcri , th,' nu,ni- , i ,,. o u w linc s t a l l . . told he meant that Wiim, j present program is cti.stln^. ''i'- j He MigKi'stiul at one point t h a t t'l j "you better lot ymir Congressman 1'c 1 know where he stands.". f the i'lhn i ]f Cnngre-ss should permit t h e I defense program to "get ana fled · ·-- I up. or ddnyed. or .slushed, wr would be courting disaster," Mr. Trunuin said. Ex-Pcacc; Officers A.-:l Rehearing On Torture (ion viol iou Osteopath Must Meet Same State Standards As M. D.'s |Bradiey' s! is phuld In Vote ||,,, ol ,ly Ji r q u i i i ' i l in · -.luil | i llu- SANTA KK. Miiy 17 i^'i -Two former New Mexico peace, officers have ti.shed a rehearing of their appeal on a civil rights violation. ' citixon d e t h i f d h e i e Thursday. The request for rehearing wa« | -,.,,,. tnKl llt ,, mt llu . ,, fil pnpmhic filed In Iho Circuit Court of ap- |hyH(l . mn ltn ,| sm - Bl . m , nU M;tfi ex- A l t h o u g h t l i v i u upp.iiL-ntly \\M t t - l(1 ,tiinu-d, been n difliber.'iLe e f l o i L on lhe j . a i t W ( ) l ,] t j ],,. of Lite Dona Ann c o u n t y Medlcn'. : S( ,. ( .HHi-i! i .-joclety to I'-ave Llio Impressiuti i ( l i, t h a t Lhe ostcopitlhic phymrian aivl ( ,,j mil-genii does not meet tin- s a m e ; Ucr W 0 1 ,jfj \ w i,, mchnln O. O. jiuil .stiindauls an the rinctor of me'll- , || 1( , Siim ,. ;is M. u. {* now included, cint.' in r u d e r lo praclnrc in this ' O(i, 0 ) W ne the .sinntlnrdH wotihl re- hliite, tlmt is HOI h u e . d I n c ' i H n i n l n t h e Eimm*. penis nt Donvor by attorneys for lonnor State Police Chief Hubert Beiisley o n i l A. I., ( l l n p p y i former .Shc|-iff of Dona i m . t n 0 ] I10 Ana county. a c t l y the -same utitndttrd.'i medical doctor and i.s ^nulled · y Ihi jiliili- to ]n»e.liei ho'.h lUiMiiciiH- and ,ur i n e i y undev the - law. opiM-ation of tins American O.sleo- '' x ' jiathl.- !is.Hoclntion are just as hl^h ll|l! as iho.-R' of the oilier t h r e o agen- i ies 'which a i e cimlrollod and directed by thn American Modtcnl iisitni-ialion, the A m e i l c i u i College of Siii^eons and lhe AimYlCiw l l i f s n l t a ) a.ssuclalion. The circuit com t i erently up- , held a Santu l-'c fodcnil dlshict I I'rm-IU-e A n y u h e r e court conviction of Benslcy, Apo- j A m i I f Uc slnto bus granlctl Ihls ilaca and Hoy Sandman, formerly j tlcciiHr, the cltl/.cn pointed mil, and Apodiica's deputy. They were con- j t h a t dor lor is o,ua!irii:d In I hi* home vlctod of violating the civil r i g h t s ] t h e n ho In c n t n t n l y (|iififtf|pil I n ] fort to dlscfedlt thn prnollrihg on- p'f a. nt-Riti suspect In Ihr Ovldu I practice In the hospital. Cooglrr death case In 11MB, j Tho fact of t h r mailer This citizen also wtroMod tho fuel Unit there Is an apparent cf prc-smi .By Senate Probers i m standards i e m ihr nospi-i WAKHINGTON..MHV IT i.n - islropath to prai-- Senate invcstigutor.s upheld today the r p f i w u l of Gen. Oninr Hrnrlley to testify about President Tin- Hum's private t a l k s with his advisors on firing: On. Douglna MacArthur. Sfimlor Mi'Mnhon ilJ-Conn) siiid Lhe t-nto wns 18 t:i S. Itradloy doejliuid on Tiu-sdny to t e l l tho commltlot.'j4. in respunse Jo [pii-sllons by Hen. Wiley (R-\Vls. w h a t was .Maid tit a U'hlttt Uonne eoillVre^icu A p l l l 6 which led tu t h e I'reside tit's dismissal of Mnt 1 Art h u r a.s Pacific Commander on A p i l l U. A vote to overturn Russell's ittl- Infr could have led to n i t OHtcnpnUi luia lo ,lu-j (Continued on page Ihrco) nmtul tlmt Brodlcy answer the fjucatlona or fncc possihlc .charges of contempt of Congress.

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