Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 16, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Wcdne»d«Y. Evening, May 16, 1951 Las News PHONE 3 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Trophies Will Be Presented June 4 To Winners In Ladies Bowling League Blue Sox Play ., : Season's Second i f Game In El Paso Las Cruecs Blue Sox played the jiC-coml K.'IHUJ uf Uic 1051 scuhin Sunday n L HUJJO Mayer Field, i i I \Vn.-ililnfUon 1'ailt ;it El Paso when I they met. the Parh-N-Shop teuM j tjf Die Texius city. ! Jn i Hevcn-innin/j name (he Sox wem ilufc.'ited 5-U. I'rirk-N-Slinp, a mtTCliJint-ttpDn- wired tea infrom El I', inmlfi t h e i r f two runs in ilin second Tio;)m-:i I"' 1 winner:! of t i n - ; Women'.-. H'lU-lnlf; I'-iililie v.'ltl lie ;iirM-ll!-,l ."it :i 'ilnnej- J u n e -1. il u-ii.-i iimio'imvil iollnwinK til'.- ( ni^lit "1 pi;iy Moivlny nielli. : Tiniiliic-.- mid I'rizc money v.-il! III. .-HVill-ilril I n IllC! M ' V e l H l I l i K h l l i - i n i i H n m l indlviilniil:; wliu roin- f.lrlr-,1 I I I , - leiifille plliy i i f l e i Mon- .liiy'.s f i n s i l ^:unr:i. i n i l i v i i l l ' i n l lli«ll a v u n i H i ' av.-.-nilH will !»· plrsi'lllH tu l-i'i-'.l Ti.'XNlT,. .lean M l l t i ' i i : Ion;i An;i Cdiii'ln, .Innn M i - t H i n : H f i y I.anl/ml. I r .vi- lyn ·nr.vnlli.: l.n rixAx, la H i U y i i i i l ; LJI:I r'nu-i's l r i u i i i t n r - . I "ulna i l i - i i l l i - r : Nrliion'M. Cayf I l i m l i c l i ; W l l r i ' l h u n c l lillillra. Allilli|iniM|lli-. 1'i-tK. 1 .' W l l l i l l r y ; ""ml M i l l i e l i c t l i w i - ] ] w i l l n'ccivc a M-iW-il U u - M - : I K I I I I ;2;i. Fn:,t I.JIM.- in Ui" t n i i r m - y W J I H t i a m . w i l h V t l i n i i McdiiiKor. t::ip- i n i n :u;il Hi.- folli.winj; i i i p m n m i : KrimciK U'.jml. I H - I H - A l n e u i u n . Amy CmiitjiJii mul Ju.-iic I'rm'cn- i;;ty L;.nii!"i.l and I J I K Cnn-i-i K i n m t m r liiuii: wen- tied f u r t.-c- , I H .| j i l i i n - w l l h i i ' - p l a y i ' o l l In-Ill Mnii1iiy n l ^ m . Limkruid'B k«-;;ln-.-. wuii twn r m t i i ' S in pl'»:i- M-«-'tiid i n i in- I t - i i j i i i c . I l i n - l l i - H'.y is m p - t : i l n *il I he L l i n l i f i H ' l t r i m i w d h mciiil.M!, K v i - l y n ' r h w n i t i i . I-VI;i MAJOR i n n i n g a f t e r a scoreless opener. 'Ihi; Sox rallied w i t h one run in the third, .'sharing a mn af4i"ce in I Hie f o u r t h with the grocery Jiine. · The Park-N-Shop .scjiirid rallied j n g a i n in the sixth shutting out a average for .the final , t w o - r u n .score. Till- AsMiHa-i'i! I'mts N A T I O N A L Cili' Ni-w York Tmlit.v's Si-lifilnlr H r u t f U l y n nt t'hit.-.-i-o Jtnston ill C i n c i n n a t i I ' l i U m k - U i h l J i :il S t . I j n i i r t I n i f c h t New Y i . i k n l 1'ill.shm-Kh ( H l u M 'niiia-V-ipiiiii r.. si 1^111:1 -i C t i i r i m m U 1. l i f j s t i r n » Hilly Chiipw" pitched for the J31tie Su.x nl] the v/jiy. a l l u w i n y i K'.-vni lilts IhroiiKh the, game. ! S t a r t i n g l i n e - u p for -Ihe Sox: ' Al Aprtrbic'i. ss; Gene Tumclstm, : 2h; M a r v i n Nnrvell. .'lb; MU(c St- W, L. J T T . h t m n . J i ; Hdbcrl Tcllcrf f f ; Frank IT) 10 .000: K u t o n c d i i r i . t-t; Sammy Vargas, in 12 .rftfi I i f : I ' a i Uonzale;;, c: Billy Chap- lit 12 .r.l!0 i m n n ,p. 1:1 i-t .LSI ; --- rj i:( .·!*)' 1L M .lfi^ ! i! 1:1 .!r f s: K! I K .-1JH Fights Last Nighl Br^.kl: New Y u i - k U l ' l l - O l l f . ' l l ' V l l l H l l d n s. C h i i - u f v i 1 A M K U H ' A N I ' J i d a d i - l j ' l i i ; ! H i . l.'HMS ·|'itit!l.\'s Si-lirdlllc C l i - V f l i u u l ill N'l'W SI L i n i m nl 1 ' l n l i n l f l p l i i ^ ' NeW Y(irk (.Siinity.'iide G a r d e n ) · Lou Vulpe. H") '. 2 i JSJou " Vork. i lUKx-ked out .luliiiny -Maiino. U7 I,. |'(T.' 1 { . Hrooklyn. 1. ^ ( i S f j . Los AiijjcliM I-'ied Menniui. ji ;»il '· 1 ;{ '' ' ^ - L-"- Anqok-H, outpointed 'iiill Itai-HL-f C u r i l l i i . KIT I',. M'Xi,-«. 11). 1 ' i . l t l a n d . On-. - - · Don HiK-r.s. I 110. i ' m t l i i m l . i . i t l p o i n t L H l l r .t\ .l(»hn- S;iK L;iki- C i t y 1.1 Ex-Swiichhilling Rookie Manager Oulmaneuvers Red Sox For 9-7 Win Hy JOK ItJUCIILKIt | StmitftlK'Hs Hold (AsKociiitcd i'rcss 5jirts W r i l t : r ) j liicmldyn strcnythujicd its first ' iilacc holil with an 8-4 victory Ted Williams crocked his 300lh ; ;, V( , r - tIie CutJ8 in Chicago. Two ho- home run. Only nine others l m d j j m . | B hy G i! Hodges, and a Ejrnnd accomplished this fent. , s|!immc . r hy Dlllte Snydev and nn- Ewcll U l a c k w c i l am] Vcrn Bich- \ other round tripper by Jackie Hob- ford hooked up in a b r i l l i a n t pitch- j jnnon, ntx'ounled for ail but'one of duel t h a i produced only three i Bro'ohly n't runs. hits in the C'incinnati-13oston game. I pinch single by ]$i\\ Nicholson BlacliWi-H allowed one hit to win. ! w i t h the -bases loaded in the ninth 1-0. Only twice before in the l n f i t | t 50.years have there been games in which fewer hiLs were made. Yet. these exploits had to take a back seat yesterday to u bizarre K t u n L pulled by a rookie the Philadelphia Phils two runs and a - r -1 victory over the Cards in St. Lriuis. The win moved Dm Phils i n i n a third-place tie w i t h Pittsburgh. Detroit handed Sandy Conimugni who once was hi Hud JIB the "switch his first IOHS as tlie Tigers pounded h i t t i n g , ambidextrous pitcbcr from ' uiit H hits for a \1-\ victory over Wuxahacliiu" (Texas). \ ' t WjipJiiiigton. Tlmnder SlcsiliT ' ' ; The St. Louis T'.ruwns won a This is how Paul Rapier Rich- j frec-swittgin'j battle from the Ath- ardH. in lii.s first yenr as k-uik-r «f the Chicago W h i t e Sox, stole the baseball thunder. With his t e a m leading Ihe P.DS- ton Red Sox, 7-C. and southpaw swinRin^c Ted W i l l i a m s leading off "for Huston in the last i n t h , he replaced Iciicn in Philadelphia. 11-S. Zernial hit two tiomers for 1hc Athletics fur the second straigli^ time. Minor League Results ' Oklahoma City U, Reaumont 1 ·.TtilsB o, Shreveport 2" .;. ^, p San Antonio at Daltaa,-: postponed . I'AUriC COAST LEAGUE Los Angeles 3, San Franciscu U | Oakland 8, Hollywood 3 j Phoenix 15, Juarez -1 SOUTHWEST INTEKNATIO.VAI- LKAOUB Seattle ..3, San Dicso 0 Sacramento 7, Portland ;', TEXAS I.EAOUK . Fort Worth 2. Houston 1 El Centro 6, Los Vegas 2 Bisbeij-Dougliia 7, 131 Paso ;i Yuma 2, Tijuana 1 (Only names played) WEST TEXAS-NKW MEXICO · Albuquerque-11, Abilene C .Clovis 3-7, LAtncMB 2-ii Pampa at Rorger, ppd, cold Lubbock at Amarillo, ppd, rain. , The. official name of Yugoslavia is Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia. CliHton mn InRurunr.o- Co. l Luaus . . . . er leading o i l _ . rp 7-11 SX^i Freshman To Play Harry Doiish wilh Icfly Hill Pinrct-. j T Uut Dorish did not go to the hcncli. l Instead, liichfird.i benched t h i r d ! . Orcstcts Minoso and mov- i-d pitcher Dorish there. Pierce -,'ot Williams on a high pop fly to the shortstop behind second. Richards then rnturned Dovish to the mound. Pierce Illicit Lo the bench find sent Kloyd I'.nltcr tu third, * Clct Tylnff Kim Thrs Rod Sox got their tying mil anyway, bill the WhiLu Hox won in the IHh when Nelson Fox pol«d a two-run homer for a 9-7 triumph. William!;' 300th homer and seventh of the sciison came in the f o u i l h . Blackwcll ihruw a one-hitter in ];; in .r.0.1 IL' 1U .. r )t" 1'J ]1 Wl " IS .*.'*IJ N E W YORK. May 16 '/P' ---With the exception of the Ivy league, ifcshmrn in t h e eastern roller;' a t h l e t i c conference may cDiiiptU' in varsity sports during tlic 1U51- 52 school year. The Ivy league - - Brown, Columbia. Cornell. Dartmouth, Harvard. Pcnn, Prince-Ion and Yale-had voted no! to m a k e freshmen eligible rogurdk'ss of any ECAC action. Navy, an ECAC member wouldn't say yes or no. Five oilier conferences have niiide freshmen eligible. Thry are Hex Lane. 111 I!l7. U-wislon. t l l a l t . .'.tujipcd Ed Cameron. l:i!f. M i a m i . l : 'la.. Ti. "San A n l i m i o . 'I'ex. -N'cal Cloc- I'.er. 1 S I , H o u s t o n , outpointed h i t L'lll' Alonzo. ^H). San Antosiio. 10. i -"" i - t - ·;;";""" ;^;;;!; i,,,,.,i«, w,,.,.,,,!^..,, ,n, B M, ---------- ni,.ini..-i..: .NIIII i i i - i i t i i - i . I'"""" v ,. sl ,. n V i[,.,.,iit, xnnrtc Kr?BI? u,.'.iii..i. WIKI-.'"-' "'"' vni- ,,'.,,,,;, r , v. : i,aiiinK'»" -i aporia sjiBja K,i,:, ini-,,il.,.. ..! 11"' l l l r i l l l m v 'j;!'",",""..; 1 ', 1 ,"';. 1 ,,^!.!.'!!.!!!"'!"' 1 " J C K N K K A L i n i i i , - . w i l l i i v i - m - ll..|.llli'.i. ; ,,.|,,.,l,,l,.,li K i . l - l l l i c r i c l i l . I). ' Chinks II nvi.|vi. t n . | . l l i | . i n ; t l I r i i u i i,l:imlirij;'' h c f u i c I I I ' J . I N I . . I I : ·I'iMiii \Viin I ."-.I |(..iiMi..v-N"' ''." - |r ' K : i y i . l . n k l u n l '') -U' !..i:i I ' M H . - - l - ' l l l l l i t l l l i ' !"!; -HI I i i . n ; i A i m f i n l l t r i .''0 M) l.i-' .M Orange Bowl Teams To Gel $80,000 Each For '52 Game M I A M I . Flu.. M n y H' '.'I 11 I I K I I I I ; , - l l . w l f o o t l i a l l teams w i l l !;·! sun.(inn eiu-h for I he r.ame on . I n n I. I!':,'.'. Tin. Oi line.,- lluwl ,-oniniillei' ye:i- I . - I - I H . V ralsi'il t i l e iiiiyui''iit f r o n f J7,M»n) ,-aeli anil l i n n o i m c e t l I h e i i i ' l l i . i i m hue w l l h the N C A A ' s di.|.ii,ml Hint p i i l t i c l | i » t i « K li'iiin:! i:,-l T.'i per will ul" t l i e New Year'.i 1 "ny ^ a m i - ii'reipls. RIO GRANDE Dukes WMiile Abilene's Lead To Half Game The II,,. A l i l l i ' l l i ' I""" · 1J '«' '" '" l l r s l ' iil'ir" 111 l.hi' Wi'i.l 'ri.x.'is-Ni'W M''*- ' ,,.,, |,. U |;u.' I,, a I w l f ii K l i n i i ' lusl : H I K l l t W l l l l I I I ! I I - I ' . V l . ' l i l l . V "Vl'l I l l v Ti'Miii li-iiin I M l M l l w I l l l i ' . t i l l ' l I C I W I l - t l - l l l M l ' l l I Cluvls l'|i.n.-..i:i Ini'l" 1 '! "I 1 H" 1 '·"· i lin^ll Liihn:. twic'i' i" ii iliillliliilii 1 :"!- ! ,-,- :i-'J i i n . l 7-;, I K,,i- MI,,iiiiii'H|ii,-. it w:i« ii I r»iK' | in l l a lv.'.-|;nini. ni'Mi'i. w i t h tin 1 i Hill.- SMX. Till' llis:llt I'l'flMI', till: hul-ra «vn- w l n j ' | i i - i l l'- r i. As l i . r til,- i l l l l r i - IW'ii unnii'S. 1,1-milM' i ) i , ' u l , l . ini'l Him Vh 't t)a( ' 11 tin- l.ul.l.iirll A i i n i r l l l i . Mini"'II wns Al Miilll 1 :: n l K l i l '» A l - lnii|i|lii-ri|lli-. Tin- I n n f l i » l iM'ii-iiin" Inl t i n - Hum-; w l l h I w n liiiinrrs » n , l two !iini;li'i. i i m l lm."i;lit in :(i-vrn HM1H. ·l-lu- I m i i i i ' i s wi-n- M««l'» Iliii''^ mill I , n i l - I l l ul llu; si-iisiin. i Sli-v,- |jiiiiiinim..iim. l a s l r i l on | UK- i n c i l l l l i l l i ' r llio l u l i i ' - i ill!" till- t i l l l l l i whi-n Hull Spriu-i' tiuik IIVIT. l.ii!iKuni»r.iliiii «'«« n-lii-v.-il n t t i - r tin- Kim 1 Wu.x lu"l !;,-,»i«-,l I w n run* 111 till' l!l!-t f r i l l l l r . I'luvls w;inU-,l .utl ii last I n n i n g i n l l v 111 tin- i.|.i'lu-i t" c«'t Its f i l s l -Spnriiiw" Ymilii;. known ··- "'r. ! I1AKIOHA1.I. i U i l c » K W h i t e Kus Irnik-d \ M.illllpnw piti:llcr Huh Cain to Dc- I I r n i t TiHCTH fin liKht-hanilcr Saul 1 HnBiivln. i Cir.i-imiali -- Kwi-ll n l n c k w d l | piti-h,!il onc-liiUi-r In Ipnlitlf,' llarlt ' llMMOM Ri-.'iv.-ri 1-0. in illirl Wllll V n n r . i i l i f n u l wliu .'illuu-i-il only t'.v,. hlL;. uHi' a I n t i i u - i 1 1'or K-'i'nc'.s i i n l y i n n - l:li In 'llu- n l K l i l f i i p . Clovis outdid- K l i i n l ; Cnlo ^'il out twu I"U- liliw. b r l i i K i i i K i" fl »" r u n s . - C i l c n Bin us l i o n i i ' i u i l for tln losers in tin- M'vunth. Admission 50c - 40c - JOc Phone 413 WED: THURS. The T r u t h about one of the lightest pitcliiiur j tl]c Bj( , Ten. South,cni. Southr»sl- tlcn ever wajjeil. Bickfoi-d, Hie I ,,,-,,, Bit; Seven anil .Missouri V.ii- louer. nlloweil only two lilts tlie,^, Conferonces two riiililliuiulci-K. sooliiiR for t h e i r cu " nfalC1K . 0 vo t el l lasl s«liinl.iy to unil IjiR leasiie no-hitters, wen! L . on |j nlle it s |,. ln on treshman com- Illlo Ihu f i f t h h e f o i e Hob K l l i o t l Jouhlcil off nla l 1'or the f i r s t Cincinnati's seeund hit ivon t i l K ame. j The victoiy moved the Heds nut ] uf t h e cellar i n t o sixth place. IJaek j a^ain into the basement fell l l u : ' New York G i a n t s \vlio ilriippeii i\ 7-:i ilecision to Bill \Verle anil ihi- Pirates in I'iltshin-rli. LAS CHUCES LIQUORS The Storo of Good Spirits IMNE V I N E G A I l I--IIKB HECII'ES Your Family I-'.u-kage Store 334 S. MAIN LATE PREVUE EVERY SAT. NIGHT! A r»I II TC CA KIDS UNDER 12 FREE -A U U L I i 3WC WHEN WITH PARENTS ! O R G A N D R I V E - I N TONITE THURSDAY NIGHT! MACDONAID MA8U tOUEI CAREY-TOREK-DOUGLAS --^ EXTRA! 3 COLOR CARTOONS! city pjqids by ^495 'GtlOutand Gr! Under"... Njjnialiiic ctictk umarily dciatlcd wiili'doublc breasted clustng, wide lajxils and pointvd pJtcli pockets. Skirt is flared wilh un easy TullncH at tlic waist. U to 15, Green, Mauvr, Uwwn ·Also available to cuonlinalc culor and dcsigm JLTniKHii/ing plaiii cluster that dunblcs as · ilrcss; .1 one-piece lar^oa'tul-sinall nutclicd phnd.dr^.s dial luuU l i k e a bluusc and s k i r t ; a Iar K c-a.ui-s.i.;ill malrlicd jilaid Minilrcbs u i t l i jewel liiilioncrl jacket. A. $1-1.^5 11. SM.95 C. $16.95 Othrr i Di'iltcn Jumers ftpm $10?* 1(1 w ,V.%' .·.·.·.·.%·."·".%".'.". Tonilo Thru Sat. Hold 1st Run Thrills [link iBYfjOff KitHwi R,J. I.nlls lor Iho Fnmily "BLONDIE IN SOCIETY P L A Z A S i i HOY NOMAS En PorfiOiia CHATO ORTIN y Av\rorlt« Cnmpuiano En La Pantiilla "ENREDATE Y VERAS" THURS. - FRI. - SAT, $ "Try and Get Me" wllh Frcnk tovi|oy »Jcl« Jtijcni tliyd ttUsti m uomic WITH TIIC ici-rao Ktr, WAIN CWVtSlll . . . Ml W1W 1 C*H m» . . . i««» ucitnimi-Mcii «tr w m w»r..,nnii we TOT »n«t .. STATE Theatre plus family lun "BLONDIE IN SOCIETY" -j A lO I'^s^ **·''"«} E v o r y t u i n g i s H E W f o r O l d s m o b i l e ' s R e v o l u t i o n a r y N E W " R o c k e t R i d e " ! Tlu'fwis--ilii' /·'/·.'.·( 7 1 L'7i/- J '.'5--.s/Jt'Ht/or thi'insL-lirs! Ill lliis IKW Sii|'iT r: JU,'' von sre Irn years 1 major advjmcnm-iils! Umly; linv, wide, and hamlsoinc--all new! Clutsain: «[iriiij'«, slinrlis, fi-inuw--;ill nnw! "lioch't'"': ull llial famous - n a p and sparkle-- plus new economy, new ilc(K-iid;il)iliiy! And HYilnt-Mtith /)rirc* lias new iu-latiUi!ii'ni~ revt-r.-e »ear sclrrtion! Siutxtilings-- binartiK-ps--amn/.ing s,'dn savings* Tliry'ri: all IICM', all Y,airs in DlilwiinliiFc's SUJH.T '"80"! biniu into finr sliinvi-noin! Drive tlif. trhiinpliaiit Q IID f ji \I-".V£' Siinrr "«t M Olt!«tnnliilp! ' " U I L H ' fWim*lilf N'T" """" MJ*w *Mun. *1hJ,a.Maite PiJi- 1 »ttr* c«if, /Jv"'/""* nl «i*»»l«i.», -M^ trim iul*jt{i la dump i *--^.v^-^*-~ *~ itpliiiaal * 0 L D S M 0 B 1 1 E A GENEIAl MOIOI5 VALU! S I I Y O U R N C A R I S T O L D S M'O I I L G D I A L E R TURRENTINE CHEVROLET CO., INC., 101 N. ALAMEDA

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