Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1977 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1977
Page 24
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Want some fun? Wrestle an aiiigafoi Wed.,Jii»e 1.1H7 GREELEY (Ccln.) TRIBUNE K HOLLYWOOD, Fla.(UPI)Mike Johns is 28 years old and part Cheyenne Indian. He calls himseltan "animal naturalist," but to you and I, that means he wrestles alligators. Hoisting a leg over a cement wall, he bounds, inside a circular pit and strides into the ankle-deep water. He grabs one alligator by the tail and plops it into an adjacent "wading" pool, pokes another into the same pond with a stick, then faces the remaining "gator." "This is the one we'll work "with," he said at a recent 'demonstration in this Seminole Indian Village. "You always work right in front or down on top. They bite to the side." Johns rapped the gator on the nostrils and quickly pried open its jaws which grab with a strength of 3.000 pounds per square Inch. At least 40 twth flashed before the Jaws snapped shut with the crisp clisp of a new suitcase. "Everyone that works wilh gators -- you get bit, no way around it," he answered the Inevitable query. "You go In spurts, it seems like I haven't been bitten in a couple of months. "I've been bitten more times than I can count." Alligators don't slice off your hand, they rip and tear, Johns explained. "Spinners and shakers are the worst kind'. I was bitten badly last year. But, mercifully, the alligator was not spinning." Johns said some alligators spin and shake to break a wrestler's grip. "When they start shaking, you step back," he said. Stepping nimbly behind the gttor, Johns straddled the reptile, yanked its head back and placed the animal's shut jaws beneath his throat, cradling it there for about five seconds. "IWs is called bulldogging an ·alligator," he said. Johns said bulldogging always draws oohs and aahs, but the only "trick about it is nature." Alligators, he said, see mainly to the sides and are least aware when their heads are tilted back in an unnatural position. Another unnatural position, 'Johns said, is rolling the alligator on its back. That slides the reptile's brain -- the size of a pea --hack Into its huge- head cavity, in effect, putting the reptile to sleep. Johns calls himself an "animal naturalist." And he denies that alligator "wrest- ling" it just showboating. ' "ffe're changing our style," he said. "We're more interested In educating visitors about the natural natures of animals. "We could put on an alligator show that makes them look like dragons," Johns taid, "but instead, we hope people can learn something rather than the Tanan approach." Hence, he places crocodiles Inside the pits with alligators and explains that alligators are found in North America and China, while crocodiles are found on all continents. Both are reptiles, but the crocodile is smaller, "five times faster and 10 times meaner," he said. ; Johns said he was 6 when he caught his first alligator -"not a very big one, in an old orange grove." fxperfs claiming the energy crisis could lead to depression, world war By EPWARP K. PtlONG WASHINGTON (UPI) Some experts say the energy crisis may lead to depression, revolution or even world war, according to a new congressional staff report. The report also says the experts -- including producers and users of energy -- cosider President Carter's energy plan a move in the tight direction even though it may fall seriously short of its goals. House energy leaders are using the report, based on data collected by the congressional Office of Technology- Assessment, to push for prompt action on a new national energy policy. A summary of the OTA findings was sent to each member of Congress Tuesday by Rep. Thomas L. Ashley, D- Ohio, chairman of the House ad hoc energy committee. It said energy experts, far from doubting the energy crisis, consider the situation even more serious than recent private reports have suggested. Several recent analyses have said world oil demand will outgrow supply by the early 1980s, creating international tensions. The new report said the energy producers and users who met with OTA "have made the most sobering analysis yet of the gravity of the energy crisis." It quoted Skip Johns, director of the OTA group conducting the study, as saying in an energy committee briefing last week: "The consensus is that the problem is so grave it contains the seeds of depression, revolution and even world war." A copy of the report obtained by UPI indicated Johns made his statement in reply to a committee staff question and did not go into specifics. Congressional sources, however, said a major concern is that world demand for oil will continue to grow and producing nations will restrict supply, causing sharp price increases and adding to political and economic tensions. In a cover letter distributed with the report to Congress, Ashley said the concerns expressed "underscore the gravity of our energy situation and the need to act expeditiously on the National Energy Act." The report said the OTA information was gathered in two separate, week-long panel meetings involving 15 to 20 energy experts each. One pane! focused on supply, while the other looked at demand. Members of the supply panel found Carter's projections for 1985 "feasible" but probably too optimistic, the report said. It said they forecast actual daily supply in 1985 might fall short of the plan by 2 million barrels, 2 million tons of coal and the nuclear energy equivalent of 500,000 barrels of oil. 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