Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 4, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1961
Page 7
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FIRST SONGREGATKMAL CHURCH Thi Untttrf Church of Christ 16th Street arid 21 it Avenue Stewardship Sunday Worship «t 9:30 imd 11 :oo . "Voting Ycur Lift" Rev. Frederick W. Hyslop ' Nursery cart provtdttf \ Church School at 9:30 and 11:00 Meet the PALERMOS SUNDAY 9:45, 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Fliese Musical Evangelists will Inspire you anew In this hour o£ world crisis. FIRST EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 1301 15th Street LaReau N. Thorwall, Pistor Welcome Steve Told Aged Have 'Dire Need'for More Medical Care *ed" for ma! and n 1 (APj-There Is "dlra reinstatement of hoe- uedfctl services for oJc FIRST EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH 12th Ave, urn* 12th «t, Church School--9:46 «.m. Worthlp-^trvlet--10148 i.m, "The Abundant Life" Paul H.-W««me, Potof age peatiooer* autpeuded by the State .Welfare Board, Gov. Me iNichob war told Friday by the National Aomaty Uafitt,; a .pen' Christian Science Church 15th St and 10th Ave. Sunday School--11 a.m.. Service -- 11 a.m. Subject --Nov. 5 "Adam unit Fallen Man" Wednesday Evening Testimonial Meetings · 1:00 p.m. This church li » branch ol Tb» Motier Church, The First Church oi Christ Scientist, In Bos ton, .Mass. "How Ohrlitlan ScUnes H*al" - · Radio TV KFKA Channel. 9 Sundays Sundays SI45 a.m. lioo a.m. ., ia f letter by. Epcutive SscreUry Charles E. IfcadocB, ,a**d McNjehali to place before'-. tb« fyejjlilatur* .to January, the que«tiofl_ o supple- mealing tie (10 mUlta a year irwdkaT and bospttal fund, The Welfare Board test . spring limited car* under th* fund to hoiptUlization for "critical" , or "serious" condition and nJet the itate could no lon|er pay for the care la nursing homes o ambulatory p e n s i o n e r s . Am balance xrvke also was eliminated. .. The cutbacks were made be- FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH . i.ta 'Avenue- at Uth Street Or,' Arnold Lanaenbtrgi . M i n i * * - " . ' i:15 i.m. Church School 10:80 s,m. v Worah'lp "-, "Christian Faith In Actbn" ».rvk« iro.dcjit, K F K A Nura«ry, Oar* Durlfii ·«rvle*t 9:45 A.M. Sunday. School Hour 11:00 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP. "OF GREAT PRICE, BUT NO PROFIT' "AN EVENING OF SACRED MUSIC" Presented by the Bethel Choir Directed by Mr. Steva McNeal . SUPERVISED NURSERY At ALL SERVICES BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH 2307 17lh Ave. Frank J, Voth, Pastor FIRST ASSEMBLY of GOD 9th »t. and Uth Ave. Sunday School --: 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Evangelistic Service _ 7:30 p.m. "Peoples of Al! Faith* Welcome" HAROLD I, MALEY -- Pastor "R«vlv»l Time"-- KFKA--* a.m. lunday FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ith Ave. anil 11th St. Leslie' L. Bowers,' Jr. Minister · llO a.m. Church Schosl 10: JO a.m. Worship and . · Communion ttrmon: "D«llv«'r Us Frim fvll H : Nurssry cart provldtd. FIRST CHURCH METHODIST ' Tenth Ay». at Tenth «,.' 1:10 A.M. Church tchool 1:00 A.M.-10:«'A.M. Werahlp tervlcea "R..ti and Wings" Minister* Dr. Laird V. Lov«land -Rev. Jack L, Hill Nursery Car* for . ··th ··rvUe* fv^« ·.' ·-"··*.·,?'. ···~f'-:--!--^'f- : tK i:S»;ttO '.: v^»;v«|Sif! 'fiW-^riii^.;;,mVft^:i^| THE CAMFIELD HOTEL HARMONY ON DISPLAY OF FOODS FOR SO REASONABLE SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $125 SMORGASBORD EVERY EVENING PARTY PRICES SPECIAL WEEK-DAY LUNCHEONS . . . 75c CHECK OUR STEAK DINNER LIST The B«st Pfac* To Bring Your Famillos - Employ** - Group* THE CAMFIELD au*e expenditure* were exceed- ·tf'the (10 million avnllable each ear. "'·'. - - · .; ' . ' Since the state program-was idppted,· th?;; Weral '|overnmenl ia* started coalrlbutioni to the ale : -for care of-.the. aged and money now total* M-5 mfl- 1 or 'a year, .Attjr. Gen. Duke.W. »b«r.ruled that it'' rft-ln ue $10 million fund under the constitution. \ v!.,. ' The'.Annuity League .'wants to rfoffer In' January a' bill which basked in.the legislature last inter. 'This would have .created speclal "Old Age Pensioners' ursing. Home . and Outpatient .... Fund," ; no'larger than the ederal contributions. From It 'the r'elfare' Department could have alI for .care of pensioners in ursing homes and In their own lotnes. . . ' · .T NtelnUlfl »«ndWtls . Bloedorn's letter said, return 11'suspended services, is needed .pensioners' are to maintain taadards .".consUtent with .hu- manityr decency and self-respect," '|rhese.aged men and women have every right. to .expect:~n iroJnpt .and favorable hearing ipon a-proposal/whlch will solve the problem within the provisions f the-constitution as --it (s'now tTlt(*n,"'he said.-' - V' -'-. "Because It is unquestionably rue that (he number of old,ag pent loners will be very substan- lally reduced within the next de cade, we see no. Immediate nee o go . the laborious route 'b amending the Constitution..Over lie long term the present a!loofl ion of money .may prove suffi cknt if we use the Kerr-MU federal) funds for the purposes rilended by Congress; namely, ti expand and improve existing pro grams, and Institute new pro- prams ot health care for the aged.'" U.S. Gould Set Off Cleaner N-Bombs W E L C O M E GOSPEL S E R V I C E S Guest Pastor: REV. A. CABOT JOHNSON '..- /Gresham, Oregon SUNDAY,' 11:00 A.M. "DARE W E F A C E ' REALITY?" . SUNDAY, 7:30 P.M. "THERE IS SOMETHING MORE!" Radio: KFKA. TUESDAY, 7:30 P.M.--"I SAW REVIVAL IN CONGO" Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7:30 P.M. FIRST COVENANT CHURCH 10th Ave. at 8th St.. C. Cecil Osterberg, Pastor JACKSON, Miss. (AP)-Nuclear .ysktst A.-D v Suttle Jr said Trt- , 1 1 ' tiroes .cleaner than the Union's, : could be 1 tested Ithout any real falkxtt threat. He urged Pftaldeot Kennedy in. telegram .to push! atmospheric citing to protect .the nation and evelop a cleanet'bomb. Suttle said some of the nuclear bombs In the U.S.-'siockpile were per cent free of'materials that produce radieacUve fallout. Suttle Is director of the Missls- ppl Industrial and Technological lesearch Comrnissloo, set up in MO'to conduct technological ani research to promote the development of the tate. ' . . . . , . . The ^scientist .said the rale of allout of ietts conducted near the equator was much less'than blasts Mar the polar cap.- ; If'the United' S't*tes"lested in M ,P»clfic zone,, he said,' much more of the limited fallout woul; decay la the upper atmosphere (JAW, Chrysler Contract Signed .DETRblT and the United 'r; C»rp Jnion i signed a .new three-year .abor contract Friday In a'peace- ful; climax more than · four months ol turbulent bargaining In Miami, clear ..... 86, 76 Uie\auto Induitry. . Cjhryjler, which operated at pO^S-rniillon loss in the first nin year, was spare action which shu months this from strike down Its profit-making compel tors, .General -Motors and Fori earlkr this fall. , The UAW had threatened strike Chrysler but announcement SO minutes before the deadline, o an' acrecment on euentlali ktpt San Di*|0, clear . -- 70 virhndly .all of -.Chrysler's 0,MO- Saa Francisco, ckxdy 61 ---"'- -'-J - Sat., Nov. 4, 1%1 .GREELEV TRIBUNE Paj« 7-' rfore Ihe population was exposed. Kennedy said I n ' a statement ursday Iho United States was eparlntj for possible atmospliei Ic itihg for'free world tecurilv brid w fallout would be held:"to an (olutc minimum'," · ··'·' Suttle said'it was tho'pollcy of ·a' Atomic. Energy Commission jd,,' Its/contractors to develop earier explosives, for -low-cost lergy. He e«ld more testing was wcesspry.for this. "Considering the advanced stale technology and the location of S. tests,''1 feel U.S.'atmospheric Ml 5 would hot materially alter ic fallout burden of the almos- icrc," he said.' ' Guide to Books Tempera tures THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS '' ' Albany, closdy .-.:.--. 67 48 Allanla, cloudy --... 81 61 Bismarck, clear M ' 15 Boston, cloudy M 48 Buffalo, rain 80 60 Chicago, clear £3 -33 Cincinnati, rain 73 42 Cleveland, rain 79 52 Denver, cloudy 59 19 Des Moines, clear .... 41 23 Detroit, cloudy ..-..;.. 70 44 Fairbanks, clear ...... 10 -18 Fort..Worth, clear ionolulu, 'clear ndisnipolli, blear ... Jacksonville, cloudy _ r ._...__ ...... _, ______ . . Auto Workera Juneau, clear -.-.:..-. 34 .51 Kansas City, clear .... 42 S7i .0? ,ab«r contract Friday In a peace- Los Angeles, clear ... 71 5! * ' · ' "" " .. - . Memphis, clear ...... .64 43 S.62 ' " Milwaukee, clear _.;-. 45 Mpls,-St.. Paul, cl'-r 36 \'ew Orleans, cloudy . 78 New York, cloudy -- 70 a .0 58 1.3* 57 18 Omaha, clear .:...... 42 Philadelphia, clear ... 75 56 Phoenix, cloudy .'..;.. 77 4i Pittsburgh, cloudy ... 8J Portland, Me., cloudy . 55 Richmond, rain 12 St Loull, clear 44 M 1.39 SO . . UAW represented employes on the )*· '' - " · ' USE JHE TRIBUNE WANT ADS SeatUe, cloudy ....·.:.- 53 39 Tampa, cloudy ...·_'... 88 66 Washlnijton, cfcudy ..77 61 Winnipeg, cloudy ..... 24 17 . Big Tim* WRESTLING Saturday, Nov. 18th convenient Christian God at times sf crises.- Her goal .v.'3S Franco, nd they made it via Poland. She now--and sbmelimos expatiated n ridiculous fashion on this icme.--.that her: son would be somebody," though she vacillated or a time as to which field ho Kiuld make his mark in. Sho finally settled for military /alor, authorship and a French THE . BEST OF SIMPLE, B; jangslon, Hughes. Hill and Wang Poet, dramatist · and prose flriter Hughcs'.began .creating hi ilk character Simple (Jesse B «mplc) years ago, and this boo! a composite of ;three earlie orks now out' of.print, ,in whic! fughes as the narrator in. UK ackgroun.dJets Simple .speak h! mind 'abont blocks and whites. The selling is Harlem, til :egro district oE New" -York Cit) The slim thread ol narrative tha onnecls .these vigtletles is th lory of Simple's love'for Joyce is long attempts to gain his free oni from his first wife, isabe uid his many distractions, amon vhlch are beer joints and a foo oose female named Zarila. The author keeps chiding Sim le for harping continually on th aclal' theme, but of course, th a low-pressure technique' fo insinuating-the theme Itself. · Simple Is a dark-skinned ve Ion of the homely phllosophe who In earthly language and strik- ng metaphor comments upon his state in life and slyly, pokes the robing finger of'ridicule at the while folks' notions of suprenv .cy. 1 To leaven this social com ment, Hughes throws in a few examples of ' t h a N6gros' own oiblcs about social pretensions. If you haven't met Simple be- 'ore, you probably will find him o be an interesting character In in Interesting selling. · ' ' Miles A. 1 Smllh iles, and *hose determination make something of her son onllnued indomitably, even after ealh itself liad intervened^ - i Gary and his motlier--ho never Scottish carpet concern A. F. Slod-; new hts -father--w'era ' UussianHard t' Co. Ltd.,.'two leading ews, Ihoiigh that didn't keep' ither of them from praying to a Scorch, Dutch Mill I . ROTTEHDAM-Koninklijke Ber- ioss Tapijtfabrieken, Oss, and UMJ ct factories in Holland and Great irilain. rcspcclivcly, liava jointly- ct up the.Bergoss-Sloddard Tap-- jlfabrick N.V. at Oss. The new. aclory has slaiicd thp. manufac- ure ol filled carpels, generally' or. the basis of Ihe bobbin-axmin- ;· ster weaving principlo. This weavt, ng melixxl enables on unlimited' number .of .colors'lo bo used in, the carpet. imbassadorship. She almost made -all ot (and llicse inctions, for Gary has been a lero of the Free French, a novel si and a consul-general In Los Angeles. Gary's sense of humor ami rony have a detergent force in lis autobiographical account. And seldom will you find a passage n any book lo equal his story of low he found the perfect way to jreak Ihc news to her lhat he-a Jew and not. yet a naturalised dtizcn-^had been the only memo f - h i s class at Hie French Hying school who · failed lo get n commission at the lime' of grad uation. This book has been a bent seller in France, and no wonder It has some universal qualities that should find a warm reception in this country. Mifes A. Smill: BELFAST -- Ghost at Dungan- r lion's technical school attracts" crowd of 400. Principal of thei school, S. K. Orr, plans to enroll it for night classes, "If it's still there in September." USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS DANCE Johnstown V.F.W. SATURDAY, NOV. 4 Music by ALEX SCHNEIDER Dancing 9 lo 1 19c BURGERS 19c · HARRY'S DRIVIN - . . . . 8:30 p.m. Grscley Community Bldg, ·-- MAIN EVENT Dick, The Bruiser vs. Ray Shine TOP FLIGHT BOUT Bit Ed Sharp vs. Dangerous Dan McShain ' GIRLS Irene Sale vs. Theresa Thesz. Dick, The Bruiser ^General Admlssten __' 2.00 ; JRtserved .... . ~ Advance Tickets at Superior »hoe Ssrvlee , DAWN. By:'R main Gary, Harper. ,: Whether Gary's novels will gain him some, measure of immortal ity is highly questionable. But i any of his writings live for the future it will be this memoir. . It Is not so much about himsel as It is a magnificent trlbule ti his mother, Madame Kacew, s real character if there ever was one. .She was a gi'an/1 danie from Ihe third-rate Russian theater whose sheer power of will acknowledged no meddling from the West on Hlway 34--Across from tha Country Club TONIGHT and Sunday All The Young Men Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitler =PLUS I Aim At The Stars Starring Curt Jergens AdmUilon , _ 76e CLYDE'S FINE FOODS NOW! 2 LOCATIONS Clyde Grlrhet announctt two Ideation* te terve you... Harry'* Coff** Shop » . · And Glydt'i Bt*«k Houtt, Try ui for fine food* it down-to-itrth prEcei. LOCATION NO. 1 HARRY'S COFFEE SHOP 9th Street and 23rd Ave. Hours: «:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Dilly · GIANT-SIZE HAMBURGERS -at no increase in price · Kentucky Fried Chicken · Sandwiches and Specials In the'high.adveVtutc tradrtton of The Guns Of Navarax-! nwrBigitstt raB.sBw LOCATION NO. 2 CLYDE'S STEAK HOUSE (Formtrly Mario's) Highway 34 -- 3'/, Miles West of'Greeley Heurs: 4:00 p.m. to midnight Clottd Mondays · STEAKS · CHICKEN . · SEA FOOD Try One 6f Our Delicious Steaks I M) . . . only $2.75 Sh«rl Cut -- $2.25 T-Bone (26-24 (!!« Top Sirloin -- (2-50 m HM -mm m. e*tcK3tt · r*oiuao*' MBVra LMn'HB DRM STARTS NEXT WEDNESDAY MOOSE LODGE DANCE Sat., Nov. 4 9:30 to 1:30 Music by CHUCK CH1LDERS and the "Airistb.irats" ;' MEMBERS AN'D^INVlTED"dUESTS' ONLY bo6r'o'peh'S:id U J-36M'""- '"'NO'W'" 151* Ikhrt Ave; H O W - A FIGHTING YOU.'NG ADVENTURER;, EXCHANGES ft|S SWORO FOR A CROSS AND IECOMES A CHAMPION OF LOVE AND PEACE B'RADFORO OILLMAN · DOLORES HART STUARTWHITMAN: PEDRO ARMENOARIZ e n t *» i* t a i n. m e xi t NOW! HURRY! ENDS TUBS.! | THE GREATEST TERROR TALE EVER TOLDl; ;'Dpwn and i j still ! '/·I it came A'" to cross the region x of the heart!": EDGAR ALLAN POE S AND THE PENDULUM nuiED.. PANAVISION .HO COLOR NOTE! No one seated while the Pendulum is swinging! (Final 20 Minutes of Feature) Extra! Bugs Runny as "HIGH DIVING HARE" Technicolor Special, "WINTER WONPERS 1 ' Features at 1:55, 3:55, 5:50, 7:45, 9:40

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